By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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January 9, 1875

Rev. JOEL PEAK died Logan Co., Ky. December 19, 1874.

CELIA PORCH born Clark Co., Ga. (1795? very dim); died Tallapoosa Co., Ala. Dec. 24, 1874; a widow.

AMELIA G. WARD wf B. E. Ward dau Clark Nuckolls, born Grayson Co., Va. Sept. 1833; md 1853 and settled in Wythe Co., Va., where she died Dec. 4, 1874.

THOMAS D. BLINCO born Hancock Co., Ky. Sept. 23, 1846; died Lewisport, Ky. Dec. 1, 1874; md Oct. 15, 1868 (spouse's name not given).

SARAH BAIN wf Richard C. Bain born Anderson Co., S.C. May 2, 1839; md Nov. 17, 1859; died December 3, 1874.


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LOUDEN FOWLER died Sept. 25, 1874 after 3 months "confinement to his room"; served 3 years in General Morgan's Confederate cava1ry; was a prisoner for 14 months, during which he had smallpox; md Florence Thomson, Jan. 2, 1866; surviving were widow and 3 children.

ROBERT E. BARNETT born Ohio Co., Ky. Oct. 4, 1825; died Dec. 25, 1874; md Amanda Phipps, Mar. 24, 185O; joined Methodist Church 186O. "Brother Barnett was taken sick at church and died near by at the home of Brother Wallace."

JACOB BOWERS born Winchester, Va. July 20, 1797; died Greenville, Tenn. May 23, 1874; md Mary Cline and they had 7 chi1dren, 5 surviving him.

WILLIAM C. COLEMAN born Botetourt Co., Va. Aug. 27, 1826; moved to Tenn. with parents in 1828; md Rebecca Coleman and she died Mar. 8, 1871; he md Martha Pi_l_r, September 17, 1874.

LOUISA F. EDWARDS, nee Hearn, died Oct. 2, 1874; born Jan. 29, 1824; md Thomas Edwards, Dec. 1847; two of her sons, Rufus and William Edwards predeceased her. "She was buried at Lebanon."

MARY ELIZABETH HUNTER born Princeton, Ky. Aug. 13, 1846; md D. H. Armstrong, April 25, 1867; died in Florida, Nov. 11, 1874; surviving were husband and 3 children.

LUCY PORTER dau R. B. and Nattie Porter, died Dec. 7, 1874 in her 10th year of age. Tribute to her by her Sunday School class, undated.


January 16, 1875

Mrs. MARGARET N. NEW dau Dr. Rush Nutt, dec., one of the pioneers of Jefferson Co., Miss. and one of the founders of Oakland College; md Dr. Charles B. New, Pass Christian, Miss., died Nov. 29, 1874 aged 44 years of age.

JOSEPHINE G. NEW dau Dr. John G. Nolan, Baton Rouge, La. and wf Major John H. New, New Orleans, died in London, England, Sept. 1874; remains returned for interment in Frazer Cemetery near Lexington, Ky., the town of her birth.

Mrs. MARGARET BOYD, Louisville, Ky. had died recently; her "old pastor", R. H. Rivers, submitted panegyric for her. (Further obituarial information appeared on page 12, January 23, 1875 issue, noting that she was wife of Robert Boyd and that she died in Louisville, Dec. 19, 1874. On page 12, January 30, 1875 issue is mentioned that her funeral was held Dec. 20, 1874 the day she was born in 1828.)

PATSY M. COOPS wf John E. Coops, dau Rev Charles C. Smith, born Cumberland Co., Ky. June 7, 1843; died September 10, 1874.

JAMES M. REED born Williamson Co., Tenn. 1819; died Nov. 1, 1874 at residence of mother-in-law, Mrs. Ann Claiborne, Nashville, Tenn.; about 1851 moved to Nashville where he was a merchant; member of McKendree Methodist Church.

SUSAN M. WILSON dau Fielding B. and Mary West, born Simpson Co., Ky. Dec. 20, 1834; died nr. Franklin, Ky. Oct. 14, 1874; md John A. Wilson, May 2, 1853.

RIGNAL BUTT born Berkeley Co., Va. Aug. 10, 1802; died Washington Co., Va. December 6, 1874.

Tribute to ROBERT BRYCE born Glasgow, Scotland, Jan. 6, 1798; came to U.S. about 1802 and settled in Columbia, South Carolina; merchant; active Methodist layman; no death date given.


January 23, 1875

HARRY SHELBY STOKES died recently in Lebanon, Tenn.; "one so young."

Mrs. E. A. FINCH wf Major James R. Finch, dau late Henry and Judith S. Hart, Robertson Co., Tenn., born Jan. 28, 1834 and died in No. Edgefield, Tenn., Jan. 9, 1875; she "was handsome in person, cultivated in mind. . . ."

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LEONARD N. WEST son Joel N. and Sallie West born DeKalb Co., Tenn., April 16, 1837; moved with family to Dallas Co., Ark. 1844 where he died (death date not given). His brother, GENETHAN P. WEST, born Sept. 21, 1826, had died (date not given).

MARY BYRNE oldest dau John and H. E. Byrne died Maysville, Ala. Dec. 22, 1874 aged 2 years, 8 months and 7 days old.

DANIEL W. DYER born Culpepper Co., Va. Nov. 16, 1819; died Larue Co., Ky. Dec. 22, 1874; md Hannah Eliza Booker, Hardin Co., Ky. 1841; joined Methodist Church 1848.

THOMAS J. LAYNE born Floyd Co., Ky. Dec. 9, 1831; died Sept. 25, 1874; md Belle M. Honakur, May 8, 1855; moved to Marshall Co., Kansas in 1870.

Tribute to Miss CLIO GATES, student at McKenzie College, who died Dec. 25, 1874; by her classmates, dated January 7, 1875.


January 30, 1875

Funeral service for little LUDIE LENOIR dau William and Julia Lenoir, held Dec. 1, 1874; she would have been 5 years old in that month.

HENRY GIBSON BOWLING youngest child of Dr. James B. and Sophronia M. Bowling, born Logan Co., Ky. Oct. 16, 1826; was educated at the Male Academy, Russellville, Ky. and Cumberland University; md Sarah L. dau George Snadon /sic/, Todd Co., Ky. Aug. 1, 1849; died Christian Co., Ky. Dec. 24, 1874; a panegyric written by a former school-mate, David Morton.

RICHARD H. SIMS died Dec. 10, 1874; born Warren Co., N.C., Mar. 1, 1803; moved with family to Tenn. 1816, settling finally in Bedford County; surviving were two sons and three daughters.

NANCY C. MATTHEWS wf J. E. Matthews, dau James and Rebecca Smotherman, born Jan. 14, 1842; died Oct. 19, 1874.

ELLEN V. ELLMAKER dau Rev. D. and Mary E. Wellburn, born Louisville, Ky. Nov. 3, 1855; md Charles V. Ellmaker, Sept. 30, 1874; died December 8, 1874.

MARY "Aunt Polly" STOCKTON, nee Spires, born Fayette Co., Ky. Jan. 25, 1790; md Dorsey K. Stockton, Jan. 25, 1820; died Oct. 28, 1874; two daus survived, Mrs. Lam and Mrs. Blaisdelt of Maysville.

SARAH P. HENLY, nee Hall, wf T. N. Henly, born Amelia Co., Va. Aug. 24, 1804; her mother died when she was a child and she lived with an older sister until Feb. 1826 when she md Miles Gibbs who died in May 1828 leaving her with an infant son; she moved to Sumner Co., Tenn. 1830; md Thomas N. Henly, Jan. 25, 1832; died January 1, 1875.

LAFAYETTE HOOTEN born July 18, 1851; died November 22, 1874.

SARAH CRAIN died Fleming Co., Ky. Dec. 17, 1874; born Culpepper Co., Va. Jan. 7, 1794 and moved with family to Fleming Co. in 1799; md William Crain, Dec. 3, 1811; surviving were 4 sons, 4 daus; burial in Flemingsburg Cemetery.

ELIZABETH ROWE dau John and Sarah Rowe born Louisa Co., Va. July 12, 1798; moved to Miss. in January 1818, Madison County, where she died Jan. 8, 1875.

LAURA D. HARGROVE born Oct. 28, 1854; died Jan. 5, 1875; md W. W. McKinney, May 7, 1871. (Evidently listed by her maiden name, Hargrove)

NANCY PERRY born Va. Aug. 6, 1796; died Dec. 27, 1874; md William Perry, Aug. 18, 1828; dau Edmund and Rhoda Harris.

Mrs. ELIZABETH CLARK wf Dr. William M. Clark, dau Hays and Elizabeth Blackman, born nr. Nashville, Tenn. May 15, 1831; md June 11, 1849; died Franklin, Tenn., Jan. 8, 1875.

Tribute to W. R. ROSS; by Dresden Sabbath School, undated.


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JOHN T. FLETCHER born Halifax Co., N.C. Mar. 31, 1811; moved to Montgomery Co., N.C., then to Madison Co., Tenn. where md Miss Compton, Jan. 16, 1840; died Dec. 27, 1874. His membership was at Providence, Denmark Circuit, Memphis Conference.

Mrs. M. E. TOWNSEND widow of E. G. Townsend, dau Archibald and Ethiel McKee, born Lawrence Co., Ala. Feb. 22, 1828; md Mar. 30, 1854; died Lincoln Co., Tenn. December 19, 1874.

Rev. JACOB ELLINGER died Covington, Kentucky December 9, 1874 in his 80th year of age; veteran of War of 1812; began his Methodist ministry in 1826.


February 6, 1875

HENRY S. FRAZER son Dr. James and Hannah Frazer, born Mar. 29, 1820, Wilson Co Tenn.; attended LaGrange College, Ala., 1834-1836; Augusta College, Ky., 1836-1838; lawyer; md Bettie Murfree, Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 3, 1848; lived in Tenn. but cultivated a cotton plantation in Miss.; surviving were widow and dau., Mrs. Hart Hillman and a son, James Frazer, also an attorney, New Orleans.

VIRGINIA CULLOM wf Dr. J. H. Cullom, Charlotte, Tenn.; dau late Dr. W. G. Anderson; md in 1860; died Jan. 2, 1875 aged 37 years, 1 month and 20 days old; an invalid for ten years.

BUXTON HARRIS, SR. born January 31, 1807; md Sallie Bradley, Nov. 14, 1830; moved to Greenville, Ky. in 1854, where he died Dec. 28, 1874. Their children: N. J. Harris md Sallie B. New, Feb. 14, 1861 and had 4 children; R. S. Harris md July 3, 1859 to R. B. Corbin and had 8 children; S. E. Harris, oldest dau, md Dr. W. E. Brown, Feb. 5, 1863 and had no children; M. S. Harris md Dr. J. W. Gambling, Oct. 26, 1862, both deceased (he died April 4, 1868 and she died Sept. 10, 1871); Buxton Harris, Jr. died at age 21 years of age; J. S. Harris md R. B. Waters, Nov. 15, 1866 and had 3 children; B. S. Harris md Nellie Hogan; E. D. Harris, youngest still living.

WHITFIELD ALDERSON only child of Thomas J. F. and Rena Alderman, died Slaughterville, Ky. Dec. 29, 1874 aged 4 months and 28 days old.

ELLEN NEEL wf Fielding Neel, dau Dr. Daniel Margruder of Frederick Co., Va., born June 1816; md 1812; died Shelbyville, Ky. January 29, 1875.

LEONARD W. STUM born Muhlenburg Co., Ky. Oct. 14, 1824; md Emma E. Vickers, June 1, 1838; died in same county, December 29, 1874.

Rev. GEORGE H. WALTON born Louisa Co., Va. April 19, 1808; died Barren Co., Ky. Jan. 17, 1875; son Rev. Claiborn Walton who moved to Barren County from Va.; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, he was ordained deacon 1853 and elder in 1857; local preacher for one year; a Royal Arch Mason.

ANGELINE BAKER born May 10, 1843; md G. W. Baker, Mar. 15, 1860; died Jan. 18, 1875; her son, WALTER BAKER, born Sept. 9, 1864, died Oct. 30, 1871; son, JIMMIE HOWARD BAKER, born Aug. 1, 1866, died June 29, 1867.

SARAH E. BARNES, nee Hodge, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 9, 1832; died Rutherford Co., Tenn., Jan. 1, 1875; md Thomas P. Barnes, Jan. 21, 1866.

MARY ANN CATHEY born Mar. 25, 1840; dau James H. McCurdy, only son Rev. John McCurdy of Tenn. Conference; md Martin V. Cathey, Mar. 3, 1856; died Dec. 31, 1874.

SUSAN McNISH born Alexandria, Va. April 28, 1800; died Davidson Co., Tenn. Jan. 6, 1875; md Horatio McNish and had 9 children, 7 surviving her.

JAMES BURRUS born May 7, 1868 and died Dec. 12, 1874; ROBERT LEE BURRUS, born April 4, 1864; died Dec. 17, 1874; WALTER BURRUS, born Feb. 14, 1874; died Jan. 6, 1875; brothers, deaths from diphtheria.


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February 13, 1875

Dr. WILLIAM P. SAVAGE born Aug. 19, 1819; died Jan. 30, 1875; md Sarah J. Small, Mar. 26, 1846; had 8 children, 5 dying in infancy; practiced medicine in Mason Co., Ky. for several years. Tribute to him by a Sunday School class, undated.

WILLIAM HARE born January 29, 1827; died Jefferson Co., Ky. Jan. 30, 1875.

MALINDA CROOK wf Rev. H. H. Cook, born Nov. 19, 1827; md Nov. 27, 1845; died November 14, 1874.

JEMIMA SMITH BOND wf John P. Bond, born Aug. 24, 1838; md Mar. 10, 1859; died January 9, 1875.

NANCY GLENN born Montgomery Co., N.C. Sept. 26, 1801; died Todd Co., Ky. at residence of dau, Mrs. Sallie Christian, Jan. 17, 1875; moved from N.C. to Logan Co., Ky. when about 15 years old; md George F. Glenn at age 22 years.

MARY PHIPPS wf William R. D. Phipps, born Wilson Co., Tenn., 1824; moved to Miss. 1846; died nr. Yazoo City, Miss. Jan. 11, 1875.

ROSA WAKEFIELD born Calhoun Co., Ala. Apr. 20, 1867; died Jan. 16, 1875.

UNELLA G. RADFORD infant son S. H. and L. W. Radford, born Mt. Hope, Ala. Aug. 30, 1874; died January 3, 1875.

MARY DAVISS wf Dr. Daviss, died North Port, Ala. Jan. 23, 1875 in her 34th year of age.

NATHANIEL FUTRELL born Southampton Co., Va. May 7, 1792; md Nancy Deems 1811; moved to Franklin Co. Ala. 1821; moved to McCracken Co., Ky. 1831; he died Nov. 10, 1874 and his wife died Nov. 14, 1874 in her 77th year of age; several children, one, Rev. J. W. Futrell, was killed in Confederate Army.

MOURNING C. OUTLAW born Feb. 2, 1816; died Jan. 31, 1875; md Alexander Outlaw.

NANCY ROWE died near Triune, Madison Co., Ala. Jan. 17, 1875 aged 65 years of age; wf William Rowe of Va. who settled in Madison County about 1818.

NANNIE S. ORGAIN dau B. S. and B. C. Orgain died Dec. 29, 1874 nr. Meridianville, Alabama.

W. F. McCORD born Oct. 10, 1855; died Nov. 24, 1874, pneumonia.

Miss LIZZIE P. BARKER died in Pulaski, Tenn. Jan. 8, 1875; dau Rev. B. B. Barker of No. Miss. Conference; born Florence, Ala. April 14, 1839.

JULIA TAYLOR ALLEN dau J. W. and Orline Allen, born June 7, 1872 and died in Wetumpka, Ala. January 6, 1875.


February 20, 1875

Miss JENNIE CURREY died Nashville, Tenn. Feb. 8, 1875, "one of the sweetest singers in the land"; a poem written in her memory.

JAMES McMAHON POWELL born Feb. 1, 1807; died nr. Corydon, Ky. Jan. 19, 1875; eldest son Capt. L. W. Powell and his second wife, Mary McMahon and brother of ex-governor Powell of Kentucky.

Rev. ROBERT TUCKER, Louisville Conference, died February 2, 1875.

SARAH HALL died Jan. 14, 1875 in her 87th year of age; surviving was a widowed daughter.

JOHN McDOUGALL oldest son Alexander and Eleanor McDougall, born Cumberland Co., N.C. Feb. 14, 1803; md Ann Gee, June 14, 1837; died Savannah, Tenn. Feb. 7, 1875; father of 6 children, one predeceased him. Made a Master Mason 1848; Royal Arch Mason 1854 and took the Council Degree in 1854; joined the Methodist Church in 1839.

Mrs. MARY McMICHAEL, nee Boyd, born Sept. 1835; md in 1859 and her husband was killed in Civil War 1862, leaving her with son, Bennie; died Jan. 25, 1875.


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ANNA HENRY dau Sandy and Shiloh Sanderfur, born Sept. 1, 1848; died Oct. 6, 1874; while living in Hopkins Co., Ky. they lost nearly everything they had in a fire.

MILDRED BALL LEYON dau Augustine and Ann Green, born Feb. 27, 1820; died Jan. 26, 1875 in residence of brother-in-law, James McPowell.

H. B. ALLEN's body was found in a canebrake 3 miles NW of Nashville, Tenn. Feb. 14, 1875, 3 days after he was missing; death ruled due to "illness and exposure"; employee of Buckner & Co. and member of Elm St. Meth. Church.


February 27, 1875

JUNIETTA COCKRELL born Montgomery Co., Ky. 1842; md B. F. Cockrell 1858; died near Mt. Sterling, Ky., January 31, 1875.

Rev. JOHN R. STRANGE died in January 1875; practiced law but entered the Methodist ministry as well (no details given). (Tribute to him appeared on page 12, March 6, 1875 issue; by undisclosed group, with his death date given as January 28, 1875. Further data given on page 12, March 27, 1875 issue, notes that he was born Jan. 14, 1838; joined Methodist Church Dec. 25, 1853; licensed to preach in this church July 1858; had also studied law; died January 28, 1875.)

Mrs. N.C. HODGEN dau John and Mary Millar, born nr. Richmond, Va. Mar. 18, 1810; md Dr. Robert Hodgen in Green Co., Ky. Nov. 5, 1829 (he died Oct. 2, 1858); had 7 children.

Dr. ALFRED M. DEBERRY of Allen Co., Ky. died Dec. 27, 1874 after a ten-day illness.

MARY DANIELS wf Dr. Daniels, died North Port, Ala. January 24, 1875 in the 34th year of her age.


March 6, 1875

CLEMMY COOPER dau F. L. and Narcissa Cooper, born Marshall Co., Tenn. Dec. 16, 1858; died January 25, 1875.

PARALEE S. CARPENTER born Marshall Co., Miss. Oct. 27, 1836; died Bell Co., TX, Feb. 11, 1875; moved to Tishomingo Co., Miss. with parents, Alfred and Sabrina Holcomb in 1838; one year later moved to Maury Co., Tenn.; md. S. M. Carpenter, September 18, 1856.

ALEXANDER TINNON born Orange Co., N.C. Dec. 29, 1815; died Giles Co., Tenn. Feb. 7, 1875.

ALBERTA V. WESTMORELAND born Aug. 21, 1852; md Fountain P. Hill, Mar. 7, 1871 and died January 6, 1875; surviving were husband and one son.

JAMES GILL son John Gill born Dec. 6, 1855; died Nov. 29, 1874, "a sprightly young man." New Middleton, Tenn.

Mrs. LUCY A. CABBELL, nee Cox, born Green Co., Ky. May 1, 1815; died Campbellville, Ky. Dec. 22, 1874; surviving were 2 sons and 2 daughters.

JAMES W. MARTIN son Jesse and Harriet Martin, Smith Co., Tenn., born Jan. 16, 1847; md Rebecca Mann, Nov. 13, 1868; moved to Hopkins Co., TX 1868; died Jan. 18, 1875. Brother of Rev. Daniel J. Martin of North Texas Conference.

JOSEPH ELON CARPIER died Lincoln Co., Tenn. Jan. 30, 1875 in his l7th year of age.

SARAH C. A. DANCE born Sept. 24, 1815, Mecklenburg Co. Va.; md G. A. J. Enoch, Feb. 3, 1836; died of pneumonia, nr. Clarksville, Tenn., February 10, 1875.

JOHNNY H. ROBERTS son Rev. G. W. Roberts died Oct. 14, 1868. "We follow copy, but suppose the child was born in 1868 and died in 1874."


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HENRY FRANK TIPTON son J. M. Tipton, Lexington, Ky. died Feb. 3, 1875 "just during his 21st year of age."

JOSEPH PERRY born Dec. 18, 1792; died Dec. 10, 1874. McMinnville, Tennessee.


March 13, 1875

EDWARD FRANKLIN COOPER born Mobile, Ala. Aug. 7, 1836; entered Confederate Army as Lt. in Co. B, Gulf City Guards; wounded at Chickamauga; md Mattie dau Jefferson Hamilton, Sept. 15, 1869 -she died Feb. 22, 1874. He died recently.

JANIE COCKRELL wf B. F. Cockrell died Montgomery Co., Ky. Jan. 31, 1875 in her 33rd year of age; surviving were husband and 3 children.

ARIADNE WATSON born Philadelphia, Pa., 1789; died nr. Providence, Ky. Jan. 26, 1875; dau Flewellyn Phipps; moved with family down Ohio River on a flat-boat age 6 years; settling in Nashville, Tenn.; her husband, Mr. Watson, died 2 years ago at 92 years of age.

MOLLIE J. SMITH born May 17, 1856; md John W. Smith, Dec. 21, 1873; died Jan. 27, 1875. "I am not afraid to die. I am going home. I want you all to meet me on the other shore."

JAMES H. BRIGGS born Green Co., Ky. Jan. 6, 1816; md Rebecca Hilliard of Green County, Nov. 3, 1841 (she died Sept. 7, 1852); md Elizabeth Bottoms, June 20, 1857; he died Feb. 16, 1875, Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

THIRZAY MEDLIN wf Stephen H. Medlin born Sumter Dist., S.C. Dec. 13, 1809; md Oct. 30, 1830; died Feb. 15, 1875, Chickasaw Co., Miss.


March 20, 1875

Rev. ISAAC COLLARD, oldest member of Kentucky Conference, died Mar. 8, 1875, Cincinnati, Ohio; born N.Y. City, June 25, 1794; sail-maker in youth; joined Methodist Church Aug. 15, 1810; moved to Cincinnati with his father, Thomas B. C. Collard, in 1811; licensed to preach July 1818; served on many charges over the years (a long list given); superannuated in 1848. Rev. A. ALBRIGHT, superannuated Methodist preacher in German Mission Conf. and professor of German at University of TX, died Mar. 2, 1875; native of Oldenburgh, Germany; migrated to U.S. in 1853.

Madame EMILY FOUCHE born Martinique, West Indies, May 7, 1796; died Sebree City, Ky. Oct. 26, 1874; md April 18, 1820; went to Europe to live, Switzerland and France from 1829 to 1866, when she came to the U.S.; mother of 3 sons, 3 daughters; oldest son was killed in the Crimean War.

TALITHA F. GADDY dau Edmund and Sarah Brantly, born Morgan Co., Ga. April 8, 1835; md John W. Gaddy, Aug. 1856; died February 13, 1875.

MARY KATE ECKFORD born Madison Co., Miss. Dec. 4, 1832; youngest child of James D. and Sandal L. Ross; educated at Athens Female Institute, Ala.; md Frank M. Eckford, July 4, 1861, Mobile, Ala.; died Verona, Miss., Feb. 13, 1875.

JAMES CECIL born Garrard Co., Ky. 1812; died Feb. 25, 1875; md Mary England 1834; subject to asthma most of his life.

GEORGE F. RENALD son G. J. and Lucy E. Renald, born Warren Co., Ky. Apr. 17, 1852 and died February 10, 1875.

GEORGE ELI BYNEM son Rev. J. M. and J. E. Whitten, died Mar. 2, 1875.

ANTHONY DIBRELL born Va. June 4, 1788; died Sparta, Tenn. Jan. 25, 1875 at residence of son-in-law, Dr. W. Cummings; md Milly Carter 1811 and moved to Sparta, Tenn.; sometime Tennessee state treasurer.

JAMES W. YERION born Wythe Co., Va. June 14, 1814; died Nov. 20, 1874.


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CHARLES A. SPEARS born nr. Danville, Ky. Nov. 1815; died Allen Co., Ky. Nov. 19, 1874.

Mrs. PRISCILLA PRATHER, nee Ashley, died Slaughterville, Ky. Feb. 5, 1875 in her 56th year of age; daughter-in-law of Thomas Prather.

Mrs. E. E. HANNAH dau Rev. J. M. Darwin, born May 29, 1853; md Daniel Hannah, Dec. 19, 1869; died Feb. 1, 1875; surviving were husband and 3 daughters.


March 27, 1875

Rev. JAMES RICHARDSON, senior bishop of Methodist Church, died Mar. 9, 1875 in the 84th year of his age; lived in Canada when young; moved to U.S. in 1836 and later returned to Canada.

Rev. WILLIAM BICKERS died Boyle Co., Ky. February 22, 1875.

HARRY S. STOKES born Nov. 25, 1849; died Lebanon, Tenn. Jan. 14, 1875; "he never closed his purse-strings against the appeal of need."

LEWIS CASS born Coffee Co., Tenn., May 13, 1846; died Jan. 29, 1875; his father, Benjamin Cass, died when he was 2 years old and after a year his mother died; orphaned he was raised by an uncle and aunt, William and Harriet Boyde; not married.

ELIZA ALLEN NEW dau John and Elizabeth New, Grant Co., Ky., born Nov. 21, 1857; died Feb. 13, 1875. Her brother, JAMES O. ANDREW NEW died Feb. 1, 1875 in his 13th year of age.

MAGGIE SLOSS second dau Dr. W. D. Robb, Woodburn, Ky., born Sumner Co., Tenn.; died Feb. 4, 1875 in her 29th year of age; md G. Sloss 1868; he died 3 years ago.

PHEBE DEAN wf David Dean, died DeKalb County, Ala. January 12, 1875.

Tribute to NEWTON McCALL who died near College Grove, Williamson Co., Tenn., January 17, 1875; by Masonic Owen Hill Lodge 172 dated Jan. 18, 1875.


Apri1 3, 1875

A poem written by A. L. H., Maxwell House, Nashville, Tenn., March 11, 1875 in memory of "my mother's death," 27 years previously.

ESTHER PRATT, nee Ticknor, born Columbia, Conn., Jan. 24, 1803; died Prattville Ala. Feb. 15, 1875; md Hon. Daniel Pratt, September 6, 1827.

MARGARET LONG born March 17, 1799; died Greensburg, Ky. Mar. 13, 1875.

WILLIAM GRIGSBY born Bedford Co., Va. Jan. 30, 1821; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. 1837; to Navarro Co., TX 1873 where he died of typhoid fever. His daughter, MARY LOU GRIGSBY, born Oct. 12, 1851, died of typhoid fever, Dec. 3, 1874. His son, CHARLES W. GRIGSBY, born Lawrence Co., Tenn. Mar. 30, 1855, died of typhoid fever, Nov. 18, 1874. His daughter, LIZZIE M. GRIGSBY, born Mar. 10, 1857, Maury Co., Tenn. died of typhoid fever, Nov. 26, 1874.

JESSE MONTGOMERY born Giles Co., Tenn. Dec. 17, 1819; died in same county, Feb. 24, 1875; md Ann R. Brown, July 26, 1851. Tribute to him by Sunday School class undated.

BENJAMIN SAPP born N.C., Oct. 26, 1799; moved with parents, Jesse and Hannah Sapp, to Tenn. in 1810; md Nancy Hammon, April 26, 1821 (she died Oct. 26, 1853); md Mrs. Lavinia Nichols, Feb. 26, 1861; he died Nov. 13, 1874.

REBECCA CAROLINE CUNNINGHAM wf William J. Cunningham; dau William and Catharine Montgomery, born Gwinnett Co., Ga. May 23, 1816; died Talladega, Ala. March 7, 1875; md September 28, 1835.

REBECCA J. MARTIN born Adams Co., Ohio, Aug. 6, 1833; died Nicholas Co., Ky. Feb. 5, 1875; md Samuel Martin and had 9 children.


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Miss ELLEN M. WOODRING died March 14, 1875 aged 21 years, 5 months and 13 days old; on eve of moving to Kansas when she died (place of residence at death not given).

JOSEPH A. POINDEXTER son Thomas L. and Callie Poindexter, Johnson Co., TX died February 9, 1871 aged 2 years, 5 months and 8 days old.

Dr. ISAAC G. EVANS died Nelson Co., Ky. Jan. 29, 1875 in his 69th year of age.

JOSEPH R. BROWN born May 10, 1811; died Jan. 22, 1875; md Mary A. Clary in 1834.

WILLIAM R. HOGAN born Feb. 12, 1853; died Feb. 2, 1875 at father's residence on Cubb Creek, Stewart Co., Tenn.

ANN LEPER, nee Marshall, born Va., Ju1y 13, 1803; died Barren Co., Ky. March 6, 1875.

FRANCES E. MATSON wf Andrew J. Matson, born Aug. 21, 1842; md 1857; died in Ala. Nov. 21, 1874; surviving were 6 children, the youngest an infant.

RICHARD W. CLAUSEL born Mecklenburg Co., Va. Nov. 30, 1790; md Ann D. Harwell, Dec. 23, 1819; moved to Lauderdale Co., Ala. 1827; moved to Tishomingo Co., Miss. 1848 where he died Oct. 6, 1874.

HIRAM HASSELL youngest son Thomas J. and Kandness Hassell, born July 15, 1861; died March 2, 1875.

JOHN M. LOWRY born Ga. Jan. 13, 1854; died January 15, 1875.


April 10, 1875

SARAH ANN HOBSON dau Capt. George Sterling and Mrs. Elizabeth Smith; born Goochland Co., Va. June 24, 1806; moved with family to near Huntsville, Ala. about 1822; md Nicholas Hobson, Mar. 24, 1824; died at residence of her son, George S. Hobson, Edgefield, Tenn., March 29, 1875.

SARAH WHITHURST wf Joshua Whithurst, born Dec. 25, 1799; died Dec. 29, 1874.

MARY FARMER born Scott Co., Ky. Dec. 10, 1793; died near Newport, Ky. March 12, 1875; md William Peak brother of Rev. Joel Peak, Louisville Conf.; md Thomas Farmer, Oct. 14, 1825; several children with first husband.

Mrs. N. O. BLACKBOURN wf late Frank Blackbourn, born Va. 1797; died at residence of her son-in-law, Hon. F. L. Hammond, Madison Co., Ala. March 13, 1875; mother of 5 children; one, Frank, died young; oldest dau., Mrs. Hammond died 3 years ago leaving 3 children; a son and two daughters survived her.

ELIZABETH NEELLY wf William L. Neelly, Marshall Co., Tenn., born in Ky. Feb. l3, 1813; md Mar. 1, 1832; died January 24, 1875.

SARAH V. BUCKLES dau Stephen and Mildred Smith, born Shelby Co., Ky. Aug. 10, 1804; died Louisville, Ky. Mar. 12, 1875; widow of J. C. Buckles who died Aug. 1870 in 70th year of his age; surviving were a granddau, a sister, Mrs. Ann L. Merriwether of Iowa and 2 brothers. Her brother, Charles Smith, died a few days after her death.

LUCY WILSON wf William Wilson, dau David and Julia Mayo, died Nashville, Tenn., December 14, 1874.

Mrs. SALLIE DEIRICKSON died Smith Co., Tenn. Mar. 6, 1875 aged about 83 years.

W. B. GOTHARD born Dec. 20, 1854 and died at residence of his father in DeKalb Co., Tenn., March 11, 1875.

FANNIE MURPHY dau John S. and Mallisa Murphy died Trousdale Co., Tenn. Mar. 9, 1875 aged 3 years of age.

ANNIE PIRTLE youngest dau of L. A. and R. H. Pirtle, died Mar. 21, 1875 aged 1 year, 1 month and 11 days old.

FREDERICK CLARK born Russell Co., Va. Sept. 1801; died in same county, Jan. l3, 1875; surviving were widow and 3 children.


(Page 44)

ANNA DAVIS dau Capt. F. M. and Celia Davis, born Lawrence Co., Ala. Aug. 6, 1857; died Athens, Ala. March 20, 1875, a member of the senior class at the Athens Female Institute.

CHARLOTTE HOGAN born Stewart Co., Tenn. 1805; md John Taylor and later William Baily; with first husband had 4 children, one of them M. P. M., wife of Allen Akin in whose residence she died in Caldwell Co., Ky., March 3, 1875.

THOMAS PRICE born Louisa Co., Va. Nov. 24, 1801; moved to Logan Co., Ky. 1807 where he md Elizabeth T. Baker in 1826; moved to Mo. 1835 but returned to Loegan County in 1845 where he died Mar. 23, 1875; father of Rev. J. W. Price, Illinois Conference.

A. C. BROWN born Lyon Co., Ky. Aug. 5, 1820; md Matilda J. Glenn, Aug. 17, 1848; joined Methodist Church January 1851; died Jan. 9, 1875; his son-in-law, THOMAS MILLER, died a few days before his death.

JOHN COX died Linn Co., Oregon, Mar. 6, 1875 aged 65 years and 9 months old; surviving was his widow.


April 17, 1875

Rev. J. C. MILLER, S.C. Conference, was murdered "last Saturday/April 3/," having been shot twice (few details given).

Rev. ELAM STEVENSON son Capt. James and Jane Stevenson, born in Alexander Co., N.C., Sept. 24, 1787; died Giles Co., Tenn., March 13, 1875 in the residence of his son, Willis M. Stevenson; of Scotch-Irish descent; ancestors first came to Maryland, then to North Carolina. His father, James Stevenson, served in the Continental Army, entering same age the age of 16 years; his wife was also a Stevenson; Elam was third in a family of six sons; he md Lydia Payne, Burke Co., N.C. Jan. 14, 1808 (she died Mar. 6, 1872); had ten children; he was licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1813; moved to Tenn.; ordained deacon 1820; ordained elder 1859; of limited formal education, could not "make his own calculations" and barely wrote his own signature; he read fluently; remained active in the ministry until his demise. Obituary written by his son, John B. Stevenson.

ANN E. THOMPSON, nee Cary, born Raleigh, N.C. Sept. 14, 1816; md Joseph Thompson, Livingston, Ala. April 9, 1835; moved to Shelbyville, Tenn. 1837 where she died March 15, 1875.

SARAH A. COONS wf Rev. R. W. Coons, No. Ala. Conf., died Feb. 6, 1875; orphaned she was raised by her uncle, Ezekiel Ornel; md August 1857; burial in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Jonesboro Circuit.

MARY B. PILE born Lexington, Ky. Nov. 9, 1811; dau John Wirt; raised in Roman Catholic Church but converted to Methodism; md Benjamin Pile, Washington Co., Ky. Dec. 20, 1854; died February 1, 1875.

Miss MARY A. LEWIS died March 4, 1875 aged 19 years, 4 months and 17 days old.

ABSILLA WARREN, nee Fogg, wf Rev. W. P. Warren, born Smith Co., Tenn., Dec. 2, 1819; md Dec. 27, 1832; died Lawrence Co., Ala. March 12, 1875.

HARRIS BROMFIELD ALLEN born Marshall Co., Tenn., Aug. 13, 1833; son Iverson and Nancy Allen; md Mary Elizabeth McLean, Feb. 7, 1855; was in dry goods business in Nashville, Tenn.; died Feb. 14, 1875 and buried in family graveyard in Marshall Co., Tennessee.

FLORENCE ALLEN wf Rev. J. B. Allen, born Aug. 5, 1854; md Dec. 11, 1873; died Starkville, Miss. March 25, 1875.


(Page 45)

MARY COLDWELL born Feb. 4, 1820; md John Coldwell, Aug. 7, 1838; died Marshall Co., Tenn., March 30, 1875.

MARTHA A. O'NEAL wf B. W. O'Neal; dau Dudley and Ann Sale, born Elbert Co., Ga. March 4, 1815; moved with family to Madison Co., Ala. when young; md in 1838; moved to Milam Co., TX 1872; death date not given.

ELIZABETH GARDNER wf James Gardner born Marion Co., Ky. May 29, 1799; dau Wilburn and Mollie Goodrum; died Marion Co., Ky. January 29, 1875.

LUCETTI GARDNER born Feb. 7, 1827; md George Peak, Oct. 4, 1860 who died May 8, 1873 leaving her with 3 children; md James W. Gardner; died Mar. 15, 1875.

MOLLIE GARDNER dau James and Elizabeth Gardner, born Marion Co., Ky. Jan. 24, 1828; died March 25, 1875.

C. L. DAVIS born Aug. 20, 1800; died Oct. 17, 1874; his second wife, JANE DAVIS, born June 4, 1823 and died Jan. 23, 1875 (they were md in 1841, Smyrna, Tennessee).

Tribute to Mrs. W. C. SMITH; by Whites Creek Grange 118, Patrons of Husbandry, undated.


Apri1 24, 1875

Rev. SAMUEL DAVIS, local Methodist preacher, LaFayette Circuit, died in residence of his son-in-law, A. Epperson, March 4, 1875; native of Va.; moved to Ky. when young and moved on to Sumner Co., Tenn. where he md Mary Dalton who died about 7 years ago; raised 9 children, 5 surviving along with 22 grandchildren.

DORCAS P. PARKER, nee Bradshaw, born Ala. April 20, 1839; md Richard J. Parker, Feb. 1872; joined Methodist Church 1855; died July 10, 1874.

MARTHA JANE KNOTT born Bedford Co., Tenn. Oct. 5, 1827; md F. L. Knott, July 8, 1863; died January 11, 1875.

SARAH W. TRUE, nee Foster, born nr. Franklin, Tenn. Dec. 19, 1824; died Talladega, Ala. March 22, 1875; md L. W. True, Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 14, 1855.

ABRAHAM SHRIVER born Rowan Co., N.C. Sept. 14, 1790; died Feb. 13, 1875; his mother died and his father "scattered the children"; he was raised by a half-brother in Rutherford Co., Tenn.; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn.; md Frances Moore 1812; joined Methodist Church at Mt. Moriah 1817; surviving were widow, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

SIMON BENNETT born Washington Co., Ky. June 28, 1843; died Montgomery Co., Ky. Feb. 22, 1875.

BENJAMIN HOLLAND born in Maryland on Muddy Branch of Potomac River, about 12 miles from Washington, D. C., Sept. 6, 1784; moved with father, Benjamin Holland and family to Ky. in 1805; settled on farm in 1823 where he died March 27, 1875 in Fleming Co., Ky.

SUSAN H. MEANS dau John and Gracy Pressley, born Christian Co., Ky. Feb. 17, 1820; md William Means, Dec. 26, 1837; moved to Trigg Co., Ky. 1851; died March 15, 1875.

JAMES G. POOR died April 2, 1875 in his 44th year of age; nephew of Robert Poor.

WILLIAM H. BOYD born Carter Co., Tenn. Jan. 12, 1812; md Harriet McConnell, 1840; died March 15, 1875, White Co., Tennessee.

DANIEL SYDA born July 31, 1824; died White Co., Tenn., Mar. 14, 1875; surviving were widow and 3 children.


(Page 46)

ANDREW J. WARD born Iredale /Iredell/ Co., N.C. Nov. 22, 1815; moved to White Co., Tenn. 1851; died March 14, 1875.

COLMAN LEATH born July 22, 1815; died February 5, 1875.

WILLIAM HENDERSON born Va. Jan. 2, 1807; moved with family to Hancock Co., Ky. where he died January 22, 1875.


May 1, 1875

MARY DANIEL born Wilson Co., N.C. August 10, 1802; with husband, Benjamin F. Bartlett, moved to Lebanon, Tenn. 1828; left a widow with 5 children, md Thomas Daniel in 1854 and he died in 1872; she died in Tullahoma, Tenn., March 23, 1875.

ABIGAIL ANDERSON dau James and Sarah Patton, born Buncombe Co., N.C. Dec. 11, 1800; moved with family to Tenn. at the age of 6 years; to Bedford Co., Tenn.; md Jacob Anderson 1820; died March 31, 1875; surviving were 2 children, 13 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. A son, Rev. G. W. Anderson was a Methodist preacher in the Tennessee Conference.

ELIZA CHRISMAN wf Philip Chrisman died Fleming Co., Ky. April 3, 1875 in her 32nd year of age.

W. S. PORTER born Buncombe Co., N.C., June 19, 1808; died Dec. 31, 1874 "just as the sun was setting"; a Methodist and Mason.

WILLIAM F. SCANLAND born Marion Co., Ky. Aug. 17, 1812; died Chillicothe, Mo. Feb. 5, 1875; joined Methodist Church at Pleasant Run, Ky. 1827; md Sarah A. Russell of Mo. in 1861; surviving were 2 grown sons, a little granddau. and two daughters, one of whom being Mrs. Sue Morrison.

HELEN M. TILTON born nr. Mt. Olivet, Robertson Co., Ky. May 25, 1829; her mother died when she was 11 years old and her father died when she was 21 years old; md N. A. Tilton and had 5 children, one, a son, died in 1864; death date for her not given.

SUSAN E. SMITH wf J. M. Smith; dau James and Lucy Kirby, born Spartanburg Dist. S.C. Dec. 24, 1832; died Calhoun Co., Ala. March 23, 1875; md in 1849; joined Methodist Church at Mt. Zion in 1846; moved to Calhoun County in 1849 with her parents and husband.

Dr. P. M. PHILLIPS born Union Dist., S.C. Nov. 23, 1833; died Carroll Parish, La. Aug. 27, 1874; md M. A. Love, Jan. 18, 1859. His wife, M. A. PHILLIPS, nee Love, born Calhoun Co., Ala. May 29, 1836; died Sept. 9, 1874; md Jan. 18, 1859; mother of 2 sons, 2 daughters.

GEORGE R. PEEK born Botetourt Co., Va. Oct. 9, 1812; md Martha J. Thomas, Oct. 29, 1837; died nr. Athens, Ala. April 15, 1875.

MARTHA J. BLACKBURN "my eldest-born sister" (H. M. Welch), born nr. Smithville, Ky. Sept. 18, 1823; dau Christopher A. and Elizabeth Welch; md William D. Blackburn 1845 and he died in 1861 leaving her with 6 children; in the winter of 1871 all the Welch family moved to Washington Co., Ala. where she died April 19, 1875.

JOHN WESLEY JONES born Campbell Co., Va. Dec. 14, 1843; died Jan. 31, 1875; served in the 11th Va. Regiment, CSA; md Belle Jones 1866; moved to Ky. 1868.

Mrs. BETTIE M. DUNCAN dau Rev. James and Saran Vinson, wf Charles Duncan, born Marion Co., Ky. April 13, 1852; died White Mills, Feb. 28, 1875.

GEORGE A. COX son Richard and Sallie Cox, born Hardin Co., Ky. Feb. 12, 1850; died February 1, 1875.


(Page 47)

May 8, 1875

Rev. JOSEPH CARSON, Virginia Conference, died Culpepper Co., Va. April 15, 1875 aged 90 years of age.

JOHN HARPER, senior member of Harper & Bro., died in N.Y. April 22, 1875 aged 79 years of age.

Mrs. ANN THOMPSON, a panegyric penned by C. J. Moody, page 3. (Her full obituary appeared on page 12, April 17, 1875 issue.)

ROSWELL C. SMITH, author of Smith's Grammar and other school books, died April 22, 1815 aged 78 years of age.

Mrs. ELIZABETH KELLS born in Ireland, Nov. 22, 1795; md Thomas Kells, Dec. 22, 1814 and soon migrated to the U.S.; reached St. Louis, Mo. June 6, 1818; died in the latter city, January 28, 1875.

Rev. JOHN MANN, Ark. Conf., died Stone Co., Ark. April 12, 1875 in his 66th year of age.

DORA COOKE McFERRIN born Gainesboro, Tenn., Feb. 24, 1848; dau Watson M. and Maria Ann Cooke and with family moved to Nashville and settled at suburb of Edgefield; graduate, Bellwood Seminary, nr. Louisville, Ky.; md James W. McFerrin, Dec. 1, 1868; died April 25, 1875.

WILLIAM HARDAWAY son Thomas and Nancy Hardaway born Hardin Co., Ky. Nov. 4, 1831; md Bettie E. dau Ezra and Nancy Hardaway, Dec. 30, 1858; died Aug. 21, 1874.

E. C. POOLE wf Rev. D. V. T. Poole born Aug. 15, 1802; died Cleburne Co., Ala. Apri1 9, 1875.

MARTHA JANE MALONE, nee Matthews, born Limestone Co., Ala. Sept. 16, 1827; md James M. Malone, Oct. 3, 1844; died April 19, 1875.

THOMAS B. CRAIGHEAD son John B. Craighead, sugar planter, died in Nashville, Tenn. in hospital for insane, April 19, 1875 in his 54th year of age; md Miss Johnson; a Methodist preacher for years; surviving were widow and daughter.

ALICE D. SCOTT, nee Smith, born Montgomery Co., Tenn. Dec. 20, 1853; md John W. Scott, Oct. 7, 1873; died Clarksville, Tenn., April 11, 1875.

HARRIET BOLLING PRYOR MALONE born July 30, 1816; md Dr. T. S. Malone, Sept. 25, 1851; died Athens, April 20, 1875.

ROBERT G. BELLAMY son Rev. J. P. and Elizabeth Bellamy, brother of Rev. Richard Watson Be11amy, Tenn. Conf., born Montgomery Co., Tenn. Sept. 9, 1845; md Susan Massey, Dec. 19, 1869; died March 30, 1875.

Tribute to Miss CARRIE RAMSEY dau Rev. A. L. and Jane E. Ramsey who died in Mobile, Ala. April 9, 1875; by Sunday School, Gadsden, Ala., dated April 18, 1875.

Tribute to Dr. BEN H. DAVIS, born June 25, 1829 and died Mar. 28, 1875; by Masonic New Middleton Lodge 249 (Tenn.) dated April 27, 1875, which lodge Dr. Davis joined on June 20, 1856.


May 15, 1875

Dr. JOHN BULL died April 26, 1875 in his 64th year of age; Methodist and Mason, Knight Templar, Louisville, Kentucky.

ELIZABETH B. FLEECE born Wythe Co., Va. Dec. 25, 1795; moved with family to Montice11o, Ky.; md Dr. John W. Fleech, May 1, 1814 and moved to Danville, Ky.; he died "being thrown from a buggy," July 6, 1843; she died Mar. 22, 1875; mother of 12 children, 3 only surviving her.

MARGARET McDOWELL died April 26, 1875, Maysville, Kentucky.


(Page 48)

Rev. AARON G. STORY son Rev. Jeremiah Story, born Burke Co., N.C. Nov. 15, 1822; died Austin, TX April 8, 1875; joined Methodist Church Jan. 1, 1836; graduate, Cokesbury (S.C.) Conference School, Nov. 1845; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church Sept. 1844 and was itinerant preacher until 1863 when he was elected president of Davenport Female College.

SALLIE GEORGIA STRONG dau Major M. L. and G. H. Strong, born May 9, 1861; died April 17, 1875. Aberdeen, Miss.

POLLY A. PERKINSON born Chatham Co., N.C. Dec. 10, 1808; died nr. Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. January 29, 1875.

Captain W. H. HARGROVE, native of Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. died in Lowndes Co., Miss. March 25, 1875 in his 49th year of age; md S. Vaughn, April 13, 1848 and settled on a plantation in Lowndes County.

W. LEE ROBERTSON born Ky. 1818; reduced to poverty by Civil War; died April 2, 1875 in Florida.

Dr. JAMES S. DYER born Smith Co., Tenn. Oct. 4, 1805; died Trousdale Co., Tenn. April 20, 1875; medical practitioner.

PARMELIA A. JONES wf Pelly T. Jones; dau Andrew and Lavinia Anderson, born June 30, 1845; died Jan. 15, 1875.

SUSAN E. RICE dau. Tanda Senter, born Grainger Co., Tenn. Nov. 18, 1804; md Isaac Rice, Dec. 18, 1823; settled in Benton Co., Ark. where she died Feb. 12, 1875.


May 22, 1875

WILLIAM S. McBRIDE born March 16, 1819; md Rosanna Kinzer, Mar. 12, 1839; died Apri1 26, 1875.

ABNER DAVIS died Uniontown, Ky. April 15, 1875 in his 83rd year of age.

JOHN W. CECIL son J. W. and Sarah A. B. Cecil (now Mrs. Kendil), born Jan. 6, 1848; md Luzelle Loy, Dec. 8, 1870; died Greenwood, Florida, Apr. 18, 1875.

SARAH ELIZABETH CLEMENTS dau J. C. and M. J. Wardlaw; wf J. C. Clements; born near LaFayette, Ga. Feb. 28, 1853; md July 14, 1874; died April 15, 1875.

SUSAN C. WEBB died Rutherford Co., Tenn. April 20, 1875 aged 32 years.

MARY BRYAN wf Joseph Bryan born 1811; died November 23, 1874.

ARTHUSA SHADDOCK wf Rawlin J. Shaddock; dau George and Mary Carpenter, born Clarke Co., Ky. Nov. 21, 1818; moved with family to Shelby Co., Ala. 1820; died May 2, 1875.

BLANCHE HANNER wf Rev. J. W. Hanner, Jr.; born Columbia, Tenn. Jan. 18, 1844; died Edgefield, Tenn. April 6, 1875.

SARAH C. HOFFMAN, nee Nolan, born Monroe Co., Tenn. Jan. 25, 1824; died May 6, 1875; moved to Ala. 1840; md R. W. Hoffman, Oct. 26, 1843. Cumberland Presbyterian.

MARY E. PORTER born Logan Co., Ky. May 31, 1835; dau Elisha and Susan Prince; md Dr. G. W. Porter, July 26, 1853 and had 3 daus. and 1 son; died Grayson Co., TX March 4, 1875.

A. H. JOHNSON born Franklin Co., Tenn. April 5, 1821; died Fayetteville, May 6, 1875.


May 29, 1875

Dr. JOHN TERRELL LEWIS born Albemarle Co., Va. 1803; died Carrollton, Ky., May 3, 1875.

DIANA CATHERINE DAVIS dau Archibald and E. Brown, Marion Co., Ky., born Mar. 4, 1825; md N. W. Davis 1848 and moved to Breckinridge Co., Ky. where she died February 12, 1875.


(Page 49)

WESTERN ROWLAND born Woodford Co., Ky. July 1805; died Nelson Co., Ky., death date not given but age given as 69 years and 10 months old.

MARY SWEET dau Thomas T. and Elizabeth Tuggle, born Prince Edward Co., Va. Feb. 18, 1818; moved with family to Haywood Co., Tenn. 1829; converted at Wesley campground, that county, 1838; md Colonel S. M. Sweet 1837 of Lauderdale Co., Tenn. (formerly of S.C.) and died January 17, 1875.

MARY P. FULLERTON born Mar. 14, 1816; died May 3, 1875.

LOUISA HATFIELD, nee Morris, died Breckinridge Co., Ky. April 1, 1875 aged 23 years of age.

MARY ANN SMITH McGEE born near Huntsville, Ala. March 9, 1818 and moved with father, James Vaughan and family to Marengo Co., Ala. where she md James McGee, June 12, 1834; mother of 6 children, 3 of whom and her husband had predeceased her; she died Oktibbeha Co., Miss. April 24, 1875.

BARBARA ELLEN JONES wf Samuel L. Jones, died Feb. 18, 1875 aged 55 years, 8 months and 19 days old.

HARRIET BOLLING MALONE wf Rev. Thomas S. Malone, born July 30, 1818; died Athens, Ala. April 20, 1875; a panegyric by William M. Green.

AMBROSE FLEMING DRISKILL born Rutherford Co., N.C. June 16, 1801; son John and Polly Driskill; md S. J. McGehee; began his Methodist ministry in 1822; served in Tenn. and No. Alabama Conferences. (Tribute to him by Madison Circuit, undated, appeared on page 12, May 15, 1875 issue. The March 27, 1875 issue carries account that Driskill died March 17, 1875 in Madison Co., Alabama.)


June 5, 1875

NICHOLAS HOBSON born Cumberland Co., Va. Feb. 27, 1796; son William and Jennette McLaurine Hobson, the father a veteran of Revolutionary War (father of 4 sons, 6 daus); moved to Tenn. in 1807 arriving in Nashville, April 25; the father died in 1816. Nicholas studied at Cumberland College; moved to Huntsville, Ala. 1817-1818, buying a cotton plantation in Madison Co., Ala.; md Susannah Amanda dau Rev. William Lanier but she died; md Sarah Ann dau Captain George S. Smith, Mar. 24, 1824 and returned to Nashville in 1826 where he settled on the old farm of his father where he died May 25, 1875.

WILLIAM H. REES born Aug. 22, 1816; md Mary M. Whitaker, Sept. 13, 1838; died May 12, 1875.

CHARLES WILLIAM BRADLEY born Todd Co., Ky. Sept. 20, 1843; died in Ark. April 15, 1875; son Thompson and Catharine Bradley.

MARTHA J. WHITE wf Dr. L. W. White, born Chatham Co., N.C. Feb. 27, 1797; died Sumner Co., Tenn. April 29, 1875.

Miss MAGGIE P. GRAY died Robinson Co., TX Mar. 20, 1875; orphaned she was raised by her sister, Mrs. Mary C. Crawford.

LUCINDA JANE DOSIER dau Matthew and Milbea Drake, born Nash Co., N.C. Feb. 25, 1808; md William Dosier 1839 and moved to DeKalb Co., Tenn.; died May 9, 1875.

SOPHIA V. ALFORD born N.C. Jan. 5, 1789; died Wilson Co., Tenn. May 19, 1875; md Dec. 31, 1805.

NATHANIEL K. GRIFFIN, Nashville, Tenn. merchant, died May 30, 1875.


June 12, 1875

Rev. W. J. HALE born April 2, 1834; died Statesville, Tenn. May 15, 1875; joined Methodist Church June 1859 and entered its ministry 1866, Tenn. Conf. A tribute to him by Sabbath School, undated appears on page 12, June 26, 1875 issue.


(Page 50)

Miss BETTIE FURGUS, Marshall Co., Tenn. died May 14, 1875 aged 16 years old; pupil at Hickory Grove Academy.

WILLIAM WALLACE born Culpepper Co., Va. Dec. 28, 1803; moved to Crittenden Co., Ky. 1823; died May 16, 1875.

FOSTER L. WEBB born Va. Sept. 2, 1802; died Perryville, Ky. April 14, 1875; md Martha Bilbo, Jan. 23, 1825 (she died July 25, 1847); md Harriet W. Durham, Aug. 1, 1848. "Brother Webb was not born to be a leader among his brethren but he was an honest man."

MARY P. GREGORY born March 26, 1815; died Boyle Co., Ky. April 17, 1875; wf Walter Gregory.

RICHARD D. EDMONDSON born June 22, 1848; died Montgomery Co., Tenn. May 25, 1875.

MARY ATMORE, nee Wood, wf Rev. W. C. Atmore, died Oldham Co., Ky. May 17, 1875 in her 79th year of age; born near Manchester, England October 1796; md Nov. 14, 1822 and "sailed for America" in 1836. (Additional obituarial sketch appears on page 12, June 19, 1875 issue in which her death date is given as May 16, 1875; burial in Cane Hill Cemetery.)

JOSEPH HUCKS, Beaufort Co., S.C., died May 9, 1875 in his 59th year of age; native of Horry Co., S.C.; md Mary A. Sellers 1845.

MAHALA CLOWER born Shelby Co., Ala. Dec. 25, 1817; md J. S. Clower 1833; moved to La. 1852; to TX 1866; located in 1869 in Bryan where she died May 7, 1875.

JAMES BAILEY McMULLEN born Roane Co., Tenn. Oct. 24, 1799; died Henderson Co., Ky. April 10, 1875; widow of Samuel McMullen.

SARAH WHITE born July 18, 1820; died Blount Co., Ala. May 13, 1875; md Elbert White, January 10, 1841.

Miss LUCINDA STONE born Aug. 30, 1818; died May 2, 1875.

JAMES A. GRAHAM born Harden /Hardin/ Co., Tenn. Dec. 30, 1835; died Savannah, Tenn., April 11, 1875.


June 19, 1875

Rev. WILLIAM BICKERS born Scott Co., Ky. Nov. 3, 1821; moved with family to Green Co., Ky. 1825; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1844; ordained deacon 1846 and elder in 1848; a presiding elder; md Lizzie J. Kirby, Sept. 9, 1850; served in western Va. and in 1862 returned to Ky. Conf. where he died February 22, 1875.

WILLIAM H. REESE, Mulbery Ct., no dates or details given.

BYRAM HINDS born Knox Co., Tenn. Mar. 5, 1791; md Elizabeth Childers, Oct. 2, 1813; veteran of War of 1812; died Marshall Co., Ala. April 23, 1875.

ELIZABETH STROUD dau William and Elizabeth Bankston, born Jackson Co. Ga. Dec. 17, 1812; md Rev. A. L. W. Stroud, Oct. 7, 1822; died June 1, 1875.

MARY WILLIAMS born Madison Co., Ala. Jan. 5, 1838; md F. M. Williams; moved to

Tate Co., Miss. 1858 where she died April 13, 1875.

HARRIET DICKINS BEASLEY dau Isaac and Harriet Phillips Webb; wf William H. Beasley, born Person Co., N.C. Oct. 6, 1826; md. Smith Co., Tenn. August 1868 and died there April 9, 1875.

RACHEL O. SIMPSON, nee Tucker, born Halifax Co., Va. June 7, 1799; died Collin Co., TX, Aug. 24, 1874; moved to Ky. 1837; to TX 1853.

HENRY WHITING WARNER, New York lawyer, died recently aged 89 years of age.


June 26,1875

Mrs. KATE GILLAM born Shelby Co., Ky. Sept. 4, 1835; dau Garnett and Caroline Noel; to Logan Co., Ky.; died Graves Co., Ky. April 3, 1875.


(Page 51)

Miss LIZZIE WELCH dau James and Elizabeth Welch, born Dallas Co., Ala. and died Marion Co., Illinois, Jan. 22, 1875 in her 26th year of age.

PETER S. NEVINS born Mercer Co., Ky. Oct. 25, 1817; died April 29, 1875; md Margaret May 1858 who survived along with 7 children.

JOSEPH R. BROWN born May 10, 1811; md Mary A. Clary, 1834; died Jan. 22, 1875.

Mrs. ELIZABETH KNOCK died Nicholasville, Ky. May 28, 1875 in her 80th year of age; dau Rev. Thomas Williamson, early Ky. Methodist preacher.

DAVID STILES born Nelson Co., Ky. Feb. 14, 1807; md Mrs. Sarah Stiles 1858; died May 3, 1875.

ELIZABETH DUNCAN wf Rev. S. H. D. Duncan, Humphreys Co., Tenn., born May 14, 1819 and died June 1, 1875.


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