Genealogica1 Abstracts from Reported Deaths
The Nashvi11e Christian Advocate 1850-1851

By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2003

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January 4, 1850

CHARLOTTE CLEMENTINE CHAMBERS daughter of Samuel and Nancy Chambers; died Flint, Cherokee Nation, Oct. 30, 1849 aged 18 years and 4 months, old [June 1831].

RUDOLPH HAWPE born in Virginia, Feb. 12, 1799; moved to Saline Co., MO, where he died October 8, 1849.

JAMES HOLLOWELL born August 31, 1818; married C. A. McLean, July 21, 1847; died four miles west of Murfreesboro, Tenn., December 5, 1849.

JESSE GILES born Kershaw Dist., S.C., August 16, 1769; moved to Pickens Co., Ala., 1838; died September 27, 1849.

JESSE GILES, JR. son of Milton Giles, Pickens Co., Alabama, died Sept. 19, 1849 aged 1 year, 10 months and 21 days old [October 28, 1847].


January 11, 1850

MARY ANN WILLIS daughter of Josiah and Nancy Sturdevant; born Jan. 10, 1825; married Rev. Joseph Willis, October 14, 1841; died December 28, 1849.

JOHN AMISS TUTT born Culpeper Co., Virginia, Sept. 3, 1819; moved to MO, 1839/40; as a Methodist preacher labored in the MO Conference in which he filled several appointments, including the Richmond, St. Joseph circuits and Wesley Chapel (St. Louis); a freemason. Died in residence of Pleasant Ellington, Platte Co., MO, October 25, 1849.

Rev. JONAS WESTMORELAND died Alexandria, La., Oct. 24, 1849; native of Sweden; married Susan Wallace. Methodist preacher aged 55 years.

GEORGE. F. EDWARDS son of Captain James Edwards; born Jefferson Co., Ky., July 30, 1810; at the age of 16 years he moved with his parents to Henderson County, Kentucky; married Margaret Rudy daughter of Jacob and Mary Rudy, April 11, 1833; died Oct. 17, 1849.

JOSEPH RICHARDSON died Gibson Co., Tennessee, Nov. 4, 1849 in the 29th year of his age; married Sarah A. Clay, Rutherford Co., Tenn., March 1843; four daughters.

MARY WALLS wife of Wadleton Walls; died Greene County, Miss., Dec. 19, 1849.


January 18, 1850

Rev. WILLIAM REDMAN born Clarke Co., Indiana, Dec. 14, 1799; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, June 10, 1820; labored in the MO Conference; ordained deacon, Oct. 1822; ordained elder, Oct. 1824. Died Danville, MO, October 31, 1849.

AMANDA M. HANKS daughter of Rev. Dr. A. Carden; wife of H. H. Hankins, formerly of Memphis, Tenn.; born Claiborne Co., Tenn., Sept. 14, 1828; died Crittenden Co., Ark., Dec. 9, 1849; a stepmother.

ABNER T. WIMBERLY, JR. born Jones Co., Georgia, Feb. 2, 1820; moved with parents to Miss.; died Dec. 2, 1849.

CHARLES LOCKE born August 29, 1767; married Mary Bath [Batt], Greenville Co., Va., July 1790; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn., 1805; to Shelby County, Tenn., 1839; died in residence of his son, G. B. Locke, Memphis, Tenn., November 20, 1849. [Buried in Bartlett-Ellendale Cemetery, Bartlett, Tennessee]

MARY RAMSEY daughter of Nathaniel Overall, late of Rutherford Co., Tenn.; widow of Rev. William Ramsey; died Gibson Co., Tenn., Oct. 28, 1849 in the 65th year of her age.

ELIZA M. ROGERS daughter of Jones and Sarah S. Rogers; born Carroll Co., Tenn., 1828; moved with parents to Ark., 1838; joined Methodist Church, 1841; died Oct. 29, 1849.

MOSES M. EARHART born Wilson Co., Tenn., 1814; joined Methodist Church, 1832; licensed as a local Methodist preacher, 1835 and entered the itinerant ministry in the Tennessee Conference in 1836; served in the African [black] missions; died Feb. 24, 1849.


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AMANDA J. ORR wife of Philip Orr; oldest daughter of Nathan and Lucretia Veech; died Pike Co., MO, Nov. 7, 1849 in the 20th year of her age; wife and mother (2 daughters).

ELIZABETH THACKSTON, nee Stone, native of South Carolina; married Rev. Z. B. Thackston, 1842; first married Jacob Norris who died; she died Dec. 14, 1849. Condolence expressed by Quarterly Conference, Scottsville Circuit, Louisville Conference, dated Dec. 25, 1849.

PATIENCE CLEMMONS wife of Edwin Clemmons; daughter of Edward and Frances Harris; died Wilson Co., Tenn., Nov. 26, 1849 aged 36 years; four children.

WILLIAM D. BLANKINSHIP Son of Benjamin Blankinship, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Nov. 22, 1825; died Bedford Co., Tenn., October 9, 1849.

ELMIRA HAYS daughter of William G. and Nancy Hays, born Nov. 10, 1832; died Hardeman Co., Tenn., Nov. 10, 1849.


January 25, 1850

Colonel WILLIAM BATTLE died about 2 miles from Nashville, Tenn., January 18, 1850. [Obituary in Feb. 8, 1850 issue, notes his death on January 18, 1850 in the 41st year of his age. Resolutions of respect issued by freemasons. ]

INFORMATION WANTED. JOHN MILTON BOWEN son of Thomas F. and Sarah Bowen, aged 22 years, as of October 1, 1849, was taken from his mother, by his father, about two years ago and she had not seen him since; reported to be in Green Co., Ark. in the winter of 1846. Anyone with information about his present whereabouts contact Sarah Bowen or William or Joseph Edings, Robertson Co., Tennessee.

JAMES B. CULBERTSON born Rowan Co., N.C., Sept. 23, 1775; moved to Robertson Co., Tenn., 1805; joined Methodist Church, 1809; died of dropsy, four miles east of Springfield, Tenn., November 14, 1849.

AMANDA NOWLIN COLEMAN born Davidson Co., Tenn., July 11, 1809; daughter of William and Sarah Bibb; moved with parents to "within sight" of Huntsville, Ala.; married William B. Dennett (died September 18, 1839), Oct. 2, 1828; two children, William and James. Then married John J. Coleman, June 6, 1841; children, John Williams Walker Coleman and Amanda Narcissa Graves Coleman. Died Huntsville, Ala., Dec. 7, 1849.

RACHEL KELLEY born in South Carolina; moved to Ga.; married Beverly Tabour, 1796; moved to Feliciana Parish, La., 1810; died October 8, 1849.

JAMES SMALL born in Missouri; Methodist preacher; died November 2, 1849.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. MOSES S. MORRIS, dec.; by Quarterly Conference; Somerville Circuit, Memphis Conference, dated January 5, 1850; extolled his virtues.


February 1, 1850

No obituaries appeared in this issue.


February 8, 1850

Colonel WILLIAM F. WITHERS died Henderson, Texas, December 12, 1849.

WILLIAM WALKER sixth son of Ephraim and Mary Walker; died McNairy Co., Tenn., Nov. 4, 1849 in the 33rd year of his age. Buried in old Shiloh Meetinghouse burial ground.

TEMPERANCE J. PETERS died in residence of John Peters, Lauderdale Co., Ala., Jan. 17, 1850 in the 68th/69th year of age.

THOMAS E. MAULDIN born Pendleton Dist., S.C., Jan. 19, 1819; died Yalobusha Co., Miss., Aug 13, 1849; moved to Mississippi in 1835.

Tribute of Respect for Colonel WILLIAM M. BATTLE who died recently in the 41st year of his age; by the Masonic lodge of which he had been a member. [Battle died Jan. 18, 1850.]


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February 15, 1850

LUCY JANE DERRING youngest daughter of Rev. R. Deering died January 7, 1850.

ELIZABETH AINSWORTH wife of James Ainsworth; daughter of Jacob and Esther Mangum; born in North Carolina; moved with parents to Chesterfield District, S.C.; she and her husband moved to Kentucky in 1807; to Miss. in 1817. Died Copiah Co., Miss., Nov. 23, 1849.

ELIZA ANN HARRIS daughter of Dr. W. J. and Mary E. Dewitt, formerly of Paris, Tennessee; wife of George N. Harris; died Jackson, Tennessee, November 2, 1849.

Rev. JAMES KELLY, native of Wilkes Co., Ga.; died eighteen miles from Oxford, Miss., on the Memphis road, November 16, 1849 in the 60th year of his age; married Elizabeth Burrow; local Methodist preacher.

MARY B. JONES daughter of George W. and Mary A. Dowell; wife of Dr. J. W. Jones; born Breckenridge Co., Ky., July 31, 1824; married May 1, 1844; died Jackson Co., Ark., Nov. 6, 1849; two daughters, Frances and Mary.

PERREN HARVICK born Dec. 22, 1813; left Arkansas for California, March 1849 and was murdered at Santa Fe, New Mexico by "some Spaniards" in June/July 1849.


February 22, 1850

ELIZABETH ELAM, nee Green, wife of Major Samuel Elam; born Amelia Co., Va., Dec. 18, 1780; first married a Mr. Stokes; married Elam in 1820; died Dec. 5, 1849.

MARGARET FRANCES BROWN died February 2, 1850 aged 2 years and 23 months old.

GEORGE C. CONRAD died Robertson Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1849 in the 51st year of his age.

JOHN BENNET HENNING son of Dr. D. M. and A. B. Henning died Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Sept. 1849 aged 8 years and 9 months old.

SUSANNA OWEN wife of William Owen, Sr., native of Charlotte Co., Va.; died Jan. 23, 1850.


March 1, 1850

WILLIAM B. SMITH son of Dr. L. and P. H. Smith died New Madrid, MO, Dec. 18, 1849 aged 3 years, 3 months and 1 day old [September 17, 1846].

MARY ANN WATKINS daughter of William and Elizabeth Watkins, died Maury Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1850 "in the bloom of youth."

EMELINE MULLIN wife of Samuel W. Mullin, Columbus, Miss.; born Murfreesboro, N.C., May 22, 1814; died January 22, 1850.

SARAH A. WYNNS daughter of Rev. John Manly; born Henry Co., Tenn., March 18, 1830; orphaned, she was reared by an uncle, R. Manly; joined Methodist Church, 1843; married John E. Wynns, Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 18, 1847; died Nov. 28, 1849.


March 8, 1850

Rev. RICHARD SHARP born Albemarle Co., Va., May 1, 1787; joined Methodist Church, Nov. 8, 1805; soon licensed to preach in Methodist Church; ordained deacon, Feb. 23, 1812; ordained elder, fall of 1818; moved to Shelby Co., Ky., 1816; moved to Marion Co., MO, fall of 1831; local Methodist preacher; died recently.

Rev. JESSE SMITH son of Thomas and Elizabeth Smith; born July 14, 1786; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1813; ordained deacon, 1818; ordained elder, 1825; moved from Smith Co. Tenn. to Scott Co., MO, about 1835; his first wife died April 8, 1845; he then married Mrs. Nancy Carpenter, Oct. 20, 1845; he died Nov. 2, 1849.

SOPHIA RAGLAND died Florence, Ala., Feb. 18, 1850 in the 32nd year of her age; married Rev. O. E. Ragland, Sept. 27, 1839; three children.


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ELIZABETH BROWN born in 1810; married Rev. B. B. Brown, 1830; died Sumner Co., Tenn., Feb. 10, 1850. Daughter of King Parker.

ALEXANDER Y. KING died Tippah Co., Miss., Feb. 12, 1850 in the 75th year of his age; joined Presbyterian Church, Iredell Co., N.C. but later joined the Methodist Church; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn., 1815.

WILLIAM G. DAVIS born Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 1, 1818; died Nov. 20, 1849.

Rev. A. C. KILPATRICK died of Asiatic cholera, Dec. 31, 1849; native of Iredell Co., N.C.; fought against the Creek Indians; moved to Rapides Parish, La. where he died.

SUSAN HOPSON widow of Nevel Hopson; born Halifax Co., Va., July 4, 1787; died Feb. 18, 1850; Kentucky.


March 15, 1850

MARTHA J. RUSH daughter of Samuel Arnold; granddaughter of Rev. Philip Kennerly (dec.); wife of Martin Rush; born May 14, 1822; died Logan Co., Ky., Jan. 5, 1850; married Nov. 6, 1839; three children.

Major JOHN BULLOCK died Feb. 3, 1850 in the 82nd year of his age; moved from North Carolina to Stone River, Tennessee, then to Maury Co., Tenn., then to Hickman Co., Tenn., then to Lewis Co., Tenn. where he died.

M. E. MERIWETHER died Dec. 27, 1849 aged 18 years and 2 months old [October 1831]; wife and mother. Married Marcus L. Meriwether in 1848.

MARY ANN CULLOM oldest daughter of Ezekiel Mixer; wife of Francis Cullom; died St. Landry, La., Dec. 19, 1849 in the 38th year of her age; 9 children.

THOMAS J. CHRISTIAN son of George A. Christian; died Wilcox Co., Ark., Jan. 16, 1850 aged 16 years and 2 months old [May 1833]. His Mother,

ELIZABETH A. CHRISTIAN daughter of Thomas and Priscilla Jordan, Madison Co., Ga., died Wilcox Co., Ark., Dec. 28, 1849 aged 40 years and 10 months old [February 1809]; joined Methodist Church, 1825.

RHODA CLEOPATRA LOVE second daughter of James H. Love, formerly of Rutherford Co., Tenn., died Gibson Co., Tenn., Jan. 27, 1850 aged 6 years. Her sister, LUCY LOVE, the third daughter, died February 11, 1850.


March 22, 1850

Rev. JAMES SCOTT born January 25, 1789; joined Methodist Church, 1813; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1816; moved to Trenton, Tenn., 1850 and died in the residence of his son-in-law, Leonard Mathis, Gibson Co., Tenn., March 4, 1850.

ALEXANDER BLAIR died Grundy Co., Tennessee, recently, in the 45th year of his age.

HANNAH CURRY wife of Rev. J. T. Curry, Alabama Conference, married Sept. 29, 1846; died Choctaw Co., Ala., Feb. 7, 1849; left a small son.

SARAH E. BROWNING wife of Rev. William H. Browning, formerly of Carthage, Tenn.; died in residence of Colonel James W. Smith, Jackson Co., Tenn., Feb. 25, 1850 in the 27th year of her age; joined Methodist Church, 1836.

ELIZABETH BLANE daughter of Captain E. Petty; wife of Lyndsly Blane, died Davidson Co., Tenn., Feb. 21, 1850 in the 39th year of her age; five children.

BETSEY SMITH died December 4, 1849. Kentucky.


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March 29, 1850

MARGARET T. E. PATTERSON daughter of Dr. E. M. and E. W. Patterson, died near Nashville, Tenn., March 26, 1850 in the 14th year of her age; the Pattersons had already lost two daughters in death.

WILLIAM T. SPURRIER, native of Annapolis, Maryland, married in Baltimore, 1815; active Methodist layman; died Louisville, Ky., Feb. 15, 1850 in the 87th year of his age.

JAMES A. HARPER born Colleton District, S.C., 1769; married Sally Smith, Dec. 23, 1793; moved to Mississippi, 1822; died Feb. 11, 1849.

MALINDA CAROLINE CAMPBELL wife of D. C. Campbell died Hamburg, Miss., Feb. 6, 1850 in the 24th year of her age.


April 5, 1850

THOMAS SUMMERS, native of Fairfax Co., Va., died Robertson Co., Tenn., March 19, 1850 aged 72 years.

JOHN SHOOK born in east Tennessee; moved to Alabama, then to Tishomingo Co., Miss. where he died October 11, 1849 aged 22 years.

VINCENT VASS died Tipton Co., Tenn., a few weeks ago, aged 104 years, old. Veteran of Revolutionary War; Baptist. [Revolutionary War pension application (Caty) W6337, states he died in Tipton Co., Tenn., January 7, 1850; his bounty land application states that he was born in Essex Co., Va.; in April 1837 he is given as aged 83 years.]

Rev. CHARLES HOLLIDAY died Macoupin Co., Illinois, March 8, 1850.


April 12, 1850

JOHN CLARK born Brunswick Co., VA., formerly of Franklin Co., Ala.; died Monroe Co., Miss., Sept. 21, 1849 aged 26 years.

KITTY MARTIN wife of Robert Martin; married May 1, 1849; died Tishomingo Co., Miss., Mar. 26, 1850 in the 22nd year of her age; member of New Hope Methodist Church, Eastport Circuit.

SARAH MORRIS daughter of William and Elizabeth Judd; wife of Salathiel Morris; born Mason Co., Ky., March 8, 1806; died Feb. 8, 1850. Kentucky.

ELIZABETH C. EADS daughter of Logan and Susan Harper; wife of Hon. Joseph D. Eads; born Lincoln Co., Tenn., May 11, 1826; moved with parents to Miss., 1833; married May 11, 1846; died Leake Co., Miss., March 2, 1850, leaving a daughter aged 13 months and 22 days old [born about January 10, 1849]. [Corrected, June 14, 1850 issue; she was ELIZA not Elizabeth]

SUSAN S. BLACKWELL daughter of Dr. Levi and Mehala Blackwell, died Lexington, MO, Feb. 23, 1850 aged 22 years, 9 months and 13 days old [May 10, 1827]; pulmonary disease.


April 19, 1850

DOLLY SMITH died Mar. 14, 1850 in 74th year of her age; she died suddenly while accompanying her son, Rev. R. Abbey to visit Florida visits and died near the Mississippi coast; native of Massachusetts. Baptist.

PETER ROSS, Clark Co., Ark., died Feb. 4, 1850 in the 73rd year of his age.

MARGARET ELIZABETH KIRBY daughter of John M. and Margaret Kirby, born Nashville, Tenn., April 18, 1847; died March 21, 1850.

JOHN SOLEN HAMER son of Thomas and Sarah Harmer, died Tippah Co., Miss., Feb. 23, 1850 aged 5 years, 4 months and some days old.

ANNA HAYES wife of Lewis Hayes, born Greenville, Va., May 3, 1789; married Oct. 4, 1811; died Williamson Co., Tenn., February 22, 1850.

MARIZA CLAY wife of W. H. Clay; daughter of James and Nancy Music; born St. Louis Co., MO, Feb. 28, 1814; died St. Francis Co., MO, Feb. 9, 1850; four children.


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TABITHA ELLIS born Brunswick Co., Va., Nov. 23, 1791; married Hicks Ellis, Sept. 26, 1810; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn., May 1820; died March 27, 1850; nine children.

LUNSFORD M. WHEELER, third son of Major James W. Wheeler, formerly of Giles Co., Tenn., now of Chicaksaw Co., Miss.; graduate, University of Nashville, 1844; moved to Miss. to practice law; left in February 1849 to seek his fortune in California and died there, Sacramento, December 8, 1849; a few minutes before he died he asked his brother, "to make his head lower and straighten his body."


April 26, 1850

WILLIAM JEFFERSON HARDAWAY son of James R. and Jane H. Hardaway born Nov. 9, 1849; died April 9, 1850.

WILLIAM H. SMITH son of Mrs. S. M. Smith, died in the residence of his brother, Joseph J. Smith, Pine Bluffs, Texas, recently, of consumption; a resident of Nashville, Tennessee.

MARY JANE BROOKS wife of James Brooks; died in residence of his mother, Jane Lindsey, near Cookville, Ala., Jan. 31, 1850.

Mrs. ANN ELIZA WHITE died [Buncombe Co., N.C. ?], recently, aged 58 years.

MARION E. POSTON daughter of Lewis and Nancy Sullivan, Woodford Co., Ky.; wife of Robert N. Poston; born Oct. 28, 1817; married Aug. 19, 1834; moved to Clarksville, Tenn., 1836; died February 9, 1850.

NANCY PITT daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah Stark; wife of John Pitt; died Robertson Co., Tenn., March 19, 1850 in the 41st year of her age.

WILLIAM H. COBBS, Robertson Co., Tenn., died Feb. 14, 1850 in the 27th year of his age; two children.

NANCY JONES wife of Joshua Jones, born near Enberness [Iverness?], Scotland; came to the U. S., Maryland, then moved to Stokes Co., N.C., then to Rutherford Co., Tenn., where she died March 4, 1850 aged 100 and some years old.

MARY ANN C. DARR wife of Levi Darr; daughter of John W. and Elizabeth D. Ince; born Nov. 9, 1828; died Gibson Co., Tenn., Feb. 25, 1850; married March 21, 1848; one daughter.

SARAH GAHAGAN born in Ireland; moved to the U. S., 1801; died Buncombe Co., N.C., recently, in the 85th year of her age. Her Daughter,

ANN ELIZA WHITE died recently in the 58th year of her age; her only child, a son, predeceased her.

MARGARET McCLELLAN widow of John McClellan, native of Ireland, died Pensacola, Florida, April 2, 1850; 12 children, 6 surviving her.


May 3, 1850

HENRY BATEMAN died in the residence of his son-in-law, W. H. Kendrick, Nashville, Tenn., April 19, 1850 aged 69 years. Baptist.

JANE M. PRICE wife of G. W. Price, died of congestive chills, Tallahatchie Co., Miss., Jan. 16, 1850; seven children.

SARAH A. HARWELL daughter of Rev. S. M. Harwell, died Giles Co., Tenn., March 4, 1850 aged nearly 20 years.

JOHN M. HARWELL son of Sterling and Sarah Ann Harwell, born Giles Co., Tenn., Jan. 10, 1824; moved with parents to Monroe Co., Ark., spring of 1831; died March 21, 1850 [Clarendon, Ark.?].


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The following account of an old Bible, from the Providence Journal, will, no doubt, be interesting to your readers:

"In 1713, Thomas Hollis, the founder of the professorship bearing his name in Harvard College, presented a folio Bible to the Congregational society in Holliston, Mass., upon the inside cover of which is written, in his own handwriting, the following inscription: 'The gift of Thomas Hollis, merchant, of London, to the meeting-house in Holliston, where Mr. James Stone is pastor, and his successors.' For more than one hundred years this Bible was used in the meeting-house for which it was purchased. About twenty years ago it was transferred to the almshouse of Holliston, for the use of its inmates. Last summer a distant relative of the donor, Thomas Hollis, druggist, of Boston, obtained it in exchange for a new and handsome Bible. This venerable folio was printed in London, 1679, and gives evidence of being abundantly used. In spelling and punctuation it differs but little from editions of the present day, ‘and presents a happy illustration, of' the very great service rendered by King James' version in fixing and preserving the purity of the English language.' Could this volume speak, what thrilling stories, local and general, could it not tell, of Indian depredations, the French war, and the struggle for American Independence!"


ALLETHA ELLERBEE, wife of Louis Ellerbee, born in South Carolina, 1817; moved to Alabama, 1834; to Mississippi, 1844; died Chickasaw Co., Miss., Jan. 10, 1850.

ANN B. HARRISON born Lancaster Dist., S.C., Oct. 6, 1789; died Feb. 17, 1850; moved to Franklin Co., Ala., 1834; to Fulton, Miss., 1844, where she died.

HONOUR POWELL born Adair Co., Ky., March 25, 1812; died March 20, 1850, Maury Co., Tenn.; husband and father.

JOSIAH CREWS died March 5, 1850 aged 65 years. Lafayette, Kentucky.

CLARISA BYRNE, wife of Judge Peter C. Byrne, Baldwin Co., Ala., died March 30, 1850.

SUSAN J. WILKS wife of Dr. Thomas G. Wilks, Monroe Co., Ark., died Mar. 13, 1850; daughter of Andrew and Rebecca Wilson, Laurens Dist., S.C.; born April 13, 1815; married Dec. 2, 1832; moved to Monroe Co., Miss., 1840; to Monroe Co., Ark., 1849; three children.

MARTHA D. HENRY wife of Colonel R. W. Henry died near Hopkinsville, Ky., March 28, 1850 in the 24th year of her age.

LUCY P. NOBLE wife of Adam J. Noble, mother of Rev. John S. Noble, died Wayne Co., Kentucky, April 2, 1850 in the 58th year of her age.


May 10, 1850

MARTHA BLACKMORE BOTTS daughter of Aaron and Martha Botts, died Feb. 18, 1850 aged sixteen months old.


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Rev. JESSE ALEXANDER GUICE son of Daniel and Delilah Guice, born Franklin Co., Miss., 1811; Methodist preacher, Mississippi Conference; died Tensas Parish, La., Feb. 2, 1850. [Obituary repeated, May 24, 1850 issue]

Rev. JOHN FOXWORTH died Wilcox Co., Ala., April 1, 1850. Methodist preacher, Alabama Conference. Native of Marion District, South Carolina.

HENRY A. BELOTE born Sumner Co., Tenn., 1809; he and his wife, Martha, married in 1829; died Shelby Co., Tenn., April 22, 1850. Cumberland Presbyterian.

ELIZABETH WATTS wife of Rev. Henry S. Watts, born Feb. 1818; married Dec. 1839; died April 7, 1850; four daughters.


May 17, 1850

MARTHA ANN REBECCA FARLEY only daughter of Edward S. and Emaline L. Farley, died near Sommerville, Ala., April 30, 1850 in the 9th year of her age.

SUSAN A. BALDRIDGE wife of Dr. Joseph W. Baldridge; only daughter of H. B. Vaughan, Gallatin, Tennessee; died Franklin, La., April 15, 1850; body returned to Sumner Co., Tenn. for interment in family graveyard there.


May 24, 1850

SARAH V. CRENSHAW wife of John T. Crenshaw, formerly of Sumner Co., Tenn.; died in MO, April 6, 1850.

MARY G. MILLER wife of E. Miller, died in Tensas Parish, La., recently.

NINEA STEEL died near Savannah, Tennessee, May 3, 1850 aged 21 years.

Rev. ROBERT RUSSELL born June 6, 1788; died May 8, 1850. Methodist preacher. [Savannah, Tenn. ?]


May 31, 1850

REBECCA BRADLEY born Mecklenburg Co., N.C., Nov. 28, 1773; died March 31, 1850.

MARTHA MEAD widow of Lemuel Mead, died near Nashville, Tenn., May 29, 1850. [Her June 7, 1850 issue obituary states that her surname was Harris and she was born Cumberland Co., Va., and moved to Madison Co., Ala. in 1814; married John Ford who died, leaving her with three children; married Lemuel Mead (died 1836); two of her sons were Dr. J. P. and Augustus H. Ford (in the residence of the latter son, near Nashville, Tenn., she died May 28, 1850 aged 64 years).

MARTHA PORTER, native of Buckingham Co., Va., died of cholera in New Orleans, La. in the residence of her son, William L. Porter, March 25, 1850 aged about 63 years. At the death of this son's wife about a year ago Martha Porter had helped him in the rearing of his children, including little JOSEPH PORTER who died soon after his grandmother. Both were buried in vault 158 in the Lafayette Cemetery.

LAMECH W. WARD born Twiggs Co., Ga., 1816, and moved, to Columbus, Miss., 1840; died April 13, 1850. His son, ROBERT B. WARD, died March 12, 1850 aged 15 years. Another son, LAMECH T. WARD, died April 4, 1850 aged 2 years; all died from scarlet fever.

CAROLINE DONALD wife of Major Samuel Donald; daughter of Colonel William Foster; died near Camden, Ark., April 21, 1850; four children.

MATILDA W. HILL born Warren Co., N.C., Sept. 17, 1822; died April 20, 1850.

ELIZABETH McDANIEL born Surry Co., N.C., May 16, 1774; daughter of Colonel Samuel Mosby; married Collin McDaniel, 1796 and moved the same year to Kentucky; moved to Tennessee in 1803; died Williamson Co., Tenn., May 6, 1850.


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June 7, 1850

PEGGY MALONE widow of Rev. Booth Malone; daughter of John and Jane Narsworthy; born Isle of Wight Co., Va., Nov. 2, 1784; married March 19, 1801; died in the residence of her son, Richard Malone, Tippah Co., Miss., March 11, 1850; for years she had a wen under her jaw but only had pain from it fairly recently when it was operated on, developing into cancer [or perhaps already cancerous] which lead to her demise.

CHLOE SAUNDERS wife of Rev. Hubbard Saunders, died Sumner Co., Tenn., May 23, 1850 in the 75th year of her age; born Albemarle Co., Va.; moved to Tennessee in 1807.

ELI HOOPER born Randolph Co., Illinois, Feb. 21, 1807; died March 23, 1850; moved to Carroll Co., Ark., April 1848 and to Scott Co., Ark., 1850 where he died.

SARAH E. CARLISLE daughter of Rev. James G. and Nancy H. Carlisle, born Wayne Co., Tenn., Aug. 23, 1836; died May 7, 1850, Oktibbeha Co., Miss. of typhoid fever.

JULIA LAWRENCE MONTGOMERY wife of Rev. H. H. Montgomery; daughter of Robert A. and Susan Carson; born Greensboro, N.C.; died Port Gibson, Miss., April 28, 1850; married Sept. 20, 1846; two children.

LEWIS KING BRYAN infant son of Edmund. H. and Susannah Bryan, died Pontotoc Co., Miss., May 23, 1850.


June 14, 1850

BENJAMIN MOORMAN born Anson Co., N.C., August 29, 1785; moved to Henry Co., Miss., 1837; to Chickasaw. Co., Miss., 1841 where he died May 3, 1850.

JESSE BREWER born in 1812; died April 23, 1850. BENJAMIN BREWER born in 1815; died April 23, 1850; both were sons of Hinchin and Martha Brewer. They were tanners in Woodburg, Cannon Co., Tenn. Drowned in a flood "through our beautiful valley."

H. J. PALMER died Caldwell Co., Ky., April 1, 1850 in the 33rd year of his age. His brother-in- law, Rev. W. Stubs, died May 8, 1850 in the 46th year of his age.

CLARISSA COPE daughter of Richard and Lucinda Williams; born Sevier Co., Tenn., Feb. 14, 1808; married Samuel C. Cope, Sept. 6, 1826; died April 20, 1850; nine children; moved to Montgomery Co., MO, 1837 where she died.

HANNAH HAMILTON died in the residence of her son-in-law, Samuel Allen, Wayne Co., Ky., May 2, 1850; native of Pennsylvania.

ROBERT B. HARNEY son of James T. and Mary Ann Harney, died Warren Co., Ky., May 4, 1850 a few days away from his 21st birthday.

WILLIAM H. VANDEVENTER born in Virginia, June 20, 1824; died Shelbyville, MO, May 6, 1850; husband and father (1 child).

LUCRETIA GARNETT born in North Carolina, Oct. 27, 1812; daughter of John and Nancy Caruthers; moved with parents to Lincoln Co., Tenn., then to Madison Co., Ala., 1831; married L. Garnett, 1838; four children; died May 18, 1850.

FRANCIS A. CROWSON wife of Rev. R. M. Crowson; a native of Lowndes Co., Miss.; died April 24, 1850; four children.

ZILPHA ANN JACKSON infant daughter of Mark Jackson and Mary E. Jackson (a daughter of Levin and Ziplha Wheeler); died DeSoto Co., Miss., April 1, 1850.

SARAH EVALINE COPE daughter of Samuel C. and Clarissa Cope, born Dec. 14, 1837; died Mar. 30, 1850.

Rev. JOHN NEWLAND MAFFITT died Mobile, Alabama. May 28, 1850.


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June 21, 1850

OPHELIA ALICE TROUSDALE daughter of Governor William Trousdale; died Gallatin, Tenn., June 11, 1850 in the 16th year of her age.

Rev. JAMES Y. CRAWFORD, Methodist preacher, Holston Conference, died near, Rogersville, Tenn., May 21, 1850.

GRACY EDMONSON daughter of William Edmonson; died Maury Co., Tenn., recently; one child of her own, she raised thirteen orphans.

WILLIAM F. M. and JAMES S. JOHNSON sons of James Johnson and wife died recently near Benton, Tennessee.

MARTHA ANN C. TANNER, native of N.C., died in residence of her daughter, Mrs. Martha Williams, near Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., May 25, 1850 in the 75th year of, her age.

WILLIAM BIRD born in east Tennessee, Jan. 1, 1790; moved to Hickman Co., Tenn., 1808; served in the Creek War, 1813; married Elizabeth Morris, Sept. 1814; fought the British at the battle of New Orleans, 1815 and against the Seminole Indians. Died May 17, 1850.

RICHARD WELLS born near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; moved to Madison Co., Ky.; married Mary Sappington and moved to Pike Co., MO; he moved to Illinois, following his children where he died Nov. 7, 1849 aged 63 years, 7 months and 10 days old [March 27, 1786].

RICHARD R. BRANSFORD born Oct. 2, 1795; died April 24, 1850; three of his brothers (William, John, Gideon) were Methodist preachers. [Smith Co, Tennessee?]

Miss CYNTHIA J. COTTON born August 1824; died Nashville, Tenn., May 25, 1850; her parents and a brother, James, predeceased her.

Rev. SAMUEL M. BLACKSHEAR born Hardin Co., Tenn., Aug. 10, 1826; died Tippah Co., Miss., May 13, 1850. Methodist preacher. Mississippi.

RACHEL WHITTEN wife of Rev. John Whitten (dec.); born Marlboro District, S.C., Feb. 1, 1791; married in 1808; joined Methodist Church, 1823; died Panola Co., Miss., March 27, 1850.

NATHAN SIRMON died Conecuh Co., Ala., April 16, 1850 in the 64th year of his age.

JESSE McCLENDON died Jackson Co., Tenn., May 10, 1850 in the 79th year of his age.

Rev. JOHN NEWLAND MAFFITT died in Mobile, Alabama, May 28, 1850. Quoting the SOUTH CAROLINA CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, "Mr. Maffitt was a man of …many foibles and strong impulses but he wielded a singular power over the popular mind.... let the grave bury his foibles; eternity we are persuaded will show that he has not lived and laboured in vain." [Maffitt, a native of Dublin, Ireland, born Dec. 28, 1794, had a style of oratory that appealed to many people and he served as chaplain to the American Congress but his womanizing tainted his ministerial career.]


June 28, 1850

MARY ANN ELIZABETH DILLIARD daughter of Dr. S. M. and Sarah R. G. Grigsby; wife of Gaston Dilliard; native of Marengo Co., Ala.; died Sumpter Co., Ala., April 20, 1850 aged about 24 years.

JOHN KIRKMAN son of Hugh Kirkman, Nashville, Tenn., drowned in the Cumberland River, June 22, 1850.

FRANCES JANE PETERSON wife of Rev. N. B. Peterson; born Nov. 11, 1828; joined Methodist Church, August 1848; married Oct. 6, 1848; died May 30, 1850, Independence, MO.


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MARY C. POSTON daughter of Simeon and Elizabeth Poston; born Marion Co., MO, Dec. 29, 1829; died April 19, 1850; two children died, an infant son, aged eleven months, on April 7, 1850; the other, RICHARD M. JOHNSON POSTON, aged seven years, died April 31, 1850.

Rev. ROBERT CARTER born Prince Edward Co., Va., Feb. 25, 1782; died Sumner Co., Tenn. May 20, 1850; married Nancy R. Betty (died 1830), Gloucester Co., Va.; moved to Madison Co., Ala., 1825 and to Tennessee some time later. An itinerant Methodist preacher for several years, he gave it up to become a local preacher.

AARON J. HARRIS married Elizabeth Barnhart; died Dunklin Co., MO, April 14, 1850.

MARGARET M. T. RECORD daughter of George W. and Amanda A. Record; died May 13, 1850 aged 6 years, l month and 18 days old [March 15, 1844].

Dr. WILLIAM S. BURT, Fayette Co., Tenn., died New Orleans, La., March 19, 1850 in the 51st year of his age; had gone to New Orleans for surgery and was recovering when diarrhea took his life.

DINAH, an old black lady died Norfolk, Va. a few days ago, aged 123 years. She was a grandmother in 1775 during the American Revolution; she had recovered most of her eye-sight and was "remarkably spry and industrious to the last."


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