By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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July 7, 1859

ADDIE B. PAYNE d/o Zachariah Payne, died Edgefield, Tenn., June 30, 1859 aged 16 years.

JOHN L. FITCH s/o Benjamin and Olley Fitch, born Jan. 3, 1821; died May 15, 1859; served in Ky. legislature from Lewis Co., 1849.

ELIZABETH M. LACY w/o John Lacy died Carter Co., Tenn., May 4, 1859 in her 39th year; joined MEC summer of 1837.

ELLEN B. SMITH w/o John A. Smith died Columbia Co., Ark., no date, aged 31 years, 6 months; joined MEC in Upson Co., Ga.


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SARAH PERRY d/o Rev. Jackson Perry; w/o late Thomas Price of Jackson Co., Tenn., died Granby, Mo., May 25, 1859 aged 33 years.

SQUIRE S. HOWELL s/o Alison Howell born Sept. 6, 1848; died Feb. 13, 1859.

MATTIE McCLURE died Millersburg, Ky. June 18, 1859 aged 13 years; d/o Mrs. Elizabeth Nunn by a former marriage, now wife of William Nunn.

ANGLIN MILLER w/o Alfred Miller born Sept. 22, 1812; died May 9, 1859.

MARY WILHITE only d/o James A. Wilhite born Owensboro, Ky., Sept. 15, 1849; died June 15, 1859.


July 14, 1859

Rev. THOMAS GUNN born Nottoway Co., Va., April 10, 1770; died Robertson Co., Tenn., May 13, 1859; when he was young his family moved to Caswell Co., N.C. and later to Tennessee; he became a Methodist preacher; ordained deacon, Lynchburg, Va., Feb. 4, 1808; ordained elder, in Tenn., Oct. 4, 1814; raised a family.

PAULINA A. JULIAN d/o Thomas A. and Rebecca Moore, died Hamilton Co., Tenn. June 13, 1859 in her 29th year.

Rev. MAJOR STANFIELD born N.C., April 9, 1796; died June 21, 1859; md Elizabeth Gilbert, 1828; became MEC preacher.

MARY W. HARRIS d/o late Col. Samuel Dowse of Burke Co., Ga.; w/o Col. George H. Harris, died Columbus, Miss., June 13, 1859 in her 43rd year.

JOHN LOGAN died Dover, Pope Co., Ark., Jan. 16, 1859; born Christian Co., Ky., June 10, 1791; moved to Missouri Territory and there md Frances Poston; moved to Arkansas Territory 1829.

MATTHIAS BEAUMONT, native of England, died Nashville, Tenn., March 14, 1859 in his 69th year; his wife, HANNAH BEAUMONT, died Feb. 23, 1859 in her 67th year.

NANCY MOORE born Orange Co., N.C., Dec. 27, 1802; settled in Crittenden Co., Ky. 1835; married, had large family; died April 6, 1859.

SARAH ELIZABETH LEWIS second d/o George W. Lewis died Feb. 17, 1859 aged 4 years, 10 months, 12 days; on March 30 her daughter, Ikana died aged 1 year, 1 month, 2 days; on June 6 her second son, James William Lewis, died aged 6 years, 8 months, 28 days.

ELIZABETH J. LOWERY w/o A. N. Lowery died of pneumonia, March 5, 1859 aged 19 years.

ELLEN FORD only d/o William and Elvira Ford died June 8, 1859 aged 2 years, 4 days in McMinn Co., Tenn.


July 21, 1859

EDWARD CAGE, born N.C., April 9, 1779; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., May 27, 1859; as a child moved to Sumner Co., Tenn.; joined MEC 1800; lay leader in his church.

Rev. SION RECORD died May 1, 1859; md Emily M. d/o William and Elizabeth Cowden of Marshall Co., Tenn.; filled many appointments; left widow, 3 children.

MARY TENNESSEE NEBLITT d/o Robert Henry and Mary Josephine Neblitt, granddaughter of S. P. and Mary Ament, born Oct. 18, 1857; died June 30, 1859.

JOHN G. FERGUSON, Esq., lawyer, Nashville, Tenn., died July 11, 1859 (as noted from another newspaper, quoted in the CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE).


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CHARLES SHIPLEY MORTON s/o Rev. David and H. W. Morton died July 13, 1859 aged 10 months, 23 days.

Mrs. JUDITH F. HOCKERSMITH died Springfie1d, Tenn., June 30, 1859; native of Virginia; moved to Tenn. in early life; md John Hockersmith, 1818.

ELIZABETH FLOOD died May 3, 1859 in her 57th year; md Wesley Flood, May 16, 1833; moved to Logan Co., Ky. 1854.

Miss LAMIRA JANE FIELDS died Williamsport, Tenn., May 17, 1859 in her 26th year.

SAMUEL OSCAR CHAPEL s/o Sandie and Maggie Chapel, died Williamsport, Tenn., May 12, 1859 aged 6 months.

GARRETT B. NOEL died April 16, 1859; md Caroline Rouse of Shelby Co., Ky.; moved from there to Logan Co., Ky. in 1837 where he died.

WILLIAM B. HARDY s/o Benjamin and Mary Hardy born Humphreys Co., Tenn., March 28, 1834; died in 1858 in Ark., whence he had moved with his father.

JOHN WILBER STRADER born Green Co., Ky. 1821; died June 3, 1859.

WILLIAM M. WOODSON died June 30, 1859; left widow, children.

BENJAMIN F. TIPTON died Levee, Montgomery Co., Ky., June 10, 1859 aged 29 years; left widow, 3 small children.

MARY REES d/o W. H. and Mary M. Rees of Lincoln Co., Tenn., born March 11, 1859; died June 7, 1859.


July 28, 1859

Rev. HENRY LEDBETTER born N.C., Oct. 28, 1789; died May 14, 1859; at age 20 went with his father to Lincoln Co., Tenn.; md Ann Philips in N.C. and in 3 years moved back to Tenn.; moved to Perry Co. in 1837 where he lived thereafter; local MECS preacher.

EMILY JANE BRIEN w/o C. D. Brien died Columbia, Tenn., June 28, 1859.

ADALINE C. SKEEN w/o Rev. Purnell H. Skeen of Coweta Co., Ga.; died in Tenn. on a visit with relatives. Born Montgomery Co., N.C., March 11, 1811; d/o Samuel and Leah Sterd; md Sept. 2, 1830; left home June 9, 1859 on a visit to Wilson Co., Tenn. where she died. The Skeens moved to Coweta Co., Ga. in Dec. 1832 where they had ever afterwards lived.

DAVID H. BROWN s/o John Mc and Minerva J. Brown, born Meade Co., Ky. Oct. 8, 1839; died Hawesville, Ky., June 20, 1859.

ALETHIA STALCUP w/o William Stalcup born Feb. 11, 1811; died May 5, 1859.

ELIZA H. CLARKE d/o Carey L. and Eliza Clarke, died Georgetown, Ky., July 6, 1859.

E. EDMONDSON w/o Joseph Edmondson, died Marion Co., Ky., no date given in her 36th year.

MARY EUDORA COLEMAN d/o James W. and Mary J. Coleman, died Christian Co., Ky., July 1, 1859 aged 18 years.

KENNON JONES WARD s/o Roland and Sarah B. Ward, born Sept. 23, 1843; died June 16, 1859.

Capt. JOHN McTYEIRE died Russell Co., Ala., July 13, 1859 in his 67th year; being a native of Barnwell Dist., S.C. he commanded a company of nullifiers in that state, 1832-1833.

VIRGINIA A. OLIVER w/o J. Berrien Oliver and youngest d/o late Hon. Eli S. Shorter, died nr. Columbus, Ga., July 12, 1859 aged 26 years.

JUDGE GRISHAM died at home on Rock Castle River, Ky., July 4, 1859; over 80 years old.


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CINDEBELLA PAYNE widow of John Payne of Edgefield, Tenn., died nr. Franklin, Ky., June 28, 1859.

RICHARD T. S. EVANS s/o D. and E. D. Evans, born Nov. 6, 1855; died June 13, 1859.


August 4, 1859

JAMES W. PHIPPS, in his 20th year, died Lafayette, Ga., July 17, 1859.

Resolutions of Respect for SALLIE ANN, w/o P. B. Williamson, who died July 12, 1859; by Palmyra Division #154, sons of Temperance, dated July 6, 1859.

GEORGE CARPENTER died May 8, 1859 on his 74th birthday; moved from Va. to Ky. with parents and md Mary Belote 1810; she died April 22, 1833 and he md again in 1834.

LUCINDA CARPENTER died June 20, 1859 of typhoid fever, aged 14 years. A son of George Carpenter, JAMES CARPENTER, died July 7, 1859 aged 35 years; md Lucy E. Whitaker , Nov. 25, 1845 with whom he had 5 children.

Resolutions of Respect for ADELAIDE d/o Z. PAYNE of Edgefield, Tenn., who died June 30, 1859; by Edgefield Lodge #41, Independent Order of Good Templars.

AMANDA S. MILLER d/o late Joseph Miller died Washington Co., Va. July 12, 1859 in her 24th year.

Tribute of Respect for Miss LOUISA S. STEPHENS, teacher, who died recently; by Providence Sabbath School dated July 17, 1859.

Rev. JAMES M. PARKER born Ky., Oct. 1, 1801; in the fall of 1803 his parents and family moved to Humphreys Co., Tenn. where he lived until 1857 when he moved to Dallas Co., Texas; licensed to preach, MEC, Sept. 2, 1840; ordained deacon Nov. 8, 1846.

Mrs. NANCY TOPPING born Albemarle Co., Va. 1783; died Union Co., Ky. July 2, 1859.

LUCY A. HUBBARD w/o J. Milton Hubbard; d/o Hon. W. T. Hawkins, died July 16, 1859 aged 19 years.

MARY E. CURRY d/o Henry P. and Rachel R. Curry, died June 19, 1859.


August 11, 1859

LIZZIE McDANIEL d/o Henry and Delilah McDaniel of Sumpter Co., Ala., died at the Calhoun Institute, Macon, Miss., June 10, 1859; she had received her collegiate degree.

WILLIAM LONG, native of Caroline Co., Va. died at home of his son, Col. Jere. Long, Shelby Co., Ky. (no date given), aged 99 years; served in his father's stead in American army during the Revolutionary War; family moved to N.C. where he joined Col. Lytle's regiment in that war.

Rev. NATHAN N. G. ALLEN died Bee Co., Texas, March 19, 1859 aged about 80 years; had lived in Tenn. and N.C.; a MECS preacher.

MARTHA B. BINKLEY born Dec. 8, 1811; d/o Samuel and Patience Steel; md Joseph Binkley 1833. No death date given.

ELIZABETH M. BELL, widow of Samuel A. Bell, born Wilson Co., Tenn., Dec. 9, 1813; died Bedford Co., Tenn., July 12, 1859.

JOSEPH FINLY INGRAM youngest s/o Samuel C. and Amelia Ingram, born Maury Co., Tenn., May 4, 1844; died June 14, 1859; joined MECS 1858.

MARTHA J. WELLS w/o Dr. N. B. Wells of Midway, Ky.; d/o S. and C. Banta; died nr. Pleasantville, Ky. at her father's house, July 21, 1859 in her 25th year, of chronic irritation of the bowels.


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August 18, 1859

MARY ANN ROGERS d/o Rev. Samuel and Mary Ann Douthit, born Blount Co., Tenn., Dec. 19, 1820; md Rev. William H. Rogers of the Holston Conference, August 15, 1850; died May 14, 1859.

Rev. JAMES W. ALEXANDER, D. D., of New York; died Red Sweet Springs, Va., July 31, 1859; eldest s/o Dr. Archibald Alexander, he was born Louisa Co., Va. 1804; grandson of James Waddell; graduate of Princeton, 1820; a teacher and author.

FRANCES C. McMAHON w/o Rev. William McMahon; d/o Claiborne and Elizabeth Sanders; born Brunswick Co., Va. 1803; md 1821; died recently.

MARY HARDGROVE w/o Joseph Hardgrove died Jackson, Miss., July 15, 1859 in her 47th year.

Rev. JONAS DANCER s/o Henry and Sallie Dancer, born Smith Co., Tenn., Dec. 11, 1803; moved with family to Henry Co., Tenn. where he joined the MEC, September 1823; md Jane d/o William and Tellie Smith, Nov. 29, 1829; moved to Obion Co., Tenn. 1835, where he was licensed to preach, June 3, 1837 and moved to Missouri 1840; then to Texas 1848, where he died May 23, 1859, leaving a widow and a son and two daughters.

SARAH TENNESSEE WHEELER d/o J. D. and Mary T. Wheeler born July 9, 1854 and died July 10, 1859.

MINERVA ALICE WOOTTEN d/o Rev. J. B. and Rhoda Wootten, died Wayland's Springs, Tenn., July 19, 1859 aged 3 years, 1 day.

DELILAH MILLER w/o Daniel Miller; d/o Chief, John Fletcher; died in the Choctaw Nation, June 9, 1859; left widower and 4 children.


August 25, 1859

MARY McGAVOCK McFERRIN d/o Rev. J. B. and C. T. McFerrin, died of croup, August 18, 1859 aged 6 months.

MARY ELLEN EDWARDS d/o C. and B. B. Edwards died Logan Co., Ky. July 23, 1859 aged 14 years.

MATILDA SMITHSON widow of Samuel C. Smithson; d/o John and Jane Secrest, born Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Feb. 21, 1800; died July 18, 1859; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn., then in 1851 to Maury Co., Tenn. where she died.

JANE KNIGHT w/o Capt. James Knight died Caney Spring, Tenn., May 20, 1859; born in 1780.

DIXON C. WILLIAMS died Smith Co., Tenn., July 27, 1859 in his 29th year; moved to Ark. to practice law in 1854; served in the Ark. legislature; returned to Tenn. where he died.

JACOB SHALL born Hagerstown, Md., Feb. 10, 1789; died Memphis, Tenn., July 24, 1859 in house of his son-in-law, Rev. W. T. Plummer; moved to Tenn., living in Nashville, then Pulaski, then Memphis.

Tribute of Respect for Dr. J. H. DAVIS who died July 12, 1859 in his 33rd year; by Western Star Lodge #9, Masons, Springfield, Tenn., not dated.

JOHN HENRY NEAL born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Sept. 5, 1812; died June 23, 1859.


September 1, 1859

Tribute of Respect for THOMAS B. STEARMON who died recently; by Wm. B. Allen Lodge #268, Green Co., Ky. dated August 6, 1859.

Testimonial of Grief for WILLIAM H. BERRY who died August 2, 1859; by Little River Lodge #72, Independent Order of Good Templars; not dated.


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LEILA CULLOM d/o General William and Virginia A. Cullom, born March 1, 1858; died Carthage, Tenn., August 5, 1859.

NANCY EVERS d/o William and Mary Leeman; born Hardin Co., Ky., Dec. 1, 1821; md J. R. Evers, Graves Co., Ky., May 1837; died Pulaski Co., Ill., July 23, 1859.

Rev. ISAAC N. MANLY died Johnson Co., Texas, July 30, 1859; born Stewart Co. Tenn., June 4, 1818; s/o Rev. John Manly, who moved to Henry Co., Tenn., an early Methodist preacher; he was licensed to preach, MEC, Oct. 5, 1849 and filled several appointments in the Memphis Conference; ordained deacon Nov. 6, 1842; ordained elder (no date given); moved to Texas 1854. J. W. KASEY died August 2, 1859 in his 39th year. Born in Va., Dec. 25, 1821; moved to Ky. when young; had served as a MEC preacher.

NANCY PICKENS widow of John Pickens; born Wythe Co., Va.; family moved to S.C.; she died July 4, 1859 in house of her son, Robert Pickens in Bradley Co., Tenn., aged 80 years.

NANCY WOODWARD died March 9, 1859 Dixon /Dickson/ Co., Tenn., in her 59th year; widow of Edward Woodward; d/o Jerry and Catharine Baxter.

FANNIE S. ATKERSON died July 27, 1859 in her 20th year.

NANCY BRATTOM died Bracken Co., Ky., June 27, 1859 aged 60 years.


September 8, 1859

Rev. THOMAS WARE RANDLE, died /August 26, 1859/; s/o Thomas and Nancy Randle; born Stewart Co., Tenn., April 13, 1815; became itinerant MEC preacher before his 18th birthday; filled numerous appointments over the years; funeral preached August 17th, Huntsville, where he was buried. His brother, Rev. John Randle, was with him when he died. He md Elenor J. Plummer and they had 5 children surviving.

MASON R. COCKBURN born Franklin Co., Ala.; died Tuscumbia, Ala. August 15, 1859 in his 34th year.

JOHN M. BIGGS died June 27, 1859 and his wife, CLARISSA A. BIGGS, died July 7, 1859; both in Green Co., Ky.

WILLIE BROWN s/o and only child of Robert P. and S. E. Brown, born Oct. 1, 1858; died August 5, 1859.

REBECCA A. LARKINS died Linden, Tenn., July 20, 1859; d/o John and Eleanor Larkins.

CATHARINE McCOMBS d/o Robert Overall of Rutherford Co., Tenn.; w/o William McCombs, died Gibson Co., Tenn., July 2, 1859.

MATILDA E. JERRELL d/o Fountain and Elizabeth Jerrell died nr. Lebanon, Tenn., July 19, 1859 aged 21 years; Baptist.

CHARLES BOGGESS HAMED s/o John W. and Catherine Hamed, Petersburg, Ky., born Oct. 5, 1858; died July 20, 1859.

BETTIE HYE HERNDON d/o R. H. Herndon, died Bolivar Co., Miss., Aug. 4, 1859 aged 1 year, 11 months.

SAMUEL ANTHONY ROGERS s/o William H. and S. A. Rogers died Polk Co., Ga. July 31, 1859 aged 2 years, 1 month, 13 days.

L. J. SMITH d/o James C. Staten, born Clinton Co., Ky., June 6, 1839; died July 2, 1859.

AMANDA STEGALL w/o Henry W. Stegall, died Monroe Co., Miss., August 9, 1859 in her 45th year.

CHARLES L. PARHAM born Sussex Co., Va., August 12, 1803; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., July 26, 1859.


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September 15, 1859

MINERVA BUSTER w/o James F. Buster died Sumner Co., Tenn., at house of her brother, John L. Doxey, Sept. 7, 1859.

MARTHA J. CHAMBERS w/o Co1. James W. Chambers, died nr. Co1umbus, Ga., Aug. 13, 1859 aged about 54 years.

RICHARD BROOKS died Tazewell Co., Va., August 6, 1859 aged 50 years; left widow and children.

THOMAS BROOKS, SR. died at residence of the late Richard Brooks, August 9, 1859 aged 83 years.

MARY B. GOODRICH d/o Rev. Carey and Martha James of Rutherford Co., Tenn.; w/o B. W. Goodrich of Marshall Co., Tenn., born March 23, 1816; died May 25, 1859.

ELIZABETH A. JONES d/o James T. and Hester Briggs, born Warren Co., Ky., May 28, 1827; died August 2, 1859; md S. S. Jones, Feb. 26, 1849.

WILLIAM HENRY, father of Rev. J. H. Henry, died Sumner Co., Tenn., July 22, 1859; was 80 years old last July 17.

AMANDA J. OWEN died July 19, 1859; born Dec. 29, 1810.

MARCUS RICKMAN born Sept. 24, 1809; died July 17, 1859.

TIMOTHY TERRELL died Williamson Co., Tenn., June 27, 1859 aged 49 years, 3 days.

HENRY PERRY BORING s/o Rev. John and Laura A. Boring, born Jeffersonville, Va., Oct. 9, 1857; died Blountville, Tenn., August 15, 1859.

MARY ALICE LOVE eldest d/o John D. and Keziah Love; died Tallahatchie Co., Miss., July 6, 1859 in her 11th year.

DAVID L. HIGGASON born April 12, 1834; died Sumner Co., Tenn., July 16, 1859; member of Willow Grove MECS Church.

JARUSHA B. BECK d/o William J. and P. F. Beck, born. April 21, 1854; died in Tenn., July 20, 1859.

HENRY SOTHORON CLAGETT only s/o W. G. and Elizabeth Clagett, died June 21, 1859 aged 3 years, 2 months, 17 days.

THOMAS JEFFERSON HARPER born March 15, 1853; died Sumner Co., Tenn., July 25, 1859.


September 22, 1859

MILDRED A. PEPPER w/o W. O. Pepper; d/o Richard A. and Abigail M. Eckols, born Madison Co., Tenn., Feb. 22, 1832; died Bloomington, Ill., August 5, 1859; professed religion at Salem near Jackson.

ELIZABETH SHRADER, nee Botoof, born Pa., md Jacob Shrader, died July 23, 1859 aged 85 years. Lived in Oldham Co., Ky.

ELIZABETH LOYD born March 31, 1785, died Bledsoe Co., Tenn., Aug. 13, 1859.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. WILLIAM ELLIS who died Stewart Co., Tenn., August 27, 1859; by Elk Creek Sunday-school, MECS; not dated.

MARY DILINGHAM w/o James Dilingham died July 4, 1859 years; left widower, 8 children.

Mrs. ELIZABETH HARWOOD died Petersville, Ala., Aug. 15, 1859 in her 79th year.

BETHIA ELIZABETH McHENRY d/o James and Louisa H. McHenry, died Livingston, Tenn. August 27, 1859.

LAVINIA ANN GRUBBS only d/o Lucius H. and Amentha P. Grubbs, born August 1857; died scarlet fever, July 7, 1859.


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JOHN W. HENSON s/o Joseph S. and Mariah Henson, died Casey Co., Ky., August 9, 1859; left widow and children.

ELIZABETH SPILMAN w/o Benjamin Spilman, died August 16, 1859 in her 66th year.

PATIENCE H. SIGLER w/o Dr. Moorhead, born May 18, 1820; died August 12, 1859.
[A photograph and more information are available on Carole Palmer's Webster Co. KY web site.]

THEODORE PLUMMER born Columbia, Tenn., March 15, 1829; died Clarksville, Tenn., Ju1y 28, 1859; ill for years.


September 29, 1859

WILLIAM McLEAN MINOR s/o John D. and Mary B. McLean Minor, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 10, 1844; drowned in the Ohio River while fishing, August 27, 1859.

Tribute of Respect for T. D. JONES who died Marshall Co., Tenn., August 7, 1859, aged 22 years; by Eagleville Lodge #17, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, not dated.

MARY L. DEMAREE w/o Rev. John Demaree, born Jan. 16, 1811; died Sept. 5, 1859.

MINORAH H. PURCELL w/o Lindsey Purce11; d/o John and Rebecca Lashbrook, born Daviess Co., Ky., March 30, 1837; died September 2, 1859.


October 6, 1859

Rev. ANDREW GASS s/o Samuel and Rebecca Gass, born Jefferson Co., Tenn., May 1792; died nr. New Market, July 9, 1859; md Mrs. Moyers, 1812, who died in 1850; they had four chi1dren; md Mrs. Wyatt 1851; filled numerous appointments in the Tennessee Conference.

Rev. WILLIAM ELLIS, born N.C., Jan. 7, 1788; moved to Smith Co., Tenn., then to Stewart Co., Tenn. where he died, August 27, 1859; became a MECS preacher; ordained deacon 1826.

JAMES W. PERRY born April 19, 1818; died Maury Co., Tenn., June 4, 1859.

WILLIAM K. YOUNG died Sept. 3, 1859 in his 21st year; s/o Robert H. and Hester Ann Young.

JOHN McGAUGHEY died in Sumner Co., Tenn. in his 29th year; no death date given.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. JOSEPH WILLIS who died recently; by the Forest Hill Lodge #68, Independent Order of Good Templars, dated September 22, 1859.

Resolutions of Respect for LOUISA WORK who died recently; by Bethel Lodge #73, Independent Order of Good Templars, dated Sept. 18, 1859.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. THOMAS W. RANDLE who died recently; by 4th Quarterly Conference, Huntsville, Ala., Sept. 19, 1859.

MARY E. THOMPSON born August 15, 1843; died Franklin Co., Ala., Sept. 11, 1859; joined MECS 1857.

KEZIAH BROWN d/o John and Lydia Brothers; w/o Alexander Brown, died August 3, 1859. Born N.C., Jan. 5, 1781; brought to Barren Co., Ky. when young; after marriage moved to Sumner Co., Tenn.

THOMAS J. HIGHTOWER, native of Tenn., born Oct. 1820; died Madison Co., Ill., Sept. 11, 1859; moved to Illinois in 1847.

LAURA BELLE EDMONDS d/o P. A. and Angeline Edmonds died May 19, 1859, aged 6 months, 21 days, Weakley Co., Tenn.

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JAMES THOMAS BROWN only s/o A. O. and Charlotte Brown, born Jan. 7, 1859; died Sept. 1, 1859.

JOEL TRAYLOR, native of Dinwiddie Co., Va., died Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 5, 1859 in 93rd year.


October 13, 1859

ELIZABETH M. DICKSON born Sept. 7, 1768; died Franklin Co., Ala., Sept. 27, 1859 at residence of her son, William Dickson.

CAESAR SIMMONS born Montgomery Co., Md. May 12, 1777; died Sept. 8, 1859; moved to Bullitt Co., Ky. 1799; to Ohio Co., Ky. in 1815 where he died.

POLLY ANN TAYLOR d/o John H. and Eunice L. Taylor, died Franklin Co., Tenn., Sept. 12, 1859 aged 5 years, 10 months, 30 days.

SARAH E. STEPHENS w/o J. G. Stephens; d/o T. D. and S. Helm, all of Breckinridge Co., Ky.; died Louisville, Ky., July 23, 1859.

MARTHA L. McGUERTER died Stewart Co., Tenn., April 6, 1859 aged 18 years, 2 months, 2 days.

SARAH HAREWELL widow of Rolly Harewell, born Va., August 18, 1775; died Giles Co., Tenn., Sept. 15, 1859 at residence of her son, Rev. Logan D. Harewell. Another son, Rev. Coleman Harewell, MECS preacher, predeceased her.

BURCHET R. HILL w/o John W. Hill, died Chulahoma, Marshall Co., Miss., June 15, 1859 in her 35th year. Baptist.

FREDERICK MASS born Brunswick Co., N.C., Dec. 20, 1785; died Warren Co., Ky., August 6, 1859.

ELIZABETH BAKER born Bedford Co., Va., June 11, 1781; died Putnam Co., Tenn., June 19, 1859; moved to Tenn. in 1837.

EVALINE D. ROWLAND d/o John and Phoebe Allen; w/o W. J. Rowland, born August 18, 1822; died Sept. 15, 1859, consumption; md September 9, 1851.

LIZZIE DAVENPORT w/o A. R. Jones of Nashville, md. Sept. 23, 1850; born Nov. 13, 1837; died January 6, 1859.

WILLIAM ELEM McGUIRE s/o W. H. and L. Amanda McGuire, born March 8, 1858; died Sept. 5, 1859.


October 20, 1859

THOMAS HALEY died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 13, 1859 aged 5 years, 6 months.

MARTHA F. ROGERS w/o Dr. P. M. Rogers; d/o W. B. and C. V. Blakemore, died Dresden, Tenn., July 21, 1859; left widower and an 8 month old daughter.

MOLLIE VANCE d/o Samuel and Elizabeth Vance, born August 15, 1856; died Sept. 3, 1859.

ROBERT MAGRUDER born Frederick Co., Va. 1818; died Winchester, Ky., Sept. 29, 1859; he and his brother, William B. Magruder were teachers.

ELIZABETH M. HANELINE w/o David S. Haneline; d/o Devrieux and Eliza Wrather, born June 25, 1826; died July 31, 1859.

Mrs. JANE H. KIMBELL, died Sept. 19, 1859; d/o James M. and C. A. H. Brundidge; w/o E. N. G. Kimbell, born Limestone Co., Ala., Sept. 23, 1834; md March 21, 1855; left widower and two children.

THOMAS C. ANDREWS died July 20, 1859 Wilson Co., Tenn.; young man.

NARCISSA C. HUNT d/o John and Elizabeth Hunt of Robertson Co., Tenn.; died August 1859.

Rev. SAMUEL P. LENTZ s/o Rev. Benjamin and Mary Lentz, born Limestone Co., Ala., Jan. 25, 1828; died August 12, 1859; md Rebecca A. York, April 26, 1849; licensed to preach in MECS.


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SARAH LOUISE WILLIS oldest d/o Robert and Elizabeth Willis, died Sept. 3, 1859 in her 16th year.

MARY ELLEN SHEPARD born Nov. 11, 1833; died August 7, 1859; d/o Walton and Nancy Crunk; w/o Gideon R. Shepard.

WILLIAM D. FIELDER born April 12, 1835; died August 27, 1859; s/o William and Vashti Fielder; md 2 years ago to Ann V. d/o Rev. D. Latham, late of Lauderdale Co., Ala.

ELIZABETH STANLY HODGE d/o Martin and Sarah Stanly; w/o George Hodge, born April 24, 1788; died August 31, 1859.


October 27, 1859

MARY ARTAMISSA MEADOR d/o Valentine V. and Susan Meador and sister of the Rev. C. V. Meador, born Sumner Co., Tenn., April 1, 1838; died Allen Co., Ky., Sept. 1, 1859.

SAMUEL C. ABEL born Brandenburg, Ky., July 22, 1833; died Elizabethtown, Ky., Sept. 29, 1859.

SUSAN ROSS d/o Mark Holiman and w/o A. H. Ross, born March 24, 1810; died July 19, 1859.

JEPTHA HARRIS died Simpson Co., Ky., August 29, 1859 aged 73 years. Born Montgomery Co., N.C.

ELIZABETH SENTER w/o Freeman Senter, died Allen Co., Ky., August 19, 1859 in her 43rd year.

JOHN C. ERVIN youngest s/o C. D. and Dilas Ervin, born April 10, 1858; died Towson Co., Md., Sept. 30, 1859.


November 3, 1859

Rev. BENNETT ELKINS died Cherokee Co., Oct. 5, 1858; last ministerial labor was in the East Texas Conference, Shook's Bluff Mission. Born S.C., March 13, 1800; md Frances Owen, Nov. 31, 1820; md Ann Forman, Oct. 3O, 1833; converted in July 1813; buried in the Mt. Comfort cemetery.

DAVID WOOD LANE born Nov. 17, 1851; died Hart, Ky., Sept. 22, 1859; stepfather was "Brother Carter."

ALSEY FALL w/o John M. Fall; d/o Daniel and Elizabeth Rolins, died Jan. 28, 1859 in her 75th year; joined MEC 48 years ago.

SIMPSON PERRY died Bigbyville, Maury Co., Tenn., Sept. 6, 1859 in his 65th year; joined MEC August 1821; steward for years on Duck River Ct.

MARY L. SCOTT w/o Thomas W. Scott, died Madison Co., Ala. Sept. 22, 1859 in her 22nd year and was raised in that county; joined MECS 1855.

SAMUEL WASHING INGRAM died in Mt. Pleasant, Maury Co., Tenn., Sept. 12, 1859 aged 17 years.

NANNIE S. CABLER born Jan. 21, 1833; joined MECS 1853; md James B. Gregory of Maury Co., 1857; died August 3, 1859; typhoid fever.

LULU ELLEN SANFORD d/o Robert F. and Susan E. Sanford, born May 26, 1859; died Sept. 21, 1859.


November 10, 1859

SOPHIA D. ENNIS d/o John and Rachel Broady, born July 11, 1829; died August 9, 1859; md M. Ennis in the fall of 1853; two of her children predeceased her. The oldest, MOLLIE, died aged 4 years, 10 months and 11 days; the youngest, JAMES, died aged 7 months, 6 days (not dates given).

MARY E. TURNER d/o John C. and Eliza Jane Haley; "companion" of Washington Turner, born Roane Co., Tenn., March 10, 1834; died Marion Co., Tenn., at her father's home, Oct. 7, 1859.


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FANNIE A. GUTHRIE, nee Price, w/o George B. F. Guthrie, died Hamilton Co., Tenn., Sept. 7, 1859. Born Monroe Co., Tenn., Dec. 22, 1830; md August 1855.

NANCY WHITTON born Dec. 1, 1805, Newberry Dist., S.C., died Oct. 13, 1859; md Mason Whitton, Feb. 1824; moved to Lauderdale Co., Ala. and after 3 years moved to Wayne Co., Tenn., from which she moved in 1857 to Cooke Co., Texas where she died; left widower and several children.

ROBERT D. CARR, born Robertson Co., Tenn.; died Barfield Point, Miss. Co., Ark., July 30, 1859 in his 54th year; md Elizabeth Lowe, 1835; moved from Robertson Co. to Miss. Co., Ark. in Feb. 1858; joined MEC 1842.

MARIA LOUISA KIRK born April 19, 1833; died Rutherford Co., Tenn., at her mother's residence, Sept. 14, 1859.

CATHARINE HEARN widow of Joshua Hearn, died Coweta Co., Ga., July 23, 1859 in her 85th year; d/o Jacob and Joanna Redmine; born in Montgomery Co., N.C.

MARY J. STEPHENS born 1823; died Anderson Co., Ky., Oct. 6, 1859; md Henry Stephens 1844; joined MEC at age 16.

"Mother" ELIZABETH COLEMAN died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Sept. 3, 1859 near age 77.

MARTIN VAN BUREN STANFILL died of consumption, July 30, 1859 in his 23rd year; joined MECS 1852; md Martha Jane Walker 1856. Two months after he died his infant son, WILLIAM VAN BUREN STANFILL, died.


November 17, 1859

MARTHA B. CHRISTIAN w/o A. H. Christian; d/o Francis M. and Martha J. Gilmer of Montgomery Co., Ala., died Sept. 26, 1859 aged 30 years; joined MECS 1846.

HANSFORD E. MILLER born March 1837; died Sept. 1859 at residence of his father nr. Clayton in Barbour Co., Ala. of typhoid pneumonia; alumus of Florence Wesleyan University.

JUDITH JONES born March 17, 1783, Powhatan Co., Va.; died Oct. 30, 1859 in Garrard Co., Ky.; when she was 5 years old moved with parents to Jessamine Co., Ky.; buried Nov. 1 in the Mt. Olivet Church cemetery.

JOSEPH M. TOMLINSON, her (Judith Jones) grandson, s/o Joseph and E. A. Tomlinson, born March 17, 1858; died August 17, 1859.

NANCY WHITTEN born Newberry Dist., S.C., Dec. 1, 1805; d/o Matthias and Fanny Hair; md Mason Whitten, Feb. 13, 1824; in 4 years moved to Lauderdale Co., Ala. and 3 years later to Wayne Co., Tenn., whence they moved 2 years ago to Texas. She died October 13, 1859.

WILLIAM W. WIMBERLY born Sept. 26, 1834; died Stewart Co., Tenn., Oct. 12, 1859; s/o Joseph P. and Martha Wimberly; graduated from the law school in Louisville, Ky. and started the practice of law at Cadiz, Ky.

Major JAMES KENNERLY born Augusta Co., Va., March 23, 1774; moved to S.C. 1804 and in 1834 to north Alabama; died Leighton, Ala., at residence of his son-in-law, Dr. George E. Kempe, Sept. 24, 1859; left "aged wife."

BETTIE ANN CAGE youngest child of Dr. Alvas D. and Elizabeth Cage, died of putrid throat, Montgomery Co., Tenn., Oct. 25, 1859 in her 9th year.

SARAH T. DEJARNETT d/o William and Sarah Alford of Rutherford Co., Tenn.; w/o James G. Dejarnett, born Oct. 28, 1828; died Oct. 26, 1859.

MARGARET ELIZABETH MARKHAM youngest d/o late John P. Markham, died of scarlet fever, Logan Co., Ky., Oct. 4, 1859 aged 5 years, 6 months, 17 days.

JOEL HIGGINS died Lexington, Ky., Oct. 27, 1859 aged 57 years; md in Miss. to Ann Gibson d/o Randall Gibson; had lived in Lexington 26 years.

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MARY O. SARVER w/o Henry Sarver, died August 23, 1859 in her 64th year.


November 24, 1859

MEDIA ANN GARRATT d/o Eliza Pee; w/o Thomas O. Garratt, born Dec. 30, 1830; died Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 31, 1859.

HARRIET LAWRENCE d/o Cynthia and Samuel Dunn; md 1853 to John F. Lawrence; died August 6, 1859. Baptist.

JOEL W. GOUCHENOUR s/o Henry and Elizabeth Gouchenour, killed by a falling pole while playing, Newport, Tenn., November 6, 1859.

BALDY SHAW born Iredell Co., N.C., June 26, 1800; died Sept. 26, 1859; moved to Madison Co., Ala. in 1818 and the next year moved to Lawrence Co., Ala. where he died; md Lemendon Smith, Sept. 22, 1829.

AGNES T. MAYES died at residence of her son, Maj. Matthew Mayes in Trigg Co., Ky., Sept. 18, 1859 aged 88 years, 6 months, 29 days. Her sons: Hon. Daniel Mayes of Jackson, Miss.; Major M. Mayes, Cadiz, Ky.; Col. Richard L. Mayes and Thomas H. Mayes, Esq. of Mayfield, Ky.

MARTHA E. DUCKET w/o Rev. Nathan Ducket; d/o Ephraim and Mary McLain; died Murray Co., Ga., October 22, 1859.

BEVILY KEEBLE born Mathis /Mathews/ Co., Va., Jan. 14, 1795; moved to Madison Co., Ala. 1824; joined Missionary Baptist Church 1847; moved to Jackson Co., Ala. where he died Sept. 1, 1859.

MILER H. DAVIS s/o Rev. H. and A. F. Davis, born March 18, 1826; died August 22, 1859; joined MECS 1854.

Resolutions of Respect for L. L. HAMILTON who died recently; by Tulip Hill Lodge #72, Independent Order of Good Templars, dated Aug. 7, 1859.


December 1, 1859

WILLIAM WASHINGTON BARTEE MURPHY born Feb. 24, 1850; died Trigg Co., Ky., Oct. 11, 1859.

DANIEL OGLESBY, born Dec. 24, 1785; md Mary White, Sept. 6, 1804; died Sept. 12, 1859.

BENJAMIN ALEXANDER EDWARDS a "pupil" in Wesleyan University, died recently at age 22; s/o Rev. W. B. Edwards.

JOHN S. ANDREWS s/o William Andrews of Providence, Tenn., died Nov. 5, 1859, Dover, Tenn., in his 16th year.


December 8, 1859

JOHN F. REDFORD born Dec. 19, 1845; died Todd Co., Ky., Sept. 21, 1859.

DAVID T. WILLIAMS born Oct. 6, 1832; died Spring Hill, Tenn., Sept. 29, 1859.

ELIZABETH McCLELEN widow of Rev. William McClelen; sister of the late Rev. Sam Patton and Rev. Edward Patton; born Lancaster Dist., S.C., Oct. 3l, 1805; joined MEC 1818; died Calhoun Co., Ala., July 24, 1859; one of her sons, Rev. Edward McClelan was of the Alabama Conference.

REBECCA SHARP w/o Jacob Sharp of Jefferson Co., Tenn., died of consumption, Sept. 10, 1859 in her 54th year; d/o Colson and Elizabeth Heath; born in eastern Va., 1806; when young moved with father's family to Claiborne Co., Tenn.; md at age 19; buried near Meth. Church in New Market, Sept. 11, 1859.

MARY RAGSDALE w/o Robert Ragsdale; d/o B. B. and Harriet Wooten, born August 30, 1838; died Oct. 27, 1859, typhoid pneumonia; left widower, 2 children.


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MINERVA T. HARRIS died at her son's residence, Panola Co., Texas, Nov. 3, 1859; md Benjamin Harris. Her children: Mrs. Dr. Cross, Franklin Co., Ala.; Mrs. Rev. Dr. Kelly, Franklin Co., Tenn.; Benjamin Harris.

SALINA JONES born April 22, 1840; died Pulaski Co., Ky., Sept. 17, 1859; d/o Adam and Temperance Jones.

Dr. JAMES H. RUCKER born Bedford Co., Va.; died Williamsport, Maury Co., Tenn., Oct. 27, 1859 in his 37th year; moved to Williamsport, 1847.

Col. JAMES CARUTHERS died Monroe Co., Miss., Nov. 11, 1859; moved there from Lincoln Co., Tenn. years ago; left several children.

SALLIE A. BROYLS w/o Jacob Broyles, born 1816; joined MEC 1837; died August 27, 1859.

SARAH F. E. TISDALE d/o William S. and Huldah S. Tisdale, born Dec. 7, 1842; died August 27, 1859.

Resolutions of Respect for RICHARD FEATHERSTUN who died leaving a widow and children; by 4th Quarterly Conf., No. Warren Ct., Miss Conf.; not dated.

JAMES OVERTON s/o John and Elizabeth Overton of Bedford Co., Tenn.; born August 29, 1843; died Nov. 6, 1859 from complications of operation, lithotomy /surgical removal of mineral concretion from the bladder/.

JOHN ALBERT ELLIOTT s/o George and Judith Elliott, died of inflammatory sore throat, Nov. 14, 1859 in his 13th year.

MARY ELIZABETH CUNDIFF youngest d/o William M. and Emily Jane Cundiff, died Marshall Co., Tenn., Nov. 19, 1859 aged 2 years, 5 months.


December 15, 1859

MARY EMILY JANE SWIFT d/o E. T. and Matilda Swift of the Asbury Circuit, born July 26, 1853; died Oct. 19, 1859.

CELESTE McADAMS d/o G. W. and Dorcas McAdams, born Nov. 12, 1853; died Hawesville, Ky., scarlet fever, Oct. 25, 1859.

BENJAMIN WOOTTEN, born Nov. 2, 1800; md Hannah W. Moores, July 11, 1820; died Smith Co., Tenn., Nov. 6, 1859; joined MEC 1823.

Tribute of Respect for JOHN HUGHES, Esq. who died Oct. 30, 1859 of typhoid fever and initiated as a mason July 26, 1850; by Bethel Lodge #194, Masons; not dated.


December 22, 1859

P. J. LIGGETT s/o Mrs. Nancy Liggett, a widow, born Oct. 13, 1833; died Sept. 14, 1859.

JAMES GWYNN WILLIAMS s/o Robert Williams, born Logan Co., Ky.; died Sept. 27, 1859.

LOUISA PERRINGER d/o George and Margaret Curling, born Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., Oct. 10, 1818; died Northport, July 30, 1859; md E. Perringer; mother of 9 children, 3 of whom predeceased her.

Resolutions of Respect for JOEL HIGGINS who died recently; by Board of Trustees of Methodist Church, Lexington, Ky.; not dated.

ANN E. STAILEY born Ky., Jan. 2, 1833; died Holt Co., Mo., Sept. 17, 1859; d/o Rev. Thomas Rankin of Ky. Conference; w/o Samuel Stailey.

REBECCA A. McNEAL w/o Thomas H. McNeal; d/o Dr. D. G. and E. M. Tuck, born Halifax Co., Va., Oct. 3, 1824; died Christian Co., Ky. Nov. 20, 1859.

ALERI WEATHERS MORRISON s/o Rev. William H. and M. Morrison, died Springfield, Ky., Dec. 2, 1859 aged 10 months, 19 days.


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L. W. K. FINCH born Ohio Co., Ky., April 15, 1828; died Oct. 11, 1859.

SARAH DUNKEN d/o Elizabeth Groomes, born Nov. 22, 1839; died Newton Co., I11., no date given.


December 29, 1859

SAMUEL LAWRENCE VAUGHAN s/o H. B. and Mary A. Vaughan of Gallatin, Tenn.; died Dec. 13, 1859 aged 3 years, 21 days.

HICKS ELLIS died of apoplexy /stroke/, Nov. 23, 1859 lacking one month and ten days of his 80th birthday; lived many years in Rutherford Co., Tenn. where he died.

SARAH ANN ECKFORD w/o Francis M. Eckford, died Mobile, Ala., Nov. 26, 1859; d/o James D. and Sandal L. Ross; born Wake Co., N.C., May 29, 1830; md Dec. 1845; mother of six children.

Resolutions of Respect for Dr. CHARLES SCHUEVER, who died of typhoid fever, Nov. 26, 1859; by Liberty Lodge #77, dated from Smithville, Tenn., dated Nov. 13, 1859.

WILLIAM PARKINS, native of Virginia, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 7, 1859 in his 62nd year; a husband and father.

FANNY REESE, nee Godby, born Va., July 18, 1801; with her husband moved to Russell Co., Ky. 3 years ago where she died September 28, 1859.

NARCISSA MOODY w/o Richard Kirby; d/o Dr. Isaac Wright, died Blount Co., Tenn., Sept. 28, 1859 aged 43 years.

MARTHA E. ROBERTSON w/o Meredith P. Robertson, died at residence of her father, Richard Stone, Robertson Co., Tenn., August 26, 1859.


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