By Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1996


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            While Miss Emma Inman Williams was in the process of compiling data that served as the basis for her admirable history of Madison County, Tennessee, HISTORIC MADISON, in the mid-1940s, she gained access to private records that were valuable for the information they contained about the historical and genealogical heritage of the county and general area. Several of these records have since been lost-sight-of, perhaps some of them destroyed, hence beyond further use by other serious researchers. A few such abstracted records are now in the collection bearing her name in the Tennessee Room of the Jackson-Madison County Library. One such "abstract record" was that shared with her about members of the local Masonic orders, furnished her by the late James C. Carson who lived at 612 North Royal Street in Jackson. He had access to Masonic records now lost, scattered or difficult of access (some of the latter from the Grand Lodge of Masons in Nashville, Tennessee).

          Other than simply identifying some of the nineteenth century-born local masons Carson furnished the full names of numerous ones of these men, along with their birth-places and birthdates and some their places of death and death dates. Such information is of keen interest to genealogists and for that reason the present writer obtained permission from Jack Darrel Wood, Tennessee Room Librarian, to quote this Carson list to better disseminate the data among persons interested in such information. Except for alphabetizing the names and the correcting of obvious typos and deletion of extraneous material the basic data are as listed by Carson many years ago.


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            Each of the following individuals were variously active in the Masonic Order in Jackson:

ADAMS, LOGAN BEECHER, merchant, born McNairy Co., Tenn., April 27, 1830.

ADAMSON, FREDERICK WILLIAM, born in Jackson, Tenn., Feb. 17, 1850; died in Jackson.

AKIN, EARNEST EDWARD, born Tupelo, Mississippi, September 5, 1879.

ANDERSON, EDWARD DAVIDSON, locomotive engineer, born in Virginia; died in Jackson, Tenn., May 4, 1902.

ANDERSON, WILLIAM JAMES, merchant, born in Jackson, Tenn., January 1, 1845.

BAILEY, LITTLE BERRY, railroad engineer, born Rienzi, Miss.; died in Jackson, October 8, 1898.

BEST, MYRON IRA, salesman, born Saulsbury, New York, April 21, 1852; died in St. Louis, Mo., August 1, 1924.

BLACKARD, WILEY FREEMAN, born Haywood Co., Tenn., Dec. 24, 1833; died in Jackson. /His "antique" tombstone in Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, rendered his birth year as 1834 but a later tombstone placed at his grave there bears the year 1833./

BLACKMON, BENJAMIN FORDHAM, minister, born in Madison Co., Tenn., October 20, 1845; died in Jackson.

BLACKMON, JAMES, minister, born in North Carolina, October 20, 1820.

BOTTS, JOHN THOMAS, merchant, born Kentucky, August 8, 1843; died in Jackson, 1893.

BRIGHT, JAMES E., born in Ohio, January 11, 1836.

BRITTLE, JAMES MILTON, born Nashville, Tenn., May 27, 1846; died July 27, 1927.

BROWN, JOHN LUCIEN, lawyer, born Jackson, Tenn., September 23, 1824.

BRUTON, WILLIAM HENRY, minister, born Madison Co., Tenn., December 29, 1835.

BURKETT, JOHN WILLIAM NEWTON, editor, born Cotton Plant, Ark., Jan. 26, 1854.

CADE, GEORGE, manufacturer, born in England, March 5, 1829; died Jackson, Tenn., July 20, 1890.

CALLAHAN, PERRY COMMODORE, railroad conductor, born in Virginia, May 25, 1851; died in Jackson.

CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER WILLIAM, attorney, born Nashville, Tenn., June 4, 1828; died in Jackson, June 1893.

CARSON, MANLY TOOKER, mechanic, born New York, February 4, 1844; died in St. Louis, Mo.; buried in Mobile, Ala.

CHAPPELL, JOEL R., magistrate, died in Jackson, February 20, 1876.

CHESTER, JOHN, physician, born Madison Co., Tenn., December 18, 1827; died in Jackson, June 4, 1877. Lt. in Mexican War; colonel in Confederate Army.

CHESTER, ROBERT IOHNSTON, lawyer, born in Pennsylvania, July 30, 1793; died June 14, 1892, the oldest living mason in the state at the time.

CHILTON, WILLIAM BROWN, locomotive engineer, born Shannon, Mississippi, March 22, 1862; died in California.

COLLINS, JOHN W., physician, died Canyon City, Colorado, March 20, 1903.

COLLINS, SAMUEL LINZY, postal mail clerk, born Madison Co., Tenn., October 27, 1834; died in Jackson.


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CRANE, WILLIAM WHITNEY, born New Orleans, La., September 29, 1859.

CROCKET, JAMES REESE, railroad conductor, born in Mississippi, October 21, 1854; died in Jackson, March 1, 1932.

DEMPSTER, GILBERT, born Whistler, Alabama, April 8, 1877; died in Meridian, Miss.

DUNAWAY, WILLIAM ERWIN, born Madison Co., Tenn., October 13, 1841; died in Jackson.

DUNAWAY, WILLIAM MONROE, minister, born in Virginia, January 24, 1811; died in Jackson, August 22, 1872. Grand Master of Tennessee Masons, 1871.

DUNAWAY, THOMAS FULTON, railroad superintendent, born Pennsylvania, June 28, 1857.

ENLOE, BENJAMIN AUGUSTINE, attorney, born Carroll Co., Tenn., January 18, 1848. ESTES, JAMES CANADAY, locomotive engineer, died in Jackson, April 12, 1903.

FARRAR, HARTWELL PRENTICE, civil engineer, born in New York, July 7, 1830; died in Jackson.

FISHER, ELDRIDGE LUCAS, minister, born in Georgia, January 6, 1831; died in Jackson, October 31, 1885.

GARRETT, THOMAS HENRY, mechanic, born in North Carolina, August 27, 1827; died in Jackson, April 1, 1900.

GREER, JOHN ALEXANDER, farmer and capitalist, born Madison Co., Tenn., Feb. 25, 1827; died in Jackson.

HAFELE, RUDOLPH, locomotive engineer, born Paris, France, November 3, 1850; killed in railroad accident, La., January 15, 1886.

HALL, JOSEPH NATHANIEL, merchant, born Lexington, Tenn., May 15, 1840.

HARRIS, BENJAMIN RUFUS, physician, born North Carolina, Feb. 5, 1825; died November 11, 1891. Grand Master of Tennessee Masons, 1884.

HAYNES, ROBERT WALTER, lawyer, born Washington Co., Tenn., August 2, 1840; died in Jackson, April 6, 1905.

HEARD, JAMES A., minister, born in Georgia, July 29, 1821; moved to Memphis, Tenn., 1875.

HEAVNER, URIAH REX, architect, born North Carolina, March 23, 1849; died in Jackson; very active in masonic organizations.

HOSFORD, ERIE SMEDLEY, railroad superintendent, born Ohio, August 28, 1834.

HUDDLESTON, WILLIAM HAMPTON, born in McNairy Co., Tenn.; died in Jackson.

HURT, ROBERT ALLEN, born Madison Co., Tenn., January 3, 1858; died in Jackson.

INMAN, WILLIAM GERTRUDE, minister, born Sumner Co., Tenn., September 24, 1836; died June 24, 1916.

IRBY, HENRY CLAY, professor, died in Jackson.

JARNAGIN, WILLIAM CALVIN, born Jefferson Co., Tenn., November 7, 1833.

JOHNS, WILLIAM MORGAN, blacksmith, born South Wales, June 11, 1850.

JONES, AMOS BLANCH, minister, born in Virginia, December 4, 1841.

JONES, AMOS WESLEY, minister, born in North Carolina, December 28, 1815; died in Jackson, September 13, 1892.

LANDIS, CHARLES FREDERICK, born Mifflin, Pennsylvania, June 19, 1840; died in Chattanooga, Tenn., August 14, 1924.

LANGFORD, ANDREW BRYANT, photographer, born in North Carolina, Jan. 26, 1832 died March 12, 1900.


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LEWIS, ISAAC, locomotive engineer, born Alabama, March 1, 1845; died Birmingham, Ala., April 23, 1900.

MANNON, PATRICK HENRY, locomotive engineer, born Boston, Mass., March 10, 1841; died in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

MASON, RUFUS MORTIMER, farmer, born in State of New York, July 18, 1818; died April 26, 1889.

MATLOCK, PHILLIP NEELY, physician, born Nashville; a Confederate veteran.

McADOO, WILLIAM HENRY, farmer, died in Jackson, June 1, 1902.

McCUTCHEON, DAVID McALPIN, bookkeeper, born in Ireland, October 14, 1837; died in Jackson.

McKENZIE, WILLIAM GARTRELL, born in Florida, December 18, 1847.

MERIWETHER, MATTHIAS DEBERRY, born Madison Co., Tenn., September 11, 1835; died in Jackson.

MTJRRAY, PETER JAMES, manufacturer, born in Chicago, Ill., August 12, 1846; died in Jackson.

MUSE, JOHN PAUL, born Shelbyville, Tenn., December 5, 1858; died on a train, Abbeville, Miss. while conductor of Illinois-Central Railroad.

MUSE, THOMAS CHRISTOPHER, lawyer, born in Virginia, January 23, 1834; died in Jackson, November 1892.

O’CONNOR, JAMES, merchant, born in Ireland, March 14, 1818; died in Jackson, May 21, 1877.

POLK, JOHN HORACE, bookkeeper, born in Bolivar, Tenn., May 16, 1846.

PYBAS, JAMES CLARK, druggist, born in Ala., December 1, 1835; died in Florida.

RAMSEY, GREENVILLE HENDERSON, broker, born Trenton, Tenn., July 8, 1835; died in Jackson.

RICHMAN, WALLACE CLINTON, born in Iowa, June 26, 1860.

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM PLATT, merchant, born Springfield, Ky., September 30, 1830; died in Jackson.

RUSH, JACOB WIDEMAN, locomotive engineer, born January 29, 1852; died in Jackson, November 9, 1895.

RUSH, JAMES ANTHONY, locomotive engineer, born in South Carolina, October 26, 1845; died in Jackson.

RUSHING, MARK ALONZO, clerk, died in Jackson, July 4, 1879.

RUSSELL, DAVID GRANT, railroad conductor, born Cleveland, Tenn., Dec. 17, 1836; died in Jackson, April 9, 1892.

RUSSELL, ROBERT SEVIER, painter, born Jackson, Tenn., April 5, 1824; died and was buried in Brownsville, Tenn.

SEALE, JESSE NEWTON, superintendent of Mobile & Ohio Railroad, born in Miss., September 1, 1862; died in Washington, D.C.

SMITH, JACOB CUNNINGHAM, born New Market, Tenn., July 19, 1846; died in Jackson.

SMITH, WILLIAM RUFUS, car foreman, born Mobile, Ala., July 8, 1850; died in Jackson, June 15, 1889.

SNEED, RICHARD ALEXANDER, born in Miss., August 28, 1845.

SNOW, FLETCHER JAMES, postal mail clerk, born in Vermont, April 1838; died in Jackson.


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STALEY, DAVID RANDOLPH, born in North Carolina, March 23, 1852; died in Jackson, January 21, 1930.

SULLIVAN, JOHN OWEN, minister, born in Virginia, Jan. 8, 1835; died Chattanooga, Tenn., June 10, 1900.

SYKES, JOSEPH RENSOR, minister, born in Virginia, March 3, 1831; died in Jackson, October 15, 1882.

TALBOT, LAWRENCE EWELL, born in Madison Co., Tenn., June 25, 1847; died in Jackson.

TATE, THOMAS, locomotive engineer, born in North Carolia, January 6, 1841; died in Jackson.

TEMPLE, THOMAS HIRAM, born in Madison Co., Tenn., September 29, 1847; died in Jackson.

THEUS, FRANKLIN DELESLINE, farmer, born South Carolina; died in Jackson.

TOWLER, WILLIAM PEYTON, died in Jackson, March 30, 1893.

VANDEN, JULIUS WALFORD, broker, born in Virginia, May 18, 1851; died in Jackson.

WHITEHEAD, JOHN THOMAS, manufacturer, born in Boston, England, November 27, 1834; died in Jackson.

WHITLOW, NATHANIEL HICKS, farmer, born Wilson Co., Tenn., March 31, 1826; died February 19, 1905.

WILDE, AUGUST, locomotive engineer, born in Germany, August 10, 1851; died in Jackson. (name pronounced as will-dee)

WILDE, CHARLES FREDERICK, died in Jackson, December 14, 1923.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM WRIGHT, born in North Carolina, January 19, 1821; died in Jackson, 1891.


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