By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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July 7, 1848

ELIZABETH SMITH wife of O. B. Smith, merchant, Nashville, Tenn.; died in Philadelphia, June 25, 1848.

CLAIBORNE Y. HARPER, esq., died four miles from Nashville, Tenn., June 26, 1848 in the 50th year of his age; his wife had predeceased him; had several children.

ELIZABETH ASBURY POWELL widow of John Powell died June 22, 1848. Middle Tennessee.

REBECCA E. STEGALL daughter of William D. and Elizabeth McLary; wife of William J. Stegall died May 1, 1848 in the 19th year of her age [Marshall Co., Tenn. ?]

Tribute of Respect for Rev. ROBERT S. COLLINS, dec.; by official board, Methodist Church, Grenada, Miss., dated June 13, 1848.

LOUISA JANE PAYNE died in residence of her father, Robert G. Payne, June 7, 1848 in the 17th year of her age.

RACHEL ANN HITCHCOCK died Nashville, Tenn., June 11, 1848 in the 21st year of her age; daughter of John Austin.

MARTHA LEWIS wife of Rev. Willie Lewis; died Oktibbeha Co., Miss., June 4, 1848 in the 38th year of her age.

M. D. DOWNING wife of Thomas Downing, died Tallapoosa Co., Ala., April 23, 1848, aged 28 years.


July 14, 1848

RUFUS SPILLERS infant son of John C. and Adaline Spillers died June 30, 1848. Davidson Co., Tenn.

SARAH ANN BEST only daughter of Joseph and Sarah Morrison, Linn Co., MO, wife of Rev. Alexander Best; died Platt Co., MO, June 5, 1848 in the 19th year of her age; bilious pneumonia.

MARY DELLING daughter of John and Mary Breeden; wife of Joshua Delling; born in Maryland, Oct. 18, 1780; died April 23, 1848.

NANCY GRAVES, nee Jetton, wife of Lewis Graves, born August 19, 1821; died Henry Co., Tenn., June 13, 1848.

RITCHIE OZBURN died Williamson Co., Tenn., June 26, 1848.

RUEBEN LANDRUM died Clark Co., Ky., May 22, 1848; born in Virginia, May 31, 1777 and reared in Louisa Co., Va.; married Patsey Bibb, April 7, 1801; lived in Clark County since 1811.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. ROBERT S. COLLINS, dec.; by Coffeeville Masonic Lodge #03; dated June 15, 1848.

MARY THOMAS daughter of William E. and Mary Sublett, born Hickman Co., Ky., Jan. 20, 1843; died while on a visit with her grandmother, Mrs. Cook, April 21, 1848.

MARY J. BOSTICK daughter of William and Sarah Elliott; wife of James A. Bostick; born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 12, 1823; died on her birthday, June 12, 1848; wife and mother (an infant child).


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SARAH ANN STROTHER wife of Rev. Jeremiah Strother; daughter of Thomas Peniston (dec.); born Jessamine Co., Ky., Dec. 29, 1815; died in residence of father-in-law, Rev. George Strother, Trimble Co., Ky., April 13, 1848; her body was taken 18 miles away, near Carrollton, Ky., for burial; her husband sent their two sons to relatives in Carrollton for his wife's funeral. The oldest son, THOMAS, aged ten years, after getting there, "went to bathe in the Ohio River", and drowned by mishap and was buried beside his mother. The other son, an infant, died and was buried on April 19, a day after the funeral of the mother and older son, beside whom the baby was buried.

ELLEN ABERNATHY wife of Rev. Thomas L. Abernathy, died Marengo Co., Ala., June 3, 1848; native of Camden, S.C.; married Dec. 18, 1842.


July 21, 1848

Major JOHN G. TAYLOR son of Dr. G. D. Taylor, Giles Co., Tenn., died in Havre De Grass, France, April 30, 1848; a veteran of the Mexican War and had gone to France ostensibly to regain his health.

MARTHA OWEN daughter of William M. and Tabitha Owen, Davies Co., Ky.; member of Pleasant Grove Methodist Church. Died June 1, 1848 in the 18th year of her age.

ANDREW WALKER HOOD son of John and Sarah Hood born Marshall, Saline Co., MO, March 14, 1845 and died there, of pneumonia, April 29, 1848.

FRANCES C. SAMPLE born Pendleton District, S.C., Dec. 22, 1811; moved with parents to Indiana and married John Sample, April 30, 1829; moved to "Red River," Caddo Parish, La., where she died May 3, 1848.

SARAH M. GRIGG daughter of Bartlet and Mary A. Yeargar; wife of Louis M. Grigg; died in Rutherford Co., Tenn., May 27, 1848; three children.

WILLIAM LEATH, native of Sussex Co., Va., moved with family to Williamson Co., Tenn. in 1818 where he died May 18, 1848: in the 75th year of his age.

MINERVA A. ROBERTS daughter of Cornelius and Nancy Manning, Trigg Co., Ky.; wife of Robert Roberts; died Feb. 9, 1848 aged 32 years; joined Methodist Church, 1838; wife and mother (4 children, the youngest two hours old when she died).

SARAH A. DUNCAN daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Head;, wife of John G. Duncan; joined Methodist Church, August 19, 1838 at Pleasant Grove, having married August 14, 1838; three children. Died February 9, 1848.

MARY SNOWDEN, Baptist, died in St. Francis Co., Ark., recently.

CATHARINE DONELSON youngest daughter of Colonel John C. McLemore; wife of Thomas Gholson; died near Nashville, Tenn., of consumption, July 2, 1848 in the 27th year of her age.

Dr. E. HAMMOND died Jackson Co., Ark., June 14, 1848 aged 63 years. His wife, MARIAH HAMMOND, daughter of Dr. Moore, S.C., died May 14, 1848.

WILLIAM ROGERS died May 8, 1848; active Methodist layman. [Marion Co., Tenn. ?]

EMILY DIBRELL daughter of G. G. and Mary E. Dibrell died July 1, 1848 aged 1 year and 24 days old [June 7, 1847].


July 28, 1848

"Mr." GOODE, 5th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry Volunteers, died in Davidson Co., Tenn., July 25, 1848.

SARAH DICKERSON daughter of Joseph and Hannah Rakeshaw; wife of Samuel Dickerson; born in Virginia, 1808; died May 6, 1848; pneumonia.


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DIZEA BAKER wife of Captain John Baker, died Danville, Montgomery Co., MO, May 26, 1848 in the 40th year of her age; native of Norfolk Co., Va.; her father died when she was young and she moved with her mother and stepfather to Davidson Co., Tennessee, then to Montgomery Co., MO, where she married in 1828.

MARY STERNES died Wilcox Co., Alabama, April 1848 aged about 80 years; native of N.C.

Dr. JAMES B. FLEECE, Danville,. Ky., died of consumption, May 13, 1848; a Methodist and Odd Fellow.

CYNTHIA A. MOORE died Johnson, La., July 15, 1848 in 24th year of her age; daughter of John S. and M. M. Jones; native of Shelby Co., Ky.; married J. C. Moore, June 11, 1846.

ROSANAH GRAHAM wife of G. W. Graham, died April 29, 1848 aged 58 years.

HENRY M. MOORE son of Lemuel Moore, died Fayette Co., Tenn., June 24, 1848 in the 20th year of his age.

VIRGINIA ROBINSON daughter of Rev. T. F. Robinson, Florence, Boon Co., Ky., died May 5, 1848.

JOHN WESLEY REITZEL died Bracken Co., Ky., June 19, 1848 aged 14 years and 3 days old [June 16, 1834].

EUDORA BARTON wife of Roger Barton; died Holly Springs, Miss., July 4, 1848. [Buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Holly Springs: EUDORA BARTON, wife of Roger Barton. Born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Oct. 19, 1813. Died July 4, 1848.]


August 4, 1848

JOSEPH LINTON died Madison Co., Tenn., June 1848; husband and father (5 children).

SUSAN MARY NELSON died June 20, 1848 aged 5 years, 6 months and 13 days [Jan. 7, 1843]. HOWEL TAYLOR died July 5, 1848 aged 2 years, 11 months and 6 days [April 29, 1845]. Children of Arthur and Drusilla Davis, Oxford circuit, Memphis Conference.

ELIZABETH GREENFIELD infant daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Greenfield died in Carrollville, Tennessee, May 20, 1848.

ELIZABETH MARGARET MENEES born Feb. 28, 1825; died May 25, 1848; married William H. Blackburn, May 14, 1846; wife and mother (1 child).

ELIZABETH TINDALL died June 28, 1848.

MARTHA L. NELSON wife of William D. Nelson, died Rutherford Co., Tenn., May 23, 1848 in the 32nd year of her age; consumption; wife and mother (3 children).

WILLIAM K. McKENZIE son of John W. P. and Matilda McKenzie, Red River Co., Texas; born Maury Co., Tenn., July 18, 1833; died at the family home "Itinerant Retreat", June 15, 1848, "although he had not obtained his fifteenth year, yet physically he was almost a man."

PERMELIA MURRY died Williamson Co., Tenn., May 29,1848 in the 74th year of her age; had become a Methodist while living in Halifax Co., N.C.; wife and mother (6 children).

MARY M. HARWELL daughter of Levi and Elizabeth Sherrill; wife of A. B. Harwell; died Giles Co., Tenn., June 14,1848 in the 36th year of her age.

MARGARET HEATH born Prince George Co., Va., July 10, 1760; married there to John Travis (died 1824) 1778 and died in residence of her son, Thomas Travis, St. Charles County, MO, June 17,1848; joined Methodist Church, 1776; moved to Henry Co., Va., 1793; moved with her son to MO, 1830; five children, four predeceasing her.

HARRIET W. GORDON daughter of John and Elizabeth Pulliam; wife of William Gordon; born Granville Co., N.C., 1803; married Rev. James Smith (died 1833), Va. Conference, July 10, 1822; moved to Lafayette Co., MO, 1837; married Gordon Oct. 11,1837; wife and mother. Died June 15, 1848.


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WILTSHIRE L. SHARP died St. Charles Co., MO, July 12, 1848.

ELIZABETH HAMILTON wife of William B. Hamilton, born Bullitt Co., Ky., Mar. 6, 1816; died Mar. 9, 1848; her son, MARK L. HAMILTON, aged 2 years, died March 12, 1848; had three surviving children.

JOHN S. HALL died Oldham Co., Ky., Mar. 13, 1848, lung disease, aged 23 years, 11 months and 17 days [March 16, 1824].

HELLEN ELIZA WISDOM daughter of John and Martha Wisdom died Yalobusha Co., Miss., June 27, 1848 aged 13 years.

Tribute of Respect for BURAN KEYES who died June 29, 1848; by the LaFayette Society, LaGrange College, Alabama, dated July 12, 1848, of which he had once been a member.


August 11, 1848

ELIZABETH J. A. TUGGLE daughter of Joseph and Hannah M. Green; wife of Rev. Phillip Tuggle; born 1815; married in 1842; died of pulmonary disease, June 26, 1848, Somerville, Tennessee.

ELIZA JANE DAVIDSON wife of A. H. Davidson, died Coffeeville, Miss., June 18, 1848.

SUSAN DAVIS died June 20, 1848 aged 5 years, 16 months and 13 days and HOWEL TAYLOR Davis died July 5, 1848 aged 2 years, 11 months and 6 days. Siblings. Oxford circuit, Memphis Conference.

Rev. ROBERT S. COLLINS son of Rev. McKiney and Elizabeth Collins; born Greenville Dist., S.C., August 11, 1811; moved with parents to Pendleton Dist., S.C.; to west Tennessee, 1823; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1831; labored in the Tennessee and Memphis conferences; "located" in 1839; married Mary Jane Penick, April 14, 1841. Died Coffeeville, Miss., June 9, 1848; had a Masonic burial ceremony.

PATIENCE HAMITER wife of John Hamiter died of cancer, Bossier Parish, La., June 1, 1848 in the 40th year of her age; moved from Houston Co., Ga. to Louisiana two years ago; wife and mother (4 children).

FRANCES DEMEREE daughter of John and Rosanah Lethers [sic]; wife of Samuel Demeree; born Anderson Co., Ky., Sept. 13, 1825; died Feb. 29, 1848 in Kentucky.

ANNA MOONEY daughter of George and Margaret Holden; wife of Rev. Joseph Mooney; born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Feb. 24, 1814; died Henry Co., Tenn., June 5, 1848.


August 18, 1848

EVELINE McFARLAND daughter of Rev. John McFarland; born April 7, 1829; her parents died a few years ago; she died in St. Genevieve Co., MO, July 9, 1848.

Rev. ABSALOM BOSTICK born in North Carolina, 1809; died Maury Co., Tenn., August 8, 1848.

MARTHA FRANCES BOX daughter of Rev. Blanton P. and Eliza M. Box, formerly of Alabama, "now" of Camden, Ark.; died Ouachita Co., Ark., ostensibly July 1848 in her 16th year of age.

REBECCA P. HARRIS daughter of Joseph M. and Mary O. Harris, died Marshall Co., Tennessee, June 8, 1848 in the 21st year of her age.

MARY JANE HUGHES daughter of John Manear, Williamson Co., Tenn.; born Granville Co., N.C., April 20, 1830; joined Methodist Church, 1843; married Patrick H. Hughes, Sept. 9, 1846 and moved to Weakley Co., Tenn. where she died July 4, 1848.

ELIZABETH PIPKIN wife of Charles D. Pipkin; born Conecuh Co., Ala.; died Ouachita Co., Ark., July 2, 1848 in the 23rd year of her age.

MARY SMITH PEACOCK daughter of Burwell and Henrietta Featherston; died Bedford Co., Tenn. July 5, 1848 in the 32nd year of her age.


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THOMAS CLOYD HEWLETT only son of Colonel John R. Hewlett died Madison Co., Ala., July 1848 in the 4th year of his age.

CYNTHIA ELIZABETH CHERRY daughter of William H. and Sarah Cherry, died Hardin Co., Tenn., May 22, 1848 aged 2 years and 27 days old [April 25, 1846].

JOHN ALLEN WHITE son of Norvel and Elizabeth D. White died Hardin Co., Tenn., June 22, 1848 aged 8 months and 26 days old [September 26, 1847].

POLLY ANN LEE daughter of William H. and Jane Fletcher; born Jan. 31, 1824; married Isaac Lee, July 3, 1845; died of winter fever, June 2, 1848; left an infant, two months old.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM E. WATKINS, recently deceased; by the Agatheridan Society, dated July 8, 1848.

JULIA A. WILLIAMSON daughter of Joel and Susanna Davis; wife of Richard M. Williamson; born Sussex Co., Va.; moved with parents to Marshall Co., Miss., 1842; died Courtland, Ala., July 19, 1848 in the 23rd year of her age.,

MARTHA AURELIA WINFIELD daughter of Joel T. (dec.) and Elizabeth Winfield, Fayette Co., Tenn.; died in Camden, Ark., April 12, 1848 in the 19th year of her age.


August 25, 1848

R. J. CALDER, Columbia, Texas, wanted to know the present whereabouts of ROBERT CALDER, a son of James H. and Jane Eliza Caldwell Calder; born in Baltimore, Maryland, July 8, 1810.

Rev. GEORGE HANCOCK, itinerant Methodist preacher, Louisville Conference; died Jefferson Co., Ky., July 22, 1848.

THOMAS JEFFERSON GIBSON born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Dec. 10, 1819; moved to Little Rock, Ark., 1835; to Hot Springs County, Ark., 1838; married Martha Miller (died 1841), 1838; married (2) Mariah Strange, Mar. 5, 1845; died April 20, 1848; husband and father (1 dau.)

ANN STEWART daughter of James and Ann McNeel; wife of Enoch Stewart; born Robertson Co., N.C., May 25, 1809; died Fayette, Co., Tenn., June 30, 1848; her last words, "banks of glory."

Dr. S. S. ALEXANDER born June 31, 1801; died Bullitt Co., Ky., April 26, 1848.

WILLIAM J. BOWMAN born Dec. 11, 1818; died Bullitt Co., Ky., June 16, 1848.

NANCY BOLES daughter of Rev. John Powers; wife of James Boles; born ''as is supposed" in 1791, Robertson Co., Tenn.; moved later from Shelby County, Tenn. to Newton Co., MO, 1832; there she died of cancer, June 19, 1848.

LOUISA BRANNOCK daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Colvin; wife of William A. Brannock; died June 26, 1848 aged 21 years, 4 months and 28 days [Jan. 28, 1827]. Kentucky.

WILLIAM SHARP, SR. born in east Tenn., Sept. 6, 1786; he and his wife, Isabella, moved to Bedford Co., Tenn., 1807; joined Methodist Church, 1820; died July 26, 1848; surviving were his third wife and fourteen children from former marriages.

JOHN H. BINKLEY died Davidson Co., Tenn., July 21, 1848 in the 41st year of his age; husband and father (9 children).

NATHANIEL B. COCKREHAM son of David B. and Rebecca M. Cockreham; died Hempstead Co., Ark. of convulsions, July 26, 1848 aged 1 year, 10 months and 24 days. [September 2, 1846].

SUSAN L. HUNTON, nee Boyce; born Warren Co., Ky., Sept. 10, 1804; married John W. Hunton, Dec. 23, 1823; moved to Washington Co., Ark., 1829; joined Methodist Church, August 11, 1831; died July 2, 1848; a daughter, ELIZABETH HUNTON died June 12, 1848.


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VIRGINIA ANN POLLARD daughter of Joseph Pollard (dec.), died June 10, 1848 one day less than 7 years old [June 11, 1841]. Her brother, WILLIAM CHASTAIN POLLARD, died in same county (Williamson Co., Tenn.), July 10, 1848 aged 21 years and 3 months old [April 1827]. Rev. JOHN B. MILLER born in Virginia, 1761; veteran of Revolutionary War; died Sumner Co., Tenn., June 16, 1848; husband and father.


September 1, 1848

COLLIN S. HOBBS, Smith and Hobbs grocers, Nashville, Tenn., was returning from Clarksville, Tenn. and stopped to see a friend at the Eagle Powder Mill about 25 miles from Nashville while there an explosion occurred, killing him, August 26, 1848; a former printer in the CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE office.

JAMES CAMPBELL, Nashville, Tenn., lawyer, died Winchester Springs, Tenn., August 20, 1848.

MARY LOUISA LEAK oldest daughter of Francis T. Leak; born Richmond Co., N.C., Feb. 22, 1828; graduate of Patapsco Institute near Baltimore, Maryland, 1847; died near Salem, Miss., July 25, 1848.

GRANVILLE L. COCKRILL son of Louisa M. Cockrell died Franklin Co., Ala., August 10, 1848 aged 2 years and 12 days old [July 28, 1846].

JOHN B. RICE, native of Sumner Co., Tenn. died July 2, 1848 in the 48th year of his age; husband and father.

ALZIRA H. CAMERON, nee Morehead, wife of William Cameron, printer, died August 27, 1848.

MARGARET M. TOY daughter of Noah and Ann Dorsey, born Dec. 29, 1825; died June 30, 1848.

MATILDA COLLINS daughter of Charles Nelson; wife of Eli V. Collins; died Hempstead Co., Ark., July 17, 1848 in the 26th year of her age.

MARY F. NOBLES widow of Dr. A. D. Nobles, born Pitt Co., N.C.; died of consumption, June 14, 1848 aged 44 years and 4 days old [June 10, 1804]; four children.

MARTHA ANN CUMMINGS daughter of David and Elizabeth Cummings, born Mar. 28, 1831; died Monroe Co., Miss., August 13, 1848.

GEORGE R. YARBROUGH born Mar. 16, 1828; joined Methodist Church, 1846; married Nancy E. Holifield, Mar. 23, 1848; died August 3, 1848.

AMANDA M. BULLINGTON daughter of John H. and Sarah Holloday; married James Bullington; died Chickasaw Co., Miss., July 29, 1848 in the 23rd year of her age.

Mrs. SARAH SEAY, Chickasaw Co., Miss., died August 10, 1848 in the 68th year of her age.


September 8, 1848

Rev. WILLIAM GOULD died Moulton, Ala., August 27, 1848.

SARAH W. PRATHER born in Virginia, June 26, 1795; moved with parents to La., 1804; married John Prather; joined Methodist Church, 1836; moved to Fayette Co., Ky. where she died August 2, 1848.

ROSEY GILKEY daughter of John and Sally Powel; wife of Thomas C. Gilkey; born April 25, 1811; died Cumberland Co., Ky., July 23, 1848.

LOUISA CATHARINE COSBY died of typhoid fever, Madison Co., Ala., May 24, 1848 in the 19th year of her age.

ROBERT GOODE born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Mar. 17, 1765; joined Methodist Church in Christian Co., Ky., Feb. 1812; died Chickasaw Co., Miss., August 1, 1848; a son, THOMAS GOODE, submitted his obituary.

MARY NEEL died Carroll Co., Miss., Aug. 7, 1848 in the 74th year of her age; two of her sons were Methodist preachers.


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J. L. CONGER died Carroll Co., Miss., August 17, 1848 in the 43rd year of his age.

DANIEL WILLIAMS PHILIPS son of Rev. Gray and Frances Philips, born Aug. 15, 1832; died Wayne Co., Tenn., June 14, 1848.

REBECCA C. OWENS wife of B. M. Owens, born July 25, 1811; died Shelby Co., Tenn., July 25, 1848.

SARAH ANN BLACKWELL wife of Thomas H. Blackwell died Morgan Co., Ala., August 5, 1848 in the 20th year of her age; left two small children.

JOHN RANDLE, native of Montgomery Co., N.C.; son of Henry and Anna Randle; moved with his parents to Tennessee; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Aug. 12, 1848; husband and father (5 children).

SARAH W. HATCHELL wife of Morris Hatchell, esq., born White Co., Va., Jan. 31, 1799; died Marshall Co., Tenn., July 10, 1848; married December 22, 1824.


September 15, 1848

JOHN M. KERBY born Wilson Co., Tenn., Jan. 18, 1812; married in 1834; died July 30, 1848, Davidson Co., Tenn.; husband and father (6 children).

MARY STANFIELD daughter of John and Jane Griggs; wife of Hosey Stanfield; born Sept. 28, 1813; died Williamson Co., Tenn., May 30, 1848.

CATHARINE M. P. IRVIN daughter of James and Malinda Irvin, born Oct. 9, 1838; died Aug. 8, 1848.

ANDREW J. HUDSON died Gallatin, Tenn., July 17, 1848 aged 32 years; husband and father (5 ch.)

ELIZABETH ROBERTS wife of Robert M. Roberts; daughter of Barnabas and Clarissa Powel, Claiborne Co., Miss.; died Warren Co., Miss., July 29, 1848 in the 44th year of her age.

FISHER T. RAWSON, native of Brookfield, Mass.; died July 23, 1848 aged 48 years; lived in New Orleans, La. for about 17 years.

WILY SKIDMORE ELLIS son of Rev. Reuben Ellis, Memphis Conference; born Rowan Co., N.C., Sept. 22, 1815; joined Methodist Church, 1837; died near Rienzi, Miss., August 5, 1848.

JOHN S. STRINFIELD son of Rev. Thomas Stringfield died Knoxville, Tenn., August 9, 1848 in the 20th year of his age.


September 22, 1848

Captain EDWARD B. RANDOLPH born Prince Edward Co., Va., January 9, 1792; clerk in Chancery Clerk's office, Richmond, Va. several years in his youth; ensign in 20th Regiment U.S. Infantry and fought in War of 1812; resigned from the military, 1818; married in 1824 and moved to Mississippi; after religious conversion, sold his slaves and plantation and moved into Columbus, Miss. where he served as an official until his death, August 4, 1848.

CZARINA U. MIMS wife of Matthew Mims, Lowndes Co., Miss., died Aug. 20, 1848; born Mar. 3, 1813; married Nov. 20, 1834; left several small children.

LUCY C. COOK born Todd Co., Ky., June 27, 1818; dau. of Captain Daniel and Mary Barksdale; married Rev. T. F. Cook, Sept. 4, 1824 [probably 1844]; died Clarksville, Tenn., August 16, 1848.

JOSHUA FARMER died ostensibly in August 1848 aged 28 years, 7 months and 5 days old; a family man.

NICHOLAS BAILEY born Vigo Co., Indiana, Sept. 23, 1816; died Rapides Parish, La., July 9, 1848 husband and father (3 children).

GABRIEL F. McKIBBIN born Dec. 19, 1838; died Maury Co., Tenn., August 5, 1848.

DANIEL SORRELLS born Burke Co., N.C., 1775; when about 25 years old moved to Bedford Co., Tenn.; years later moved to Perry Co., Tenn.; moved to Henderson Co., Tenn., 1840 where he died August 16, 1848. [Obituary repeated in Oct. 13, 1848 issue]


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September 29, 1848

RACHEL GREER wife of Dr. Lewis V. Greer, San Augustine, Texas, died August 1, 1848 of consumption, in Lane's Springs, Tenn., in the 24th year of her age.

MARY C. THOMPSON wife of Dr. John White; her funeral delivered Sept. 8, 1848 by the Rev. Martin Clark.

JOHN H. DIGGS born Anson Co., N.C., Feb. 2, 1790; moved to Henry Co., Tenn., 1823, where he died Aug. 30, 1848; had a "large family."

JAMES WILSON BOLD born April 7, 1833; died in residence of stepfather, Thomas B. Walter, Attala Co., Miss., July 12, 1848.

Rev. WILLIAM G. GOULD died Moulton, Ala., August 17, 1848; traveling agent for LaGrange College Alabama.

NANCY WHITE daughter of William Donaho; wife of B. L. White; died Cherokee Co., Texas, July 8, 1848.

Professor JOSHUA BIRDWELL born Jackson Co., Tenn., about 1826; moved with family to Madison Co., Tenn., 1829 where he died July 14, 1848; measles.

LEVI McDONALD born Maury Co., Tenn., Oct. 12, 1808; died Giles Co., Tenn., Aug. 18, 1848; son of Rev. Alexander McDonald.

BENJAMIN W. HALEY born Lunenburg Co., Va., Feb. 2, 1815; died Marshall Co., Tenn., July 8, 1848; moved with parents to Williamson Co., Tenn., 1831; married Martha Jane McCord, Feb. 13, 1842 and settled in Marshall Co., Tenn.; his wife and two of their children predeceased him; survived by one child.

FRANCES CRUTCHFIELD daughter of John and Nancy Hudelson; wife of William Crutchfield; born Cynthiana, Ky., April 1, 1818; died Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 5, 1848.

SARAH LEWIS wife of Simeon Lewis, born Madison Co., Va., May 25, 1786; died Barren Co., Ky., June 27, 1848.

Rev. JOHN H. WILLIAMS, local Methodist preacher, died Pope Co., Ark., Aug 12, 1848; born Morgan Co., Ala., Nov. 20, 1812; married Mary Sims, 1835; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, July 18, 1846; husband and father (5 children).

AMASSA SHUMWAY died Crawford Co., MO, Aug. 10, 1848 in the 76th year of his age.


October 6, 1848

An old lady, Mrs. ROBERTS, native of England, came to U.S., 1819; died Jan. 25, 1848 in the 70th year of her age.

Rev. WILLIAM. F. BROWN, Methodist preacher, Steele Chapel, New Orleans, La., died August 30, 1848; yellow fever; native of England who came to U.S. about twenty years ago; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church, 1840; itinerant preacher in Miss. and La. conferences.

HANNAH R. P. KNOX daughter of Thomas S. and Mariah King; born S.C., April 2l, 1824; died Attala Co., Miss., May 30, 1848; wife and mother (two daus.)

SARAH GAFFORD wife of Zacheriah Gafford; daughter of Dr. Septimus and Sarah Weatherley; born Warren Co., Ga.; joined Methodist Church, 1842; died Holmes Co, Miss., Aug. 8, 1848 in the 56th year of her age.

ALLEN C. NIMS born in Virginia, 1785; moved to Tennessee; lived in Dickson and Madison counties, then moved to Trenton, Tenn. where he died Sept. 18, 1848.

Dr. ELIJAH J. HYDE born Crawford Co., MO, Nov. 18, 1818; medical training at Missouri University; died August 26, 1848, pulmonary disease, having been reduced to a skeleton by the disease.

ELIZABETH WEIR died Lebanon, Tenn., August 31, 1848; long a widow


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JOHN J. EDWARDS son of Captain John Edwards, died Choctaw Co., Miss., August 7, 1848 in the 21st year of his age. His wife, MARY J. EDWARDS, daughter of B. H. and Malvina Carroll born Jan. 8, 1830; married Feb. 1848; died August 13, 1848.

ALICE ISABEL DAVIS daughter of Cebern and Virginia Davis, Clinton Co., Ky., died August 5, 1848 aged 12 months and a few days old.


October 13, 1848

JANET HOBSON RAYBURN oldest daughter of John K. and Sarah Jane Rayburn; died Nashville, Tenn., her native city, Sept. 23, 1848 aged 18 years.

Rev. GEORGE W. LANE, Methodist preacher, Georgia Conference, son of Rev. George Lane, died Oxford, Ga., Sept. 21, 1848 where he taught in the Emory College.

MATILDA JOHNS wife of David Johns, born Delaware Co., Ohio, 1813; married in 1841; moved to Texas, 1842; died Nacogdoches Co., Texas, July 24, 1848.

JOHN ELLINGTON died August 8, 1848; born Feb. 26, 1766, Amelia Co., Va.; moved to Russell Co., West Va., then to east Tenn., then to Clay Co., MO and Scott Co., Ark.

SAMUEL BRIDGES born Dec. 27, 1827; died July 24, 1848, Waynesboro, Tennessee.

AMELIA JARNAGIN wife of Bynum Jarnagin; daughter of Baldwin and Isabella Horte; died Sept. 16, 1848 aged 32 years; three children.

MARY TUCKER wife of James H. Tucker, Williamson Co., Tenn., died Sept. 14, 1848.

T. EARLY STRANGE born Bedford Co., Va.; died Bowling Green, Ky., Sept. 6, 1848 aged 54 years.

WILLIAM JUSTICE born Wake Co. N.C., Jan. 27, 1791; married a daughter of Joseph Norwood, Limestone Co., Ala., 1819; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., Aug. 26, 1848; husband and father (10 ch.)

JOHN MILTON born Nelson Co., Ky., Aug. 27, 1790; married Elizabeth Stanley, Jan. 27, 1814; died July 6, 1848. "He lived all the days of his life on the same farm."

EDWARD EDWARDS born Chatham Co., N.C., March 16, 1780; married Nancy, daughter of Peter Farrow, Sept. 25, 1807; moved to Robertson Co., Tenn., then to St. Genevieve Co., MO, 1843, where he died July 26, 1848.


October 20, 1848

ELEANOR P. HOOD daughter of Chesley and Eleanor Hood, born August 18, 1848; died Sept. 24, 1848. Giles Co., Tenn.

SALLY WALKER oldest daughter of A. F. Reed, Cooper Co., MO; born Logan Co., Ky., Oct. 11, 1812; moved in youth to Cooper County, MO; married H. R. Walker, Mar. 18, 1829. Died July 18, 1848.

NANCY REESE wife of Thomas Reese died Davidson Co., Tenn., September 29, 1848.

VALERIA V. ROSE wife of William M. Rose, born Giles Co., Tenn.; died near Pulaski, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1848 aged about 33 years.

JOSHUA SOULE NORTH son of A. T. North, died Aug. 25, 1848 aged 4 years, 19 days [August 6, 1844].

ADECCEA ANN WALKER only daughter of Archelaus Walker, died Sept. 22, 1848 in the 19th year of her age. Tishomingo Co., Miss.

SARAH EVELINE HARRIS daughter of Kenon and Frances Harris; died Tishomingo Co., Miss., Sept. 25, 1848 in the 24th year of her age.

JANE SHAMWELL daughter of James and Nancy Shamwell, Todd Co., Ky., died Sept. 17, 1848 aged 22 years.

JOHN PHILLIPS, native of Hillsboro, N.C., died Sept. 16, 1848 "between" 17/18 years old.


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October 27, 1848

NANCY GUNN wife of Rev. Joseph Gunn, died Robertson Co., Tenn., Aug. 21, 1848 in the 53rd year of her age.

PAMELIA GOFF wife of Rev. Byron Benton, Louisiana Conference, died Tensas Parish, La., September 1848.

GEORGE YARBERY died Maury circuit, Ky., July 18, 1848 in the 53rd year of his age.

OLIVE WATSON daughter of James Watson (dec.); wife of Dr. Asa P. Jones; born in the house in which she died (Oct. 25, 1816-Sept. 5, 1848), Jefferson Co., Miss.; married August 31, 1834; one dau., one son.

TITUS KELLOGG died Bossier Parish, La., August 29, 1848 in the 52nd year of his age.

JOSEPH W. GLASS born June 8, 1830; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., Sept. 13, 1848; typhoid fever.

ABRAM H. MASON third son of Maj. or E. B. and Candace H. Mason died Madison Co., Tenn., Oct. 7, 1848 aged 21 years, 9 months and 7 days old. [The tombstone of ABRAM HALL MASON, Mason's Grove Cemetery, Crockett Co., Tenn. gives his dates as born December 31, 1826; died October 7, 1848.]

Rev. JOHN JARRATT died Wilson Co., Tenn., Sept. 27, 1848 in the 76th year of his age; native of North Carolina; a local Methodist preacher.

REBECCA H. ROBINSON born Crawford Co., Ga., July 11, 1824; married A. W. Robinson in DeSoto Co., Miss. and moved to Ark. for two years; moved back to DeSoto Co., where she died August 11, 1848.

BELINDA E. HESTER died August 5, 1848 in the 30th year of her age.

LOUISA NIBLACK daughter of Thomas and Nancy Lowry; wife of Rev. John Niblack; born July 1818; married Jan. 15, 1835; died Sept. 10, 1848.

LUCY W. BROCK daughter of John and Sarah W. Phillips; wife of William G. Brock; born Madison Co., Ala., Mar. 31, 1819; married. Oct. 24, 1838; moved to Oktibbeha Co., Miss., 1839; died there, August 3, 1848; four children.

STERLING TURNER COCKRILL oldest child of Louisa Cockrill, widow, died Franklin Co., Ala., Sept. 24, 1848 aged 12 years, 9 months and 16 days old [September 8, 1836].

DOSHA GLASGOW daughter of Wagstaff Canada; born Wake Co., N.C., 1792; married Sept. 7, 1812; joined Baptist Church, 1842; died in Ky., July 1, 1848; consumption.

POLLY S. STILL daughter of George S. and Sally Wynne; born Granville Co., N.C., 1796; moved with parents to Wilson Co., Tenn.; married Major G. W. Still, Nov. 1815; moved to Lamar Co., Texas, 1839 where she died August 29, 1848.

ELEANOR RUSSELL wife of Hon. James Russell; died Jackson Co., Alabama, July 21, 1848 aged 57 years, 6 months and 28 days old [January 23, 1791]. Her son-in-law, Thomas D. Harwell, submitted her obituary.

OLIVER F. ROSS sixth son of Rise F. and Sarah Ross, born Bedford Co., Tenn., July 12, 1825; married Margaret M. Sellors, July 15, 1844; drowned in Sequachee River, Marion Co., Tenn., while on the way to visit his brother in Georgia, August 25, 1848.

ISAAC GLASGOW born Currituck Co., N.C.; moved to Weakley Co., Tenn., 1826, where he died. June 9, 1848.


November 3, 1848

HARRIET AMANDA DAVIDSON daughter of H. H. Davidson, Coffeeville, Miss., died Yalobusha Co., Miss., Sept. 15, 1848, eight years and a few months old.

ELIZABETH M. BRIGGS born Jan. 19, 1824; married G. M. Briggs, Jan. 19, 1848; died Oct. 7, 1848.

CHARITY M. RUSSELL wife of Washington B. Russell; daughter of Willis and Elizabeth Jones; married Dec. 27, 1838; died Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 25, 1848 in the 30th year of her age.


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ELIZABETH RAMSEY daughter of Colonel Thomas Abercrumbie, Perry Co., Ala., died Dallas Co., Ala., August 16, 1848 in the 20th year of her age; joined Methodist Church, 1842.

Rev. JAMES W. CAPPS born Hanover Co., N.C., 1798; married in 1819; moved to Georgia, 1827; local Methodist preacher; died Russell Co., Ala., Aug. 3, 1848; eight children.

Tribute of Respect for ROBERT MODRALL, dec.; by Mar's Hill Masonic Lodge #127, Middleton, dated Oct. 18, 1848; he had been an elder in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

General THORNTON DAVIS died Chulahoma, Miss., August 30, 1848 in the 38th year of his age.

MARTHA JONES oldest daughter of Christopher and Martha Bustin, born Halifax Co., N.C., July 26, 1773; married James Grant (died 1791), 1788; then to Reading Jones, 1792; he died in 1818; 7 children; moved to northern Alabama, 1833; died Morgan Co., Ala., Oct. 1, 1848.

MARY ANN WALLACE daughter of William and Jane Corley; wife of Captain William A. Wallace; born Sept. 25, 1814; died Morgan Co., Ala., Oct. 10, 1848; three children.

CLABOURN SMITH son of James and Sarah Smith; native of Jackson Co., Ala.; moved with parents to Tippah Co., Miss. 6 years ago and died there Sept. 19, 1848.

JANE HATFIELD died in residence of her son, William Hatfield, Hardeman Co., Tenn., Sept. 30, 1848 in 60th year of her age.

ROBERT F. PRICE son of Rev. C. W. and Mary F. Price, born August 6, 1846; died October 3, 1848


November 10, 1848

Resolutions of Respect for WILLIAM H. COCKE, dec; by Oakland Masonic Lodge #82; undated.

MARGARET CORNELIA MINTER wife of George W. Minter; second daughter of George Dicky (dec.), Maury Co. Tenn.; died Hardeman Co., Tenn., Oct. 4, 1848 in the 37th year of her age.

M. C. JONES, nee Wynne, Stewart Co., Tenn., died Oct. 14, 1848 aged about 45 years.

CATHARINE HENDERSON wife of Alexander Henderson, Monroe Co., Ala., died Oct. 8, 1848.

SAMUEL W. MOORE born Wake Co., N.C.; moved to west Tennessee, 1835; died Fayette Co., Tenn., Oct. 17, 1848 aged 57 years.

WILLIAM DAY, native of Amherst Co., Va. moved to Cumberland Co., Ky., 1828, then to Barren Co., Ky.; died Oct. 9, 1848.

HENRY BICKERS son of Uriah and Deborah Bickers, born Scott Co., Ky., Aug. 5, 1825; moved with parents to Grant Co., Ky., Nov. 1825; died Oct. 7, 1848.

ELIZABETH D. WHITE, nee Russell, wife of Nowel White, born Oct. 29, 1825; married April 21, 1844; died Oct. 16, 1848; one child.

SYNTHA M. GOODGION born Hickman Co., Tenn., April 24, 1825; married W. F. C. Goodgion; moved to DeSoto Co., Miss; died Sept. 19, 1848.


November 17, 1848

Hon. DIXON H. LEWIS, United States Senator, Alabama, died in New York, October 25, 1848.

WINEFRED M. HAGAN daughter of Needham and Susan Bryan, born April 18, 1814; married William S. Hagan, Jan. 1, 1838; died October 12, 1848.

Rev. EDUMUND PEARSON, presiding elder, Tuscaloosa District, Alabama Conference, died Talladega Co., Ala., Sept. 21, 1848 in the 50th year of his age; consumption; eleven children.

HARRIET MILLER daughter of Kinchen and Sarah Garland; born Green Co., Tenn., 1815; married Stephen Miller, Mt. Pinson, Madison Co., Tenn., 1837; joined Methodist Church, 1842; died Sept. 5, 1848.

Dr. JOHN BUCHANAN, Williamson Co., Tenn., died of typhoid fever, Oct. 2, 1848 aged 28 years.


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SARAH PHILLIPS born Mercer Co., Ky., Nov. 4, 1820; married Washington T. Phillips, Jan. 19, 1843; died Tishomingo Co., Miss., Oct. 5, 1848.

LOVINA CATHARINE ROGERS daughter of Jesse and Lovina Featherston, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., May 14, 1821; died Bentonville, Ark., Sept. 10, 1848.

J. R. WESLEY CONNERLY died Pickens Co., Ala., Oct. 1, 1848 in the 33rd year of his age; native of Newberry District, S.C.; moved with widowed mother, two brothers and a sister, to Pickens County in 1835.

ANN ELIZABETH FIELDER wife of T. Fielder; daughter of George and Emily B. Kinzor, died Oct 18, 1848 in the 22nd year of her age.

NANCY W. TERRELL born July 26, 1818; married April 25, 1835; died Sept. 3, 1848.

It was noted that the Rev. THOMAS DRUMMOND, native of Manchester, England died in St. Louis, MO, June 15, 1848 aged 29 years.


November 24, 1848

WILLIAM BROOKS died in Nashville, Tenn., recently, in the 78th year of his age.

ROBERT SCOTT WAIR son of Colonel William W. and Frances Wair, Hernando, Miss., died in Bolivar, Tenn., Nov. 1, 1848 aged 1 year, and 10 months old [Jan. 1, 1847].

MARGARET ANDERSON TEMPLE third daughter of Rev. William McMahon, born in Ala., June 9, 1827; died DeSoto Co., Miss., Oct. 24, 1848; wife of J. N. Temple. A very long encomium.

SAMUEL PORTER ASHE son of John Baptist and Elizabeth Ashe; born Halifax Co., N.C., July 17, 1791; moved to Haywood Co., Tenn. where he died March 22, 1848.

MARY W. ALLEN wife of Colonel J. H. Allen, married June 16, 1836; died near Lebanon, Tenn., Oct. 7, 1848; three children.

GARTREE H. G. MAJOR wife of William Major; daughter of Joseph B. and Elizabeth Johns; born June 4, 1808; died Murfreesboro, Tenn., Oct. 18, 1848.

Brigadier-General STEPHEN KEARNEY, U.S. Army, native of New Jersey, died October 31, 1848


December 1, 1848

Colonel EPHRAIM McCLAIN McCORKLE born Oct. 5, 1811; died Sept. 2, 1848; son of Rev. Robert McCorkle, Jacks Creek, Henderson County [now Chester County], Tenn.; a single man who had the care of an aged father and a sister.

CATHARINE SHOTWELL wife of Robert Shotwell; died Lowndes Co., Miss., Nov. 1, 1848 in the 69th year of her age; native of Virginia; moved to S.C., to Ala. and to Miss.

Major CHARLES BIDWELL, Robertson Co., Tenn., died October 23, 1848.

WILLIAM GLASSCO died Oct. 15, 1848 aged about 40 years. Arkansas.

MILDRED WALTON born, reared and married in Louisa Co., Va.; moved to Kentucky in 1818; died Barren Co., Ky., Oct. 11, 1848 in the 77th year of her age.


December 8, 1848

WILLIAM SMITH, native of Virginia, died near Maxwell, Ky., Oct. 19, 1848 in the 73rd year of his age.

NIMROD G. WILLIAMS born Sept. 16, 1824; died Sept. 24, 1848 in a horse-wagon accident, in Florence, Alabama. His brother, ROBERT T. WILLIAMS, born July 26, 1826; died of consumption, Nov. 24, 1848. Sons of Turner Williams, Harpeth circuit, Tennessee Conference.

ELIZABETH SMITH wife of W. B. Smith, born 1805; died Choctaw Co., Miss., Sept. 12, 1848.


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MYRA ELIZABETH BOYD daughter of N. A. and Emaline Boyd, Williamson Co., Tenn., died Oct. 1848 aged 11 months old.

ELIZABETH HOBSON widow of John Hobson, born Buckingham Co., Va., 1785; died July 7, 1848.

WILLIAM G. BAYLIES, Boston, Mass.; died Dec. 1848 aged 63 years.

JAMES CALDWELL born Prince Edward Co., Va., Oct. 26, 1784; died in residence of his son Colonel R. D. Caldwell, Henry Co., Tenn., Nov. 17, 1848. "He has left a large number of descendants."

FRANCIS ANN LIVESAY only daughter of Turner T. and Ann G. Livesay; born Sussex Co., Va. July 1, 1834; died Nov. 19, 1848; her father died October 2, 1848.

JOSEPHUS C. MAGEE son of William and Margaret Magee, born Robertson Co., Tenn., Sept. 21, 1827; moved with parents to MO, 1837; died Sept. 22, 1848.


December 15, 1848

JOSEPH MAYHEW YOUNGER born Jan. 9, 1848; died Nov. 8, 1848. WILLIS GAUNT YOUNGER born Oct. 28, 1843; died Nov. 11, 1848. Sons of Thomas and Sarah Younger. Middle Tennessee.

MARTHA AMANDA DAVIDSON died Tallahatchie Co., Miss., Nov. 8, 1848 in the 22nd year of her age

MARK CUNNINGHAM son of Wiley and Mary Cunningham, died Lawrence Co., MO, Sept. 10, 1848; husband and father (2 children).

Dr. JAMES B. WATSON born Albemarle Co., Va., Jan. 14, 1782; moved to Alabama in 1819; to Ark., 1844; died Sept. 12, 1848. [Helena, Ark. ?] His only surviving brother was the Rev. Joab Wilson.


December 22, 1848

No obituaries appeared in this issue


December 29, 1848

This issue is missing from the file.


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