By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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January 10, 1874

Colonel BENJAMIN F. EVANS, born Georgetown, S.C., 1834; moved to Charleston, S.C. 1845 and learned printer's trade. During Civil War was in charge of printing Confederate money; afterwards operated a cotton factory at Kalmia and in 1868 returned to printing business in Charleston. Funeral held Dec. 25, 1873, Charleston, S.C.

Mrs. MARY JANE MANIER "venerable matriarch" born November 2, 1787, Brunswick Co., Va.; dau Peter and Elizabeth Wyche; died December 30, 1873, Nashville, Tenn.; md twice; had 8 children, 4 surviving including Mrs. W. H. Evans. Memorial services held on December 14, 1873 for Bishop JOHN EARLY who was born January 1, 1786, Bedford Co., Va. and died November 5, 1873, Lynchburg, Va.; admitted as preacher in Methodist Va. Conference 1807; for years a presiding elder; one of the founders of Randolph-Macon College; elected as a bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South in 1854.

GEORGE C. TARVIN born 1805; died Lexington, Ky., Dec. 16, 1873; became a Methodist in 1825. Memorial services held for him December 21, 1873.

HATTIE BARKSDALE wf William H. Barksdale, Hillsboro, Ky., born Ray Co., Mo., Dec. 31, 1851; md December 31, 1872; died in Fleming Co., Ky., Sept. 4, 1873.

Mrs. HENRIETTA WEATHERLY died Madisonville, Ky., December 10, 1873 in her 37th year of age.

Tribute to J. W. PARKS at meeting of Spring Hill (Tenn.) Masonic Lodge 124 dated December 29, 1873.


January 17, 1874

Major STEPHEN F. MILLER died Columbus, Ga., Oct. 22, 1873 aged about 68 years; native of N.C.; settled in Ga. and practiced law there; in 1835 moved to Livingston, Ala. and lived there until 1840 when he became editor of the INDEPENDENT MONITOR, Tuscaloosa and so served for about 8 years.

MARY TEMPLE GRIFFITH wf Rev. J. R. Griffith, N.C. Conference, died Nov. 21, 1873, Oxford, N.C.; born Nov. 20, 1843; dau Charles R. and Susannah B. Evans, King and Queen Co., Va.; graduate Tuskegee Female College, 1861; md 1862 at residence of her uncle, John W. Shackelford in King and Queen County; no children.

Rev. WILLIAM H. NIBLACK son William and Elizabeth Niblack, born Clarke Co., Ky. Feb. 1, 1821; md Sal1ie Ann Owens, Dec. 20, 1854; licensed to exhort in Methodist Church Aug. 10, 1844; licensed to preach in same, 1845; ordained deacon Oct. 5, 1851; ordained elder, Sept. 21, 1856; died at residence of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Owens, Madison Co., Ky. July 2, 1873.

SARAH JANE WYNN GUNN born Sumner Co., Tenn., Dec. 2, 1831; died Dec. 3, 1873; md Griffin Gunn, Feb. 20, 1851; several children.

JULIA A. BEAN born Ohio Co., Ky. Feb. 5, 1830; died there, Jan. 1, 1874; md Thomas H. Bean, Nov. 14, 1859; surviving, husband and one son.

Mrs. MARY P. WOODFORD died Colbert Co., Ala. Dec. 26, 1873; born Louisa Co., Va., July 19, 1825; md John B. Woodford Sept. 4, 1844; moved to Ala. 1847; lived several years in Mooreville, Alabama.

HENRY EUGENE CORLEY son Rev. John and Mary Corley born May 5, 1859; died December 14, 1873.

Rev. MICHAEL HUFFAKER died Hiseville, Ky. Oct. 16, 1873 aged 64 years; surviving were widow, one child and several step-children.


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Mrs. TABITHA SMITH MILLER wf Rev. A. G. Miller, Louisiana Conference, died Jackson, La. Nov. 29, 1873 aged 45 years; "good wife and mother"; surviving also were siblings in Nashville, Tenn.

EDDIE W. COFFMAN died Slaughterville, Nov. l1, 1873; born Ashbysburg, Jan. 1, 1863; "of bright intellect, kind and good."

LOU ELLEN WHITTEN dau John B. and Nancy J. Whitten born Mar. 27, 1873; died December 9, 1873; pneumonia.

Mrs. GEORGE HOBBS CHAPLIN, Nelson Co., Ky. born Sept. 5, 1804; died Dec. 14, 1873; md April 7, 1825; mother of 10 children, 5 predeceasing her.

WASHINGTON CARLTON born King and Queen Co., Va. July 1, 1795 and died Hawesville, Ky. Oct. 28, 1873; md on his 22nd birthday; moved to Ky. in 1826; an active Methodist.

Mrs. SUSAN C. JOHNSON wf Nathaniel A. Johnson died Jackson Co., Ala. Nov. 23, 1873; dau Andrew and Dol1ie Horn; born Oct. 8, 1833; joined Methodist Church in August 1852.

THORNTON C. PATTIE born Franklin Co., Ky. Dec. 27, 1811; joined Methodist Church Sept. 1839; md Juliet A. Augustus, June 13, 1840; died Hawesville, Ky. Nov. 15, 1873; surviving were widow and one adopted daughter.

Mrs. WINEFORD RICKEY born Breckinridge Co., Ky. April 13, 1799; maiden name, Crawford; died Nov. 29, 1873, Hawesville, Ky.

SALLIE RIGGS GILL dau John J. and Sue Riggs Gill born Aug. 29, 1873; died January 7, 1874.

Tribute to Colonel J. JARMAN by First Quarterly Conference, Nov. 8, 1873; had been superintendent of Sunday School and sometime Recording Steward.


January 24, 1874

MINERVA F. HARRISON firstborn child of Hedley and Margaret R. Harrison, born July 4, 1847; died Dec. 14, 1873, Concord, Ky.; had a bro., William T. Harrison.

CLAIBORNE R. MOBLEY born Ky. Dec. 3, 1827; died Tampa, Florida Dec. 20, 1873; suffered from pulmonary disease; son Richard Mobley formerly of Graves Co., Ky.

Mrs. S. P. DAULTON wf Daniel Daulton born Mar. 2, 1800; died Oct. 19, 1873, Macon Co., Tenn.

Mrs. MATILDA HENDERSON wf Rev. G. T. Henderson, Tenn. Conference, dau Charles and Catherine Keyser, born Philadelphia, Pa. Oct. 21, 1803; raised as a Quaker; joined Methodist Church 1834; taught at Soule Female College in Tenn. for many years; died January 11, 1874; "mother and wife."

SARAH T. HILL born Greensburg, Ind. May 4, 1854; died Hardin Co., Ky. Nov. 1873; dau C. C. and Artemisia Robbins in whose residence she died; wf William B. Hill; joined Methodist Church 1868.

KEZIA POWELL UNDERWOOD born S.C.; md Richard Ogden in S.C.; moved to Garrard Co., Ky., thence to Tenn., thence to Miss.; later joined Presbyterian Church; second husband named Lynch, the third, Underwood; all had predeceased her by her own death on June 8, 1873.

Mrs. S. S. HINSON wf Rev. James G. Hinson, Tenn. Conference, born Jan. 10, 1842; died Houston Co., Tenn. Dec. 25, 1873; surviving were husband, 4 children, a brother and a sister.

Miss NANNIE V. CHANDLER dau John and Susan Chandler born Maury Co., Tenn. Feb. 21, 1842 and died May 26, 1873.

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DAVID W. SMITH born Rowan Co., N.C. Aug. 11, 1849; died Dec. 28, 1873 in the residence of his bro., Wi11iam Smith, 6 miles south of Little Rock, Ark.

MOLLIE PIPER dau N. W. and Kizzie Piper born July 12, 1861; died Jan. 4, 1874, A1iceton, Ky.

LAURA RAND youngest dau W. G. and N. J. Rand died Aug. 6, 1873; notice from Fountain Head.

SALLY BEASLY dau Horatio and Mary Burns, born Rutherford Co., Tenn. Oct. 16, 1828; died Nov. 18, 1873; md James B. Beasly, April 8, 1847; surviving were husband and several children.

JOHN V. WILLIAMS born Hawkins Co., Tenn. Mar. 11, 1853; died in same county, Oct. 5, 1873; "a promising young man."

Miss MISSOURI A. KIRKLAND born autumn 1811; died near Barton, Ala. Jan. 1, 1874; went to live with family of J. B. Stevenson 4 years ago.

CHARLIE LEE DRISKELL son W. A. and C. Y. Driskell died Jacksonville, Ala., Jan. 2, 1874 aged 2 years, 6 months, 27 days.

TALITHA JANE JOHNSON dau James A. and Martha Jane Johnson born Hickman Co., Tenn., April 11, 1849; died Humphreys Co., Tenn. Nov. 21, 1873; md William G. Johnson, Dec. 15, 187O; joined Methodist Church Oct. 1863; surviving were husband and one child.

SUE IRWIN YOUNG dau William B. and Mary R. Young, Lauderdale Co., Ala. Born Dec. 29, 1863; died Dec. 10, 1873; joined Methodist Church "last August."

Mrs. LOU F. DAVIDSON wf F. M. Davidson, dau Willis M. and Eliza T. Stevenson, Giles Co., Tenn., died McKinney, TX Oct. 15, 1873; md a young lawyer and moved to TX; notice submitted by her uncle, J. B. Stevenson.

MARY JULIET KIEROLF died Louisville, Ky. Jan. 11, 1874 aged 19 years.


January 31, 1874

Rev. JOHN B. WELLS born Hardin Co. Ky. Sept. 3, 1793; died Meade Co., Ky. Aug. 10, 1873; md Rebecca McMahan, April 9, 1816 who survived him; long a faithful Methodist preacher.

Mrs. SUE NEBLETT DYE wf Rev. W. T. Dye, Tenn. Conference, dau Colonel N. H. and Lucy A. Allen, Montgomery Co., Tenn., born Jan. 12, 1838; died Dover, Tenn., Nov. 29, 1873; graduate, Clarksville Female Academy, 1853; md April 23, 1861; had several children.

Dr. DANIEL C. HINES died Logan Co., Ky. January 12, 1874.

LIZZIE BELL JOYNER died Jackson Co., Ala. Dec. 19, 1873 aged 3 months, 12 days old; dau David W. and Mary Bell Joyner.

RICHARD FRANCIS BYNUM wf F. R. and Mary Symons died Calhoun Co., Ala. Oct. 13, 1873.

BESSIE THOMAS infant son Vincent and Elizabeth Ann Thomas died Calhoun Co., Ala. Oct. 6, 1873.

NANCY W. CROW born Botetourt Co., Va. Nov. 3, 18O3; died Franklin, Ky. Jan. 19, 1874; moved with parents, Peter and Mary Martin, to Allen Co., Ky. when she was 8 years old; father served in War of 1812 and died on his way home from military service; md John W. Crow, Aug. 22, 1824; mother of 11 children, one of whom, Enoch M. Crow, was presiding elder, Louisville Conference.

JOHN WESLEY HAZLEWOOD died Jan. 7, 1874 aged about 18 years of age.

JANE MUNGRUM died Jan. 6, 1874 in her 83rd year of age.


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HARTWELL ELDER died Oct. 1873; surviving were several children. Liberty, Trinity Circuit, Tennessee.

MARY B. GOLDSBERRY died Jan. 5, 1874 aged 42 years; joined Methodist Church Trinity Circuit, Tenn. 1848.

Mrs. M. A. ORTON died Hopkins Co., Ky. Dec. 16, 1873 in her 50th year of age; surviving were husband and 2 daughters.

JOHN W. PARKS born June 15, 1828; died Maury Co., Tenn. Dec. 19, 1873; his little daughter, IRENE GERTRUDE PARKS died seven days before he died.

BENJAMIN B. BRETT died Wilson Co., Tenn. Jan. 19, 1874 aged 53 years of age; native of Sumner Co., Tenn.

J. F. BOHANAN born Livingston Co., Ky. March 11, 1839; died Jan. 16, 1874; md Mrs. E. J. Spell, Aug. 25, 1864.

B. THOMAS M. STINSON son Francis M. and Martha E. Stinson, grandson of the late Rev. Absalom Davis, Louisville Conf., born Clinton Co., Ky. June 8, 1861 and died Nov. 5, 1873.

Tribute to HENRY JACKSON trustee of North's Chapel, Methodist, who died recently; submitted from Harpeth Station, Tenn. dated Dec. 27, 1873.

The celebrated Siamese twins, CHANG and ENG, died Jan. 17, 1874, Mt. Airy, Surrey Co., N.C.; surviving were wives and children.


February 7, 1874

WILLIAM T. EVANS born Jerusalem, Southampton Co., Va. June 3, 1803; died Logan Co., Ky. Dec. 30, 1873; moved to Russellville, Ky.; saddler; returned to Va. in 1823 and then moved back to Russellville; in 1852 moved to farm where he died; md Frances M. Evans, June 10, 1824 who died June 1833; in 1834 he md Amelia W. Williams who survived him with a dau and two sons; helped "build" Red Oak Church of which he was a faithful member for 45 years.

Rev. THOMAS G. GOOCH born Shelby Co., Ky. Dec. 25, 1800; raised in Baptist Ch. but joined Methodist Church when young; moved to Logan Co., Ky. in 1821 and settled where he died Jan. 15, 1874; md Julia Washburn, 1823 (and she died May 7, 1867); md again Mary Albright of Ala., May 1869, who survived him; licensed to preach about 1823; ordained deacon 1839; ordained elder later

LOUIS FRANK born N.C. Oct. 11, 1815; died Hardin Co., Ky. Jan. 17, 1874.

S. G. COVEY son J. B. and J. K. Covey died Hardin Co., Ky. Jan. 17, 1874.

WILLIAM McGREGOR born Nash Co., N.C. Nov. 1, 1800; died Nov. 10, 1873; md Elizabeth B. Harper, May 14, 1831 (she died Dec. 30, 1862); surviving were 4 children.

J. C. HUNTER born Aug. 6, 1840 and died December 21, 1873.

WEBB RIDLEY HALL son J. W. and Mary E. Hall died Dec. 23, 1873 aged 3 years and 9 months of age.

Tribute to Miss LOU A. NEAL by her Sunday School Class, no place or date given.

Tribute to Mrs. SARAH JANE FORT by Sabbath School Class and its officers, Starkville, Miss.; no date given.


February 14, 1874

WILLIAM ARDRY only child of William and Lizzie JONES, grandson of Rev. William Jones, born Sept. 29, 1867; died Wilkinson Co., Miss. July 25, 1873.

Dr. D. C. HYNES died near Ash Spring, Jan. 12, 1874 in his 41st year of age; surviving were widow and 6 children.


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HENRY JACKSON born S.C. Nov. 5, 1802; died Williamson Co., Tenn. Dec. 9, 1874; md twice; surviving were widow and seven children.

Mrs. MARY O'HARA born Feb. 3, 1849; died Eddyville, Ky. Nov. 4, 1873; md Aug. 10, 1869 (spouse's name not given).

JOHNNY ROBERTS died Council Grove, Kansas, Dec. 12, 1873; grandson of J. T. and Susan P. Stevenson.

THOMAS J. DOUGLASS died Madison Co., Ala. (no date given); born Rutherford Co., Tenn. but moved to Madison Co., Ala. as a child; md 1859 to Fannie Kelley who survived with several children.

Rev. F. E. P. LEDBETTER born Sept. 30, 1843; died Perry Co., Tenn., Jan. 13, 1874; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1866; surviving were widow and 4 children.

JOSEPH A. BYERS born Nov. 28, 1790, York Dist., S.C.; died Dec. 19, 1873 in St. Clair Co., Ala.; md Feb. 29, 1816 and moved to Tenn. and about 2 years later moved to county where he later died.

CLARINDA BLICK born Logan Co., Ky. 1825; died Jan. 10, 1874; md John Blick, 1846; joined Methodist Church 1848.

MARY A. STITH dau Richard and Elizabeth Stith, born Hardin (now Meade) Co., Ky. Jan. 23, 1820; died Oct. 21, 1873; md Henry Stith, April 14, 1836; surviving were husband and several children.

MARY E. DAVENPORT born Larue Co., Ky. Feb. 8, 1857; died Jan. 23, 1874.

Tribute to LEWIS FRANK who died Jan. 17, 1874; by Savannah (Tenn.) Masonic Lodge 102 dated January 31, 1874. (As Louis Frank death noted in Feb. 7 issue)


February 21, 1874

Expression of sympathy for family of Rev. ROBERT CRAWFORD, Northwest TX Conference in loss of his son, Dr. ROBERT A. CRAWFORD who died recently.

Mrs. ELIZABETH M. TUCK died Christian Co., Ky. Dec. 29, 1873 in her 74th year.

MARY F. YOUNG dau William and Jane Young born Barren Co., Ky. Feb. 28, 1848; died Temple Hill, Ky. Feb. 6, 1874.

MATTIE A. E. BEAUCHAMP eldest dau William H. and Mahulda A. Spears and granddau of late Rev. Richard Jones of Maury Co., Tenn., born Giles Co., Tenn. Aug. 22, 1849; died Limestone Co., Ala. Jan. 28, 1874; md Theo Favor, Sept. 17, 1868 who later died; md Colonel J. D. Beauchamp, April 16, 1871.

MARY T. ROWLAND born 1811; died Henderson Co., Ky. Nov. 2, 1873; surviving were husband and 8 children; two children predeceased her, one from burn injuries.

HARVEY L. COWAN born Morgan Co., Ala. April 6, 1822; died Lawrence Co., Ala. Feb. 7, 1874; "useful citizen."

REBECCA VICKERS wf Alexander Vickers born Montgomery Co., Va. 1800; died Muhlenburg Co., Ky. at residence of her son, G. H. Vickers, Feb. 2, 1874; burial in family graveyard.

Mrs. PHILANEY BERTRAND died Nashville, Tenn. Feb. 11, 1874 in her 64th year; formerly of Richmond, Va.

ELIZABETH M. HENRY wf Rev. J. H. Henry, born May 8, 1801; died Dec. 14, 1873.

SION M. CONGER born 1810; died Lincoln Co., Tenn. Jan. 26, 1874; burial in the "old family grave yard at home."


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Rev. RICHARD JONES born Dublin, Ireland, July 9, 1819; settled in Montgomery Co., Ala. in 1836; moved to New Orleans, La. 1860; engaged in banking and other business pursuits; at death was cashier of New Orleans National Bank; died Jan. 29, 1874. A local Methodist preacher; "somewhat brusk in manner. . . ."


February 28, 1874

Rev. Dr. GEORGE SCOTT died Glasgow, Scotland Jan. 30, 1874.

Rev. EMILE F. COOK, president of the French Methodist Conference, died Jan. 30, 1874 in the south of France.

Dr. ROBERT A. CRAWFORD son Rev. Robert and Mary A. Crawford, Northwest TX Conference, born Panola Co., TX Aug. 2, 1848; graduate, Bryant, Stratton and Saddler Commercial College, Baltimore, 1869; graduate with medical degree, University of La., 1873; died Oct. 19, 1873 of yellow fever.

Rev. BENJAMIN TARRANT died Jones Valley Circuit, North Ala. Conference, Feb. 15, 1874; son Rev. James Tarrant of S.C. with whom he moved to Alabama in 1819; Methodist preacher for many years.

Mrs. MARY MILLER born Charlotte Co., Va.; died Campbellsville, Ky. Jan. 16, 1874 aged 87 years, 5 months and 16 days of age; maiden name, Gaines; md John Miller 1803; her husband and 4 of their 5 children predeceased her.

J. WILLIAM SHEPARD born June 26, 1833; died Jan. 26, 1874; md Martha Wiggs, 1860; surviving were widow and 5 children.

Tribute to Rev. T. C. BERRY who died Feb. 13, 1874; by Official Board of Methodist Church, Owensboro, Ky. dated Feb. 16, 1874.


March 7, 1874

Rev. J. HOCKERSMITH born Boonsboro, Ky. July 4, 1801; died Louisville, Ky. Feb. 14, 1874; joined Methodist Church, Aug. 28, 1821 in Baltimore, Md.; for more than 30 years a local Methodist preacher; surviving were widow, three sons and two daughters.

JOHN G. LEWIS born Logan Co., Ky. 1809; died Feb. 9, 1874 in same vicinity.

Rev. BENJAMIN TARRANT died Jefferson Co., Ala. Feb. 15, 1874 aged 88 years of age; one of first settlers in Jones's Valley in Ala., moving there from Greenville Dist., S.C.; among other Tarrants who had made this move were Thomas, Wi11iam, Carter, George, Samuel, Roland, James and Leonard Tarrant, some of whom were Methodist preachers. Benjamin served in the War of 1812. Carter Tarrant, a Baptist preacher, was a chaplain in one of the regiments, battle of New Orleans. George Tarrant was a captain in the Creek war. Family of Huguenot descent.

Mrs. EMMA SHANKLIN PATE died Water Valley, Miss. Feb. 15, 1874 in her 24th year of age; dau Samuel James Shanklin, dec., Huntsville, Ala. and wf of Mark E. Pate formerly of Concord, Tenn.; her mother died when she was a "school girl"; surviving were husband and 2 children, "one a tender babe."

Mrs. SALLIE C. DAVIDSON born Sept. 19, 1847 dau Thomas and Caroline Snodgrass; md T. M. Davidson, Jan. 19, 1871; died Scottsboro, Ala. Feb. 19, 1874; left an infant daughter, MABEL DAVIDSON.

SARAH NEWGATE born Boyle Co., Ky. July 8, 1843; md Jan. 8, 1868, Charles Durham of Nicholas Co., Ky.; died Feb. 2, 1874; surviving were husband and 3 children.

BENJAMIN ORGAIN born Brunswick Co., Va.; md Lucy F. Manson, 1834; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. 1836 where she died in 1848; md in 1849 to Elizabeth C. Powe11 of Wilson Co., Tenn.; moved to Ala. 1869 where he died Feb. 3, 1874; surviving were widow and 10 children.


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WILLIAM TABLER born Frederick Co., Md. Nov. 7, 1792, died Warrenton, Ala. Jan. 12, 1874, moved with family to Knox Co., Tenn. in 1800, so1dier in War of 1812, settled in Huntsville, Ala. from whence he moved about 20 years ago to Warrenton.

DANIEL HENRY WILLIAMS son Wiley J. and Margaret Williams, died Santa Rosa, Co., Florida, Nov. 19, 1873 aged 2 years and 11 months of age.

ABIA PARSONS born Lunenburg Co., Va. Feb. 5, 1799, died Lauderdale Co., Ala. Feb. l0, 1874, moved when young to Bedford Co., Tenn., thence to Giles Co., Tenn. and then in 1838 to Lauderdale County where he died.

SARAH J. JONES dau William and Elizabeth Bingham, wf Hon. Samuel H. Jones, Shelby Co., Tenn., born April 8, 1827 and died Dec. 26, 1873, md in 1845, surviving were husband, 3 sons and 4 daughters.

Tribute to late Rev. T. C. BERRY, Louisville Conference; by "Preachers' Meeting", Louisville, Ky dated Feb. 16, 1874.


March 14, 1874

THOMAS S. THEOBALD born Bourbon Co., Ky. April 17, 1790, moved to Georgetown; in 1811 served as lst Lt. in Ky Rangers against the Indians; md Sarah W. Keene, Scott Co., Ky., July 22, 1813, died Dec. 30, 1873, Frankfort, Ky. where he had lived since 1839; surviving were widow, 2 sons, 3 daughters; a very long panegyric.

JAMES PETERS born Anderson Co., Tenn. Aug. 25, 1798; died Morgan Co., Tenn. Feb. 8, 1874; son Tobias Peters, a local Methodist preacher; md Rachel McCort at the age of 24 years and had 6 sons and 7 daughters; two sons, T. C. and Adam Clarke Peters, were Methodist preachers; three of his nephews, sons of his sister, Polly Cobbs, were also Methodist preachers.

Mrs. ANN ELIZA DUNCAN wf William Smith Duncan, dau David and Nancy Willson, born Scott Co., Ky. Feb. 6, 1845; died in same county, Jan. 12, 1874 leaving 2 sons aged 3 and 8 years of age; a son, WILLIAM DALLAS DUNCAN, five years old, died two days before she died and was buried beside its mother in the "old family graveyard."

EZEKIAL HOGUE born N.C. June 8, 1806; moved with family to S.C. when a child; md Sarah L. Watson, Dec. 4, 1827; joined Methodist Church 1828; moved to Marshall Co., Miss. 1830, thence later to Saline Co., Ark. where he was licensed to preach; chaplain in 11th Ark. Inf. during Civil War; taken prisoner at Island No. Ten and imprisoned at Johnson Island, Lake Erie, but was released after 4 months; moved to Lamar Co., TX 1865; member of Masonic Honey Grove Lodge l64; surviving were children and grandchildren.

THOMAS G. MARKS son Carrol and Mary Marks born Jan. 18, 1848; died Feb. 27, 1874; lived near Pulaski, Tenn.; the Blooming Grove Sunday School presented a tribute to his memory, undated.

Mrs. MARY NASH wf Abraham Nash died Shelby Co., Ala. Jan. 5, 1874; born Elbert Co., Ga. Jan. 19, 1795; surviving were husband, several children and grandch.

JAMES PEARCE GARNER born Dec. 30, 1870; died Nov. 12, 1873. WILLIAM GANAWAY GARNER, born Nov. 15, 1872; died Oct. 27, 1873; sons of Henry and Fannie Garner, Green Co., Ky. and grandsons of Rev. John Ganaway, Breckinridge Co. Ky.


March 21, 1874

Miss JOSIE R. DODD dau late Prof. James B. Dodd of Ky. and Mrs. E. J. Dodd of Leavenworth, Kansas, died March 6, 1874 aged 19 years of age; funeral from residence of her uncle, William H. Ralston, Leavenworth.

Mrs. TEMPERANCE BRADSHAW died in Chestertown, Md., Feb. 12, 1874 aged 80 years.


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Dr. FRANCIS HOY died Columbus, Ohio Feb. 7, 1874 aged 103 years of age leaving a wife 5 years his junior.

Rev. SAMUEL ALEXANDER born Feb. 16, 1836; died Feb. 15, 1874; in 1857 family moved to Mo. and in 1860 he was licensed as a Methodist preacher; md Isabella C. Rooker, Sept. 29, 1863 who survived with 3 children; served in numerous charges in Mo. and Virginia.

NANCY THOMPSON wf Rev. William Thompson died Feb. 24, 1874, North Port, Ala.; born Ware. Co., N.C. July 7, 1805; maiden name, Ham.

C. P. VANPELT born Sept. 9, 1821; died Jan. 28, 1874. Tribute to him by Sunday School, Sharpsburg, dated 4th Sunday in Feb. 1874.

Mrs. AMANDA SUMMERS died Christian Co., Ky. Feb. 23, 1874 aged 24 years, 11 months and 9 days of age; dau Dr. C. A. and S. L. Brodie, Nashville, Tenn.; born Montgomery Co., Tenn.; md William Summers of Ky. December 6, 1871.

Mrs. MARTHA A. ALLEN GOLDSTON dau Colonel I. H. and Mary W. Allen, born Nov. 1, 1837; died Jan. 19, 1874; md W. T. Goldston, June 11, 1857; surviving were her father, husband, sisters.

Mrs. CARRIE LUCAS wf A. F. Lucas, died Louisville, Ky. Feb. 19, 1874 aged 35 years of age.

Miss MARY P. MARKUM dau J. S. and G. A. Markum, born May 2, 1853; died March 2, 1874; joined Methodist Church Sept. 27, 1868; surviving were parents and a brother.

ROBERT M. SMOTHERMAN born Jan. 26, 1846; an orphan; md Maggie E. Carlton, Dec. 20, 1866; died Dec. 9, 1873.

ARETAS B. WILLIAMSON son Robert S. and Elizabeth Williamson born Logan Co., Ky. Nov. 4, 1835; died Washington Co., Il1. Jan. 19, 1874; surviving were his mother, widow and "family."

JAMES DYCUS born July 16, 1788 and died Feb. 18, 1874.

Tribute to Dr. WILLIAM M. HAMPTON who died recently; by Second Quarterly Conf., Aberdeen St., North Miss Conf. dated March 6, 1874.

Resolutions of respect to Magnolia Plowman and Miss Enfield M. Sinon by Sabbath School, Talladega, Ala. dated January 18, 1874.

Tribute to JAMES D. POSEY who died Dec. 16, 1873; by Quarterly Conf., Cross Plains Circuit, North Ala. Conf., undated.


March 28, 1874

Prof. FRANK A. LIPSCOMB died Auburn, Ala. March 8, 1874; faculty member of state university.

Verses, tribute, to Rev. Dr. JOHN BACHMAN of Charleston, S.C. who died Feb. 27, 1874 by a Mrs. Martin.

Mrs. LOU J. SWALINGTON dau David C. and Margaret Allen, born Meade Co., Ky. Dec. 13, 1833; md A. Swalington, Jan. 23, 1853; died Feb. 21, 1874; mother of 7 children, 3 of whom predeceased her.

Mrs. MARY J. MITCHELL born Breckinridge Co., Ky. Dec. 22, 1808; died January 31, 1874; md at age 19 years of age to James A. Mitchell, a local Methodist preacher; mother of 16 children, 13 still living.

MARY SUSAN HARRIET BECKETT born Dec. 12, 1855 and died January 11, 1874.

Dr. ALFRED SCOTT JAMES died Montgomery, Ala. Feb. 28, 1874; son Colonel Lorenzo James of Ala.; born Lowndes Co., Ala. June 7, 1831; studied medicine at Un. of Alabama and in New Orleans; graduate, Un. of S.C., 1855; served in the Confederate army.


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SUSAN RATCLIFF died Aug. 27, 1873 at residence of son-in-law, Harmon Cardwell; born in Va. 1787; moved to Ky. in 1801 and settled in Fayette County; she died in Shelby Co., Ky.; had been md and left children surviving her.

Mrs. ANNA C. WILLIAMS dau A. G. and Elizabeth McDougal born Hardin Co., Tenn. Nov. 29, 1853; died Savannah, Tenn. Feb. 28, 1874; md H. E. Williams, Feb. 12, 1873; surviving were husband, father and sister.

MARTHA A. MOORE dau Rev. Abram Overall, born Aug. 25, 1828; md John E. Moore, March 9, 1859; died Jan. 28, 1874; husband died while a prisoner at Rock Island, January 1863; surviving were her 2 children.

SAMUEL GREENE BRADFORD born Aug. 28, 1860 and died in Stewart Co., Tenn. March 12, 1874.


Apri1 4, 1874

JOEL C. RUCKER son late Dr. William R. and Susan Rucker, born Rutherford Co., Tenn. Oct. 9, 1841; died Feb. 6, 1874 near Murfreesboro, Tenn.; surviving were mother, a sister and a brother.

REBECCA KIKER died Jan. 31, 1874; maiden name, Bonham; md E. R. Kiker; parents lived in Blount Co., Tenn.; moved to Gordon Co., Ga., thence to Marshall Co. Ala., thence to Erath Co., TX in 1871; mother of 6 children, the two oldest being daughters; four youngest being sons; one daughter died in Alabama.

JOHN R. BALDWIN son Eli and Mary Baldwin born Greeneville Dist., S.C. Sept. 14, 1847 and died Feb. 19, 1874.

Mrs. ELIZA HARRIET ANN CRAIG died Maury Co., Tenn. March 6, 1874; dau James M. and Caroline A. Giddens and granddau of Rev. Matthew D. Thomason; born Sept. 28, 1842; md James E. Craig, Feb. 6, 1868; left an infant son, aged 4 months of age

Miss ALLEN P. HUSTON dau Judge George Huston; died Morgansfield, Ky. Feb. 10, 1874.

LOUISA GARRISON wf Rev. Simon P. Garrison died near Somerville, Ala. Feb. 15, 1874; born Northampton Co., N.C. July 9, 1828; dau Alexander Glover who moved to Limestone Co., Ala. when she was young where he soon died; her mother moved to Morgan Co., Ala.; md Dec. 18, 1844; several children; two sons were Methodist preachers.

NANCY ROBERTS born Aug. 26, 1800; died Clinton Co., Ky. Jan. 27, 1874; "she was converted in a ball-room while dancing" /That would be a story if we knew the details!/Joined Methodist Church 1826; md John Daviess 1820 and after his death she md John Roberts in 1841.

WILLIAM A. NICHOLSON only son James A. and Mary A. Nicholson born May 8, 1854 and died Calhoun Co., Ala. Feb. 2, 1874; joined Methodist Church Aug. 1865.

JOHNNY CLARKE died recently aged 11 years. Auburn, Kentucky.

JOHN McENTIRE born Muhlenburg Co., Ky. Sept. 16, 1828; died Greenville, Ky. Feb. 28, 1874; burial in family graveyard; "esteemed as a Christian gentleman."

Dr. SAMUEL H. DEMPSEY born Botetourt Co., Va. Dec. 22, 1815; died Greenville, Ky. March 7, 1874; burial in family graveyard; joined Methodist Church about the age of 18 years.


April 11, 1874

Mrs. EVALINE BROWN wf Rev. John Brown; dau John A. and D. Winn, born Jackson Co., Ga. Nov. 1837; died Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. Feb. 28, 1874; "she died in peace."


(Page 10)

VIRGINIA BURKE dau Hutson Martin, sister of wife of deceased Rev. L. P. Crenshaw; born Nelson Co., Va. Aug. 5, 1805; moved to Barren Co., Ky. when young; md Carlton T. Radford, Barren Co., Ky. in 1821 who died March 13, 1854 and in 1857 she md Thomas Burke of Wilson Co., Tenn.; in 1858 they moved to Barren Co., Ky., where he died in 1863. She died March 18, 1874.

CROCKET McDONALD born Wyoming Co., Va. May 9, 1839; with widowed mother moved to Livingston Co., Mo. in 1857; served in command of General/Sterling/ Price in Confederate Army; was taken prisoner but later released; md E. V. Hall, Nov. 1863; moved to LaFayette, Mo. 1865 and in 1871 moved to Howard Co., Kansas where he died Feb. 10, 1874; surviving were widow, 3 children, his mother and 5 brothers, 2 sisters.

Mrs. HANNA A. McCLOUD born Ontario Co., Canada West, Nov. 7, 1847; maiden name, Clark; died Georgetown, Ky. March 20, 1874; md John McCloud, May 10, 1863, Oxford Co., Canada; moved to Georgetown, Ky. Sept. 1873; her husband was principal of the city schools in the latter town.

JOSIE R. DODD dau of Prof. James B. and Eliza J. Dodd of Ky. died March 6, 1874 in her 20th year of age in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Dr. MARTIN McCARTY died Russellville, Ky. March 2, 1874 of consumption; born Clark Co., Ky. Oct. 26, 1832; md Abbie Steward, Oct. 26, 1865; moved to Pulaski, Tenn. in spring 1867 where practiced as a dentist; surviving were widow and 4 small children.

ELIZABETH MOREMEN born in Va. 1794; moved to Breckinridge Co., Ky with her parents, Thomas and Rhody Stith; md A. Moremen and moved to Hardin Co., Ky.

WILLIAM ASBURY TRAVIS son J. W. and Nancy Travis born Trigg Co., Ky. Nov. 22, 1847 and died July 23, 1874/1873/.

HARRIET N. YEARGIN born N.C. May 11, 1833; joined Methodist Church 1849; md Newton Yeargin in 1854; died Morehouse Parish, La., Jan. 10, 1874 "whither she had moved from DeKalb Co., Ala."; surviving were husband, 5 children, mother and sisters; a son, TIPPLE YEARGIN, died about two months before she died.

NARCISSA PANKEY wf D. F. Pankey and eldest dau William Winniford, died Chattanooga, Tenn. January 21, 1874.

Mrs. ELIZABETH WINNIFORD w David Winniford, born in Va. April 1794; died Oct. 13, 1873; joined Methodist Church 1820.

GEORGE S. MORTON, formerly a binder with the Methodist Publishing House, died Nashville, Tenn., April 6, 1874; born Manchester, England, Sept. 6, 1808 and came to the U. S. in 1839; he had bound books for Bank of England; "a master of his business"; member of I. O. O. F. for 45 years; surviving were widow, sons, and a foster daughter. /The I. O. O. F. was the Independent Order of Odd Fellows./

J. W. ELLIOTTE wf W. W. R. El1iotte, born Franklin Co., Va. about 1818; moved with father, Capt. Daniel Ferguson, to Tippah Co., Miss.; md in 1838; died Saulsburg, Tenn., March 13, 1874.

MARY C. KING born April 16, 1789 and died Jan. 27, 1874; resided with her daughter, Mrs. Dobbins.

Sister S. E. GRISSAM born Sept. 19, 1819; died Smith Co., Tenn. Feb. 9, 1874; "sufferer of cancer" for years; surviving was one son.


(Page 11)

April 18, 1874

JESSE PROCTOR born Edgecombe Co., N.C. Dec. 15, 1783; died Marion Co., S.C., Feb. 12, 1874; "his piety was deep and uniform"; surviving was his "last wife."

W. W. SEAY born Smith Co., Tenn. April 2, 1801; died March 24, 1874, erysipelas.

Mrs. SUSAN CANNON born Halifax Co., Va. June 29, 1793; moved to Shelbyville, Tenn. 1810 where she died at the residence of her dau., Mrs. L. T. Moody, March 15, 1874; she was heard to speak "of the stringent rules of the old class meeting days and she would always say, 'they were not too stringent for me.'"

Mrs. SALLIE JOHNSON born near Danville, Ky. 1792; died at residence of her son-in-law, James L. Johnson, Adair Co., Ky. March 10, 1874; maiden name, Fleece; md Matthew Logan in 1811 who died in 1828 and then she md Thomas B. Johnson near Columbia, Ky.; surviving were 6 children.

Mrs. ELIZABETH JOHNSON dau Michael C. and Nancy Hinton of Wayne Co., Tenn., born Oct. 8, 1819; md G. M. Johnson, July 27, 1837; died Lauderdale Co., Ala. Nov. 12, 1873; three of her sons were Methodist preachers and predeceased her but 3 other sons and 2 daughters survived her.

JOHN O. LAMB son J. R. and Sarah Lamb born Greene Co., Tenn. Jan. 5, 1842; died Madison Co., N.C. Nov. 28, 1873; surviving were widow and 4 children.

Mrs. MATTIE SUMWALT COOPER wf Edward F. Cooper; dau Rev. Jefferson Hamilton, D. D., born Mobile, Ala. Jan. 13, 1845; died Feb. 22, 1874; graduate, Centenary Female Institute, Summerfield, Ala.; md Sept. 15, 1868, Selma, Alabama.

ELIZABETH MARTIN born Dec. 18, 1804; died Spencer Co., Ky. March 23, 1874, ". . . buried the /her/ body in the old family graveyard by the side of her companion"; one surviving daughter was Miss Vina Martin.

Mrs. HENRIETTA TELLY died March 25, 1874 in her 54th year of ages, Giles Co., Tenn.

ANNIE BELL SCALES youngest dau Rev. J. H. and Mary E. Scales, born Linn Co., Mo., April 5, 1861; died Conway Co., Ark., Feb. 21, 1874. "Annie loved and respected her parents and was kind to her brothers and sisters."

Mrs. MARTHA L. DAVIS born Greene Co., Ga. June 29, 1806; moved to Tenn. 1812; md Samuel Davis, June 22, 1825; maiden name, Jackson; he died at age 71 years, Sept. 6, 1866; she died Maury Co., Tenn., Feb. 20, 1874.


Apri1 25, 1874

Dr. WILLIAM WENDEL born Nashville, Tenn. March 21, 1810; died in residence of his dau., Mrs. John Bysor, Davidson Co., Tenn., March 22, 1874; medical graduate, University of Pa., 1831; contributor to medical journals.

Miss ANNA MEDORA CRUTCHFIELD eldest dau John M. and Elizabeth Crutchfield, born Wilson Co., Tenn. Aug. 2, 1848; died Williamson Co., Tenn. April 4, 1874.

Mrs. SUSAN C. PEEBLES born Mecklenburg Co., Va. June 4, 1795; md W. R. Peebles, Oct. 1817; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. in 1830 where she died Mar. 31, 1874.

MARY B. FRIERSON born Sept. 10, 1795; died Feb. 14, 1874; md 3 times. "She lent out her money, but never, under any circumstances, would she take more than 6 percent interest, nor would she lend to anyone whom she had reason to believe would use the loan to exact a greater percent"; left money to Methodist and Presbyterian churches.

Rev. W. R. EDES died Caldwell Co., Ky. Mar. 24, 1874; born Stewart Co., Tenn. Nov. 12, 1812; md Sarah Martin of Montgomery Co., Tenn. who died July 20, 1858; then md Mary C. Ovey who survived him.


(Page 12)

Mrs. SARAH A. C. HEARN wf J. W. Hearn, Wilson Co., Tenn. died March 22, 1874; maiden name, Layne.

MILES C. SLEDGE born Sussex Co., Va.; died 1870 aged 86 years of age; his wife, SARAH SLEDGE, born in Brunswick Co., Va. and died in 1873 aged 87 years of age; moved to Ky. after marriage and settled in Warren County; left 4 children all of whom had families.

Miss LAURA E. COFFEE died Colbert Co., Ala. Mar. 23, 1874; born Morgan Co., Ala. July 9, 1855; md Joel W. Coffee, October 1873; "her death was sudden and unexpected."

Mrs. MARTHA H. MAJOR widow of S. J. M. Major, born Fayette Co., Ky. in residence of her grandfather, Major Thomas Streshley, about 1800; "her ancestors, on both sides of the house, were Virginians, from the counties of Essex and Caroline where some had lived before 1700. They were all members of the Established Church." Major. She married in 1821 and lived in Frankfort, Ky. until her death (date not given); surviving were 5 sons and 1 dau.; one son, W. R. Major, died in Mexican War; two sons were lawyers, one an educator, one a farmer and one, P. U. Major, was a circuit judge, Frankfort; her daughter married Major R. C. Williams.

MARY SEATON wf William G. Seaton born Dec. 19, 1845; died Lincoln Co., Tenn. March 20, 874.

Mrs. MELISSA HOWARD born Daviess Co., Ky. Dec. 15, 1850; died in same county, Feb. 9, 1874; md Louis P. F. Howard, March 6, 1873.

Mrs. CAROLINE LEDBETTER, nee Booker, wf Rev. E. T. Ledbetter, born Feb. 12, 1847; died Feb. 3, 1874.

ELIZABETH OLIVER born "I think", in N.C., about 1793-94 and died in Logan Co. Ky. Feb. 3, 1874.

DARKELL FREEMAN of Lebanon Circuit, Tenn. Conf., died March 3, 1874 aged over 70 years of age; md Elizabeth Estes, Jan. 28, 1830 and later to Sarah Ross, May 14, 1855; professed religion at Old Ebenezer Camp Ground. Tribute to his memory by Quarterly Conf. at Union, Lebanon Ct., undated.

CHARLES GLENN MARTIN son William H. and Mary M. Martin, born Feb. 1, 1863; died near Princeton, Ky., date not given, "precisely eleven years old."

Tribute to Major W. W. SEAY born Smith Co., Tenn. April 2, 1801 and died March 21, 1874; by New Middleton Chapter 55, R. A. M., undated. /Royal Arch Masons/


May 2, 1874

Dr. WILLIAM WENDEL SEARCY born March 21, 1810, Nashville, Tenn.; died a resident of daughter, Mrs. John Bysor's house, Davidson Co., Tenn., March 22, 1874; medical graduate, University of Pa., 1831; "a student and admirer of the work of Emanuel Swedenborg." /This was correction of his obituary published in April 25 issue, given there was simply Dr. William Wendel./

SUSAN C. WILLIAMS dau John and Catharine Rigney, born Knox Co., Tenn. June 29, 1810; md Rev. Micah Williams, Tenn. Conf., Sept. 10, 1834 and died DeKalb Co., Ala. ApriI9, 1874.

Miss MARY ROGERS dau J. H. and Martha Rogers, Sequatchie Co., Tenn., born June 10, 1853 and died January 4, 1874.

JAMES A. HASTON born Nov. 25, 1807; died Van Buren Co., Tenn., Mar. 1, 1874; md Lavine King and they had 11 children.

C. H. M. SIMS died at Mt. Hope, Ala., March 4, 1874; moved there from south Alabama 3 years ago.


(Page 13)

Dr. HOWARD SIMS died in Alabama March 5, 1874; a Mason and "successful physician."

JAMES THOMAS died Montgomery Co., N.C. Feb. 16, 1874 in his 80th year of age.

SOLOMON B. ROZELL born Shelby Co., Tenn. Feb. 14, 1811; died St. Mary's River, 30 miles from Fernandina, Florida, Jan. 22, 1874; his father, Ruford A. Rozell was still living; veteran of the Confederate Army; md Miss Atkeison who soon died; he moved to Miss. and engaged in mercantile business and moved eventually to Florida. /See page 98./

SALLY STANSBURY eldest child of James Stansbury, born Greene Co., Tenn. May 31, 1811; as a widow moved from Claiborne Co., Tenn. to Laurel Co., Ky. about 5-6 years ago; died in residence of her son, Joseph.

JAMES F. JACKSON, Rutherford Co., Tenn., born Dec. 25, 1829; died Oct. 24, 1873; md Sallie Merriweather of Ga., later to Mrs. Lou Sharker of Tennessee.

Tribute to little HAMPTON CHENEY, JR. only son of Capt. H. J. and Amanda Cheney, a child of "winning ways and uniform kindness" won hearts of his classmates and teachers; died recently. His sister, MARY, died of diphtheria, April 18, 1874.

JAMES K. ADKINS son Dr. C. W. Adkins, born Dec. 24, 1866; died Bellefonte, Ala. April 4, 1874; his father had heard him say "that he loved Jesus and was not afraid to die."

SANCHO COOPER, a black man, died April 6, 1874; had been class leader of colored membership of the old Washington Methodist Church of Columbia, later a member of the "colored" church organized separately from the whites from this congregation. He had been a servant of Dr. Thomas Cooper, president of the University of South Carolina after whose death he was emancipated with an annuity.


May 9, 1874

Dr. ROBERT SUMMERS WILLIAMS died Blount Springs; Ala. April 25, 1874; buried in Mobile, Ala. according to his brother, Price Williams of that city; surviving also were widow and infant son, Robert.

Mrs. ELIZABETH M. ADKINS dau William and Ann Childs, born Talbot Co., Ga. March 21, 1841; died March 7, 18'74; md E. P. Adkins, Nov. 6, 1856; joined Methodist Church July 1864 and moved to Philadelphia, Tenn. in November 1865.

Mrs. ELEANOR D. HUDDLESTON, nee Wilson, wf Howell Huddleston, Esq. died on Harding Pike, near Nashville, Tenn., March 30, 1874; born Hickman Co., Tenn. July 19, 1813; md July 27, 1837; an orphan; raised in the family of her uncle, Squire Davis of Hickman Co., Tenn.

FRANCES G. LINDSEY born Granville Co., N.C. June 28, 1843; died Mar. 25, 1874; moved with parents, Caleb and Temperance Lindsey, to Rutherford Co., Tenn. in 1828; md John L. Cooper, May 15, 1834; settled in Bedford Co., Tenn.; a person of "modest dignity"; surviving were husband, 2 daus and 3 sons.

JOHN HALL father of Rev. Seneca X. Hall, Ky. Conference, died Scott Co., Ky. April 19, 1874; born in Maryland Mar. 24, 1788 of Scotch-Irish parentage.

SOU IDA HARRISON dau Dr. J. T. and Sallie Harrison died near Mumford, Ala. April 23, 1874 aged 4 years of age.

NANCY BERTHA DAWDY dau Marion and Margaret Dawdy died April 311874 aged 3 years, l month and 27 days old.


(Page 14)

Mrs. MARTHA L. WYATT born Nov. 25, 1855; died Jan. 28, 1874; dau William Smith; md James A. Wyatt, Feb. 8, 1872.

ELEANOR VADEN wf Smith Vades, dau Joseph and Hannah Jones, born Aug. 18, 1813; md 1839; died Colbert Co., Ala. Oct. 20, 1873. Her son, F. M. Vaden, born White Co., Tenn., Sept. 2, 1842; died Tishomingo Co., Miss. April 3, 1874.

Mrs. NANCY HULL died LaGrange, Ky. Jan. 8, 1874; dau Stephen Scobee and sister of Rev. J. S. Scobee, Louisville Conf., born Clark Co., Ky. 1802. "She was not afraid to shout. Shouting /during church services/ was a peculiar means of praising God with her."

GREEN B. FLEECE born Sept. 13, 1804; died Mar. 22, 1874; licensed to preach in Methodist Church July 24, 1849 on Lebanon Circuit; ordained deacon Sept. 22, 1850; ordained elder Oct. 5, 1856; a local preacher.

CATHARINE R. HOLLIS born Pike Co., Ga. April 12, 1823; died Greenville, Ala. April 3, 1874; moved to Coffee Co., Tenn. 1858; md Simeon Hol1is, March 20, 1866. She was a Baptist.

GEORGE AUSTIN FLOWERS son Dr. D. D. and Mary Flowers, died March 17, 1874 aged 4 months old, Hickman Co., Tenn.


May 16, 1874

WILEY BLOUNT GOSSETT born Nov. 18, 1806; md Lucinda Connel, Jan. 6, 1829; died Cedar Hill, Tenn. April 29, 1874; "was nervous, energetic and sprightly to the day of his death."

MARY C. TATUM dau Lemuel and Mary J. Henderson, born Aug. 20, 1847, Giles Co., Tenn.; md Thomas E. Tatum, Sept. 14, 1870; death date not given; surviving were husband and one son.

SANFORD HARDIN born Limestone Co., Ala. 1838; moved (returned) home from Ark. last fall, ill; death date not given.

Major R. M. WATKINS born Chester Dist., S.C. June 29, 1809; died Union Co., Ark. Oct. 17, 1873; md Harriet Gill, Nov. 7, 1832 and they moved to near Marion, Ala. and moved in 1844 to Union Co., Ark.; md again, to Sallie H. Harrison, Feb. 7, 1859; raised a company of soldiers for Confederate Army and was wounded at the battle of Shiloh /April 1862/; in 1866 elected as representative to state legislature.

Mrs. MARTHA HUCKABEE wf Gray Huckabee died May 2, 1874; surviving were aged husband, a daughter and several grandchildren.

JAMES FEW born Feb. 21, 1791; died Mar. 19, 1874 at residence of his son, William Few, Humphreys Co., Tenn.; a Methodist for 45 years.

STEWARD L. DIAMOND born Feb. 18, 1790; died Maury Co., Tenn. March 16, 1874.

Mrs. NANCY W. CROW wf John S. Crow died Hopkins Co., Ky. April 26, 1874, a few days short of her 78th birthday.

GEORGE TAYLOR VANTRESS infant son of Ferdinand and Mary Ventress, born Sept. 25, 1873; died March 7, 1874.

KATIE PAINE born July 2, 1860; died at residence of her widowed mother in Des Arc, Ark. April 18, 1847; the youngest of 4 children.


May 23, 1874

Z. SEARS born Oct. 15, 1816; died Apr. 26, 1874; md Jane E. Neale, Mar. 23, 1843; joined Methodist Church 1848.


(Page 15)

JANE K. SALLEE, nee Redman, died Wayne Co., Ky. May 8, 1874; born Fentress Co., Tenn. Dec. 26, 1819; md Harrison M. Sallee, Dec. 26, 1843; surviving were husband and one son.

JOHN FULGHUM WATKINS youngest child of J. P. and A. E. Watkins, died May 10, 1874 after an illness of two weeks; aged 3 years and 3 months old.

Miss MARY A. TUCKER dau Rev. Clinton and Rebekah Tucker, born May 28, 1833; died Coffee Co., Tenn. Mar. 1, 1874 at residence of kinsman, Samuel Charles.

Mrs. MARY FRANCES HUMPHREY wf Ely Humphrey born Dec. 24, 1837; died May 3, 1874 near Nashville, Tenn.; surviving were husband and 6 children.

Tribute to MILTON WARD who died May 6, 1874 aged 66 years of age; by Masonic Liberty Lodge 77, Smithville, Tenn., dated May 7, 1874.

Dr. WILLIAM J. WILLIAMS born March 29, 1848; died at residence of his father, E. L. Williams, Montgomery Co., Tenn. April 19, 1874. A tribute to him by Masonic Fredonia Lodge dated April 25, 1874.

Tribute to Prof. H. P. EARHART who died recently; by McKendree Sabbath School /Nashville, Tenn./ dated April 19, 1874.


May 30, 1874

Mrs. MATILDA S. HATCHER born Va. March 27, 1823; died Williamson Co., Tenn. April 17, 1874.

Dr. GEORGE W. ARNOLD born Spotsylvania Co., Va. April 23, 1799; died Knox Co., Tenn. April 26, 1874; grandson of George Arnold, friend of Bishop /Francis/ Asbury; surviving were widow and 6 children.

KATIE PAINE born July 2, 1860 and died in Des Arc, Ark. April 18, 1874; youngest of 4 children.

Mrs. SUSAN T. CHEAIRS dau Henry and Wilmoth Pointer, born Aug. 14, 1818; died Maury Co., Tenn., April 30, 1874; md John W. Cheairs, May 1, 1838; he died a little over a year before she died.

MARY J. BROWN, nee Johnson, wf Rev. G. W. Brown, dau Charlie and Mary Johnson, born Dec. 23, 1836; died April 28, 1874; md twice, first to Mr. Smith who died within a year of their marriage and had a dau., Amy; md to Mr. Brown, Hickman Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1859 and had 6 children, 2 of whom predeceased her.

JAMES G. OVERALL son Robert Overall died May 2, 1874 aged nearly 60 years of age; md Rachel W. Davis, Davis /Daviess/ Co., Ky. 1837.

Mrs. SALLIE KING wf James M. King died May 12, 1874.

Tribute to JOHN H. WOODWARD who died near Pine Grove, Clark Co., Ky. April 18, 1874; by group at Ebenezer School undated.


June 6, 1874

Rev. THOMAS P. CRYMES, Alabama Conference, died May 25, 1874 near Brookville, Miss.

Rev. STEPHEN F. PILLEY born Edgecombe Co., N.C. July 4, 1805; moved to Ala.; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1835. A son, William, a local preacher; a son, Rev. Stephen A. Pilley, a useful preacher in Ala. Conf.; a son, Charles B. Pilley, a student at Southern University; a dau. was wife of Rev. Benjamin L. Selman; another dau. was wife of Rev. Mathews of Presbyterian Church.

Miss EMMA McKINON born Mar. 3, 1851; died Calhoun Co., Ala. March 29, 1874.


(Page 16)

EVIE CLARKE dau William S. and Ann H. Jones. born Franklin Co., Ala. June 27, 1836; died May 14, 1874; md John H. Clarke.

JOSEPH H. GARDNER died April 4, 1874; born in Va. July 1, 1824; went to Ky. when young; md, first, Mary J. Howton, Nov. 27, 1848 (died 1865 leaving 4 children); second, August 1866 to Mary Park, Estill Co., Ky.

Mrs. REBECCA LEFTWICH, nee Rowland, born Sumner Co., Tenn., March 10, 1799; died May 10, 1874, Sparta, Tenn.; md Layman Leftwich, April 4, 1822.


June 13, 1874

Rev. FOUNTAIN E. PITTS born Georgetown, Ky. July 4, 1808; grandfathers Pitts and Craig were Baptist preachers; parents died when he was young; licensed to preach in Methodist Church at about age 16 years; admitted to Ky. Conf. in 1829; ordained deacon 1826; became member of Tenn. Conf. that year; in 1835 went to South America as missionary; md when young; died May 12, 1874.

Rev. E. WAVERLEY MARSH born Rhea Co., Tenn., Nov. 27, 1847; md in 1867 and his wife died within 5 months of their marriage; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church Dec. 12, 1868; served in the church in Va.; died Mar. 4, 1874.

Rev. JAMES S. EDWARDS born Henderson Co., N.C. Aug. 11, 1815; died Scott Co., Va. Jan. 14, 1874; parents moved to Haywood Co., N.C. when he was young; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1844; ordained deacon Oct. 25, 1846; ordained elder, Oct. 15, 1848; md Jane Hackney, July 28, 1850 who survived with 7 children

Mrs. MARY PORTER WILLIAMS wf S. D. Williams of Mossy Creek, Tenn., died in Los Angeles, California April 22, 1874; born Feb. 2, 1824; dau Dr. Joseph B. M. Reese, granddaughter of Judge Thomas B. Emmerson; md Aug. 20, 1844; had 11 children, 8 surviving her.

Mrs. SARAH A. B. GEE born Orange Co., N.C. Jan. 31, 1799; died Davidson Co., Tenn. May 11, 1874; dau William and Ann Newman; md Jo C. Gee, Aug. 13, 1829; owner of the celebrated Gee Hotel, 8 miles from Nashville on the Gal1atin Road; her husband died 27 years ago.

JULIA ISABEL RISER born Mar. 16, 1845; died Tal1adega Co., Ala. May 16, 1874.

Mrs. LOUISA TRENT wf John Trent, Meade Co., Ky. died April 14, 1874.

Mrs. MARIA BURCHET GILL, nee Hayes, born N.C., July 30, 1811; md Thomas 0. Gill, Madison Co., Ala. Aug. 5, 1829; died May 28, 1874, Huntsville, Alabama.

Mrs. JULIA A. B. CLARK born Oct. 8, 1806; died Allen Co., Ky. May 2, 1874; md Marshall P. Clark, Logan Co., Ky. Aug. 14, 1833 and moved to Mo. in summer of 1838; returned to Ky. two years later; surviving was an only daughter.

Mrs. BARBARA A. COZZINS dau J. B. and M. A. Francis, born Franklin Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1843; moved with family to Itawamba Co., Miss the same year; joined Methodist Church 1832; md J. D. Cozzins in 1858; a Missionary Baptist, which church she had joined; died March 12, 1874 of dropsy.

RICHARD T. TIDWELL born May 15, 1821; died April 10, 1874; brought up in Culleoka, Tenn.; died "in sight of the old homestead."

ELLA LEE DUNCAN dau Sarah and Rev. T. L. Duncan, born Nov. 7, 1866; died April 30, 1874.

KATIE COTTON born Sept. 27, 1864; died May 26, 1874; only child of her parents.

EDWARD P. HILL born Union Co., S.C. Aug. 18, 1851; died May 5, 1874, Pickens Co. Ala; attended college in Spartanburg, S.C., graduating in 1870. Tribute to him by Sabbath School at Newberry Academy, undated.


June 20, 1874

Rev. JOHN A. GERE, Central Pa. Conference, died June 3, 1874 aged 76 years.


(Page 17)

JOHN W. RANDOLPH, a prominent local preacher in Baltimore, Md. died recently.

Rev. ISAAC TAYLOR born Jan. 27, 1802; died at residence of son, G. T. Taylor, Blount Co., Ala. May 5, 1874; his brothers, William, Harris and Casper were also Methodist preachers. "He rests by the side of his brother William in the adjacent church-yard /Taylor's Chapel/."

Mrs. MARY F. ATKINS wf Rev. James Atkins, Sr., died Chattanooga, Tenn. May 29, 1874; only dau Capt. Joseph Jackson of Knoxville, Tenn.; family moved from Va. to Knoxville; she was born Mar. 6, 1817 and md April 1, 1845; had 1 dau. and 4 sons.

Mrs. CHARLOTTE BELT born April 30, 1778, Montgomery Co., Maryland; died Feb. 8, 1874; parents, Richard and Lydia Stevens, were members of Episcopal Church; had a surviving brother, Henry Stevens; moved with widowed mother and family, in 1802, to Ky., settling in Ohio County; md Higgenson Belt in 1805; he died in 1856; some interesting details are given in this obituary.

Miss MARY KATE SAVAGE dau Rev. G. S. and Cleora B. Savage; died Covington, Ky. May 23, 1874 in her 20th year of age; graduate, Wesleyan College, 1873.

Mrs. SARAH ANN HAMILTON dau John and Elizabeth Alderson, born Va. Sept. 28, 1809; died May 4, 1874; md Rev. John B. Hamilton, April 16, 1829.

CARY A. SNODDY born Buckingham Co., Va. Feb. 11, 1800; died Barren Co., Ky. June 3, 1874; he professed religion at age 22 years; md Harriet Harlan dau of Rev. Barten Harlan, a local Methodist preacher; surviving were widow, 3 sons, 5 daughters.

LAURA GREEN HUNTER infant dau Capt. Robert P. and Anna Green Hunter, born Nashville, Tenn. Nov. 23, 1873 and died April 30, 1874.

Dr. JOHN DOUGLASS born Lauderdale Co., Ala. Dec. 7, 1842; son James and Malena Douglass; md Julia A. Nail, Oct. 1868; died Apr. 29, 1874; citizen of Colbert Co., Alabama when he died.

HATTIE ELIZA LYLE born Oct. 14, 1854; died Montgomery Co., Tenn. June 9, 1874; dau James and Sarah A. Lyle.

SARAH ELIZABETH BROWN dau Aris and Elizabeth Brown, born near Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 28, 1867 and died April 3, 1874.

Tribute to RICHARD N. HARRIS, born Halifax Co., N.C. 1799; moved to Marengo Co., Ala. and then in 1850 to Tuscaloosa where he died Jan. 22, 1874; by Quarterly Conference in Tuscaloosa, Ala., undated.


June 27, 1874

GEORGE H. ALLEN born N.C. Nov. 15, 1780; moved to Tenn. 1802; md in 1804; settled on Duck River, Marshall Co., Tenn., 1820; served in Capt. Dalton's company, Colonel Williamson's regiment, General Coffee's brigade /Tenn. militia/ during War of 1812; died May 8, 1874.

NANCY ALLEN wf G. J. Allen died Marshall Co., Tenn. June 1, 1874; born March 1806.

Rev. THOMAS P. CRYMES born S.C. Feb. 7, 1822; died May 25, 1874 near Brooksville, Miss.; educated at Erskine College, S.C.; served Methodist ministry in Miss. and Alabama; surviving were widow and 5 children.

B. W. STONE born Sumner Co., Tenn. Aug. 31, 1805; died Carroll Co., Mo. April 24, 1874; md Catharine Gilbreath, Aug. 5, 1824. "Aug. 31, 1867 he wrote on a blank leaf in his Bible, 'I am 66 years old. It is raining this morning. God is good to me.'" Surviving were widow and children, including son, E. G. Stone.


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NANCY J. TERRY dau John R. and Mary Wilson, born Wilson Co., Tenn. Apr. 24, 1839; md Dr. A. W. Terry, Apr. 10, 1860 who survived her. She died May 16, 1874.

Miss MAGGIE E. ANDERSON dau Rev. W. H. and Helen M. Anderson, born St. Charles, Mo., Jan. 23, 1856; baptized into Methodist Church July 1856; died Louisville, Ky. June 14, 1874.

Mrs. MARY H. JETER dau J. Thompson Hill, Union Co., S.C. died June 7, 1874; born Dec. 29, 1847; md in 1870; a dau was born in 1871 and her husband died in 1872; spent some time in family of her brother, E. P. Hill, Pickens Co., Ala. but he too died; surviving were her parents, siblings and her daughter.

ZACHARIAH SEARS born Oct. 15, 1816; died April 26, 1874; md Jane E. Neal, Mar. 23, 1843; he was class leader and steward in congregation he belonged, Methodist Church.

NANCY R. HOUSLIN dau John R. and Lydia A. Briggs, born Nelson Co., Ky. Feb. 3, 1843 and died Spencer Co., Ky. May 8, 1874; surviving were husband & children

Mrs. LETITIA EDWARDS dau Young Douglass; wf Dr. N. Edwards, born Sept. 19, 1841; md. Oct. 19, 1860; died May 29, 1874; "of a cheerful disposition."

MANOAH HARDIN BOSTICK born Oct. 28, 1837; died Triune, Tenn. June 11, 1874; md April 1870; surviving were widow and 2 children.

NANCY JANE BOYER dau William and Catharine Hackler, born Johnson Co., Jan. 10, 1849; died Collin Co., TX Mar. 17, 1874; md C. E. Boyer, Aug. 1, 1867; surviving were husband and 3 children, 2 sons having predeceased her.

MARIA P. TURNER born Davidson Co., Tenn. Nov. 10, 1799; died Humphreys Co., Tenn. Mar. 6, 1874; md Willie Turner, Nov. 13, 1817; he died 14 years ago.

Dr. THOMAS NEAL PETTUS died Hickman Co., Tenn., May 4, 1874. "He was buried with Masonic honors at Palestine, Tenn., May 3, 1874.

ALCY ANN TURNER born Humphreys Co., Tenn. Jan. 21, 1835; died April 16, 1874.

AMY WHITE dau Lewis Needham, born N.C. Dec. 15, 1795; moved to Maury Co., Tenn. about 1805 where she md Benjamin White, July 15, 1813; they lived there for years but moved to Gibson Co., Tenn. and then to Red River Co., TX in 1838; moved to Collin Co., TX; he died Sept. 19, 1869 and she died Apr. 20, 1874.

SARAH JANE FALKENBERRY widow of James Falkenberry born Feb. 11, 1823; died Colbert Co., Ala. of pneumonia, June 11, 1874.

ANNIE GARDNER CRADDOCK, born July 7, 1791; md William Craddock, Nov. 1818; professed religion summer of 1823 and joined Methodist Church; husband died Jan. 2, 1866 and she died at residence of her son, Colonel William B. Craddock, Hart Co., Ky. June 10, 1874. "Seven of her children still" living.

A. J. WILKERSON born July 5, 1822; died May 3, 1874; md when young; surviving was widow and a large family.

ANNIE HOBBS BRAMLETT infant dau Rev. Simeon and Sal1ie Bramlett, Millerstown, Ky. died April 13, 1874 aged 9 1/2 months old.


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