This is a very old cemetery a block off Old Beardstown Road in the community of Beardstown. There are two ruined rock cairns and many remaining fieldstones. There may be over one hundred unmarked or unidentified graves. In August 2004, the western part of the cemetery was well mown as part of an adjacent yard, the eastern part of the cemetery seemed to be getting cut 2-3 times a year, and part of the cemetery in the middle and along the southern border was overgrown. Four markers found in the past were not recorded in 2004; two are fallen markers now face down and one was a temporary marker.

            David Donahue recorded Beardstown Cemetery March 11, 2001 and re-recorded it August 17, 2004. Mary (Stewart) Bowen and Melissa (Snyder) Bowen recorded the cemetery in the early 1990s. Their record appears in Mary Bowen's Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records (Vol. II). This earlier record is referred to as "Bowen" in the notes below.


Baars, Dan, 1854-1927
Baars, Rutha, 1854-1940 [replacement]

Baars, J. N., 1853-1922 [replacement; the Bowens include this note: "Jarrett Nathaniel Baars, son of George & Lena Baars, 1st wife, Sarah E. Cude, 2nd wife Dora Elizabeth Sharp O'Guin Baars"]

Baars, Lena, no dates
Baars, George, no dates [my impression is that this is a 1960s marker placed on very old graves]

Baars, Stanley, Oct. 8, 1899-Apr. 13, 1977

Bates, Everett, 1888-Mar. 22, 1943

Bates, John H., Feb. 28, -Dec. 17, 1918, "Pvt."; on back: "He left his home Sept. 5th 1918 in perfect health. He looked so young and brave. We little thought how soon he'd be laid in a soldier's grave."

Bates, Josie, Mar. 11, 1866-Apr. 2, 1946
Bates, Jess W., Apr. 14, 1853-Sept. 18, 1925

Bates, Nellie [see Hinson, Nellie Bates]

Beard, W. B., May 17, 1810-Aug. 13, 1878

Bell, Joe, no dates (homemade marker placed by a fieldstone on western side of cemetery)

Blackburn, Daisy Octovine, b. Sept. 16, 1903, Aged 11 Ms, "Dau. of J. W. & Sallie Blackburn"

Blackburn, Maggie, d. Jan. 24, 1900, Aged 26 ys. 6 ms. & 29 ds., "Wife of W. A. Blackburn"

Burns, George, Mar. 15, 1818-Nov. 1, 1878

Deason, E. R., Mar. 11, 1836-July 12, 1897

Edwards, Jackson H., Apr. 27, 1871-Apr. 17, 1912 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Edwards, Nancy Ann, Sept. 12, 1830-July 17, 1864
Edwards, Egbert Wilson, May 26, 1851-Nov. 6, 1854
Edwards, Gustavus Henry, Apr. 9, 1853-Nov. 7, 185_, Age 1 y. 6 m. 29d. [died 1854] (damaged)

Floyd, Ferby, Feb. 3, 1878-Feb. 4, 1905, "Wife of S. W. Floyd"

Gill, Martha, d. Aug. 1934 [not found in 2001 or 2004; reported by Bowen]

Gill, Pricilla, no dates, temporary marker, 2nd of two south of the marker for Maggie Blackburn [only "Priscilla" readable in 2004; surname reported by Bowen]

Harris, Eliza, d.1917
Harris, Van, d. 1943

Hinson, Nellie Bates, Dec. 14, 1894-July 12, 1931 [replacement]

Hughes, Bernice 1917-1918, "Daughter" footstone [replacement]

Hughes, Ralph ,1920-1921, "Son" footstone [replacement]

Hughes, Sallie [see King, Sallie Hughes]

Hughes, Will, 1861-1928
Hughes, Coffa, 1872-1960

Humphrey, Arabella, Mar. 18, 1826-Jan. 8, 1851, "Wife of Wm. D. Humphrey" (broken) [death date buried in 2001; death date from Bowen]

Hunt, Sally, Sept. 14, 1926-Sept. 14, 1926

Keith, Elizabeth, 1840-Jan. 10, 1910

King, Sallie Hughes, Jan. 14, 1901-July 19, 1932, "Mother" footstone
King, Herman, Jan. 10, 1900-____, unplaced "Father" footstone

Lynn, Luvica, 1870-1893

Norton, Roby, Oct. 19, 1904-Oct. 2, 1905, "Son of M. S. & M. J. Norton" (near the northeast corner of the cemetery, this marker is so lichen encrusted that it is unreadable even when chalked) [information from Bowen]

Pettigrew, George B., June 13, 1805-Oct. 29, 1859 (cast-iron fence around grave)

Poore, Darcy Paul, Sept. 9, 1898-Sept. 24, 1898, "Son of P. W. & Ida Poore" (fallen)

Reeves, Jennie, 1895-1919

Scaggs, Alonzo, Sept. 16, 1911-Nov. 7, 1911, "Son of T. M. & Cora Scaggs"

Scaggs, Mart F., 1880-1937, "Father" footstone
Scaggs, Bessie J., 1892-1979

Scaggs, Sallie d Aug 30 1885, Aged about 49 ys

Scaggs, William R., May 7, 1924-Mar. 4, 1953, military marker "Missouri Tec 5 862 Engr Avn Bn World War II" (lichen encrusted)

Stanley, Shad, June 25, 1878-Dec. 25, 1899, "Wife of J. H. Stanley" (fallen)

Sweeney, Juan, Nov. 14, 1857-Apr. 15, 1942, "Wife of M. A. Sweeney"

Sweeney, M. A., Dec. 27, 1853-Feb. 6, 1934



_________, 1884-1905 (birth and death years on otherwise unreadable marker)


Also Reported by Bowen

On iron fence with letters DLH-MWA 1428C (Doss Harris, son of Van and Eliza Harris)


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