Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee, Volume Two
Compiled by Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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            Located about 6 miles northwest from Jackson, Tennessee via the Old Bells Highway and Adair Road. Situated at the end of a former road about a quarter of a mile west from Adair Road at a point about .3 mile north from the juncture of this road with Brooks Lane. Many unmarked graves here. This served for many years as the cemetery for St. John Missionary Baptist Church #1.

SARAH OWENS BROOKS, Circle 3049, Died Aug. 10, 1928, In circular fashion around top of tombstone: Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World

EMILY ESTES, Died May 14, 1920, Winfred Chamber 2004 Bells, Tenn.

JOHN B. McCLELLAN, Tennessee PVT 368 Inf. 92 Div., October 18, 1918

EMMA COLE, Mother, 1870-1941, At Rest

MARTIN J. BARNETT, 1911-1940

IRRIE COLE, Mother, 1872-1930 At Rest

NEAL COLE, 1873-1934, At Rest

BEN SHARP, JR. Died Feb. 28, 1953, Gone but not forgotten

MARY MOORE, Apr. 5, 1892-Apr. 26, 1957, Gone but not forgotten

BABY HICKS, 1960, funeral home marker

CROMMIE COLE, Born 1884, Died Sept. 24, 1959 At Rest

FRANK MATHIS, Jan. 12, 1867-Feb. 20, 1952


CHARLIE STEWARD, 1883-1951, At Rest

AMY MATHIS, Mother, 1871-1946, At Rest

ALBERT F. COLE, Father, 1907-1946, At Rest

HATTIE JONES, 1893-1937, At Rest

MYRTLE COLE, Mar. 20, 1900-Feb. 7, 1920, Age 20, Gone to rest

JAMES BOLTON, husband of Harriet BOLTON, Died Mar. 15, 1920, Aged 90 Years, Thy will be done

ZELANN, wife of Neal COLE, Nov. 2, 1880-May 29, 1920, Age 40, At Rest

Double tombstone:
SPENCER WALKER, 1889-19(not given)
CLAUDIE WALKER, 1893-1953 At Rest

CORDELIA ANN COLE, 1855-1941, At Rest

ANNIE SHARP, 1885-1940, At Rest

ABE WALKER, SR., Father, 1878-1942 At Rest

MONROE PERRY, 1929-1944, At Rest

DOLL ELIZABETH WEATHERS, Feb. 24, 1903-June 18, 1954

HENRY COLE, Died July 2, 1925, Red Elk Temple 736 Bells, Tenn.

MENNIE COLE, Born Jan. 5, 1885, Died June 15, 1959 At Rest

HATTIE MAE SCRUGGS, Died Mar. 3, 1954 Age 32 Yrs., Rawls-Claybrook Fun. Home Marker

JIM KING, Father, 1865-1945, At Rest

FANNIE M. COLE BROOKS, Died Oct. 27, 1928, Circle 3049, In circular fashion around top of tombstone: Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World

CHATTIE OSIER, B & D 1940, At Rest

CLARENCE COLE, 1907-1946, At Rest


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Double tombstone: CATHRINE WALKER, Mother, 1864-1944
RRODE WALKER, Father, 1852-1937, At Rest

ANDREW WALKER, Tennessee PVT 802 Pioneer Inf. World War 1, Nov. 11, 1891-Sept. 17, 1949

JIM PATRICK, 1880-1947, At Rest

CANDIS PATRICK, Mother, 1879-1952, At Rest

ALICE, Wife of Eddie BARNETT, Dec. 14, 1882-Apr. 24, 1938

ABE III WALKER, 1932-1939, At Rest

MINNIE LEE TRIGGS, Died Feb. 17, 1935 (funeral home marker)

Mrs. HENRY D. COLE, Died Oct. 17, 1935 Aged 51 Yrs. 11 mos. 6 days, funeral home marker, Mrs. Geo. F. Goodman Funeral Home

HATTIE PERRY BROOKS, Circle No. 3049, Died Apr. 3, 1926 (a fallen stone), In circular fashion around top of tombstone: Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World

Double tombstone:
ALZIRIA WOODS, 1892-1951
LOUIS WOODS, 1875-no death date

MARY MASON, 1874-1947, At Rest

LILLIAN BROOKS, 1899-1950, At Rest

RICHARD JEANS, Born March 4, 1952, Died May 1950, At Rest /Dates as inscribed on stone, but Rogers funeral home marker beside stone reads: RICHARD Jnne Epperson Died April 17, 1950 Age 7 Yrs.


WILLIE C. PATRICK, 1901-1936, At Rest

CORA L. WALKER, 1935-1937, At Rest

_ELINA PERRY, Died Jan. 2, 1935, 8 mos. fun. home marker

JULANN WOODS, Born July 15, 1881, Died Jan. 28, 1923, Winfred Chamber 2004 Bel1s, Tenn.

WALTER COLE, Father, 1886-1939, Gone but not forgotten

DORSEY LEE WALKER, 1924-1953, Gone but not forgotten

MARY LOUISE GALES, 1927-1950, At Rest

BARBARA ANN McLEMORE Nov. 6, 1947-Mar. 7, 1953, foot stone: Daughter


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