By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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January 1, 1903

Reverend THOMAS B. MURKS, one of the oldest members of the Tennessee Methodist Conference, born Feb. 27, 1822; joined the conference in 1845; retired in 1899; died Bedford Co., Tenn., Dec. 24, 1902; wife deceased; surviving him were 2 daus., 1 son. "He was a useful man, an effective preacher."

Dr. D. C. RANKIN, editor of THE MISSIONARY, Southern Presbyterian Church, died in Korea, Dec. 28, 1902.


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MARY FISHER GOUCHER wife of Dr. John F. Goucher, president of Woman's College, Baltimore, Md., died near that city, December 19, 1902 aged 52 years; several daughters.

JAMES WILLIAM TIPTON, Lake Co., Tenn., born Tiptonville, Tenn., May 7, 1847; served in the Confederate army ''as a boy"; master and Royal Arch mason; married Tennie Ann Snow, Aug. 10, 1869; 3 daus., 9 sons; buried on December 23, 1902.

CREED HUDDLESTON McHENRY born Carthage, Tenn., Sept. 9, 1871: son of James William McHenry, a native of Ky., and Louise, daughter of Taylor Creed Huddleston, a native of Tennessee. His paternal ancestors, the Northcrofts and Culloms were from Maryland; Spencers and McHenrys from S.C.; maternal ancestors, Morgans, Martins, Huddlestons were from Va.; Whites from N.C.; moved with family to Nashville in 1872; was a bank employee; died recently.

SARAH ELIZABETH DOUGLAS daughter of Charles E. and Elizabeth Woodruff, born Madison, Tenn., Nov. 3, 1863; married W. B. Douglas, Dec. 11, 1890; died Oct. 13, 1902; moved to Franklin, Tenn. in 1892.

ELIZABETH MINERVIA CARR wife of Rev. John F. Carr, Little Rock Methodist Conference, born Orange District, S.C., Mar. 6, 1839; died Pine Bluff, Ark., Nov. 19, 1902; married Nov. 1, 1859; 3 children.

FANNIE EUDORA OWEN daughter of W. R. and V. C. Dye, granddaughter of Harrison and Fannie Owen, born DeSoto Co., Miss., May 20, 1868; died Aug. 31, 1902 near Memphis, Tenn.; married H. J. Owen (died Jan. 12, 1893), July 3, 1889; children, Inez and David.


January 8, 1903

GEORGE S. DAY died Springfield, MO, Dec. 30, 1902 aged 76 years.

MARY ELIZABETH DOCKERY wife of Governor Dockery died Jefferson City, MO, Jan. 1, 1903. [Alexander M. Dockery was governor of Missouri, 1901-1905.]

Dr. FREDERICK TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of Anglican Church, died Dec. 23, 1902 aged 81 years; became Bishop of London in 1885 and Archbishop in 1896.

Reverend GEORGE W. ALEXANDER born Rhea Co., Tenn., July 2, 1813; died Yazoo Co., Miss., June 26, 1902; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, August 1836 and admitted to Holston Meth. Conference; served in 15 circuits over the years and 3 stations (Abingdon, Athens, Asheville); transferred to Mississippi Conference in 1862; located in 1866; wife predeceased him; surviving were a daughter, two granddaughters and one grandson.

N. B. SAIN born Feb. 22, 1814; married Martha, daughter of Rev. James Sanford, Oct. 15, 1844; died Oct. 3, 1902.

ALMEDA SHOFFER wife of J. M. Shoffer died Oct. 22, 1902 near Bells, Tenn.

NANCY R. ROGERS, nee Mills, born Jan. 4, 1837; died July 27, 1902; married Samuel Rogers, Nov. 11, 1852; lived in Giles Co., Tenn.

Reverend JERONS BONAPARTE ANDERSON son of David and Martha Jane Anderson, born Giles Co., Tenn., July 11, 1830; joined the Tenn. Methodist Conference in 1854; married Emily F. Botts, Robertson Co., Tenn., 1869; 2 daus., 4 sons (one, Eugene, died nearly 2. years ago).

Reverend T. B. MARKS born Giles Co., Tenn., Feb. 27, 1822; died near Shelbyville, Tenn., Dec. 24, 1902; Methodist preacher for many years; husband and father.

EDGAR B. ANDERSON born Bunker Hill, West Va., April 14, 1870; at age 20 years moved to Sequatchie Valley, Tenn. and worked for his uncle, Milton W. Anderson, in the railroad business; became a locomotive engineer; married Mattie Stewart, Dec. 19, 1897; she was dau. of Rev. A. D. Stewart, Holston Conference; died recently; burial in Dunlap, Tenn. cemetery.

WILLIAM G. BYARS born near Blount Sprs., Ala., Mar. 6, 1826; died there, recently; married Mary J. Thomas in 1854; 8 children.


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JAMES P. HOLLOWELL born Oct. 18, 1837; died Aug. 23, 1901; married Altazera Saunders Jarratt (died Feb. 11, 1884), 1866; 4 daus., 3 sons; served in Confederate army.

Mrs. JESSIE GHOLDSON daughter of H. S. and Josephine Hatcher, born Lake Co., Tenn., Jan. 19, 1876; died Oct. 24, 1902; surviving were his widow and one daughter.


January 15, 1903

"On Saturday, January 2, 1808, just ninety-five years ago, Rev. Matthew Parham Sturdevant, the first Protestant preacher ever appointed to preach in the bounds of the present State of Alabama, was ordained an elder in the Church of God [speaking generically, Methodist] by Bishop Francis Asbury," Charleston, S.C.

Reverend J. W. DUNCAN, DeVall's Bluff, Ark., Little Rock Methodist Conference, died Jan. 2, 1903; burial in Beria, Ark. His uncle, Rev. T. J. Duncan, Ennis, Texas, attended his funeral.

Mrs. W. B. BYESS died in Ellijoy, Ga., January 8, 1903.

ELIZABETH, little daughter of Rev. F. H. SHULER and wife, South Carolina Meth. Conference, died Dec. 21, 1902.

MOSES POTTER born Warren Co., Ky.; son of Frederick and Elizabeth Kirby Potter; the oldest of thirteen children; oldest man in Bowling Green, Ky. when he died Sept. 4, 1902 having passed his 94th birthday; married (1) Eliza Butts and had children, John Potter, Mrs. John Eubank of Warren Co.; Mrs. Dr. Atchison, Nashville; James Potter (two other were deceased); (2) Tabitha Tulley, nee Jordan of Russellville, Ky., Oct. 2, 1883; joined Methodist Church in 1884. Living siblings were David Potter, Pleasant J. Potter, Presley Potter, Mrs. Simmons, all of Bowling Green; Henry Potter, Texas.

KATHERINE THORN PEACOCK daughter of Burrell Featherston, born Bedford Co., Tenn., Jan. l1, 1822; married William John Peacock 60 years ago; died Nov. 23, 1902; wife and mother.

J. H. THOMAS born N.C., Sept. 15, 1829; married Mary Alexander, Dec. 20, 1860; died Aug. 13, 1902; 7 children.

MITTIE CHILDS, nee McCLOUD, born Oct. 28, 1874;. died near Lanark, Ark., Apr. 16, 1902; one child.

Mrs. DEE FINLEY born in 1833; died in Little Meth. Conference recently leaving a surviving child, Mrs. William Nichols of Rockdale, Ark.

HENRY THEOPHILIS ROGERS son of B. A. and Sarah M. Rogers, born Hardaway Co., Ala., Sept. 23, 1851 died Shannon, Miss., Nov. 15, 1902; attended Emory College; married Eva Wier, Dec. 9, 1874; 3 daus. 3 sons.

BAILIE PEYTON MANDY died Macon Co., Tenn., July 15, 1902 in the 62nd year of his age; veteran of Confederate army.

KATIE VIRGINIA GOLDSMITH died in Washington, D.C., Dec. 3, 1902 just past his fourteenth birthday.

WESLEY G. BLACKWELL born Morgan Co., Ala., 1829; died Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 23, 1902; married Parmelia Hardwick, 1855; surviving children, George, Mary and Nannie.

MINNIE GATLIN, nee Ingram, wife of John T. Gatlin; died Puryear, Tenn., Dec. 12, 1902.


January 22, 1903

Reverend H. C. SETTLE, Louisville Methodist Conference, died Jan. 11, 1902; a native of Ky.; son of Cooper Settle, publisher of the Louisville JOURNAL; went to California in 1854; entered the Methodist ministry in Pacific Conference; transferred to Louisville Conf. in 1859 and filled many appointments including Bowling Green, Stephenville. "He was one whose every sermon was a finished product."

Reverend SILAS STEARNS CUMMINGS, died Jan. 3, 1902 aged 88 years.


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Reverend MARION J. HOLYFIELD born Graves Co., Ky., July 12, 1831; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church, Sept. 6, 1856; ordained deacon, Nov. 18, 1866; ordained elder in 1876; chaplain in Faulkner's Regiment, Forrest's command; moved to Weakley Co., Tenn. in 1866; married (1) Ruth Ann Hatchel; 3 children, one surviving, James L. Holyfield; (2) Mrs. Mattie Watson; he died Mayfield, Ky., Nov. 16, 1902.

J. W. ELDER, oldest member of Methodist Church in Trenton, Tenn., died Nov. 12, 1902; born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 4, 1819; son of William and Mary Elder; moved to Gibson Co., Tenn. when 14 years old; married Martha Houston in June 1841; ten children; active Methodist layman.

WESLEY STOKES born Graves Co., Ky., Nov. 16, 1825; died in the same county, Dec. 9, 1902; married Elizabeth McFall (died in 1894), July 23, 1845; 1 dau. and 6 sons, one of whom, Rev. Edmond Stokes, died November 2, 1902.

ALBERT B. EDWARDS, JR. born July 5, 1902; died Nov. 3, 1902.


January 29, 1903

EPHRIM WIGGUL born Monroe Co., Miss., Dec. 9, 1828; died Itawamba Co., Miss., Sept. 24, 1902; reared a large family, several sons being businessmen; joined Methodist Church in 1860.

Reverend RUFUS M. HICKEY born Sevier Co., Tenn., Aug. 28, 1820; died Morristown, Tenn., Nov. 5, 1902; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1845; Holston Conference; had "a natural gift of oratory... very clear and distinct in speech." Surviving were 2 daus., 2 sons.

Reverend W. F. COOK, DD, North Ga. Methodist Conference, born Talbot Co., Ga., Nov. 20, 1832; died Newnan, Dec. 1902; his parents were native South Carolinians; his father, Francis Cook, was a local preacher from Camden, S.C.; his mother, a Miss M. M. Ellison; he moved to Culloden, Monroe Co. in 1840; graduate, Emory College, 1850; taught school and locally preached until Dec. 1855 when he entered the regular Methodist ministry in the Ga. Conference and served 2 years on circuits, 21 years on stations, seventeen on districts and two as agent for orphans' home; one as a professor and 2 as president of a college [unnamed]; married Lou Richards, graduate of Wesleyan Female College, Dec. 16, 1857; 7 children (two sons, E. R. and Ed F. Cook, were Methodist preachers).

FRANK PARKE born in Ireland, July 11, 1828; immigrated to New York when about 20 years old; thence to Ohio, where his only living sister, Mrs. John Fee, now resides; moved to Ft. Smith, Ark. in 1853 and lived thereabout until his death, Dec. 22, 1902; merchant and real estate business.


February 5, 1903

FANNIE LEONA HINDS daughter of J. B. and Martha Lowery, born Itawamba Co., Miss., Aug. 13, 1846; died Guntown, Miss., January 15, 1903; married W. C. Hinds, Dec. 6, 1866 and moved to Guntown in 1871.

GEORGE ANDERSON BOWLIN born Carrol Co., N.C., Aug. 7, 1824; died Lee Co., Miss., Nov. 27, 1901; moved with parents from N.C. to Lincoln Co., Tenn. when he was 7 years old; his father died in 1834; his mother went to live with his uncle, George Conley and family near Huntsville, Ala.; he went to DeSoto Co., Miss. in 1841; married Nancy R. Parker of Madison Co., Tenn., 1856, where he lived until after Civil War; Confederate veteran; moved from Tenn. to Lee Co., Miss. in 1866 where he farmed; 7 daus., 5 sons.

JOHN H. WATKINS born Christian Co., Ky., Feb. 7, 1839; married (1) Mary E. Ragsdale (died Feb. 11, 1885), Oct. 20, 1862; 10 children; (2) Cynthia E. Stagner, July 18, 1889; 4 children; died Dec. 27, 1902.

MARY ALICE BOND born May l5, 181l; died Jan. 17, 1903; wife and mother, Arkansas.

JAMES S. BARKSDALE died Charlottesville, Va., Jan. 14, 1903; left several children, including Minnie F. McLemore.


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MARY E. LIGON born Cumberland Co., Va., 1820; moved with parents to Tenn. in 1830; died Durant, Indian Territory [Oklahoma], Dec. 21, 1902.

BETTIE J. THURMAN daughter of Colonel R. H. and Ann Tatum, born Dade Co., Ga., July 6, 1846; died Durham, Ga., Jan. 11, 1903; married Rev. S. H. Thurman, Oct. 8, 1866; 1 dau., 1 son. Burial in Payne's Cemetery.

LULA PRESTON daughter of George and Maggie Worrell; died Dec. 14, 1902 a little over 2 years old.


February 12, 1903


He was born in Malpas, Cheshire, England, April 21, 1783; son of Rev. Reginald Heber of a Yorkshire family; alumnus, Oxford University; married Amelia Shipley. Consecrated as Bishop of Calcutta on June 1, 1823; included in his diocese were India, Ceylon, Malaysia and Australia.

Reverend WILLIAM L. SHARP born Morgan Co., Ala., Mar. 30, 1825; died, Marshall Co., Miss., Oct. 21, 1902; moved to Miss. in 1843; licensed to preach in the Memphis Methodist Conference.

MARY FRANK CROWDER, nee Rives, born Fayette Co., Tenn., June 27, 1846; married T. W. Crowder, Dec. 12, 1865; died Brownsville, Tenn., Jan. 10, 1903; 7 children, one, Frankie, died several years ago.

RUTH TALBOT LOVING, nee Fletcher, born Sept. 23, 1820; married W. H. Loving, a militia general and lawyer of Brownsville, Tenn., Dec. 26, 1838; joined Methodist Church in 1864; died Jan. 21, 1903.

ELLEN HORR SANFORD daughter of E. W. Horr, LaGrange, Tenn., born May 31, 1869 and moved with parents to Blandville, Ky. when she was an infant; married H. N. Sanford, Oct. 5, 1892; 2 children; died Dec. 23, 1902.

NANCY AVANT born June 27, 1823; died Jan. 11, 1903; married W. C. Avant, Oct. 11, 1843; wife and mother.

SALLIE A. COPE born Sept. 28, 1817; married John W. Cope, Nov. 22, 1838; 5 children; died White Co., Tenn., Dec. 5, 1902. Burial in old Zion Churchyard.


February 19, 1903

Dr. J. L. M. CURRY, educator and public-spirited citizen, died Asheville, N.C., Feb. 12, 1903; had been minister to Spain in the Cleveland administration.

Mrs. LAURA MARTIN CRANSTON wife of Bishop Cranston died Feb. 7, 1903; burial in Cincinnati Ohio.

MARY BOONE BYNUM born Jan. 14, 1869; took M. A. degree, University of Miss., at Oxford, 1901; taught in the Philippines until she returned home to die, January 27, 1903 in Indian Territory [Oklahoma]; burial in Booneville, Miss.

THOMAS BARTLETT SYDNOR born Mar. 7, 1835; died Dec. 28, 1902; married Mary M. Browder, Feb. 11, 1869; born, lived and died in Logan Co., Ky. Surviving were his widow and children, Robert H and Katie G. Sydnor.

PERNINA WOODWARD OWEN born Dec. 13, 1830; died Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 30, 1903 in residence of her son-in-law, Hugh Tinker; dau. of John Archibald Frith; married Andrew J. Owen in 1849; 7 children.


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MARY JANE WARD born July 18, 1831; married John Wiley Ward, Feb. 15, 1853; died Jan. 26, 1903; burial in family graveyard near Cedar Hill, Tenn.

February 26, 1903

JULIA CROOM, nee Steward, born Oct. 16, 1834; died Jan. 29, 1903, Gibson Co., Tenn.; husband, Joseph Groom, predeceased her; burial in Big Springs Cemetery [Madison Co., Tenn.]; one child, Mrs. Thetford, in whose residence she died.

JENNIE FISHER born McMinn Co., Tenn., July 14, 1854; died Chattanooga, Tenn., Jan. 24, 1903.

J. W. WILSON born S.C., March 23, 1834; moved with parents to Jonesboro, Miss. in 1841; married Mattie Jones, 1861; died Hardeman Co., Tenn., Feb. 5, 1903; active Methodist layman.

ANN BELL LAWRENCE daughter of Gilbert and Martha Marshall, born near Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 16 1844; married Rev. A. F. Lawrence of the Tennessee Conference; one child, Mrs. Ellen Wilson; died Franklin, Mar. 6, 1902; had converted from Presbyterianism to Methodism.

BARBARA J. BURGIN, nee Woodward, born Lee Co., Va., Nov. 8, 1818; died near Ridgeway, MO, Feb. 1, 1903; married Simpson W. Burgin, 1834 and moved to Harrison Co., MO, in 1852 where her 3 sons were born.

DIXON R. PANKEY son of Dr. D. F. Pankey, died Medical Lake, Washington, Feb. 3, 1903 aged 15 years.


March 5, 1903

Reverend B. R. HILL, presiding elder of Fayetteville District, N.C. Methodist Conference, died in Fayetteville, Feb. 20, 1903; surviving were his widow, a son, two daus. "While a great wit and dearly loving a joke, he was eminently tender-hearted."

Mrs. JAMES L. BEARD died Pendleton, S.C., Feb. 18, 1903; burial in Elmwood Cemetery, Columbia, S.C.

WILLIAM M. STREET born Maury Co., Tenn., Sept. 13, 1830; died Murfreesboro, Tenn., Feb. 7, 1903; alumnus, Emory-Henry College; served in Confederate army; merchant; moved from Columbia to Murfreesboro in February 1869.

WILLIAM SUMMERS born Newcastle, Va., Mar. 5, 1826; married Martha L. Bane, June 16, 1852; 10 ch.; died Jan. 13, 1903; joined Methodist Church in 1849.

JESSE LEATHERWOOD born Spartanburg District, S.C., Dec. 18, 1819; married Delila Bennett in Pickens Co., Ala., July 8, 1841; moved to Tishomingo Co., Miss. in Feb. 1845; 9 children. Served in 17th Miss. Inf. Reg, CSA, until honorably discharged in the fall of 1864; in May 1894 the Leatherwoods moved from Iuka, Miss. to Texas, where in Grayson Co., he died Feb. 4, 1903.

SAMUEL WEAVER BROYLES born Sparta, Tenn., Feb. 9, 1826; died near Modesto, California, Feb. 5, 1903; cancer; moved to California in overland wagon train in 1850; miner and cattle raiser; settled on a ranch near Modesto in 1866; married (1) Martha Cameron (died 1883), Sept. 1869 in Sparta, Tenn.; 5 children; (2) Mrs. Helen Armstrong.


March 12, 1903

LAURA A. LIVINGSTON born Montgomery Co., Tenn., 1846; died 7 miles west of Brownsville in Haywood Co., Tenn., Jan. 23, 1903; daughter of Howell Jordan; married Oliver Livingston in 1859; 5 children; one dau. died in infancy, the others: Lucy, wife of W. G. L. Rice, Orysa; Howell Livingston, Garland, Texas; Henry Lee and Nettie Livingston, Haywood Co., Tenn.

MARY H. SMITH born N.C., 1823; moved with parents near to Henderson, Tenn.; married Rev. J. R. Hamilton (died 1864); died recently.

SUSANNA GILES daughter of W. P. and Agnes Hickman, born Davidson Co., Tenn., April 13, 1863; moved with parents to Obion Co., Tenn. in 1891; married J. W. Giles, Dec. 21, 1892; died Jan. 17, 1903; 1 son.


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B. S. ALLEN born Williamson Co., Tenn., May 3l, 1823; married Damaris Tidwell, Jan. 17, 1850; died Giles Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1903; husband and father.

AMANDA HALEY born Jan. 15, 183l near Greenbrier, Tenn.; died Feb. 18, 1903; married Henry Haley July 29, 1858; moved to Gibson Co., Tenn. where she died; no children but reared two orphaned girls.


March 19, 1903

WILLIAM J. TAYTON born "on the Cumberland Mountain", Jan. 12, 1827 while his parents were moving from Virginia into Tennessee; married Cathrin Goodrich in 1846; 9 children; his wife died Nov. 11, 1901; he died Mar. 1, 1903; burial from old Mt. Vernon Church.

JOHN BARHAM born N.C., Feb. 19, 1827; died Dec. 6, 1902; moved when a month old with parents to Carroll Co., Tenn.; married (1) Priscilla Hearn, Dec. 17, 1837; (2) Mary Holmes, May 1867; resided with only dau., Miss Mary L. Barham. Burial in Flatwood Cemetery. Children, Mary L., J. M. Barham, Ripley; a sister, Mrs. D. P. York of Jackson, Tenn. [His tombstone states that he was born in 1812; in which event he would not have been brought to Carroll Co., Tenn. when a month old as it was still Indian territory; if born in 1812, the 1837 marriage date makes sense. Caution in determining the facts of Barham's life is advised!]

MARY ANN DOWNER daughter of Clement and Mary Long, born Anson Co, N.C., Jan. 4, 1823; died Lewisburg, Miss., Jan. 23, 1903; married Thomas J. Downer (died Jan. 12, 1886), Jan. 8, 1846; moved to DeSoto Co., Miss. in January 1850; 11 children.

B. S. MIMMS born Chatham Co., N.C., May 5, 1818; moved to Miss. in 1840; married Catherine Brinker, April 12, 1855; 8 children; died January 19, 1903.

SAMUEL B. GAULT born Folkville, Tenn., Oct. 22, 1841; died Corsicana, Texas, Jan. 27, 1903; married Bettie Tatum, Aug. 21, 1871; 2 daus; a Confederate veteran.


March 26, 1903

FRANCES MORRISON, nee Waite, wife of John S. Morrison, died near Tullahoma, Tenn., Feb. 14, 1903; 4 daughters.

NANNIE E. KENEDY born July 19, 1876; died Walnut Grove, Ark., Mar. 26, 1902; married William Kenedy, Dec. 24, 1899.

JOHN OVERTON GIST only child of J. H. and Jennie Gist, born May 28, 1900; died Oct. 31, 1902 in Sparta, Tenn.


April 1, 1903

HERMAN FRANKLIN BAILEY son of Lee and Mattie Bailey born Oct. 13, 1902; died Mar. 19, 1903.

MARGARET ROCHESTER widow of W. H. Rochester died near Marion, Ky., Feb. 24, 1903 in the 78th year of her age; 8 children.

JOSEPH H. WALKER born Crittenden Co., Ky., Sept. 29, 1869; died Denver, Col., Feb. 10, 1903; married Fannie Parker of Henderson, Ky.; 2 sons.

SUSAN E. NORTON daughter of Stephen and Betsy Jones, born Jefferson Co., Ky., 1830; one of 9 children; her twin, Mrs. William J. Shively of Louisville is only one of them living now; married Henry W. Norton (died 1875), June 1859 and moved to Union Co., Ky. in 1866; died Mar. 23, 1903; of nine children, those surviving her were Stephen J., Mrs. Thomas Houston, Mrs. Solomon Blue, Henry W. and George B.

BETTIE LEE BAILEY daughter of Lee and Mattie Bailey, born Nov. 19, 1897; died Jan. 16, 1903; typhoid fever.


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April 9, 1903

MARY A. ROWLETT born Pittsylvania Co., Va., Dec. 18, 1823; died near New Concord, Ky., Oct. 17, 1902; married Peter M. Rowlett, Feb. 11, 1845 and on the 24th of that month moved to Calloway Co., Ky.; 10 children.


April 16, 1903

Reverend JOSEPH RAND of Wesleyan parentage, born Durham, England, Nov. 10, 1823; licensed as a local Methodist preacher in 1842; married the next year to wife, Bessie, and they came to New York in 1844; was in Covington, Ky. in 1847; remained in Methodist ministry, retiring in 1896; died recently.

Reverend ARMISTEAD L. PRICHETT born Oct. 9, 1839; "from a preaching family," licensed to preach in Methodist Church October 5, 1860; married Mary Hall, Jackson, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1878; died Feb. 27, 1903. Burial in Hollywood Cemetery, Jackson, Tenn. [This couple were married December 28, 1871. Madison Co., Tenn. MBF: 331. ]

Mrs. L. A. PERKINS born Huntsville, Ala., Mar. 9, 1820; married William M. Perkins (died Dec. 13, 1881), May 13, 1841; died Shelby Co., Tenn., Mar. 4, 1903; for years member of the Germantown Methodist Church. Surviving children: Mrs. William Buchanan, Mrs. Jack Buchanan; Mrs. J. V. Cole; D. L. and William K. Perkins. Two sisters, Mrs. Pauline Ward and Mrs. Mary K. Plumer lived in Texas.

CLARENCE EDGAR PUGH born Tipton Co., Tenn., Feb. 17, 1884; died Oct. 30, 1902.


April 23, 1903

ED KING born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1839; died Marshall Co., Miss., Mar. 7, 1903; surviving him were his widow and several children.

ELIZABETH C. BELL born Bedford Co., Va., Jan. 11, 1812 or 1813, the "exact year not known;" died Myrtle Creek, Oregon, April 1, 1903; her father, living in England, was converted to Methodism as a young man. Two of her children, Rev. J. R. N. Bell and Mrs. John Hervey lived in Oregon.

MARTHA FRANCES SMITH, nee Huddleston, widow of Erastus Smith, born Davidson Co., Tenn., July 4, 1831; died Cainsville, Tenn., Mar. 8, 1903; one daughter, Mrs. George L. Drifoos lived in Alexandria, Tenn.


April 30, 1903

Dr. EUGENE FOSTER born Augusta, Ga., April 7, 1850; graduate, Georgia State University, March 1, 1872; died Jan. 23, 1903.

BETTIE STEGER HILL oldest child of Edward H. and Virginia Allen Steger, born Fayette Co., Tenn., Sept. 4, 1838; married Dr. J. S. Hill, Oct. 14, 1858; died Paris, Texas, April 13, 1903; one dau., Mrs. G. W. Holmes lived in Paris, Texas.

Captain WILLIAM H. SCALES "an ideal Southern gentleman" married Sarah Flowers in 1861; born Lewisburg, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1840; died Macon, Miss., Dec. 22, 1902.

LULA DAUGHERTY born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Feb. 9, 1862; died recently; daughter of Rev. W. T. Dye, Tenn. Methodist Conference; married G. S. Daugherty, Mar. 3, 1880; wife and mother; burial in Cumberland City cemetery.

LULA McGAHA, nee Davidson, born Huntsville, Ala., April 20, 1864; moved with parents to Nashville in 1880; joined Presbyterian Church; married H. P. McGaha, Dec. 31, 1895 and moved to Waco, Texas; died recently.


May 7, 1903

Photograph and obituarial sketch of/for JOHN McFERRIN HUDSON, August 1, 1838-April 24, 1903; an employee of the Methodist Publishing House since its establishment in 1854; he dropped dead near his home in Nashville, Tenn.

Dr. WILLIAM A. NOEL died Pine Bluff, Ark., April 20, 1903 in the 83rd year of his age; had moved there from Miss. in 1860.


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May 14, 1903

ARIELLA FLETCHER CAMERON wife of Rev. T. Cameron of North Miss. Methodist Conference died New Albany, Miss., Feb. 9, 1903; daughter of Prof. Henry F. and Malissa Jones; born LaGrange, Tenn., Jan. 29, 1844; graduate, Memphis Conference Female Institute of which her uncle, Amos W. Jones, was long president; took a post-graduate course in Greensboro Female College N.C. of which another uncle, Turner M. Jones, was president; married Jan. 3, 1872.

HENRY L. TAYLOR born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Jan. 4, 1825; died Brownsville, Tenn., April 9, 1903 in residence of son-in-law, Hon. J. R. Bond; married Georgie Wood in 1852; moved to Haywood Co., Tenn. from Va. in 1832 with his parents, Howell and Mary P. Taylor. His brother, James M. Taylor, died young; another brother, Edmund Taylor, was a physician; sisters were Harriet and Amanda. His own children were Edmund H., Mrs. J. R. Bond, Dr. William W. Taylor, Mrs. Cummins.

Mrs. L. H. McCLURE born near Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1826; daughter of Hicks Ellis; married Rev. J. R. McClure; 2 daus., 2 sons; moved to Colorado in 1871; she moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1900 where she died March 15, 1903.

ELLEN FULLERTON, nee Widner, born Etowah Co., Ala., July 3l, 1865; died Winston Co., Ala., April 19, 1903; married Rev. J. R. Fullerton, Dec. 27, 1893; 5 children.

Mrs. FOUNTAIN PITTS COLLIER daughter of Dr. Albert Hughes of Williamson Co., Tenn., wife of J. H. Collier, Dukedom, Tenn., born July 15, 1840; died April 19, 1903; moved with her mother to Howell Co., MO where she was married to James H. Collier, Nov. 25, 1856; 3 daus., 9 sons; joined Methodist Church in 1858.


May 21, 1903

NANNIE LEE COOK daughter of R. J. and Lucy Cook, Phillips Co., Ark., died Feb. 20, 1903.

THOMAS C. DUNLAP born Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 11, 1839; married Harriet McFadden, Feb. 17, 1869; died Yorkville, S.C., Feb. 15, 1903; 1 dau. (Sadie), 3 sons (W. M., Dr. Charles, T. C.)

ANTOINETTE CATHRINE BLISS SPEER wife of Rev. Samuel W. Speer, DD, Kentucky Methodist Conf., born Wilbroham, Mass., Feb. 6, 1818; daughter of John and Harriet Brewer Merrick Bliss; granddaughter of Ensign Abel Bliss, Revolutionary War patriot; died Murfreesboro, Tenn., April 14, 1903. She had step-children but her own children were John Bliss, Charles Ewing, Harriet and Samuel Marshall Speer. Burial in Dell Cemetery in her hometown.


May 28, 1903

JOHN HARVEY LONG born McNairy Co., Tenn., Feb. 4, 1826; moved with parents to Tippah Co., Miss.; served in the 12th Miss. Cavalry, CSA; merchant in Verona, Miss; married Victoria J. Dismukes, Nov. 16, 1854; 7 children.

LOUISA A. ROBERTS daughter of Andrew and Mary Shannon, born Smyth Co., Va., 1836; married Hon. E. L. Roberts, Dec. 6, 1892; had two stepsons; died Nov. 9, 1902.

SUSAN LASATER, nee Davidson, born June 29, 1818; died Scottsboro, Ala., Mar. 5, 1903; married R. E. Lasater, Dec. 27, 1838 and moved to Manchester, Tenn.; 9 children.

M. E. WALLACE, nee Fulkerson, born Ohio Co., Ky., April 12, 1836; died Proctor, Texas, April 7, 1903; married Dr. A. S. A. Wallace, April 20, 1854; 4 children.


June 4, 1903

JACOB HOLLAND WISE born Sumner Co., Tenn., Sept. 3, 1824; married Sarah E. Hooper, Oct. 5, 1854 died in residence of his son, Joseph Wise, near Number One, Tenn., May 3, 1903; burial in Gallatin, Tenn.

MATTIE CLAY MILLER, nee Hutchcroft, born Bourbon Co., Ky., Jan. 27, 1853; died Lexington, Ky., April 3, 1903; youngest of 13 children; married Dr. W. M. Miller, April 25, 1883; granddaughter of General Samuel L. Williams of War of 1812 service.


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L. W. L. SCARBOROUGH son of C. R. Scarborough, Chester Co., Tenn., born near Mifflin, Tenn., Mar. 28, 1850; died Mifflin, May 9, 1903 from injuries sustained when he lost balance and fell on train steps; burial in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery; 3 daus., 4 sons.

JAMES LESLIE BERTRAM, 9 years old, killed by a train, Dec. 6, 1902.

NOAH BINKLEY COOPER son of Noah W. and Lucy B. Cooper born June 11, 1899; died Nov. 12, 1902.

FRANK BARK born Mar. 23, 1887; died April 15, 1903.


June 11, 1903

LOUIS G. WOOD, Clarksville, Tenn., died in Louisville, Ky., May 31, 1903 in the 53rd year of his age.

EIRE P. MOSS oldest daughter of William H. and Sarah E. Moss, born Maury Co., Tenn., Oct. 26, 1836; "just as the sun was setting", Mar. 11, 1903, she died; sometime president of the local Woman's Foreign Missionary Society.

MARY SORRELS wife of R. P. Sorrels, daughter of Charles and Margaret Poster, born Gibson Co., Tenn., Nov. 30, 1816. died Sardis, Miss., Mar. 27, 1903 in residence of only dau., Mrs. J. P. Short.

BESSIE THOMAS wife of Rev. John E. Thomas, North Miss. Meth. Conference, born Lynchburg, Va., Sept. 6, 1852; daughter of Thomas O. Anderson; married April 17, 1877; 4 children; died Greenwood, Miss., May 17, 1903.

JOHN BURT COUNTISS son of John and Nancy Countiss, born near Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept. 28, 1828; moved to Miss. in 1850; married Harriet L. Ray, May 31, 1853; served in Company F, 42nd Miss. Inf. Reg., CSA; died Calhoun Co., Miss., April 29, 1903.

CATHERINE LUVENIA BENSON born Madison Co., Tenn., Feb. 19, 1830; died Dallas, Texas, Mar. 18, 1903; married P. D. Benson; 8 children.


June 18, 1903

WILLIAM W. BOTT born in the Rotteries, North Staffordshire, England, April 22, 1832; parents died from cholera; he was an architect; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1855; ordained elder, Oct. 8, 1865.

SAMUEL M. UTLEY son of W. L. and Callie Utley; his mother was youngest daughter of Rev. John Bransford (Methodist); died near Goodlettsville, Tenn., recently, aged 54 years; married Hattie Connell, 1871; 5 children.

FANNIE M. HILLIARD, nee Ashcraft, wife of Rev. C. D. Hilliard, Memphis Methodist Conference, born Verona, Miss., May 8, 1864; married Nov. 7, 1886; 6 children; died Memphis, May 14, 1903.


June 25, 1903

MARGARET BUCHANAN McDANIEL widow of Colonel Coleman A. McDaniel, born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Nov. 4, 1831; married Dec. 16, 1857; died May 27, 1903; wife and mother.

MINERVIA R. ANDREWS, nee Matthews, born nr. Triune, Tenn., Feb. 28, 1818; died Williamson Co., Tenn. April 2, 1903; youngest child of Isham and Mary Sims Matthews; married John Andrews, Sept. 30, 1840; 4 daughters.

JOHN K. PRICE born July 10, 1860; died Knox Co., Tenn., May 3, 1903 married October 1883.

SARA VERA PRYOR daughter of James J. and Nannie B. Pryor, born Dec. 20, 1886; died May 11, 1903.

WILLIS HENRY KRESGE born Monroe Co., Pa., June 7, 1858; married Della Mary Bowder, 1885; for several years a Methodist preacher; moved to Florida in 1887 where he taught school; died recently; surviving were his widow and 3 children.


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