By Jonathan K. T. Smith
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January 10, 1903

LEE SCALLIONS, aged 18 years, died January 9, typhoid fever; burial in Brown's Church Cemetery.


January 16, 1903

Mrs. J. E. MAYO, aged 74 years, mother of Mrs. Fannie Black, died January 15, Jackson; left 4 children in Arkansas and Mrs. Black in Jackson.

D. A. JANES, aged 59 years, died January 15, Jackson. Contractor. Methodist; left wife and 5 children.


January 23, 1903

Mrs. SUSAN GARRETT, aged 67 years, died in home of her son, John W. Garrett, January 21.


January 25, 1903

THOMAS MANLEY, aged 65 years, died January 23, Jackson; railroad employee for years, Illinois Central RR.


February 9, 1903

JOHN A. GREER, aged 76 years, died February 8, Jackson; president of First National Bank; wealthiest person in the city. Left wife and a sister, Mrs. Persons.


March 6, 1903

JAMES SWAYNE, aged 67 years, died March 5; president and general manager of Tennessee Glass and Queensware Company.


March 24, 1903

Maj. THOMAS H. HARTMUS, aged 69 years, died in Jackson, arch 23; formerly a cotton broker in Memphis. Confederate veteran. Left son, T. H. and a daughter, Miss Anna Hartmus.


April 10, 1903

JULIAN J. WORRELL of Fulton, Ky., formerly of Jackson, died at home of his sister, Mrs. J. Frank Taylor, Jackson, April 8. Veteran of Spanish-American War. Also left a surviving brother, D. A. Worrell, Fulton, Ky.


July 24, 1903

Miss CLEAVEY CRAIGG, aged 18 years, died July 22, Jackson.


August 16, 1903

THOMAS GILES, 2 year old of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giles, died August 14, Jackson; burial Rutherford, Tenn.

Mrs. SARAH C. KELLY, aged 71 years, died at home of her son, T. Craven, 16 miles miles east of Jackson, about August 14.

K. G. HICKS, aged 71 years, prominent citizen, died 4 miles north of Jackson, August 14. Confederate veteran.


August 23, 1903

EUGENE MERCER, aged about 19 years, son of T. E. Mercer, Mercer, Tenn. died there August 21, of typhoid fever.


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September 24, 1903

Mrs. HENRIETTA ROBINSON, aged 33 years, wife of Wm. E. Robinson, died near Beech Bluff, about September 23.


October 1, 1903

Mrs. J. J. PEELER, aged 30 years, died north of Jackson, Sept. 29. Her youngest child died last week and her husband died about 6 months before. Left 5 children.


October 3, 1903

MrS. FANNY M. MEARS, aged 65 years, died Oct. 2, Jackson, in home of son-in-law, Dr. R. H. Cartmell; widow of John G. Mears.


October 4, 1903

Miss CARRIE SHARP, aged 16 years, died Oct. 2, Jackson, at home of her grandmother, Mrs. Mattie Medlin; daughter of S. E. Sharp of Murray, Miss. Had come to Jackson to attend school.


October 8, 1903

ROBERT WILLIAMSON, aged 65 years, died Oct. 6, Civil District 7; magistrate; Confederate veteran.


October 11, 1903

FRANK PEARCE, aged 35 years, died Shelbyville, Ohio, about Oct. 10; railroad engineer.


October 23, 1903

Col. PETER J. MURRAY, aged 58 years, died Oct. 22, Jackson; manager of Jackson Oil Mills; came to Jackson, 1878. Left wife and 10 children.


October 26, 1903

T. M. SMITH, aged 35 years, died Oct. 23, at home of sister, Mrs. J. T. Newsome; burial in Mt. Mariah in Fayette Co., Tenn.


November 11, 1903

E. L. JETT, aged 57 years, died November 9, Jackson.


November 26, 1903

Mrs. SUSAN ELVIRA, wife of U. R. HEAVNER, aged 65 years, died November 24; left husband and 2 children.


November 28, 1903

Miss EVA NICHOLS, aged 25 years, died November 26, 8 miles north of Jackson.


December 24, 1903

JAMES HART, aged 64 years, died near Neely, about December 23; left wife and 6 children. Confederate veteran.


December 31, 1903

GEORGE ROWE, aged 16 years, son of Ed Rowe, died 4 miles north of Jackson, about December 30.


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