By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002


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July 5, 1900

CLEORA BRIGHT SAVAGE born Henry Co., Ky., May 29, 1822; married Rev. Dr. George S. Savage, Mar. 12, 1848; died June 7, 1900; taught in the Louisville, Ky. schools and elsewhere.

ELIZABETH J. SHARP, nee Still, married Rev. William L. Sharp, Nov. 4, 1868; died Well Hill, Miss., April 21, 1900.


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MARY FULLER PLUMMER born Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 4, 1838; died there, June 12, 1900; married Henry B. Plummer, Dec. 11, 1855.

TABITHA JANE WARDLOW daughter of Dr. Edward and Jane Davie; born near Huntsville, Ala., Oct. 12, 1823; married Dr. N. J. Wardlow, May 1, 1844; 8 children, 3 daus., 2 sons surviving her; died in Ripley, May 9, 1900.

MONROE B. ELDER born Murfreesboro, Tenn., Oct. 17, 1816; married Lucy Baber of Liberty, Va. in 1837; died in Memphis, May 4, 1900. [Evidently a correction of his birth date from obit. published in June 28, 1900 issue.]


July 12, 1900

MICHAEL V. PROPST born Cabarrus Co., N.C., Feb. 8, 1822, where he was reared and married Jane W. White; moved to Pickens Co., Ala.; 4 daus., 6 sons; Confederate veteran; moved to Colorado in 1876; died recently.

Rev. N. G. HOLIFIELD born Ky., Mar. 11, 1825; died Mar. 24, 1900; married Mary A. Hatchell, Feb. 22, 1844; local Methodist preacher; ordained deacon, Oct. 15, 1864; ordained elder in 1870; surviving were his widow and 7 children.

SARAH A. FARMER daughter of John and Susannah Easley; born Halifax Co., Va., Mar. 10, 1818; moved with family to Smith Co., Tenn. where she married Byrd Farmer in 1844; he died near Brownsville, Tenn. in 1846, leaving her with an infant daughter who married W. H. Ragland, Butler Co., Ky., where Sarah Farmer died June 24, 1899.

WILLIAM BEATY born Prince Edward Co., Canada, May 1, 1841; came to U.S. when a young man and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio; moved to Clarksville, Tenn. where he married Mary C. Scott, Oct. 10, 1871; died Owensboro, Ky., May 12, 1900; Royal Arch mason; husband and father.

Tribute of Respect for EDDIE F. HARRISON who died June 22, 1900; by Mt. Moriah Sunday School of which he had been a member; undated.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. E. F. CARTER who died April 15, 1900; by Woman's Foreign Missionary Society in Collierville, Tenn.; undated.

LUCY A. MONTS born Franklin Co., Tenn., July 3, 1831; married Isaac Monts, Oct. 20, 1852; died April 15, 1900; wife and mother.

LAURA D. ANNA CREASY born April 28, 1877; married George Hall, Jan. 4, 1899 and died 7 months and 10 days afterwards (as per article).


July 19, 1900

DAVID H. NICHOLS died July 4, 1900 aged 81 years and 7 months old. Tennessee Conference.

Rev. HIRAM PEARCE WALKER, DD, a long, rather saccharine panegyric written by his daughter, Emily Walker Herr, devoid of any real biographical information. [See regular obituary, August 9, 1900, this publication.]

ADAM A. BROYLES born Washington Co., Tenn., May 11, 1813; died Washington Co., Va., May 15, 1910; married (1) Phebe D. Horton of N.C., July 15, 1835; she died in 1880; 7 children, those surviving him were Mrs. E. L. Sitgreaves, Edwin A. Broyles, Adam C. Broyles, Mrs. S. E. Dilworth; a son, McBurney, died in S.C., aged 23 years; a son, Lodelius died in Denver, Col. aged 32 years; one child died in infancy; (2) Nancy A. Telford, Feb. 1, 1883; she died Sept. 15, 1885; (3) Mrs. Virginia C. Buhrman, August 22, 1888; one of the original charter members of the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad, now the Southern Railroad; burial in Urbanna Churchyard in Limestone, Tennessee.

Little LEVIE second daughter of George and Levie SNOWDEN; born Nov. 14, 1896; died June 17, 1900.

SARAH ANN NORRIS born Va., June 24, 1815; died Cumberland Co., Ky. in residence of daughter, Mrs. Nancy J. Alexander, May 29, 1900; married Walter Norris; 2 children, the son named Walter, Jr.


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July 26, 1900

Major BEN K. PULLEN died Houma, La., July 15, 1900 aged about 75 years; a Virginian who moved to Memphis, Tenn. after the Civil. War; a merchant; buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis. [See September 6, 1900 issue.]

Rev. A. J. GREEN, St. Louis Conference; died Fredericktown, June 30, 1900.

Rev. JOE T. CHANDLER son of Spencer G. and Kesiah Chandler; born Nottoway Co., Va., June 3, 1832; moved as a child to middle Tenn.; licensed to preach in Methodist church, Sept. 3, 1860; ordained deacon, Oct. 8, 1865; ordained elder, May 9, 1869; died in Tennessee Soldiers' Home, Hermitage, Tenn., Dec. 13, 1899; served in Army of Tennessee, CSA; wounded several times, once severely in a hip. Obituary submitted by his nephew, Joseph S. Chandler.

Dr. HORACE PALMER son of Paul. M. Palmer and wife; born Hardeman Co., Tenn., May 25, 1835; graduate, University of Pennsylvania, 1859; served in Confederate army and was wounded at Shiloh; moved to Ark. in 1863; married Anna Booker Bullock in Dallas Co., Ark.; druggist in Arkadelphia but moved to a farm in Hempstead County where he died May 18, 1900.

SUSAN FARRIS, nee Hill; born in Va., Mar. 29, 1823; died Winchester, Tenn., April 11, 1900; moved with parents to Tenn. when five years old; married W. C. Farris (died 1862) in 1842.

GEORGE W. SHAW born Christian Co., Ky., Oct. 31, 1834; died near Fairview, Ky., Mar. 14, 1900; the youngest of ten children; twice married; 1 dau., 2 sons.

Dr. W. H. FITZGERALD son of W. H. and J. S. Fitzgerald; born Pittsylvania Co., Va., Mar. 8, 1843; died near Aberdeen, Miss., Mar. 24, 1900; never married; his mother, aged 83 years, survived him.

W. L. SIMS born Miss.; moved to Tenn.; later moved back to Miss; married (1) Miss D. D. Milton in 1867; (2) Rebecca Milton in 1883; died recently.

HARRIET McNABB born Carter Co. Tenn. Nov. 7, 1825; married A. N. McNabb. Feb. 18, 1845; 10 children; moved to Fayette Co., Tenn.; died June 21, 1900. Wife died Oct. 18, 1867.

SARAH FRANCIS BLANKENSHIP born May 12, 1842; died May 17, 1900; married Joel Blankenship in 1859; 9 children.

MARY LYNN daughter of C. J. and M. C. Lynn; born April 22, 1898; died June 10, 1900.


August 2, 1900

Rev. MANASSEH M. MICHAU born Sumter Co., S.C., June 2, 1823; son of Dr. Jacob Michau; died June 26, 1900; Methodist preacher; ordained deacon in Feb. 1844; ordained elder in Dec. 1845; trained as a dentist; married Louisiana Floyd Newsom in 1846; daughter of Capt. David Newsom; moved to Texas in 1856; chaplain in General De Bray's 26th Cavalry; his wife

died in 1865 and he returned to Florida where he had married and farmed on an orange plantation; a freemason; died June 26, 1900; daughters: Mrs. Carrie Deats, Gallatin, Texas; Mrs. Jodie Bering, Houston, Texas.

EDWARD F. HARRISON born Shelby Co., Tenn., Aug. 1873; died San Antonio, Texas, June 22, 1900; son of Franklin P. and Lucy Harrison; lived in Ft. Worth, Texas; married Mary Belle Martin.

JOHN WRIGHT McRAE born Anson Co., N.C., April 11, 1811; died Holmes Co., Miss., May 10, 1900; married Emoline Diggs, Dec. 17, 1846. Mississippi.

PENELOPE HIBBETT BEAUMONT daughter of D. C. and Rebecca Hibbett; born Lebanon, Tenn., June 12, 1836; died Nebo, Ky., Mar. 10, 1900; married W. H. Beaumont, Sept. 8, 1859; 2 sons, 3 daus.; the sons, Joe and Henry, predeceased her.

MARY E. SUTTON born Williamson Co., Tenn., June 5, 1848; her mother died when she was 8 days old and she was reared by relatives in Murfreesboro, Tenn.; died there, May 15, 1900.

ELLIS COOK son of George and Evelee Cook; born July 31, 1898; died June 20, 1900.


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Dr. WILLIAM H. DOUGLASS son of Ila and Elizabeth Douglass; born Smith Co., Tenn., June 30, 1826; died Shelby Co., Tenn., June 16, 1900; married Anna Wynn, Nov. 20, 1861; graduate, Louisville Medical College; widow and an adopted daughter survived him.


August 9, 1900

ADA ADELL GREEN wife of J. T. Green, an editor of the STATE GRAPHIC; died Brownsville, Tenn., July 26, 1900 in her 33rd year of age; native of Texas where she met and married Green in 1884; moved to Brownsville last December; a wife and mother.

JAMES A. C. McEWEN died Trenton, Tenn., July 23, 1900 aged 70 years; married Laurentine Crawford in 1855; 6 daus., 1 son.

ANNA BIGELOW wife of J. W. Bigelow died Trenton, Tenn., July 22, 1900 in her 43rd year of age.

HIRAM PIERCE WALKER born Fleming Co., Ky., Sept. 25, 1835; son of Samuel Walker; a local Methodist preacher; married Mary Catharine Kenner in August 1859; 7 children; honorary Doctor of Divinity bestowed on him by Kentucky Wesleyan College in 1878; died Lexington, Ky., June 23, 1900.

Tribute of Respect for Hon. JOHN OWING JACKSON; born Lenoir Co., N.C., Oct. 12, 1832; moved to Greene Co., Tenn. in 1850; graduate, Trinity College, 1862; served in Co. E, 61st Inf. Reg., N.C., CSA; taken prisoner in Sept. 1864; had an arm wound, July 20, 1864; practiced law in Kinston where he died June 14, 1900; member of N.C. Senate in 1888; by official board of Kinston Methodist Church; undated.


August 16, 1900

Professor AUSTIN H. MERRILL, Vanderbilt University; died August 1900 after a long illness; professor of elocution. [Tribute of Respect in his memory by Vanderbilt faculty of which he had become a member 14 years ago; in August 30, 1900 issue, page 13.]

Rev. J. J. PITTS, retired Methodist preacher, Tennessee Conference; died Nashville, Tenn., August 8, 1900 in his 68th year of age; burial in Huntsville, Ala.

J. D. HOBSON son of William H. and Tempie J. Hobson; born Somerville, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1863; died in same town, April 2, 1900; married Lois daughter of Rev. R. V. Taylor, Memphis Conference, in 1890; 2 children.

Rev. JOHN H. BLAKELY born Franklin Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1817; his father died when he was about a year old and his mother then married Wiseman Moore and they moved to Blount Co., Ala.; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1842; served charges in the Tenn. and Ala. conferences; died June 2, 1900.

SARAH ADLINE FOULKS born Logan Co., Ky., Mar. 12, 1826; married F. L. Foulks, Feb. 24, 1851; moved to Hopkinsville, Ky. in 1858 where she died July 6, 1900.

Mrs. T. A. KERR, nee Camp; born Oct. 31, 1845; married Rev. T. A. Kerr, Mar. 24, 1864; died Gaylesville, Ala., June 7, 1900.

ELIZABETH WIGGAM, nee Horner; born Scott Co., Ind., May 21, 1844; married Dr. G. A. Wiggam, Dec. 14, 1881; 4 children; died Tullahoma, Tenn., June 27, 1900.

PENELOPE THOMAS born Hardeman Co., Tenn., May 7, 1818; married J. Thomas in 1828; moved to Miss. in 1833; left a widow in 1847 with 8 children; died in Stephens Co., Texas in residence of son, James Thomas, July 9, 1900; a cripple for years and blind for several years.

MARIA W. BROWN daughter of Willis and Lucy Brown; died Stafford, Va., June 4, 1900 in her 84th year of age.

SUSIE YOUNG TAYLOR daughter of John L. and Martha A. Taylor; born Memphis, Tenn., April 17, 1862; died May 12, 1900; burial in Tabernacle Cemetery, Haywood Co., Tenn.

M. E. MILAM daughter of R. H. and M. C. Rhodes; born Oct. 25, 1871; died Feb. 21, 1900; married W. D. Milam, December 27, 1891; 3 sons.


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HARRIET MONTGOMERY wife of G. A. Montgomery; born Henry Co., Tenn., Oct. 1, 1835; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., May 6, 1900; married Dec. 2, 1856; wife and mother.


August 23, 1900

Rev. JOHN NELSON ALLEN born Cheatham Co., Tenn., Sept. 20, 1829; licensed to preach in Methodist Church when about 20 years old; admitted to Tenn. Conference in 1849 but in a year withdrew to attend school; re-admitted to Tenn. Conf. in Oct. 1851; transferred to Ill. Conference in 1882; died Creal Springs, Ill., July 4, 1900.

Rev. JOSEPH JOHNSON son of Joseph and Christiana Johnson; born Moore Co., N.C., July 5, 1822; moved as a boy with family to McNairy Co., Tenn.; joined Methodist Church Sept. 27, 1839; Methodist preacher in No. Miss. Conference; married Cornelia Tuggle, Jan. 22, 1851; 8 children; died Mt. Pleasant, Miss., July 26, 1900; burial in Iuka, Miss.

WILLIAM MOORE born Owen Co., Ky., June 12, 1843; moved to Logan Co., Ky. in 1845; Confederate veteran; married Sue Evans, June 1866; 2 daus., 1 son; died Adairville, Ky., July 15, 1900.

MATTIE CHAPIN born Aug. 31, 1814; married; mother of five children; died June 30, 1900.

SAMUEL MITCHELL McLAUGHLIN born Bedford Co., Tenn., Sept. 10, 1829; moved to Purdy, Tenn. where he practiced as a dentist; settled near Iuka, Miss. in 1852; moved to Uvalde, Texas in 1882; died May 29, 1900; married Eliza Jane Lancaster in May 1851; ten children.


August 30, 1900

MARY B. POSTON widow of W. K. Poston; died Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 14, 1900; mother of thirteen children. [See obituary in Sept. 27, 1900 issue, page 13.]

Rev. JOSEPH JAMES PITTS son of Joseph B. and Jane Pitts; born Robertson Co., Tenn., May 14, 1832; licensed to preach in Methodist Church August 26, 1854; forty-six years of service in the Tenn. Conference; died Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 8, 1900; surviving were widow and 5 children. One person, J. D. Barbee, in describing him wrote, "I would call him sunshine...."

MOLLIE BOND KING wife of Hon. Thomas B. King, Brownsville, Tenn.; born Bertie Co., N.C. and moved to Brownsville with her parents, Rev. John and Kate Williams; died Apr. 10, 1900.

NATHAN SNOWDEN born Shelby Co., Tenn., May 23, 1843; died Memphis, Tenn., July 2, 1900; married (1) Susie Mitchell, April 1, 1875; (2) Minnie Vaulx, April 23, 1884.

W. H. COOPER born in Tenn., May 5, 1859; died Memphis, Tenn., July 17, 1900; married (1) Mrs. R. A. Webb, Jan. 9, 1880; one son, Oscar, drowned when young; (2) Jessie Ferrell, May 27, 1893.

EMMA TORRENCE BIGELOW born Trenton, Tenn., Sept. 5, 1852; married John W. Bigelow, Oct. 13, 1875; 2 daus., one died in infancy, the other, Miss Rotha, survived her; she died July 15, 1900.

JAMES COLCLOUGH born Warren Co., N.C., Sept. 14, 1824; moved to Oktibbeha Co., Miss. in 1850; died Starkville, Miss., July 16, 1900; married Mrs. Mary Colclough in 1856; 6 children.

ADIE L. DOUGLASS daughter of W. A. and Harrette Douglass; born Sept. 21, 1875; died May 4, 1900.


September 6, 1900

Rev. MATTHEW M. TAYLOR, DD, son of Simeon and Matilda Taylor; born Nov. 17, 1837; licensed to preach in Methodist Church May 16, 1857; Memphis Conference; ordained deacon Oct. 8, 1865; ordained elder Nov. 11, 1867; served numerous charges including Trezevant, Wingo and Kenton circuits; Milan, Dyersburg and Alamo churches; married (1) Martha Patton; 3 children, one still living; (2) Mary L. Ross; 2 children, one deceased, the other, May Mat survived him; he died May 19, 1900.


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RICHARD LAPRADE SMITH born Logan Co., Ky., July 10, 1823; married Lucy A. Young (died July 1882), Dec. 22, 1853; 2 sons, in one, Thomas's residence he died in Todd Co., Ky., July 30, 1900.

JAMES A. G. McEWIN born near Franklin, Tenn., July 13, 1830; moved to Nashville, Tenn., then to Trenton, Tenn. in 1850; married Laurentine Crawford, June 20, 1850; 6 daus., 1 son; one daughter, Mrs. N. L. McRee, died 3 years ago; he served in the 47th Inf. Reg., CSA; captured at Missionary Ridge and imprisoned for 18 months; elected trustee of Gibson Co., Tenn., mayor of Trenton for two terms; died Trenton, July 16, 1900 and buried in Oakland Cemetery.

BEN K. PULLEN born Raleigh, N.C., Nov. 9, 1821; died Houma, La., July 15, 1900 in residence of son-in-law, Norman Avery; burial in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tenn., in which city he had been a merchant until 1894 when he moved to Osceola, Ark. to "abide with a son." During Civil War he was with the commissary department with the rank of major, CSA; his wife died of yellow fever in 1818.

BELLE W. BOYD born Charleston, Ind., April 2, 1827; married Alexander Boyd, Feb. 18, 1854; died Cloverport, Ky., June 28, 1900; burial in Jeffersonville, Illinois cemetery.

MARTHA HARRIET (Pinkard) MAYS born Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 24, 1837; married Beauford L. Mays in Lewis Co., Tn., Aug. 30, 1857; died Morgan Co., Ala., July 25, 1900; 4 children, 2 surviving her.

SALLIE LOUISA DYE daughter of Charles and Angeline Dye; born Washington Co., Va., Oct. 22, 1892; died Aug. 8, 1900 of a severe infection.


September 13, 1900

JAMES BOND TAYLOR son of Dr. W. D. Taylor, dec., Brownsville, Tenn., drowned in Hatchie River, August 31, 1900; born May 31, 1880.

THOMAS TRIPP died near Dancyville, Tenn., Aug. 27, 1900 of appendicitis; a native of Haywood Co., Tenn. left widow and several children.

SUSAN YOUNG RANKIN, Milan, Tenn., mother of Miss Lochie Rankin, China missionary and Miss Dora Rankin, dec., died Murfreesboro, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1900; burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

ELLEN K. PARKER widow of Bishop Linus Parker died in New Orleans in residence of son, Rev. F. N. Parker, Sept. 3, 1900; daughter of Rev. John C. Burruss; born near Courtland, Ala., 1839; married in 1858.

Rev. ALFRED E. CLAY, president of Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, born Chester, England, June 29, 1852; came to New Orleans, Nov. 1872; joined the Methodist Louisiana Conference as a preacher; died September 1, 1900.

MARY ELIZABETH PILLOW daughter of W. D. and Ann Pillow; born Logan Co., Ky., Nov. 10, 1859; married Rev. Joseph S. Chandler, Feb. 23, 1881; 3 daus., 1 son; died Franklin, Ky., Aug. 20, 1900; granddaughter of "Sister" T. C. Frogge and grandniece of Mrs. Dr. Edward Stevenson.

MARTIN GREER TUCKER born Davidson Co., Tenn., Mar. 26, 1830; married Elizabeth Howard Tucker, Mar. 17, 1854; 3 children; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. in 1859; died June 19, 1900.

HENRY FULLENWIDER born Shelby Co., Ky., in 1816; died Aug. 6, 1900; married Jane Shipman in 1839; 6 children.

MARTHA A. GARRETSON born Coffee Co., Tenn., Sept. 3, 1836; died Birmingham, Ala., July 21, 1900; married J. T. Garretson, April 5, 1860; childless, she "reared and trained several orphan children."

IDA J. HOLBERT died August 29, 1900; consumption; married Sylvester Holbert, Dec. 7, 1883; 1 dau.

J. O. McMULLEN born near Savannah, Ga., July 19, 1829; died Grenada Co., Miss., Aug. 22, 1900; married Sarah C. Killpatrick, May 14, 1865; became a Methodist in 1850 and freemason in 1856; moved to Grenada in 1871. [See December 27, 1900 issue, this publication.]


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WILLIAM BENJAMIN ELDRIDGE born Madison Co., Ala., Aug. 31, 1844; died August 11, 1900.

MARY H. PHILLIPS born Goochland Co., Va., Feb. 7, 1821; moved with family to Madison Co., Tenn. when she was four years old; married James H. Ware; died June 13, 1900.


September 20, 1900

W. B. CHAPPELL died September 5, 1900; a tribute written by his son, E. B. Chappell; undated

A HISTORY OF TENNESSEE AND TENNESSEANS, by Will T. Hale, Chicago, 1913, volume five, pages 1420-1421:

E. B. CHAPPELL, D. D. As Sunday school editor for the Methodist Episcopal Church South, Dr. Chappell has the distinction of writing for more people than any other editor or writer in the entire South. He is one of the senior men in southern Methodism, has been connected with the ministry and official work of the church for more than thirty years and now occupies one of the most responsible places in the church service.
            Dr. E. B. Chappell was born in Perry county, Tennessee, December 27, 1853, a son of W. B. and Elizabeth (Whitaker) Chappell. The Chappell family came from England and settled in Virginia in the year 1635, and has been represented in southern civic and professional life for many generations. The paternal grandparents were William and Sallie (Palmer) Chappell, both of whom were born in Virginia, moved out to Tennessee in 1827, locating on a farm in Maury county near Columbia. The grandfather was a man of ability, both in business and public affairs, owned a number of slaves and conducted a large plantation. Nearly all his active life he was a class leader in the Methodist church.
            Mrs. W. B. Chappell, the mother was born in North Carolina, in 1831, and is now deceased. Her husband was born in Tennessee in 1828 and died in 1900. He was educated in this state and spent all his life here. By occupation he was a farmer, and was a man of more than usual education for his day. He filled the office of county surveyor and was very influential in his community. For many years he was officially connected with the Methodist Church and took much part in Sunday school work. In politics he was a Whig and later a Democrat. He was twice married, and by the first marriage there were four children. After the death of his first wife he married a Miss Gillham, and there were five children by that union. E. B. Chappell was the oldest child. The others are as follows: W. W. Chappell, who resides on a farm near Nashville; Sallie, wife of E. S. Gillham, a resident in west Tennessee; Anna, wife of H. A. Grimes, of Oklahoma. The children of the second marriage were: Charles P., a merchant of Tupelo, Mississippi; Summers, a farmer in Wayne county, Tennessee; Mrs. Grady Jones, of Waverly, Tennessee; Rev. A. C. Chappell, in the ministry of the Methodist church South at Waco, Texas; Rev. C. G. Chappell, also a minister of that denomination and stationed at Gatesville, Texas. Both the latter are prominent in the ministry and have excellent charges. The maternal grandparents of E. B. Chappell were James Whitaker and wife, the latter being a Lyon. They were born in North Carolina, came to Tennessee in 1846, settling in Wayne county, where the grandfather was a farmer and prosperous planter.
            E. B. Chappell received his education at the Webb School, at that time at Culleoka, Tenn., and was graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1879. The first two years after his graduation he spent as principal of a conference school and in 1882 took up the active work of the ministry in the Texas conference. He preached in Texas for nine years, being


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stationed at LaGrange, San Antonio and Austin, having the best appointments in the State. Then removing to St. Louis he served two of the leading churches of that city, and in 1898 came to Nashville, where he was pastor of the West End church for four years and of McKendree church for four years. In May 1906, he was elected to his present office as Sunday school editor of the Methodist Church South. He is also chairman of the Sunday school board of the church.
            Mr. Chappell married Miss Jennie Headlee, daughter of Rev. J. H. Headless, of the St. Louis conference. The marriage was celebrated in 1880 and four children have been born, namely: F. W. Chappell, a civil engineer, who makes his home at Dallas, Texas; Ethel, who married W. A. Smart, and lives at Portsmouth, Virginia, her husband being a pastor of the Methodist church there, and his father one of the distinguished ministers of the denomination; Helen, at home; and E. B. Chappell, Jr., in business at Houston, Texas. Mr. Chappell is prominent in the Masonic Order, having attained thirty-two degrees of the Scottish Rite.

[In the Wayne County, Tennessee U. S Census entry, Enumeration District 98, Sheet 1, WILLIAM CHAPPELL's birth is given as May 1828 in Tennessee; which date tallies well with Rev. Edwin B. Chappell's statement in this encomium that his father had reached threescore and twelve years at the time of his death.]

Rev. HARDIN J. TURNER son of William Turner; born June 23, 1828; his mother died when he was a child; his father and stepmother reared him; he died in Brownsville, Tenn., July 6, 1900; Methodist preacher.

ARABELLA CLIFTON OWEN born Itawamba Co., Miss., Mar. 28, 1837; married Dec. 16, 1856 [name of her husband not given]; died Kosciusko, Miss., June 1, 1900; burial in Verona, Miss.

R. A. CRAWFORD, nee Potts; wife of A. H. Crawford; born Feb. 23, 1846; married April 19, 1864; 10 children, 8 surviving her; died Lincoln, Ala., June 9, 1900. Her daughter, Miss ELEANOR CRAWFORD died April 2, 1900; a son, James Crawford, died some time ago.


September 27, 1900

MARY L. POSTON widow of W. K. Poston (died 1866) died Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 14, 1900 in residence of her son, F. P. Poston; daughter of David and Jane Park; born Hopkinsville, Ky., Mar. 17, 1823; married April 17, 1843; 13 children.

JOHN E. GARDNER son of Etheldred and Lydia Gardner; born Southampton Co., Va., Dec. 1, 1809; moved with parents to Baldwin Co., Ga. in 1818; then to Fayette Co., Tenn. in 1836 in the fall of which year he moved to Marshall Co., Miss.; married Jane McGhee, Sept. 27, 1838; they joined the Methodist Church in 1842; he died July 30, 1900.

Miss MISSOURI E. MARSHALL CLARK daughter of Marshall P. and Julia A. Clark; born Jan. 29, 1835; died Temperance, Ky., July 25, 1900; her father died Sept. 3, 1839 and her mother died May 2, 1884; burial in Auburn, Ky. cemetery.

Tribute of Respect for IRENE daughter of T. W. and M. A. MEADOWS who died Sept. 6, 1900 aged 5 years and 25 days [August 11, 1895]; by Poplar Grove Sunday School; undated.

ELIZA WOODSON, nee Hollinsworth, widow of Rev. John K. Woodson; died Aug. 27, 1900 aged 83 years, near Springfield, Tenn.; her husband died in 1858; mother and grandmother.

LUTIE VERMILLION born Oak Grove, MO, May 10, 1873; died there, Aug. 24, 1900; consumption.


October 4, 1900

Rev. RICHARD LANE, retired Methodist preacher, No. Texas Conference, died Pittsburg, Texas, Sept. 15, 1900 in his 85th year of age; burial in Jefferson, Texas.

FANNIE ROBERTS daughter of Henry C. and Mary Moses; wife of Rev. E. F. S. Roberts; born Florence, Ala., Jan. l3, 1834; married Nov. l3, 1855; died Wayland Springs, Tenn., Aug. 21, 1900; 4 daus., 1 son.

ELVIRA J. JOHNSON widow of Colonel W. P. Morris; born Perryville. Tenn., Sept. 23, 1822; married August 2, 1838; died April 24, 1900. Benton Co., Tenn.


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WILLIAM LEDGEWO0D born Clay Co., MO, Dec. 26, 1833; moved to Oregon in 1859 but returned to MO the next year; 1st Lieutenant in Co., G, 1st MO Confederate Cavalry; returned to Oregon in 1868; married in Perry Co., Ala., Tabitha Heard, Nov. 14, 1873; lived in Myrtie Creek, Oregon; 4 children; died August 24, 1900.

BYNUM GARDNER HAMPTON born Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, August 29, 1821; moved to Davidson Co., Tenn. when about 18 years old; married and practiced medicine near Ashland City, Tenn.; died August 27, 1900.

SIMMIE ANN WHITLOW born South Carolina, Oct. 17, 1823; died Aug. 13, 1900; married John Wesley Whitlow, Nov. 28, 1844; 8 children, 2 surviving her.

MARY M. ARMSTRONG, nee Hamilton; born Sumner Co., Tenn., July 31, 1842; married James M. Armstrong, Feb. 22, 1865; 6 children, one surviving, Mrs. Hudson; died Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 12, 1900.

MARGARET CAROLINE "Carrie" EDMONSON daughter of John and Mary Edmonson; born Nov. 21, 1855; died recently.

MARY HELEN GARBLE daughter of Girault and Katie Garble; born April 8, 1894; died Sept. 3, 1900.


October 11, 1900

Rev. A. H. REAMS, retired Methodist preacher, Tennessee Conference, died near Mechanicsville, Tenn., September 28, 1900.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. DAVID F. RANKIN who died in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1900; by Woman's Board of Foreign Missions; undated.

DANIEL WARREN REAMS born Fayette Co., Tenn., Jan. 15, 1853; married (1) Emma Andrews; 2 daus.; (2) Celia Conway; killed when crushed between two train cars in the Iron Mountain Railroad yard in Memphis, August 15, 1900.

SUE A. McKINNON daughter of Rev. Joseph G. Ward; wife of Rev. H. D. McKinnon, Little Rock Conference born Ky., June 11, 1842; died Nashville, Ark., Sept. 5, 1900; moved to Ark. in 1860; married Sept. 20, 1866; 7 children.

MAY C. ALSTON born Perry Co., Tenn., July 4, 1876; married Rev. W. D. Pickens, July 29, 1898; died Crainesville, Tenn., July 13, 1900; burial in Scott's Hill, Tenn.

Capt. M. V. MOORE born in Tenn. but spent most of his life in North Carolina; died Auburn, Ala., Sept. 1, 1900 aged 63 years; at his own request he was buried "in Confederate gray," having been a Confederate soldier; he published a book, THE RHYME OF THE SOUTHERN RIVER, in 1897; twice married; 8 children.

OCTAVIA MAY "Oatie" HOLMES daughter of Robert and Josie Garland; born Columbia Co., Ark., May 1, 1869; married William H. Holmes, May 1, 1900; died Sept. 24, 1900.

MAHON KEY son of G. F. and L. A. RAMSEY; born Nov. 11, 1893; died Aug. 18, 1900. His sister, MORA, born Nov. 21, 1894; died July 26, 1900.

FANNIE THOMAS WEBSTER daughter of F. J. and Mattie Webster; died Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 19, 1900 in her 20th year of age.


October 18, 1900

Rev. T. PAGE RICAUD, North Carolina Conference, died Durham, N.C., Oct. 6, 1900; the oldest man in the conference [age not given].

Rev. Dr. S. W. SPEER, Kentucky Conference, died Nicholasville, Ky., Oct. 5, 1900; burial in Massachusetts.

BESSIE WARD wife of W. F. Ward; daughter of Prof. W. C. Parker; born Little Rock, Ark., July 12, 1871; died Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Aug. 14, 1900; married January 29, 1899.


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Rev. ANDERSON PURDY McFERRIN born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Feb. 25, 1818; died Nashville, Tenn., July 29, 1900; parents were from Virginia; brother of Rev. John Berry McFerrin, prominent Methodist; thrice married; all his children were from the first marriage; educated at LeGrange College in Alabama.

Tribute of Respect for the mother and sisters of Miss Edith Park, who died together in the terrible Galveston, Texas storm [September 8, 1900]; by the Woman's Board of Foreign Missions; undated.

ELIZABETH COLE daughter of Thomas and Mary Allen; widow of L. H. Cole; died Macon Co., Ala., Aug. 4, 100 in her 82nd year of age; 7 daus., 2 sons.

AMERICA VIRGINIA McCARTNEY born Oct. 16, 1854; died Aug. 27, 1900; married Michael McCartney, Nov. 8, 1882.

Capt. M. S. SORRELL born Chatham Co., N.C., April 19, 1822; died Obion Co., Tenn., July 22, 1900; moved from N.C. to Tenn. in 1857; joined Baptist Church but when he moved to Tenn. he joined the Methodist Church; married (1) Elizabeth Potts (died 1880), 1847; 13 children; (2) Oberia Chunn in 1884.


October 25, 1900

MAGGIE ANDERSON COLLIER born Bedford Co., Tenn., Mar. 27, 1863; died Sept. 30, 1900, Franklin, Tenn.; married Rev. W. J. Collier, Dec. 28, 1892; 1 dau., 2 sons.

Rev. ABSALOM H. REAMS born Spring Hill, Tenn., Sept. 27, 1821; died Sept. 28, 1900; admitted as Methodist preacher to Tenn. Conference in October 1843; married (1) Martha J. Barger, Jan. 4, 1853; 3 daus., 5 sons; his wife died Sept. 10, 1877; (2) Samantha Gilbert.

JAMES HENRY BARRIER son of Rev. William F. and Emma A. Barrier; born Madison Co., Tenn., Nov. 28, 1878; died Lexington, Ky., Sept. 20, 1900; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in April 1900 and frequently preached until he died from yellow fever; burial in Ripley, Tenn.

MARY ANN GRAINGER widow of Jeremiah Grainger; died Franklin, Ky., Sept. 12, 1900 in her 87th year of age.

MARTHA BLAIR, nee Winn; born Feb. 14, 1839; died Lebanon, Tenn., Sept. 12, 1900; married John W. Blair, Feb. 19, 1856; 3 children.

M. E. PICKENS, nee Douglass; born Holmes Co., Miss., Jan. 3, 1841; married Joseph Pickens in 1860; moved to Navarro Co., Texas; died July 14, 1900; 3 daughters.


November 1, 1900

PERRY NUGENT born Washington, Miss., Jan. 30, 1831; died Greenville, Miss., May 14, 1900; one great-grandfather was Thomas Hardeman for whom Hardeman Co., Tenn. was named; his mother's father, Seth Lewis, was circuit judge of Opelousas District, La. for 27 years; married Amanda K. Cook, Dec. 1, 1853; children were Elizabeth, Anne, Helen, Perry Hardeman, Mary, Catherine and Paul Cook Nugent. He was president of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange, a member of the firm, T. H. and J. M. Allen and Company in New Orleans.

TENNISON J. WILSON, editor of TULLAHOMA GUARDIAN died August 25, 1900.

JAMES WILLIAMS born Savannah, Tenn., Aug. 27, 1842; died in same town, Sept. 15, 1900; married (1) Emma Davis; 2 daus., 5 sons; (2) Carrie Sullivan; enlisted at age 19 in Capt. J. W. Irwin's company, First Confederate Cavalry Regiment.

SALLIE E. MOUNTCASTLE born Hawkins Co., Tenn., June 9, 1835; died Loudon Co., Tenn., Jan. 23, 1900 daughter of George and Sallie Williams; married Robert E. Mountcastle, Nov. 29, 1854; 9 children, only 3 sons survived her.


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WILLIAM EMERSON died near Alamo, Tenn., Sept. 10, 1900 aged 72 years, 8 months and 16 days [June 24, 1843]; married Bedie Richards.

MARTHA VIRGINIA SHELLY, nee Everton; born July 31, 1878; married Edward Shelly, Jan. 1895; died September 13, 1900.

Tribute of Respect for ROBERT COPPAGE aged 9 years; son of J. M. Coppage and wife; died Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 7, 1900; by Lenox Sunday School; undated.

ESTELLA STICHAN daughter of William B. and Flora Stichan; born Nov. 8, 1899; died Sept. 3, 1900.

ANNE LAWSON daughter of W. D. and Eva Lawson; born near Bosqueville, Texas, April 13, 1894; died August 29, 1900.

ESTOL TRUE McELWREATH daughter of Horace and Sallie McElwreath; born Dec. 14, 1898; died April 9, 1900.


November 8, 1900

Rev. W. J. STALLINGS, South Georgia Conference, died Climax, Ga., Oct. 22, 1900.

Rev. J. P. ROGERS, retired Methodist preacher, W. Texas Conference; born Coosa Co., Ala., April 10, 1843; died Oct. 27, 1900, San Marcos, Texas; licensed to preach in Methodist Church March 26, 1864.

No formal obituaries appear in this issue.


November 15, 1900

MAGGIE CHERRY died neat Gates, Tenn., Aug. 8, 1900; daughter of W. M. and Sarah Walker; born Dyer Co., Tenn., Mar. 16, 1858; married D. H. Cherry in 1878.

MARY WHEELER, nee Jones; born Rockingham Co., N.C., Nov. 13, 1810; died Oct. 14, 1900; married William Wheeler; moved to northern Miss. "traveling all the way in wagons and carryalls." Six children, 4 daus., 2 sons; one son, John, was killed as a Confederate soldier in the battle of Franklin, Tennessee [1864]; the other son, although a Confederate soldier, died from typhoid fever.

RACHEL SCOTT LEWIS wife of Thomas Lewis; died Bledsoe Co., Tenn., Oct. 24, 1900; born Aug. 6, 1825; noting that they would miss her "bright face"; undated.

WALTER BECKHAM HILLSMAN son of W. J. Hillsman and wife; born Prince Edward Co., Va., June 1, 1895; died Sept. 28, 1900.

Tribute of Respect for GILL ANDERSON who died October 23, 1900; by a Tenn. Sunday School, of which he had been a member; undated.

M. B. YANCY wife of R. W. Yancy; born Fayette Co., Tenn., Mar. 30, 1835; married Oct. 30, 1850; died Tipton Co., Tenn., Oct. 21, 1900; 10 children.

Captain WILLIAM C. CRAWFORD oldest son of Benoni and Elizabeth Crawford; born Trenton, Tenn., Sept. 16, 1822; married (1) Miss Jorden, 1855; 2 daus; (2) Mrs. Ward; died Newport, Ark., August 13, 1900.

MARY BOOTH youngest child of George F. and Mattie Fitzgerald Maynard, Friar's Point, Miss. died Oct. 28, 1900 aged 3 years.


November 29, 1900

MYRA P. JORDAN daughter of Stephen and Annie Jordan; born Mar. 12, 1823; married (1) Jackson Overall in 1842; 2 children; (2) John A. Jordan in 1882; died Triune, Tenn., Oct. 6, 1900.

HERBERT CURSEY son of John E. and Mary C. Cursey; born in Tenn., June 8, 1875; died Sept. 22, 1900.


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ANNIE IRWIN CHERRY widow of W. H. Cherry, died Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 23, 1900, past threescore and ten years of age; her great-grandmother on her mother's side, Mrs. Elizabeth Conway was the wife of Colonel Henry Conway "an emigrant from Virginia" and grandmother of two Conway governors of Arkansas; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville.

Miss MINNIE ETTA COLEMAN born Dec. 10, 1881; died July 13, 1900.

ROBERT E. RAINES son of R. E. Raines, dec. and Elizabeth Hill Raines; born Trenton, Tenn., Oct. 23, 1881; died Oct. 28, 1900.

EDWARD JONES MOORE born June 7, 1855; died Sept. 26, 1900; husband and father.

LOUISA GREER, nee Whaley; born May 27, 1844; died Potts Camp, Miss., Oct. 1, 1900; married Jabez M. M. Greer, June 30, 186l; surviving were daughters, Mrs. J. W. Anderson and Miss Annie Greer.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. G. WISE who died July 7, 1900; by a Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of which she had been president; undated.

Tribute of Respect for Colonel FRANK E. WILLIAMS, now deceased; by the Hermesion Society of which he had been a member; undated.

Tribute of Respect for J. M. HARRISON who died Sept. 20, 1900; by Germantown Sunday School; undated.

FANNIE CORNEAL MORGAN died Sept. 1900 in her 28th year of age.

JACOB McCAIN born Roane Co., Tenn., Feb. 5, 1823; died Ellis Co., Texas, Oct. 15, 1900.

MARY RICHARDS widow of Sandy Richards; daughter of Barney and Catharine Pitts; born near Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 1, 1832; died near Pittsburg, MO, Oct. 21, 1900.


December 6, 1900

MARY LOU BLEDSOE McGEHEE born Grenada, Miss., a little over 25 years ago; died Shell Mound, Miss., Nov. 3, 1900; married Dr. Daniel Bledsoe.

JESSE BARNETT son of Noel and S. E. Barnett; born Mar. 20, 1896; died Oct. 1, 1900.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. ETTA CALLIS wife of C. E. Callis who died Oct. 17, 1900; by Mt. Moriah Methodist Church, Memphis District, Memphis Conference; undated.

RACHEL W. MAYBERRY born Allen Co., Ky., Sept. 11, 1840; married James Mayberry, Oct. 22, 1891; died Aug. 4, 1900.


December 13, 1900

SIDNEY H. HORNOR died Helena, Ark., Nov. 18, 1900; cashier Bank of Helena; surviving were his widow and 7 children.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. ROBERT T. FORBES, alumnus of Vanderbilt University; died Nov. 1, 1900; by Epworth League, St. Paul's Church, San Bernadino, Cali.; undated.

JOHN F. CARDWELL died Oct. 2, 1900 aged 71 years; he assisted in gathering means to build a Methodist church in Slate Springs, Mississippi.


December 20, 1900

There were no formal obituaries in this issue.


December 27 1900

Rev. JOHN T. WIGGINS retired Methodist preacher, Memphis Conference, died Raleigh, Tenn., Dec l6, 1900; burial in McKenzie, Tenn. [See obituary, this publication, in Feb. 21, 190l issue.]

Mrs. W. H. CHERRY "is dead." [Death notice appeared in Nov. 29, 1900 issue, this publication.


(Page 36)

EDINE EAST daughter of Judge E. H. and Ida T. East; died Dec. 7, 1900, dying at the homeplace that had been in the East family's possessions for 118 years.

J. O. McMULLEN born Jackson Co., Ga., July 19, 1829; died Grenada, Miss., August 22, 1900; moved with parents to Miss. in 1836; freemason since 1855; enlisted in Co. G, 5th Miss. Inf. Reg., CSA; married (1) Sarah C. Kilpatrick (died 1868), May 1865; 2 daus; (2) Sallie Pratt, Jan. 1871. [This is a corrected, more complete obituary than the one published about him in the September 13, 1900 issue.]

SARAH C. DUNKIN, nee Hynds; born Sept. 25, 1829; married John Henry Dunkin, June 6, 1854 in Jefferson Co., Tenn.; 1 dau., 4 sons; died October 31, 1900.


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