By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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January 8, 1876

Father /Henry/ Boehm. According to the NEW YORK EVENING POST, he died December 29, 1875 at the residence of his granddaughter, near Richmond, Staten Island; on June 8, 1875 his 100th birthday was celebrated at Jersey City by N.Y. Methodist Conf.; he was chosen as traveling companion of Bishop Francis Asbury in 1808 until 1813 when he was appointed presiding elder, Schuykill District; served in the New Jersey Conf. for over 30 years.

Note: DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, volume 2 (N.Y., Scribner, 1929), pages 403-404, HENRY BOEHM (June 8, 1775, Lancaster Co.-Dec. 28, 1875), son Martin and Eve (Steiner) Boehm; useful in Methodist ministry in Md., Va., Pa. and elsewhere in northeast. Picture of Father Henry Boehm from page 115, CYCLOPAEDIA OF METHODISM, edited by Matthew Simpson (Philadelphia, Everts, 1880), on top of page 64.

Mrs. HESTER ANN GRISSOM died Daviess Co., Ky. Oct. 26, 1875; born Ohio Co., Ky. July 17, 1818; raised by grandfather, Rev. Thomas Taylor and wife.

MARY ALICE RESTIEN wf Dr. C. E. Restien; dau H. S. and Mary Peach, born Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 4, 1848 and died Edgefield, Tenn. December 20, 1875.

SUSAN SHERRILL, nee Pierce, born Christian Co., Ky. Aug. 4, 1839; died Oct. 24, 1875; md Jan. 7, 1863; surviving were husband and 4 children.


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Reverend Henry Boehm


GARRETT GATLIN, SR. died Nov. 22, 1875, Lisbon, Ark. aged 72 years and 9 months old.

MAGGIE COMPTON dau W. W. and Callie Compton died Nov. 28, 1875; born Feb. 2, 1875.


January 15, 1876

MARY FANNIE BYARS dau James G. and Sarah Byars, born near Simpsonville, Ky. April 17, 1872; died October 16, 1875.

MATTIE BUGGS dau Rev. A. J. Buggs, presiding elder, Prattville Dist.; born Prattville, Ala. Dec. 2, 1866; died December 18, 1875.

ELEANOR DUNBAR BURNS, nee Rawley, born Wythe Co., Va. July 22, 1800; died Chattanooga, Tenn. Dec. 2, 1875; md James O. Burns, September 27, 1831.

SAMUEL J. WADLEY of Iuka, Miss. died September 30, 1875 aged 51 years.

LEFTWICH HICKS born Bedford Co., Va. May 5, 1810; died Stevenport, Breckinridge Co., Ky. November 21, 1875.

MICAJAH B. CLARK born Campbell Co., Va. Feb. 7, 1798; md Susan Johns of Va., May 11, 1831; died Logan Co., Ky. Dec. 16, 1875; spent most of his life in Ky.; 7 children, 2 living: Edmund J. Clark and Mrs. Adelia Covington.

W. B. CAROTHERS born Williamson Co., Tenn. March 6, 1830; died Nov. 28, 1875; joined Methodist Church at Jackson’s Grove in 1867.

JAMES G. PETERSON late of Shelbyville, Ky. died there Nov. 9, 1875 aged about 40 years; his father, Raphael Peterson of Taylor Co., Kentucky.

NATHAN J. PRIDE born Wake Co., N.C. 1795; died Oct. 1875 near Cherokee, Ala.; moved to near Decatur, Ala.; md Miss Mosely, then Miss Martin.

JOHN MOORE born N.C. about 1797; died nr. Leesburg, Florida Dec. 20, 1875; lived many years in Tenn.; father of ten children.

JOHN SUNDAY, Chief of Ojibway Indians, died at Alnwick, Canada Dec. 14, 1875 aged about 80 years of age.

SISTER DODD born N.Y. City Dec. 20, 1789; md Thomas Batt, Dec. 20, 1809; moved from N.Y. to Genoa, Pa., then to Ky., then to Perry Co. Ind. where she md William Dodd; died Lewisport, December 7, 1875.

OREGONA FRANK dau George and Mary E. Frank born Aug. 25, 1871 and died October 29, 1875.

MARY A. COLEMAN born Vt., July 1807; died in 69th year (no death date given); moved to Indiana, then to Ohio, then to Kentucky.

SARAH C. HEYWOOD died December 4, 1875 aged 21 years.


January 22, 1876

HENRY MADISON ATKIN born Stewart Co., Tenn. Feb. 1820; died Clarksville, Tenn., December 3, 1875.

Mrs. SALLIE BROWDER, nee Claywell, born Campbell Co., Va. April 1796; died May 13, 1875 in Ashley, Ill. at residence of son-in-law, R. S. Brown; md Rev. Thomas Browder; surviving daughters were Mrs. Lewis Templeton, Mrs. Robert S. Brown, Mrs. W. W. Cooper and Mrs. E. L. Foulkes.


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WILEY BLOUNT CAROTHERS born March 6, 1830; died November 28, 1875; md Isadora Carothers, June 12, 1861.

SELINA YEAGER born Washington Co., Tenn. July 19, 1811; died Alvarado, TX Nov. 25, 1875; md C. F. Yeager, Dec. 25, 1834; moved to TX in July 1872.

ELLA E. GILBERT dau Thomas and Settie Gilbert, died Limestone Co., Ala. November 16, 1875.

GEORGE G. OLIVER son William H. and C. C. Oliver, born Giles Co., Tenn. May 29, 1871 and died November 23, 1875.

WILLIAM ABNER PROPSF of Buffalo, Col. born Sept. 10, 1875; died Dec. 27, 1875.


January 29, 1876

GEORGIA GRAY died Jan. 7, 1876 in her 14th year of age; EFFIE GRAY died December 29, 1875 aged 5 years, 8 months and 11 days old, a "sprightly and promising little boy;" OLLIE GRAY died Dec. 30, 1875 aged 16 months and 7 days old; all of diphtheria; children of S. and J. Gray of Trenton, Ky.

Rev. HOSEA A. PIERSON, born Benson /Person/ Co., N.C. Nov. 29, 1801; died Union Co., Ky. Nov. 5, 1875; md Eliza W. Young, March 1821 and she died Feb. 17, 1857 leaving 4 sons and 4 daughters; he joined the Methodist Church in 1823; md Mrs. P. C. Clare, Feb. 6, 1859. Tribute to him by Quarterly Conf., Caseyville Ct., Henderson Dist., Louisville Conference dated November 27, 1875.

DANIEL C. McLAREN born N.C. June 17, 1803; md Susan Deldridge, Aug. 31, 1842; died Rutherford Co., Tenn. December 19, 1875.

SARAH MARTIN, nee Hickerson (first married to a Rice), born April 21, 1804; died Sept. 7, 1875; three of her sons were Methodist preachers -John H. Rice, James Rice and Jesse G. Rice.

MARY HOOVER dau Sarah Martin Rice-Hickerson, born Nov. 12, 1820; died Aug. 30, 1875; md Samuel Bixby Mar. 14, 1844; md Frederick Hoover, Apr. 29, 1858.

SALLIE E. FUQUA born Shelbyville, Tenn. Sept. 11, 1844; died Dec. 30, 1875; md George W. Fuqua, February 23, 1869.

WILLIAM JOSEPH HOUSE born May 28, 1870; died Dec. 4, 1875; JOHN THOMAS HOUSE born Sept. 10, 1872; died Dec. 7, 1875; CHARLES EDWIN HOUSE born Oct. 4, 1874; died December 10, 1875; all siblings.

PERLINA ISABEL JONES died November 5, 1875.

Dr. HENRY BASCOM BISHOP son James and Elizabeth Bishop; born Nelson Co., Ky. Sept. 9, 1842; md Mary Bascom, a half-niece of Bishop Bascom, May 11, 1865; graduate, University of Louisville, 1868; moved to McLean, Ill. 1870 and returned to Ky. in 1872 where he died in Simpsonvi11e, Nov. 16, 1875.

SALLIE RICHARDSON born Mar. 27, 1800; died Dec. 22, 1875; buried in family graveyard in Antioch Circuit; native of Worcester Co., Md.; in 1840 moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. where she was buried.

DUSTIN McINTYRE born Fleming Co., Ky. June 10, 1800; died Millersburg, Ky. December 1, 1875 of a stroke.

THOMAS W. MATTHEWS born Williamson Co., Tenn. Aug. 24, 1820; md Mary E. Hughes, Jan. 15, 1845; moved to Monroe Co., Miss. in May 1856 and died there October 13, 1875.

ALFRED DAVIDSON born September 6, 1839; died December 7, 1875.

WILLIAM A. LAZENBY son John and Sarah Lazenby born Sept. 10, 1847; md Sallie Tucker, Dec. 1867; died November 3, 1875.

Mrs. A. S. PERKINS wf B. F. Perkins; dau. William H. and M. J. Edwards, born Jan. 18, 1854 and died December 1, 1875, Todd Co., Ky.


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JOHN E. CRUMBAUGH eldest son Rev. G. W. Crumbaugh, Louisville Conf., born Bullitt Co., Ky. April 3, 1832; died Louisville, Dec. 4, 1875; since 1850 a resident of Louisville, Kentucky, working in mercantile.


February 5, 1876

Dr. JAMES THOMAS RIZER, Russellville, Ky., son E. R. Riser, born Franklin, Ky. Feb. l9, 1846 and died Nov. 12, 1875; graduate, Medical College of Bellvue Hospital, N.Y., March 1868; md Susan T. Mayo, September 1, 1869.

Tribute to Rev. J. M. NOLEN, native of Maury Co., Tenn., who died Oct. 14, 1875 in his 65th year of age; by Quarterly Conf. of Asbury Circuit, undated.

JOHN CROCKETT, Robertson Co., Tenn., born May 26, 1812; died Sept. 2, 1875.

A second death notice for JOHN E. CRUMBAUGH, late deputy sheriff, Louisville, Ky.; born Bullitt Co., Ky.; died in Louisville Dec. 4, 1875 in his 44th year of age; studied in a commercial college.

JAMES AUGUSTUS GAMBLE third son R. C. and Helen P. Gamble, born Limestone Co., Ala. Oct. 15, 1856; died December 22, 1875.

WILLIAM SPILLER HARRIS son James and Mary Harris born Feb. 1868 and died October 15, 1875.

LUCINDA MILLER dau Daniel and Eliza Tillary born Meriwether Co., Ga. Mar. 5, 1839; md William Miller, Mar. 28, 1855; died Tuscaloosa, Ala. July 4, 1875.

JAMES TATE born N.C. about 1800; died Salem, Tenn. Dec. 7, 1875; md in 1838.

ANDREW LOVE born Crittenden Co., Ky. Mar. 12, 1806; died in same county Nov. 17, 1875; md Nellie C. Minner, Aug. 16, 1832; several children, including Rev. R. C. Love, Louisville Conference.

MARY P. PHILLIPS born Aug. 1, 1841 md Charles Phillips, Jan. 1874; died Nov. 2, 1875.

ELIZABETH K. RICKMAN, nee Henry, born Sumner Co., Tenn. Dec. 29, 1804; md James Rickman in her 17th year of age; moved to Todd Co., Ky 1839; died Dec. 17, 1875.

Dr. D. A. REEDER of Lauderdale Co., Ala. died Dec. 23, 1875; born Sept. 22, 1823; md Martha Boroughs.

EMILY JANE TODD dau Joseph Farmer, born Jan. 12, 1837; md W. H. Todd, Dec. 1857; died Sept. 13, 1875; joined Methodist Church at Polk's Chapel, Oct. 19, 1853.

ELIZABETH HENSON born Shelby Co., Tenn. Jan. 1847; died Stewart Co., Tenn. January 4, 1876.

J. W. SUIT born March 11, 1829; died January 5, 1876.


February 12, 1876

HARLEY M. HOLLAND son D. L. and M. J. Holland died Springfield, Tenn. Jan. 11, 1876; "little" boy.

Rev. G. M. LANGHORNE, Va. Conference, died February 3, 1876.

Rev. REUBEN L. THOMAS born Harrison Co., Ky. Oct. 12, 1810; moved with family to Owen Co., Ky. where he died Nov. 11, 1875 of a stroke; md Eliza J. Hiett, Nov. 8, 1836; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Dec. 15, 1849; ordained deacon Sept. 20, 1853; surviving were widow, 2 sons, 3 daughters.

JAMES C. MITCHELL born Warren Co., Tenn. Jan. 6, 1826; md Ada Ann Turner 1845; moved to DeKalb Co., Tenn. 1852 where he died October 18, 1875.

B. O. KESEE born Montgomery Co., Tenn. Oct. 28, 1827; died Clarksville, Tenn. Dec. 30, 1874; from his parents "inherited a sound mind and a kind heart."


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CORINNE C. CHILDERS wf Dr. J. V. Childers; dau Dr. L. and F. Elliott, died Dallas, TX December 23, 1875 aged 21 years.

SALLIE BASS widow of Thomas Bass; dau Richard Fletcher; born Brunswick Co., Va. Aug. 14, 1800; died Athens, Ala. where he had lived since 1824 on January 9, 1876; "Aunt Sally."

ALLEN W. VICK died Lebanon, Tenn. Feb. 3, 1876 aged 76 years.

Rev. SAMUEL H. HODGES born Nelson Co., Ky. Mar. 12, 1820; died Edmonton, Ky. Dec. 10, 1875; md Margaret S. Morton, Feb. 10, 1848; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1847; surviving were widow and 3 daughters.

JAMES D. ENGLAND son Thomas W. and Isabelle M. England, born Choctaw Co., Miss. Aug. 2, 1854; died Bowie Co., TX December 22, 1875.

AMANDA EMELINE BRIGGS dau W. W. and Caroline Briggs, born May 20, 1853; died Aug. 28, 1875. Her sister, PARMECIA A. BRIGGS, born Jan. 17, 1867 and died Oct. 8, 1875.

DIANTHEA C. HAYNIE "Mother Haynie", nee Perry, native of N.C.; died Grimes Co., TX Dec. 25, 1875 aged 78 years; widowed with 5 children.

JESSE GARTH MURRELL born Adair Co., Ky. NOV. 3, 1814; md Susan Naylor, Mar. 9, 1843; died November 20, 1875.

Mrs. NANCY E. MATSON died Talladega Co., Ala. Dec. 23, 1875 in her 40th year of age.

WYATT SARVER born April 18, 1809; died September 26, 1875.

WILLIAM HOW MURRELL born July 3, 1853; died January 17, 1876.

R. M. LUSK died Calhoun Co., Ala. Nov. ll, 1875 in 68th year of age; native of Pickens Dist., S.C., and of a Presbyterian family.

C. P. WADDILL born Oct. 12, 1846; md Catharine E. Gan, Mar. 22, 1868; died Oct. 28, 1875.

EMELINE AVERY wf John Avery; dau Joel S. and Nancy Whitten, born Jan. 31, 1857; died of typhoid fever, Wayne Co., Tenn., November 22, 1875.


February 19, 1876

SAMUEL McALISTER, Nashville, Tenn., born Washington Co., Tenn. 1807; moved to Nashville with brother-in-law, Harry Hill, in 1828; md dau of Judge Knox of Ark.; died February 7, 1876.

Colonel JOHN B. SALE oldest son Rev. Alexander and Sarah Barruss Sale, born Amherst Co. Va. June 7, 1818; died Aberdeen, Miss. Jan. 24, 1876; family moved to near Courtland, Ala. in 1820; his father was a founder of LaGrange College, Ala.; studied law and moved to Aberdeen.

THEODOSIA HOBBS, nee Holmes, born Lexington, Ky. Aug. 28, 1799; moved to Nashville, Tenn. 1819 with sister, Mrs. Ball and md Colin S. Hobbs, Dec. 1812; mother of 8 children, one of whom was Mrs. Julia A. Maxey, wife of P. W. Maxey in whose residence she died. Her husband died in March 1831.

MOLLIE B. ROBERTS oldest dau William O. and Malinda R. Roberts, born Apr. 7, 1862; died December 31, 1875.

MARY ELIZABETH MABERY dau Ephraim and Malinda Maybery, born Todd Co. Ky. April 15, 1852; died September 10, 1875.

JOHN H. FERGUSON son Hugh and Mary Ann Ferguson, born Buncombe Co., N.C. Feb. 8, 1821; died January 20, 1876; surviving were two sons.

JAMES NELSON BINGHAM born Maury Co., Tenn. Mar. 25, 18O8; md Rebecca Smith, Sept. 18, 1828; father of 9 children, 3 of whom died before he did, which was on January 26, 1876.


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COURTNEY T. HITE born Shelby Co., Ky. Nov. 17, 1806; died Daviess Co., Ky. Jan. 2, 1876; md about 1826; husband died about 30 years ago.

MARY B. COWLEY, nee Heathington, born Chatham Co., N.C. Feb. 14, 1801; md Abraham Cowley in 1819; died Maury Co., Tenn. November 27, 1875.

MARIA S. SEARS dau Rev. John C. and Sallie Cosby; wf E. P. Sears, born Sept. 14, 1849; died July 15, 1875; her mother was a dau of Samuel and Maria A. Vantress.

WILLIAM M. IRWIN born Hickman Co., Tenn. Dec. 12, 1827; moved with family to Mo. in 1834 and returned to Tenn. in 1850; md Frances A. Moss, Nov. 30, 1852; died while on business in Miss. January 24, 1876.

MARY J. KING born Marion Co., Ky. July 27, 1845; md Ambrose King, July 26, 1866; died January 19, 1876.

PETER VERRELL born Va.; moved to Ky. where he died Jan. 3, 1876 in his 37th year of age. "He was a devoted son, caring for his mother in her old age."


February 26, 1876

"Let me rest, now, after awhile I will talk," last words reported of Miss KATE ESTELLE WOOD of Mt. Pleasant, Florida who died recently at Stanford Female College, Kentucky.

Rev. JOHN SILER WEAVER, grandson of John Weaver who moved to Buncombe Co. N.C. in 1790; eldest son Jacob Weaver; born Sept. 22, 1812 on Reem's Creek; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1835; md Mary C. Miller, Oct. 27, 1840; md Mary McDowell, Macon Co., Tenn., Jan. 21, 1868; died Oct. 15, 1875.

Rev. R. E. OSLIN died nr. Fredona, Ala. Jan. 24, 1876 aged over 60 years; md Mattie Randle; served in Georgia Conference for many years.

CARRIE A. GRISSIM born Oct. 22, 1859; died south Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 2, 1876; dau J. W. and E. C. Grissim of Smith County, Tennessee.

NANCY A. THOMPSON dau William Smith of Perry Co., Tenn.; born Oct. 2, 1847; md P. G. W. Thompson, Feb. 11, 1869; died Aug. 18, 1875.

Rev. JOHN T. MOSS, local elder of Mt. Pleasant Circuit, Tenn. Conf., died Maury Co., Tenn. Feb. 5, 1876; born N.C. Jan. 12, 1799 and moved to Williamson County, Tenn. 1828, then to Maury County in 1836; md Louisa T. Giddens.

ROGER PEGRAM born Feb. 6, 1806; died Feb. 2, 1876; md Caroline P. Williams, Dec. 7, 1831; md Julia Seymour, sister of his first wife, Oct. 8, 1863.

Elder PLEASANT WHITWELL born Ky., Sept. 5, 1803; md Margaret Anderson in 1821 and settled in Hickman Co. and then moved to Perry Co. where he died Dec. 20, 1875; member of Primitive Baptist Church.

Mrs. D. L. PEARSON dau Buford L. and Jane Dean, born DeKalb Co., Ga. Oct. 20, 1856; died Alexander City, Ala. Oct. 12, 1875; md S. T. Pearson, Tallapoosa Co., Ala., November 27, 1873.

SUSAN GARDNER md William A. Gardner, Oct. 30, 1855; died Oct. 15, 1875; surviving were husband and 7 children, one of whom was named Dock.

MATTIE F. CLENDENAN dau Theodore and Drusilla Clendenan, born nr. Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Oct. 16, 1858 and died October 23, 1875.


March 4, 1876

SARAH WALKER KEEN THEOBALD born Scott Co., Ky. May 3, 1793; md Thomas S. Theobald, July 22, 1813; died Dec. 30, 1873; mother of 14 children; a long panegyric.


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GEORGE HENRY COLEMAN born Amelia Co., Va. July 19, 1820; moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. at age 8 years; md Mary Ann Wyley, Feb. 24, 1858 and died in the latter county, January 31, 1876.

Rev. G. J. PEARCE died Decatur, Ga. Jan. 22, 1876 and was buried there.

ALICE P. RISTINE born Dec. 8, 1848; died Dec. 20, 1875; md Dr. C. E. Ristine, Jan. 17, 1871 and moved to Coldwater in east Tennessee.

LUCY I. STOKES wf Thomas Stokes died Feb. 7, 1876; about a year ago her oldest child, a son, died.

MARY L. TERRY died nr. Carrollton, Miss. Jan. 23, 1876 in her 43 year of age.

Mrs. DANIEL GRAY born Pittsylvania Co., Va. Sept. 28, 1829; died Jan. 20, 1876; dau William Jeffreys.

SARAH FLORENCE DAVIDSON infant dau Samuel E. and Kittie A. Davidson died October 31, 1875.

JOSEPH G. CARSON born November 25, 1874 and died August 2, 1875.


March 11, 1876

A poem in memory of WILLIAM GRAVETT, penned by Maria L. Cloud. He was born in Dickson Co., Tenn. Nov. 12, 1842; died Hickman Co., Tenn. Feb. 12, 1876; his "father was one of Jackson's soldiers."

THOMAS N. GIBBS born Loudoun Co., Va. May 4, 1802; moved with family to Nelson Co., Ky. 1808, then to Hardin Co., then in 1816 to Jefferson Co., Ky.; md Kittie Rowe and she died Feb. 24, 1838; md Isabella Harris 1840; died Feb. 24, 1876; surviving were widow and 4 children.

LUCY R. NICKOLS born March 4, 1852; md C. P. Bailey, Feb. l0, 1874; died Jan. 27, 1876.

ANN AMELIA HASKINS born Dec. 18, 1848; died Feb. 1, 1876.

LEMMIE GRAY died Jan. 29, 1876 aged 8 years and 24 days old.

MARY A. SHARPE wf David Sharpe, mother of D. F. Sharpe, Edgefield, Tenn. Died Feb. 5, 1876 in her 81st year of age in Davie Co., N.C. in residence of her son, Dr. W. R. Sharpe.

ELIZABETH WILSON, nee Blackburn, wf Rev. W. L. Wilson, born Feb. 5, 1822; died Jefferson Co., Ala. Feb. 26, 1876; md Oct. 13, 1842; mother of 11 children, all surviving her.

CATHARINE HARWELL born N.C. July 15, 1790; died Dyer Co., Tenn. Jan. 30, 1876; md Rev. Coleman Harwell about 1811; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. in 1813 "when it was almost an unbroken forest."

GEORGE SHAEFFER HEARON second son A. and M. I. Hearon, died Denver City, Ala. Feb. 26, 1876 aged 7 years and 2 months old.

WILLIAM S. TALBOT born Paris, Ky. Jan. 26, 1807; moved to Hopkinsville 1817; joined Methodist Church 1822 at Camp's campground; died Oct. 5, 1875.

RICHARD W. STITH born Feb. 22, 1813; died Hardin Co., Ky. Feb. 18, 1876.

EVALINE LEWIS second dau William B. and Louisa Lewis, born Mar. 28, 1843 and died February 3, 1876.

MARY ALICE WILLIAMS wf James W. Williams; born Colbert Co., Ala.; dau Augustus and Mary P. Southall; adopted by her uncle, Colonel Richard Mann and wife; md Sept. 30, 1875; died February 8, 1876.

Tribute to Rev. R. T. ROWLAND by Royal Arch Masonic Mt. Olivet Chapter 87 with which he affiliated April 20, 1874; dated February 21, 1876.


March 18, 1876

DAVID H. C. SPENCE born Murfreesboro, Tenn. Sept. 23, 1827 and died there March 1, 1876; md Sallie Eakin in 1852.


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Mrs. TENNIE BRIEN widow of D. Brien, died Alexandria, Tenn. Mar. 1, 1876 in her 37th year of age. Another entry, page 12, April 1, 1876 issue notes that she was born Alexandria, Tenn. Jan. 11, 1840; md D. Brien, July 24, 1859 and died March 1, 1876.

GREENUP JONES born Feb. 18, 1834; died near Stanford, Ky. Nov. 14, 1875.

W. F. OVERSTREET born April 14, 1819; died Oct. 31, 1875; md Almira Floyd of Garrard Co., Kentucky.

JOE F. KIMBROUGH "one of those fine-talking, kind-hearted men." Son of Capt. Thomas Kimbrough of Todd Co., Ky.; born Nov. 18, 1846 and died in Logan Co., Ky. Jan. 6, 1876; md Florence Roach in 1869.

JAMES M. GUNN born Caswell Co., N.C. Oct. 28, 1805; died Robertson Co., Tenn. Feb. 17, 1876; md Nancy Wilkes who survived him along with 2 children and "a host of grandchildren"; son James Gunn, nephew of Rev. Thomas Gunn, local Methodist preacher.

ELIZABETH BISHOP BENTON wf Norvel Benton died Clarke Co., Ky. Feb. 20, 1876 in her 64th year of age.

B. B. WILSON died nr. Rome, Smith Co., Tenn. March 1, 1876.


March 25, 1876

WILLIAM LAWSON PORTER born Giles Co., Tenn. Oct. 21, 1810; died nr. Coldwater, Miss. Feb. 15, 1876; nephew of Thomas C. Porter, collector of customs, New Orleans.

JAMES M. SMALLMAN born May 17, 1811; md Elizabeth Miller, Dec. 17, 1832, now deceased; died December 9, 1875; surviving were 3 daus. and 1 son.

NANCY N. CRAIG, nee Redden, wf J. T. Craig, born April 5, 1815 and died in Robertson Co., Tenn. March 10, 1876.

CAMILLA FANNIE ROSSEAU dau Rev. F. L. Rosseau, died St. Clair Co., Ala. Jan. 27, 1876 in her 20th year of age.

SARAH A. BELL dau Berryman and Martha Ferguson; md Robert Bell, Wilson Co., Tenn., March 30, 1842; died February 11, 1876.

LAURA EMMA GARDNER wf Harrison S. Gardner; dau Peter and Laura E. Moseley, born Alabama, Dec. 25, 1844; md Dec. 8, 1871, Bradley Co., Ala.; died Fresno Co., California Feb. 1, 1876; her little infant was "buried in her arms."

MARGARET E. ROGERS dau Henry and Mary Ault, born Knoxville, Tenn. July 7, 1841; died there Mar. 12, 1876; md Pryor Lee Rogers, April 1872; after her mother's death in 1853 she was raised by her grandmother, Mrs. Truslow.

R. M. GAINES son Thomas and Martha Gaines, born Allen Co., Ky. Nov. 19, 1802; died Warren County, February 18, 1876.

DAVID PORTER RICHARDSON born Rutherford Co., Tenn. Feb. 6, 1835; died Mar. 6, 1876, Nashville, Tenn.; "a careful business man."

Captain JAMES MADISON GOODRICH born Davidson Co., Tenn. Mar. 22, 1813; died Gallatin, Tenn. Mar. 15, 1876; md twice (names of wives not given).

ELIZABETH GEORGE wf Major W. P. A. George, born Lincoln Co., Tenn. Nov. 4, 1818; died in same county, December 9, 1875.

KATHERINE BOLSER born Milford, Ohio 1849; moved to Nashville, Tenn. 1868 where she died February 27, 1876.

LOU J. SMITH, nee Scruggs, md John B. Smith who died at Thibodeaux, La. about 1853; she died there February 21, 1876.

BUFORD GORDON McLAURINE son George T. and Eddie Hewlett McLaurine, died Lynnville, Tenn. March 4, 1876 aged 4 months and 3 days old.


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April 1, 1876

ALICE BAIRD WARREN dau D. G. and Mary A. Baird; wf Rev. William R. Warren, Tenn. Conf., born July 8, 1848; md Aug. 26, 1874; died Robertson Co., Tenn. Feb. 23, 1876.

JOSEPH J. CUMMINGS born nr. Tuscumbia, Ala. Jan. 13, 1848; his mother died about 1828 leaving Joseph and two sisters and one brother; he was bound to a tailor; his uncle, Joseph Cummings, took him to White Co., Tenn. where he was bound to James Randles; tanner; md Sarah Ann Bruster, June 1, 1837; died February 6, 1875.

ISAAC DILSE born Harrison Co. Ky. May 24, 1799; died Augusta, Ky. Dec. 26, 1875; had a brother named Milton Dilse.

Rev. REUBEN L. THOMAS born Oct. 12, 1810; died November 17, 1875.

JOHN FLORELL MAXEY son Rev. W. B. and Martha S. Maxey born Hardin Co., Ky. 1856; died February 29, 1876.

FLETCHER LEAK dau Rev. John F. and Laura A. Leak, born Barnton Co., Ga. Feb. 25, 1864; died Cherokee Co., Ala. Mar. 1, 1876. "She was never known to be angry like other children."

MARY A. TODD, nee Taylor, born Campbell Co., Va. July 26, 1806; md Robert Todd, Oldham Co., Ky, Dec. 7, 1826 and he died Oct. 16, 1867; she died Feb. 9, 1876.

MARTHA W. WATSON wf James S. Watson, born Marion Dist., S.C. Aug. 4, 1808; died nr. Talladega, Ala. Mar. 12, 1876; md in 1830.

NANCY M. MOSER born Lebanon, Tenn. Feb. 9, 1816; md E. A. Moser, July 30, 1834; moved to Muhlenburg Co., Ky. 1853; died 8 miles north of Russellville, Ky. March 9, 1876.

RUTH E. SIMPSON wf Colonel George W. Simpson, Morganfield, Ky., born Bullitt Co., Ky. Feb. 13, 1818; md Sept. 1834; died March 10, 1876.

JOEL C. JACKSON born Woodford Co., Ky. Aug. 16, 1819 and died Hawesville, Ky. Feb. 16, 1876.

CYNTHIA CALLICUTT JOHNSON born April 2, 1805; md Thomas D. Johnson, Montgomery Co., N.C., Aug. 28, 1823; died Feb. 19, 1876; moved to Tenn. 1826; to Miss. 1832; to Ala. 1844.

MARGARET E. McGIBONEY dau James and Elizabeth Roberts, born Carter Co., Tenn. April 19, 1816; moved to Warren Co., Tenn. 1817; md William McGiboney, Feb. 20, 1845.

LEVIN COOPER born Jefferson Co. Ky. Oct. 4, 1790; died Mar. 20, 1876; parents, Levin and Elizabeth Cooper were born in Maryland and moved to Ky.; md Nancy Cooper 1813. Children: Dr. W. M. Cooper, dec.; T. P. Cooper; Mary Ann Cooper, dec.; Bettie Ireland wife of Joseph Ireland; Dr. J. W. Cooper, dec.; S. O. Cooper; Dr. Marcus Lindsay Cooper. He md secondly Sarah Quetermons who died five weeks before his death.

LEWIS G. ATKINS born April 1, 1821 and died Mar. 5, 1876. "He leaves a large family."


Apri1 8, 1876

"Discourse at the Funeral of the late Hon. A. O. P. Nicholson," by Rev. J. B. McFerrin. He was born Williamson Co., Tenn. Aug. 31, 1808; graduate, University of N.C., Chapel Hill at age of 19 years; obtained license to practice law in 1831; elected member of the state legislature in 1833 and served until 1837; appointed to U.S. senate 1840; md Caroline O'Riley, June 17, 1829; died March 23, 1876. See top of page 72.


(Page 72)

NOTE about A. O. P. Nicholson:
BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE TENNESSEE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, 1796-1861, edited by Robert M. McBride, volume one (Nashville, Tenn., 1975), pages 553-554. ALFRED OSBORNE POPE NICHOLSON, 1808-1876; member of Tennessee House of Representatives, 1833-1837; State Senate, 1843-1845; served in U.S. Senate, 1840-1842 and 1859-1861; graduate, University of North Carolina, 1827; Chief Justice, Tennessee Supreme Court, 1870-1876; along with other biographical details.

Mrs. MARIA L. CRAIG dau Mrs. Pamelia Tompkins died Danville, Ky. Mar. 20, 1876 aged 46 years; educated at Mrs. Tevis's school in Shelbyville, Kentucky (i.e. Science Hill Academy).

LUCIE A. LIGHTS, nee McCarny, wf John D. Lights, born Va., Oct. 2, 1839; died Henderson Co., Ky. Mar. 17, 1876; among survivors were 6 children, the youngest, twins, were aged a year and a half old.

B. B. WILSON born Smith Co., Tenn. Dec. 7, 1836; served in Confederate Army; died March 1, 1876.

ALBERTA T. MOORE dau John and Susan Black (mother's maiden name was Grubbs); granddau Thomas and Lucy Grubbs of Giles Co., Tenn.; born Mar. 6, 1855; died Limestone Co., Ala. Dec. 2, 1875; md John H. Moore, Mar. 22, 1871.

AUGUSTUS BARNETT BRYANT son John W. and Cornelia T. Bryant died Sumner Co., Tenn. Apri1 29, 1876.

WILLIAM LOCKE, native of Bath Co., Ky., died Nicholas Co., Ky. Mar. 12, 1876 in his 69th year of age; md Jane Dillon, Fleming Co. and she died in Jan. 1873; no children but siblings were his survivors.

MARIETTA J. BLAKE wf John Blake; dau of late Colonel Wyatt Heflin, died Randolph Co., Ala. Mar. 2, 1876 in her 41st year of age; surviving were husband, 5 sons, 1 daughter.

WILLIAM H. FERGUSON son John H. Ferguson, born Habersham Co., Ga. May 27, 1846; died Dec. 2, 1874. "We presume 1874 is a mistake for 1875."

ASA F. CARNEY born Aug. 10, 1809; died Ashland City, Tenn. Jan. 13, 1876.

ELIZA C. WILLIAMSON oldest dau John P. Robertson; wf Robert Williamson, born April 5, 1829; died nr. Cropwell, Ala. February 14, 1876.

ELIZABETH A. ALLEN wf Felix A. Allen, born April 3, 1821 and died Ashland City, Tenn. Feb. 16, 1876; dau James and Sally Levy.

LUCY A. SHANDOIN, nee Craig, born Aug. 15, 1849; died Mar. 24, 1876.

"Funeral of Mrs. DAVID AYERS" who died "Sunday morning" (no date given), aged 76 years; buried from St. James' Methodist Church.

Funeral of Mrs. MINERVA V. JACKSON wf Warren Jackson, held at McKendree Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn.; she died April 1, 1876.

Mrs. R. C. WICKCLIFFE died at Bardstown, Ky. April 2, 1876.


April 15, 1876

WESLEY J. HICKS, Esq., born Monroe Co., Tenn. Sept. 1826; died Knoxville, Tenn. Mar. 31, 1876; graduate, Hiwassee College; practiced law; md Lizzie Cornick dau Tully R. Cornick; died Knoxville, Tenn. March 31, 1876.

NANCY P. GILLIM born Prince Edward Co., Va. 1817; died March 30, 1876.

ELIZABETH THEMWELL born Sept. 27, 1817; died Mar. 28, 1876.

Dr. WILLIAM B. MILLS born Montgomery Co., Tenn. Aug. 4, 1825; died Humphreys Co., Tenn. Mar. 16, 1876; medical graduate, University of Nashville, 1857; served in 50th Tenn. Inf. Reg., CSA; captured but released; moved to Big Bottom in Humphreys County in 1868; died unmarried.


(Page 73)

MARTHA J. PATTERSON wf J. M. Patterson, born Cumberland Co., Ky. Jan. 11, 1829; died Adair Co., Ky. Oct. 6, 1875; surviving were husband, 3 sons, 1 daughter.

MATILDA MARTIN, nee Crow, born in Ireland, Mar. 2, 1801 and came to U.S. 1807; md Isaac Walton, Nashville, 1816 and moved to Smith Co., Tenn. where he died in 1823 leaving her with 4 children; md Dr. Matthew Martin, 1827 and had 8 more children; he died in 1849 and she moved nr. Columbia, Tenn., where she died February 26, 1876.

Mrs. OLIVIA BROWN born Claiborne Co., Miss. January 1, 1842; died Yazoo City, Miss. March 16, 1876.

SARAH A. THOMPSON wf William E. Thompson, Hart Co., Ky., sister of Rev. T. S. Walton of Caverna, Ky., died Feb. 20, 1876 aged 78 years; mother of 11 children, 131 grand and great-grandchildren.

MINERVIA OVERTON JACKSON born Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 14, 1809; died there April 1, 1876; md Warren Richard Garrett, Dec. 4, 1828.

Rev. WILLIAM WEBB born N.C. Aug. 20, 1809; died Houston Co., Tenn. Jan. 23, 1876; md Lucinda Crosswell 1837; md in 1846 to Nancy S. McDonald; a Methodist and Mason.

HARRY DAVIS BROWN son R. P. and S. E. Brown died Nashville, Tenn. April 2, 1876; born October 20, 1874.


Apri1 22, 1876

MARTHA J. DEAN dau Robert F. and Narcissa Bratton, born Nov. 11, 1851; md Mark L. Dean, Dec. 8, 1870; died Mar. 23, 1876 and buried in Little Lot, Hickman Co., Tenn.

SUE E. JOYNER dau. Dr. Thomas M. and Emma Joyner born Hot Springs Co., Ark. July 7, 1860; died February 15, 1876.

MARY W. POPE wf Benjamin Pope, born Smith Co., Tenn. Feb. 19, 1841; died Mar. 16, 1876.

ELIZABETH HOLMES, nee Price, born Warren Co., N.C. Oct. 3, 1797; came to Williamson Co., Tenn. 1816; md John Holmes, Dec. 24, 1817; died near Winona, Miss. Mar. 6, 1876.

WILLIS PORTRESS born Prince George Co., Va. April 22, 1798; md Rebecca Brown, Dec. 19, 1821 and moved to Giles Co., Tenn. 1829; md Mrs. Louina Simmons in 1866; died January 19, 1876.

GEORGE STOCKARD KINZER only child of Capt. G. M. V. and Anna M. Kinzer, died nr. Williamsport, Tenn., April 1, 1876 aged 1 month and 4 days old.

ASA G. GRESHAM born Va., Aug. 24, 1832; md Mrs. Jane W. Jenkins, Feb. 1860; died Rutherford Co., Tenn. March 18, 1876.

Dr. WILLIAM FARIS born Seven Mile Ford, Smythe Co., Va. June 2, 1821; md Sarah M. dau Rev. Anthony Bewley, a Methodist preacher, Green Co., Tenn., June 2, 1846; died Mar. 21, 1876; graduate, University of Nashville, 1857.

LUCY A. C. PRICE eldest dau E. A. and Gearetta Price, born July 30, 1861; died Apri1 10, 1876.

WILLIAM DRAPER born Ga., Feb. 17, 1809; moved to Jefferson Co., Ala. where he died April 1, 1876.

Colonel LEONARD D. MYERS born May 1, 1820; died Columbia, Tenn. April 14, 1876; a lawyer.

SUSAN J. SCRUGGS wf Rev. Finch P. Scruggs, No. Ala. Conf., born 1812; died Decatur, Ala. March 27, 1876.

MARY O. OSTEAN dau W. H. and Sarah E. Ostean died Mar. 19, 1876 aged 3 years, 6 months and 16 days old.

(Page 74)


Apri1 29, 1876

DELILAH McDANIEL born Davidson Co., Tenn. April 27, 1807; dau John and Margaret Harris and moved to Washington Co., Miss.; md Henry McDaniel, Feb. 20, 1827; died March 10, 1876.

Miss JANE E. COWAN dau Hiram and Margaret Cowan, born Oct. 8, 1821; died February 22, 1876.

IDA MAY BLACKBURN dau J. H. and Jennie Blackburn, died Alexandria, Tenn. April 10, 1876 aged 10 years and 2 months old.

ELIZABETH HADEN, nee Morton, born Louisa Co., Va. Sept. 10, 1794; moved to Logan Co., Ky. 1820; md Jefferson Haden, 1825; mother of 6 children, 3 having died.

SAMUEL EDGAR HAWKINS son John and Mary Hawkins, born 1864, Cannon Co., Tenn.; died May 24, 1875 "having been thrown by a mule when his foot became entangled in the bridle and he was dragged to death."

WILLIE GWYNN son W. P. Gwynn and wife, Woodville, Ala., born May 29, 1862; died March 18, 1876.

DAVID W. PARRISH born Franklin Co., N.C. Dec. 19, 1780; died Christian Co., Ky. March 31, 1876.

AMANDA M. EDMONDS wf Henry Edmonds, born Jan. 1, 1826; died Apr. 4, 1876.

Mrs. L. S. WRAY dau Rev. Thomas and Eliza J. Burnett, born Aug. 26, 1850; md Richard Wray; died Williamson Co., Tenn. March 24, 1876.

WILEY HORN youngest son Louisa Horn, born Jan. 18, 1859; died April 6, 1876.

MARY JANE BOYLES wf Colonel Jesse Boyles, born Mercer Co., Ky. June 3, 1819; ward of her grandfather, Jesse Head of Harrodsburg; md 1838; death date not given.

R. M. C. HOLLOWAY born Nov. 9, 1823, Morgan Co., Tenn.; md Mollie Jones 1847; moved to Barren Co., Ky. 1849 and died there March 12, 1876.

ELVA MOORE GRAY dau J. F. and M. M. Gray died Nashville, Tenn. (date not given) aged 16 months old.

SALINA HELEN HAWKINS dau John and Mary Hawkins born Cannon Co., Tenn. June 19, 1872 and died of whooping-cough, March 16, 1876.

Mrs. AMANDA WEST born Mar. 14, 1823 and died Hopkinsville, Ky. Mar. 29, 1876.

NANCY EBLEN born Roane Co., Tenn. May 20, 1801; moved to Henderson Co., Ky. 1831 and died there March 24, 1876; surviving were 4 sons.


May 6, 1876

JOHN FREDERICK CROMWELL born Frederick, Maryland Oct. 25, 1810; died Morganfield, Ky. April 9, 1876; merchant; md Mary J. Vaughan, Dec. 3, 1839 (she died Aug. 4, 1856); md Mattie C. Richards, Nov. 24, 1857; and moved to Morganfield in 1840.

CARRIE WILSON born Winchester, Tenn. Jan. 25, 1824; widow of William Wilson; md Jan. 28, 1845; died Talladega Co., Ala. Mar. 28, 1876; surviving were her mother and 3 children.

AMOS HITCHCOCK born Brimfield, Mass. Mar. 16, 1818; md Elizabeth Porter, Apr. 4, 1848; died April 12, 1876, Talladega Co., Ala. Tribute to him by Methodist Church at Fayetteville, undated.

Colonel ELIAS JENKINS, native of Wilson Co., Tenn.; md Jane Keesee, Dec. 22, 1831; moved to Choctaw Co., Miss. and farmed; died nr. Aberdeen, Miss. March 31, 1876.

SARAH ROBERTSON wf William T. Robertson, born Grayson Co., Ky. June 24, 1847; died Nov. 7, 1875; dau Warren Purcell, sometime sheriff of Grayson County.


(Page 75)

REBECCA CLAGGETT born Maryland, Aug. 7, 1786; md Horatio Claggett, 1809; moved to Hickman Co., Tenn. 1816 settling on waters of Lick Creek; mother of 7 children, three surviving her (Messrs. William G. and H. Claggett and Mrs. Harriet Mullins, widow of Rev. William Mullins); moved to Bedford Co., Tenn. in 1836 and after several years returned to Hickman County where in the residence of her son, Horatio Clagget, she died Feb. 24, 1876; buried in Centerville, Tennessee.

NANNIE MARTIN, nee Lane, born Jan. 14, 1844; md Frank Martin, Mar. 21, 1871; died April 16, 1876.

MARIA HOCKERSMITH widow of Rev. J. Hockersmith, died Mar. 8, 1876 in her 71st year of age; moved to Louisville and later to Shelby Co., Ky.; returned to Louisville where she died February 7, 1871.

MARY A. GWINNITT wf R. R. Gwinnitt; dau T. H. and Lethy Philips, Troupe Co., Ga.; died Franklin Co., Ark. February 25, 1876.

ELOISE SOUTHWORTH only dau A. T. Southworth, died Glasgow, Miss. Jan. 2, 1876 in her 7th year of age.

MAMIE MARSHALL LUMAN infant dau Alexander and Bettie Luman, born Nov. 21, 1874 and died April 6, 1876.

Rev. JAMES WESLEY DICKEY, Holston Conf., born McMinn Co., Tenn. Mar. 24, 1829; md Mary J. Shannon in 1873; died April 4, 1876; ordained deacon Oct. 15, 1854 and as elder Oct. 26, 1856.


May 13, 1876

ANN T. ELLISTON born east Tenn. Mar. 13, 1789; died Nashville, Tenn. May 3, 1876 in residence of granddau. Mrs. Anna G. Hunter; the second of nine children, she had been the sole survivor; dau Capt. Beverly Ridley "a noted Indian fighter"; md John Elliston 1815; had a dau. and 2 sons; first cousin of Thomas Jefferson.

HIRAM STEELE born N.C. July 16, 1800; moved with family to Graves Co., Ky. and later to Christian Co., Ky.; md Elizabeth G. Hayes, Mar. 25, 1824; died January 2, 1876.

ANNIE GEARY wf Caleb Geary died Mar. 21, 1876 aged 42 years.

MARTHA A. MULLINS, wf Rev. L. D. /Lorenzo Dow/ Mullins, Memphis Conference, died April 26, 1876; funeral held April 27, 1876; born Va. Jan. 28, 1811; md May 29, 1835.

ANN BANKS wf John Barnes; dau Weaver and Sallie Hawker, born Ohio Co., Ky. May 13, 1813 and died March 31, 1876.

Dr. ISAAC VAN EATON born N.C. March 18, 1810; md Sarah E. Martin; died Coahoma Co., Miss. Dec. 26, 1875. Methodist and Knight Templar.

EMELINE HENDERSON widow of John Henderson born Iredell Co., N.C. May 1, 1800; died Giles Co., Tenn., April 27, 1876.

CARRIE T. ARNOLD dau Rev. B. F. and Cassandra L. Arnold, born Logan Co., Ky. Sept. 23, 1840 and died in Sacramento, California March 31, 1876.

RACHEL MERRETT widow of Rev. Josiah Whitaker, Ky. Conf., born 1791; died April 30, 1876. Republished account lists her as RACHEL SMITH, page 12 May 20, 1876 issue.

WILLIAM BOOTH son Rev. J. B. Booth, born Oct. 3, 1851; died Dec. 6, 1875.

Mrs. NANCY L. JACKSON, aged member of Clarksville, Tenn. Methodist Church, died March 31, 1876.

CHRISTIE MESSICK born 1803; he died June 30, 1875.

MARGARET TAYLOR born Nov. 3, 1816; md Miles Taylor, Aug. 19, 1838; died April 27, 1876.


(Page 76)

ANDREW JACKSON ROLAND born N.C. May 14, 1818; died Wartrace, Tenn., April 19, 1876; md Sarah D. Jennings.

ROBERT FALLS born Iredell Co., N.C. Jan. 14, 1818; died Tuscaloosa, Ala. April 10, 1876.

Miss LUCY V. F. HUNTER born Botetourt Co., Va. April 16, 1856; died Mar. 15, 1876.

LUCY A. LILLY, nee Haskins, born Henderson Co., Ky. Jan. 23, 1838; died April 26, 1876 leaving 5 children.

LILLIE MAY CUNDIFF only child of Rev. G. F. Cundiff, died nr. Loretto, Ky. April 13, 1876 aged 2 1/2 years old.

KITTIE MATTINGLY dau Elias and Polly Mattingly died April. 28, 1876 aged 21 years, 6 months and 21 days old.


May 27, 1876

Rev. THOMAS B. RUBLE died Boonsboro, Ark., May 8, 1876; born Morganton, West Va., Dec. 5, 1811; md Charlotte Fulton 1838 (who died in 1845); md Mrs. Mary Ann McCorry 1848.

MARY D. W. THOMPSON, nee Wilder, born May 20, 1818; md T. W. Thompson, Dec. 24, 1834; died Colbert Co., Ala., May 7, 1876; among her children were Rev. Henry Thompson, Rev. John A. Thompson and Rev. E. Thompson.

Rev.JAMES ROSSER died Cherokee Co., Ala. May 8, 1876.

Colonel JOSEPH DAVENPORT born in Va., June 2, 1789; died Dekalb Co., Ala. Jan. 22, 1876; md Mary Thomas, Apr. 16, 1812 and had 8 children, 4 of whom died young; md Barbara Stallins, Oct. 1, 1860; veteran of War of 1812.

PETER PORTER born Rockingham Co., N.C. June 12, 1796; died Pettis Co., Mo. Mar. 19, 1876; when young moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. (November 13, 1813); served in War of 1812; settled in Smith Co., Tenn. and moved to Mo. in 1851.

BARBARA DAVENPORT, nee Stallins, died April 23, 1876; md Colonel Davenport, October 1, 1860.

MARY ANN POWLING born Kent Co., England, May 7, 1802; came to U.S. in 1835; settled at Maysville, Ky. where she died May 6, 1876.

ANN ELIZA BARNETT infant dau J. D. and L. W. Barnett, born Sept. 11, 1874 and died April 25, 1876.

Dr. EDMUND BYARS SMITH born Garrard Co., Ky. Feb. 26, 1798 and died Edgefie1d Tenn. Jan. 19, 1876; parents moved from Hanover and Fauquier counties in Virginia to Ky.; attended medical school at Transylvania University and moved to Davidson Co., Tenn.; md Sallie Baxter dau Jeremiah Baxter, July 1, 1827; joined Methodist Church 1828.

LAURA E. STEVENS dau. Rev. Richard T. and Mary E. Stevens, born Jan. 21, 1850; died McLean Co., Ky. February 26, 1876.

PATTIE T. SPEED wf Judge J. H. Speed of Marion, Ala. died Feb. 20, 1876.

BETSY RANDOLPH born Aug. 15, 1812; died Apr. 25, 1876, Camargo, Lincoln Co., Tenn.; md Authur Randolph 1830.

CLEMMIE PIERCE only dau of Mrs. Pierce, born Jan. 9, 1872 and died Apr. 12, 1876.


June 3, 1876

JOHN C. LOVE son Hezekiah and Martha Love, born Roane Co., Tenn. May 30, 1835; was 5 years old when his father died; moved to Louisville, Ky. 1861 but returned to Knoxville in 1864; died April 20, 1876.

HUGH SMOTHERMAN born Feb. 29, 1796 and died Dec. 15, 1875; md a Miss Douglas.

JOSEPH WILLIAMS born Orange Co., N.C., Oct. 10, 1782; moved with family to Rutherford Co., Tenn. 1799; then to Bedford Co. 1809; md. Charity Turrentine, Jan. 1813; died May 13, 1876.


(Page 77)

SUSAN N. MANNING born April 2, 1818 and died Mar. 23, 1876.

WILLIAM BARR son Bartlett S. Barr went to Brazil, South America in 1866; md Lydia Daniel, June 16, 18767 and returned to U.S. via east coast of U.S. in 1876; died and was buried on April 25, 1876.

JOSEPHINE OWSLEY wf John P. Owsley; dau Thomas Heyser, born Dec. 5, 1850; md Sept. 11, 1872; died Louisville, Ky. May 5, 1876.

MARY OWENS, nee Martin, wf L. D. Owens, born Union Co., Ind. Oct. 9, 1833; md May 30, 1849; died March 8, 1876.

SARAH H. BARRY, nee Peyton, wf Judge Thomas Barry, died Gallatin, Tenn. May 7, 1876; sister of Hon. Bailie Peyton.

Note: VIRGINIA GENEALOGIES by Horace E. Hayden (Washington, D. C. 1931), pages 522-524. SARAH H. PEYTON dau John Peyton (1755-1833) and wife, Margaret (Hamilton)Peyton; born October 17, 1810; md Thomas Barry and had children: John Randolph, Jennie, Peytona, Locke and David. John Peyton, father of Sarah Barry, was antive of Amherst Co., Va. and was a surveyor and farmer of Sumner Co., Tenn.

CASSANDRA HARVEY DAVIS born Feb. 13, 1798 and died Feb. 24, 1876; md Benjamin Davis, Aug. 1817.

Rev. WILLIAM R. CARROLL born Va., Jan. 11, 1823; died Williamson Co., Tenn. April 27, 1876; surviving were widow and 8 children; his parents had moved to Dickson Co., Tenn. in 1827.


June 10, 1876

ANNA DUNN born 1799; died February 27, 1876.

MARTHA CAMERON dau Peter and Elizabeth Wade; wf Daniel Cameron, born Va., July 10, 1808; md Mar. 9, 1848; died April 11, 1876.

WILLIAM GODBOY born Caroline Co., Va. Jan. 17, 1780; died April 27, 1876; md Sarah Smith and had 7 sons, 6 daughters.

GEORGE A. BROWN born Sumter Co., Ala. 1845; md Annie Myers; moved from Mobile to Columbia, Ala.; died May 12, 1876.

JENNIE JEFFRIES dau Charles W. and Elvira W. Jeffries born Nov. 16, 1858 and died Washington, Mo., April 21, 1876.

NANCY BRAZZEL wf Allen Brazzel born Dickson Co., Tenn. May 15, 1858; died in same county, April 3, 1876.

CHARLOTTE LAKIN dau Alexander and Jane Campbell, Presbyterians from Ireland; came to U.S. in December 1804; moved to Rockingham Co., Va. where she was born May 15, 1805; family moved to Christian Co., Ky. 1819 soon after which her mother died; her father died in Virginia. She md Charles Lakin who died August 20, 1837; died April 20, 1876; mother of 7 children.

JOHN H. HUNTER born November 25, 1854 and died Rutherford Co., Tenn. May 12, 1876. Tribute to him by students to Vanderbilt University dated May 30, 1876.

Tribute to GEORGE S. GILL who died recently; by students of Vanderbilt University dated May 30, 1876.


June 17, 1876

Mrs. MINERVA CORWIN HOLDER wf William F. Holder, born Sumner Co., Tenn. May 11, 1826; died Gallatin, Tenn. May 5, 1876.

Mrs. M. A. WEBB dau Nathan Norvill; wf T. L. Webb, born middle Tenn. Dec. 25, 1830; died Weakley Co., Tenn. May 6, 1876.

LEONA H. MARKS, nee C1ark, born Gi1es Co., Tenn. Sept. 19, 1853; md Lewis H. Marks, Dec. 21, 1874; died April 13, 1876.


(Page 78)

AGGIE A. O'NEAL dau Peter O'Neal, died Clarksville, Tenn., May 9, 1876; born Montgomery Co., Tenn.

Dr. E. W. SEHON died June 7, 1876, native Virginian; began his Methodist ministry in 1827; since 1847 had lived in Louisville, Kentucky.

LEAN SPARKMAN born May 4, 1859 and died Mar. 11, 1876; dau Lewis and Nancy Sparkman.

MARY WILLIE MILLER TIMBERLAKE md Martin H. Timberlake, May 26, 1875; died April 4, 1876; dau Rev. W. Gaines and Mary Miller; born Charlotte Co., Va. July 19, 1852.

ABBEY S. GORRELL of Elkton, Ky. born Dec. 27, 1815; died May 15, 1876; surviving were husband and 6 or 7 children.

SAMMY F. TIDINGS son Dr. Charles B. and Julia A. Tidings, born Jan. 6, 1871; died April 3, 1876.

Dr. CHARLIE STOUT PETTUS son Thomas C. and Mary Pettus, born Giles Co., Tenn. Sept. 6, 1852; died Pettusville, Ala. June 1, 1876; studied medicine at the University of Nashville.

LYDIA J. JACKSON born Aug. 30, 1844; died May 20, 1876.

LEROY FERGUSON born Winchester, Va. Sept. 3, 1804; died Bullitt Co., Ky. May 30, 1876.

NANCY JAMES died Feb. 25, 1876, aged 76 years, Bullitt Co., Ky.

SARAH A. MILLER dau George C. P. and Alice H. Baker, born Mar. 15, 1839; md Matthias Miller, Mar. 8, 1864; died March 21, 1876.

JOHN B. D. VIERS was killed by a jack, June 2, 1876; born Hardin Co., Ky. Mar. 28, 1802; surviving were widow and 5 children.

RUTHA DIBRELL dau Mrs. Emily Bruster, born Sept. 16, 1850 and died April 27, 1876, Sparta, Tenn.

MARY GUTHRIE dau Fielding and Eliza Guthrie born June 16, 1875 and died June 4, 1876, Hardinsburg, Kentucky.


June 24, 1876

SALLIE RIVERS widow of Edmonds Rivers; dau Colonel Samuel and Elizabeth Henderson, born N.C., April 6, 1787; md 1807; died Pulaski, Tenn., May 15, 1876; her mother, Elizabeth Callaway and her sisters, Fannie and Jennie, were captured by Indians from Boon's fort and rescued. A son, Dr. R. H. Rivers, prominent Methodist minister.

DAVID E. WILLIAMS born Swansey, South Wa1es, 1827; died Nashville, Tenn., Apri1 9, 1876; md Sallie E. Jones in Richmond, Va. Aug. 21, 1845; came to U.S. 1840 and settled in Richmond, Va.; moved to Stewart Co., Tenn. and in 1866 moved to Logan Co., Ky.; died from cancer of jaw in Nashville where he had gone for an operation. Oldest son, Moses Williams.

Rev. WILLIAM W. CONN died nr. Verilla, Tenn. Apri1 26, 1876 aged 79 years and 4 months old.

WILLIAM ROWE born Louisa Co., Va. Sept. 18, 1792; served in War of 1812; moved to Madison Co., Ala. 1818; md Catharine Miller 1819 (later died); md Nancy Gooch who died about a year before he did; joined Methodist Church 1852; died June 4, 1876.

J. CORNELIA REGAN dau J. R. and Nannie Regan, born Mar. 29, 1867 and died Tullahoma, Tenn. June 9, 1876.

SARAH G. BEAUMONT wf Rev. H. F. Beaumont, born Cumberland Co., Va. June 7, 1802; md July 15, 1819; joined Lynchburg Methodist Church; moved to Clarksville, Tenn.; died May 14, 1876.

IDA EMARENE LEE dau Rev. S. L. and Eliza Lee, died June 3, 1876 aged 5 years, 6 months and 27 days old.


(Page 79)

JOHN T. DAVISON son Charles and Ann Davison, born Grayson Co., Ky. Sept. 13, 1847; died April 17, 1876; md Annie Labue, Jan. 25, 1870.


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