By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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July 3, 1902

Reverend G. J. OWEN, Western North Carolina Methodist Conference, died Forrest City, [June 26, 1902].

Reverend LOUIS PHILLIPS died Moore Co., N.C., June 15, 1902. Born Dec. 27, 1806, "probably the oldest preacher in southern Methodism."


July 10, 1902

Right Reverend EUGENE A. HOFFMAN, dean of the General Theological Seminary (Episcopalian) in New York City, died June 17, 1902 in the 74th year of his age.

CALLIE L. SILVERNAIL daughter of G. K. Armbrester born Talladega Co., Ala., Jan. 2, 1872; died May 30, 1902; married L. V. Silvernail, 1891; 4 children.

LURA T. WILSON daughter of James Blair, born Feb. 23, 1872; died Columbia, Tenn., April 20, 1902; married Ernest L. Wilson, Jan. 22, 1891; several children; one, Ernest Lee, aged 2 years and 1 day old, died twelve days after his mother's demise.

JOHN B. SMITH born Washington Co., Va., Aug. 28, 1828; died June 22, 1902; married Nannie J. Hull, Marion, Va., Nov. 9, 1861; his wife and a daughter, Mrs. Mary Lankford, predeceased him; his surviving children were W. T. Smith, Mrs. Sallie Vance and Mrs. Chrismond Honaker.


July 17, 1902

MARGARET ELIZABETH LINEBAUGH, nee Sweets, born Bardstown, Ky., Nov. 25, 1837; died Atoka, Indian Territory [Oklahoma], April 4, 1902; alumna, Nazareth Female College, Bardstown; married Rev. Daniel Haden Linebaugh, July 27, 1857 and moved to Paris, Ill.; 9 children; her husband died about 8 months before she died.

MOSSIE ESTELLE DEESON, nee Furr, born near Pontotoc, Miss., Sept. 20, 1870; died Memphis, Tenn., June 4, 1902; married M. B. Deeson, June 23, 1897; 1 daughter.

LEONARD ALEXANDER son of A. C. Alexander and wife, born Oct. 15, 1882; crushed to death by coal cars, June 21, 1902.

RUTH ERMA EVERETT born West Point, Miss., Nov. 16, 1901; died June 30, 1902.

SARAH KELLEY daughter of William and Sarah Hollis, born Wayne Co., Ky., Nov. 19, 1834; married George B. Kelley, June 7, 1854; 2 daus.; died June 25, 1902.

Miss MARY ELIZABETH JETT born White Co., Tenn., Mar. 6, 1825; died May 3, 1902.

B. F. BIGGS died in Munfordsville, June 23, 1902.


July 24, 1902

Reverend R. W. BURNETT, Secretary of the Primitive Methodist Church, died in London, England June 21, 1902 in the 66th year of his age; had served as a missionary in the west coast of Africa.

LYDIA L. GILBERT wife of Rev. James Gilbert, Missouri Methodist Conf., born Wilson Co., Tenn., June 1836; married Dec. 1857; died June 7, 1902.

MARY SEARCY, nee Smith, born Prattville, Ala., Sept. 16, 1852; died Memphis, Tenn., June 17, 1902; married W. O. Searcy, May 17, 1876; 2 daus.; burial at Stephenson Chapel Cemetery.

MARY LOUISA JOSEPHINE JARRATT, sixth child of Thomas Spratley and Louisa Sims Grizzard Simmons, Sussex Co., Va., born May 7, 1859; married Robert Bell Jarratt, Nov. 29, 1877; burial on Feb. 23, 1902; 5 daus., 2 sons. Husband was of Greenville Co., Va.


July 31, 1902

ELIZA J. BRIDGEWATER daughter of Mrs. A. M. Bridgewater born Aug. 27, 1856; died July 8, 1902.

ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG, nee Leigh, born Aug. 7, 1816; died Oct. 7, 1901; only near relatives were a brother and granddaughter as her two sons and her husband had predeceased her.


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ELIHU NEWTON DUNNAWAY son of James and Mary Dunnaway, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Oct. 27, 1873; married Lottie Polk, Dec. 21, 1892; died April 30, 1902 when a log rolled over him at a sawmill.


August 7, 1902

MARY CAROLYN EZELL daughter of James B. and Fannie Moran Ezell born Aug. 14, 1901; died July 15, 1902.

WILLIAM C. TAYLOR born Mar. 17, 1853; died Mar. 25, 1902.

LENORAH HAMIL, nee Boone, wife of Rev. J. M. Hamil, born Gibson Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1855; married Dec. 23, 1875; died Newbern, Tenn., July 24, 1902; 7 children, of whom Robert Newton, Lelah Ethel, Mary Louise predeceased her and surviving were Thea, Lem and Henry Bell, Burial in Mt. Vernon Cemetery; Shelby Co., Tenn.


August 14, 1902

Dr. HENNING HUGHES MURREY born Sept. 12, 1877; died Feb. 20, 1902; graduate, University of Nashville, Mar. 20, 1898 (in medicine); burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.

JAMES G. THOMAS born in 1854; died Rye, Col., April 3, 1902 where he was a "leading merchant." Surviving him were his widow, a dau and a son.

RAPHAEL PLEASANT LANKFORD son of John and Anna Lankford born Feb. 11, 1883; died July 26, 1902. His father died last month and the family moved to Raphael's grandfather, Raphael S. Burns' home in Henning, Tenn. Burial in Poplar Grove Cemetery.

SARAH J. IRBY, nee Wallace, born in Va., 1815; moved to Charlotte, N.C.; then to Stevenson, Ala. where she married D. H. Irby in 1864; 10 children (2 sons "died in the army"); died Sipe Springs, Texas, July 1, 1902.

SUSAN M. ASLEY wife of J. P. Asley, born Ash [Nash?] Co., N.C., Oct. 5, 1842; died Rye, Col., July 28, 1902; 6 children.


August 21, 1902

ELIJAH P. RUSSELL born Jackson, Miss., Nov. 9, 1855; married Mamie daughter of Colonel T. S. Tate, 1879; died Stafford Springs, July 5, 1902; burial in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, Tenn. in which town he had lived and worked.

J. M. HARDIN son of Thompson Hardin born Logan Co., Ky., Nov. 25, 1835; died near Woodburn, Ky., July 11, 1902; married Eliza Belle Merrett 39 years ago; 2 children; burial in Fairview Cemetery at Bowling Green, Ky.

PETER COUNTZLER, Sebree, Ky., died Feb. 1902 aged 64 years; druggist there.

ANN ELIZABETH LIGHTFOOT, nee McCray, born S.C., Jan. 29, 1835; married (1) Solomon McCall, 1854; 1 child surviving, Mrs. Mattie Pou, living in Fla.; (2) William A. Lightfoot, Aug. 28, 1868; sons, William A., Henry A. and John Streetz Lightfoot. Lived in Ala., 1835-1885 when she moved to Seffner, Fla. where she died June 15, 1902.

ANNA NORA COLLIER daughter of James and Elizabeth Webb, born Henry Co., Tenn., May 15, 1871; married James L. Collier, Dukedom, Tenn., Dec. 10, 1891; 3 children; died August 6, 1902.

JOSEPH C. S. BELL born June 28, 1828; died April 6, 1902; married (1) Martha A. Buckley; 7 children; (2) Martha Murphey; lived in Beaver Valley, Knox Co., Tenn.


August 28, 1902

JAMES M. NELSON died in Booneville, MO, Aug. 15, 1902; bequeathed $5000 to the Methodist Church there.

LENA L. SCRUGGS JARVIS born July 18, 1874; died Tullahoma, Tenn., Mar. 7, 1902; married Rev. H. M. Jarvis, June 19, 1883; 1 "little" daughter.


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ELVIRA J. MERRYMAN daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Coburn, born Aug. 1, 1833; married Rev. David H. Merryman, Oct. 11, 1848; died May 1, 1902; 8 daus., 3 sons.

JAMES PINCKNEY ALEXANDER born Carroll Co., Tenn., April 3, 1877; died Center Point, Texas, June 26, 1902; graduate, University of Tenn. (medical studies), 1901; burial in Center Point Cemetery beside his grandmother.

Tribute of Respect for SAMUEL A. CALDWELL, Clarksville, Tenn., died Aug. 10, 1902; by the Board of Stewards, Methodist Church, Clarksville, of which board he had been a member for more than 35 years; undated.


September 4, 1902

Colonel TOM D. THOMSON born Limestone Co., Ala., Nov. 8, 1834; died Camden, Ark., August 12, 1900; served in the Confederate army; colonel in the 33rd Ark. Inf. Reg, CSA; married Martha A. Cross, March 1857. His widow, Martha, born in Tenn., Dec. 26, 1837; married Mar. 15, 1857; died Camden, Ark., Feb. 8, 1902. Children: Dora, wife of J. T. Sifford; Bettie, wife of J. W. Holleman; Emma, wife of Richard Bird; Maggie; George, Louis and Percy Thomson.

MARTHA C. HOLMES, nee Dortch, born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Oct. 1, 1811; married Samuel S. Holmes when 19 years old; her husband died in the early 1850s leaving her with 5 daus., 6 sons; she died August 4, 1902.

VIRGINIA BELLE SHERRELL daughter of B. A. and Annie B. Sherrell died Feb. 9, 1902 in the 13th year of her age.


September 11, 1902

EDWARD EGGLESTON, well-known historian and novelist, died at James Lock, Lake George, Sept. 3, 1902.

S. W. SMITH, San Antonio, Texas, died Aug. 27, 1902 aged 79 years.

LAURAETTE COX daughter of Noah and Elizabeth Knight born Fayette Co., Tenn., July 29, 1825; married Thomas B. Cox, July 24, 1845; 10 children; one, Jackson Cox, was a missionary; her husband died in 1885; she died near Bertram, Texas in residence of daughter and son-in-law, Mattie and R. F. Denison, Aug. 17, 1902.

JONATHAN M. CUNNINGHAM born Lauderdale Co., Ala., July 4, 1842; married Polk Taylor, Feb. 11, 1869; 4 daus., 3 sons; died near Center Star, Ala., July 19, 1902.

Captain GABRIEL PERRY LAKE born Dorchester Co., Maryland, Oct. 29, 1819; died near Duck Hill, Miss., Jan. 27, 1902; ancestral heritage from his native state of Maryland.

JOHN A. LOWRY born Aug. 14, 1825; married Martha Jane Taylor, Jan. 8, 1846; joined Methodist Church in 1848; died White Co., Tenn., May 29, 1902.

URSULA TANNER, nee Schmidt, born in Switzerland, June 5, 1833; moved to east Tenn. in 1846; married Sebastian Tanner in 1850; 3 daus., 2 sons (5 children predeceased her); died August 22, 1902.

ELIZABETH WHEELER HOLLUMS, mother of Mrs. W. L. Bainbridge, died Aug. 12, 1902 aged 83 years, 3 months and 6 days [May 6, 1819].


September 18, 1902

Dr. RAYMOND BREWER JACKSON born in Ala., July 22, 1853; moved as an infant with parents to Texas; graduate, University of Nashville (medical studies), 1879; married Lillie White, Sumner Co., Tenn., Jan. 3, 1882; died Tulia, Texas, June 19, 1902.

W. LEE WILSON born Covington, Ky., Feb. 18, 1862; married (1) Ada Stephenson, Sept. 12, 1886; 4 children; (2) Irene Billingsley, Sept. 21, 1892; 4 children; died Winchester, Tenn., July 27, 1902; burial in Mansfield. La.


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THOMAS COKE ABERNATHY born near Ripley, Miss., Dec. 4, 1835; as a child moved to Henderson Co., Tenn. and during the Civil War moved to Grundy Co., Tenn. where he married Mary E. Walker, Dec. 28, 1865; 6 daus., 3 sons; died July 30, 1902; served in 27th Tenn. Inf. Reg., CSA; was blind for the last five years of his life.

LUCY RUSSELL, nee Smith, born Logan Co., Ky., July 23, 1836; married (1) B. F. Russell, in 1869; (2) Nathan Russell, brother of her first husband, in 1884; he died in 1890. She died in Robertson Co., Tenn., Jan. 17, 1902.

J. J. S. GILL born Franklin Co., N.C., June 16, 1816; married Angeline Moore, Dec. 11, 1834; died Marshall Co., Tenn., Mar. 16, 1902; 5 children, 18 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren; joined Methodist Church in 1837.

Major JOHN MARSHALL PHILLIPS born Oglethorpe Co., Ga., Jan. 24, 1824; died Columbus, Miss., August 11, 1902; oldest son of Colonel T. C. Phillips; graduate, University of Ga.; married (1) Sarah M. Phinizy in 1846; 5 surviving children; (2) Mrs. Christopher Mott.


September 25, 1902

HIRAM ROBERTSON SMITH son of B. F. and Harriet J. Smith, born Feb. 28, 1881; drowned in Miss. River, at Memphis, Tenn., August 9, 1902.

Miss DAVIE FINNIE born Nov. 14, 1878; died June 21, 1902.

SARAH FRANCES HUMPHREY FERGUSON born Jan. 7, 1842; graduate, Bardstown (Ky.) Female Institute, 1860; taught school; married Robert M. Ferguson; 6 children; burial in Oak Grove Cemetery, Paducah, Ky.

JOHN DIFFY BAUAR born Randolph Co., N.C., Mar. 13, 1811; died Aug. 23, 1902; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn., then to Marshall Co., Miss.; married Martha Hargrove; l dau., l son.

LORRINE ROGERS daughter of J. J. and Sallie Rogers, born Verona, Miss., Aug. 31, 1883; died Nashville, Tenn., June 7, 1902.

JAMES EDWARD HANLEY son of Thomas and Bertha Hanley, born Dec. 12, 1901; died Aug. 25, 1902; burial in West Union Cemetery; grandson of J. A. and M. W. McDaniel.


October 2, 1902

SARAH ANN DELILAH KING BRYAN born Kinsley, Davidson Co., Tenn., April 28, 1826; married Rev. L. C. Bryan (died Dec. 22, 190l), Oct. 12, 1843; 3 daus., 8 sons; died [June or July 1902]aged 76 years and 4 months old.

MARY MELISSA BLANTON wife of Rev. J. O. Blanton, Tennessee Methodist Conf., born Dec. 2, 1848; married Nov. 29, 188l; died Aug. 4, 1902; 2 children, Pearl and Josie; from a former marriage, she had a son, Prof. E. E. Bearden, Florida; she was a daughter of Nimrod Burrow.

LETTA BLACK daughter of W. F. and Sallie Coppege Black, Memphis, Tenn., died there, July 29, 1902

LUCY A. SMITH RUSSELL born July 23, 1836; married B. F. Russell (died 1883), 1869; married his brother, Nathan, in 1884; she died Jan. 17, 1902.

SARAH ANN POPE born Mar. 30, 1830; married J. B. Pope, June 25, 1846; moved from Macon Co., Ala. to Troy, Miss. where she died recently.


October 9, 1902

LITTLETON COCKRELL, Northumberland Co., Va., died in Charlottesville, Va., Sept. 24, 1902 while on a visit to Rev. W. H. Edwards, his brother-in-law; a member of Joint Board of Finance for the Va. Conference for twenty years.

Mrs. THOBURN wife of Bishop J. M. Thoburn, died Portland, Oregon, Sept. 16, 1902 in the 48th year of her age; married in 1880; had organized the Deaconness Home in Calcutta, Indian in the medical missions.


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MAY GERTRUDE FLOYD SINEX born Lenoir Co., N.C., May 19, 1867; daughter of Rev. John W. and Margaret Campbell Floyd; graduate, Peabody Normal, Nashville, 1887; married Rev. F. B. Sinex in Jonesboro, Ark., Dec. 29, 1891; moved to Dallas, then to Georgetown, Texas; died Sept. 6, 1902; 2 sons.

KATE S. TAYLOR daughter of Charles Bullock, born Fayette Co., Tenn., Mar. 19, 1838; died within a few miles of her birthplace, July 19, 1902; graduate, Young Ladies Model School in Somerville, Tenn. and taught there several years; moved with her family to Ark. and married there to Samuel A. Taylor, Feb. 28, 1861 who predeceased her by 19 years; 7 children; after her marriage she lived "in the home of her father-in-law, Edmond Taylor of sainted memory." Member of Woman's Foreign Missionary Society.

KATE TIMBERLAKE CLARKE born Jan. 24, 1880; daughter of Hon. E. J. Timberlake; married Samuel Clarke of Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 4, 1901; died in Memphis, Aug. 16, 1902; reared in Lexington, Tenn.

ELIZABETH N. SULLIVAN born White Co., Tenn., Mar. 18, 1815; oldest daughter of Anthony and Milly Dibrell and sister of General George Dibrell, dec.; married Charles Jefferson Sullivan (died 1864) of McMinnville, Tenn., 1835 and 2 years later moved to Independence, MO, where he practiced law; 11 children; died at Guthrie [Ky. ?], Sept. 1, 1901.

Miss MARY B. FREEMAN born in 1835; died in Bells, Tenn. recently.

HARRIET STONE DANIEL, aged 81 years, died recently.


October 16, 1902

ANDREW JACKSON POTTER born Charlton Co., MO, April 3, 1830; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1858; served in U.S. Army from 1846-1852 (stationed at San Antonio, Texas); "tall, sinewy, strong with penetrating eyes and honest look"; coped with some "tough customers" in his ministry. He died Oct. 21, 1895; married for thirty years.

Reverend JOHN H. GARRETT, Memphis Methodist Conference, born Feb. 24, 1827; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, July 12, 1851; married Mrs. Margaret K. How, LaGrange, Tenn., April 11, 1867; died May 29, 1902; served in the Lexington District of the Memphis Conf. for years.

THOMAS (Tom) HENDON born Monroe Co., Miss., 1870; died Aug. 4, 1900, the youngest son of his parents.

MARY TURNER, nee Taylor, born Monroe Co., Miss., Oct. 11, 1834; married Isaac Turner in 1851; 12 children; died August 14, 1902.

H. B. WEAVER, father of Rev. T. M. Weaver, born in S.C., 1816; moved with parents to Monroe Co., Miss. in 1829; married Matilda (who died 1868) in 1846; 9 children; died Aug. 5, 1902.

Reverend GILES MONROE JOHNSTON son of A. P. and H. E. Johnston, born Bane, Va., Oct. 14, 1856; died Crary, S. D., Sept. 3, 1902; began his Methodist ministry in November 1884; served in the Holston Conference but 2 months before his death, due to failing health, he and his mother went to live in S. D., with his sister, Mrs. John S. Kirk.

Dr. GEORGE H. MOORE son of Dr. Alford Moore, born Madison Co., Ala., April 7, 1821; died in Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 16, 1902; grandson of two preachers, Edmund Jones and John Moore; graduate, Transylvania University (medical studies), 1844; practiced medicine in Ala., but moved to Miss.; married Ann E. Hoskins in 1859. Children: Thomas C., George H., Dr. Alfred and Mrs. Mary E. Killian; he was a surgeon with the 6 Miss. Cavalry, CSA and after Civil War moved to Memphis, Tenn.

ELIZA J. WHITE daughter of Robert White of Georgetown, D. of Columbia; widow of Nathan J. White, Hillsboro, Va.; died there, Sept. 13, 1902 in the 80th year of her age. Children: Josiah R., Hillsboro, William, James and Mortimer, Valley City, N. D.; Mrs. Joshua O. Potts, Hillsboro; reared a granddaughter, Carrie Grubb, on the death of her daughter, Mrs. J. W. Grubb. Burial in Arnold Grove Church Cemetery.


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JOHN W. BENSON born Wilson Co., Tenn., Aug. 27, 1829; married Mary Peach, Mar. 11, 1858; moved to Texas in August 1871; lived in Bonham for 23 years where he died June 9, 1902; joined Methodist Church, Feb. 22, 1873; surviving were his widow and 4 children.


October 23, 1902

JESSE YOUNG FRYER born July 20, 1878; died Oct. 6, 1902.

SAMUEL B. BINGHAM born Marshall Co., Tenn., Mar. 3, 1822; moved to Pontotoc Co., Miss. in 1839 married Rachel J. Phife, Mar. 4, 1844; 6 children; a sometime J. P., county treasurer and surveyor; served 3 years in Civil War; died June 8, 1902.

LOU THAXTON, nee Stubblefield, born Dec. 19, 1868; died Sept. 13, 1902; married N. F. Thaxton, Sept. 2, 1885; 7 children; burial "at old Zion Church."


October 30, 1902

Reverend THOMAS E. CARSON, Baltimore Methodist Conference, died Roanoke, Va. of heart disease, Oct. 18, 1902. Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1832; a minister for fifty years; surviving were his widow and 6 children.

CECIL WATTS LANGORD son of Rev. E. E. and Rosa M. Lankford, born Dec. 19, 1901; died Cedar Bluff, Miss., Oct. 6, 1902.

JOHN F. ESTES died Sept. 13, 1902 aged 6 years and 4 months old; several children.

JULIUS CRAWFORD born Hardeman Co., Tenn., Feb. 24, 1850; married Sallie Gillespie, Mar. 27, 1872 sometime county court clerk; died Sept. 1, 1902.

MINERVA CURL born April 7, 1822; her husband, Rev. A. J. Curl, died 14 years ago; she died in the residence of her son-in-law, R. R. Martin, Aug. 7, 1902; surviving dau., 7 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.


November 6, 1902

ELIZA MEADOR, nee Montgomery, born Rockingham Co., N.C., 1826; married Joseph E. Meador in 1845; moved to Calloway Co., Ky. in 1855; 8 children, of whom, Nannie died in June 1886 and Lizzie, an invalid, died before her mother; joined Methodist Church at Mt. Carmel, N.C., in 1843; died Oct. 12, 1902.

LUCY WHITLEY daughter of William and Elizabeth Perry, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Mar. 23 1809; moved to Maury Co., Tenn. in youth; joined Methodist Church in 1824; married (1) Rev. James D. Brown of Giles Co., Tenn., Nov. 25, 1828; 3 daus., 4 sons; he died in 1839; (2) Jordan Whitley, 1841; 3 daus.; three of her sons were Methodist preachers.

MARY K. HOLLOWAY born Mar. 25, 1841; died Sept. 15, 1902; married William Holloway in 1865; several children; two sisters in Texas, Sarah Osier and Alice Edwards.


November 13, 1902

Reverend RUFUS M. HICKEY, retired Methodist preacher, Holston Conference, died in Morristown Tenn., Nov. 5, 1902, aged over 80 years.

VESTA LUCINDA CONDRA died Nov. 2, 1902 aged 43 years; surviving were her widower and. l. dau.

ARTEMISIA WIER, nee Ferguson, born Mar. 23, 183l; died Sept. 11, 1902; married Colonel Andrew Wier, dec., of Carrollton, Ala., Feb. 14, 1850; daus., Mrs. W. F. Johnston and Mrs. Henry Rogers.

CLAUDIA CLAYTON HOUZE born July l6, 1826; joined Methodist Church, May 3, 1840; married Capt. John Houze, Oct. 1, 1845; daughter of Judge Augustine S. Clayton, for whom Clayton Co., Ga. was named; wife and mother.


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MELLIE M. COX daughter of Judge James and Malinda Lavender, born Spaulding Co., Ga., Dec. 25, 1846; youngest of 7 daus. and 2 sons; moved to Clay Co., Ark. in 1867; married William A. Cox, July 28, 1867. "They had successes many and disappointments not a few." l dau., 1 son.

Reverend ALLEN FRANKLIN SCRUGGS born Buckingham Co., Va., Nov. 8, 1803; moved with parents to Davidson Co., Tenn. in 1804 and in 1821 to Florence, Ala.; began his Methodist ministry in 1826 in the Tenn. Conference; ordained deacon in 1828 and ordained elder in 1835; married Mary A. Kittrell (died 1834), July 1830; 1 son; mercantiled in Jacksonville, Ill., 1832-1835 and moved back to Florence; married Sarah J. Hill (died 1837), 1835; to Harriet H. Hill (died 1855), 1837; 2 daus.; moved to Bourbon Co., Ky. and taught school until the fall of 1847 when he returned to the regular ministry in the Kentucky Conference and thereafter

served in several circuits, including Owensville, Maysville and Burlington; married Mrs. Margaret P. Honey in 1856 and moved to Pettis Co., MO and farmed; moved to a farm in Johnson Co., MO in 1859 where he remained until 1884 when he moved to Montserrat, MO and then to Lamonte, MO in 1901 where he died Sept. 10, 1902; blind and feeble the last 3 years of his life.


November 20, 1902

Reverend WESLEY SMITH born Robertson Co., Tenn., Jan. 4, 1815; died Abilene, Texas, April 1, 1902; youngest of 12 children; about 1819 moved with family to Lauderdale Co., Ala.; moved to Texas in 1851; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1843; ordained deacon, April 30, 1848; ordained elder, Dec. 26, 1852; married (1) Mary Killen, Nov. 12, 1835; (2) Mary A. E. Farr, Mar. 13, 1838 (9 children); burial in Abilene Cemetery. Authored, FIFTY-TWO YEARS OF PREACHER LIFE IN MISSISSIPPI AND TEXAS.

WILLIAM KENNON JOHNSON son of Walter and Anna Johnson, Decaturville, Tenn., born Oct. 31, 1900; died Sept. 10, 1902.

NICHOLAS COOPER WILLIAMS born Robertson Co., Tenn., Dec. 10, 1825; married Savannah A. Huntsman, Johnson Co., MO, April 18, 1860; died Troy, Miss., Oct. 23, 1902 to which place he had moved in December 1867; 9 children.

JENNIE MANNING, nee Bryan, born Jan. 9, 1861; died June 26, 1901 in Aberdeen, Miss.; her son, Robert Flynt Manning, born Dec. 28, 1900; died Aug. 28, 1902.

REBECCA A. McMILLAN widow of Dr. W. W. McMillan, Decaturville, Tenn., born Feb. 22, 1845; died Feb. 28, 1902.

RUTH JOHNSTON daughter of Rev. H. B. and Mattie Erwin Johnston, born Paducah, Ky., April 2, 1900; died Nov. 1, 1902. Burial in Ripley, Tenn.


November 27, 1902

Noting article in Paris, Tenn. POST INTELLIGENCER (newspaper), about Reverend JOHN RANDLE who was born in Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 20, 1811; still living; moved to Henry Co., Tenn. in 1820; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1840 and entered regular ministry in 1843; ordained deacon the latter year; ordained elder in 1845.


December 4, 1902

Judge JAMES C. EAGAN died in New Orleans, La., Nov. 18, 1902 aged 72 years; native of Copiah Co., Miss.; his father, Daniel Eagan, came from Killarney, Ireland and settled in Copiah County to practice medicine. Judge Eagan graduated from Princeton College and in 1854 from the law department of the University of La. (now Tulane University).

WILLIAM H. JERNIGAN born Robertson Co., Tenn., April, 1866; educated in Webb School and moved to Franklin, Ky., then to Pembroke, Ky. where he died recently; had one of the largest businesses in western Kentucky.

MINERVA WADLY OSTEEN born near Murfreesboro, Tenn., Nov. 9, 1821; died July 29, 1902; married W J. Osteen, January 17 [year not given]; wife and mother.


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SALLIE MARTIN DOUGLASS born Sumner Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1825; died near Capleville, Tenn., July 27, 1902.; married Ila Douglass, Sept. 26, 1844; moved to Wilson Co. where they lived until 1851 when they moved to Shelby Co., Tenn. where she later died.

ADOLPHUS B. HISTER born Pontotoc Co., Miss., July 30, 1881; died in Pontotoc, July 19, 1902; contracted a fever while attending a business college in Memphis, Tenn.

HARRIET McCLARAN died Triune, Tenn., Nov. 5, 1902 aged nearly 82 years in residence of son-in- law, Dr. G. M. Jordan; married Daniel McClaran in 1842; wife and mother.


December 11, 1902

Right Reverend HUGH MILLER THOMPSON, DD, Episcopalian Bishop of Miss., died in Jackson, Miss. Nov. 18, 1902 in the 72nd year of his age; a native of Ireland; resident of U.S. since boyhood; had been bishop since 1887.


December 18, 1902

Rev. ARTHUR WATSON, Memphis Methodist Conference, died in Memphis, Dec. 9, 1902.

THOMAS BRACKETT REED, formerly Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives died in Washington, D. C., Dec. 7, 1902; "a witty speaker with an exceptional power over, his own temper."

From BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-1971, Washington, D. C., 1971, page 1595:

REED, Thomas Brackett, a Representative from Maine; born in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, October 18, 1839; attended the public schools; was graduated from Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, in 1860; studied law; acting assistant paymaster, United States Navy, from April 19, 1864, to November 4, 1865; was admitted to the bar in 1865 and commenced practice in Portland, Maine; member of the State house of representatives in 1868 and 1869; served in the State senate in 1870; attorney general of Maine 1870-1872; city solicitor of Portland 1874-1877; elected as a Republican to the Forty-fifth and to the eleven succeeding Congresses and served from March 4, 1877, to September 4, 1899, when he resigned; served as Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Fifty-first, Fifty-fourth, and Fifty-fifth Congresses; moved to New York City, N.Y., and engaged in the practice of his profession; died in Washington, D. C., on December 7, 1902; interment in Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, Maine.


December 25, 1902

Mrs. JULIA RILEY died in the residence of Mrs. Jennie Hampton near Bloomfield, Va., Dec. 6, 1902 in the 81st year of her age; her husband died 25 years ago. Burial in Ebenezer Cemetery.

SARAH FRANCES BAILEY daughter of Ransom and Almeda Morrow, born Aug. 125, 1844; married John J. Riley, April 18, 186l; died Sept. 4, 1902; one son, Alex. Burial in old Blooming Grove Cemetery.

ELIZABETH WILSON wife of W. H. Wilson, born Oct. 26, 1833; married Sept. 22, 1855; 11 children; died Nov. 18, 1902.

ARTHUR SAMUEL WATSON son of Rev. Samuel and Ellen Watson born August 6, 1874; died Memphis Tenn., Dec. 9, 1902; newspaperman.

REBECCA GRAHAM, nee Gilbert, born Franklin Co., Tenn., April 13, 1828; died Lincoln Co., Tenn. Nov. 26, 1902; married James R. Graham (died Sept. 5, 1876), April 28, 1853; burial in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Franklin Co.; 3 daus., 3 sons.


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