By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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January 3, 1861

Rev. JOSEPH CARL died Nov. 12, 1860, St. Helena Parish, La.; born Washington Co., N.Y. Feb. 26, 1796; s/o Jacob and Phebe Carl who moved to Washington Co., Tenn. when he was about 18 years old; became member MEC; licensed to preach, Sept. 1, 1822; md Elizabeth d/o Captain Eli Ely, Southampton Co., Va.

NANCY C. JONES w/o Jordan M. Jones died Lyon Co., Ky. Nov. 6, 1860; born N.C. Feb. 15, 1801; moved to Tennessee 1821; then to Lyon Co., Ky. 1853.

Mrs. SUSAN HOBSON born Va. 1793; died December 13, 1860.

HENRY A. RIDDICK died November 15, 1860.


January 10, 1861

Mrs. MARY RUSSELL born Md. April 11, 1787; died Louisville, Ky. Nov. 20, 1860; moved with parents when a child to Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., Ky.; later moved to Shelby Co., Ky., then Louisville, Ky.; left children.

Mrs. RHODA WOOTON d/o Reuben and Elizabeth Martin, born Warren Co., Tenn., Jan. 13, 1823; died Dec. 16, 1860; moved to Lauderdale Co., Ala. 1844; left widower and six daughters.

Mrs. NANCY ANN MALLONEE w/o Thomas F. Mallonee, d/o J. and Mary Roy, born Sullivan Co., Tenn., April 20, 1807; died in same county, Oct. 26, 1860.

JACOB REEDER born S.C. Jan. 10, 1799; died Nov. 18, 1860, cancer of face; joined MEC 1828.

Mrs. DORCAS BAUCHMAN born Davidson Co., Tenn.; md April 13, 1815; died Dec. 12, 1860; left widower, five daughters and two sons, the latter of whom were MECHS preachers.

SALLIE EVINS widow of Charles C. Evins born Washington Co., Va. 1778; died Carroll Co., Tenn. Dec. 17, 1860; joined MEC 1818.

SARAH HART born Orange Co., N.C. Aug. 5, 1786; d/o Thomas and L. Fassetts; died Bedford Co., Tenn. Aug. 3, 1860; md James Hart 1810.

MATTIE A. HEARN d/o M. P. Hearn born Feb. 17, 1860; died Dec. 24, 1860. Lebanon, Tennessee.

ALMIRA McKITTRICK d/o Mountford and Elizabeth Peter born Jan. 18, 1834; died Denton Co., Texas Nov. 5, 1860; joined MECS, Maxville, Ky. Dec. 1850; with husband moved to Texas 1860.

Tribute of Respect for KING LUTON who had died; by a fraternal order's committee.


January 17, 1861

JOHN HUGHES born Patrick Co., Va. August 3, 1776; died near Franklin, Tenn. Dec. 26, 1860; md Sally Martin Feb. 9, 1798; moved to Tenn. 1828; buried with Masonic rites. "He had in his possession at the time of his death a charter of some Virginia lodge which was made to him as Master thereof bearing date 1803. Sometime member of Virginia legislature.

ALLEN NEWTON ELLIS born March 10, 1843; died Nov. 19, 1860, diphtheria; joined MECS July 19, 1858. His sister LUCINDA MATILDA ELLIS, born Sept. 16, 1846; died Dec. 9, 1860, diphtheria.

Twin children (names not given) of Charles L. and Mary W. ROBERTS died Adams Co. Iowa aged 4 years, 5 months old; one died Nov. 21, 1860; the other died November 24, 1860.


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Rev. R. O. SELF died Jackson Co., N.C. Oct. 8, 1860 in his 27th year, typhoid fever; born Chester Dist. S.C.; migrated with family to Buncombe Co., N.C. where he joined the Baptist Church 1852; fal1 of 1856 authorized to preach as Baptist minister; later joined MECS and preached in that church.

HARRIET E. INMAN d/o I. J. and M. A. Inman of Adairville, Ky. died "on Tuesday last she was attacked with diphtheria and on Sunday she died", aged 11 years; obituary not dated.

DIXON FORGERSON born Brunswick Co., Va. 1795; died Dec. 12, 1860; moved when young to Sumner Co., Tenn.; md Hannah Towsin 1817.

ELIZABETH H. AYRES d/o Col. J. B. Ayres; w/o R. H. Ayres; born Buckingham Co., Va. Oct. 17, 1817; died Dec. 21, 1860; md 1836; lived in Hillsboro, Ohio until 1855 when they moved to Tennessee.

W. F. BROWN born Roane Co., Tenn.; died there Dec. 3, 1860 in 57th year; member of Masonic order.

REBECCA HEWLETT w/of Lemuel Hewlett; d/o Lemuel and Loving Harvey; born N.C. 1791; died Hopkins Co., Ky. Nov. 3, 1860; md Sept. 4, 1817 to Hewlett; had been md to Thomas Browder 1806 who died in 1813 leaving her with two sons; moved with parents to Davidson Co., Tenn., then Montgomery Co.; in 1805 finally settled in Hopkins Co., Ky.

ARLEAN w/o W. T. DOWDY; d/o William and Nancy Albright, died Dec. 3, 1860 in her 26th year.

SARAH ANDERSON w/o Andrew Anderson died Sumner Co., Tenn. Aug. 23, 1860 aged 53 years.

ROBERT B. GANT s/o Joseph Mc. and Elizabeth A. Gant, born Marshall Co., Tenn. Jan. 21, 1846; died Todd Co., Ky. Oct. l1, 1860; typhoid fever.

SAMMIE BURTON McDANIEL s/o Rev. James S. and Mollie McDaniel died Yelvington, Ky. Dec. 18, 1860; "a sweet little boy."

CATHERINE S. WILSON w/o John W. Wilson died Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 6, 1861; d/o Thomas Stratton and native of Davidson Co., Tennessee.

MATTHEW COX born Floyd Co., Va. May 4, 1786; died Ashe Co., N.C. Nov. 25, 1860; md Mary Bridges 1812.

JOSEPH G. BROWN, druggist, died Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 31, 1860; native of Md.; left mother, wife and children.


January 24, 1861

MALINDA F. WATSON consort of Dr. Edwin E. Watson; d/o David and Mary Pierce; born Wythe Co., Va. July 22, 1820; died Pulaski County, Jan. 5, 1861; md Sept. 1840; joined MEC April 1842.

MATILDA GHORMELEY w/o Rev. Michael Ghormley died Cherokee Co., Ga. Oct. 8, 1860 in her 63rd year; only son lived in Arkansas; she and husband had lived a few years in Arkansas but returned to Ga.

Mrs. SALLIE E. BOND born Jan. l1, 1837; died Jan. 2, 1861. Mt. Pleasant.

CAROLINE BOOKER HINES w/o James Hines; born Nottoway Co., Va. May 22, 1789; died Bowling Green, Ky., Dec. 21, 1860; md Sept. 29, 1805; joined MEC 1812.

Rev. WILLIAM A. EAKIN died Rheatown, Green Co., Tenn. Jan. 3, 1861 in his 61st year; had been traveling preacher, MECS, in Holston Conference but for 20 years he had been a located preacher.

Mrs. ELIZABETH B. FARIS born July 2, 1792; died Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 4, 1860.


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January 24, 1861

JOSIAH MAURY MEACHAM born Williamson Co., Tenn. Feb. 21, 1831; died Perry Co., Tenn. Aug. 15, 1860; joined MECS 1848; md Elizabeth F. Bingham 1853; moved to Perry Co. 1859.

CALAWAY GARNER s/o W. F. and Susan B. Garner died Huntsville, Ala. Dec. 28, 1860, aged ten months old.

JIMMIE VICK s/o William and Sarah A. Vick died DeKalb Co., Tenn. Dec. 23, 1860 aged twelve months; pneumonia.

WILLIAM HOLLON born Dec. 9, 1811; died Lincoln Co., Tenn. Dec. 19, 1860; typhoid fever; joined MECS 1846; left "large family. " His son, THOMAS LAFAYETTE HOLLON, born June 29, 1859; died Oct. 9, 1860.

H. W. H. HATTON s/o Rev. H. M. and Nancy Hatton, died Aug. 11, 1860, aged 31 years.

Mrs. MARTHA PARKER born Hartford Co., N.C., Oct. 9, 1779; died Sumner Co. Tenn. Jan. 7, 1861; moved with husband to Tenn. 1817; joined MEC 1817.


January 31, 1861

ALEXANDER H. WOOD born Richmond, Va. July 17, 1796; died Nov. 18, 1860; moved to Nashville, Tenn. 1816; then to Florence, Ala. 1821; joined MEC 1834.

HARTWELL M. BRYANT born Va. June 3, 1808; died Dec. 28, 1860; typhoid fever; moved with family to Davidson Co., Tenn. where he was raised and later married; left widow and nine children.

ROBERT PAINE HILL s/o John T. and Georgiana Hill, born July 25, 1838; died Edgefield, Tenn., Jan. 20, 1861.

HARRIET B. CARR born Wilson Co., Tenn. Dec. l, 1825; died Dec. 3, 1860; md Thomas L. Carr, Feb. 2, 1843; joined MECS Feb. 1858, St. Charles, Mo.

JOHN L. WYATT born Oct. 7, 1832; died Dec. 3, 1860.

ANN WOODRUFF w/of Jesse Woodruff, postmaster of Lexington, Ky. died Dec. 3, 1860, aged 40 years; consumptive; left widower and three children.

ELLIOTT HEADINGTON s/o Dr. W. P. C. and S. A. Headington, born McMinn Co., Tenn. April 25, 1857 and died Dec. l, 1860; putrid throat.

Tribute of Respect for JOHN DOWDY who died Nov. 4, 1860; by Martin Lodge # 141, Masonic order, January 5, 1861.


February 7, 1861

ALICE SAUNDERS stepdaughter of Rev. Z. Parker; died Dec. 3, 1860; "a lovely little girl of eleven summers. "

JOHN W. SHANKLAND died Nicholas Co., Ky. Dec. 26, 1860, aged 60 years.

WILLIAM ADAMS died Pike Co., Ky. Jan. 3, 1861 aged 46 years, 8 months, l day; joined MEC, Tazewell Co., Va. Oct. 1832; moved to Pike County 1835.

EDITH YELTON w/o C. L. Yelton, born N.C. April 4, 1815; died Overton Co., Tenn. Dec. 31, 1860; moved to Tennessee 1837; joined MECS 1845.

DAVID JAMES SIMPSON died Giles Co., Tenn. Dec. 20, 1860; consumptive; aged 38 years.

MARY ADELAIDE MANLOVE d/o Dr. J. F. Manlove, died Davidson Co., Tenn. Jan. 15, 1861 in her 16th year. "Ada was a sprightly, sweet-tempered, amiable child."

WILLIAM LAWRE SPURLOCK s/o John and Amanda E. Spurlock born Feb. 6, 1860;died Oct. 18, 1860. Ladonia, Texas.


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February 7, 1861

NEWTON MOSELY HARRIS s/o N.C. and E. C. Harris died Bedford Co., Tenn. Jan. 17, 1861, aged 5 years; croup.

Mrs. MATILDA SUMMERS d/o William and Matilda Wilson, died Sumner Co., Tenn. (no date given), aged 30 years, 5 months old.

Mrs. SALLIE HOUSE died Sumner Co., Tenn. Jan. 4, 1861; "wife and mother."

DANIEL S. ANDREWS died Washington Co., Illinois January 13, 1861.

JAMES WILLIAM BURNS died Georgetown, Ky. Jan. 6, 1861, aged 8 years 4 months;

JOHN NOLAND BURNS died in same place, Jan. 12, 1861, aged 2 years, 3 months, 8 days; sons of T. J. and Ann F. Burns.

FANNIE GRIFFITH d/o H. E. and Mary A. Griffith died Jan. l, 1861, aged 2 years 6 months and 10 days.


February 14, 1861

ANN R. BRYANT d/o Robertson and Nancy Bryant, born Granville Co., N.C. Feb. 9, 1826; died Maury Co., Tenn. (no date given); consumptive.

CATHARINE HAGEY widow of John Hagey, born Harrisburg, Pa. June 24, 1754; died Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 14, 1861, aged 106 years old; her husband had been a "life guard" for General Lafayette during the Revolutionary War; she left a "large posterity. "

MARTHA H. J. BROWN w/o J. W. Brown, born Knox Co., Tenn.; died McMinn Co., Tenn. Dec. 18, 1860, aged 34 years; d/o William B. and Mourning O. Weire; md 1840; moved to McMinn County 1847; joined MECS 1852.

SARAH CHAMBERS w/o George Chambers; d/o Thomas and Elizabeth Dillon; born Culpepper Co., Va. April 14, 1784; died Hancock Co., Ky. Jan. l, 1861; md 1801; moved to Franklin Co., Ky. 1814; moved to Hancock Co., Ky. 1827.

SAMUEL M. OWENS and wife lived near Rome, Smith County, Tenn. and had lost four children in death: LUCY T. OWENS, born March 10, 1853; died Oct. 9, 1860; JOHN T. OWENS, born July 14, 1851; died Oct. 15, 1860; NANCY H. OWENS, born Dec. 21, 1854; died Nov. 7, 1860; SARAH OWENS, born March 20, 1857; died Oct. 29, 1860.

BENJAMIN H. RUDDELL born Lincoln Co., Tenn. 1839; died Marion Co., Ill. Jan. 5, 1861; md Mary Ann Ray, Dec. 1859; moved to Ky. 1847; moved to Ill. Oct. 1860.

JOSEPH L. MAJORS s/o Alexander and Malinda Majors, born Nov. 14, 1832; died near Shelbyville, Tenn., June 26, 1860.

VINCENT ASH BY s/o General Stephen A. Ashby, born Hopkins Co., Ky. March 3, l807; died Nov. 16, 1860; md Huldah Robertson November 1830.

LUTHER PETWAY TATE infant s/o Rev. Charles S. and Eliza Tate, born Feb. 26, l860; died near Lafayette, Tennessee Dec. 12, 1860; his sister, SARAH FRANCES TATE, born Dec. 17, 1856; died Dec. 18, 1860; both of "same disease."


February 21, 1861

Dr. JOHN SAPPINGTON s/o James and Sarah Sappington, born Madison Co., Ky. May 10, 1790; died Dec. 23, 1860; md Mrs. Parthenia Dejarnett Nov. 1813, a widow with four children and they together had five daughters and one son (who had died in Oregon years ago); md Sarah Latham April 1840.

Miss FANNIE WATSON died Lafayette, Ky. Nov. 16, 1860; typhoid fever; in her 16th year; her mother died when she was a child and she was raised by "her uncle and aunt Kelly."


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FANNIE E. GARTON born Jan. 26, 1830; died Nov. 30, 1860; md Feb. 15, 1854 (the spouse's name not given).

Mrs. JANE TALLEY, nee Crane, born Va.; died Lafayette Co., Wisconsin, Jan. 18, 1861; early in life moved to Ky.; moved with son, William Talley, to Wisconsin 1852.

Rev. JOHN SINGLETORY, local deacon of MECS, Elizabethton, Tenn. died Dec. 5, 1860; licensed to preach May 1842; ordained deacon October 1847.

Rev. JONATHAN LESLIE who had written the obituary of Rev. John Singletory died suddenly, Carter Co., Tenn. Jan. 30, 1861.

F. B. WHITE born Aug. 4, 1806; died Dec. 15, 1860, Lafayette, Ky.

JANE E. DUVAL, widow of Rev. Claiborne Duval, died Union Co., Ky. Jan. 10, 1861; on June 30, 1861 she would have been 67 years old.

CORNELIA H. POWER d/o Dempsy and Sarah C. Power born Sept. 8, 1856; died Lewis Co., Ky. Jan. 19, 1861.

Died, Union Co., Arkansas, old Negro man, "Grandpa Tom" on January 20, 1861; native African, brought from the Congo to U.S. 1805; sold Nov. 9, 1805 by Farish Carter of Sandersville, Ga. to James Tooke for $330; he was then aged 12-15 years old.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. JOHN TEVIS; by the MEC, Shelbyville, Ky., Jan. 26, 1861; his death had been announced that morning.


February 28, 1861

NANNIE HARRIS only d/o N.C. and E. C. Harris; died Bedford Co., Tenn. Feb. 17, 1861; consumptive; her mother had died a month previously.

SIDNEY WALLACE LANGLEY s/o Robert W. and Frances Langley, died Dallas, Texas Jan. 11, 1861 aged 3 years, 8 months old.

SAMUEL J. KENNEDY s/o Thomas and Phebe Kennedy, born Hardin Co., Ky. Jan. 24, 1835; died on his birthday, Jan. 24, 1861; joined MECS Nov. 4, 1860.

MINERVA C. KELLY consort of Rev. Andrew Kelly; d/o George and Lavina Roach; born Lauderdale Co., Ala. Feb. 9, 1827; died Jan. 16, 1861; md December 7, 1843.

ROBERT W. GARRISON s/o Isaac Garrison, born Dec. 27, 1837; died Grundy Co., Tenn. Dec. 7, 1860; consumptive.

WILLIAM ARMSTRONG born Ga. Sept. 1800; died Rutherford Co., Tenn. Jan. 19, 1861.

Mrs. ELIZABETH THOMPSON died at residence of her son, Capt. James Thompson, Mercer Co., Ky. Jan. 15, 1861 aged abt. 95 years; in her will she left each of her children $200 and the same amount to build a Methodist church "in her neighborhood."

ABRAHAM GARRETSON died Mercer Co. Va., December 1859; member of MECS 49 years.

JAMES McCARROLL born Williamson Co., Tenn. Nov. 29, 1834; died Spring Hill, Tenn. Jan. 24, 1861; last three years he had lived in Jackson, Tenn., having been for last 18 months a partner in Malone & McLemore store there.

LUCINDA BRANDON w/o B. B. Brandon; d/o Joseph and Sarah Williams; born Oct. 28, 1819; died Nov. 7, 1860; md December 25, 1842.

ANNA ANDREWS w/o James Andrews, died Montgomery Co., Tenn. Feb. l, 1861; d/o J. F. and Emeline Sly.

In Memory of Mrs. S. M. PAUL w/o Isaac Paul, Esq. of Nashville, who died Feb. 12, 1861; congestion of lungs; member of Primitive Baptist Church.


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March 7, 1861

Mrs. MARGARET SNODGRASS died February 23, 1861.

MARY HANNAH d/o Robert and Elizabeth Ann Jeff, died Nov. 15, 1860, diphtheria, aged 10 years, 4 months and 8 days old. Another daughter, KATHERINE LOUISA JEFF, died Nov. 27, 1860, diphtheria, aged 5 years "lacking two days"; another daughter, SARAH EDWARD JEFF, died Dec. 1, 1860, diphtheria, aged 12 years, 8 months and 25 days old.

MARTIN RUSH died Logan Co. Ky., Jan. 31, 1861 in his 45th year.

CATHARINE M. TAYLOR consort of Dr. A. D. Taylor; d/o J. g. Glass; born Feb. 10, 1828; died Chattanooga, Tennessee Feb. 6, 1861.

MARY McGOWAN born Pa., Dec. 23, 1791; died Owingsville, Ky. July 8, 1860; joined MEC 1812; in 1829 she was left a widow with ten children.

CHRISTIANA STREET d/o John Rains, Sr., died Williamson Co., Tenn. Dec. 19, 1860, aged 53 years.

W. Downtain had preached funeral for six children in one family:
ANDREW JACKSON PRICE, born March 26, 1851; died Oct. 5, 1860;
JOSEPH MADISON PRICE, born Aug. 10, 1853; died Oct. 5, 1860;
JACOB NIBERGAL PRICE, born Jan. 9, 1848; died Oct. 8, 1860;
ELIZA JANE PRICE, born March 16, 1855; died Oct. 9, 1860;
JOHN BLACKBURN PRICE, born May 12, 1844; died Oct. 19, 1860;
DAVID RIED PRICE, born Feb. 26, 1842; died Nov. 7, 1860. Greenbriar Circuit, West Virginia.

Rev. ALEXANDER ROBERSON born Feb. 11, 1813; died Sept. 18, 1860; md Jane Jenkins; Hardin Co., Tenn.; MECS preacher for years.

THOMAS W. BOND born Hartford Co., Md. May 4, 1781; died Frankfort, Ky. Feb. 14, 1861; held office in custom-house at Havre de Grace in administration of President Thomas Jefferson; magistrate many years in Abingdon, Md.; moved to Ky. 1845; to Frankfort 1851; joined MECS 1859.

JAMES MUNCY born Va. Oct. 7, 1799; died Jan. 30, 1861; with family moved to Wayne Co., Ky. 1856.

ADDIE RAMSEY d/o Mrs. Martha A. Ramsey, born Oct. 15, 1845; died Dec. 8, 1860.

Rev. GRANVILLE M. EDWARDS s/o Brittain and Nancy Edwards, formerly of N.C.; died Pleasant Plains, Ark. Dec. 20, 1860 joined MECS 1852; licensed to preach 1860.


March 14, 1861

LAURA JOSEPHINE LEDFORD d/o Leander E. and Martha Ledford, died Spring Creek, Madison Co., Tenn., Jan. 17, 1861; aged 11 months, 7 days old.

ANN DORSEY born Somerset Co., Md. Dec. 24, 1791; died Henderson Co., Ky. Dec. 18, 1860; moved to Ky. when young; a widow for many years.

Miss MARY SIMPSON died Loudon Co., Va. Jan. 16, 1861, cancer, at residence of her uncle, Dr. Austin.

SARAH ISABELLA INMON d/o Rev. J. C. and Elizabeth Inmon born Giles Co., Tenn. Aug. 6, 1844; died Gainsville, Ala. Feb. 16, 1861.

JINEY ORAM widow of James Oram; d/o Rev. John and Elizabeth Horton; born Kershaw Dist., S.C., March 13, 1782; died Williamson Co., Tenn. Feb. 6, 1861; md 1805; moved to Tennessee 1823.

MARGARET LUELLO YELTON youngest child of John P. and. Polly Yelton; born Putnam Co., Tenn. June 6, 1856; died February 8, 1861.


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LOVEY E. BINKLEY w/o John W. Binkley, died Davidson Co., Tenn. Feb. 13, 1861; consumptive; joined MECS 1855.

CAROLINE VICKREY w/o Charles Vickrey; d/o Peter J. and Rebekah Swafford; died Cumberland Co., Tenn., Feb. 3, 1861; putrid throat; in her 23rd year.

NIMROD GAINS, native of Tennessee, died Laurel Co., Ky. Feb. 13, 1861.

ISABEL BRYSON w/o Dr. C. C. Bryson; d/o J. S. Downard; born Cincinnati, Ohio July 12, 1831; died Independence, Ky. February 10, 1861.

ISAAC INGRAM died Muhlenburg Co., Ky. Jan. 21, 1861 in his 78th year.

MARTHA J. CORBITT w/o Elijah Corbitt died Webster Co., Ky. Oct. 14, 1860 in her 20th year.

WILLIAM H. STEPHENS died Hopkins Co., Ky. Nov. 30, 1860 in his 58th year.


March 21, 1861

WILLIAM DEACON died New Orleans, La., March 6, 186l; had lived in New Orleans 47 years

Mrs. NANCY SMITH died recently aged about 60 years, Nashville, Tenn.; resident, however of Gallatin, Tenn.; Primitive Baptist.

GARLAND ASBURY PETRIE died Todd Co., Ky. Feb. 1, 186l.

CAROLINE LOUISA VAN EPPS w/o A. C. Van Epps; d/o General Nicholas and Judith Howard of Columbus, Ga., died Chattanooga, Tenn. Dec. 2l, 1860.

JAMES KING of Georgetown, Ky. died Feb. 2, 186l in his 47th year.

JAMES THOMAS YOUNG s/of R. K. and Mary Young, died Dec. 5, 1860; typhoid fever aged 21 years, 6 months and 21 days old; had left home near Burksville, Ky. with a friend "with a drove of mules."

JAMES COOK BIZZELL s/o J. C. and M. C. A. Bizzell, born Sept. 14, 1860; died Greene Co., Ala. Feb. 28, 1861.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM H. HUGGINS, born Feb. 29, 1824; died Dec. 15, 1860; joined MECS Jan. 29, 1855; by Sabbath School, Nicholasville Station, Kentucky Conference, March 3, 1861.

Tribute of Respect for JOHN SULLIVAN who died August 31, 1860; by Union Chapel Lodge #283, Masonic order, Humphreys Co., Tenn., Sept. 20, 1860.


March 28, 1861

MATTHEW MAURY born Albemarle Co., Va. 1777; died Bath Co., Ky. Sept. 4, 1860; moved to Bath Co., Ky. 1815; joined MEC 1840.

MATTHEW WILLIAMS died Jan. 13, 1861 aged 67 years, 9 days old; aged citizen of Benton Co., Tenn.; licensed to preach, MEC, Sept. 1834; left widow and three children.

Miss ELIZABETH M. JAMES died Feb. 1, 1861 in her 29th year. Russellville, Ky.

Rev. THOMAS A. STRAIN, born Abbeville Dist., S.C., Jan. 22, 1800; died Morgan Co., Ala. Feb. 28, 1861; moved with family to Blount Co., Tenn. 1808; then to Lincoln Co. 1817; joined MEC 1823; md secondly Mrs. Price.

ELISHA RHODES died March 6, 1861 in his 70th year.

LODUSKEY NEAL w/o A. J. Neal, died Feb. 7, 1861 in her 31st year; left widower, and three sons.

Mrs. ELIZABETH McMURRAY died Winchester, Tenn. March 11, 186l, abt. 60 years old.


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SARAH GARNER w/o A. L. Garner, died Franklin Co., Ala. Feb. 24, 1861; joined MECS May 1857.

ELIZA SHUMATE w/o W. J. Shumate, died near Franklin, Tenn., March 11, 1861, aged 46 years.

Mrs. MARGARET SNODGRASS born Jackson Co., Tenn., Nov. 27, 1806; died Sparta, Tenn. February 24, 1861.

PHILIP MALLORY, resident formerly of Botetourt Co., Va., died Williamson Co., Tenn. Dec. 21, 1860, aged 68 years; apoplexy /stroke/; left a son and daughter; died while on a trip to visit with a dying brother.

HENRY CUNNINGHAM COMPTON s/o Dr. J. W. and Rachel Compton, died Feb. 20, 1861 aged 1 year, 4 months old.

Rev. JOHN W. JUDD, born Brunswick Co., Va. Feb. 8, 1812; died Feb. 20, 1861; moved to Tenn. and settled in Sumner Co., Tenn. when young; joined MECS 1845; had traveled as MECS preacher in the Tennessee Conference.


Apri1 4, 1861

Rev. J. L. KEMP born Susquehanna Valley, Pa. 1810; raised in Hopkinsville, Ky. by Father Kirkman, a MEC preacher; joined church at age 13; licensed to preach at age 25; professor, Augusta College, 1837-1840; later professor, Transylvania University; md Mary Ann Van Antwerp 1844; died Jan. 25, 1861.

MARY CALL w/o W. R. Cal1; d/o Charles P. and Patsy Gilkey of Montgomery Co., Ky., born March 19, 1830; died Feb. 18, 1861; md Oct. 7, 1847; her daughter, LIZZIE CALL, died May 23, 1860, aged nearly two years old.

ELIZA JANE CANNON w/o General Robert Cannon; born Sept. l, 1825; died near Shelbyville, Tenn. March 18, 1861; md May 5, 1846; joined MEC 1844.

ANN DORSEY born Somerset Co., Md. Dec. 24, 1791; died Henderson Co., Ky. Dec. 18, 1860; md Noah Dorsey Dec. 24, 1810; moved to Henderson Co. Sept. 1818.

Miss FRANCES JOHNSTON died March 18, 1861.

SARAH D. COLEMAN d/o Basil and Frances Wheat; w/o John S. Coleman; born Oct. 18, 1807; died Hart Co., Ky., Feb. 18, 1861; joined MEC 1837.

JIMMIE HEFLIN s/o David J. and Miranda C. Heflin, born June 21, 1855; died Weakley Co., Tenn., Jan. 17, 1861; pneumonia.

EMILY MILES RUTLAND w/o W. C. Rutland; died Wilson Co., Tenn. March 16, 1861 in her 46th year.


April 11, 1861

Rev. WILLIAM K. FOSTER of Holston Conference, MECS, died March 24, 1861; had been a traveling preacher since 1853.

JANE WEST SEXTON born N.C. April 23, 18O3; died near Tuscaloosa, Ala. March 6, 1861; md Edwin Sexton of Va.; he built the first brick house erected in Tuscaloosa; he died soon after birth of their second child.

WILLIAM MAXWELL MARTIN s/o William and Margaret Martin died Columbia, S.C. Feb. 21, 1861 in his 24th year.

NANCY ELLEN MORRISON eldest d/o Robert B. and Mary A. Morrison, born Montgomery Co., Tenn. Nov. 6, 1836; died March 2, 1861; md Dr. John Kime, Nov. 1854 and moved with him to Graves Co., Ky. 1857.

JAMBS A. WILSON of LaGrange, Ala. and wife mourned loss of four of their children within a year; two were: MARGARET CROSS WILSON, died Oct. 14, 1859 aged about 10 years; KEZIAH L. WILSON, died Oct. 10, 1860, abt. 15 years old.


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JOHN W. and JOSEPH W. BURTON, sons of P. H. and M. A. Burton, died Jan. 21, 1861 aged 8 years; January 31, 1861, aged 6 years; respective1y.

MARTHA HOOVER, nee Jones, died at residence of son-in-1aw, Benjamin Hoover, Rutherford Co., Tenn. March 7, 1861; md (1) Mr. Di11ard; (2) Mr. Hoover.

Mrs. ELIZABETH BLACKWELL died March 21, 1861 in her 76th year; near Franklin, Tennessee.

WILLIAM HENRY GRAVES died Davidson Co., Tenn. March 29, 1861, aged about 32.

REO OSBURN d/o William A. and Pauline Osburn died March 12, 1861, aged 3 years.

ISADORA E. STANFIELD d/o Rev. John P. and Mary E. Stanfield, born Aug. 4, 1841; died Mayfield, Ky., Jan. 19, 1861.


April 18, 1861

DUCHESS OF KENT, mother of Queen Victoria of England, a princess of the House of Saxe-Saalfeld-Coburg, born Aug. 17, 1786; baptized under name of Marie Louise Victoria; md Edward, Duke of Kent, July 11, 1818; he soon died, and together they had one child, Victoria.

CHARLES G. DAVIDSON died Ashland, Ky. Jan. 16, 1861 aged 28 years.

JOHN W. AYERS born Lincoln Co., Ky. Feb. 13, 1836; died Christian Co., Ky. Feb. 3, 1861; moved to Hopkins Co., Ky. when young; moved to Christian Co. 1858, where he md Nov. 7, 1859 to Margaret E. Brown.

S. STATELER d/o J. g. and Nancy Stevens/w/o J. P. Stateler; born Ohio Co., Ky. Oct. 27, 1804; died March 10, 1861.

ELI FOUBENE HAWKINS infant s/o Irena A. Hawkins, died April 9, 1861, aged 17 months, 24 days old.

WARREN EUGENE MAGRUDER s/o Thomas G. and Martha J. Magruder, died Shelby Co., Mo. March 3, 1861, aged 4 years, 8 months, 12 days old.

MARY E. McCLAIN died Blount Co., Tenn. March 11, 1861 in her 21st year.

Miss LOUISA WOLF died Boyd Co., Ky. Feb. 22, 1861, aged about 20 years.

Rev. BENJAMIN S. HARDAWAY born Knox Co., Va. March 3, 1816; died March 3, 1861; MECS preacher 26 years.

Mrs. ARTA COBB died Blount Co., Tenn. March 7, 1861, aged 52 years.

THOMAS DENNY born Frederick Co., Ga. Oct. 1789; died March 24, 1861; moved from Va. to Sullivan Co., Tenn. 1837; veteran of the War of 1812.

Mrs. LOUISA J. BILBREY born Hawkins Co., Tenn. July 7, 1844; died Dec. 8, 1860.

Judge /JOHN/ McLEAN born N. J. March 11, 1785; died Cincinnati, Ohio April 4, 1861; attorney; when young moved to Warren Co., Ohio; admitted to the bar, Hamilton Co., Ky. 1807; md Rebecca Edwards 1807 (she died 1840); elected to U.S. House of Representatives 1812; in 1816 became judge of Supreme Court of Ohio; judge of U.S. Supreme Court 1829; md Mrs. Garrard, d/o Israel Ludlow 1843. (Biographical sketch of Judge McLean on page 11).


Apri1 25, 1861

ESTHER E. SMITH w/o Benjamin Smith, died Lyon Co., Ky. Jan. 31, 1861, aged 30.

JANE ELLIS w/o Charles Ellis, born N.C. abt. 1778; died Feb. 4, 1861; moved to

Warren Co., Ky.; later moved to Muhlenburg Co., Ky.

Rev. ELIAS TUCKER born Montgomery Co., Md. May 2, 1779; died Jan. 22, 1861; moved to Ky. in spring of 1786, settling in Bourbon Co. June l; MECS preacher.


(Page 11)

McLEAN, John (brother of William McLean), a Representative from Ohio; born in Morris County, N.J., March 11, 1785; moved with his parents to Morgantown, Va., in 1789, to Nicholasville, Ky., in 1790, to Maysville, Ky., in 1793, and to Lebanon, Ohio, In 1797; attended the common schools and studied under private tutors; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1807 and commenced practice in Lebanon, Ohio; founded the Western Star, a weekly newspaper; elected as a War Democrat to the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Congresses and served from March 4, 1813, until his resignation in 1816; associate judge of the State supreme court 1816-1822; appointed by President Monroe as Commissioner of the United States General Land Office in 1822; appointed Postmaster General in the Cabinet of President Monroe; reappointed by President John Quincy Adams and served from December 9, 1823, until March 7, 1829, when he resigned; declined Cabinet portfolios as Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy in the administration of President Jackson; engaged in literary pursuits; Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from March 7, 1829, until his death in Cincinnati, Ohio, April 4, 1861; interment in Spring Grove Cemetery.

BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-1971 (Washington, D. C., 1971), page 1388


KETURAH CONKRIGHT born Frederick Co., Md. March 15, 1778; died Jan. 28, 1861; at age 4 taken to live in Kentucky; md John Conkright 1799.

RACHEL HUGHES RAY d/o Rev. J. G. Ray, born Dec. 25, 1845; died March 15, 1861; joined MECS August 1858.

DANIEL B. BONDS born Nov. 5, 1822; died Rutherford Co., Tenn. (no date given); acute pneumonia.

ELLEN R. HART JOHNSON w/o William A. Johnson, died New Orleans, La. Apr. 6, 1861.

HENRY W. NORTON, native of Maryland, died Coffee Co., Tenn. March 30, 186l; age unknown but his family heard him say "he was fifteen years old at the time of the Revolutionary War."

CONSTANT HENRY EDMONDSON s/o H. C. and B. H. Edmondson born April 16, 1860; died January 23, 1861.

THOMAS BENTON HILL, second s/o John H. and Sallie A. Hill, born Nov. 28, 1858; died April 2, 1861; croup.

A change of pace -"A Tennessee Matriarch", Mrs. PEGGY FITE reached her 100th birthday April 12, 1861; had 12 children, 11 surviving at this time; her oldest son was aged 80; her youngest child, a daughter, was aged 56 years. Then living: 75 grandchildren; 305 great-grandchildren; 75 great- great grandchildren; l great-great-great grandchild. Birthday was celebrated in home of her son, Jacob Fite in Wilson County, Tennessee.


May 2, 1861

Among the Methodist preachers who had died in 1860 were: JOHN JAMES of Kentucky Conference (born Buckingham Co., Va. 1782; md Margaret Taylor); BENJAMIN F. WILSON and GABRIEL A. HAMILTON of Louisville Conference; BENJAMIN S. ASHBY of Missouri Conference (died Aug. 30, 1860); COLEMAN H. CROSS, WILLLIAM J. COOLEY, A. R. ERVIN of Tennessee Conference; JAMES A. CUMMING; WILLIAM H. GILLESPIE and JOHN SUMMERFIELD HARRIS of Memphis Conference; B. M. DRAKE, LEWELL CAMPBELL, GEORGE C. LIGHT (died Feb. 26, 1860), THOMAS C. THORNTON of Mississippi Conference; BENJAMIN C. STEGALL and SAMUEL HAWES (born 1819) of Louisiana Conference; HENRY WISE BELLMAN, THOMAS H. JONES, WILLIAM P. TWYMAN, WILLIAM G. DULIN of Virginia Conference; JAMES H. BRENT of North Carolina Conference; WILLIAM ARNOLD (born 1786), NOAH SMITH and JAMES B. TURNER of the Georgia Conference. (See page 29)

THERON A. WARWICK died March 30, 1861, aged 27 years, from burns received while he was fighting a fire. Calhoun, Ark.

FRANCIS MARION FEATHERSTON born Feb. 25, 1853; died Yazoo Co., Miss. Feb. 24, 1861.

JOHN WRIGHT born Berkeley Co., Va. March 30, 1784; died Shelby Co., Ky. March 23, 1861; moved with parents to Woodford Co., Ky. 1790; to Shelby Co. 1792; md Nancy Taylor 1808; joined MEC 1811.


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May 2, 1861

ELIZABETH BAYLES d/o John and Sarah Asp1ay; w/o Bay1ey Bay1es; born N.C. Jan. 18, 1801; died Todd Co., Ky., Feb. 2, 1861; md Feb. 2, 1831; had moved with parents when young to Sumner Co., Tennessee.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. WILLIAM K. FOSTER of Mechanicsburg Circuit, Holston Conference, MECS; by Sons of Temperance, New Hope Division, Apr. 6, 1861


May 9, 1861

Funeral Notice: family and acquaintances invited to attend the funeral of JOHN G. WILSON s/o Rev. John G. Wilson, from the Huntsville Female College, May 1, 1861.

ELIZABETH AMANDA McTYEIRE widow of John McTyeire, died Russell Co., Ala. April 21, 1861 in her 58th year; d/o Andrew Nimmons, Barnwell Dist., S.C.

JOSEPH GRAY died Frankfort, Ky. April 21, 1861 in his 81st year; born Petersburg, Va. and moved to Frankfort, Ky. 1818; joined MEC 1827.

BARTHOLOMEW BREET died Wilson Co., Tenn. April 22, 1861 in his 78th year; born N.C.; came to Tenn. 1816.

Miss ALICE JORDAN of Mercer Co., Va. died April 8, 1861, diphtheria, in her 16th year.

ADELIZA CAGE, nee Trice, w/o Loftin Cage, died Feb. 15, 1861 in her 65th year; born near Louisa Court House, Va.; moved with family to Sumner Co., Tenn., then to New Orleans 1832; md 1832; moved to Mobile, Ala. 1838.

COURTNEY A. MARKS d/o John Marks died near Pulaski, Tenn. April 22, 1861 in her 14th year.

GEORGE D. CROWSON killed April 13, 1861; coroner's jury found that he "came to his death by a gunshot wound, inflicted from a pistol in the hands of James F. C. Hawkins"; his father lived in North Carolina.

ELIZABETH HOOPER MANEES d/o C. Y. and Mary Ann Hooper; born near Nashville, Tenn. May 27, 1834; died April 24, 1861; md Dr. Thomas Manees 1853.

CATHARINE PERKINS born N.C. 1771; died Hart Co., Ky. April 6, 1861.


May 16, 1861

MARY A. P. McANNALLY w/o Rev. D. R. McAnnally, died April 25, 1861; also left three children.

WILLIE EDGAR LARGE infant s/o Rev. William and Phina Large, died April 4, 1861 aged 10 months, 7 days old.

G. W. LYLE born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Jan. 28, 1828; died April 18, 1861; studied law; md Lizze, d/o Robert Cravens Nov. 2, 1854; joined MECS Feb. 14, 1858; left widow and a daughter.

JABEZ HOLD born Bedford Co., Va. 1808; died near Ashland, Ky. March 13, 1861.

ANN REAMS d/o James and Sarah West; w/o Rev. Robert Reams, born S.C. Oct. 11, 1784; died March 25, 1861; md 1806; moved to Hardin (now Holt) Co. Ky. 1809.

SUSANNAH ROADMAN w/o Robert S. Roadman of Parrottsville, Tenn. died April 15, 1861 aged 35 years, l day old; d/o George and Martha Winniford; md Cedarville, Va. Nov. 9, 1843; left widower, two daughters, five sons.

LILY ANN OWEN born Lyon Co., Ky. Jan. 17, 1823; died Crittenden Co., Ky. Jan. 10, 1861; md John Glendower Owen, native of England, May 1844.

T. C. HAMBRICK, born Madison Co. Ala., Aug. 28, 1824; died Huntsville, Apr. 4, 1861.

ELIZABETH JANE FOWLER w/o Thomas Fowler, born Granville Co., N.C. Dec. 16, 1809; died Hopkins Co., Ky. Feb. 9, 1861.


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Rev. JOEL ALGOOD of Putnam Co., Tenn., born Jan. 25, 1808; died Feb. 2, 1861.

GEORGE APPLE born April 17, 1791; died Dec. 23, 1860; joined MEC 1841.

ELIZABETH B. McGAVOCK d/o Jeremiah and Sarah Hinton; w/o John McGavock; born near Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 7, 1803; died May 1, 1861; md 1823.


May 23, 1861

Rev. WILLIAM KEELE born N.C. Jan. 17, 1781; died Feb. 17, 1861; raised in east Tennessee where he preached as a Baptist minister.

WILLIAM WARD, born Jan. 20, 1791; died April 28, 1861.

FANNIE E. GRANT died May 2, 1861 in here 29th year; md James A. Grant June 27, 1850.

CATHARINE V. AUSTIN d/o J. and Catharine Arnold of Logan Co., Ky.; w/o Weaver H. Austin, Ohio Co., Ky.; born March 1, 1837; died March 24, 1861.

R. G. RICHARDSON born Va. Sept. 7, 1804; died Williamson Co., Tenn. April 12, 1861; moved to county where he died in 1837-1838.

MARY E. WALLER only d/o P. and E. A. L. Waller died Davidson Co., Tenn. (no date given) in her 14th year.

ELIZABETH CASWAY DEMPSY born Sept. 16, 1789; died May 8, 1861; cancer.

MARGARET BANKS w/o Col. L. S. Banks; born March 21, 1813; died April 29, 1861; joined MEC 1842.

MARTHA HARRISON w/o B. F. Harrison; born Dec. 11, 1832; died Greene Co., Tenn. Apri1 8, 1861; consumptive.


May 30, 1861

JOHN ARCHER of Jefferson Co., Ky. died (no date given), aged 48 years.

SARAH E. DRAKE born April 5, 1833; died March 5, 1861.

ELIZABETH MOORE born Chester Dist., S.C. March 30, 1784; died Nov. 10, 1860; md David Moore March 1807.

JANE YAGER, nee Chancelor, born Culpepper Co., Va. Jan. 12, 1788; no death date given; md William Yager Jan. 18, 1809; moved from Va. to Washington Co., Ky. 1813 but in about 2 years went to Oldham Co., Ky. where they lived until her death; joined MEC 1816.

Dr. G. W. A. ROGERS born Jan. 9, 1826; died Morgan Co., Ala. April 18, 1861.

M. J. BROMLEY d/o James Bromley, born Tenn. 1822; died Itawamba Co., Miss., May 17, 1861.

SARAH FRANCIS TAYLOR d/o Joseph W. and Martha W. Williams; w/o W. A. Taylor; born Feb. 24, 1835; died Taylor Co., Ky., Jan. 5, 1861; md September 15, 1853.

Mrs. SUSAN COLLIER born Jan. 25, 1830; died Sumner Co., Tenn. April 29, 1861.

ELIZA REBECCA WILSON w/o W. B. Wilson; d/o James and Nancy Kimbell; born Morgan Co., Ala. Oct. 26, 1828; died April 28, 1861.


June 6, 1861

NEWTON CANNON s/o late Governor /Newton/ Cannon, died Jackson Co., Texas, April 15, 1861 aged 28 years.

ELIJAH GOOCH born Nov. 10, 1823; died May 19, 1861; steward of Western Tenn. Lunatic Asylum; brother of Gideon Gooch; he was first of 5 brothers to die; left widow and three children.


(Page 14)

MARTHA STANLEY w/o Henry Stanley, born Hopkins Co., Ky. March 22, 1861 in her 43rd year; d/o Lyner Branson and born in county where she died.

SARAH J. WELLS w/o W. H. Wells; d/o J. H. and Frances Lively, born Ballard Co. Ky. 1860; died March 1, 1861; md April 19, 1860.

ALICE ELMIRA WINSTON d/o T. F. Winston, died Cornersville, Tenn. April 14, 1861; typhoid fever; aged 2 years, 8 months old.

HARRIS H. PRIM s/o Rev. G. H. and Ann Prim, died April 21, 1861 in her 26th year, Humphreys Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM S. CARLTON died Hawesville, Ky. May 15, 1861 aged 23 years.

MARY E. WESTER d/o Dr. John Wester, born Kingston, Tenn. 1839; died near Post Oak Springs, Tenn. April 18, 1861.

RACHAEL ENGLISH died June 1, 1861; md Charles English, Cumberland Co., Dec. 2, 1851.

SARAH BUSTER ROUSSEAU, born Wythe Co., Va. March 9, 1793; died May 20, 1861; md John Rousseau, July 19, 1812, Warren Co., Ky.


June 13, 1861

ROBERT CANNON only child of M. T. and Emma Cannon died near Shelbyville, Tenn. May 30, 1861; croup.

Dr. JAMES S. TURNER s/o Rev. Samuel Turner, born Nov. 9, 1830; died Muhlenburg Co., Ky. May 21, 1861; a medical practitioner.

MARY W. MOORE d/o James T. Moore died near Columbia, Tenn. May 14, 1861.

MARTHA JANE WOODS w/o Dr. W. A. Woods of Tullahoma, Tenn., died May 11, 1861; consumptive; born Lebanon, Tenn. June 11, 1840; md May 4, 1858.

EUGENE S. STANDARD infant s/o P. A. and M. J. Standard born March 16, 1860; died Feb. 24, 1861; his mother, MARY J. STANDARD, died March 8, 1861 aged 21 years, 22 days old.

ANDREW CALDWELL s/o W. M. F. and Susan Caldwell of Russellville, Ky. Died May 11, 1861 having received a fatal injury in a kick from a horse.

JAMES YEARBROUGH died May 28, 1861 aged 58 years; native of N.C.; joined MEC 1834.

THOMAS FARMER, prominent Englishman, active in Wesleyan Methodism, died May 11, 1861 aged 71 years; successful businessman who contributed to welfare of the church.


June 20, 1861

ISABELLA M. WILLIAMSON widow of Dr. F. A. Williamson born Trigg Co., Ky. 1835; died May 13, 1861.

Mrs. MARTHA McBRAYER w/o Andrew McBrayer; d/o Robert Blackwell; died April 30, 1861 near Lawrenceburg, Ky.; father moved from Va. to Ky. after the Revolutionary War.

EMILY REED w/o John C. Reed, born Beaver Co., Pa. Jan. 14, 1803; died May 29, 1861; md Dec. 26, 1820; moved to Maysville, Ky. March 1828.

OSCAR M. HALL youngest son of Mary L. and Jasper Hal1, died Breckinridge Co., Ky. April 14, 1861 aged 1 year, 2 months, 11 days old.

J. W. SULLIVAN died Wilson Co., Tenn. May 5, 1861; consumptive; born Jan. 29, 1825.

EUDORA MORELAND d/o Rev. S. W. and Mary P. Moreland died Barnet Co., Texas May 19, 1861; aged 3 years, 11 months old.


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June 27, 1861

SARAH A. GRAY w/o Henry Gray; d/o Isaac G. and Sarah J. Evans, born Fayette Co., Ky. June 30, 1832; died Boy1e Co., Ky., June 5, 1861; md Feb. 17, 1853.

ELIZABETH LAXSON d/o Coleman and Martha Milam; w/o Charles Laxson; born Franklin Co., Tenn. Feb. 18, 1818; died May 21, 1861.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES P. THOMPSON who died at Barancas Barracks near Pensacola, Florida May 15, 1861, a volunteer soldier and formerly teacher of Centre, Ala. MECS Sunday School; by Sunday School, Centre, Ala., May 26, 1861.

Miss ELIZABETH DAUGHERTY died Hardin Co., Ky. March 29, 1861 in 41st year.

AMANDA MELER w/of Rev. John Meler; d/o John and Elizabeth Morgan, born Oct. 29, 1828; died April 7, 1861.

MARY SPETTS died New Market, Ala. April 21, 1861 in her 65th year.

NANCY MARY KARR d/o Robert and Sallie Karr of Mercer Co., Va. died May 30, 1861; born Giles Co., Va. Dec. 1838; joined MECS September 1848.

LEAH GOLDSMITH died Calhoun Co., Va. May 4, 1861 in her 74th year.

Mrs. ELIZABETH McCLARNEY born Carroll Co., N.C. April 4, 1805; died Henderson Co., Ky. May 8, 1861.

E. MAUD HUNTER COX d/o Rev. Angenol and Antoinette Cox, born June 19, 1854; died Cornersville, Tenn. June 2, 1861.

JOHN CRYER PITTS infant s/o Dr. James B. and Sophia A. Pitts, died Edgefield, Tenn. June 12, 1861 aged 5 months, 3 weeks old in residence of his grandfather, Rev. F. E. Pitts.


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