By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1997



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July 4, 1855

CATHARINE DUNGAN, nee Boice, born Pa., Oct. 9, 1799; moved to Ky.; joined MEC 1825; md Rev. R. J. Dungan, Nov. 17, 1826; died Washington Co., Ky., April 4, 1855.

Miss CATHARINE PARKER died Bradley Co., Tenn., April 13, 1855 in her 72nd year.

JANE W. DAVIS d/o Sterling and Martha Davis, died Williamson Co., Tenn., April 14, 1855; born August 28, 1833.

SUSAN ROSANNAH RENFRO born Nov. 4, 1839; died May 22, 1855.

WILLIAM STEMBRIDGE born 1779; died Dec. 1854. Greenville, Ky.

AERIELLA WATKINS d/o Lorenzo and Permelia M. Watkins, died June 15, 1855 aged 1 year, 6 months, 24 days. Dyersburg, Tenn.


July 12, 1855

Rev. SAMUEL WRAGG CAPERS, brother of the late Bishop Capers, died Camden, S.C., June 22, 1855.

JUDETH ANN WOODSON born Buckingham Co., Va., June 3, 1789; died Christian Co., Ky., June 11, 1855; md Obadiah Woodson of Prince Edward Co., Va., 1813; moved to Christian Co., Ky. 1816; her husband died in 1825; she was the mother of 6 children; a son, Wesley, mentioned.


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Rev. DANIEL W. GARRARD born Hopkins Co., Ky., Oct. 17, 1817; his father was a Baptist preacher; began his ministry, 1839, MEC; filled numerous appointments; md Sarah Jane Law, May 22, 1850; she died April 16, 1853; he died Davidson Co., Tenn., May 6, 1855.

MARTHA H. MILLER w/o A. S. Miller, Bourbon Co., Ky., born Feb. 5, 1801; married Sept. 5, 1817; died July 8, 1854.

ELIZABETH BOSTICK born N.C., Jan. 2, 1794; died Marshall Co., Tenn., May 24, 1855 at residence of son-in-law, David Fogleman.

ADAM SHAFFER born Charleston Dist., S.C., June 13, 1807; died Oktibeha Co., Miss., May 16, 1855; md Louisa C. Russell, April 8, 1830 and in 1838 they moved to the county where he died.

ELEANOR P. BOATWRIGHT d/o Hezekiah and Jane Stone; w/o Wade Boatwright; born Fluvanna Co., Va., April 24, 1788; md Nov. 14, 1816; joined MEC August 25, 1841; died Warren Co., Tenn., June 10, 1855; left widower, 5 children.

JULIA BUTTRAM born Spartanburgh Dist., S.C., 1773; d/o Peter Kuton; moved at age 12 to Iredell Co., S.C. /N.C.?/; md Jacob Buttram, Oct. 26, 1794; moved to Wayne Co., Ky. 1804; to east Tenn. 1825; joined MEC 1810. Died June 13, 1855.

GEORGE DYE NOLENS, aged 4 years, 4 months; JORDAN MOSES NOLENS aged 11 weeks; sons of Rev. John Nolens, died "a few weeks ago."

COLLEN McDANIEL, Esq., born Halifax Co., Va.; md N.C., 1796; moved to Ky. in 1796 also; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. where he died May 3, 1855 in his 88th year.

ISAAC B. WEBB died Bedford Co., Tenn., June 4, 1855; s/o James E. and Martha Webb of Rutherford Co., Tenn.; born May 10, 1818.

SUSAN CLEMENTINE EMERSON d/o Pleasant and Oney L. Emerson; born Henry Co., Tenn., Oct. 22, 1829; died May 25, 1855. Her brother, G. D. EMERSON, died Dec. 2, 1854 in Tompkinsville, Ky.

NANCY HASLAM, nee Bradshaw, w/o John S. Haslam, born Va., April 23, 1777; no death date given.

Mrs. ROBERTSON d/o James Yarbrough of Davidson Co., Tenn., died July 3, 1855.

MARTHA LOUISA ALLEN d/o John F. and Margaret Allen, born March 5, 1855; died June 15, 1855.


July 19, 1855

SARAH LOUISA MOORE d/o late Dr. Francis and Sarah P. Moore, born Chocolate Bayou, Texas, Oct. 26, 1837; died at residence of her uncle, P. W. Maxey, near Nashville, Tenn., July 6, 1855; had just graduated from the Edgefield Academy.

Rev. JOHN FLOWERS BUSBY born Fairfield Dist., S.C., August 9, 1794; died June 9, 1855; moved with widowed mother and family from S.C. to Washington Co., Ala. where she md in 1816; joined MEC August 25, 1822; moved to Sumter Co., Ala., then to Bossier Parish, La. where he died.

ARTHUR R. FROGG died May 13, 1855 aged nearly 80 years; born Va.; moved to Clinton Co., Ky., then to Indiana where his wife died; moved to Fentress Co., Tenn.; md Miss Luvica Smith; he "possessed an irritable temper."

JUDITH M. WOODSON born Washington Co., Va., June 3, 1789; md Oba Woodson, 1813; moved in 1816 to Christian Co., Ky.; he died in 1825; mother of 6 children, 4 of whom lived to adulthood. In 1836 and 1837 her oldest daughter and her second son died; she died June 11, 1855.

THERESA J. GIBSON w/o P. Gibson; d/o J. S. and Catharine Cabeness; born Todd Co., Ky., Nov. 26, 1821; md 1837; died Hopkinsville, Ky., June 11, 1855.

Rev. BENJAMIN F. FRANKS died Jackson Co., Ala., June 13, 1855; served in the Alabama legislature; would have reached his 70th birthday on Sept. 6, 1855.


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NANCY B. MARSHALL w/o Moses Marshall, born July 24, 1809; died Shelbyville, Tenn., June 18, 1855; md 1831.

Resolutions of Respect for Rev. GREEN B. WILLIAMS who died suddenly, May 20, 1855; by Fitch Lodge #309, Hardin Co., Ky., Masons, dated June 2, 1855.

ANN ALSTON KITTRELL died near Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., May 24, 1855; d/o Jacob and Patience Hunter; born Warren Co., N.C., June 2, 1800; md M. J. Kittrell, June 3, 1821.

JAMES DYCUS died Jackson Co., Tenn., June 22, 1855; born Rutherford Co., N.C., Jan. 27, 1796; md Mary Edwards, Dec. 15, 1814; moved to Tenn., 1817; joined MEC 1826.

JOHN MILTON PARKER s/o F. G. and Elizabeth J. Parker, born July 9, 1854; died June 1, 1855.

Rev. JOSHUA GEURIN, member of Missionary Baptist Church, born Sept. 25, 1811; drowned in Cumberland River near Dover, Tenn., May 12, 1855.

REBECCA ANN SIKES w/o William Sikes; d/o Jacob and Rebecca Geurin, born Nov. 16, 18/faded out/; no death date given.

WILLIAM H. GEURIN s/o Benjamin Geurin born Feb. 16, 1844; died April 23, 1855. His sister, SARAH R., born April 17, 1851; died October 7, 1854.

ALLISON AKIN BRIDGES s/o N. H. and Lucy Bridges, born Jan. l0, 1851; died May 26, 1855. Alabama.

MARY ALSTON died Jackson Co., Ala., June 26, 1855 aged about 30 years.


July 26, 1855

EMMA JONES w/o Rev. Samuel B. Jones and d/o late Bishop Capers, died July 11, 1855.

WILLIAM R. TADLOCK died Nashville, Tenn., June 16, 1855 in his 17th year; born Elkton, Ky., Feb. 27, 1839; entered employ of Methodist Publishing House April 23, 1855; drowned when bridge he was crossing collapsed into the Cumberland River.

GEORGE W. ALLMAN born August 27, 1833; died Stewart Co., Tenn., May 11, 1855.

Resolutions of Respect for A. TRAYLOR who died recently; by Lone Star Division #145, Sons of Temperance, dated July 3, 1855.

ANN MARIA FORD second d/o A. J. and Eliza Ford, born Buckingham Co., Va., August 23, 1842; died Nashville, Tenn., June 17, 1855.

Miss NANCY A. RIVES died July 3, 1855 in her 19th year.

FERDINAND DE LAMARTINE HENLY s/o E. C. and Sarah J. Henly, died Nashville, Tenn., June 27, 1855 aged 6 years, 28 days.

JOHN ADRIAN GILBERT s/o John V. and Mary Gilbert, born Jan. 25, 1844; died July 4, 1855.

LUCRETIA N. WHITTINGTON d/o Dr. R. W. and M. J. C. Whittington, died Edgefield, Tenn., July 3, 1855 aged 3 months, 22 days.

SAMUEL HECTOR RICHARDSON s/o William and Ann M. Richardson of Athens, Ala., born Feb. 10, 1837; died July 14, 1855.

JULIET A. NUNN d/o H. W. and Laenna Nunn, died of consumption, Hardin Co., Ky., July 8, 1855; born in that county, Nov. 23, 1838.


August 2, 1855

MARTHA ALSUP w/o A. H. Alsup, died New Providence, Tenn., July 21, 1855.

MARY D. RAINS w/o Felix R. Rains, died near Nashville, Tenn., July 20, 1855.


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ADA TURNER CALLENDER d/o C. W. Callender, late president of the Washington Institute, died July 25, 1855 aged 1 year; scarlet fever; his oldest child died the same day; both buried in the graveyard of R. Harper, Sumner Co., Tenn.

Rev. JOSEPH VANPELT born Md., Oct. 1781; died Roane Co., Tenn., May 29, 1855; s/o Rev. Benjamin Vanpelt, one of the earliest MEC preachers in America; moved when young to Greene Co., Tenn.; md Rachel Law; licensed in his 21st year as a local MEC preacher; raised his 10 children in Blount Co., Tenn., then moved to Roane County.

WILLIAM METCALF died Franklin Co., Tenn., May 26, 1855 in his 68th year.


August 9, 1855

Major J. H. CLOPTON died near Helena, Ark., July 26, 1855; native of Smith Co., Tenn. from whence he moved to Ark. in 1840.

LYSANDER McGAVOCK died Davidson Co., Tenn., August 5, 1855 in his 55th year.

Rev. JOHN C. THEIS "was a German by birth"; came to U.S., to Danville, Ohio where he joined the MEC 1836; moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, then in 1841 to Ky., most of the time in Bullitt County; had been a local MEC preacher; in Feb. 1855 received his license to preach as itinerant preacher; died Louisville, Ky., July 25, 1855.

PHINEAS T. SCRUGGS died recently.

ANN E. GIBSON d/o William and Mary A. Bomer; born Davidson Co., Tenn., July 20, 1829; md J. C. Gibson, Dec. 6, 1840; joined MECS 1847; died May 28, 1855 near Courtland, Ala.

MARY CHILDRESS born Henrico Co., Va., 1774; md James Childress, who died leaving her with 2 small daughters (who also later married); moved to Amherst Co., Va., then she moved to Tenn. in 1823. 0bituary was submitted by her grandchild, Theo. P. Crutcher.

PETER WILLS s/o John and Mary Wills; died Johnson Co., Tenn., April 11, 1855 in his 19th year.

BENJAMIN J. HUDGINS died Jackson Co., Ala., July 12, 1855 aged 67 years; md Martha Ellis.

MARY COKER w/o J. C. Coker died Carroll Co., Ark., May 21, 1855.

ARMINDA NIXON w/o John Nixon, died May 28, 1855; d/o Rev. James and Tabitha Sims of Marion Co:, Tenn.; left widower and 5 children.

MARGARET ELIZABETH TALLEY d/o George W. and Mary J. Talley, born July 9, 1854; died July 18, 1855.


August 16, 1855

BARBARA FROST born S.C., March 7, 1804; d/o Archibald and Elizabeth Childress; moved to Overton Co., Tenn., then to Todd Co., Ky. where she md Stephen Frost, Oct. 1826; joined MEC 1830; moved to Henry Co., Tenn. in 1835 where she died July 21, 1855.

CORNELIA S. U. WASHINGTON d/o F. and C. A. Washington, died Marshall, Texas, March 11, 1855 aged 13 years, 5 months, 22 days.

JOSHUA JEFFERS died Muhlenburg Co., Ky., May 1855.

Resolutions of Respect for SARAH E. ELLIS who died April 25, 1855; by Hico Division #311, Sons of Temperance, dated April 28, 1855.

CHARLES DUNLANEY GRAVES s/o Rev. William C. and Martha W. Graves, died July 20, 1855 aged 6 months, 3 days.

PRISCILLA RANSOM w/o H. D. Ransom died Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 23, 1855 in her 46th year.


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MARTHA S. ALSUP w/o Rev. A. H. Alsup of the Tenn. Conf., died Montgomery Co., Tenn., July 22, 1855; born April 5, 1831; md Nov. 5, 1854.

MARY MICKLE, nee Lackey, w/o Rev. John C. Mickle, died Montgomery Co., Tenn., July 18, 1855 aged 59 years, 7 months; md Oct. 11, 1851, Christian Co., Ky.; born and raised in Amherst Co., Va.

FRANCES E. MAGORS born April 5, 1832; died Nashville, Tenn., July 18, 1855.

Mrs. LEVI CHILTON died July 9, 1855 at the residence of her father, W. C. Atmore; born Guernsey in the British Channel and came to U.S. 1836; md 1851.

WILLIAM EXUM LANIER s/o Churchill and Martha A. Lanier, died Davidson Co., Tenn., June 26, 1855 aged 6 years, 1 day.

ANNA LIZZIE, aged 3 years and ADA TURNER, aged 1 year old, daughters of C. W. and Clara CALENDER, died of scarlet fever, July 27, 1855.


August 23, 1855

NANCY JOHNSON COUTS, sister of Hon. Cave Johnson; d/o Gen. Thomas Johnson; born Robertson Co., Tenn., Nov. 19, 1789; md Mr. Couts, April 1O, 1817; died July 12, 1855.

AMBROSE HOUSE born Brunswick Co., Va., Feb. 6, 1766; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn., 1815; died June 24, 1855.

JAMES THOMAS MYERS s/o James S. and Elizabeth J. Myers, born Jan. 3, 1854; died Skilesville, Ky., July 21, 1855.

Resolutions of Respect for Rev. JOHN C. MICKLE who died recently; by Palmyra Division #154, Sons of Temperance, dated August 4, 1855.

REBECCA TUCK born Halifax, Va.; died August 5, 1855 aged 81 years; moved to Ky. many years ago.

ELIZABETH MITCHELL w/o Drury Mitchell; d/o David and Winnifred Johnson, born Greenville Co., Va.; moved to Ala. in 1840; died Morgan Co., Ala., Jan. 12, 1855 aged 64 years.

ADALINE PHARIS w/o Isham Pharis; died Jackson Co., Tenn., June 14, 1855.

JOHN TEMPLETON PERKINSON s/o Joel and Henrietta Perkinson, died Cleveland, Tenn., July 25, 1855 aged 4 months.


August 30, 1855

JAMES WATSON HAMILTON s/o James W. and Mary Hamilton; died near Nashville, Tenn., August 21, 1855 aged 26 weeks.

SUSAN DUNCAN w/o William T. Duncan, Logan Co., Ky., died August 1, 1855; born Va., June 2, 1795; md Nov. 2, 1810.

MARY P. HARWELL w/o R. R. Harwell, dec., born March 8, 1836; died July 26, 1855.

Rev. PETER WILMOT GRUELLE youngest s/o John and Mary Gruelle; born Woodford Co., Ky., June 7, 1811; licensed to preach, MECS, March 6, 1847; md three times; third wife, Mrs. Keturah H. Steele d/o ex-gov. Metcalf, after which he principally farmed; his only child died in 1850; ordained deacon, Oct. 2, 1850; died June 25, 1855. "He was naturally timid and diffident of his own opinions."

MARY ALLEN w/o George Allen, Marshall Co., Tenn., born Granville Co., N.C., July 21, 1782; joined MEC 1802; death date not given.

RACHEL YOAKLEY w/o Peter Yoakley, Sr., born Feb. 14, 1789; married Jan. 26, 1809; died July 26, 1855.

MARY GARDNER d/o Thomas and Abigail Polk, died Robertson Co., Tenn. in her 60th year; widow of Joshua Gardner; left 2 children; death date not given.


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HOWEL H. VAUGHAN died June 7, 1855 aged 3 years, 2 months, 3 days; ELIZABETH H. VAUGHAN died June 27, 1855 aged 10 years, 10 months, 26 days; WILLIAM W. VAUGHAN died July 7, 1855 aged 5 years, 7 months, 15 days; children of H. C. and Mary Vaughan.

MATTIE JANE COOK died Texana, Texas, June 21, 1855 in her 12th year; granddaughter of Rev. Valentine Cook and great-granddaughter of Rev. James Given; d/o Rev. John Cook.

LEWIS VICK died DeKalb co., Tenn., July 23, 1855 in his 29th year; md just 2 days before he died.

SARAH ALLEN w/o Elijah Allen, Larue Co., Ky., born Hardin Co., Ky., June 6, 1810; md March 9, 1826; died May 6, 1855.


September 6, 1855

ELIZABETH CALHOUN d/o James A. and Sally Harper, born Colleton Dist., S.C., May 23 /year not given/; died August 6, 1855.

JAMES C. CARR s/o John S. and Martha Carr, Sumner Co., Tenn., died August 5, 1855 aged 31 years.

MARY TEMPERANCE TROUP d/o Col. John and Elizabeth Troup died June 30, 1855 aged 2 years, 8 months. Colonel Troup himself died Madison Co., Ala. in the residence of his brother-in-law, Isom Fenne, August 4, 1855 and was buried beside little "Mollie" at his residence in Morgan Co., Ala.

LUCY ANN BAKER widow of Thomas A. Baker, died Belmont, Tenn., August 19, 1855; born Goochland Co., Va., Feb. 26, 1804; moved to Tenn. Oct. 25, 1826.

Resolutions of Respect for GEORGE D. COLLIER who died in Giles Co., Tenn., August 5, 1855; by Cornersville Lodge #126, Masons; not dated.

Resolutions of Respect for JAMES B. LEWIS who died in Sumner Co., Tenn., July 11, 1855 in his 21st year; by Beach Division #315, Sons of Temperance; not dated.

MARTHA ELIZABETH FURNACE born Floydsburg, Ky., Sept. 24, 1841; died April 25, 1855.

SARAH HUNTER born N.C., Feb. 8, 1758; md Joel Horn, had 3 children, Etheldred P., Matthew, Charlotte L.; moved to Tenn. in spring of 1795 with her brother, Benjamin Phillips and settled near Nashville, a widow; she remd to David Hunter, March 3, 1803; she died August 3, 1855.

Mrs. MARY CHILDRESS born Henrico Co., Va., August 14, 1774; died Williamson Co., Tenn., July 18, 1855.

MARY L. NORTHINGTON, nee Carr, w/o Stith Northington, born June 20, 1828; md June 24, 1845; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., June 6, 1855.

MARGARET A. HAMILTON died at residence of her uncle, Rev. J. M. Hamilton, Columbia, Tenn., July 20, 1855 in her 19th year. "Maggie."


September 13, 1855

ANDREW J. HALL s/o Major William B. Hall; died Lawrence Co., Ala., August 21, 1855 aged 16 years, 11 months, 13 days, of dysentery. Resolutions of Respect for him by fellow students of Mounta Santo Academy dated August 23, 1855.

SARAH M. WELLS w/o Rev. R. D. Wells, Rogersville, Tenn.; d/o John Roberts; born Franklin, N.C., Feb. 14, 1827; died August 16, 1855; raised in Asheville N.C.; md November 29, 1849.

ALEXANDER LENDONA MAYHEW died recently in Ky. in his 85th year; his granddaughter, ELIZABETH MAYHEW, died recently, aged 25 years.


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HEZEKIAH A. BRADLEY born Christian Co., Ky.; died Hopkinsville, Ky., August 6, 1855, cholera; joined MECS March 1851.

ROWENA DICKSON, nee Paine, died July 29, 1855, flux.

LOUISA JORDAN "lived well nigh three-score and ten but she is no more," dated at Nashville, Tenn., August 20, 1855.

WILLIAM LANGSTON born S.C., Oct. 1794; died April 30, 1855.

EMILY FRANCIS FRITZ w/o Peter Fritz, born March 20, 1827; died July 27, 1855; d/o William Langston. Her youngest child, HENRY ALEXANDER FRITZ, born Dec. 20, 1854, died August 4, 1855.

WILLIAM MEREDITH SETTLE s/o W. C. and L. A. Settle, died Dover, Tenn., Aug. 24, 1855 aged 8 months, 11 days.

CALEB HART born Ky., Oct. 10, 1796; died Giles Co., Tenn., July 11, 1855.


September 20, 1855

JONATHAN H. R. HAWK only child of George and Martha Hawk, died scarlet fever, August 24, 1855 aged 9 months, 3 days.

POLLY ANN MILLER d/o Benjamin and Polina Miller, born Warren Co., Ky., March 25, 1827; died August 14, 1855.

JACOB HOWARD born Baltimore, Md., Nov. 10, 1795. "His family was distinguished in the military and political history of Maryland." His parents died of yellow fever in 1800 leaving two sons and a daughter. Jacob fought in the War of 1812; moved to Jonesboro, Tenn.; md Sarah Ruston, oldest d/o John Kennedy; joined MEC August 24, 1823; killed in an

accident while riding the Camden and Amboy Railroad near Burlington, New Jersey, August 29, 1855; buried in Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore.

FRANCES A. E. ROBERTSON d/o James Yarbrough; w/o W. D. Robertson; died July 3, 1855.

ELIZABETH SMITH w/o James Smith, died Carter Co., Tenn., April 29, 1855 in her 76th year.

Resolutions of Respect for HETTIE P. CHANEY who died August 27, 1855; by Union Hall Division #330, Sons of Temperance; not dated.

ELMORE SKELTON BROWN s/o Denton D. and Sarah P. Brown, born Allen Co., Ky., Dec. 11, 1838; died August 18, 1855.

SUSAN WHEELOCK w/o George R. Wheelock; d/o James Glidewell, Robertson Co., Tenn., died August 1, 1855, leaving widower and an infant son ten days old.

Miss SARAH C. BLINCOE died New Haven, September 5, 1855.

ELIZABETH GARNER d/o Nimrod and Anna Williams; w/o Joseph Garner; born Davidson Co., Tenn., August 2, 1787; died June 2, 1855, Navarro Co., Texas where she had lived since 1852; had moved to Ark. in 1832, then later to Texas.


September 27, 1855

Rev. THOMAS FOSTER died Baton Rouge, La., Sept. 3, 1855 in his 31st year and 8th year of his ministry in the MECS.

Rev. JAMES F. McCRACKEN of Tenn. Conf.; s/o John and Elizabeth McCracken; born Lawrence Co., Tenn., May 22, 1828; licensed to preach, MECS, 1850; filled several appointments; died Savannah, Tenn., August 26, 1855.

JOSEPH WILLIAMS died July 2, 1855 in his 74th year, Christian Co., Ky., having moved there from Rockingham Co., Va. in 1811.

MARTHA J. WILLIAMS w/o David J. Williams; died Washington Co., Va., Aug. 12, 1855 in her 23rd year; d/o John J. Clark.


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SUSAN CHAPPELL born Halifax Co., Va., August 15, 1794; with parents, Charles and Ursula McCarty, moved to Sumner Co., Tenn.; in 3 years they moved to Christian Co., Ky. where she md D. Chappell in 1810; the Chappells moved to Texas in 1853, where she died near Chappell Hill, August 10, 1855.

MARY ANN SHALL d/o Thomas and Elizabeth Dillon, Davidson Co., Tenn., born Dinwiddie Co., Va., Oct. 15, 1794; md Dr. Elisha Eldridge, Nov. 5, 1818; he died; then md Jacob Shall, Nov. 1834; she died Pulaski, Tenn., August 11, 1855.

CATHARINE BAKER w/o James A. Baker; d/o William and Mary Elrod, born Jackson Co., Tenn., April 26, 1822; died Putnam Co., Tenn., August 18, 1855.

JOHN WALLACE died Warren Co., Ky., aged 75 years; no death date given; born in Virginia; moved when young to Ky. and at age 19 moved to the Green River country.

NANCY SIPPLE w/o Rev. William Sipple; d/o Ichabod and Elizabeth Ashcraft born January 7, 1816; died August 21, 1855.

Col. JAMES DUFFY born Monaghan, Ireland, 18O9; came to U.S. about 1818; md Elizabeth Jane Bagly of Danville, Va., 1837; moved from Va. to Dixon's Springs, Tenn. where he lived and died August 21, 1855.

JACOB REYNOLDS born Montgomery Co., N.C.; died Madison Co., Tenn., May 21, 1855 in his 87th year.

ELLER EUGENIA TURNER d/o Samuel and Charlotte Turner, died Aug. 22, 1855 aged 4 months, 19 days.


October 4, 1855

S. A. ERWIN w/o S.C. Erwin; d/o John and Susanna Goff, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 20, 1808; md Dec. 30, 1824; died Oktibeha Co., Miss., August 13, 1855.

FANNIE VIRGINIA FORCHAND d/o Newton and Mary Ann Forchand, died July 30, 1855; "a promising child."

SUSAN P. N. JENNINGS w/o Jefferson Jennings; d/o late Samuel Colston of Virginia; died Hardinsburg, Ky., Sept. 10, 1855 in her 43rd year.

JOHN E. CANNON s/o Rev. A. and A. M. Cannon, died July 8, 1855 aged 5 months, 2 days; his parents having moved from Ala. to Pope Co., Ark., in 1851; a short time after which their oldest daughter S. E., wife of B. J. Compton died.

PETER F. MARTIN died Pine Bluff, Ark., August 10, 1854 in his 40th year; md Maria Allen, Oct. 31, 1837 in Hopkinsville, Ky. and moved to Pine Bluff in April 1850.

SARAH JANE ATKINSON d/o Howell S. and Charlotte Atkinson, died Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 15, 1855 in her 14th year.

ELIZABETH BARRETT w/o James Barrett, died Limestone Co., Ala., Sept. 3, 1855; born Sussex Co., Va., November 22, 1774.

LUCY A. AUMANN w/o William C. Aumann, born Wytheville, Va., Nov. 26, 1830; died Smith Co., Va., Sept. 2, 1855.

MARTHA WITHERS WALTON youngest d/o Aug. F. and Mary E. Walton, died Aug. 21, 1855 aged 17 years, 25 days. Mississippi.


October 11, 1855

Col. LEMUEL M. NICHOLSON born Pendleton Dist., S.C., May 10, 1811; moved to DeKalb Co., Ala., 1836; he was "a great admirer of education."

MARTHA MERRITT d/o Robert and Rachael Johnston; born Nov. 23, 1813; md F. B. Merritt, March 25, 1835; died July 5, 1855.


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MARGARET CUNNINGHAM w/o John C. Cunningham, died Sept. 1, 1855; d/o Philip Campbell.

WILLIAM H. YANT died near Elkton, Tenn., Sept. 27, 1855 aged about 25 years; typhoid fever.

PATSY ANN WASHAM died Knox Co., Tenn., August 3, 1855 at residence of her brother, James M. Carter; widow of George Washam.


October 18, 1855

Rev. RICHARD FAIRES died 12 miles northwest of Florence, Ala., July 30, 1855 in his 83rd year; native of S.C.; licensed to preach, MEC, 1819; ordained deacon, 1823. Resolutions of Respect for him by Quarterly Conf. of Cypress Circuit, dated September 8, 1855.

SUSAN C. KIRKPATRICK died Sumner Co., Tenn., August 16, 1855 aged 49 years; d/o Capt. William Bradford; born in Virginia, 1806; md Samuel Kirkpatrick, 1835; mother of 6 daughters and 2 sons and a step-mother to a son and daughter. Cumberland Presbyterian. Resolutions of Respect for her by Beech Division #315, Sons of Temperance, dated Aug. 25, 1855.

TABITHA MOORE died near Rome, August 14, 1855; widow of Capt. Armstead Moore, sister of late Samuel Bowen of Mo.; John H. Bowen, William Bowen, the late Mrs. Lavisa Saunders; Mrs. Celia Stone, wife of the Rev. Barton W. Stone; Mrs. Catharine Campbell, mother of ex-gov., William B. Campbell. She died at age 77 years and 23 days. Born in Virginia and with her parents, Capt. William and Mary Bowen, moved to Mansker's Creek, Sumner Co., Tenn. in 1785.

MARY S. ANDERSON d/o Joseph and Nancy Johnson; w/o T. Anderson of Nashville, born Wilson Co., Tenn., Oct. 29, 1815; md July 31, 1834; died September 26, 1855.

MARGARET S. JOHNSON w/o John C. Johnson; d/o A. R. and E. H. Shaifer of Port Gibson; born May 25, 1830; md June 17, 1850; joined MECS 1851; died Grand Gulf, Miss., August 26, 1855.

Resolutions of Respect for JOHN C. ADAMS who died recently; by Piney Division #11, Sons of Temperance, dated August 22, 1855.

JAMES McCULLOUGH s/o William and Alley E. McCullough, born Montgomery Co., Ky., Feb. 2, 1837; died Nicholas Co., Ky., Sept. 17, 1855.

ALFRED WILES THOMASSON died at residence of his father, John Thomasson, Monroe Co., Tenn., August 3, 1855 aged 21 years, 8 months, 5 days.

WILLIAM W. YOUNG born Granville Co., N.C., Dec. 12, 1805; died August 14, 1855; moved to Maury Co., Tenn., then to Weakley Co., Tenn. in March 1855 where he died.

Major ROBERT H. WATKINS born Amelia Co., Va., 1782; md Prudence Oliver, 1805; moved to Lawrence Co., Ala., 1820; in 1850 moved to Tenn. where he died in Pulaski, Sept. 9, 1855 of a stroke.

WILLIAM H. ROAN born Morganton Co., N.C., Oct. 8, 1830; died Sept. 29, 1855; moved with parents to Bedford Co., Tenn., 1842; md Sallie J. Hughes, Oct. 29, 1852 but she soon died.

Miss SUSAN SMITH born May 26, 1834; died September 16, 1855.

MARTHA S. MITCHELL died July 17, 1855 in her 21st year; typhoid fever.

JOSEPH T. WINDROW born June 11, 1848; died July 13, 1855.


October 25, 1855

BURWELL T. COGGIN born Jan. 3l, 1825; died July 29, 1855; SARAH ANN COGGIN, wife of Arnold Coggin, born Dec. 15, 1832; died Aug. 1, 1855; NANCY OSBURN COGGIN, born May 26, 1834; died Sept. 1, 1855; MARTHA A. COGGIN, born Feb. 27, 1837; died September 7, 1855; all children of Jeremiah and Nancy Coggin.


(Page 103)

MARY ANN NANCY COGGIN w/o Jeremiah Coggin, born April 29, 1799; died Oct. 6, 1855. Several of her children had died recently.

Resolutions of Respect for EWING P. McGINTY who died recently; by "Sabbath School," dated Oct. 7, 1855.

Dr. HENRY S. CLAGETT born Hickman Co., where he died August 31, 1855 aged 32 years, 3 months, 27 days.

BENJAMIN and HARRIET SUDDIETH died; he died August 21, 1855 in his 45th year; she died Sept. 1, 1855; left a son and daughter.

JOHN SMITH NORTHAM s/o Thomas Y. and Pelona Northam, died Sept. l0, 1855 aged 12 years, 10 days. His brother, HENRY CLAY NORTHAM, born March 5, 1855, died March 10, 1855. Wilson Co., Tenn.

ELIZABETH J. LOVING w/o George T. Loving; d/o Michael Huffaker, died Wayne Co., Ky., Sept. l0, 1855 in her 23rd year.

Miss MARTHA KIETH died Rhea Co., Tenn., Sept. 29, 1855 in her 20th year.

MARGARET A. WHITTEN w/o Marion Whitten; d/o William and Jane Farris, born Dec. 4, 1832; md Nov. 21, 1850; died Sept. 26, 1855. Wayne Co., Tenn.

HUGH LAWSON WOOD died Sept. 28, 1855, Shelbyville, Tenn.; born Sept. 19, 1836.


November 1, 1855

Rev. O. B. CALLAHAN died Bledsoe Co., Tenn., Oct. 3, 1855; MECS preacher.

Resolutions of Respect for STEPHEN J. CRUTCHER who died Hardin Co., Ky., September 3, 1855; by Howell Springs Division #350, Sons of Temperance, dated Sept. 3, 1855.

RUTH REID d/o James B. and Mary C. Reid, died Aug. 28, 1855 aged 5 years, 1 month, 19 days.

JOHN KIZER second s/o John C. and Sarah A. Kizer, born August 8, 1844; died Marshall Co., Miss., Sept. 15, 1855.

WILLIAM A. CRAIG born Feb. 7, 1826; died Sept. 3, 1855.

JOHN R. BURNETT died August 13, 1855 near Feliciana, Ky.; s/o Brooken J. and Leathy Burnett; born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Jan. 28, 1834; moved to Hickman Co., Ky. in February 1840.

THOMAS WYATT born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Feb. 24, 1787; md Pricilla Hardy, 1814; moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. where he lived and died Sept. 25, 1855.

WILLIAM A. RICHEY born Giles Co., Tenn., Jan. 24, 1831; md Jan. 24, 1855 to Drusilla d/o John Y. Abernathy of Giles Co., Tenn. and died Sept. 8, 1855.

MARY CORDELIA PARHAM d/o William S. and Mary E. Parham, born August 14, 1854; died July 8, 1855; her sister, MARTHA ELIZABETH, had died a little more than a year before.

SARAH A. E. PLUMMER w/o Rev. James R. Plummer of Florida Conf., died Quincy, Fla., Oct. 7, 1855; md January 1851.

HARRIET SULLENBERGER w/o A. R. Sullenberger; born Oct. 30, 1818; md May 11, 1837; moved to east Tenn. 1839 and then to Ga. 1854; died Opalika, Ga., September 24, 1855.


November 8, 1855

MATTHEW PITTS PARHAM s/o Thomas J. Parham of Maury Co., Tenn.; he was licensed to preach, MEC 1844; ordained deacon, 1846; ordained elder, 1848; filled several appointments.

OTHELLA HESTER CRANDALL d/o Joseph F. and Mary Crandall, born Dec. 4, 1850; died August 25, 1855.


(Page 104)

MARTHA ANN HUCKABEE d/o J. M. and Mary Jane Huckabee, died Cherokee Co., N. C aged 3 years, 11 months, 11 days; no death date given.

Mrs. SCOBEE, nee McKee; born in Virginia, March 5, 1775; died July 14, 1855; md March 6, 1795; moved to Ky.; submitted by her son, J. S. Scobee, who failed to give his mother's given name(s).

MARY H. MOORE born Va., May 13, 1795; moved with parents, John Clark and wife, Susannah, to Ky. where she md Capt. Charles Moore, Sept. 15, 1817; died September 11, 1855.

CYRUS CRAWFORD died Louisville, Ky., Sept. 23, 1855 in his 53rd year; was for years a merchant in Maxville, Ky.

BENJAMIN F. ADAMS s/o Francis and Elizabeth S. Adams, born Green Co., Ala., Nov. 14, 1811; died Itawamba Co., Miss., September 26, 1855.

ANDERSON SHELLY s/o Peter and Jane Shelly, Clinton Co., Ky., born May 2, 1820; md Mary R. Sugarts, May 1842; moved to Gillespie Co., Tex., in 1854, and died August 27, 1855.

LAURA ANN MURPHEY d/o Joseph D. and Jane McCoy; w/o William S. Murphey, born Franklin Co., Tenn., April 4, 1828; md 1847; died Tallahatchie Co., Miss., August 17, 1855.


November 15, 1855

Resolutions of Respect for Rev. JOHN LANE who died of yellow fever, Vicksburg, Miss. recently; by 4th Quarterly Mtg. Conf. for Bayou Pierre, Miss. Conference, dated October 12, 1855.

GEORGE C. BRITT s/o Bart. and Sally Britt, native of N.C., died in Napoleon, /Ark.?/, Oct. 2, 1855 in his 38th year.

Rev. ELIAS ATKERSON born Va., Dec. 1781; moved to Smith Co., Tenn., then to Simpson Co., Ky. where he died Sept. 5, 1855; MECS preacher, ordained deacon, 1826; ordained elder, 1844.

NANCY EASTERLY w/o Rev. Dr. Easterly, Russell Co., Va., died Sept. 8, 1855; d/o Ezekiel and Martha Burdine; born July 3, 1806.

NANCY GREEN d/o Col. Jonathan and Mary Webster, Coffee Co., Tenn.; w/o Rev. Golman Green, died Oct. 25, 1855; born Sept. 10, 1809.

MARY A. E. SCRUGGS d/o Joseph D. and Sally D. Hest; w/o M. G. Spriggs; died aged 36 years; no death date given.

W. B. C. FORESTER s/o. Rev. John and Jane Forester, born Washington Co., Va., Oct. 29, 1826; died August 29, 1855; md Mary Jane Kindree, 1849.

MARY CARTER w/o Samuel T. Carter, died Tenn., Oct. 13, 1855 leaving a widower, 3 children.

STEPHEN J. CRUTCHER s/o James and Susan Crutcher, died Hardin Co., Ky., Sept. 3, 1855 aged 15 years, 10 months, 3 days.

ELIZABETH C. LYTLE w/o Archibald Lytle, Williamson Co., Tenn., died Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 25, 1855 in her 59th year, in residence of son-in-law, E. W. Cole.

ELI CRUMBAUGH born June 24, 1806; died Lyon Co., Ky., April 19, 1855.

FANNY HELEN JOHNSON d/o Rev. Samuel F. and Mary Johnson, died Cherokee Co., Ky., Oct. 27, 1855 aged 2 months, 24 days.

ALEXANDER HENRY DUNAVANT s/o Dr. A. H. and Maria G. Dunavant, died Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 3, 1855 aged 18 days, 12 hours.

LAURA GREEN MIZELL second d/o Alpheus and Mary Mizell died Columbia, Tenn., Oct. 12, 1855 aged 2 years, 11 months.


(Page 105)

November 22, 1855

E. S. McLAIN w/o Dr. J. S. McLain, born Nov. 18, 1818; died Sept. 29, 1855.

NANCY HENDERSON w/o James W. Henderson, died Oct. 14, 1855 in her 38th year; d/o Alexander and Jane Baldridge.

CATHARINE HICKERSON w/o John L. Hickerson; d/o James and Charlotte Gardner; died Washington Co., Ky., August 30, 1855 aged 22 years.

JULIA E. GREEN w/o J. Green, Springfield, Tenn., died recently, leaving widower and 4 children.

NANCY FERGUSON died Springfield, Tenn., September 1855.

ELI MOORE born Smith Co., Tenn., March 29, 1798; died August 17, 1855, Marshall Co., Tenn.

LAVINIA SOUTHERAN died Shepherdsville, Ky., Nov. 3, 1855 in her 50th year.

SAMUEL HARDY born 1788; died Oct. 15, 1855, Athens, Tenn.

REBECCA ARNOLD FLYNN d/o Rev. William Flynn, born Lawrence Dist., S.C., Feb. 14, 1806; md Dec. 23, 1824; died Monroe Co., Miss., Oct. 12, 1855.

MARGARET C. WATKINS died Hamilton Co., Tenn., August 20, 1855 in her 23rd year.

BETTIE M. SMITH w/o S. W. Smith, Montgomery Co., Tenn., died Nov. 4, 1855 aged 21 years, 6 months, 4 days; md Dec. 1, 1852; left widower and a 15 month old daughter.

MARY HOLLAND born Ky., Oct. 27, 1805; died Carroll Co., Ga., Sept. 9, 1855; md James H. Holland; moved to Fayette Co., Ga.

JOSHUA SOULE MUNNERLYN s/o Charles Mannerlyn, Decatur Co., Ga., killed instantly by a horse /no details given/, Oct. 19, 1855.

WILLIAM E. BURGES s/o D. W. R. and Charlotte Burges of Tenn., died Sept. 9, 1855 aged 1 year, 7 months, 5 days.

BETTIE BURR d/o Rev. W. Burr, died Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 3, 1855 aged 6 weeks, 2 days.

JOHN P. PIRTLE s/o Thomas and Nancy Pirtle died Sept. 10, 1855 in his 21st year.

WILLIAM CASE of Canada died Oct. 19, 1855; born in Swansea, Massachusetts, August 27, 1780; joined MEC New York Conf. as preacher in 1805.


November 27, 1855

VIRGINIA F. PICKRELL died Lawrence Co., Ky., Oct. 3, 1855 in her 17th year.

VICTORIA BRUCE GATES born Jan. 9, 1845; died Sept. 12, 1855; ADA BYRON GATES, died Sept. 12, 1855 aged 11 months, 9 days; SCOTT GATES, born Sept. 14, 1847; died Sept. 20, 1855; all children of Woodson and Lucinda B. Gates.

LUCINDA B. GATES w/o Woodson Gates; d/o Mark and Elizabeth Murphy; born Davidson Co., Tenn., July 15, 1826; died Marshall Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1855; md March 31, 1844.

ANN JANE EDWARDS d/o Alexander and Eleanor McDougals; md 1836; she died Oct. 19, 1855 in her 42nd year.

WILLIAM DUNN was crushed to death by a falling tree, Nov. 8, 1855 in Henderson County.

EVALINE A. BODDIE w/o Charles Boddie; died Nov. 9, 1855 in her 34th year.

ASA McCLURE s/o G. W. A. and Caroline V. Rogers, born March 29, 1855; died Nov. 6, 1855.


(Page 106)

MARY T. MURPHY d/o James and Malvina Murphy, died Sept. 12, 1855 aged 3 years, 4 months, 27 days.


December 6, 1855

CATHARINE JANE HAMPTON d/o Robert W. Magruder, born Scott Co., Ky., May 29, 1820; died Nov. 5, 1855; md Henry Hampton, 1837; joined MECS 1846.

MARIA CATHARINE BABB born Feb. 19, 1843; died Oct. 20, 1855; her sister, SARAH JANE BABB, born March 27, 1854; died Oct. 25, 1855; both died from scarlet fever; both were daughters of Matthew J. Babb, Tishomingo Co., Miss.

LAURA ANN OLIVER FOLSON born March 22, 1840; died Oct. 17, 1855.

Major JOHN M. HOWE of Fleming Co., Ky., born 1798; s/o Samuel and Margaret Howe; md Sallie Roberts, d/o Rev. Henry Robertson, March 1823; died of cholera, August 13, 1855.

Miss FANNY STEEL died near Russellville, Ky., in her 19th year; no death date given.

WILLIE LAIN youngest d/o Dr. W. B. and F. D. Fentress, died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Nov. 18, 1855 aged 3 years, 3 months, 2 days.


December 13, 1855

MARGARET ANN RUTLAND w/o J. K. Rutland of Buzzard Roost, Ala., born Anderson Co., Tenn., May 7, 1813; died October 3, 1855.

NANCY JOHNSON w/o Elisha J. Johnson; d/o John Masdon; born Pa.; moved to Bullitt Co., Ky. when young; md Dec. 26, 1838; died Oct. 4, 1855, Hancock Co., Ky.

SUSANNAH LOWRY died Nov. 10, 1855 aged 82 years, 8 months, 10 days; moved from N.C. to Stewart Co., Tenn. 1809; in 1821 moved to Henry Co., Tenn.; her husband, Elijah Lowry, died 12 years ago.

HENRY L. WINROW s/o H. L. and Carrie Winrow, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 22, 1826; died Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Nov. 11, 1855; md J. M. H. Henning, d/o Rev. J. Henning, August 5, 1850; left widow and 2 sons.


December 20, 1855

MARY ANN McDONALD w/o Dr. A. C. McDonald, died Tipton Co., Tenn., Oct. 26, 1855 in her 25th year.

Resolutions of Respect for J. L. B. PICKENS who died recently; by Waynesboro Division #16, Sons of Temperance, dated Dec. 4, 1855.

SALLIE DANCE MALONE born July 10, 1848; died Nov. 18, 1855.

MARY EMILY HASELWOOD fifth d/o Richard Haselwood, formerly of Dinwiddie Co., Va., born Green Co. Ky., August 9, 1838; died Taylor Co., Ky., August 12, 1855.

FANNY EDMONDSON d/o Charles H. and Louisa Edmondson, died Fayetteville, Tenn., Dec. 2, 1855 aged 8 years.

JOHN ANDERSON SHARP s/o G. B. and Almeda Sharp born June 17, 1854; died Oct. 8, 1855.

MARIETTA JOSEPHINE HUMPHREY d/o William and Emiline Humphrey, Bradley Co., Tenn., died Oct. 20, 1855 aged 3 years, 5 months, 22 days.


December 27, 1855

Rev. WILLIAM HYER born Pa., Feb. 14, 1807; graduate, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn.; moved south in 1837 and located in Somerville, Tenn. taught school and in 1839 moved to Memphis and continued to teach until 1851 when he joined the Memphis Conf., as MECS preacher, transferred to Miss. Conf. 1853; died November 3, 1855.


(Page 107)

JANE WHITECRAFT w/o Cleanthus Whitecraft; d/o Charles and Jenny McAlister, born Augusta Co., Va., May 15, 1798; moved to Bath Co., Ky. at age 15; died in that county, August 1, 1855.

SUSAN E. MANLEBORN d/o Samuel L. and Nancy W. Tyree, DeKalb Co., Tenn.; w/o Henry Manleborn, Putnam Co., Tenn., born Nov. 4, 1835; md Oct. 3, 1854; died Oct. 24, 1855 leaving widower and an infant daughter about six weeks old.

HENRY WADE born Ireland, 1794; came to U.S. 1813; lived near Nashville Tennessee for some time but moved to Maury Co., Tenn. where he lived until a few years before his death, which occurred at Fulton, Miss., October 24, 1855.



May 4, 1854

Lines on the Death of my Wife.

My precious wife has gone to rest
Among the weary dead;
And dwelleth now among the blest,
With her triumphant head.

It was her greatest care below
To do the will of God;
And by her holy acts to show
Her home was o’er the flood.

Amid the cares and ills of life,
Her graces always shone;
Her Christian armor always bright,
To worship God alone.

In early youth she sought the Lord,
And trusted in her God;
And strove to gain a large reward,
As promis’d in his word.

In guileless youth she found the road
That led to joys on high;
In that delightful way she trod,
Without a mournful sigh.

And when affliction’s hand was laid
Upon her feeble frame,
She often turn’d to me and said,
"My Savior’s still the same."

She begg’d that not a friend should weep
Around her dying bed;
She dreaded death no more than sleep,
As Christ the way had led.

O! happy saint, thy spirit’s fled,
And dwells among the blest;
Thy sinking body, with the dead,
In silent shades doth rest.

But Ne’er shall I forget that look,
The last thou cast on me;
Before thy soul thy clay forsook,
To dwell among the free.

The smile of heaven upon thy face,
The light of glory shone;
I every feature I could trace,
Before thou reach’d the throne.

O! then farewell, but for awhile,
We soon shall meet again;
Thy Savior on me soon shall smile;
My home in heaven I’ll claim.

We’ll meet, we’ll meet to part no more,
Nor ever suffer pain;
We’ll on the joyful mountain soar,
Or shout along the plain.

T. P. Davidson
Memphis, Tenn., April 20, 1854.



July 28, 1853

For the Advocate

            Died, at the family residence, near Columbia, Tenn., July 7, 1853, Wiley Boddie (?) Francis, only son of John M. and Sabra B. Francis, aged sixteen years, ten months, and ten days.

            It is always a sad duty to record the death of the young and promising; and it is especially so, when as in this instance, the event deprives an affectionate family of an only son and an only brother. Wiley was a noble youth — moral, amiable, and intelligent beyond his years. At home, his attachment to his father, mother, and only sister, was strong and undying, and he was the idol and hope of their hearts. At college, he was orderly, diligent, and successful, and enjoyed the highest esteem, as well of the faculty as of his fellow-students. Indeed, I may say —

"None knew him but to love him,
None named him but to praise."

            For the last nine months of his life, Wiley was an invalid, and, during that time, his affliction was so ? to his soul, and the religious instruction which he had received, at home and at the house of God, was so brought back to his mind, that he was led to remember his Creator, and to trust in Christ as his Savior. This gracious change occurred, not in view of death merely, but at a time when he believed that his health would be restored and that he would yet have opportunity to attest the truthfulness of his profession, by active service in the Church of God. With this hope, and also with a purpose to be fully prepared for death at any moment, he requested and received baptism in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Soon, however, it became evident that he must die and thanks be to God, he was able through grace to testify that, though it was painful to leave those whom he loved so tenderly, yet he was willing and ready to depart; and thus trusting in Christ, without a fear and without a struggle, he passed away.

            Weeping father, mother, sister! Look to God and heaven for comfort; the holy word of the Lord offers you assurance that, if you are faithful through the ? years of this life, you will meet your dear Wiley again — to part no more!

W. C. ?
Columbia, July 14, 1853


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