By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1997


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NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #1. January 2, 1869

Miss MARY ANN HERRING oldest d/o Lemuel S. and Sarah E. Herring b Robertson Co., Tenn. Nov. 11, 1848; d Logan Co., Ky., Dec. 10, 1868.

DRURY FLOYD b Brunswick Co., Va. April 29, 1789; d Rutherford Co., Tenn., Oct. 2, 1868; md Sallie B. Lanier, Feb. 1, 1811; professed religion Aug. 12, 1811; to Warren Co., Tenn. 1813; after death of first wife md Mrs. Ann Rowlet, June 30, 1846.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #2. January 9, 1869

Mrs. SARAH M. ROGERS w/o B. A. Rogers and d/o late Dr. David and Elizabeth Jameson, d Verona, Miss., Dec. 17, 1868, aged 44 years, 11 months, 5 days, leaving widower and five children.

MARY E. JACKSON d/o Rev. Caleb and Diana Rooker, b Davidson Co., Tenn., July 15 1819; d Dec. 13, 1868; md Dickson Co., Tenn. June 5, 1838 to Judge Jackson.

Mrs. BETTIE K. ROBINSON d/o Gen. H. W. Sadler, b Sept. 25, 1845; d Aug. 10, 1868; md Dr. L. A. Robinson, Sept. 7, 1866; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Jackson Co., Tenn.

Mrs. BENJAMIN LEFLORE, widow, died Leake Co., Miss. Nov. 1868, aged about 70 years.

BENJAMIN M. PORTER d Logan Co. Ky., Sept. 30, 1868, aged about 40 years.

Mrs. NANCY BANTA d Frankfort, Ky. Dec. 10, 1868, aged 67 years; her husband was killed in 1836 in explosion of steamer "Rob Roy"; she was left a widow with seven children, four of whom survived her.

Mrs. MARY E. SEMMES b Warrenton, Ga. Dec. 18, 1824; d nr. Meridian, Miss. Nov. 15, 1868.

Mrs. LUCY BELL w/o James Chambers, b Robertson Co., Tenn., May 7, 1841; d Sept. 6, 1868; md Oct. 2, 1860.

Mrs. SALLIE N. MITCHELL w/o Daniel C. Mitchell, late of Lexington, Tenn., b Feb. 22, 1806; md Granville Co., N.C., April 26, 1826; d Sept. 21, 1868; moved to Lexington about 1827 and to Princeton, Ky and lived with family of son-in-law, Daniel Glover, 1860, where she died.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #3. January 16, 1869

Mrs. ARABELLA LAVINIA HUGHES, nee Gibson, b Nov. 27, 1820; d Columbia, Tenn., Dec. 7, 1868; md Rev. John F. Hughes of Tenn. Conference, March 7, 1843.

Hon. Rev. SIDNEY C. POSEY b S.C., May 4, 1803; d nr. Florence, Ala., Dec. 22, 1868; moved with parents to Huntsville, Ala.; licensed as local preacher 1828 and ordained preacher in 1850. Lawyer. In 1847 became Legislative Judge of 4th Judicial Circuit, Ala; a member of the state legislature also.


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NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #4. January 23, 1869

PHILIP P. NEELY b Rutherford Co., Tenn., Sept. 9, 1819; d Mobile, Ala. Nov. 9, 1868; in 1840 preached in Memphis Conference; moved into Tenn. Conference and served variously in church positions.

JOHN DALTON FISHER b Newbern, N.C., July 31, 1802; d Dayton, A1a. Sept. 7, 1868; admitted as preacher in A1a. Conference, 1843; ordained in 1845.

NELLY WALKER d Dec. 22, 1868, aged 68 years and 7 months.

WILLIAM W. RICHEY s/o B. F. and Mary D. Richey b Cornersville, Tenn., Nov. 12, 1847; d Nov. 11, 1868; moved to Texas, 1854.

Mrs. MARGARET HETTON, nee Campbell, d Lebanon, Tenn., Dec. 29, 1868 in 75th year. Wife of an itinerant preacher; mother of four children.

ZELECHA VIRGINIA FARLEY d/o Wiley B. and Lucinda Gossett, b April 19, 1833; d Oct. 9, 1868, Cedar Hill, Robertson Co., Tenn.; md B. R. T. Farley, May 3, 1853.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #5. January 30, 1869

Rev. BENJAMIN N. BROWN of the Baltimore Conference of the MEC, North, d. Jan. 17, 1869.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES A. BOSTICK who d Dec. 29, 1868, Williamson Co., Tenn. by Triune Lodge #135, Masons, Dec. 30, 1868.

ADA BILES b March 10, 1841; d Giles Co., Tenn., Sept. 26, 1868; md H. S. Swinney, Nov. 28, 1867; left widower, mother and a brother.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #6. February 6, 1869

HILARY Y. GARRISON b Allen Co., Ky. Jan. 22, 1818; d Phillips Co., Ark., Dec. 8, 1868; moved to Morgan Co., Ala. abt. 1831; licensed as Methodist preacher 1842; joined Tenn. Conf. that year; in 1848 md Jane Alexander of Lincoln Co., Tenn. who d in 185O; md Eliza Beale of Madison Co., Ala., 1854; left widow, a child, an aged mother and siblings.

Mrs. S. E. D. SMITH, late of Memphis, b Wilson Co., Tenn. July 23, 1817; d Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 20, 1869; ardent supporter of Lost Cause (Confederacy) in Civil War; was a volunteer nurse in that conflict.

ROBERT KERNACHAN d Jan. 14, 1869, aged 73rd year; native of Ireland; came to Philadelphia, Pa. at age 6 and then to Lauderdale Co., Ala. where he died; joined MEC in 1821 or 1822.

Mrs. MARTHA WALKER d Morganfield, Ky., Jan. 17, 1869.

JOHN D. s/o L. D. and Mary P. COOPER, b Aug. 25, 1846; d Jan. 3, 1869; joined MEC, Dec. 20, 1868.

HOLMES EASTMAN d Crocker's School, White Creek Springs, Jan. 14, 1869; native of Chickasaw Nation; came to Tenn. when young; tribute of respect for him by students of Crocker's School, as he was one of their classmates.

BEULAH FREY LONG d/o James H. and Sarah A. LONG b April 27, 1866; d Oct. 8, 1868.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #7. February 13, 1869

Mrs. NANCY MORTON d/o Francis Newsom, b Va., 1789; d Jan. 26, 1869; md James Morton

of Rutherford Co., Tenn., 1806; moved to Davidson Co., Tenn. abt. 1797; had 13 children, 5 surviving her.

Mrs. SALLIE ALEXANDER d (date not given), aged abt. 94 years; consort of late Daniel Alexander, Rutherford Co., Tenn.; native of N.C.; settled in Rutherford County in 1824.

JESSE B. PLUMMER b Feb. 3, 1792; d Jan. 26, 1869; left widow and two children; his only son named E. B. Plummer.


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NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #8. February 20, 1869

Mrs. MARTHA HOUGH d Mt. Washington, Feb. 2, 1869, aged about 74 years; brought up in Presbyterian church but joined MEC.

Mrs. CATHARINE VAUGHN PARIS d/o Rev. Elijah Sutton b Jefferson Co., July 4th 1844; d Jan. 30, 1869; md David Paris of Jefferson Co. Ky., November 29, 1866.

AARON W. HARRIS b March 13, 1818; d Sept. 13, 1868; steward in Antioch Methodist church, Morganfield Circuit for many years.

GOLDEN WEDDING. Fiftieth wedding anniversary, Feb. 4, 1869, of David and Judith Evans of Shelbyville, Kentucky.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #9. February 27, 1869

Mrs. HANNAH V. CROUCH, nee Talbot, b Shelby Co., Ky., 1803; d Oct. 4, 1868; md Rev. Benjamin T. Crouch of Ky. Conference, July 1, 1823.

PHILIP PHILIPS NEELY, D. D., 5th son of Major James and Eleanor Neely, b Rutherford Co., Tenn., 1818; d nr. Mobile, Ala., Nov. 9, 1868; grandson of Philip Philips His elder brother, Rev. Thomas J. Neely. He married Henrietta Parks, 1841; two children; J. Alice Towler, a daughter. Served in the Tenn. Conference.

BENJAMIN G. YAGER, d Feb. 15, 1869 in 47th year, Sonora, Ky.; native of Nelson Co., Ky. but raised in Hardin Co., Ky.; md Jane Peake, of Marion Co., Ky., 1851.

PHOEBE L. STAMP w/o J. M. Stamp and d/o Lewis P. and Eliza Wright, b Hart Co., Ky., Oct. 25, 1844; d January 20, 1869.

Tribute of Respect for N. B. HARLY who died recently by Bethesda Lodge #201, Masons, Dec. 30, 1868.

Mrs. MARTHA WALLACE d Jan. 3, 1868, Perryville, Ky. in 82nd year at home of brother-in-law, A. H. Tucker.



Rev. EDWARD OSTEAN (Uncle Ned), b N.C., Sept. 1801 but raised in Tenn.; licensed to preach Sept. 22, 1828; ordained elder Oct. 13, 1839; died recently.

ELIZABETH ROSS w/o F. W. Ross, b Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 2, 1819; d Paris, Texas, Dec. 9, 1868 (where she had moved to, 1850); md March 22, lB36; moved to Miss. then in 1839 to Texas.

JOHN CUNNINGHAM b Wilkes Co., N.C., June 6, 1808; d Nov. 17, 1868; moved from McMinnville to bounds of Hickory Creek Circuit.

Mrs. MARTHA C. BLANTON b June 3, 1807; d Jan. 24, 1869; md Benjamin Blanton, Oct. 12, 1826.

Rev. ISAAC W. SULLIVAN, M. D., d Madison Co., Ala., Feb. 14, 1869 in 72nd year; preached 8 years on circuit then located and practiced medicine.

MATILDA P. MOORE d/o Isaac and Matilda Walker b July 18, 1818; d Maury Co., Tenn. Feb. 8, 1869; md James T. Moore, Jan. 12, 1837; had consumption for 18 years.

JAMES FULLER, native of Buncombe Co., N.C. but moved when young to Lawrence Co. Ala.; d Feb. 15, 1869 nr. Trinity, aged 62 years; md twice; had 14 children.

Tribute of Respect for R. McAULEY who died recently by Waverly Chapter #60, Masons, Waverly, Tenn., Feb. 15, 1869.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #11. March 13, 1869

Mrs. MATILDA D. WORK d/o M. R. Hughes, Esq. and widow of Robert Work, b Oct. 12, 1833; d Jan. 25, 1869.

Mrs. SUE F. HOLT b Feb. 21, 1836; d Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 27, 1869; md A. K. Ho1t, Jan. 1, 1861.


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Rev. HENRY J. EVANS, b Southampton Co., Va. May 14, 1804; d Jan. 9, 1869; moved in 1813 to Petersburg, Va., and in 1815 moved to Murfreesborough, N.C. where he clerked; md Harriet Cuke, 1835; moved to Warren Co., Ky. 1839; moved in 1854 to Ca1dwe11 Co., Ky.; his wife died July 9, 1862 and he remarried March 12, 1867 to Laura /Cobb?/ of Princeton, Ky.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #12. March 20, 1869

SUSAN A. SIMMONS w/o George Simmons, d/o Thomas and Lucy McKissack, b N.C., 1793; d March 7, 1869; md Dec. 10, 1818.

HAZAEL PETRIE b Chester Dist., S.C., July 8, 1785; d Jan. 29, 1869; moved to Todd Co., Ky.

SUSAN F. HODGES w/o Thomas J. Hodges b Sumner Co., Tenn. Feb. 22, 1833; d Jan. 8, 1869; left widower and six children.

Rev. CHARLES TAYLOR McDONALD d Hampton, Calhoun Co., Ark., Jan. 17, 1869; born in Rhea Co., Tenn.; minister in Holston Conf. for many years; moved in Dec. 1868 to Hampton, Ark.

ISAAC VAUGHT b Blount Co., Tenn., March l3, 180l; d Jan. 18, 1869; at age 26 md Mary Ann d/o S. A. Broyls and moved to Jackson Co., Ala. where he died.

THOMAS KIMBROUGH b Louisa Co., Va. March 4, 1796; d Dec. 26, 1868; moved to Todd CO., Ky. 1819; joined MEC, 1842.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #13. March 27, 1869

Colonel JOHN R. BLOCHER b Edgefield Dist., S.C., Nov. 12, 1810; d Greene Co., Ark., Feb. 12, 1869; had suffered a stroke in October 1867.

Mrs. NANNIE GRAY w/o Robert W. Gray, d/o Joseph M. and Patsey Wiseman b Lincoln Co., Tenn., March 2, 1842; d Nov. 2, 1868; md May 10, 1866; left widower and two daughters.

Wife (name not given) of JOHN E. FOUST, Mobile Conference, died Wilcox, Ga., March 5, 1869; buried in Bethlehem Church Cemetery, Jonesboro Circuit.



WILLIAM CAMPBELL STOKES s/o Co1. Jordan and Martha Jane Stokes b Lebanon, Tenn., May 16, 1847; d Feb. 2, 1869.

WESLEY F. WILLIAMS s/o Rev. Gray Williams b Powhatan Co., Va., Apri1 10, 1814; d Logan Co., Ky., Feb. 17, 1869.

MARY DILLON d Franklin Co., Ky., March 12, 1869.

Mrs. ROMELLA KOGER w/o Jesse W. Koger d Lauderdale Co., A1a. Jan. 17, 1869 in her 38th year; left widower and nine children.

WINFIELD S. LINDLEY s/o H. J. C. and O. M. Lind1ey of Ohio Co., Ky. d March 16, 1869.

STANLY K. DUNCAN s/o S. V. and Susan E. DUNCAN b Dec. 21, 1847; d Oct. 24, 1868, C1overport, Ky.

WILLIAM L. GREATHOUS d Hancock Co., Ky., March 1, 1869 in 40th year.

SAMUEL B. SMITH, oldest s/o James and Amy Smith, b Aug. 18, 1861; d Clay City, Ill., March 16, 1869. "He was a promising boy."


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #15. Apri1 10, 1869

JACOB SWIGERT, SR., b Mary1and, Ju1y 6, 1793; s/o John and Mary Swigert; date of death not given; studied 1aw; author of THE KENTUCKY JUSTICE'S GUIDE; a Whig; an "unflinching Methodist."


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Tribute of Respect for Rev. EDWARD OSTEEN who died recently, by Louisville Circuit Quarterly Conference, undated.

Mrs. NANNIE R. PRICE b Sept. 28, 1846; d Florence, Ala., March 25, 1869; d/o Rev. Joel W. Whitten, w/o James R. Price, whom she md Jan. 17, 1865.

WILLIAM FLETCHER STOCKARD b Nov. 18, 1844; d March 28, 1869; md April 24, 1868, to ?

LIZZIE ALICE JESSE second d/o John and Sarah Jesse b Feb. 22, 1852; d Jan. 14, 1869.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #16. April 17, 1869

MARY BORDEN GRACE w/o Rev. F. M. Grace, b March 28, 1832, N.C.; d March 16, 1869; soon after her birth family moved to Greene Co., Ark.; md April 1854.

AROLINA C. LYLES b May 21, 18O9; d nr. Carthage, Tenn., Feb. 26, 1869; md Hiram Lyles, Jan. 7, 1832.

THOMAS M. JOHNSTON b Orange Co., N.C., Feb. 19, 18O2; d Greensboro, Ala. March 25 1869; md Eliza Ann Moore of Wake Co., N.C., Dec. 1823; he survived her by four months and five days. They joined the MEC, 1828; moved to Greensboro Ala. in 1833.

SAMUEL A. GRABLE s/o W. L. and Mary A. Grable b Jan. 5, 1853; d March 11, 1869; joined MEC, August 1864.

Mrs. LOU SARAH BATES b abt. 1840; d Adair Co., Ky. March 20, 1869; md John A. Bates Dec. 6, 1863.

C. Y. JARRELL b Rockingham Co., N.C., Jan. 22, 1830; d Humphreys Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1869. Tribute of Respect for him by Caldwell Lodge #273, Masons, Feb. 15, 1869, for him as he had lived in Big Bottom, Humphreys Co.; aged 39 years, 21 days.

Mrs. NANCY HENRY widow of late Robert Henry, d/o Lewis and Martha Marshall, b Franklin Co., Va. Oct. 1, 1800; d McLean Co., Ky. Jan. 22, 1869.

Mrs. MARTHA A. HAWKINS w/o Thomas H. Hawkins b Halifax Co., N.C., Nov. 6, 1811; d Sumter Co., Ala. March 25, 1869.

Tribute of Respect for BURWELL ABERNATHY who died recently, by Pulaski Lodge #101, Masons, Apri1 3, 1869.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 29, #17. April 24, 1869

DAVID IVEY descendant of an old Methodist family, converted in 1823 at Providence Church in Robertson Co., Tenn.; d March 14, 1869.

Mrs. MARGARET GILLILAM b Ireland Dec. 8, 1767; d Jefferson Co., Ky., March 13, 1869; moved to America with her husband in 1800; lived in Pa.; Shelby and Jefferson counties, Ky.

Miss S. V. BERRY d/o Rev. M. T. Berry b April 5, 1844; d Nov. 6, 1868; professed religion 1856 at Mt. Carmel, Dickson Circuit.

ETHEL VAN TURK youngest d/o Dr. James G. and Ann P. Turk d Johnson Co., Mo. March 24, 1869, aged 5 years, 1 month and 28 days.

ELIZABETH HOIT b Bullitt Co., Ky., Feb. 28, 1818; d April 2, 1869; md Rev. George L. Rodgers, May 14, 1846.

"Sister" WILKS, wife of W. S. Wilks, d Haywood Co., Tenn., Feb. 26, 1869. Born Nov 10, 1811; md 1835.

FRANKLIN A. CAMPBELL b S.C., April 5, 1800; d Lincoln Co., Tenn. March 27, 1869.

MARY B. D. SLAYDEN, only d/o Jackson and Jane Slayden, d Sept. 17, 1868, aged 11 years; Hickman Co., Tenn.


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CHARLES O. WHALEY d Bath Co., Ky. Feb. 4, 1869, aged 23rd year; he was a Mason. His father, Charles C. Whaley d March 11, 1869 in 66th year; native of Va.; former member of state legislature.

Mrs. SARAH T. GREEN, nee Browder, b Dinwiddie Co., Va., Aug. 14, 1816; d Montgomery Co., Tenn., March 2, 1869; md Henry G. Green, November 11, 1835.

MARTHA A. CRICHLOW w/o Rev. Henry S. Crichlow, b Feb. 6, 1812; d April 8, 1869.

WILLIAM HUNTER d April 2, 1869, aged 65 years, 8 months and 27 days.

Mrs. ARTITIA WOODSMALL b Nelson Co., now Spencer Co., Ky. June 13, 1799; d Jefferson Co., Ky. April 13, 1869; md John Woodsmall, Dec. 3, 1816 and moved to Jefferson Co. in 1817; had attack of paralysis 12 years before her death.

MARTHA E. GIBSON d/o Rev. James A. and Eliza J. WOODALL b Nov. l0, 1847; d April 2, 1869.

Miss JANE HANNAH died Bourbon Co., Ky. April 4, 1869 in her 70th year.

MARY J. BROWNING d/o Joshua and Sarah J. Browning b Oct. 17, 1845; d March 24, 1869.



Rev. THOMAS N. LANKFORD, d April 21, 1869; licensed to preach in 1837 and admitted to Tenn. Conference; aged "something more than fifty-four years."

WILLIAM SIMPSON, Sr. b Augusta Co., Va., Dec. 22, 1796; d Jessamine Co., Ky., April 2, 1869, to which county he had moved at age 8; md Letitia Young, April 4, 1827; had a large family of children.

Mrs. ELIZABETH MORRELL consort of late Jonathan Morre11, b April 7, 1781; d Sullivan Co., Tenn., Oct. 13, 1868; md Feb. 3, 18O5; joined MEC, 1825.

Mrs. ELIZABETH W. DORRIS w/o H. P. Dorris b Jan. 12, 1819; d Clarksville, Tenn., March 22, 1869; joined MEC, 1842.

Miss FLETCHER ANDERSON b 1848; d March 2, 1869.

IRA E. HOBBS b Brunswick Co., Va. July 8, 1803; d Limestone Co., Ala. April 17, 1869. Tribute of Respect published in his memory in the May 15, 1869 issue.

Tribute of Respect for R. W. DIMMITT who died recently by Quarterly Conference of Paris Station, April 24, 1869.



Rev. AUGUTUS DARRELL d Winchester, Tenn., May 1, 1869 in his 98th year; ordained deacon, 1815, Lynchburg, Va., his native state; ordained an elder in Shelbyville, Tenn., 1825.

Mrs. ANNIE I. HORTON w/o John H. Horton, d/o James D. and Sarah A. Erwin; d nr. Allsboro, Ala. April 26, 1869 in her 21st year.

Captain LAZARUS POWELL b Halifax Co., N.C., June 15, 1777; settled when young in Logan Co., Ky., where he lived 2 years; then moved to Henderson Co., Ky. in 1806, where he lived until he d April 28, 1869. Father of the late senator and governor, L. W. Powell. Had 12 children, 4 surviving him with his widow; wife was a d/o Rev. Mr. Deason.

Mrs. LOUISE N. SETTLE d/o R. T. and N. Daniel, b Stewart Co., Tenn., April 25, 1846; d April 15, 1869; md T. S. Settle, February 1868.

RIAL J. ADKIELSON b nr. Savannah, Ga., Dec. 20, 1795; d Wilson Co., Tenn. April 9, 1869; moved in early life to Wilson County; joined MEC, 1818.

Sister PROVIDENCE SMITH b Dec. 17, 1796; d April 18, 1869; professed religion at Salem Church, Anderson Co., Ky. abt. 1840.


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Mrs. NANCY S. COLLY d April 9, 1869 in her 69th year.

Mrs. MARTHA NAVE w/o William Nave, b 1840; d March 1, 1869 nr Elkton, Tenn.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES A. BOSTICK b N.C., June 18, 1806; removed to Williamson Co., Tenn. when young; professed religion at 18; md (1) Nancy King; (2) Mary J. Elliott; (3) Mrs. Margaret M. McEwen; by Nolensville Circuit May 1, 1869.



Mrs. MARY AMANDA HOWIE w/o James Howie, d/o Simeon and Mary Dameron, b Maury Co., Tenn., May 13, 183O; d Lauderdale Co., Ala., March 17, 1869; moved to Lauderdale Co. in 1837; joined MEC, 1843; md May 13, 1860; left widower and two daughters.

PETER PENNER s/o George and Anna Penner b Montgomery Co., Va., Oct. 5, 1795; d April 18, 1869; moved to Warren Co., Ky., 18l6; joined MEC, 1817; md Elizabeth Alford, 1822, who was born in Wythe Co., Va. and moved to Ky. in 1808.

Mrs. SARAH LUSK b Rutherford Co., N.C., Jan. 3O, 1772; d Newmarket, Ala. Feb. 18, 1869; had several children, only three survived her.

MATILDA J. THOMASSON w/o Thomas K. Thomasson d Monroe Co., Tenn., April 24, 1869, in her 27th year; left widower and three small children.

HAMILTON L. DUNCAN b Sept. 1O, 18O6; d Coffee Co., Tenn., March 18, 1869; left widow and six children.

Rev. JOSEPH K. MUNN s/o Capt. Matthias and Rosannah Munn, b Huntsville, Ala., June 25, 1824; d Lauderdale Co., Ala., May 9, 1869; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, April 3, 1869; had been a Roman Catholic for years before being converted to Methodism.



JACK NORFLEET b Va., 1794; d Collins Co., TEX, March 1869; went with parents to Pulaski Co., Ky., 1798; md Virlinder Shumate, 1832.

REBECCA BROWN b Ga., Sept. 26, 1796; d Christian Co., Ky., April 13, 1869; md Thomas Brown, Nov. 1810; had 12 children, 10 surviving her.

W. R. DENT b Flemingsburg, Ky., Aug. 8, 1832; d March 12, 1869; md Martha E. Robertson, Sept. 15, 1857; joined MEC, Feb. 1852; left widow and a one-year-old son.

Mrs. LUCY RICKETS b Aug. 5, 1802; d Wayne Co., Tenn., April 29, 1869.

LUCINDA COTTON w/o R. H. Cotton d May 13, 1869, Williamson Co., Tenn., aged 27 yrs.

MARY LOUISE RICE d/o Rev. Dr. George and Elizabeth Rumsey b Kingwood, Va. July 21, 1832; d Whelock, TEX, May 5, 1869; md Rev. James Rice, Nov. 10, 1850; left widower and two daughters.

Dr. DANIEL BACHMAN b Va.; d abt. May 15, in his 85th year.

"Mother" COLLIER died fourth Sunday in April 1869, Lincoln Co., Tenn.; buried beside a little granddaughter.

"Mrs." TERRY w/o B. B. Terry d May l4, 1869, nr Crittenden Springs, Ky., about 50 years old.



SARAH O. SPILMAN, widow of Robert Spilman of Green Co., Ky. d May 19, 1869 in her 73rd year, at home of son-in-law, M. S. Lasley, Todd Co., Ky.

W. O. TAYLOR MORSE s/o B. F. and Elizabeth Morse b March 18, 1847; d May 22, 1869.


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ELIZABETH B. HAWKINS b Nashville, Tenn. 30 years, 5 months and 20 days ago; d/o John and Lucy B. Sigler; md James M. Hawkins in her 17th year; d May 20, 1869.

ELIZABETH F. McKEE w/o William B. McKee, d/o Rev. W. A. and E. F. Gill, b Lincoln Co., Tenn., May 25, 1833; d April 26, 1869; md May 25, 1851.

WILLIAM DAVID SMITH s/o P. D. and Julia Smith b Wilson Co., Tenn., April 4, 1824; d Christian Co., Ky., May 6, 1869; lived in Wilson and Sumner counties, Tenn. and Trigg and Christian counties, Ky. over the years; a Confederate veteran; captured Ft. Donelson, exchanged in summer of 1863; left his father a widow, two sisters and other relatives.



DORY NELL b Nov. 27, 1800; d Jan. 14, 1869; md Jane Harvey, Aug. 19, 1823; member of Kentucky legislature, 1849-1850, from county of Adair.

SARAH A. HOUZE b Sept. 20, 1847; d October 31, 1868; md Isaac H. Young, Jan. 1, 1868

NELSON FENNEL b Jan. 25, 1820; d May 19, 1869; professed religion Trinity, Ala., Sept. 1843; tribute of respect for him by the Trinity Church, May 23, 1869.



WILLIAM BOWEN CAMPBELL b July 21, 1846; d May 29, 1869; s/o Hon. William B. Campbell and Fannie J. Campbell. Lebanon, Tenn.

NEWELL DOUGLAS ELLIOTT s/o Thomas F. and Maria Elliott, b Stewart Co., Tenn., Oct. 17, 1843; killed accidentally May 15, 1869; md Martha James Wofford of Stewart County, Oct. 20, 1868. Member of Masonic order.

STEPHEN CARLISLE PITTS MILOR b 1827; d Jan. 5, 1869; md Arian Malinda Brunton, 1856.

LOUISIANA E. TIMBERLAKE d/o Gen. A. H. and Susan Ross b Jackson Co., Tenn., May 29, 1836; d Oxford, Ala., May 9, 1869; md Major J. F. Timberlake, Oct. 17, 1854; left widower and five children.

Mrs. SARAH A. ROBSON d Charleston, S.C., May 25, 1869, having been for 30 years a member of the Second Presbyterian Church.

DANIEL ROSS d Dec. 24, 1868, aged 55 years.

WILLIAM K. ROSS d April 28, 1869, nearly 25 years old; lived near Ross Chapel, Chickasaw Co., Ala.

MOSES F. GLENN b July 5, 1791; d March 8, 1869, Muhlenburg Co. Ky.; professed religion 1819.

ARENIE J. KING d/o J. L. and Sarah Brown b Aug. 4, 1836; d Sept. 1, 1868.



Captain THOMAS LOUIS BRANSFORD b May 14, 1840; d Edgefield, Tenn. June 12, 1869; md Mary, oldest d/o Wm. B. and Mary Hamilton of Mobile, Ala., July 12, 1865; was a lieutenant in Nelson's artillery in Civil War.

GEORGE W. SHINDLETOWN, local preacher of MEC; d Danville, Ky., June 6, 1869.

MOSES T. HOAGLAND b N. J., Oct. 7, 1778; d May 12, 1869; moved to Carroll Co., Ky. 1800.

SARAH ELIZABETH RICHMOND consort of Col. James B. Richmond d Lee Co., Va. June 1, 1869; d/o John and Jane Duncan of Rye Cove, Scott Co., Va., where she was b April 28, 1846; md Sept. 1, 1864; left widower and two children.

JOHN N. DOYLE b Robertson Co., Tenn. Aug. 5, 1826; d Monroe Co., Ark., Oct. 1867.


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[Note: This error in sequencing or, more likely, dating, exists in the original manuscript and is not an error in transcription.]


Mrs. ELIZABETH N. PETWAY w/o Rev. F. S. Petway, d/o Isham R. and Sally Thweatt, b Franklin Co., Tenn., May 2l, 182l; d Memphis, Tenn., June 3, 1869; buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.; joined MEC, 1838.


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