By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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January 11, 1873

Tribute of Respect for Rev. G. W. D. HARRIS, a long poem written by the Rev. A. L. P. Green. THE MINUTES OF THE MEMPHIS CONFERENCE, 1873, pages 17-18, has a biographical sketch about GEORGE WASHINGTON DAVIDSON HARRIS, who was born in Montgomery Co., N.C., January 25, 1797; died in Dyersburg, Tenn., Dec. 9, 1872; pneumonia; md Elizabeth Davidson, Sept. 9, 1819; licensed to preach in the MEC 1824; filled numerous appointments; member of several general conferences of the church; presiding elder of the Paris District, Memphis Conference from 1840 until he superannuated in 1870 (carrying over as presiding elder since 1831 of the same district within the Tennessee Conference), excepting for one year when he was agent for Andrew College in Trenton, Tenn. "Dr. Harris was, in many respects, one of the fathers of our Conference. 'When the Memphis Conference was constituted, in November 1840,' says one of our bishops, 'G. W. D. Harris naturally found his place at the head of it and his brethren had the wisdom and grace to keep him there. His decision, his practice wisdom, his love of the Church's welfare and his jealousy for its honor, commanded for his opinions marked deference.'"

SARAH N. FOSTER, nee Oury, born March 9, 1801; md Capt. John Foster, Jan. 1822, who was a former clerk of the Wythe Co., Va. circuit court; joined MEC 1830; death date not given.

FREDONIA ALETHEA TAYLOR MASSEY born Jackson, Ala. March 30, 1842; died Sumerfield, Ala. Nov. 21, 1871; graduate, Tuskaloosa Methodist Female College; md September 1866.

MARY HAMNER d/o Abraham and Mary Zimmerman, born Washington Co., Va. June 7, 1829; died Nov. 11, 1872; md D. H. Hamner.

SARAH MURPHREE died Blount Co., Ala. Nov. 27, 1872; born and raised in N.C.

RACHEL EARNEST consort of E. W. Earnest born Washington Co., Tenn. June 6, 1809; died November 1872.


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MARTHA A. GREENFIELD relict of Miles H. Greenfield and d/o late Rev. Caleb N. Bell, died Todd Co., Ky. Oct. 2, 1872; born Feb. l, 1816; md Sept. 16, 1832.

JOHN W. PARIS died McMinn Co., Tenn. December 27, 1872.

One small obituary partially torn off lower left hand corner of the newspaper can only be read noting that this decedent was designated as a "daughter of L. D. and ..." and was born on October 22.


January 18, 1873

Rev. WILLIAM ASBURY MAYHEW born Berkeley Co., Va. April 28, 1822; father was of French descent, mother was of German descent; md Lucie Dorsey 1849; she died in five years, leaving several small children, the youngest of whom soon died; he md Lucy Price, Charlton Co., 1863, who later died; he md Julia Colbert Sept. 10, 1872. He died Nov. 29, 1872.

PHEBE SWOPE w/o Rev. S. E. Swope; eldest d/o Abner and Sarah Baker, born Green co., Ga. Aug. 15, 1813; died Lineville, Ala. Oct. 22, 1872; moved to Troup Co., Ga. January 1830; md April 28, 1831; joined MEC June 1831; mother of five daughters and three sons.

ISABELLA McCLINTOCK died Wytheville, Va. Dec. 24, 1872 aged 65 years, 2 months, 29 days old.

JOHN McCLAUGHERTY born Giles Co., Va. May 1, 1803; died Mercer Co., West Va. Aug. 3, 1872; his son, EDDIE, had died on a Virginia battlefield during the Civil War.

JAMES NEWTON HUTTON s/o John H. and Maggie Hutton, born Aug. 20, 1867; died Oct. 4, 1872.

THOMAS WARDEN born March 22, 1829; died Dec. 12, 1872; joined MEC Dec. 11, 1872; buried "under his favorite apple tree."

ELIZA JANE MOORE d/o William G. Minton died near Sacramento, Ky. July 15, 1872; consumptive; born Sept. 9, 1851; md James F. Moore, October 28, 1868.

EMMA GROOMS born Green Co., Pa. Dec. 16, 1854; died Sumner Co., Tenn. June 29, 1872. Her sister, ELLA GROOMS, born same county and state, Sept. 3, 1861 and died Sumner Co., Tenn. January 2, 1873.

JOSEPHINE PENDLETON d/o William E. and Adaline Railey born Dayton, Ohio and raised in Warren Co., Ky; died Louisville, Ky. Aug. 15, 1872. Her daughter, ADDIE BELLE PENDLETON, died July 2, 1872 aged 11 months and 20 days old; she left widower.

Rev. SIMPSON C. DUTY, local elder of MECS, died Nov. 28, 1872 in his 80th year; native of Loudon Co., Va. but raised in Frederick Co, Va.; first appointment as Methodist preacher 1828; ordained elder 1854; md Mrs. Elizabeth Fleming 1828 who died abt. 14 years later of consumption; md Mary Inlow with whom he lived 28 years but she died about 8 months before he died.

GREEN H. PRIM died Humphreys Co., Tenn. June 23, 1872 in his 71st year; born N.C.; came to Williamson Co., Tenn. 1799; joined MEC 187; licensed to exhort 1827. "Brother Prim was a character and full of eccentricities but when they were all counted out, there was a good and true man left."

W. I. HENDERSON born Giles Co., Tenn. April 1823; died Dec. 17, 1872; md R. A. Smith October 1853.


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GEORGIA ANN AUSTIN w/o Robert H. M. Austin; d/o John B. and Nancy Smith born Boyle Co., Ky. March 24, 1836; died Monroe Co., Mo. Nov. 30, 1872; md October 3, 1855; joined MECS 1852.

LUCY SCARBROUGH consort of Rev. Wiley Scarbrough; d/o Rev. John Hannah died Montgomery Co., N.C. Nov. 29, 1872 in her 76th year.

Rev. LUTHER B. SANDERSON died Lawrence Co., Ala. Oct. 31, 1872; born Smith Co. Tenn. Feb. 15, 1828; s/o Thomas and Matilda Sanderson.

Tribute of Respect for MARCUS LINDSEY WILSON; by Sunday School, MECS, Lebanon, Ky., December 16, 1872.


January 25, 1873

GEORGE FERRIER McWHIRTER s/o George Marlin McWhirter and grandson of William McWhirter; the grandfather moved from Mecklenburg Co., N.C. in 1783 and settled on Mansker's Creek near Goodlettsville where he died in 1803 and was buried at Spring Hill, five miles from Nashville; George Marlin McWhirter followed his father to Tenn. in 1785 and settled near him; there George F. McWhirter was born March 28, 1788; fought against Creek Indians; joined MEC June 1820; died Jan. 2, 1873; buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville; left widow and children: Mrs. Anne Blair, Dr. Samuel Hogg McWhirter of Athens, Tenn.; George Moore McWhirter of Belton, Texas; Andrew Jackson McWhirter and Fountain P. McWhirter of Nashville, Tenn.

PATTIE LOU CUMMINGS d/o J. W. and Jennie Cummings born June 27, 1872; died December 3, 1872.

RACHEL W. HARWELL w/o Wesley Harwell born Rutherford Co., Tenn. Jan. 24, 1810; died October 21, 1872.

ANNA NELSON WINTER infant d/o W. S. and Mary C. Winter died Helena, Ark. Dec. 19, 1872.

MARY ELIZABETH SOUTHALL w/o James R. Southall; d/o Joseph and Martha J. Satterfield, born March 5, 1853; died Dec. 26, 1872.

EMILY JANE SATTERFIELD d/o Martha J. and Joseph Satterfield, born April 3, 1855; died April 3, 1872.

CAROLINE BURKET consort of Prof. M. H. B. Burket of Holston Conference, died Bradley Co., Tenn. April 22, 1872; cancer; born Lunenburg Co., Va. March 4, 1813; md October 16, 1832.

NANCY W. MOSS, nee Carden, consort of Richard S. Moss, born March 24, 1809; died Hart Co., Ky. Jan. 6, 1873; md Joseph Marshall June 25, 1834 who left her a widow; md R. S. Moss March 5, 1848; left one child, Daniel W. Ross, a steward at Bethlehem MECS Church.

Mrs. /Mary/DIMOND born Rockingham Co., N.C. July 21, 1790; died Maury Co., Tenn. Dec. 25, 1872; md S. L. Dimond Sept. 15, 1816; joined MEC 1823; came to Tenn. 1826; died at her sister, Mrs. Martha Bailey's residence.

MILTON STOKELY DAVIS born Davidson Co., Tenn. Jan. 4, 1819; died Oct. 21, 1872; licensed to preach in MECS June 27, 1868 and preached locally thereafter.

CATHERINE BIBB SIBLEY, nee Smith, born Louisa Co., Va. March 31, 1863; died March 7, 1871; md John Sibley Feb. 1824; lived in Trimble Co., Ky.

MARY ELLEN TAYLOR w/o Rev. J. W. Taylor of Louisville Conference born Jan. 3i, 1834; died at her father, Rev. John Watts' residence, Meade Co., Ky. Jan. 11, 1873; md Rev. Peter Browder 1852 but he died after 18 months and she md Taylor September 29, 1856.


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SAMUEL M. COOPER oldest s/o Thomas P. and Lucretia Cooper born Sept. l, 1847; died Bedford Co., Tenn. Sept. 4, 1872.

CHARLES McCREERY DANIEL s/o Vivian Daniel of Hardinsburg, Ky. born Dec. 2, 1839; died Brenham, Texas Dec. 16, 1872; chronic diarrhea.

IRENE BLANFORD infant d/o Charles and Rose Blanford died near Bewleyville, Ky. Dec. 16, 1872 aged 1 year and 10 months old; her grandfather was William Hardaway who died a year previously.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. A. W. COCKRELL, former student and teacher; by a Sabbath school; noted that she was a d/o Judge P. G. Nash, Livinston, Ala.; md December 1871 and died Dec. 26, 1872.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. WILLIAM BURNS who died Jan. 2, 1873 in his 73rd year; by Hall of Owen Hill Lodge, College Grove Masonic order, January 4, 1873.


February 1, 1873

SOLONA L. J. KENNEDY died near Delta, Clay Co., Ala. Nov. l, 1872; pneumonia; at residence of her sister; aged 27 years, 4 months, 27 days old; first d/o F. M. and M. A. Waymon; md Sam P. Kennedy Oct. 15, 1865; left widower, three children, a brother, a sister and her mother.

JOHN W. CHEAIRS born N.C. Dec. 10, 1806; died Spring Hill, Tenn. Jan. 6, 1873; came to Tenn. at age 5; md Susan T. Pointer May 1, 1833; buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, Tennessee.

Mrs. ANNIE CRUMP d/o Rev. J. G. Gurley of No. Alabama Conference, born March 28, 1852; died Blount Co., Ala. Dec. 25, 1872; md James D. Crump "last spring."

Mrs. L. E. GARRETT w/o Elder R. G. Garrett; d/o Rufus and Sarah Lane, born May 31, 1840; died Dec. 18, 1872, Hart Co., Ky.; consumptive.

MARTIN LUTHER HALL s/o M. L. and Carrie Hall died Pleasant Hill, Mo., January 10, 1873 aged 5 years.

Miss CORA HALL d/o M. L. and Sallie Hall died Pleasant Hill, Mo. Jan. 6, 1873 aged 10 years, 10 months, 18 days old.

NANCY S. MOXLEY born Frankfort, Ky. July 16, 1790; died Livingston Co., Ky. Dec. 23, 1872; md W. C. Moxley Sept. 10, 1815.

ISRAEL CARROLL born 1800; died near Spring Hil1, Tenn. Jan. 10, 1873; when young moved from N.C. or east Tenn. to Williamson Co., Tenn. and in 1830 moved to Maury Co., Tenn.; md Mrs. Gidings who later died.

SALLIE B. ROGER d/o William and Sallie R. Phil1ips, born May 17, 1852; died Jan. 8, 1873; md James Roger Jan. 9, 1872; buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

JAMES M. THOMPSON born Dec. 25, 1823; md Mary E. Shanklin Jan. 29, 1846; death date not given.

JOHN C. EVANS born Dorchester Co., Md. April 10, 1798; died Chicago, Ill. Dec. 24, 1872; s/o Hooper and Fanny Evans who moved from Md. to Ky. 1799. Hooper Evans was a veteran of the Revolutionary War who died in 1800 leaving his wife and two sons. John C. Evans md Betsy Porter Hall, Bullitt Co., Ky. 1821; most of their children predeceased him.

FRANCES W. FINN born Prince William Co., Va. May 13, 1802; died Franklin, Ky. Jan. 3, 1873; md John Finn of Galway, Ireland, Sept. 6, 1820; they moved west.


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SARAH TOONE born Mecklenburg Co., Va. Jan. 10, 1802; died Nov. 1, 1872, Limestone Co., Ala.; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. with parents 1824; md John Toone Jan. 10, 1825; joined MEC 1834.

SARAH ISABEL TILTON w/o W. H. Tilton died Robertson Co., Ky. Jan. 14, 1873 in her 28th year.

ELIZABETH CAROLINE JONES w/o Rev. E. L. Jones born June 19, 1825; died Dec. 26, 1872; md Dec. 31, 1865.

JOHN HENRY SWEET s/o Dr. F. T. and Belle Sweet died Shelby Co., Tenn. Dec. 14, 1872 aged 9 months, 3 days old at home of his grandmother, Mrs. Bragg.


February 8, 1873

JOHN MARKS died Giles Co., Tenn. Nov. 25, 1872 aged 64 years, 10 months, 23 days old; consumptive; md twice (no details).

SARAH JANE MOORE d/o Loyd Ray born Sept. 6, 1836; died Madisonville, Ky. Dec. 27, 1872; md Rev. W. T. Moore of Louisville Conference, March 6, 1866, who had been md twice previously.

Mrs. ELIZABETH SIMPSON died Van Buren Co., Tenn. Nov. 27, 1872 in her 53rd year.

MARY ESTHER PARSONS w/o Isaac Parsons of Grayston Co., Va.; d/o Mr. and Mrs. Stansburg of La.; died Jan. 10, 1873; joined MECS Oct. 20, 1872.

Rev. JAMES EARLY born N.C. Dec. 27, 1801; died St. Clair Co., Ala. Nov. 15, 1872; md Nancy Alexander Dec. 15, 1822; moved from N.C. to Floyd Co., Ga. where he was licensed to preach, MEC about 1845; he was a "very fair preacher- a holy man;" moved from Ga. to St. Clair Co. where he died.

AMERICA TELU GUICE d/o G. M. Guice, born Henderson Co., N.C. Nov. 21, 1871; died Dec. 26, 1872.

Miss EMMA VANISON born N.C.; died near Carlisle, Ky. Jan. 6, 1873 in her 17th year.

LAURA VIRGINIA BROWN w/o Charles Brown died Dec. 15, 1872 aged 18 years, 9 months old, Morgan Co., Tenn.; d/o John H. and Minerva J. Brient.

WILLIAM TOMPKINS died Nicholasville, Ky. Jan. 20, 1873 aged 25 years; joined MECS 1866.

THOMAS A. BOYD born Nicholas Co., Ky. Jan. 27, 1834; died Carlisle, Ky. Jan. 1, 1873; consumptive; md Mary E. d/o Rev. James Mann, March 8, 1864; she died Nov. 6, 1868.

ELIZABETH DINSMORE died near Carlisle, Ky. Dec. 29, 1872; born Pa. Feb. 2, 1789; moved with parents to Ky. in 1790.

JOEL HOWARD born Va. Nov. 10, 1800; died Carlisle, Ky. Dec. 12, 1872; moved to Ky. when young; md Margaret C. Porter, Mason Co., Ky.

MARY C. HARVEY w/o Jesse F. Harvey; d/o John Wyatte, born Campbell Co., Ga. April 20, 1824; died Monroe Co., Ark. Jan. 3, 1873; joined MEC 1844 in Tishomingo Co., Miss.; moved to Monroe Co., Ark. 1867.

CATHERINE COLLIER McCLAIN born Sumner Co., Tenn. Sept. 28, 1833; died Edgefield, Tenn. Dec. 10, 1872; d/o Robert G. and Elizabeth S. Douglass; the former died 1844, the latter 1847; orphaned she was raised thereafter by an uncle, Col. J. Young Blythe of Lebanon, Tenn.; md Hon. Andrew McClain, a lawyer.


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M. L. SHAPHERD died Dec. 31, 1872; born N.C. Aug. 24, 1810; moved with parents to Bedford Co., Tenn. about 1820; md Benjamin Shapherd who was for years "deprived of his reason."

MARY H. MARTIN, nee Burrows, born Warren Co., N.C. March 1808; died Brookhaven, Miss. Dec. 27, 1872; md John Martin July 1824 who survived her; joined MEC 1828; lived many years in Ala. but moved to Mississippi.


February 15, 1873

HENRY RAYMER s/o Henry and Susan Raymer born Dec. 29, 1809; died Jan. 30, 1873.

NOAH S. ANDREWS s/o W. C. and V. E. Andrews died Dec. 28, 1872 aged 23 years, 4 months old; he was a great-grandson of John Hancock of N.C.; a great nephew of Lucy Scarbrough and second cousin of H. M. Scarbrough of N.C.

MARGARET SMITH d/o John and Lucy Steele, born Campbell Co., Va. Dec. 5, 1798; md Dr. William Lee Glasscock Nov. 9, 1815 of Rockbridge Co., Va.; had four children: E. R. Glasscock; a daughter, wife of late William Hy. Smith; two daughters died in infancy; her husband died Feb. 9, 1826; she moved to Madison Co., Ala. 1826 and located in Huntsville; md Elias P. Smith March 15, 1831 and had a daughter Martha E. Smith. They moved to Nashville, Tenn. 1854; he died Nov. 13, 1865; her death date not given.

Rev. WILLIAM E. PATTON, local MECS preacher, born Va. Feb. 24, 1799; raised in middle Tenn.; died Overton Co., Tenn. Jan. 24, 1873; md Amanda G. Christian Oct. 21, 1830; licensed to preach Nov. l, 1828; joined Tenn. Conference 1838; ordained deacon Nov. 10, 1831; ordained elder Nov. 4, 1832.

SOLLIE SHAW COOPER s/o Wise A. and Asenath U. Cooper born July 20, 1869; died December 3, 1872.

LOUISA F. BIBB d/o William Anderson of Dinwiddie Co., Va.; md 1858; died January 30, 1873.

J. W. PASCHAL born March 31, 1833; died Jan. 8, 1873; joined MECS 1869; member of MECS and Order of Good Templars. Tribute of Respect for him by Sabbath School of which he had been superintendent.

SARAH WEAR consort of Samuel D. Wear born Blount Co., Tenn. June 27, 1822; die Dec. 29, 1872; md Aug. 30, 1848; moved to Lincoln Co., Tenn. Sept. 1865, thence to Fannin Co., Texas 1869.


February 22, 1873

ELIZA WICKHAM GOOCH w/o J. W. Gooch, Cedar Hill, Tenn., born Sullivan Co., Tenn. May 23, 1806; died Jan. 15, 1873; md Rev. G. H. Spear at age 18; he died 1833; she md Gooch, Jan. 3, 1836.

MARGARET BARNET of Williamson Co., Tenn. died Jan. 25, 1873 aged about 85 years.

LETITIA BUFORD d/o Mark and Susannah Hardin; w/o William Buford, born Washington Co., Ky. Jan. 30, 1802; died Elizabethton, Ky. Dec. 31, 1872; joined MEC 1820.

ELIJAH THURMAN born Anderson Co., Tenn. 1805; died near Chattanooga, Tenn. Jan. 30, 1873; joined MEC 1833.


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WILLIAM A. HALL born Amelia Co., Va. March 29, 1793; died Jackson Co., Tenn. Jan. 23, 1873; moved to Tenn. about 1814; md Sarah Spoon Nov. 16, 1816; joined MECS 1854.

MAGGIE H. WHITESIDES born Warren Co., Ky. June 1, 1834; died Simpson Co., Ky. Feb. 5, 1873; md William F. Whitesides December 20, 1852.

HENRY W. WILLIAMS born Albemarle co., Va. March 20, 1801; died Jan. 24, 1873; md Nancy Allen (born Daviess Co, Ky. March 14, 1811), Oct. 7, 1828; she died Sept. 24, 1872.

Capt. JOHN FROST born Pendleton Dist., N.C. Nov. 21, 1794; died Graves Co., Ky. Dec. 5, 1872; md Jane Boyed at age 28; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. and about 1836 to Graves Co., Ky.; fought in Indians "wars"; had eleven children, four surviving as well as his widow.

MARY FRANCES ORTON d/o John and Elizabeth Sawyer, born Dec. 13, 1840; died Hopkins Co., Ky. Jan. 21, 1873; md William Orton Nov. 15, 1858; mother of five children.

Mrs. LOUISA E. BURKEY born Jan. 17, 1828; died Jan. 15, 1873.

ALLIE PRICE born Marion Co., Ala. Jan. 2l, 1852; died Vernon, Ala. Jan. 20, 1873; d/o John and Margaret Price; left an orphan she was raised in the household of a brother-in-law, Rev. J. D. Cameron.

EDMUND S. BRADLEY died near Greenville, Ky. Jan. 15, 1873; born Smith Co., Tenn. June 1, 1804; left widow and children.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES O'HARA who died recently in Eddyville, Ky.; by Sabbath School group of which he had been superintendent, Jan. 26, 1873.

Tribute of Respect for D. THORNTON; by official board of MECS, Versailles, Ky., Feb. 8, 1873.


March 1, 1873

JAMES P. NEWMAN s/o Col. M. C. and Elizabeth Newman, brother of Rev. J. W. Newman of No. Ala. Conference; died DeKalb Co., Ala. Dec. l, 1872 aged 24 years, 3 months, 6 days old.

AMANDA PAYNE w/o Judge H. B. Payne died Lexington, Ky. Jan. 26, 1873; d/o Major David and Sarah Davis, born Mason Co., Ky. Sept. 23, 1803; a daughter, Mrs. Polk, attended her in final illness.

LILA McQUEEN born Mobile, Ala. Feb. 24, 1848; died at residence of her grandmother, Mrs. S. E. Fontaine, Bullock Co., Ala. Feb. 10, 1873; graduate, Methodist Female College, Tuscaloosa, Ala. June 1867; some deathbed dialogue.

SARAH S. TIPTON died Blount Co., Ala. Feb. 4, 1873 aged 54 years, lO months, 3 days old; left two daughters.

GURTHA ANN BLAKEMORE w/o Dr. J. A. Blakemore of Shelbyville, Tenn. died Jan. 21, 1873; d/o late Hon. Daniel L. Barringer, formerly a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from N.C. and Speaker of Tenn. House of Representatives; granddaughter of William White, formerly a secretary of state for N.C.; born Raleigh, N.C. June l7, 1834; came to Tenn. 1837; md 1842; joined MEC 1844.

Rev. GRANDISON CURTIS died Union Co., Oregon Jan. 2l, 1873 aged 55 years, 6 months old; joined Columbia Conference 1871.


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SARAH JANE SAVAGE d/o Thomas and Sally Small of Monroe Co., Ky.; w/o Dr. W. P. Savage, born July 8, 1826; died Jan. 31, 1873; a sister, Mrs. Thomas Ashton of Mo. survived her; md March 26, 1846.

CLARENCE FRANK (Hunt?) born Cloverport, Ky. April 10, 1870; died Feb. 13, 1873; enteritis.


March 8, 1873

ANNA HOWARD FLEMING w/o Col. John M. Fleming; d/o Hon. Samuel B. and Susan H. Boyd, died Knoxville, Tenn. Dec. 7, 1872 aged 32 years, 5 months, 6 days old; a daughter, Mary, was three years old. Tribute of Respect for her by Church Street Sunday School, Knoxville, Tenn., Dec. 14, 1872.

Dr. SAMUEL HENRY PARKER of Dardanelle, Yell Co., Ark., only s/o Rev. John C. Parker; died Sasber /Sebastian?/ Co., Ark. Feb. 6, 1873; born Yell Co., Ark. April 5, 1846; graduate, Jefferson College, Philadelphia, Pa. 1870.

MARTHA PADGETT w/o John O. Padgett; d/o John and Dela Thompson born Dec 1842; died Trousdale Co., Tenn. Feb. 18, 1873.

ERMIN HAZELWOOD WEBSTER d/o William and Sarah Browder, born Logan Co., Ky. March 27, 1839; died Taylor Co., Ky. Jan. l, 1873; md R. A. Webster March 25, 1857.

MAHALA G. ROBINSON born Green Co., Ky. Aug. 7, 1813; died Jan. 7, 1873; left widower and three children.

ELIZABETH MIZE d/o Capt. John H. and Nancy Grinter of Logan Co., Ky., born Nov. 7, 1818; died Nov. 9, 1872; md Josept O'Roark May 1842 who died; md Capt. John P. Mize, Logan Co., Ky., Jan. 27, 1852; their home burned May 28, 1872.

R. P. ROBINSON born Limestone Co., Ala. Dec. 13, 1814; died Jan. 13, 1873; md S. A. Ball, Franklin Co., Tenn. 1832; joined MEC 1840.

DAVID THORNTON born Milford, Delaware Jan. 4, 1796; moved to Woodford Co Ky. when eleven years old; md Charlotte Railey; joined MEC 1820 and served in several significant offices of the church. Also, Tribute of Respect for him by Faculty, Kentucky Wesleyan University, Feb. 18, 1873.

J. W. W. LONGACRE wrote from Stevenson, Ala. that his mother had died Feb. 3, 1873.

Rev. THOMAS R. MALONE, superannuated preacher, Kentucky Conference, died Louisville, Ky. Feb. 20, 1873; utterly disabled by rheumatism for years.


March 15, 1873

Rev. W. H. MORRISON of the Louisville Conference died March 4, 1873; had joined this conference in 1847.

SARAH A. L. MOORE born Nashville, Tenn. April 18, 1817; died in same city, Feb. 25, 1873; w/o S. G. Moore; eldest d/o Rev. M. H. Quinn and Harriet Elliston a d/o Joseph T. Elliston; her mother died when she was young and her father md Mrs. Ann T. Plarham by whom she and her two sisters "were trained for the great battle of life"; md March 15, 1837.

MARY ANN SIDNEY d/o Rev. W. B. W. Williams of Coffee Co., Tenn., born Dec. 28, 1848; died Feb. 20, 1873; consumptive; md V. A. Blanton, Dec. 12, 1871; her baby died Nov. 26, 1872.

MARTHA A. M. WEBSTER born Feb. 27, 1848; died February 26, 1873.


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JOHN CRABTREE died Putnam Co., Mo. Dec. 6, 1872 aged 86 years, 8 months old; s/o Isaac Crabtree; born in Va.; moved to Wayne Co., Ky.; md Winnefer Gilstrap; she died Aug. 1818; moved to Morgan Co., Tenn. and md Angviller Davis; moved in 1823 to Wayne Co., Ky.; in 1847 moved to Putnam Co. where he died.

R. B. B. CANNON died Williamson Co., Tenn. Feb. 5, 1873 aged 63; his sisters, Mrs. White of Lebanon and Mrs. Waller of Williamson Co. were with him during his last illness.

GEORGE W. KINZER born Maury Co., Tenn. Nov. 9, 1834; died Jan. 2, 1873; left widow and five children.

EMMA B. ROBINSON d/o John A. and Susan Robinson died Daviess Co., Ky. Jan. 31, 1873 in her 21st year.

Miss E. C. CONDITT died McLean Co., Ky. Feb. 2, 1873 in her 35th year; consumptive.

Mrs. NANCY J. HARDIN died near Calhoun, Ky. Dec. 30, 1872 in her 33rd year. DANIEL PERKINS died Hardin Co., Tenn. Nov. 21, 1872 in his 72nd year; s/o Rev. Arad Perkins of MEC; father of Rev. Joseph B. Perkins of Alabama.

Rev. WILLIAM BURNS, native of Rockingham Co., N.C. died Williamson Co., Tenn. Jan. 2, 1873 at age 73; came to Bedford Co., Tenn. when a child; md Keturah Rucker and spent rest of his life in Williamson County; licensed to preach, MEC, 1838; ordained deacon 1841; ordained elder 1846.

MARY FLACK w/o A. B. Flack, died near Trenton, Ky. Feb. 21, 1873 aged 57 years, 7 months, 19 days old.

Miss MATTIE S. FOWLKES d/o G. B. and M. E. Fowlkes born Aug. 7, 1853; died Humphreys Co., Tenn. Jan. 21, 1873; joined MECS 1870.

SIMEON MOORE born Jefferson Co., Ky. Oct. 31, 1804; died Feb. 27, 1873; joined MEC 1828; he was a husband and father.

Tribute of Respect for Dr. J. L. COTTEN by Sabbath School group (no date).


March 22, 1873

Rev. ROBERT W. STONE of Louisville Conference, born White Co., Tenn. 1844; died Feb. 24, 1873; md Selina D. Snow March 7, 1867; joined MECS March 1869; admitted to Louisville Conference 1869; a tribute of respect for him written by R. D. Griffin.

ATHA CLANTON died Owen Co., Ky. Feb. 10, 1873 aged 13 years, 5 months, 3 days old; d/o Owen and Sarah Clanton.

MARTHA (Mattie) A. NICHOLSON born Jackson Co., Ga. Dec. 10, 1852; died Pickens Co., Ala. Jan. 20, 1873; d/o J. A. and D. Winn; md Evan Nicholson.

JOHN BYSOR born Davidson Co., Tenn. May 10, 1848; died near Nashville, Tenn. March 7, 1873.

REBECCA E. PHILPOT w/o Joseph Philpot; d/o David J. and Sarah H. George, born 1840; died Lincoln Co., Tenn. Feb. 28, 1873.

N. C. COSBY born Garrard Co., Ky. Nov. 6, 1827; died Lincoln Co, Jan. 24, 1873; joined MECS 1859.

SARAH ELLA HEYSER w/o Thomas Heyser, died Litchfield, Ky. Feb. 16, 1873 aged 43 years, 2 months, 22 days old; joined MECS 1856.

MARY B. LONGACRE, nee Winniford, d/o Daniel and Elizabeth Winniford of Smythe Co., Va., born Jan. l, 1823; died near Stevenson, Ala. Feb. 3, 1873; md William J. Longacre July 1848.


(Page 72)

HENRY COOK BARTON s/o H. C. and Emma Barton died March 2, 1873 aged about 7 months old.

PORTER BLOUNT infant s/o G. G. Blount died Feb. 22, 1873 aged abt. 9 months.

HUGHES T. NICHOLSON born July 2, 1844; died Feb. 2, 1873.

WILLIAM BURNSIDE born 1802; died Garrard Co., Ky. Jan. 11, 1873; husband and father.

THOMAS K. HOLLINGSWORTH born Todd Co., Ky. June 29, 1847; died Feb. 23, 1873; joined MECS 1871.

ABNER BRYANT died March 3, 1873; an older man.

SALLIE HAMBLIN SHELTON d/o Thomas and Eliza Shelton died Feb. 28, 1873, Lebanon, Tenn.

JOSEPH LEAKE s/o Rev. W. C. and Anna S. HAISLEP, born New Iberia, La. Aug. 16, 1871; died Paris, Texas March 8, 1873; enteric fever.

Tribute of Respect for DAVID THORNTON a "pillar" of the MECS; by Board of Education, Millersburg, Feb. 26, 1873.

Rev. WILLIAM BARRINGER, a presiding elder, Hillsboro Dist., North Carolina Conference, died March 16, 1873.


March 29, 1873

GRINSFIELD TAYLOR, father of Rev. G. Taylor of Holston Conference, born Henry Co., Va. Dec. 13, 1785; died Feb. 19, 1873; citizen of Blount Co., Tenn.; had ten sons, two daughters.

REESE HOWELL born Abbeville Dist., N.C. Sept. 14, 1784; died near Talladega Ala. Oct. 31, 1872.

MARY A. BADGER, nee Burnett, born July 30, 1819; died Feb. 23, 1873; md W. W. Badger Aug. 25, 1841; joined MEC 1843.

Mrs. L. E. GARRETT w/o Elder R. G. Garrett; d/o Rufus and Sarah Lane, born May 31, 1840; died Hart Co., Ky. Dec. 18, 1872.

GEORGE MOSELEY died Franklin Co., Tenn. March 4, 1873 in his 80th year; among his children, a son, Thomas F. Moseley.

CHRISTIAN MOSELEY died Franklin Co., Tenn. Nov. 29, 1872 in residence of her stepson, Thomas F. Moseley in her 97th year.

MARY HALL w/o General William Hall, born March 5, 1786; died Sumner Co., Tenn. March 5, 1873; md Sept. 20, 1804; a son was Col. W. H. Hall.

Dr. SAMUEL LEE s/o John and Sarah Lee, born New York, Feb. 16, 1814; md Martha Best May 23, 1841; died Hardin Co., Ky. March 18, 1873.

ELIZABETH LUCAS ALEXANDER w/o Oliver Alexander; d/o George L. and Sarah Gee, born Mecklenburg Co., Va. March 5, 1820; orphaned she was educated by her uncle Alfred Gee who moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. 1825 and then in 1835 to Haywood Co., Tenn.; she md May 5, 1836; joined MEC 1836; died February 11, 1873, a member of the Missionary Baptist Church.

CHARLOTTE C. COLE died Giles Co., Tenn. March 7, 1873 in her 28th year; typhoid pneumonia; md Willis F. Cole December 1866.

MARY F. YOUNG died Giles Co., Tenn. Feb. 20, 1873 in her 27th year; md Jesse N. Young July 1865; left widower and two little daughters.

ISAAC C. PETREE born April 5, 1804; died Campbell Co., Tenn. Feb. 28, 1873; md Virginia Maupin Sept. 7, 1828 and she died Nov. 3, 1852; md Mrs. Sarah Irwin, Sept. 20, 1855. Tribute of Respect for him by Quarterly Conference, Jacksboro Circuit, Holston Conference, MECS, March 15, 1873.


(Page 73)

Apri1 5, 1873

HELEN M. LETTON w/o Rev. James Letton of Kentucky Conference, born Nov. 9, 1845; died March 12, 1873; md September 19, 1865; left widower and three children.

A. J. H. STONE born Ala. Dec. 26, 1851; died September 12, 1872.

GEORGE HOOSER died near Hardensville, Ky. March 8, 1873.

ELIZABETH BECKLEY w/o John R. Beckley, born July 7, 1818; d/o Col. Jeremiah Long of Shelby Co., Ky.; educated in the Tevis school, Shelbyville, Ky.; md September 18, 1837.

JAMES O'HARA born Eddyville, Ky. June 29, 1836; died Jan. 3, 1873; md Mary A. Lyon, August 10, 1859.

M. D. WELLS born Henry Co., Ky. 1811; died Whitesville, Ky. March 13, 1873; md. Mrs. Kay, May 23, 1872.

MOLLIE LIGHTFOOT, w/o Thomas Lightfoot, died January 8, 1873.

MARY D. CROW d/o L. D. Cooper; w/o W. W. Crow, born Ohio Co., Ky. Nov. 25, 1849; died in same county March 17, 1873; joined MECS 1861.

N. P. MEGUIAR born 1836; d/o Knight and Mary Curd; w/o P. Meguiar.

MICKLEJOHN KITTRELL s/o Joshua and Ruth Kittrell, born Granville Co., N.C. Dec. 13, 1792; died Maury Co., Tenn. March 10, 1873; moved to Maury Co. about 1821; his widow and four of seven children survived him.

FRANCES PARSONS died Logan Co., Ky. Feb. 15, 1873; born Sept. 26, 1808.

SARAH O. WILSON d/o Benjamin and Sarah Carloss, born Trigg Co., Ky. June 20, 1832; died March 7, 1873; md Thomas B. Wilson, October 31, 1862; a brother was T. H. Carloss.

Dr. W. B. WARFIELD of Franklin, Tenn. died Maury Co., Tenn. Feb. 28, 1873 in his 63rd year.

ELIZABETH S. SMITH w/o Lorenzo D. Smith; d/o A. S. Anderson, died Franklin Co., Tenn. March 5, 1873; born 1852; md 1872; left widower and one child.


April 12, 1873

Major BURTIS W. FERRILL born Franklin Co., N.C. Feb. 15, 1794; died Sumner Co., Tenn. Jan. 29, 1873; moved to Tenn. 1806; his wife predeceased him as well as several of their children.

ARCHIBALD BAIN born Shelby Co., Ky. Nov. 30, 1799; died Trimble Co., Ky. March 8, 1873; md Nancy R. Gatewood March 1821; joined MEC 1823.

BERNARD FRANKLIN s/o ex-Gov. Jesse D. Franklin of North Carolina, born Surry Co., N.C. March 11, 1799; died Early Grove, Miss. Feb. 3, 1873; md R. M. Wellborn and moved to Lincoln Co., Tenn.

Capt. A. H. CROSS s/o Prof. NATHANAEL CROSS died LaGrange, Texas, Feb. 16, 1873; a lawyer; tribute of respect for him by LaGrange Bar and city government (no date).

JOHN S. SANDLIN, native of north Ala., born July 28, 1842; died Dec. 24, 1872; member of Baptist Church.

JOEL RALEY PUSEY s/o John R. and Bettie Pusey born Hardin Co., Ky. Aug. 20, 1865; died Garnettsville, Ky. March 20, 1873.

Rev. GREENBERRY GARRETT born July 24, 180O; died March 20, 1873; joined Tenn. Conference 1821; md Mary W. Speer 1832; transferred to Ala. Conf. 1833.


(Page 74)

Rev. THOMAS R. MALONE s/o Winn and Jane Malone born Barren Co., Ky. Nov. 30, 1810; died Louisville, Ky. Feb. 20, 1873; licensed to preach, MEC, 1832; md d/o John Jones; she died February 19, 1844.

MARY NICHOLD d/o Capt. Samuel Blair, born Davidson Co., Tenn. Jan. 5, 1796; died Fulton Co., Ky. Sept. 24, 1872; md Dr. J. W. Nichold 1819; moved in 1820 to Carroll Co., Tenn.; in 1828 moved to Fulton Co., Ky.

Rev. JOHN S. STRICKLIN born Hardin Co., Tenn. 1848; died Feb. 9, 1873; a student in the Culleoka Institute where he was until his death.

HARRIET JANE GROVES born Livington Co., Ky. Dec. 28, 1832; md Thomas Groves, Noddaway Co., Mo. Nov. 25, 1849; died March 5, 1873.

ANGELINE MATHIS w/o Berryman Mathis born Dec. 8, 1829; died March 31, 1873; joined Presbyterian Church 1851; joined MECS 1859.

MARY A. E. MITCHELL born Limestone Co., Ala. Dec. 9, 1836; died March 14, 1873.

SUSANNAH BICKETT born N.C. March 21, 1796; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn. 1828; no death date given.

SAMUEL H. STIGALL s/o F. F. and Elizabeth Stigall, born Feb. 16, 1865; died Jan. 4, 1873.

TEMPIE M. SCRUGGS d/o Gen. Joseph and Mary J. Arrington, born Nash Co., N.C. Sept. 29, 1817; died Livingston, Ala. March 31, 1873; md Josiah L. Scruggs May 17, 1838; joined MEC October 1844.

Tribute of Respect for JESSE WILLIAMS who died Jefferson Co., Alabama January 5, 1873; by Jonesboro Quarterly Conference, March 8, 1873.

Tribute of Respect for Miss MARTHA CHAPIN who died March 9, 1873; by Livingston Sunday School, March 22, 1873.

Rev. PHILIP ELROD born N.C. 1784; died DeKalb Co., Ala. Nov. 6, 1872; joined MEC 1802; licensed to preach 1816; ordained deacon Jan. l, 1874; ordained elder Nov. 29, 1853.

J. B. NICHOLS born Aug. l, 1803; died DeKalb Co., Ala. Nov. 7, 1872; through rheumatism was made a cripple in early life.

MARY BRANDON born Halifax Co., Va. 1786; died Jan. 13, 1873; in fall of 1827 she and husband, Irvin Brandon, and family moved to Trigg Co., Ky.; they joined MEC 1834 at Mt. Zion.

Tribute of Respect for LAURA ANN BURNS who died March 29, 1873; by Class #24, Elm Street Sunday School, Nashville, April 1, 1873.


April 19, 1873

JOHN D. CURFMAN born Nov. 15, 1853; death date not given.

JOHN M. PACE born Fairfax Co., Va. Dec. 26, 1804; died Shelby Co., Ky. Feb. 26, 1873; moved with parents to Ky. 1812; md Sarah Beckley 1829; joined MEC 1830.

Miss ISABELLA A. SMITH born June 23, 1792; died January 2, 1873; her family lived in Laurel Co., Ky.

BARNETT TRIBBLE died April 4, 1873.

MINNIE THOMAS youngest d/o Rev. R. Y. and Lizzie Thomas, died Franklin Co., Ky. April 4, 1873 aged 4 years, 8 months old.

ADDIE P. BOWMAN d/o P. D. and Permelia Simmons, died April 4, 1873; pneumonia; md James L. Bowman Dec. 31, 1867.


(Page 75)

BIRKETT COLVIN born Culpepper Co., Va. Oct. 12, 1792; died Feb. 23, 1873; moved to Mason Co., Ky. 1794; then to Pendleton Co., Ky. 1805, where he lived most of his life; served in War of 1812; md Nancy Minor; J. P. of Pendleton Co. for 16 years; joined MEC 1841.

AURELIUS DOUGLAS HALL born Sept. 17, 1817; died Jackson Co., Tenn. March 16, 1873; md Almira Dycus March 23, 1843; m Samantha M. Bryant March 6, 1864.

SHIELDS BOOKER born Va. March 25, 1802; died Giles Co., Tenn. Jan. 4, 1873; md Sarah G. Dewoody Dec. 28, 1826; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. 1866, from Alabama.

DANIEL PERKINS s/o Arab and Polly Perkins, born Grayson Co., Va. April 23, 1801; died November 1872.

SMITH L. BRANDEN born Trigg Co., Ky. march 25, 1851; died April 6, 1873; md Mary E. Wade March 1, 1870; joined MECS November 25, 1864.

FANNIE ELEANOR ORR d/o Hugh and Jane Kerr, born near Charlotte, N.C. Oct. 5, 1814; died Dec. 2, 1872; md W. D. Orr Sept. 1833; moved March 1835 to Giles Co., Tenn.

ELIZABETH D. CROSS died Fayette Co., Tenn. April 1, 1873; d/o Nicholas Tyner, a veteran of the Revolutionary War; born Northampton Co., N.C. May 8, 1798; a widow for 25 years.

ANN GRAHAM born 1795; died near Courtland, Ala. Feb. 18, 1873.

WILLIE TOWLES infant s/o Capt. D. T. and Mary A. Towles, died Greensburg, Ky. April 1, 1873 aged 4 years, 6 months, 5 days old.

Tribute of Respect for Dr. W. A. SYKES; by Quarterly Conference, Aberdeen Station, No. Miss. Conference, March 30, 1873.


Apri1 26, 1873

LIZZIE TODD PUTNAM youngest d/o Samuel and Nancy Graham, born Madisonville, Tenn. Aug. 5, 1829; died April 10, 1873; graduate, Cumberland Female College 1854; md Rev. John C. Putnam, Feb. l, 1855; mother of seven children, one of whom predeceased her.

MARY E. RUSHTON w/o Jesse Rushton; d/o Rev. J. P. and Marcia Sebastian, born March 23, 1854; died March 8, 1873; md Feb. 29, 1872. Her infant daughter, SARAH MARCIA RUSHTON, born Feb. 23, 1873; died February 28, 1873.

SARAH WOODWARD died Robertson Co., Ky. March 29, 1873 in her 67th year; widow of Ebenezer Woodward.

Rev. JAMES EARLEY born Dec. 27, 1801; died Nov. 15, 1872; licensed to preach, MEC 1843.

WILLIAM EVANS born Mercer Co., Ky. Sept. 20, 1848; died Anderson Co., Ky. April 9, 1873; joined MECS 1872.

SUSIE EMILY JOHN d/o B. M. and Lula Woolsey, born Dallas Co., March 31, 1850; died Selma March 8, 1873; md S. W. John, April 27, 1870; joined MECS Sept. 19, 1869.

MARY L. GARNER d/o Lewis and Louisa Garner, born Rutherford Co., Tenn. June 2, 1839; died Nov. 24, 1872; joined MECS 1850.

SAMSON P. ANDERSON s/o Sumner and Elizabeth Anderson, born Allen Co., Ky. Sept. 15, 1849; died March 11, 1873; md Louisa Williams, August 1869.

FRANCES EMMA ALEXANDER d/o William B. and Mary Alexander, born July 22, 1856; died Cherokee, Ala. Nov. 29, 1873.

Major CARTER WALKER died near Fayetteville, Tenn. March 28, 1873; born Nov. 24, 1795; paralyzed for 53 years; never married.


(Page 76)

JOHN FRANKLIN PUCKETT died Sumner Co., Tenn. Feb. 18, 1873 aged about 40; md Mary F. Webb June 19, 1867.

JOHN BRIDGES born Aug. 5, 1813; died Smith Co., Tenn. Jan. 11, 1873.

JOHN BARNES born Pulaski Co., Ky. Jan. 26, 1804; died Jan. 19, 1873; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Giles Co., Tenn. about 1828.

MARGARET AMELIA ELLIS d/o Andrew A. and Sallie Brown; w/o Dr. Ephraim W. Ellis, born Davidson Co., Tenn. July 11, 1832; died April 12, 1873; md April 4, 1852.

THOMAS F. BUCHANAN born Tyrone Co., Ireland 1816; died Chickasaw, Ala. April 12, 1873; came to Florence, Ala. 1844 and stayed about 12 years and returned to Ireland where he md Anna McCully June 27, 1856 and returned soon to the U.S., to Chickasaw, Ala. where they thereafter lived.


May 3, 1873

Dr. JOHN F. REYNOLDS born Jan. 20, 1834; died near Newbern, Ala. Dec. 27, 1872; pneumonia; joined MECS 1856; surgeon in Confederate army; md Minnie C. d/o Col. R. A. Baker of Summerfield, Ala. 1865; left widow and four children.

Sister /SARAH/ widow of Leven CLIFTON, nee Wells, mother of W. L. Clifton, born Union Dist., N.C. Aug. 16, 1793; died Cherokee co., Ala. Dec. 19, 1872; raised in Putnam Co., Ga.; granddaughter of Nicholas Watters a pioneer MEC preacher who died in Charleston, N.C. 1804; left fourteen children and stepchildren.

BETHENIA BARNETT CHAMBLIS mother of Rev. John H. Chamblis of Nashville Circuit, born Aug. 19, 1818; died Montgomery Co., Tenn. Feb. 28, 1873; joined Baptist Church but joined MECS 1869.

MARAH M. MATTHEWS, nee Chiles, born Va. 1800; died Aug. 6, 1871.

Rev. JOSEPH PRICE born Sept. 11, 1796; died Barren Co., Ky. Feb. 10, 1873; licensed to preach, MEC, 1822.

JOHN THOMASSON born Stokes Co., N.C. April 9, 1799; died Monroe Co., Tenn. April 3, 1873; joined MEC 1815; moved to Greene Co., Tenn., then to Monroe Co.

ANN C. McCALLEN w/o Rev. Dr. William McCallen, born Frederick Co., Va. Oct. 25, 1803; d/o Fairfax Washington; died Logan Co., Ky. March 28, 1873; blood relation of General George Washington; md 1837.

NANCY H. JONES w/o Hugh Jones, born Franklin Co., Tenn. April 7, 1817; died Shelbyville, Tenn. April 13, 1873; joined MEC 1836.

EMILY JACKSON WOOD d/o Thomas R. Jackson; w/o John Q. Wood, born Wilson Co., Tenn. Sept. 17, 1835; died April 12, 1873.

MATTIE HARRIS d/o William Harris born Wilson Co., Tenn. July 28, 1855; died April 16, 1873; joined MECS 1869.

Wife of Dr. A. L. PILLOW (her given name not provided) died March 1873; apoplexy /stroke/.

Tribute of Respect for I. L. CANNON who died Athens, Ala. April 5, 1873; meningitis; by Sunday School group.

SARAH YOUNG mother of Mrs. A. L. Pillow, died in the same house that Mrs. A. L. Pillow died in, one week later; aged 69 years.

MARY, E. TRAVIS d/o J. W. and Nancy Travis born Trigg Co., Ky. May 4, 1846; died Dec. 24, 1872


(Page 77)

MINERVA (Minnie) A. TRAVIS d/o J. W. and Nancy Travis born Trigg Co., Ky. March 24, 1860; died March 26, 1873.

LOUISA M. DAVIDSON born May 1, 1827; died March 22, 1873.

Dr. JOEL C. LEDBETTER born Madison Co., Ala. June 9, 1839; died Blountville, Ala. April 5, 1873; consumptive; died at residence of father-in-law, W. V. Newsome; joined MECS 1870; md Eliza Newsome 1868.

MATTIE GASTON w/o Rev. Benjamin J. Gaston of North Carolina Conference, d/o James D. and Sarah Erwin born March 8, 1856; died April 10, 1873; md Feb. 22, 1872.

Mrs. SACCHIE HUNTER VOORHIES died April 16, 1873 aged 89 years, 11 months old; mother of A. O. P. Nicholson, Chief Justice of the State of Tennessee, and Rev. James Voorhies and Col. Milton Voorhies.


May 10, 1873

MILDRED A. M. TURNER d/o Rev. Samuel Turner born Oct. 15, 1828; died Muhlenburg Co., Ky. March 27, 1873.

ELIZA V. HITE born 1791; died Louisville, Ky. Dec. 11, 1872, at residence of her son, W. C. Hite; md Louis Hite June 13, 1813, who died 1824; had three children, two of whom, Mrs. Eliza Ann (surname covered in left margin of newspaper) and Louis L. Hite , predeceased her.

THOMAS HARBER born Halifax Co., Va. Feb. 1787; died Madison Co., Ky. April 11, 1873; buried in family graveyard.

Rev. FRANCIS A. HARDING born Dec. 8, 1842; entered MEC ministry 1839; ordained elder 1843; md youngest d/o Thomas M. Swann 1844; suspended "on account of slavery", i. e. owning slaves, 1844; located in St. Mary's Co. and was a farmer; no death date given.

HARRIET E. ROGERS w/o Samuel M. Rogers; d/o Reuben Reynolds, born Nov. 18. 1820; died Dec. 14, 1872; md May 1842; joined MEC 1842.

MARY A. KEARLEY w/o J. C. Kearley; d/o Scott and Jane Woodmore, born Smith Co. Tenn. Feb. 21, 1850; died April 3, 1873.

MARY J. GRISSUM d/o Willis and Susan Grissum born Metcalf Co., Ky. June 6, 1851; died April 1, 1873.

WILLIAM D. READ born Feb. 2, 1855; died April 12, 1873; eldest s/o Gen. E. H. and Lot tie C. Read; employee of E. and P. Railroad and in an accident train ran over one of his legs and an arm from which injuries he died about six hours later.

JENNIE JACOBY d/o Jacob and Charity Jacoby died near Paris, Ky. April 23, 1873.

Mrs. SUSAN H. OWEN born Dec. 15, 1799; died near Nolensville, Tenn. March 14, 1873; left seven children: Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Edmondson, William Owen, Phil. Owen, Berry Owen and James Owen.

MARTHA A. HARRIS d/o William and Malvina S. Harris, born Wilson Co., Tenn. July 28, 1855; died Wilson Co., Tenn. April 16, 1873; attending school in Murfreesboro when stricken fatally with typhoid fever.

OTIS BLAND SLOCUMB infant s/o William S. and Laura V. Slocumb died Talapoosa Co., Ala., aged 6 months, 15 days old (no death date given).

Rev. Dr. JOHN T. BASKERVILLE of Memphis Conference died Fayette Co., Tenn. May 1, 1873 in his 71st year; joined MEC 1830; licensed to preach 1835.


(Page 78)

May 17, 1873

THOMAS CREGAR s/o Thomas and Sarah A. Cregar born Oct. 25, 1844; died April 6, 1873.

LOU SNODGRASS died Sparta, Tenn. April 23, 1873 aged 43 years; widow; left four children.

EVALINE W. NISBETT w/o W. A. Nisbett born near Pelham, Tenn. Oct. 30, 1830; died Rutherford Co., Tenn. Feb. 23, 1873; md November 5, 1851.

THOMAS EDWIN THOMPSON born Westmoreland Co., Va. 1809; died Palmyra, Mo. April 11, 1873; joined MEC, Fauquier Co., Va. 1826; md Margaret M. A. d/o Notley C. Williams of Loudon Co., Va.; moved to Missouri 1836.

POLLY ANN NICHOLS born Jan. 29, 1836; died Lawrence Co., Ala. April 15, 1873.

WAMAN LEFTWICH died Sparta, Tenn. April 28, 1873 in his 75th year; came from Va. to Tenn. 1820; md Rebecca Rowland 1822; member of MECS and Masonic order.

JULIA ANN PEYTON born Jan. 27, 1837; died April 3, 1873; md J. W. Peyton March 4, 1857.

FRANCES PAYNE born King George Co., Va. Aug. 16, 1787; died Feb. l0, 1873 in residence of Catharine Ratcliffe, Nashville; md John Payne of Warren Co., Va. 1815; joined MECS 1847.

WILLIAM ARCHIE MARSHALL oldest s/o John A. and Ann E. Marshall, born Taylor Co., Ky. Aug. 24, 1850; died Campbellsville, Ky. Jan. 8, 1873.

JULIA BELL ETHRIDGE d/o Allen and Jane Ethridge born Henry Co., Tenn. Sept. 5, 1856; died Hickman Co., Tenn. April 16, 1873; left parents, two brothers and three sisters.

SARAH PARALEE JACKSON infant d/o C. W. and Mary M. Jackson died March 31, 1873.

THOMAS COKE MOURNING s/o J. D. and M. A. Mourning born May 18, 1858; died April 12, 1873.


May 24, 1873

SARAH ANNE SAUNDERS d/o George and Mary Creel, born Prince William Co., Va. Oct. 16, 1783; md Capt. N. Saunders of Caroline Co., Va. Dec. 7, 1800 and moved to what became Clayville, Wood Co., West Va.; joined MEC 1819; ". . . a gentleman, contemplating her as she lay in the coffin, said he never saw a person past thirty with so fair and smooth a face"; since 1837 a member of family of son-in-law, late Alfred Neale; of her seven children, three daughters and a son survived her as well as her brother, Dr. Creel, who was in his 88th year; no death date given for her.

ELIZABETH ANN CREAMER born Feb. 2, 1819; died April 15, 1873; eldest child of Isaac Taylor and great niece of Isaac Taylor Baltimore Co., Md., by whom she was adopted, having been orphaned; md David Creamer Nov. 27, 1834; her maternal grandfather, Daughaday, was a Methodist local preacher; had Quaker ancestry.

MARY E. CROW born Madison Co., Ala. Oct. 15, 1817; died Lauderdale Co., Ala. April 28, 1873; md Thomas B. Crow April 7, 1845.

ALURETTA MURPHY, nee McBath, died April 25, 1873; w/o Col. W. C. Murphy, Sevier co., Tenn.; joined MECS 1858.

AMANDA WINTER, nee Hunt, born Lewis Co., Ky. Aug. 8, 1837; died May 3, 1873; md Rev. William A. Winter of Kentucky Conference Jan. 11, 1852; joined MECS 1851.

MARY LETITIA QUIGGINS w/o Frank Quiggins and d/o Christian H. and Sarah K. Wood, born Sept. 5, 1845; died Elizabethton, Ky., March 25, 1873.


(Page 79)

SARAH E. JETT d/o Josiah and Nancy Morrison, born Montgomery Co., Tenn. March 26, 1819; died in same county, March 3, 1873; md Alfred Jett September 1864.

WILLIAM RUFUS TRICE born near Shelbyville, Tenn. Dec. 25, 1823; died April 2, 1873; moved to Summit, Blount Co., Ala. where he "engaged in business;" md Hannah L. Brockshier Dec. 15, 1842; joined MECS 1864.

Rev. MATTHEW CARTER born N.C. April 25, 1795; died Hawesville, Ky. March 14, 1873; md Rebecca Baird 1817; joined MEC 1825; licensed to preach 1833; served in Tenn., Ark., Ky. conferences; moved to Hawesville 1850. His grandson, JOHN PINSON, born Nov. 4, 1840; died April 8, 1873.

JOHN W. HAUGHEE born May 8, 1831; died March 17, 1873; a husband and father. His only son, JOSEPH HAUGHEE, born Oct. 8, 1854; died April 15, 1873.

PRISCILLA HAMBLETON, nee Heddon, consort of Alex. Hambleton, born Dec. 26, 1841; died March 27, 1873.

CHARLES EMORY WHEELER s/o L. N. and Sarah Wheeler born Dec. 28, 1871; died March 27, 1873.

JAMES L. SEDBERRY s/o John L. and Rebecca Sedberry born Sept. 2, 1868; died Dec. 12, 1872.

MARY SETTLE widow of Rev. S. P. Settle, born Va. Dec. 25, 1799; died Monroe Co., Ark. April 7, 1873 at residence of son, H. Settle in Wheatley, Ark.

POLLY SHEARER w/o William Shearer; d/o William and Catharine Davis born Wayne Co., Ky. March 9, 1814; died Putnam Co., Mo. May 4, 1873; joined MEC 1822; md Sept. 26, 1833, Wayne Co., Ky. and in 1841 moved to Randolph Co., Mo.; moved to Putnam Co. 1853; left widower and six children.

EDITH LAY born June 11, 1786; died April 27, 1873.

THOMAS WRIGHT born Union Dist., N.C. 1783; died Lawrence Co., Tenn. Feb. 9, 1873 at residence of son, Rev. Robert Wright; md Elizabeth Vice 1808; moved to Tenn. 1823.

AMANDA ELIZABETH BAKER d/o G. W. and Letitia B. Fowlkes of Hickman Co., Tenn. born June 3, 1851; md S. T. Baker Dec. 1869; no death date given for her.

GABRIEL ROBERT FOWLKES s/o G. W. and Letitia Fowlkes born April 20, 1849; died Jan. 31, 1873.

JULIA ANN HEARN d/o Richard and Anna Cartwright born Aug. 14, 1816; died April 7, 1873; md Parnel Hearn Jan. 9, 1834; mother of eight children, five of them surviving her.

Mrs. THOMAS HEARN's funeral sermon was preached May 4, 1873 in Lebanon Circuit, Tennessee Conference; d/o Martin Skeen.


May 31, 1873

Rev. NICHOLAS TALLEY born May 2, 1791 near Richmond, Va.; died Columbia, N.C. May 10, 1873; a MEC minister 62 years in South Carolina Conference; buried in Washington Street churchyard. In his diary, May 2, 1873 he had written, "My birthday, eighty-two. I have lived on the bounty and goodness of God. I feel grateful and happy to believe he doeth all things well."

LOUISA CAMPBELL d/o John and Nancy Morris died Madison Co., Ala. May 10, 1873; moved from N.C. to Tenn., then to Madison Co., Ala.

Mrs./ MILDRED/ AKEN of Charleston, Tenn. born April 26, 1804; died May 7, 1873; md "Mr." Aken April 24, 1838 and he died later leaving her with four children.


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ELIZABETH COWLES LEDBETTER born Fauquier Co., Va. 1804; died Williamson Co., Tenn. March 20, 1873; md Rev. Rufus Ledbetter Jan. 25, 1827; joined MEC, Culpepper Co., Va.

MARY A. SOWELL w/o Rev. J. M. Sowell, born Maury Co., Tenn. Jan. 2, 1821; died April 22, 1873; md Dec. 24, 1851; mother of six children, one of whom, a little boy, had died before its mother.

MARTHA J. GANT consort of John J. Gant born Jan. 17, 1820; died Water Valley, Miss. May 8, 1873; md Jan. 3, 1838; joined MEC March 27, 1838.

MARY SUSAN WEBB d/o Isaac and Harriet Webb, born Person Co., N.C. June 1, 1833; died Smith Co., Tenn. April 4, 1873 in residence of brother-in-law, Hiram Lyles and sister-in-law also of Revs. Wm. H. Johnson and George L. Staley of the Tennessee Conference.

WILLIAM (Billie) LANIER born Mecklenburg Co., Va. July 29, 1803; died May 14, 1873; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. 1811; md Martha C. Tanner Dec. 16, 1830; joined MEC 1837.

ELIZABETH DRISKILL died DeKalb Co., Ala. May 13, 1873 aged 78 years, 10 months, 18 days old; joined MEC 1821.

JAMES ADAMS died April 19, 1873 in his 69th year; lived in Montevallo, Ala. since 1854; left widow and several children.

MARY SNODDY's funeral services were held May 18, 1873; she had been md to A. Trigg Snoddy, June 11, 1872.

GEORGE W. LAMB s/o Jonathan and Elizabeth Lamb born Smith Co., Tenn. June 17, 1851; died April 8, 1873.

JUDITH A. MOODY w/o Dr. J. M. Moody; d/o Miles H. and Martha A. Grenfield, born Aug. 31, 1845; died May 2, 1872; md Sept. 11, 1865. Also, tribute of respect for her by her Sunday School group.

MARVIN PARKER BERRY infant s/o Hugh P. and Dana Berry died May 18, 1873 aged 7 months, 25 days old.

DANIEL PRATT born Temple, New Hampshire, July 20, 1799; died Prattville, Ala. May 13, 1873; apprenticed when young to learn house carpentry; went south 1819 to Savannah, Ga., then to Macon, Ga.; moved to Autauga Co., Ala. 1833; built and operated a cotton factory 1846 and became a wealthy entrepreneur; md Esther Ticknor.

From MEMORIAL RECORD OF ALABAMA (1893), volume I, pages 357-358:
HON. DANIEL PRATT (deceased), the founder of the Pratt Gin factory at Prattville, Ala., was born at Temple. N.H., July 20, 1799. His father, Edward Pratt, was a son of Daniel Pratt, a native of Reading, Mass., whose wife was Asenith, daughter of Ebenezer Flint, of Wilton, N.H. Hon. Daniel Pratt was educated at the common schools of his section, and at the age of sixteen was apprenticed to learn the carpenter's trade. At the end of his apprenticeship of three years, in 1819, he went to Savannah, Ga., thence to Milledgeville, and worked at his trade in that vicinity until 1831, when he went to Clinton, Ga., and there associated himself with Samuel Griswold in the manufacture of cotton gins until 1833, when he removed to Autauga county, Ala., and built a dam on Autauga creek, a few miles below the present site of Prattville and there ran a factory for about two years, when he purchased a tract of land, built the present mill and began the erection of the present town of Prattville, so named in his honor. The gin manufactory is the most extensive in the world, and the product the most popular in the market, having been improved by Mr. Pratt time and time again, where be saw room for improvement. These gins are used in every cotton-growing region on the earth-over one hundred of them having been sent even to Russia in 1891. In all there are about 33,000 in present use. The works employ about 125 men, with a pay-roll amounting to $7,000 per month. Mr. Pratt was a very energetic man, and, as a result amassed one of the largest fortunes in the south. He owned thousands of acres of fine mineral land in north Alabama, and was one of the first to develop the coal and iron mines in the state or in the south. He built the furnace at Oxmoor, near Birmingham, and the Pratt mines were opened up by his son-in-law, H. F. DeBardeleben, and named for Mr. Pratt. Mr. Pratt continued his activity until his death in 1872. He was a man of great prominence and popularity, and served the people of his district in both branches of the Alabama legislature. He held rank in the Masonic order, the Daniel Pratt chapter being an evidence of his exalted standing in the fraternity. A man of noble impulses, generous and kind to the poor, he was a true devoted Christian, and always foremost in rendering assistance to charitable work, as is witnessed by the fact that he erected a large two-story brick edifice, with store-rooms below and auditorium or meeting-room above, and donated it to the Methodist congregation of which he was a consistent member. In 18-, he married Miss Esther Ticknor. They reared but one child-Ellen, wife of H. F. DeBardeleben, now a resident of Birmingham, Ala.


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June 7, 1873

Poem written in memory of LIDA BOUDE, at Hopkinsville, Ky. May 1873.

Rev. JOHN D. WINN born Sept. 15, 1805; died Oct. 20, 1872; ordained deacon Feb. 6, 1831; ordained elder Nov. 4, 1832.

JOHN T. JACKSON born July 21, 1827; died Calhoun, Ky. May 4, 1873; pneumonia; left widow and children.

ANNIE STAMPER GLASGOW d/o L. C. and M. J. Danley; born Mason Co., Ky. March 27, 1855; died May 21, 1873; md A. M. Glasgow Nov. 28, 1872; left widower and infant child.

WILLIAM GORDON SOWELL born Maury Co., Tenn. Dec. 20, 1846; died May 6, 1873.

H. L. KENNON born N.C. 1791; died Crawford, Miss. in residence of son, Dr. John H. Kennon, May 20, 1873; in 1798 moved with family to Ga.; fought Indians in Florida; became a physician; at age 23 moved to Ala. His brothers: Rev. R. L. Kennon, Rev. John Kennon, Rev. Charles Kennon, Rev. Richard Kennon, all deceased; member of Masonic order.

ROBERT B. BILES born April 22, 1810; died Warren Co., Tenn. April 25, 1873; md Nancy Ramsey 1838.

MARY E. EDMONDSON d/o John Edmondson died May 19, 1873.

W. B. SHIELDS died Wayne Co., Tenn. Nov. 29, 1872 aged 78 years at residence of son-in-law, M. H. Old; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Giles Co., when young; moved to Wayne Co. about 1850; was a ruling elder in the church there.

MAGGIE A. ROGERS born April 9, 1854; died May 17, 1873; joined MECS Mar. 3, 1873.

SARAH PEARCE died Cleberne Co., Ala. a few months "ago", aged 83 years; joined MEC in South Carolina.

WILLIAM WESLEY HARRISON s/o Brazel and Elizabeth Harrison born DeKalb Co., Ala. May 22, 1855; died March 6, 1873; joined MECS 1871.

MARY SUSAN CLARK d/o Rev. Caleb N. Bell born June 15, 1822; died Christian Co., Ky. Dec. 20, 1872; md Thomas Clark, November 26, 1844.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. WILLIAM BURNS, born Rockingham Co., N.C. Feb. 18, 1800; died January 2, 1873; md Mrs. Sallie A. Haynes Jan. 7, 1869 who survived him; had md Keturah Rucker at age 25 who died 1862; licensed to preach 1838, MEC; ordained deacon 1841; ordained elder 1846; by an unnamed church group.


June 14, 1873

Rev. MARK WILSON GRAY born Maury Co., Tenn. Feb. 11, 1811; died May 28, 1873; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, Tenn.; licensed to preach, MEC, Nov. 8, 1828; ordained deacon Oct. 10, 1833; ordained elder 1839. "He continued an itinerant preacher till the day of his death. In person, Brother Gray was portly, with light hair and florid complexion." Left children and grandchildren.

Rev. R. J. POLLITT born May 19, 1837; died May 25, 1873; joined MECS; ordained deacon 1868; admitted to Kentucky Conference Sept. 1870; md Margaret L. Lecompte of Henry Co., Ky. and she died January 1872.

Rev. JOHN D. LOFTIN born N.C. July 1, 1807; died Montgomery, Ala. May 13, 1873; moved to Ga. at about age 12; licensed to preach, MEC and moved to Ala.; ordained deacon Jan. 7, 1838; ordained elder Jan. 5, 1840.

HARRIET HARRISON died May 16, 1873 aged 25 years; md John Harrison at age 21.

Mrs. SALLIE E. WEST died Smithville, Tenn. Feb. 23, 1873 aged 26 years.


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THOMAS H. McGLASSON born Amelia Co., Va. Feb. 26, 1798; died Cumberland Co., Ky. May 5, 1873; md Jane Hill 1825; moved with family to Ky. 1816.

ABNER McGEHEE s/o James and Mary McGehee born Oglethorpe Co., Ga. April 23, 1807; died Indian Springs, Ga. May 14, 1873; his wife died May 27, 1864; buried in Columbia, Tennessee.

MARTHA JANE BURR d/o John L. and Elmira S. Cowan, born Smith Co., Tenn. July 18, 1849; died April 4, 1873.

SARAH LUCINDA WELCH d/o Joseph and Nancy Cathey, consort of Hon. W. P. Welch, born Haywood Co., N.C. Dec. 20, 1839; died Jan. 4, 1873; md July 19, 1871; graduate, Holston Conference Female College 1861.

Rev. JOHN YOUNG died Colfax CO., May 23, 1873, aged 93 years, at residence of son-in-law John Campbell; a traveling preacher for 59 years.


June 21, 1873

SUSAN MATILDA RIGG, nee Dayton, died June 2, 1873 aged 33 years; md William Rigg. Elder Thomas Rigg, an uncle by marriage, at her request, took part in her funeral services.

ELIZABETH A. NEWMAN w/o Otho Newman; d/o James A. and Jane Mitchel1, born Oct. 1, 1829; died Feb. 27, 1873; member of Baptist Church.

BETTIE McCLAREN youngest and only unmarried child of her parents, died May 30, 1873 aged 16 years; afflicted with "spinal affection from her birth; had never walked a step."

SARAH CAMPBELL d/o Rev. William and Martha Jared born White Co., Tenn. Aug. 13, 1851; died May 23, 1873; md Jesse Campbell Oct. l, 1871.

Miss MARY EMERY died Nashville, Tenn. June 7, 1873 aged 21 years.


June 28, 1873

DANIEL P. CROSSWAITE died Bourbon Co., Ky. May 29, 1873 aged 29 years; had lived recently in Gallatin, Tenn.; il1ness due to exposure in La. swamps where he had traded; member of Presbyterian Church.

AMANDA CATHARINE BUSH born Nov. 17, 1844; died Nashville, Tenn. June 14, 1873; cholera; md William Bush Dec. 16, 1871; left widower and infant child.

GEORGE HOOKER born N.C. June 15, 1787; died Franklin co., Ala. Feb. 15, 1873; served under command of General Harrison in War of 1812.

ELIZA ANN BUTLER d/o Rev. William G. and Sarah I. Butler born Jan. 2, 1850; died May 22, 1873; raised in Christian Co., Ky.

IRVIN HENDERSON s/o A. W. and Nancy Henderson born April 29, 1856; died Somerville, Ala. May 23, 1873 from injuries received when he was thrown from a horse; joined MECS July 12, 1871.

SABINA WATKINS d/o C. and S. Watkins of Somerville, Ala. born 1846; died May 12, 1873; consumptive; joined MECS 1866.

MELDY HAMILTON d/o William and Julia Hamilton born Jan. 8, 1849; died Colbert Co., Ala. April 21, 1873.

JAMES DAUGHERTY born Wayne Co., Ky. March 1, 1802; died March 2, 1873.

JAMES EDGAR COLLIER only child of J. P. and E. D. Collier born Corinth, Miss. Dec. 26, 1872; died March 27, 1873.


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