Graves of Martha A. Massey and William Massey, White Cemetery


            This is a small maintained cemetery on White Cemetery Road in the Rock Springs community of northwestern Henderson County. This record was made April 27, 2001.

            Bobbie Pierce recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Her work is included in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. I, pp. 115-116. This is referred to as "Pierce" in the notes below.


Chambers, Susan Tennessee, June 30, 1861-July 26, 1884, "Wife of S. J. Chambers and daughter of J. M. & Nancy Massey"

Flake Napoleon, June 25, 1893-Oct. 17, 1920

Flake, James E., Oct. 25, 1908-Aug. 3, 1910
Flake, Infant, b. Oct. 9, 1911

Flake, Josie, May 1, 1897-Aug. 27, 1898, "Dau. of A. L. & Mollie Flake"

Flake, Mollie, Dec. 2, 1867-May 5, 1952, "Wife of A. L. Flake," "Mother" footstone
Flake, A. L., Mar. 9, 1866-Mar. 3, 1938, "Husband of Mollie Flake," "Father" footstone

Grant, George, no dates [not found in 2001; reported by Pierce]

Grant, Nan, no dates [not found in 2001; reported by Pierce]

Johnson, Elizabeth, Jan. 25, 1853-Oct. 6, 1905, "Married Joseph E. Johnson Dec. 9, 1875" (fallen)

Johnson, Infant, no dates, "Stillborn son of J. E. & E. Johnson"

Johnson, Rosa, Sept. 17, 1891-Oct. 3, 1913

Johnson, William E., Dec. 6, 1883-Aug. 7, 1884, "Son of J. E. & E. Johnson"

Kee, Harriet Ann, June 21, 1853-Feb. 5, 1880, "Wife of H. D. Kee"

Kee, W. D., Apr. 20, 1875-Oct. 25, 1888, "Son of H. D. & H. A. Kee" (eroded)

Marsh, Charlie F., Oct. 20, 1859-Oct. 15, 1890, "Son of E. & E. J. Marsh"

Marsh, E. J. Jr., Dec. 27, 1860-Aug. 26, 1869, "Son of Edman J. & Elizabeth Marsh" (fallen, eroded)

Marsh, Simon, July 27, 1853-Oct. 13, 1855, "Son of E. J. & E. Marsh" (fallen, eroded)

Marsh, Texana, Jan. 2, 1858-Jan. 13, 1858, "Daughter of J. J. & E. Marsh" (broken, eroded)

Massey, Bennie D., June 17, 1888-Nov. 26, 1888, "Son of W. A. & S. M. Massey"

Massey, Jerry C., July 23, 1901-Sept. 21, 1901, "Son of W. A. & S. M. Massey"

Massey, Joseph S., Mar. 26, 1857-Mar. 6, 1880, "Son of W. M. & Nancy Massey" (broken) [only last ame and dates are clearly readable in 2001; first name and relationship information come from Pierce]

Massey, Martha A., Aug. 27, 1811-Dec. 20, 1884, "Wife of William Massey" (broken marker; shell-covered grave)

Massey, Susan Tennessee [see Chambers, Susan Tennessee]

Massey, William, Feb. 22, 1808-Aug. 29, 1878 (shell-covered grave)

Milam, Martha A., Aug. 5, 1830-Mar. 29, 1877, "Wife of R. L. Milam" (eroded)

Milam, W. C., Nov. 7, 1849-Aug. 17, 1891, "Husband of M. E. Milam" (fallen)

Pearcey, George, Jan. 1, 1830-Oct. 8, 1899
Pearcey, Darkes, June 21, 1837-July 18, 1917

Pearcey, Susian F., 1876-1915
Pearcey, Thomas J., 1864-1944

Rosser, E. C., Mar. 3, 1838-June 29, 1896, "Wife of J. R. Rosser"

Rosser, J. B., Mar. 26, 1820-Jan. 30, 1890 (broken, fallen) [Masonic symbol]

Wall, Blanch J., Aug. 2, 1894-May 2, 1925 [replacement; she probably is a Johnson as this marker is with the Johnson markers]

White, Emma E., Oct. 26, 1856-Aug. 24, 1882, "Dau. of J. & S. M. White" (broken)

White, Jeremiah, Oct. 8, 1822-Apr. 1, 1892

White, Kittie S., Apr. 13, 1844-May/17, 1875, "Wife of James White" [this marker is located at the east end of a collapsed vault]

White, Mary T., Aug. 10, 1869-Aug. 29, 1871, "Dau. of J. & S. M. White" (broken, fallen, eroded) [death date is best guess; Pierce recorded only death year]

White, Penelope A., Feb. 20, 1855-Mar. 28, 1855, "Dau. of J. & S. M. White"

White, Rista, Dec. 6, 1874-Apr. 15, 1875, "Son of J. & K. S. White"
White, Infant, no dates
White, Infant, no dates, "Stillborn daughters of J. & K. S. White"

White, S. M., Jan. 31, 1829-Oct. 13, 1889, "Wife of Jerry White"

White, Thomas, no dates [probably a replacement]

Wright, Nancy E., d. June 28, 1900, "Aged 23 Ys" "Wife of J. H. Wright"


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