Chester County, Tennessee
Glenda Ann Nobles Parchman

Located 14 miles south of Lexington on Highway 22A, in Chester County. Information in brackets comes from obituaries and family histories. Entries below are alphabetized. Click here for a survey order list.


Anderson, Maudie May Black
1889-November 23, 1976
[Son: Glen Anderson]
[Daughters: Mrs. Mary Jones, Mrs. M. H. Smith, Mrs. Otis Carroll & Mrs. Robbie Rhodes]
[Brother: Robert Black]

Anderson, Newton B.
1880-July 3, 1951
[Parents: William & Mary Satterfield Anderson]
[Sisters: Mrs. Fanny Perry & Mrs. Rebecca Southall]

Arendall, James F.
April 16, 1891-April __, 1963

Arendall, Mary A.
January 3, 1894-December _, 1980

Armour, German Culwell
May 1, 1889-May 7, 1977
[Parents: Abraham & Etta Hatch Armour]
[Brother: C. N. Armour]

Armour, Ressie Lee Redmon
Wife of German C.
August 10, 1902-September 8, 1978
[Parents: Robert F. & Serilda Ann Hatch Redmon]
[Sons: Robert Ladell, Warren G., Ishmael & Donald Armour]
[Daughters: Crystal McEarl, Gloria Sherrill & Sylvia Grissom]
[Brothers: Colonel, T. A. & K. D. Redmon]
Sisters: Mrs. Virgil Hooper, Mrs. Forrest Cox, Mrs. Wayne Cox, Mrs.Cecil Clayton & Mrs. Orville Pirtle]

Armstrong, Olene McAdams
October 28, 1914-________

Arnold, Carl Edison
December 23, 1898-May 3, 1953

Arnold, Charlotte Farrow
Wife of Willis
1799-May 28, 1861
Aged 62 years
[Parents: William & Rhoda Waters Farrow]

Arnold, Child
Son of J. R. & H.
August 1, 1861-August 24, 1870

Arnold, Dr. James Mitchum
1850-July 30, 1930
[Parents: Willis Nem & Margaret Ann Garrett Arnold]

Arnold, Dr. John M. Sr.
January 27, 1852-April 3, 1929
[Parents: Willis & Margaret Garrett Arnold]

Arnold, George Day
November 3, 1848-May 10, 1943
[Parents: Willis & Margaret Garrett Arnold]

Arnold, George M.
Son of James & Jane Melton Arnold

Arnold, Georgie Lee
Daughter of J. M. & L. E.
February 5, 1890-November 10, 1892

Arnold, Infant
Son of J. M. & L. E.
February 25, 1888-March 6, 1888

Arnold, Isaac
Son of J. M. & L. E.
October 2, 1883-September 15, 1884

Arnold, James Robert
March 5, 1836-March 5, 1864
Son of James & Jane Melton Arnold (Broken Stone)

Arnold, James
December 25, 1788-September 22, 1872

Arnold, Jane Melton
Wife of James Arnold
December 9, 1799-September 9, 1865
[Daughters: Sarah Moore, Lucinda Arnold & Martha Arnold]
[Sons: George, James & Robert Arnold

Arnold, John M. Jr.
February 18, 1893-November 29, 1941

Arnold, Jr. Willis N.
Son of J. M. & L. E.
April 10, 1894-June 30, 1894

Arnold, Laura Frances
November 11, 1858-March 11, 1937
[Wife of John Martin Arnold]

Arnold, Lucy McCallum
Wife of Dr. James, Married 1882
March 24, 1859-November 6, 1932
[Sons: Murray, Lymon & Isaac Arnold]
[Daughters: Loy Dennison & Margie Arnold, Margaret Arnold, Elta Nuckolls & Georgie Arnold]

Arnold, Margaret Lucy
Daughter of James & Lucy

Arnold, Willis
December 15, 1794-February 16, 1867
[Parents John & Nancy Mitchum Arnold]

Attaway, Arthur R.

Attaway, Bertha J.
Wife of Arthur R.

Austin, Calvin W.
December 14, 1944-_________
[Parents: Carl F. & Carnell Cherry Austin]

Austin, Carl F.
December 24, 1921-November 19, 1966
[Parents: Homer & Velmar Stanfill Austin]
[Brothers: Eual, Cletus, Earl E., Ottis Marion & Max Ray Austin]
[Sister: Mrs. Fay Day]
[Children: Calvin & Dorothy Austin]

Austin, Carnell Cherry
Wife of Carl F., Married October 11, 1941
July 5, 1918-September 13, 1996
[Parents: Hue & Almanie Young Cherry]
[Children: Calvin Wayne & Dorothy Imogene Austin]
[Sisters: Lodie Beecham, Jane Boris, Clara May Holley & Marie Kovac]

Austin, Cletus O.
May 16, 1924-June 11, 1997
[Daughters: Sharon Parker, Donna Brady, Brenda Mills, Betty Mills & Nancy Hurt]
[Sons: Randy Austin & Ron Austin]
[Brother: Eual Austin]

Austin, Dorothy Imogene
August 20, 1942-March 23, 1997
[Parents: Carl F. & Carnell Cherry Austin]
[Brother: Calvin Wayne Austin]

Austin, Earl D.
March 30, 1931-January 5, 1978
[Spouse: Reiko ____]
[Sons: Larry E., Richard D. & David Glen Austin]
[Daughter: Laverne R. Austin]
[Parents: Homer & Velmar Stanfill Austin]
[Brothers: Eual, Cletus, Carl F. & Max Ray Austin]
[Sister: Faye Day]

Austin, Lola Williams
1935-____, Married March 17, 1954

Austin, Lynda G.
Oct. 4, 1946-________
[Spouse: Calvin Wayne Austin]

Austin, Max Ray
1937-May 31, 1996
[Parents: Homer Floyd & Velmar Stanfill Austin]
[Daughters: Lisa Clevenger & Karen Simms]
[Sons: Tony & Steven Austin]
[Grandchildren: Kisha Montgomery, Justin Clevenger, Nicholas Austin, Cody Austin Y Heather Ann Clevenger]

Austin, Ottis Marion
1933-January 1, 1973
[Parents: Homer & Velmar Stanfill Austin]
[Daughter: Kathy Austin]
[Brothers: Eual, Cletus, Carl F, Earl & Max Ray Austin]
[Sister: Mrs. Frank "Faye" Day]

Austin, Velmar Stanfill
February 17, 1902-May 5, 1989
[Father: John Stanfill]
[Spouse: Homer Floyd Austin]
[Daughter: Mrs. Faye Day]
[Sons: Cletus, Eval, Max Austin]
[Sister: Mrs. Nillie Jones]

Bailey, Allan Dean
April 2, 1935-April 9, 1945
[Parents: Ed & Crissie Alice Wilson Bailey]

Bailey, Crissie Alice Wilson
[Parents: Hugh Whitson & Jennie Windslow Wilson]
Wife of Ed, Married 1917
July 14, 1895-September 11, 1981
[Sons: Robert, Roy & Lance Bailey]
[Daughters: Mrs. Edward Pitts, Mrs. Edward Harvey, Mrs. Norma Gene Morris & Mrs. Wendell Joyner]

Bailey, Edith Sue King Johnson
May 11, 1949-June 1, 2002
[James & Mary Alice Hart King]
[1st Spouse: Dennie Johnson]
[2nd Spouse: Donald "Duck" Bailey]
[Daughter: Rita Kay Johnson Cary]

Bailey, Ernest Wesley
October 1, 1887-April 12, 1968
[Parents: William Merrell & Mary Ella ____ Bailey]
[Sister: Mrs. Walter McAdams]

Bailey, James Elbert
1892-August 19, 1963
[Parents: William Merrell & Mary Ella Byrd Bailey]

Bailey, Lucille "Lucy" White
[Son: Ernest & Joseph William Bailey]
[Daughter: Mrs. Frances Lacomb]

Bailey, Mabel Katherine Johnson
Wife of Roy Wilson, Married 1930
October 9, 1920-January 11, 1974
[Parents: Robert Lee & Elma Melton Johnson]
[Sons: Larry & Don Bailey]
[Daughters: Mrs. Steve "Joy" Connor & Mrs. Dennis "Jan" Cox]
[Sisters: Mrs. Marion Vestal, Mrs. Lectra Freeman & Mrs. Travis Latham]

Bailey, Mary Ella Byrd
Wife of William Merrell
September 15, 1865-March 18, 1915
[Parents: James T. & Caroline May Connaly Byrd]

Bailey, Minnie Esterlee Smith
Wife of Ernest, Married March 14, 1917
October 24, 1889-July 3, 1986
[Daughters: Mrs. Eugene Turner & Mrs. Webb Helm]

Bailey, Robert Edward "Ed"
1889-December 23, 1960
[Parents: Willaim Merrell & Mary Byrd Bailey]
[Brothers: Ernest Westley & Jamses Elbert Bailey]
[Sisters: Mrs. Majorie McAdams & Mrs. Mary Wadley

Bailey, Roy Wilson
March 8, 1920-July 11, 1983
[Parents: Robert Edward & Alice Wilson Bailey]
[1st Spouse: Mable Katherine Johnson]
[2nd Spouse: Mae Clayton Riley]
[3rd Spouse: Ruth Nobles Morris]
[Brothers: Robert & Lance Bailey]
[Sisters: Mrs. Edward Pitts, Mrs. Edward Harvey, Mrs. Gene Morris & Mrs. Charlotte Joyner]

Bailey, Shirley Jo
October __, 1937-July 10, 1938
[Parents: Roy & Mabel Katherine Johnson Bailey]
[Paternal Grandfather: Ed Bailey]
[Maternal Grandfather: Robert Lee Johnson]

Bailey, William Merrell
1863-February 11, 1950
[Parents: Robert Tillman & Mary P. Stewart Bailey]
[Sons: Ernest Wesley, Robert Edward & James Elbert Bailey]
[Daughters: Mrs. Margie McAdams & Mrs. Mary Wadley]
[Brothers: A. Milton & Theodore Bailey]
[Sisters: Mrs. Harriet Scott, Mrs. Flora Little, Mrs. Margaret Beechman & Miss Susan Bailey]

Barham, Albert Brown
Wife Mildred F.
April 17, 1916 -
[Parents: William Albert & Lennie Mae Ivy Barham]

Barham, Mildred Lucy Farrow
Wife of Albert B. , married Dec. 11, 1937
June 9, 1919-
[Son: Tim Barham]
[Daughter: Romona Browder]
[Parents: George Samuel & Ethel Lucy Brewer Farrow]
Sister: Georgia Lois Rhodes]

Barham, Clarenda E. Dodds
Aged about 74 yrs.
[Wife of Lud Plez Barham]

Barham, Jimmie N.
Son of R. H. & S. T.
July 17, 1869-September 14, 1869

Barham, Lud Plez
March 9, 1847-November 21, 1904

Barker, James Travis
2nd Husband of Murdell, Married 1950
November 28, 1920-August 27, 1995
[Parents: Ernest & Angie Mount Barker]
[Sister: Wilma Frye]
[Brothers: Royce & Billy Jo Barker]

Beacham, George Henry
October 1880-September 1952

Beacham, Ilene Ethel
October 24, 1919-October 24, 1919
[Daughter of George & Nora Ann Woods Beacham]

Beacham, Lillie Trice
2nd Wife of George Henry Beacham-married 1921
1881-November 13, 1971
[Parents: Ed & Elizabeth Foster Trice]
[Sisters: Mrs. Eddie Riley & Nina Cheatham]

Beacham, Maurine Estelle
October 24, 1919-March __, 1920
[Dau of George & Nora Woods Beacham]

Beacham, Nora Ann Woods
1st Wife of George Henry Beacham
November 20, 1881-November 1, 1919
[Parents: Joseph & Margaret Ann Benson Woods]
[Son: Harmon Beacham]
[Daughter: Mrs. Bessie Barham]

Beacham, Rura Ann
1907-August 22, 1954
[Dau of George Henry & Nora Ann Woods Beacham[
[Sister: Bessie Barham]
[Brother: Harmon Beacham]

Beavers, Grace Carmon
Daughter of J. C. & L. E.
December 18, 1892-March 31, 1897
[Parents Buried in Crocket County, Friendship, Tennessee]

Bell, Bernard M. "Benny"
December 16, 1949-June 16, 1998
[Parents: Walter T. Jr. & Lula Mae Holmes Bell]

Bell, Elizabeth Ann Crook
Wife of H. J. Crook
February 12, 1857-January 18, 1916
[Parents: Thomas Greer & Sarah Evelyn Crook Crook

Bell, Harold Eugene
July 17, 1909-September 3, 1986
[Parents: Walter Thomas & Laura Smith Bell]
[Brothers: W. T & Edwin Bell]
[Sisters: Edith Rhodes, Mrs. Linda Davis, Mrs. Rachel Mullins & Rebecca Fesmire]
Bell, Mary Adcox
Wife of Harold Eugene, Married 1936
March 4, 1918-July 31, 1995
[Parents: Felix Newton & Rhoda Sumner Adcox]
[Son: Randy Bell]
[Brother: Murray Adcox]
[Sister: Exie Blankenship, Lois Russell, Linda Carol Davis & Wilma Blackwood]

Bell, Harrison Jonathon
Husband of E. A. Crook, Married January 6, 1879
September 15, 1852-July 24, 1902

Bell, Laura Smith
Wife of Walter T. Sr.
1882-May 22, 1956
[Sons: Edwin, Walter T. Jr. & Harold]
[Sister: Clevie E. Robertson]
[Brother: H. E. Smith]

Bell, Lula Mae Holmes Cagle
Wife of Walter Jr.
July 3, 1932-________
[Daughter: Lisa Bell]
[Sons: Bernard "Benny" & Walter III "Tommy" Bell]
[Grandchild: Shane Bell]

Bell, Shirley E. Clifford
Wife of Bernard Bell, Married June 9, 1973
January 23, 1952-_______
[Son: Shane Bell]

Bell, Walter T. Jr.
January 24, 1925-April 25, 1995
[Parents: Walter Thomas & Laura Smith Bell]

Benson, Annie Mae Phillips
Wife of Robert Wylie, Married 1928
August 2, 1908-November 28, 1996
[Parents: Thomas Logan & Seraphana "Raffie" Ryals Phillips]
[Daughter: Virginia Benson]
[Son: Billy Wayne Benson]
[Brother: James E. & Hubert E. Phillips]

Benson, Billy Wayne
June 21, 1934-________
[Parents: Robert Wylie & Annie Mae Phillips Benson]

Benson, Dora Ellen
May 16, 1907-March 12, 1990
[Parents: Edward B. & Mary Frances Martin Benson]
[Sons: William & Bobby Benson]
[Daughter: Ann Petit]
[Brother: Hershel Smith]
[Sisters: Myrtle Harrison, Fleetia Ethel, Maxine Benson, Chrintine Hollowell & Euda Garner]

Benson, Edward "Edd" B.
September 9, 1875-April 8, 1955
[Parents: Wiley & Mary Melissa Sheppard Benson]
[Brothers: John, William T., Jacob C., Newton, Wiley Jr. & Thomas Benson]
[Sisters: Nancy Jane, Chaney Ellen, Sara Frances, Margaret Ann, Mary Lissy, Tennesse Benson & Martha Elizabeth Smith]

Benson, Fleetia Ethel
August 19, 1915-October 6, 1933
[Parents: Edward B. & Mary Frances Martin Benson]

Benson, Little Guy Edward
Son of E. B. & M. F.
June 25, 1912-June 25, 1913

Benson, Mary Frances Martin
Wife of E. B.
July 30, 1877-June 14, 1925
[Parents: William "Billy" Buckner & Melissa Ann McGee Martin, Sr.]

Benson, Mary Juanita Hendrix
July 22, 1932-________
Wife of Billy Wayne Benson
[Parents: Joyce & Ruby Lee Pruett Hendrix]

Benson, Maxine
May 9, 1932-May 28, 2000
[Parents: Edd & Pearlie Lunsford Smith Benson]
[Sisters: Christine Hollowell & Euda Garner]
[Half Brother: Hershell Smith]

Benson, Pearlie Lunsford Smith
Wife of Edd Benson
Decmeber 16, 1898-April 1, 1978
[Parents: Miles & Emma Wallace Lunsford]
[Brother: Jess Lunsford]
[Son: Hershel Smith]
[Daughters: Maxine Benson, Christine Hollowell & Euda Garner]
[Sisters: Mrs. Tinnie Rhodes & Mrs. Bertha Elmington]

Benson, Robert Wylie
February 1, 1905-January 2, 1979
[Parents: Robert Bryant & Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth Beacham Benson]

Benson, Ronnie Wayne
November 4, 1954-July 21, 1980
[Parents: Billy " Bill" Wayne & Mary "Juanita" Hendrix Benson]
[Spouse: Margaret Louise Whorley]
[Son: Robert Wayne Benson]
[Brother: Ralph Benson]
[Grandfather: Wylie Benson]

Benson, Stanley Ralph
July 14, 1952-September 10, 1988
[Parents: Billy " Bill" Wayne & Mary "Juanita" Hendrix Benson]
[Daughter: Christy Benson]
[Son: Ralph "Stuart" Stewart Benson]

Benson, Virginia Cornelia Benson
January 2, 1931-________
[Parents: Robert Wylie & Annie Mae Phillips Benson]

Bingham, Abbie Couch
1891-January 31, 1960
[Parents: John & Martha L. Copeland Couch]
[Spouse: Eugene G. Bingham]
[Brothers: Cline & Eron Couch]
[Sisters: Mrs. Milburn Rucker, Mrs. W. D. Cherry & Mrs. S. C. Russell]
[Stepsons: Ray, Leonard, W.Eugene Bingham]
[Stepdaughters: Mrs. Homer Rhodes & Mrs. R. L. Tignor]

Bingham, Curtis Ray
Son of Eugene & Alice Thomas Bingham
November 25, 1907-June 5, 1987
[Brothers: Leonard & Eugene Bingham]
[Sister: Mrs. Nell Tignor]

Bingham, Eugene G.
June 18, 1875-July 9, 1960
[Parents: Jabez Ero & Minerva E. Haltom Bingham]

Bingham, Linda Autry
Wife of Larry
January 21, 1942-November 4, 1984
[Parents: Robert Linn & Lucille Garrett Autry, Sr.]
[Brothers: Robert Jr. & Phillip Autry]
[Sons: Robert T. & John Bingham]
[Daughter: Regina Clement]

Bingham, Margaret Lou Wright
March 20, 1917-________
Wife of Curtis Ray
[Parents: Ernest Claude & Linnie Bain Wright]
[Children: Larry Bingham, Ms. Janice Bingham & Mrs. Patricia Tucker]

Bingham, Martha Alice Thomas
Wife of Eugene G., Married September 10, 1905
May 18, 1877-February 13, 1939
[Parents: Wylie & Matilda Rhodes Thomas]
[Sons: Ray, Leonard & Eugene Bingham]
[Daughters: Mrs. Homer Rhodes & Mrs. Robert "Nell" Tignor]
[Brother: J. W. Thomas]
[Sister: Mrs. W. F. Swanner]

Bingham, Robert T. "Bobby"
July 2, 1964-February 11, 1965
[Parents: Larry & Linda Autry Bingham]

Bingham, Wiley
August 30, 1912-November 3, 1913
Bingham, Doris
August 19, 1919-June 19, 1921

Bingham, William Perry
June 23, 1940-June 29, 1940
[Son of W. E. Bingham]
[Parents: William Eugene & Ellen Maurine Griffing Bingham]

Bishop, James "Jabo" Wilson Jr.
November 14, 1924-July 2, 2000
[Parents: James Wilson & Lula Clifford Bishop]
[Spouse: Jean]
[Sisters: Junell Lott & Martha Parker]

Bishop, James Wilson
1895-December 10, 1962
[Parents: Joseph Lemual & Alice Cash Bishop]
[Son James Bishop]
[Daughter: Junell Lott & Mrs. William Parker]
[Brother: Bill Bishop]
[Sister: Mrs. Bob Cherry]
[1st Spouse: Lula H. Clifford]
[2nd Spouse: Lura Pearl Melton]
[3rd Spouse: Mary Belle Tatum]

Bishop, Lucy Camille McCall
Daughter of Marvin & Murdell
April 2, 1937-December 7, 1981
[Parents: Marvin & Murdell Brewer McCall]
[Spouse: Dr. Hal Bishop]
[Sons: Hal Jr. & John Kevin McCall Bishop]
[Daughter: Marva Grace Bishop]

Bishop, Lula Henry Clifford
1st Spouse of James Wilson
August 19, 1906-May 31, 1929
[Daughter: Martha Almeda Bishop]

Bishop, Lura Pearl Melton
2nd Wife of James Wilson Bishop, Married 1929
August 19, 1903-February 5, 1961
[Parents: Jim & Jane Morris Melton]
[Brothers: Lee, Jim, A. L. & Paris Melton]
[Sisters: Mrs. Albert Brewer, Mrs. Will Newsom & Mrs. Hugh Young]
[Stepsons: James Wilson Bishop]
[Stepdaughters: Mrs. James Lott & Mrs. W. S. Parker]

Blake, Craig Walter
October 12, 1911-March 24, 1979
[Parents: Frank & Bessie Hall Blake]
[Daughter: Mrs. Kathi Pearce]
[Son: H. John Blake]

Blake, Mozelle McGill
Wife of Craig Walter

Bland, E. Plummer
1872-April 29, 1958
[Parents: James & Katherine Reagan & Bland]
[Brother: H. S. Bland]
[Sisters: Mrs. Bertha Meadows & Mrs. F. E. Laycock]

Bland, Ellie McCall
September 22, 1877-April 1967
Wife of E. Plummer, Married 1901
[Parents: Zack T. & Mary Barham McCall]
[Brothers: Z. T. & Joe McCall]
[Sisters: Mrs. Willie McAdams & Mrs. Leon Brewer]
[Daughters: Mrs. Wade Smith & Mrs. J. Howard Swain]

Bland, Julia Perry
July 17, 1852-February 13, 1953
[Parents: William & Katherine Crook Perry]
[Spouse: James "Jim" Bland]
[Sons: H. S. & P. B. Bland]
[Daughters: Bertha Meadows, Mrs. F. E. Laycock & Mrs. G. E. Stovall]

Blankenship, Beulah Lessie Phillips
Wife of James Thomas, Married 1925
May 3, 1905-July 13, 1962
[Parents: Richard & Chris Robinson Phillips]
[Sons: James Thomas Jr. & Charles Blankenship]
[Brothers: Dewey, Ambrose & Otis Phillips]
[Sister: Mrs. Claud "Maxie" Ledbetter]

Blankenship, James Thomas
January 9, 1898-July 2, 1975
[Parents: Joseph & Cornellia Orr Blankenship]
[1st Spouse: Beulah Lessie Phillips]
[2nd Spouse: Hattie Wright]
[Sons: J. T. & Charles Blankenship]
[Brothers: Rev. Frank, Rev. Floyd, Edgar, Rev. Fred Blankenship]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ethel Bridges, Mae Tarpley, Edna Hooper, Ruby Hamilton & Geneva Craig]
[Step Sons: Lee Ward Ruth & Brodie Lewis]
[Step Daughter: Mrs. Theo Alexander]

Brewer, Albert Manley
March 7, 1886-December 18, 1969
[Parents: Charlie H. & Lucy Adeline Moss Brewer]
[Sisters: Mrs. Will Lott, Mrs Ethel Farrow, Mrs. R.P. Bain & Mrs H. M. Stone]

Brewer, Annie E. Ryals Brewer King
1901-February 24, 1967
[Parents: Hugh & Belle Brantley Ryals]
[1st Spouse: Henry Brewer, Married 1920]
[2nd Spouse: Clavin King]
[Son: Albert King]
[Daughters: Mrs. Kathleen Hearn, Mrs. Dolores Jo McClory]
[Brother: Ernest Ryals]
[Sisters: Ms. Loren Rodgers & Mrs. W. H. Hayre]

Brewer, Charles "Charlie" Henry
1858-October 17, 1944
[Parents: John "Jack" & Martha Austin Brewer]
[Spouse: Lucy Adeline Moss]
[Sons: T. W. & Albert Brewer]
[Daughters: Mrs. Commer Bain, Mrs. H.N. Stone, Mrs. W.R. Lott & Mrs. George "Ethel" Farrow]

Brewer, Elizabeth McCall
January 14, 1911- November 13, 1997
[Parents: Zachariah Taylor & Emma Jackson Stanfill McCall]
[Daughter: Mrs. JoAnn Stansberry]
[Grandchildren: Deborah Stansberry, Jennifer Stansberry & Frank Stansberry, Jr.

Brewer, Henry C.
1896-November 13, 1949
[Mother: Litha _____]
[Son: Herman Brewer]
[Daughters: Kathleen Hearn & Mrs. J. T. Scott]
[Brothers: Charlie & Santa Brewer]
[Sister: Minnie Smith]
[Grandchildren: Jimmy & Charlotte Fay Brewer]

Brewer, Jerrie Cornelia Kee
Wife of Thompsy
February 24, 1895-April 21, 1977
[Parents: Jerry & Nelia "Nellie" McCall Kee]
[Son: Max Brewer]
[Daughters: Mrs. Mary Nell Rankin & Mrs. Ruby Bailey]
[Brother: Carl Bertrum Key]

Brewer, Leon Tompsy
April 26, 1912-April 18, 1988
[Parents: Albert M. & Mary Melton Brewer]
[Sisters: Murdell Barker & Mrs. Clyde Butler]

Brewer, Lucy Adeline Moss
Wife of Charlie
1862-March 15, 1946
[William Hardy "Billy" Sr. & Mary Elizabeth Hodges Moss]
[Sisters: Mrs. W. A. Poole & Mrs. Ada Bethune]

Brewer, Mary Alice Melton
Wife of Albert
November 11, 1890-September 5, 1979
[Parents: Jim & Jane Morris Melton]
[Son: Leon Brewer]
[Daughters: Mrs. Murdell Barker & Mrs. Clyde Butler]
[Brother: Al Melton]
[Sisters: Mrs. Daisy Newsom & Mrs. Iva Young]

Brewer, Thompsy W.
January 6, 1894-October 15, 1971
[Parents: Charlie H. & Lucy Adline Moss]
[Son: Max Brewer]
[Daughter: Mrs. Mary Nell Rankin & Mrs. Ruby Bailey]
[Sisters: Mrs. George Farrow & Mrs. W.R. Lott]

Brinkley, Albert
June 5, 1900-July 23, 1926

Browder, Alma Ludell Butler
Wife of Nelson
October 31, 1917-July 18, 1969
[Parents: Luke & Kate Odell Butler]
[Daughter: Mrs. Katie Stricklin]
[Brothers: Jack, Joe & Bobby Butler]
[Sisters: Mrs. J. C. Jones, Mrs. Frank Cherry & Mrs. Virginia Utley]

Browder, Nelson Alexander
August 20, 1899-September 22, 1965
[Parents: Newt & Alice Talley Browder]

Brower, Ada Moore Jones
Wife of William H. Brower
October 15, 1877-April 28, 1949
[Step-daughters: Mrs. Albert Jones & Mrs. Willie Young]
[Brother: Lee Moore]

Brower, Dessie I.
[Parents: William H. & Susan Nobles Brower]
October 30, 1893-October 24, 1910

Brower, Jessie M. Woods
Wife of John B.
March 13, 1895-March 16, 1975
[Parents: Joe & Margaret Vincent Woods]
[Brothers: Lonnie E., Arch & John Woods]
[Sister: Sallie E. Stewart]
[Sons: Jeoseph William & John Booker Brower, Jr.]

Brower, John Booker
November 15, 1894-January 12, 1969
[William Henry & Mary Susan Nobles Brewer]
Sisters: Dessie I. Brower & Sallie Biffle Brower]

Brower, Joseph William
September 13, 1921-January 3, 1972
[Parents: John Booker & Jessie M. Woods Brower]

Brower, Mary Nell McCall
Wife of William
October 26, 1926-May 24, 1975
[Parents: Z. T. & Junelle Weeks McCall]
[1st Spouse: Daniel J. Record]
[2nd Spouse: Joseph William Brower]
[3rd Spouse: James Roy Ross]
[Sons: Danny Record, Mac Brower & Brad Brower]
[Daughter: Cindy Cherry]

Brower, Sallie Biffle
[Parents: William H. & Susan Nobles Brower]
November 20, 1900-November 11, 1920

Brower, Susan Nobles
Wife of William Henry
October 10, 1866-March 15, 1903
[Parents: Greenbury & Susan Caroline Johnson Nobles]

Brower, William Henry
October 4, 1865-October 27, 1930
[1st Spouse: Susan Nobles]
[2nd Spouse: Ada Moore Jones]
[Son: John B. Brower]
[Daughter: Dorothy Brower]
[Brother: Ivy Brower]

Brown, Elmer Carnell
1903-September 1942
[Parents: John Luther & Nettie R. Brown]
[Sisters: Nadine Brown, Mrs. Joe Phillips & Mrs. Clyde Rhodes]

Brown, Hermon
Son of H. A. & M. R.
June 2, 1905-March 13, 1913
Killed by a Storm

Brown, Hubert A.
Husband of Mattie R.
October 18, 1873-March 25, 1915

Brown, Leola
Daughter of H. A. & M. R.
May 2, 1909-March 13, 1913
Killed by a Storm

Brown, Mary Pearl Crook
[Wife of Elmer C. Brown]
[Sons: William M. "Bill" Brown & Robert Neal Brown]
[Parents: William Carroll & Virginia Eugenia Kee Crook]

Brown, Mattie Ezella Rhodes
Wife of John Luther Brown
November 12, 1891-1948
[Parents: Robert Purdy & Jane C. Brown Rhodes]

Brown, Mattie R.
Wife of Herbert A. Brown

Brown, Nadine
1908-June 3, 1949
Parents: John Luther & Nettie Rhodes Brown]
[Aunt: Mrs. Ernest Smith]
Brown, Nettie Rhodes
1877-October 20, 1934
[Spouse: John Luther Brown]
[Parents: Thomas Nem "Neal" & Mary Beatrice Laster Rhodes]

Brown, Rhoda Robertson
Wife of Lexie G. Brown
June 13, 1894-June 14, 1949
[Parents: Willie B. & Mary Lee Scott Robertson]
[Sons: Elmer & James Brown]
[Daughters: Irene Reynolds, Willie Mae Tucker & Geraldine McKinney]

Brown, Verdell
Daughter of H. A. & M. R.
Killed by a Storm
June 6, 1901-March 13, 1913

Brown, William Lester "Pete"
1903-November 23, 1948
[Brother: Everette Brown]
[Mother: Mrs. J. B. Smith]

Bruce, Exie Morris Lott
August 9, 1907-April 3, 1992
[Parents: Charles Richard & Mary Frances "Fannie" Brantley Morris]
[1st Spouse: William Raymond Lott, Married 1924]
[2nd Spouse: Roma William Bruce]
[Sons: Charles & Max Lott]
[Daughter: Joy Frances Potter]
McAdams, Willie Lee Maness
Wife of William Gale
February 10, 1927-September 17, 1994
[Ambrose Franklin & Flossie Stewart Maness]
[Sons: John, Warren, Robert, Jamie & William McAdams]
[Daughters: Nancy Smith, Ann Stone & Susie Koverman]

Bruce, Roma William
April 25, 1895-March 21, 1971
[Son: Jimmy Bruce]
[Daughters: Miss Lorene Bruce, Mrs. Richard Lamb & Mrs. J. J. Bryan]

Buckley, John Raymond
October 25, 1923-______

Buckley, Mildred Stanfill
Nov. 19, 1932-Dec. 14, 2001
Wife of John Raymond Buckley
[Parents: Jasper Manley & Gladys Jones Stanfill]
[Denise, Melanie, Christy, Terri & Amy]
[Son: Bruce Buckley]

Burross, Lois Cherry
Wife of R. C., Married-March 21, 1936
January 28, 1918-February 8, 1992
[Parents: Alfred & Ivy Melton Cherry]
[Sons: Bobby Wayne & Randy Burross]
[Brother: Kenneth Cherry]
[Sister: Clark Frank]

Burross, R. C.
August 28, 1916-________
[Parents: Alex & Sarah Gibbs Burross]

Butler, Carolyn Faye
Nov. 1, 1932-May 13, 2002
[Parents: James Wilburn & Celden Faucett Butler]

Butler, Claude Cecil
March 30, 1899-January 30, 1973
[Parents: John & Ella Clifford Butler]
[Brothers: Clifford, Guy & Harry Butler]
[Sister: Mrs. Wilma Henson]

Butler, Eula Mae Hamlett
Wife of Robert Earl, Married 1919
May 17, 1897-March 5, 1947
[Brothers: Vance & Homer Hamlett]
[Son: William "Bill" H. Butler]

Butler, James N.
June 10, 1869-February 9, 1924

Butler, James Wilburn
1906-November 19, 1935
[Parents: John Wilburn & Mary Ella Clifford Butler]

Butler, John Thomas
1828-October 1, 1929
[Spouse: Katie Swink]
[Sons: T. Obe, David & John Wilburn]
[Daughters: Callie Meadows & Hattie Brown]

Butler, John Wilburn
February 6, 1871-November 19, 1939
[Parents: John Thomas & Katie Swink Butler]
[Sons: Clifford, Claude, Guy & Harry Butler]
[Daughter: Mrs. Wilma Hinson]
[Brothers: T. Obe & David Butler]
[Sister: Mrs. Hattie Brown]

Butler, Kate Odell (Odle)
Wife of Paul Luke
October 7, 1894-March 5, 1934
[Parents: Joe & Mattie Odell]
[Sons: Jack, Joe & Bobby Butler]
[Daughters: Mrs. Alma Browder, Mrs. Jerry Jones, Mrs. Margie Cherry & Mrs. Virginia Utley]

Butler, L. W. "Bud"
May 10, 1935-
[Parents: James William & Willie Celden Faucett Butler]
[Martha Sue Leath, Carolyn Faye Butler & Lerlene Guinn]

Butler, Lucille Young
Wife of T. Guy Butler
January 27, 1914-June 16, 1932
[Father: Elmer Young]
[Daughter: Mildred Nell Butler]
[Brothers: Carroll, Paul & Billie Gene Young]

Butler, Mary Ella Clifford
Wife of John W., Married December 27, 1892]
July 10, 1872-April 16, 1949
[Parents: James Thomas & Nancy J. Johnson Clifford]
[Daughter: Wilma Butler Hinson Little]
[Sons: Guy Butler, John C. Butler, Claude Butler & Harry Butler]

Butler, Mau Laverne Randolph
Wife of Claude
[Sons: David & Jerry Butler]
[Daughters: Mrs. Cesar Pascual, Mrs. Paul Connor & Mrs. Larry James]

Butler, Paul Luke
February 25, 1896-October 17, 1937
[Father: J.W. Butler]
[Brothers: Clifford, Claude, Guy & Harry Butler]
[Sister: Mrs. Earl Hinson]

Butler, Robert Earl
September 29, 1898-March 11, 1977
[Parents: Obe & Lilliam Latham Butler]
[Brother: Carl Butler]
[Sisters: Gertrude & Helen Butler]

Butler, Willie Celden Faucett
Wife of James Wilburn
[Children: Carolyn Faye Butler, Lerlene Guinn, Sue Leath & Bud Butler]
[Parents: Little W. & Cora Arendall Faucett]

Cagle, Clyde
May 27, 1901-October 3, 1983
[Parents: George & Lizzie Dickson Cagle]
[Brothers: Lon, Max, Ben & Erie Cagle]

Cagle, Jinnie Britt
Wife of Clyde
March 4, 1908-April 29, 1999
[Sons: Tony, Ralph & Clyde Cagle, Jr.]
[Daughters: Mrs. Loyce Connor, Mrs. Charles LaCross, Mrs Jerry
Billingsley & Mrs. Fred Pifher]

Cagle, Max Edward
June 4, 1941-May 30, 1981
[Father: Clyde Cagle]
[Sisters: Loyce Connor, Mrs. Charles LaCross, Mrs. Jerry Billingsley & Mrs. Fred Pifher]
[Brothers: Tony, Ralph & Clyde Jr. Cagle]

Carpenter, Rebecca D.
Wife of J. T. Carpenter
May 6, 1855-November 7, 1877

Cash, Cornelia McAdams
Wife of Harold
[Daughter: Suzanne Butler]

Cash, Harold Kelton
November 8, 1921-August __, 1987
[Parents: Lonzo & Millie Ann Carroll Cash]
[Sisters: Mrs. Lathel Rinks & Mrs. Mozell McAdams]
[Brother: Carroll Cash]

Cash, Lenora Hodges
Wife of William C., Married March 23, 1898
September 26, 1858-June 18, 1943
[Parents: Rev. W.J. & Priscilla Koffman Hodges]
[Brothers: John M., Henry D. & Victor E. Hodges]

Cash, William C.
January 23, 1858-June 27, 1943

Cherry, Charles Eugene
January 28, 1960-January 28, 1960
[Son of Edward Long Cherry]
[Paternal Grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Cherry]
[Maternal Grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Smith]

Cherry, Jennifer Dean
January 26, 1959-January 26, 1959
[Son of Edward Long Cherry]
[Paternal Grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Cherry]
[Maternal Grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Smith]

Clifford, Dennis W.
July 15, 1932-December 17, 1991
[Parents: Homer A. & Mildred Rhodes Clifford]

Clifford, Diane Harvey
Wife of Dennis
February 10, 1937-August 4, 1987
[Daughters: Susan & Sandra Clifford]

Clifford, Effie C. Reid
Wife of Ray Fenner
December 16, 1880-August __, 1967
[Sons: Onnie V. & Ray F. Clifford Jr.]
[Daughters: Mrs. Carroll Williams & Miss Catherine Clifford]

Clifford, Eliza "Angie" Anginette Butler

Clifford, Gladys Golda
Daughter of R. F. & E. C.
September 8, 1905-April 19, 1907

Clifford, Homer Auston
June 11, 1905-November 4, 1984
[Parents: William & Angie Butler Clifford]
[Sister: Thelma Ward]

Clifford, James T.
February 8, 1862-November 20, 1927

Clifford, John "Johnnie" Thomas
May 14, 1898-May 29, 1961
[Parents: Will L. & Florence Jones Clifford]
[1/2 Brothers: Ronald & Homer Clifford]
[Sisters: Mrs. Burl Ward & Mrs. David Kelso]

Clifford, John Melvin
March 17, 1930-January 25, 1969
[Parents: John Thomas & Ruby T. Maness Clifford]
[Son: Tony Randall Clifford]
[Daughter: Sharon Denise Clifford]

Clifford, Mildred Rhodes
Wife of Homer, Married 1925
June 18, 1905-July 5, 1994
[Parents: William M. & Susan Laster Rhodes]
[Daughter: Mrs. Joy Gilliam]

Clifford, Miss Catherine
1917-February 27, 1950
[Parents: Ray Fenner & Effie C. Clifford]
[Brothers: Onnie V. & Ray F. Clifford Jr.]
[Sister: Mrs. Carroll Williams]

Clifford, Ray Fenner
September 15, 1877-April 13, 1929
[Parents: James Thomas & Nancy J. Johnson Clifford]

Clifford, Ruby T. Maness
Wife of John Thomas
August 2, 1900-December 14, 1969
[Parents: I. Eller & Rebecca Reynolds Maness]
[Sons: Robert Neal & John Melvin Clifford]
[Daughters: Mrs. Thomas Connor, Mrs. M.A. Harris & Mrs. Jane Williams]
[Brothers: Floyd, Elward & Elmer Lee Maness]

Clifford, Sallie A.
Wife of James T.
November 27, 1861-May 17, 1926

Clifford, William L.
1867-December 17, 1926
[Parents: James Thomas & Nancy Johnson Clifford]

Clymor, Calvin Walker
July 19, 1912-October 15, 1994

Clymor, June
Wife of Calvin, Married April 3, 1976
September 5, 1934-________

Coady, Guy Milton
July 29, 1910-August 8, 1989
[Parents: William Milton & Mary "Mollie" Margaret Woods Coady]
[1/2 Sister: Mrs. Ethel Lewis]

Coady, Lela Estelee Ross
Wife of Guy
[Parents: Ellis & Lula Ann Newsom Ross]
[Daughter: Mrs. Janice Goodwin]
[Sons: Guy N., Joe Earl, Bobby Lee Coady]
[Sisters: Alene Stout & Maurine Crowe]

Coady, Mary Lou
[Parents: Guy & Lela Ross Coady]

Coatney, Betty Jo Tucker
November 2, 1929 -
Will be buried by 2nd husband at Johnson's Crossroads Cemetery
2nd husband Marvin Richardson
Mother of Michael Coatney

Coatney, Eva Lindsey
1st Wife of Walter Columbus, Married 1924
October 29, 1899-October 16, 1947
[Parents: James Washington & Laura Etta Newsom Lindsey]
[Children: Walter Buel & Billie Bennett Coatney]
[Father: J. W. Lindsey]
[Sisters: Mrs. Byrant Bishop, Mrs. Minnie Cash & Mrs. Flora Diller]

Coatney, Fannie Grissom
Wife of Robert H.
August 26, 1884-December 6, 1973
[Parents: James Lafayette & Tennessee Bivens Grissom]
[Daughter: Oneita Meadows]
[Son: Robert Neal Coatney]
[Brother: Elmer Grissom]

Coatney, Merline Kelly
Wife of Robert Neal
January 17, 1919-February 21, 1995
[Son: James Robert Coatney]
[Daughter: Sandra Lynn Coatney Holley]
[Brothers: Jake & Allen Kelly]
[Sister: Snooks Moore]

Coatney, Robert Harrison
November 3, 1885-May 10, 1968
[Parents: Christopher C. & Mary Ann Newman Coatney]
[Brothers: Drew, Walter C. & Vaudie Coatney]
[Sister: Miss Lizzie Coatney, Mrs. Nellie Threadgill & Lessie Freezer]

Coatney, Robert Neal
May 12, 1920-May 27, 1952
[Parents: Robert H. & Fannie Grissom Coatney]
[Sister: Mrs. Houston Meadows]

Coatney, Walter Buel
Husband of Betty Jo Tucker
February 17, 1928-May 27, 1952
[Son of Walter & Eva Lindsey Coatney]

Coatney, Walter Columbus
January 29, 1901-September 14, 1962
[Parents: Christopher & Mary Ann Newman Coatney]
[2nd Wife: Dora Mae England]
[Sons; Billy & Walter Buel Coatney]
[Daughter: Edrice Coatney]
[Brothers: Bob, Vaudie & Drew Coatney]
[Sisters: Mrs. Lessie Freezer & Mrs. Nellie Threadgill]

Cochran, Charlie Daniel
March 12, 1904-January 17, 1987
[Parents: William & Mat Malone Cochran]
[1st Spouse: Exie Allie Finley]
[2nd Spouse: Mille Garner Teague]
[Brother: Brodie Cochran]
[Sisters: Lillie Gillespie & Virgie Rogers]

Cochran, Exie Allie Finley
Wife of Charlie, Married April 2, 1927
June 27, 1905-March 20, 1963
[Parents: Doss G. & Mary Sasannah Melton Finley]
[Sister: Mrs. Brodie Cochran]
[Brothers: David C. & James D. Finley]
[Sons: Max, Donald & Larry Cochran]
[Sisters: Mrs. Mary Jo Belcher, Janice Vestal, Betty Ann Maness, Gayle Shields & Phyllis May]

Cole, Houston O.
May 25, 1912-November 27, 1966

Cole, Pauline R.
July 24, 1915-June 17, 1987
[Wife of Houston O. Cole]
[Parents: William "Will / Willie" E. &Sarah Cancada Holmes Ryals

Colston, Rock Curtis
August 4, 1960-August 4, 1960
[Parents: Guy Tucker & Linda Jones Colston]
[Parternal Granparents: Mr. & Mrs. Ardenie Colston]
[Maternal Grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. Miles Jones]

Conder, Emma May Smith
Wife of Joseph L.
May 1897-January 24, 1987
[Daughters: Geneva Stewart, Inetha Smith & Wanda Cross]
[Sisters: Jewel Bullman & Lucille George]
[Brothers: Cecil, Banford & Marshall Smith]

Conder, Joseph Lawson
1900-November 23, 1955
[Parents: James Wesley & Zilpha Belle Harris Conder]
[Brothers: Earl & Elvin Conder]
[Sisters: Mrs. Bessie Carpenter, Mrs. Winnie Mooney & Mrs. Pauline Mooney]

Connor, Laverne Cagle
December 18, 1930-_______
Wife of Loyse H. Connor, Married July 8, 1953
[Daughters: Tonette Wallace, Teresa Mosier & Alicia Blair]

Connor, Loyse H.
December 26, 1928-February 3, 1999
[Parents: Robert & Dorothy Linton Connor]
[Brothers: Neal, Billy & Steve Connor]
[Sister: Dorothy Ann Kimbel]

Connor, Mitchell "Mitch" Andrew
September 27, 1974-October 12, 1990
[Parents: Johnny & Judy Ward Connor]
[Sister: Kimberly Connor]
[Parternal Grandparents: Carroll & Maxine Latham Connor]
Maternal Grandparents: W. O. & Johnnie Mae Mullins Ward]

Connor, Tammy Lynne
August 11, 1963-August 11, 1963
[Father: Clyde Steve Connor]
[Paternal Grandfather: Robert Connor]
[Maternal Grandfather: Roy Bailey]

Cook, Alma G.
August 9, 1920-April 9, 2000
[Parents: John Ellis & Annie Ilene Maness Cook]
[Brothers: Murray Cook & Lyman Cook]
[Sisters: Ruby Nell Goldsby, Louise Hodges & Faye Underhill]

Cook, Annie Ilene Maness
Wife of John Ellis
September 4, 1900-June 5, 1958
[Parents: Robert Lee & Lillian Weeks Maness]
[Brothers: Glenn & Donald Maness]
[Sister: Mrs. A.E. Jones]
[Children: Lyman & Murray Cook, Alma G. Cook, Ruby Nell Goldsby, Louise Hodges & Faye Underhill]

Cook, John Ellis
October 24, 1893-February 17, 1974
[Parents: John Franklin & Kathryn Green Cook]
[Brother: Elton M. Cook]

Cook, Lyman D.
January 22, 1925-April 7, 1988
[Parents: John E. & Ilene Maness Cook]
[Daughter: Mrs. Kay Looney]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ruby Nell Goldsby, Miss Alma G. Cook, Mrs. Louise Hodges & Mrs. Velda Faye Underhill]
[Brother: Murray Cook]

Cook, Willie Mae
Wife of Lyman D.
No dates

Copeland, Claudette
May 9, 1949-May 10, 1949

Copeland, Elsie
Wife of Paul E.
[Son: Kermit Wayne Copeland]

Copeland, Paul E.

Copeland, Paulette
May 9, 1949-May 10, 1949

Copeland, Troy Wayne
July 14, 1966-July 14, 1966
[Father: Kermit Wayne Copeland

Couch, Martha L. Copeland
Wife of John Couch, Married August 13, 1886
November 15, 1868-April 19, 1939
[Father: John Copeland]
[Daughter: Abbie Bingham]
[Sons: Clive Couch & Eron Couch]

Crook, Annie E. Ryals
1884-March 1951
[Parents: Joe & Maggie E. Smith Ryals]
[Sons: Fred & Clyde Crook]
[Brothers: Hugh & T.P. Ryals]
[Sisters: Mrs. Robbie Phillips & Mrs. Arlie Patterson]

Crook, Barry Eldridge
1897-May 7, 1952
[Parents: William Barry & Vennie Barham Crook]
[Son: Eldridge Crook]
[Brothers: William Carroll & T. J. Crook]
[Sisters: Mrs. Carl "Bobbie" Rhodes & Mrs. J. F. Kelley]

Crook, Beulah L. Bingham
May 26, 1914-August __, 1985
[Daughters: Patricia Holmes & Penny Susan Bunch]
[Son: Winfield Clark Crook]

Crook, Eldridge Ernest
Son of W. C. & V. E.
October 27, 1910-December 9, 1910

Crook, Ella "Vennie" Luvenia Barham
Wife of William Barry, Married 1887
August 4, 1858-June 5, 1940
[Parents: Newsome M. & Virginia Woodson Barham]
[Sons: Manley L., William Caroll, Thomas Joseph & Barry Eldridge Crook]
[Daughters: Lena D., Allie Kelly & Bobbie Estes Rhodes]

Crook, Elma Lee Hurt
Wife of Barry Eldridge
January 12, 1902-April 10, 1973
[Parents: Hugh & Reddie Griffin Hurt]
[Son: Eldridge Crook]
[Brother: John H. Hurt]
[Sister: Mrs. Elizabeth Davis]
[Granddaughter: Mrs. Charlotte Becker]

Crook, J. Clyde
January 30, 1909-________, 1982
[Parents: Thomas Joseph & Annie Ryals Crook]
[Brother: Thomas Fred Crook]

Crook, Jewell Cleo
1921-March 19, 1922
[Daughter of Barry E. & Elma Hurt Crook]

Crook, Larry
Son of Fred & Mabel
June 6, 1933-June 8, 1933

Crook, Lena D.
Daughter of W. B. & Vennie Barham Crook
June 15, 1889-October 19, 1910

Crook, Martha Laverne
January 31, 1938-June 7, 1938
[Daughter of Barry E. & Elma Hurt Crook]

Crook, Robert Lee
October 27, 1915-August 8, 1972
[Parents: William Carroll & Virginia Kee Crook]
[Son: Winfield Crook]
[Daughters: Patricia Holmes & Susan Bunch]
[Brother: Eldridge Crook]
[Sisters: Mrs. Grace Cherry & Mrs. Mary Pearl Brown]

Crook, Sarah Mabel Stanfill
July 1, 1910-December 7, 1995
[Wife of Thomas Fred Crook
[Son: Larry Crook]
[Daughter: Carol Jane Barrells]

Crook, Thomas Fred
October 28, 1907-April 27, 1972
[Parents: Thomas Joseph & Annie E. Ryals Crook]
[Brother: J. Clyde Crook]

Crook, Thomas Joseph
April 20, 1882-May 25, 1972
[Parents: William Barry & Ella Luvenia Barham Crook]

Crook, Velma Bernice Jones
Wife of J. Clyde Crook, Married 1935
May 24, 1913-______

Crook, Virgie "Virginia Eugenia" Kee
Wife of William Carroll, Married December 25, 1906
December 30, 1888-November __, 1984
[Daughter: Mrs. Elmer "Mary Pearl" Brown]
[Sons: Eldridge Ernest & Robert Lee Crook]

Crook, Wendy Lynn
Daughter of Winfield & Brenda Goff Crook
June 11, 1962-June 13, 1962
[Brothers: Warren Clay & Richard Wynn Crook]
[1/2 Brother: Steven McKee Crook]

Crook, William Barry
September 30, 1854-March 9, 1937
[Parents: Thomas Greer & Sarah Eveline Crook Crook]
[Brothers: John James, Jere Jacob, Thomas Mitchum, Griffith Lacy Ross, Joseph Stonewall & Hugh Elliott Crook]
[Sisters: Mary Catherine Sparkman, Martha Rebecca Kelly, Elizabeth
Ann Bell, Lillie Mae Gantt & Nancy Estes Smith]

Crook, William Carroll
April 21, 1880-June 21, 1960
[Parents: William Barry & Ella "Vennie" Barham Crook]

Crow, Faye Rene Brantley
Wife of Van, Married 1935
February 11, 1914-________
[Sons: Jerry Thomas & Joe W. Crow]

Crow, Geraldine
Daughter of Oscar M. & Bunch
November 1, 1923-November 2, 1923

Crow, Infant
Unmarked Grave
Daughter of John
1932-April 6, 1936

Crow, Van Nolie
June 8, 1917-July 1, 1993
[Parents: Joseph Parker & Cora Davidson Crow]

Crowe, Alton Leo
June 13, 1901-December 13, 1991
[Claude A. & Arras Mae BaileyCrowe]

Crowe, Bunch Robertson
Wife of Oscar M., Married 1919
June 9, 1896-January 2, 1986
[Parents: Willie & Mary Lee Scott Robertson]
[Brothers: Jess, John & Henry Robertson]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ovid Ellis & Mrs. Rhoda Brown]

Crowe, Geneva Jane Davidson
January 3, 1916-________
[Parents: William & Cora Lott Davidson]
[Daughters: Mrs. Dorothy Kast, Mrs. Francis Western, Mrs. Debbie Morris, Mrs. Nellie Johnson, Mrs. Bobby Jean Green & Mrs. Willie Mae Smith]
[Sons: Harold, Mike & Charles Crowe]
[Brother: Edward Dividson]
[Sisters: Mrs. Sally Vestal & Mary Elizabeth Crowe]

Crowe, Harold Pitts
May 13, 1925-May 14, 1974
[Parents: Oscar Murray & Bunch Robertson Crowe]
[Spouse: Rose Grimes]
[Son: Michael Murray "Mike" Crowe]
[Sister: Mrs. June Hendry]

Crowe, Jerry Thomas
July 28, 1938-May 6, 2001
[Parents: Van N. & Fayrene Brantley Crowe]
[Spouse: Martha Jo Middleton, Married 1961]
[Sons: Jerry Lynn & Tommy Crowe]
[Brother: Joe William Crowe]

Crowe, Joan
July 2, 1934-July 3, 1934

Crowe, Mary Elizabeth Davidson
Wife of Alton Leo, Married 1929
Daughter of William & Cora Lott Davidson
November 7, 1912-May 15, 1963
[Brother: Edward Davidson]
[Sister: Mrs. Sally Vestal, Mrs. Geneva Crowe]

Crowe, Mary Elizabeth Nobles
Wife of Floyd, Married 1915
December 25, 1895-July 9, 1976
[Parents: James Curt & Mary Elizabeth McAdams]
[Sons: William Howard & Robert Leon Crowe]
[Daughters: Margie Buck & Ilene Carden]

Crowe, Oscar Murray
July 28, 1898-March 28, 1957
[Parents: Thomas Newton & Nancy Barker Crowe]
[Son: Harold Crowe]
[Daughter: Mrs. June Hendry]
[Brothers: Floyd, Joe & Earl Crowe]

Crowe, Robert Leon
January 11, 1929-January 7, 1988
[Parents: William Floyd & Mary Elizabeth Nobles Crowe]
[Daughter: Ann Moore]
[Son: James Crowe]

Crowe, Rose M. Grimes
Wife of Harold
October 24, 1924-June 16, 1986
Buried in Milledgeville Cemetery
[Parents: J. W. & Cora White Grimes]
[1st Spouse: Harold Pitts Crowe, Married 1945]
[2nd Spouse: William Cecil Bishop, Married 1979]
[Son: Michael Murray "Mike" Crowe]
[Brothers: Howard & Emil Grimes]
[Sisters: Mary Curtis & Lorean Vernon Thompson]
[Grandchildren: Holly, Rebecca & Kelly Crowe]

Crowe, Samuel T.
January 26, 1912-August 19, 1989
[Parents: Claude & Arras Bailey Crowe]
[Sisters: Mrs. Gladys Newman & Mrs. Grayce Diffie]
[Brother: Alton Crowe]

Crowe, Thomas "Tom" Newton
Husband of Nancy Ann Barker
August 12, 1863-April 2, 1947
[Sons: Floyd, Oscar, Earl & Joe Crowe]
[Daughter: Mrs. Georgia Mayo]
[Brother: Henry Crowe]
[Sisters: Cora McClain & Sally Johnson]

Crowe, Thomas "Tommy" Joe
May 28, 1966-November 22, 1996
[Parents: Jerry Thomas & Martha Jo Middleton Crowe]
[Brother: Jerry Lynn Crowe]

Crowe, William Floyd
September 26, 1893-February 17, 1974
[Parents: Thomas & Nancy Crowe]

Cupples, Clara D. Smith
Wife of Marvin
February 11, 1918-October 19, 1982
[Parents: Robert Cleveland & Clara Mae Moore Smith]
[Son: Wayne Cupples]
[Daughters: Mrs. Wynnie R. Robertson, Mrs. Betty Jo Carnell & Mrs. Frances Newsom]
[Brother: Abbott Kenvy Smith]
[Sisters: Mrs. Zell Ellenwood & Mrs. Wanda Spencer]

Cupples, Marvin L.
June 28, 1911-________

Davidson, Cora Jane Lott
Wife of William J.
1872-April 21, 1951
[Parents: William Harrison & Sarah Trice Lott}
[Sisters: Lizzie Sanford & Josie Meadows]
[Bothers: Hendrson, Will & Jess Lott]
[Daughters: Mrs. Alton Crowe, Mrs. S. T. Crowe & Mrs. Tom Vestal]

Davidson, William "Hood" Jackson
1865-December 29, 1943

Davidson, Willie
Daughter of W. J. & C. J.
July 7, 1902-July 13, 1927

Davis, Bertie Lenora
Daughter of J. R. & B. L.
April 5, 1888-March 1, 1906

Davis, Joel Jinkens
Son of J. R. & B. L.
October 2, 1895-December 23, 1895

Day, Elzie Faye Austin
November 19, 1938-February 13, 1995
[Parents: Homer Floyd & Velmar Stanfill Austin]
[Sons: Frank Allen & Douglas Edward Day]

Dickie, Martha
Sister of Mary Terry
December 10, 1818-December 9, 1905

Dodds, A. Victoria "Vick" Ross
Wife of Willaim A.
June 3, 1865-March 22, 1953
[Parents: John & Martha Tignor Ross]
[Sons: William Edgar & Hubia Dodds]
[Daughter: Mrs. A. F. Key]

Dodds, Bertha M.
Daughter of Z. E. & Z. P.
February 4, 1893-July 26, 1921

Dodds, Bettie
May 15, 1853-January 18, 1884

Dodds, Carie O.
December 31, 1929-October 28, 1930

Dodds, Clyde N.
Infant of Carroll Dodds
1928-April 18, 1928

Dodds, Elze E.
Daughter of T. M. & M. G.
December 15, 1848-December 25, 1848
This tombstone was moved here from behind Clyde Patterson's Home

Dodds, Hubia
Son of W. A. & A. V.
August 9, 1891-December 6, 1892

Dodds, J. W.
December 1865-June 1894

Dodds, James C.
October 13, 1838-January 6, 1904
[Parents: Thomas M. & Mary Green Cook Dodds]

Dodds, L. C.
Infant of Carroll Dodds
1929-April 1, 1929

Dodds, Lt. J. Willis
August 20, 1843-March 9, 1864
C.S.A. captured and brutally murdered
[Parents: Thomas M. & Mary Greene Crook Dodds]

Dodds, Lucie Allie
Daughter of Michum & Bettie
November 16, 1883-November 6, 1886

Dodds, Marie
Infant of Carroll Dodds
1927-January 16, 1927

Dodds, Mary "Polly" Green Crook
Wife of Thomas M.
August 22, 1821-April 23, 1893
[Parents: Jonathan & Lucy B. Arnold Crook]

Dodds, Mary E.
Wife of James C.
December 5, 1840-November 27, 1917

Dodds, Mary Esterlee
Wife of William Edgar
January 30, 1902-August 11, 1980

Dodds, Ruby D.
February 27, 1921-September 4, 1923

Dodds, Ruby Deller
Daughter of Z. E. & Z. P.
August 26, 1890-June 19, 1900

Dodds, Ruth
Daughter of J. M. & M. F.
January 7, 1897-August 5, 1903

Dodds, Thomas M.
1810-December 1874
[Parents: James & Jane Dodds]

Dodds, Wife R. B.
Died July 24, 1907, aged 31 years 5 mo. 11 days
Not located in 2002; reported by Lewis Jones in Cemeteries in Chester County

Dodds, William A.
May 10, 1867-May 12, 1925

Dodds, William Edgar
August 19, 1896-August 24, 1982
[Parents: Zachariah "Zap" E. & Zilpha "Zip" P. Hamlett Dodds]

Dodds, William Edgar
Son of W. A. & A. V.
August 28, 1886-October 24, 1891

Dodds, William Loyce
April 10, 1925-February 24, 1976

Dodds, Z. E.
February __, 1829-June 10, 1864
35 years 4 months
Fell in Battle At Tishomingo Creek, Mississippi
[Son: Zachariah "Zap" E. Dodds]

Dodds, Z. V.
Wife of R. B.
February 13, 1876-July 24, 1907
31 yrs. 5 mo. 11 days

Dodds, Zachariah "Zap" E.
1862-July 31, 1939

Dodds, Zilpha P. "Zip" Hamlett
Wife of Zap
[Sons: Edgar & Carroll Dodds]
[Daughter: Mrs. Myrtle Ewing]

Elder, James Morris
November 15, 1916-November 26, 1999
[Parents: Elmer & Ruth Webb Elder]
[Brother: Thomas Elder]
[Sisters: Hilda Bone, Sylvia Elder & Charlotte Bonnermer

Elder, Ramelle Nobles
October 27, 1921-_________
Wife of James Elder-July 4, 1941
[Parents: John Oscar & Effie E. Rhodes Nobles]
[Daughter: Shelia Janice Cox]
[Grandchild: Jennifer Cox Rogers]
[Great Grandchildren: Evan, Noah & Emily Rogers}

Evans, Elmer
November 7, 1881-January 30, 1962

Evans, Lula E.
Wife of Elmer
January 10, 1869-September 3, 1961

Ewing, Myrtle Maggie
1890-March 21, 1965, Aged 75 years
Not located in 2002; reported by Lewis Jones in Cemeteries in Chester County

Farrow, Elizabeth Stewart
Wife of Richard Farrow, Married February 2, 1820, Spartanburg, South Carolina
February 5, 1804-September 21, 1859
1st person buried in this cemetery
Philemon-Nov. 12, 1821-Feb. 22, 1890 -- William-Oct. 5, 1823-April 14, 1853
Harriet Jane-Oct. 29, 1825-July 6, 1847 -- Benjamin A.-Sept. 5, 1827-Dec. 30, 1871
Samuel W.-Nov. 18, 1829-March 7, 1873 -- James H.-Feb. 9, 1832-Dec. 2,1864
Rhoda C.-Feb. 25, 1834-March 6, 1836 -- Rosanna E.-June 14, 1836-______
Sarah V.-Feb. 18, 1838-____ -- George W.-July 11, 1840-Aug. 20, 1915
Charlie G.-Nov. 3, 1844-1874
See Trice Cemetery

Farrow, Ethel Lucy Brewer
November 13, 1898-November 5, 1976
[Wife of George Samuel Farrow]
[Parents: Charlie & Lucy Moss]
[Daughters: Mrs. Georgia Lois (Hulon) Rhodes & Mrs. Mildred Lucy (Albert) Barham]

Farrow, George Samuel
August 13, 1895-June 2, 1985
[William "Billy" Lucean & Sarah Elizabeth Bond Farrow]
[Brothers : Lester Farrow, Everette Farrow & Herman Farrow]

Farrow, Richard
Unmarked grave
October 23, 1795-December 9, 1872
[Parents: William & Rhoda Waters Farrow]

Farrow, Samuel Lafayette
January 1, 1862-February 12, 1942
[Parents: Samuel "Sam" & Gillie Adeline Trice Farrow]
[Son: Bray Farrow]
[Brothers: Edward "Ed" Gatewood, William L. & Bob Farrow]

Farrow, Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" Bond
Wife of William L., Married 1885
November 14, 1865-April 20, 1938
[Father: George Bond]
[Sons: Everett, George, Herman & Lester Farrow]
[Daughters: Mrs. Ocie Terry, Mrs. Jessie Parrish, Mrs. Ollie Smith, Mrs. Lorena Griffin, Mrs. Inez Griffin & Mrs. Ruth Williams]
[Sisters: Mrs. Lida Estes, Mrs. Fannie Trice, Mrs. Kittie Cochran & Miss Jennie Bond]

Farrow, William L. "Billy"
November 10, 1860-July 21, 1940
[Parents: Samuel & Adeline Trice Farrow]
[Brothers: Ed & Bob Farrow]

Faucett, Little W.
1873-September 20, 1952
[Father: Bill Faucett]
[Daughters: Mrs. China Ratliff, Mrs. Celdon Butler & Mrs. Cedric Young]

Fleming, Hettie E. Reid
Wife of J. L.
November 21, 1874-February 23, 1910

Fleming, J. L.

Fulton, Charles Roland
May 16, 1911-May 10, 1973

Fulton, Gertrude Mae "Polly"
Wife of Charles Roland, Married 1940
February 7, 1916-July 10, 1989
[Sons: Dell & Bob Fulton]
[Daughter: Cinda Kochen]

Gaddy, Ruthie
Daughter of Sallie & E. L.
March 30, 1893-August 15, 1899

Gaddy, Sallie Young
Daughter of W. E. & Polie Young
Wife of E. L. Gaddy
February 25, 1868-November 5, 1901

Gantt, Andrew "Andy" Jackson
September 21, 1857-August 19, 1936

Gantt, Ida May Crook
[Parents: Thomas Greer & Sarah Evelyn Crook Crook]
February 25, 1859-January 30, 1944
[Wife of Andrew Jackson Gantt, Married November 17, 1879]
[Daughter: Mrs. Bessie Kee
[Sisters: Mrs. Mary Catherine Sparkman, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Bell, Mrs. Nancy Estes Smith & Martha Ruth Crook]
[Brothers: Lacy Greer & Hugh Elliott Crook]

Gantt, Jeffery Lynn
Son of Stanley & Tammy
March 6, 1979

Gantt, Jeffery Wayne
June 5, 1960

Gantt, Lee Roy
December 2, 1930-April 6, 1975

Gantt, Lessie O.
July 5, 1880-Novmeber 29, 1957

Gantt, Myrtle Viola
February 5, 1897-May 16, 1935

Gantt, Ophie C.
April 15, 1898-May 20, 1926

Gantt, Thomas H.

Gantt, Vera Jessie

Gantt, William F.
September 10, 1882-April 28, 1916

Gantt, William M.
November 29, 1867-April 22, 1946

Gatlin, Herman Albert
July 12, 1908-September 24, 1946

Gilliam, James Wallace Sr.
August 17, 1923-Dec. 8, 1998
[Sisters: Willie Lee Walker & Lula Mae Bailey]

Gilliam, Joy Clifford
August 9, 1929-______
Wife of James Wallace
[Sons: James Jr., Charles, Dennis & Jeffery Gilliam]

Griffin, Earnest Earl
May 3, 1920-December 31, 1999
[Parents: William Roy & Virgie Templeton Griffin]
[Brother: W. N. Griffin]
[Sisters: Johnnie Jackson, Gertrude Patterson, Mary Ann Edwards & Dorothy Kay Robertson

Griffin, Inez Farrow
Wife of Watt, Married 1917
1898-June 20, 1947
[Parents: William L. Sarah Elizabeth Bond Farrow]
[Sons: C. L., M. H. & W. F. Griffin]
[Brothers: George, Everette, Herman & Lester Farrow]
[Sisters: Ruth Williams, Ocie Terry, Ollie Farrow, Lorena Farrow & Mrs. Jessie Parrish]

Griffin, Jimmy Ray
July 19, 1956-July 20, 1956

Griffin, Malcolm Howard
June __, 1918-October 1, 1970

Griffin, Malcolm Roy

Griffin, Nannie Bell Meadows
April 29, 1922-______
Wife of Earnest Earl Griffin
[Parents: John William & Lonnie Bell Pounds Meadows]
[Son: William Earl Griffin]
[Daughter: Pat Griffin]
[Grandchildren: John Matthew Echeveste & Michael Echeveste]

Griffin, Ronald Howard
November 18, 1938-June 29, 2001

Griffin, Watt Lee
August 3, 1897-July __,1978
[Parents: John Snider & Martha Ellen Little Griffin]
[Brothers: James, Jake, George, Julius, Zeb, VanLabe, Luther & Sam Griffin]
[Sisters: Clementine, Rettie, Etherl & Fannie]

Griffin, William Earl
August 31, 1946-July 10, 1961
[Parents: Ernest Earl & Nannie Bell Meadows Griffin]
[Sister: Patricia "Pat" Ann Griffin]
[Paternal Grandfather: Roy Griffin]
[Maternal Grandfather: John Meadows]

Grissom, Bertie O. Brasher
Wife of Jessie J., Married April 20, 1922
July 22, 1906-December 12, 1988
[Parents: William R. & Mollie C. Wyatt Brasher]
[Sons: Lavoughan & Carl Grissom]
[Daughter: Adrienne Grissom]

Grissom, Carl E.
November 20, 1927-December 2, 1988
[Parents: Jessie & Bertie Brasher Grissom]

Grissom, David Absolom
1888-January 31, 1964
[Parents: Leander W. & Luvicie G. Hodgin Grissom]

Grissom, Eunice Allene
July 5, 1923-July 18, 1940
[Parents: James & Gladys Dickson Grissom]

Grissom, Frances Willodine Rhodes]
Wife of Lavoughan
December 14, 1923-January 25, 1963
[Parents: Henry Allison & Mary Elnora Phillips Rhodes]
[Sister: Dorothy Jo Wadley]

Grissom, Gladys Dickson
January 28, 1899-November 2, 1984
[Parents: Lewis Hamilton & Rachel ___ Dickson]
[Brother: Lloyd Dickson]
[Sister: Mrs. Ora Newman]
[Daughters: Kathleen Anderson, Delores Baker, Mary Lou Tignor, Aleene Grissom & Sue Oglesby]
[Sons: Manley Eugene & Louis James Grissom]

Grissom, James Elbert
November 30, 1892-August 12, 1954
[Parents: James Lafayette & Jane Bivens Grissom]
[Brothers: R. E., Tom & Frank Grissom]
[Sisters: Mrs. R. H. Coatney, Mrs. Ollie Ellis & Mrs. R. F. Doss]

Grissom, James Lavoughan
[1st Wife: Frances Willodine Rhodes]
[2nd Wife: Sylvia Armour Harrington]
[Son: Chris Grissom]
[Parents: Jessie J. & Bertie Brasher Grissom]

Grissom, Jessie J.
July 22, 1900-May 16, 1991
[Parents: Jourden W. & Lula Gilliam Grissom]

Grissom, Lena Wadley
Wife of David, Married January 31, 1911
[Parents: John Richard & Jessie Smith Wadley]
Wadley, John Richard "Dyke"
March 24, 1867-December 15, 1944
[Parents: William Burrow & Martha Perlina Smith Wadley]

Grissom, Lounelle Morris
Wife of Carl E.
August 2, 1931-________
[Parents: William "Famous" & Edna _____ Morris]
[Son: Carey Grissom]
[Daughter: Diane Grissom]
[Brothers: Leon & Waymon Morris]

Grissom, Manley Eugene
July 5, 1923-January 10, 1973
[Parents: James E. & Gladys Dickson Grissom]
[Spouse: Kathryn Ryals]
[Sons: Stanley, Tim, Tommy & Allan Grissom]

Guyon, Annie Belle Young
Wife of Ben Guyon
1893-February 24, 1966
[Parents: James H. & Mary Mullins Young]
[Daughter: Imogene Stanford]

Guyon, Benny Curtis (picture)
April 20, 1955-July 4, 1979
[Father: Benny Buford Guyon]
[Sisters: Mrs. Martha Alexander, Mrs. Samuel Forrester & Mrs. Janice Alley]

Guyon, Benny Duford
January 22, 1925-July 10, 1998
[Parents: Benjamin & Anna Belle Young Guyon]
[Sister: Imogene Stanford]

Guyon, Mary Lee Dyer
June 23, 1931-________
Wife of Benny Duford
[Daughters: Martha Lee Alexander, Ann Forrester & Janiece Page]
[Sons: Benny C. Guyon & Richard Allen Guyon]

Guyon, Richard Allen
March 3, 1971-July 25, 1971
[Father: Buford Guyon]

Harrington, Callie Lou Sumler
Wife of Dossie
June 27, 1880-May 4, 1967
[Parents: W.S. & Martha Harris Harrington]
[Brother: Richard Sumler]

Harrington, Dossie Anderson
October 27, 1867-June 27, 1947
[1st Spouse: Fronnie Smith]
[2nd Spouse: Callie Lou Sumler]
[Sons: Henry D. Harrington & William A. Harrington]
[Daughters: Mrs. Georgia Rhodes & Mrs. Wilburn W. Hodges]
[Sisters: Flora Thomas & Phemelia Tucker]

Harrington, Henry D.
December 8, 1907-March 21, 1963
[Parents: Dossie A. & Callie Lou Sumler Harrington]
[1/2 Brother: William Arthur Harrington]
[Sisters: Mrs. Miles A. Rhodes & Mrs. Wilburn W. Hodges]
[Nephews: Kermit Harrington & Frederick Rhodes]

Harrison, Tommie Myrtle Benson
November 14, 1910-June 14, 1990
Parents: Edward B. & May Frances Martin Benson]
[Spouse: Sidney Russell Harrison]
[Daughters: Inez Hill, Donna Cotner & Doris Bell]
[Sisters: Dora Ellen, Maxine Benson, Christine Hollowell & Euda Garner]

Hart, Mary Deborah "Debbie" Ruminer Stacks
August 9, 1949-December 17, 1992
[Parents: David Janice & Wanda Burns Jacobs Ruminer]
[Sons: Jimmy D. Stacks, Brian Stacks & Michael Hart]
[Daughters: Tammy Melton & Jeannie Stacks]
[Brothers: Don Ruminer & Douglas Richmond]
Ruminer, Ernest Ray "Donnie"
August 30, 1946-August 12, 1999
[Parents: David & Wanda Burns Ruminer]
[Son: Dan Ruminer]
[Daughter: Cynthia Goodman]

Harvey, Alice
1901-July 30, 1927
[Daughter of Ira & Jessie Harvey]

Harvey, Annie Belle Adcock
Wife of John, Married 1933
December 15, 1909-December 13, 1985
[Parents: Jim & Martha Jones Adcock]
[Sons: Nelson, Bobby & Norman Harvey]
[Daughter: Glora Faye Ross]
[Brothers: Robert & Marvin Adcock]
[Sisters: Mrs. Carmon Clifford & Mrs. Lora Azbill]

Harvey, Daisy
Wife of Ira H.
[Son: Edward Harvey]
[ Daughter: Ruth Harvey]
[Step Children: Wallace Harvey & Mary Alice Harvey]

Harvey, George Edward
December 25, 1916-July 14, 1991
[Parents: Ira H. & Daisy Hodgin Harvey]

Harvey, Ira H.
1875-June 11, 1923
[1st Wife: Jessie Nelson]
[2nd Wife: Daisy Hodgin]
[Children: Wallace Harvey, Mary Alice Harvey, Edward Harvey & Ruth Harvey]

Harvey, John Wallace
April 15, 1909-April 18, 1985
[Parents: Ira & Jessie Nelson Harvey]
[Brother: George Edward Harvey]

Harvey, Neva Gray Bailey
Wife of Edward
March 6, 1929-________
[Son: Ira Mitchell Harvey]
[Daughter: Judy K. Cook]
[Grandchildren: Kelsey Cook, Dustin Cook, Brandi Harvey & Joanna Blackstock]
[Parents: Robert Edward "Ed" & Crissie Alice Wilson Bailey]

Harvey, Norman Ray
1949-October 26, 1959
[Parents: John & Annie Belle Adcock Harvey]

Harvey, Ruth
[Daughter of Ira & Daisy Harvey]

Haynes, Freddie Ross
December 28, 1925-January 15, 1995

Haynes, Lucille W.
Wife of Freddie, Married May 16, 1945
September 15, 1924-________
[Daughters: Janetta Smith & Lynda F. Johnson]

Hearn, Kathleen Brewer
Wife of William O., Married 1947
October 7, 1925-________
[Parents: Henry C. & Annie E. Ryals Hearn]
[Sons: Gary & Roger Hearn]
[Daughter: Judy Hearn]

Hearn, William O.
March 20, 1925-June 5, 1967
[Parents: John & Viola Bell Hearn]
[Brother: Dewayne & Charles Hearn]
[Daughter: Ms. Wes Morrison]

Helm, Estelle Bailey
Wife of Webb
[Daughter: Carole Ann Helm]

Helm, Webb
1907-October 12, 1976
[Brothers: Vernon, Gene & Kenneth Helm]
[Sister: Mrs. John L. Pope]

Hinson, Danny Burl
September 29, 1950-March 21, 1952
[Parents: Weymor Burl & Mary Lee Williams Hinson]

Hinson, Earl H.
October 23, 1900-May 9, 1971

Hinson, Edna Palice Moore
Wife of Hubert Roy, Married 1924
February 23, 1908-September 2, 1998
[Parents: Charlie & Callie Stewart Moore]
[Sons: Guy, Neal, Bobby & Ray Hinson]
[Daughter: Faye Connor]

Hinson, Garey Guy
Son of Guy & Josephine Jacobs Hinson
December 24, 1952-January 1, 1954
[Sister: Linda Hinson]
[Paternal Grandfather: Roy Hinson]
Maternal Grandfather: W.L. Jacobs]

Hinson, Guy Brown
October 5, 1926-November 20, 2001
[Parents: Hubert Roy & Edna Palice Moore]

Hinson, Hubert Roy
January 9, 1906-August 3, 1996
[Parents: Sub & Minnie Clay Hinson]
[Sons: Guy, Neal, Bobby & Ray Hinson]
[Daughter: Faye Connor]

Hinson, Jeffrey
Son of Jerry Ray & Kay Douglas Hinson
January 18, 1963-March 16, 1963

Hinson, Kay Douglas
Wife of Jerry Ray Hinson
1944-March 16, 1963
[Parents: Clarence Virgil & Raymelle ____ Douglas]
[Brother: Oscar Douglas]

Hinson, Mary Lee Williams
Wife of Weymor Burl
February 13, 1930-March 21, 1952
[Father: J. R. Williams]
[Brothers: J. R., Robert & Jerry Williams]

Hinson, Roy Thomas
September 25, 1931-________

Hinson, Weymor Burl
February 18, 1925-March 21, 1952
[Father: Roy Hinson]
[Brothers: Bobby, Roy Jr. & Neal Hinson]
[Sister: Faye Hinson]
[Maternal Grandparent: Mrs. Callie Moore]

Hinson, Zelma Josephine
Wife of Guy Brown Hinson, Married 1949
[Sons: Ricky Hinson & Garry Guy Hinson]
[Daughters: Linda Barker & Joyce Hinson]

Hodges, Aaron Freeman
1886-November 6, 1968
[Parents: Aaron & Susan Beaver Hodges]
[Brother: W. C. Hodges]
[Sister: Susie Williams]

Hodges, Aaron Sanders
Husband of Susan M.
August 12, 1848-September 24, 1920
[Parents: William Josiah & Priscilla Koffman Hodges]
[Brothers: John Milton, Henry Day, William Koffman, James Newton & Victor Emanuel Hodges]

Hodges, Bonnie Irene Thomas
Wife of Manley C., Married 1917
1900-April 2, 1932
[Parents: Riston Tyson & Sarah Jane Maness Thomas]
[Brother: Paul P. Thomas]

Hodges, Cecil C.
May 3, 1898-March 15, 1968
[Parents: Aaron Sanders Hodges & Susan "Susie" M. Beaver]
[Brothers: Luther, Joseph, Manley, Aaron, W. C & Cecil]
[Sister: Susie Williams]

Hodges, Eld. James Newton
October 2, 1867-July 13, 1896
[Parents: William Josiah & Priscilla Koffman Hodges]
[Spouse: Ada Sheffield]

Hodges, Eld. William Josiah
February 26, 1830-March 20, 1909
[Parents: Elijah & Hannah P. Hubbard Hodges]

Hodges, Flora
Daughter of W. J. & Priscilla
December 29, 1860-June 30, 1862

Hodges, Hattie Frances Tacker
Wife of Newton Harris
Children: Annette & Danny

Hodges, Infant
Son of Aaron S. & Susan M.
October 6, 1876

Hodges, Infant
Son of Aaron S. & Susan M.
September 3, 1891-September 6, 1891

Hodges, Infant
Son of Rev. & Mrs. H. D.
September 25, 1900

Hodges, Joseph J.
Son of Aaron S. & Susan M.
November 20, 1879-July 3, 1885

Hodges, Luther R.
Son of Aaron S. & Susan M.
December 10, 1877-February 25, 1884

Hodges, Manley Center
1882-April 29, 1962
[Parents: Aaron & Susie Beaver Hodges]
[Brothers: Freeman & Cecil Hodges]
[Sister: Mrs. Charlie Williams]
[Nephews: Roy Burrow, Sanders Williams, Wayne Segerson, Cecil E. Hodge, Lyman Love & Eldon Bishop]

Hodges, Newton Harris
August 29, 1919-November 17, 1978
[Parents: Rev. Henry Day & Lula Smith Hodges]
[Daughter: Mrs. Anthony Reddin]
[Son: Danny Hodges]
[Sisters: Mrs. Johnny Bray & Mrs. Bernard Miller]
[Brother: Herbert Spencer Hodges]

Hodges, Priscilla Koffman
Wife of Eld. W. J.
March 4, 1830-December 25, 1897
[Sons: Aaron Sanders, John Milton, Henry Day, William Koffman, James Newton & Victor Emanuel Hodges]
[Daughters: Lenora Cash & Flora Hodges]

Hodges, Susan M. "Susie" Beaver
Wife of Aaron S.
February 26, 1857-October 4, 1915

Hodges, Thomas W.
March 31, 1917-Decmeber 19, 1966
[Parents: Aaron & Willou Williams Hodges]

Hodges, W. C.
Son of Aaron S. & Susan M. Beaver Hodges
January 1, 1896-May 4, 1896
[Brother: Aaron Freeman Hodges]
[Sister: Susie Williams]

Hodges, Willou Williams
Wife of Aaron Freeman
1896-July 16, 1969
Parents: Thomas "Tom" Henry & Martha Ann Rebecca Rhodes Williams
[Sons: Cecil E. "Pete" Holdges, Paul Hodges]
[Daughter: Mrs. Mattie Sue (Dewayne) Sergerson]

Holmes, Carmon Bruxie
April 29, 1911-December 7, 1974
[Parents: Thomas Allen & Vicie Richardson Holmes]
[Brothers: Clarence, Kenneth, Harvel, Frazier & Curtis Holmes]
[Sisters: Mrs. Beulah Nobles, Mrs. Zula Nobles, Mrs. Zora Maness & Mrs. Travis Maness]

Holmes, Edward
Son of J. S. & M. E.
January 30, 1896-November 22, 1920

Holmes, Fatie Eula Ryals
Wife of Sid Holmes
August 2, 1899-August 22, 1989
[Parents: William "Will / Willie" E. & Hettie Eva Young Ryals]
[Daughters: Mrs. Russell "Louise" Doss & Mrs. Vagia Wheeler]
[Sons: George & Clyde Holmes]
[Daughter: Marjorie Smith]

Holmes, George Sidney "Sid"
September 10, 1893-March 25, 1963
[Parents: Jason S. & Mary Elizabeth Young Holmes]
[Sons: Kenneth & Clyde Holmes]
[Daughters: Mrs. Russell Doss, Mrs. Ray Smith & Mrs. James Wheeler]
[Brothers: Hunter & Dewey Holmes]

Holmes, Jason Sion Silas
October 2, 1862-December 11, 1943
[Parents: Jason Greer & Marena Record Holmes]
[Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Young, Married February 1, 1883]
[Sons: Sid, Jason Hunter, Dewey & Edward Holmes]
[Daughters: Mrs. Kate Pierce, Mrs. Belle McGill, Mrs. Cedric Conder, Mrs. Alice Cage & Mrs. Mary Lunar Holmes]
[Brothers: James W., John D. & Joseph H. Holmes]
[Sisters: Nancy P. & Matilda Holmes}

Holmes, Martha Ludell Ross
Wife of Bruxie, Married 1933
August 12, 1908-April 17, 1995
[Parents: Andrew Jackson & Jennie Perryman Ross]
[1/2 Brothers: Earl & Edgar Ross]
[1/2 Sisters: Myrtle Melton & Alvie Joyner]
[Sons: Ross, Alford & Ray Holmes]
[Daughters: Ann Ross & Sandra Brooks]

Holmes, Mary Elizabeth Young
Wife of Jason S.
December 22, 1862-November 28, 1932
[Sons: Hunter, Dewey, & Sid & Edward Holmes]
[Daughters: Mrs. Billie Pierce, Mrs. Willie Nell McGill, Mrs. Anderson Holmes,Mrs. O.E. Conder, Luna Holmes, Mary Lunar Holmes & Lessie Watlington]
[Brother: Jim Young]
[Sisters: Mrs. Alice Newman, Mrs Bill Criner & Mrs. Ellen Evans]
[Parents: Henry Hunter & Mary Jane Weeks Young]

Holmes, Mary Lunar
Daughter of J. S. & M. E.
February 20, 1887-October 3, 1887

Hooper, Teresa Kay
Daughter of Ray & Shirley Edgar Hooper
February 14, 1978-February 14, 1978
[Brother: Brian Ray Hooper]
[Grandparents: Lester Hooper & Evelyn Harrison; Ernest Edgar & Marie Cox]

Hopper, Heidi Ickenroth Garner
June 3, 1945-July 19, 1995
[Mother: Hildegard Ickenroth]
[1st Spouse: Jerry Garner]
[2nd Spouse: Buford A. Hopper]
[Daughter: Partricia Ross & Christie Pratt]
[Son: Marty Jerry Garner]
[Sister; Christa Hartman]
[Brother: Gerd Ickenroth]

Horne, Corrina Pett Trice
Wife of John L.
1883-December 8, 1967
[Parents: Edward & Elizabeth Foster Trice]
[Sisters: Mrs. Lillie Beacham, Mrs. Avorilla Stanfill, Mrs. Nina Chartham & Mrs. Eddie Riley]

Horne, Edward
January 16, 1901-April 9, 1901

Horne, John L. "Tom"
1883-December 10, 1949
[Parents: William & Jospehine Horne]
[Brother: Frank Horne]
[Parents: William C. & Josephine Horne

Horne, Josephine "Josie" Elizabeth
Wife of William C.
1855-January 8, 1931
[Sons; W. Frank, John L. & C. E. Horne]
[Sisters: Mrs. Fronie Brown & Mrs. Mary Loy]

Horne, Mary May
April 6, 1890-August 12, 1920

Horne, Richard
May 3, 1907-September 28, 1907

Horne, William C.

Hughes, Ethel White
Wife of W. D. Hughes
June 4, 1885-May 26, 1933
Hughes, Infant
Infant of Ethel
December 11, 1911-December 12, 1911

Hurt, Elizabeth "Eliza" C. Hodges
2nd Wife of Joel F.
October 3, 1835-December 28, 1905
70 yrs. 2 mo. 25 days

Hurt, Joel F. Sr.
March 22, 1827-February 2, 1892
[Harmon King & Permelia Ann Howard Hurt]
[1st Spouse: Mary J. ____, Hurt Cemetery]

Jacobs, Billy Ray "Poppy"
October 21, 1941-April 3, 1998
Wife Wanda Lee Burns, Married 1963
[Parents: William Lester & Zelma Count Jacobs]
[Son: Donny Ruminer & Douglas Richmond]
[Daughter: Debbie Hart]
[Brothers: William & Charles Jacobs]
[Sister: Josephine Hinson]

Jacobs, Dannie Dick
January 29, 1946-May 10, 1967
[Parents: Wm. Lester & Zelma Lee Counts Jacobs]

Jacobs, Wanda Lee Burns
August 11, 1930-June 22, 1999
Wife of Billy Ray Jacobs
[Parents: William & Dorothy Burns]
[Son Donny Ruminer]
[Brother: Paul Burns]
[Grandchildren: Brian Stacks, Jeannie Stacks, Michael Hart, Tammy Melton, Jimmy Stacks & Cynthia Ruminer]

Jacobs, Wm. Lester
January 4, 1908-________

Jacobs, Zelma Lee Counts
Wife of William Lester, Married December 24, 1927
February 12, 1910-August 5, 1993
[Parents: Charlie & Addie Barker Counts]
[Sons: William L., Charles, Billy Ray & Danny Dick Jacobs]
[Daughter: Mrs. Guy "Josephine" Hinson]

Johnson, Allene Holley
May 14, 1917-________
[Parents: Eugene L. & Mary Ellen Carroll Holley]
[Daughter: Jeanette Johnson]
[Grandchildren: Mark & Brandon Nash]

Johnson, Bonnie Roy
December 19, 1915-April 16, 1998
[Parents: Will & Edna Moore Johnson]
[Sister: Louise Britt]

Johnson, Ossie Young
March 18, 1888-June 24, 1944

Jones, Andrew Ernest
February 8, 1895-February 27, 1967
[William Mark & Aradney Ardell Laster Jones]

Jones, Chloe Amy Reid
September 20, 1886-September 9, 1977
[Parents: Bill & Polly Young Reid]
[Sons: William Harrison, Clarence & Clyde Jones]
[Sisters: Miss Bertie Elta, Mrs. Gladys Stanfill, Mrs. Mary Woods & Mrs. Ruth Rhodes]

Jones, Elkanah Harrison
November 19, 1849-April 26, 1912
62 yrs. 11 mo. 19 days
[Parents: Elkanah F. & Rebecca Rhodes Jones]
[Brothers: Christopher Perry, James B., William R., Samuel T., John, Elihue, Henry B. & Miles A.]
[Sisters: Bethia D. Wheateley, Sarah Ann, Nancy, Margaret& Malinda Jones]
[1st Spouse: Martha Doughtin]
[2nd Spouse: Ada A. Sergent]
[Sons: Albert Elkanah, Miles Lee & Thomas Franklin Jones]

Jones, Henry T.
August 26, 1928-December 20, 1972

Jones, Mabel McCall
Wife of Miles H., Married 1938
August 28, 1915-February 22, 1998
[Parents: S. F. & Gracie Bell McCall
[Daughter: Linda Colston]
[Sons: Homer & Jerry Jones]
[Grandchildren: Tracy Leigh Colston & Anthony Guy Colston]

Jones, Margaret I.
Wife of Henry
August 4, 1930-________

Jones, Martha Mauldin Doughtin
Wife of Elkanah Harrison
Born Montgomery Co.
March 25, 1850-May 5, 1901
[Sons: Albert Elkanah, Miles Lee & Thomas Franklin Jones]

Jones, Miles Clarence
August 31, 1920-Oct. 14, 1997
[Parents: Miles & Amy Reid Jones]
[Sisters: Bertie Elta Jones, Gladys Lee Stanfill, Mary Rebecca Woods & Margaret Ruth Jones]
[William Harrison & Clyde Reid Jones]

Jones, Miles Harvel
March 6, 1913-January 18, 1993
[Parents: Hubert & Ida Mae Melton Jones]

Jones, Miles Lee
July 7, 1886-December 25, 1964
[Parents: Harrison & Mary Douglas Jones]

Jones, Miles Marvin
March 10, 1945-March 13, 1945
[Parents: Miles H. & Mabel McCall Jones]

Jones, Miss Bertie Elta
June 11, 1910-August 27, 1979
[Parents: Miles Lee & Chloe Amy Reid Jones]
[Brothers: Clarnece & Clyde Jones]
[Sisters: Gladys Stanfill, Mary Woods & Ruth Rhodes]

Jones, Nema Elna Maness
Wife of Andrew Ernest, Married 1920
January 10, 1898-July 14, 1985
[Parents: Lee & Lillian Weeks Maness]
[Daughter: Freda Meadows]
[Son: Lewis Jones]
[Brother: Donald W. Maness]
[Grandchildren: Mike Meadows, Mrs. Jennie Fletcher & Lucy Jones]

Jones, William Harrison
September 19, 1915-August 4, 1978
[Parents: Miles Lee & Chloe Amy Reid Jones]

Jones, William R.
Son of Elkanah F. & Rebecca Rhodes Jones
1831-April 17, 1920
[Brothers: Christopher Perry, James B., Samuel T., John, Elihue, Henry B., Harrison & Miles A. Jones]
[Sisters: Bethia Wheatley, Sarah Ann, Nancy Margaret & Malinda Jones]

Jowers, Annie Lakey
June 27, 1886-December 1, 1968

Jowers, Manuel Lee

Joyner, Alice A. Priddy
Wife of John J., Married November 7, 1876
December 12, 1856-March 17, 1930
[Father: Burke A. & Nancy Priddy]
[Daughters: Mrs. Mattie (Jim) Smith & Mrs. Bertha (Arthur) Attaway]
[Sons: James L., Will R. & John Robert Joyner]
[Grandchildren: J. E. Brown, W. L. Brown & Robert N. Joyner]
[Brothers: John & George Priddy]
[Sister: Isaac Rhodes}

Joyner, John J.
July 27, 1855-December 5, 1923
[Parents: Albert & Fredona Joyner]

Kee, Bessie May Gantt
Wife of Ernest Pinkney
[Parents: Andrew Jackson & Ida Mae Crook Gantt]

Kee, Dr. Elbert E.
Son of E. E. & M. E.
March 3, 1875-October 28, 1901

Kee, Elisha Burrel
April 12, 1844-April 5, 1916

Kee, Ella E.
April 25, 1868-August 7, 1944

Kee, Ernest Eugene
October 10, 1911-November 8, 1990
[Parents: Ernest P. & Bessie May Gantt Kee]

Kee, Ernest Pinkney
1886-September 30, 1951
[Parents: J. H. & Sallie Reed Kee]
[Sons: Ernest Eugene, Lawrence, Clinton & Lee Roy Kee]

Kee, Green B.
Husband of M. A.
July 27, 1834-September 29, 1908

Kee, Infant
Daughter of James & Sallie

Kee, James Holloway
February 10, 1861-March 8, 1934

Kee, James Lawrence
April 29, 1913-June 4, 1980
[Parents: Ernest & Bessie Gantt Kee]
[Brother: Eugene Kee]

Kee, Jerry W.
Janurary 22, 1867-November 24, 1893
[Son of G. B. & M. A. Kee]

Kee, Marie Sparks
Wife of James
October 30, 1916-________
[Sons: Larry, Don & Ronald Kee]
[Daughter: Beverly Hearn]

Kee, Martha Ann
Wife of G. B.
April 6, 1838-December 1, 1916

Kee, Mary Ellen Rhodes
Wife of Elisha B.
June 11, 1845-January 29, 1917

Kee, Nelia "Nellie"
November 28, 1871-June 17, 1901
Wife of J. W. Kee

Kee, Sallie Reid
Wife of James Holloway
February 7, 1863-January 9, 1935
[Sons Ernest P. & Clarnece Kee]
[Daughters: Mrs. Will McCorkle, Mrs. Jesse Rhodes & Mrs. Will Crook]

Kee, William M.
June 20, 1859-July 25, 1936

Kelly, Allie Crook
December 15, 1892-April 24, 1966
[Spouse: Jim Kelly]
[Parents: William Barry & Ella Luvenia Barham Crook]

Kelly, Lucille Williams
January 20, 1914-November 10, 1998
[Parents: John Marcus & Laura Ellen Bradbury Williams]
[Spouse: Ernest Garland Kelly, Married 1930]
[Daughters: Joyce Graves & Wanda Phillips]

Key, Annie L. Dodds
Wife of Charles M.
1863-November 25, 1921

Key, Arthur F.
August 3, 1883-Novmeber 8, 1961

Key, Carl Bertrum
November 20, 1891-January 23, 1954

Key, Charles M.

Key, Clara Marie Kohlmeier
Wife of Roy L.
March 27, 1896-January 14, 1971
[Parents: August & Wilhelmine ____ Kohlmeier]
[Sister: Mrs. Otto Mestmecher]

Key, Ethel A.

Key, Fred

Key, Infant

Key, Jodie C.
Husband of Lula Key

Key, John P.
June 26, 1863-May 26, 1946

Key, Lessie A.
May 5, 1879-October 17, 1955

Key, Minnie M.
February 8, 1889-______

Key, Roy L.
November 9, 1898-March 16, 1972
[Parents: Charles M. & Annie L. Dodds Key]
[Sister: Mrs. Ruby Reauveau]
[Niece: Mrs. Julia Richmond]

Key, William A.
October 25, 1915-May 17, 1940

King, Charlie L.
March 9, 1913-May 22, 1986
[Parents: Jim & Ella Lunsford King]
[Brother: James R. King]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ellis Johnson, Mrs. Golden Bradfield, Mrs. Margaret Rains & Mrs. Ida Mae Dyer]

King, James R.
January 1, 1921-January 29, 1989
[Parents: James & Ella Lunsford King]
[Sisters: Mrs. Alice Johnson, Mrs. Golden Bradfield, Mrs. Margaret Rains, Mrs. Lillie Mae Todd & Mrs. Ida Mae Dyer]

King, Mary Alice Hart
Wife of James R.
[Daughter: Edith Sue King Johnson Bailey]
[Son: Jim King]

King, Thelma B. Hart
[Sons: Johnny F. Burress, Charles J. King, James D. King & Billy G. King]

Kohlmeier, Wilhelmine
Wife of August Kohlmeier
[Daughters: Clara Marie Key & Mrs. Otto Mestmecher]

Lacomb, Frances Bailey
[Parents: James Elbert & Lucille White Bailey]

Laster, Burl Thomas
March 6, 1859-Decmeber 16, 1911

Laster, Lula Terry Meadow
March 13, 1881-January 19, 1982
[Wife of James Samuel Laster]
[Son: Earl Laster]

Laster, Nanie Mae
Daughter of Henry Miles & Lee Etta Woodruff Laster
July 12, 1905-January 4, 1919

Laster, Permelia Ann
October 18, 1860-September 14, 1915

Laster, Sam J. "James Samuel"
1882-April 24, 1923

Laster, Waymon R.
July 17, 1933
Corp. 380 Inf 95 Div.

Latham, Bessie J.
Decmber 15, 1882-August 12, 1899

Latham, Mauldin Burl
May 28, 1926-September 4, 1986
[Parents: James Burl & Virgie Stewart Latham]
[1st Spouse Dorothy Scott, Married 1947]
[2nd Spouse Nellie King]
[Daughters: Elaine Hatch, Susan Todd, Phyllis Latham, Sandra Wilson, Nancy Simmons Deborah Wilkinson & Dorothy Waugh]
[Son: Edward Latham]
[Sisters: Mrs. Lillian Bridges, Mrs. Minnie Arnold, Mrs. Maxine Connor & Mrs. Helen Hurst]
[Brother: Boyce Latham]

Latham, Sarah
Wife of James
March 9, 1832

Leath, Martha Sue Butler
1930-October 12, 1969
[Parents: James William & Celden Faucett Butler]
[Son: William Douglas Leath]
[Brother: Bud Butler]
[Sisters: Lerlene Guinn & Miss Faye Butler]

Lindsey, Anneose R.
October 20, 1929-_______

Lindsey, James Washington
1868-March 17,1936
[Brother: W. T. Lindsey]
[Daughters: Mrs. Enloe "Minnie" Cash, Mrs. Eva Coatney, Mrs. Ora Bishop & Miss Flora Lindsey]

Lindsey, Laura Etta Newsom
Wife of James W., Married 1897
1873-May 30, 1967
[Parents: Isaac Jordan & Mary Jane Carroll Newsom
[Daughters: Mrs. Enloe Cash, Mrs. Luther Wheatley & Mrs. William Diller]
[Sister: Mrs. Elector Rhodes]
[Brother: William Robert Newsom]

Lindsey, Michael H.
January 13, 1955-May 2, 1955

Little, Elred C. "Red Little"
January 15, 1915-July 11, 1995
[Parents: Frank & Martha Ellen Ross Little]
[Daughter: Nancy Stoval & Sandra Kay Little]
[Sisters: Molene Jones & Exell Roby]

Little, Eva Attaway
Wife of Elred C., Married 1936
June 15, 1918-September 7, 1999
[Parents: Alt & Ruth Dodds Attaway]
[Daughters: Mrs. Dennis "Nancy" Stovall & Sandra Kay Little]
[Grandchildren: Dustin & Cody Stovall}

Little, Sandra Kay
March 12, 1941-March 23, 1985
[Parents: Elred & Eva Attaway Little]
Johnson, Carl E.
October 5, 1917-August 17, 1961
[Parents: Lee & Elma Melton Johnson
[Spouse: Hazel Plunk, Married 1946]
[Sons:Eddie, Rickey, Gene & Kenney Johnson]
[Brother: Billy Joe Johnson]
[Sisters: Mrs. Marion Vestal, Mrs. Roy Bailey, Mrs. Travis Latham & Mrs. Houston Freeman]

Little, Wilma Butler Hinson
August 24, 1912-May 9, 1985
[Parents: John & Ella Clifford Butler]
[1st Spouse: Earl H. Hinson, Married 1932]
[2nd Spouse: Earl Little]
[Son: John Hinson]
[Brother: Guy Butler]
[Grandchildren: Angela Hinson & Brad Hinson]

Lott, Donald Lee
March 26, 1959-March 6, 1999
[Father: Charles Lott]
[Spouse: Tina _____]
[Daughter: Kimberly Dill]
[Sons: Brandon Lott & Jimmy Lott]
[Brother: Billy Lott]
[Sisters: Judy Watson & Shelia Shelby]

Lott, Harmon Paul
Husband of Naomi S., Married January 4, 1944
1920-March 17, 1995
[Parents: Henderson & Weida Stanfill Lott]
[Son: Robert Paul Lott]
[Daughter: Gale Liles]
[Brothers: Travis, Carl & Carroll "Spot" Lott]

Lott, Henderson F.
1891-March 1, 1980
[Parents: William & Sarah Trice Lott]

Lott, Junell Bishop
June 17, 1923-September 19, 2002
[Parents: James Wilson & Lula Clifford Bishop]
[Spouse: James "Jimmy" Lott] Married 1943
[Sister: Martha Parker]
[Brothers: James Wilson Bishop Jr.]
[Children: Emily Clayton & Tony Lott]

Lott, Leonard Tillman
July 3, 1910-January 5, 2002
[Parents: William & Mary Dona Brewer Lott]

Lott, Lorraine Watlington
Wife of Leonard Tillman
February 15, 1917-October 7, 1994
[Parents: Claude & Lessie Holmes Watlington]
[Son: Leonard R. Lott]
[Daughter: Sue Barocio]
[Brother: Claude Brown Watlington]

Lott, Naomi S.
October 10, 1924-_______

Lott, Robert Paul
September 21, 1945-April 18, 1964
[Parents: Harmon Paul & Naomi ____ Lott]

Lott, Virginia Faye Sewell
Wife of Charles B., Married 1945
October 17, 1928-April 10, 1986
[Parents: Darris & Delia Meek Sewell]
[Sons: Jimmy Charles, Billy Gene & Donald Lee Lott]
[Daughters: Juday Annette Watson & Sheila Kay Shelby]
[Brother: Allen Sewell]

Lott, Weida P. Stanfill
Wife of Henderson F.
1897-July 30, 1969
[Parents: Isaac John & Ellena Stanfill Stanfill]
[Sons: Travis, Harmon, Carl & Carroll Lott]
[Brothers: L.T. & Lloyd Stanfill]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ida Franks & Mrs. Betty Lott]

Love, Austin Edwin "Jack"
July 9, 1910-January 29m 1949
[Parents: John Kirk & Tempie Brown Love]
[Spouse: Maurine Melton]
[Daughter: Brenda Kay Love]
[Brother: Harold Love]
[Sisters: Mrs. Lester Farrow & Mrs. Kermit Colbert]

Love, Guy M.
1922-September 1942
[Parents: John Kirk & Tempie Brown Love]

Love, John Kirk "Kirkland"

Love, Tempie Brown
Wife of John Kirk
July 28, 1893-December 29, 1984
[Sons: Jack, Guy M. & Harold Love]
[Daughters: Mrs. K. F. "Helen" Colbert & Mrs. Lester Ferrell]

Lyles, Deanna Lynn
January 18, 1974
[Parents: John & Diana ____ Lyles]

Lyles, Evelyn
Wife of John Robert

Lyles, John Robert
August 27, 1915-October 18, 1965

Maness, Elmer Lee
February 12, 1910-August 31, 1969
[Parents: I. Eller & Rebecca Reynolds Maness]
[1st Spouse: Zora Holmes]
[2nd Spouse: Lessie Henson, Married 1951]
[Son: Elmer Lee Maness Jr.]
[Daughters: Miss Alivene Maness, Mrs. Maxine Kirkman, Mrs. Barbara Robb & Mrs. Sue Boyd]
[Brothers: Floyd & Edward Maness]
[Sister: Mrs. Ruby Clifford]

Maness, Floyd Thomas
July 20, 1905-June 18, 1979
[Parents: Eller & Rebecca Reynolds Maness]
[Brother: Edward Maness]

Maness, Hobert E.
June 7, 1924-September 13, 1944
[Parents: Floyd Thomas & Mallon Weir Maness]

Maness, Lessie Henson
2nd Wife of Elmer Lee
May 15, 1920-________
Later Married a Phillips

Maness, Lillian Weeks
Wife of Robert Lee
September 18, 1875-April 15, 1953
[Parents: J. W. & Martha McCallum Weeks]
[Brothers: Lee & Fulton R. Weeks]
[Sons: Robert Glenn & Donald Maness]
[Daughters: Mrs. Nema Elna (Ernest) Jones & Mrs. Annie Ilene (John Ellis) Cook}

Maness, Loy Alivene
August 27, 1932-May 3, 1991
[Parents: Elmer Lee & Zora E. Holmes Maness]

Maness, Mallon Weir
Wife of Floyd
September 25, 1895-July 11, 1982
[Parents: Buck & Margaret Barrett Weir]
[Sons: Hobert E., William Curtis & Ralph Maness]
[Daughters; Margaret McDaniel & Jo Ann Joyner]

Maness, Robert Glenn
October 25, 1911-September 8, 1964
[Parents: Robert Lee & Lillian Weeks Maness]
[Brother: Donald Maness]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ernest Jones & Mrs. John Ellis Cook]

Maness, Robert Lee
January 21, 1873-August 22, 1936

Maness, William Curtis
February 6, 1927
[Parents: Floyd & Mallon Weir Maness]

Maness, Zora E. Holmes
September 22, 1912-March 15, 1988
[Parents: Thomas Allen & Vicie Richardson Holmes]
[Daughters: Loy A. Maness, Maxlene Kirkman, Barbara Robb & Addie S. Boyd]
[Spouse: Elmer Lee Maness]

Maxwell, Jr. Robert
January 4, 1944

McAdams, Barbara E.
March 17, 1955-June 29, 1983

McAdams, Clyde E.
September 19, 1914-________
[Parents: Walter L. & Margie C. Bailey McAdams]

McAdams, Clyde
June 4, 1894-August 15, 1896

McAdams, Cornelia Elizabeth Summers
Wife of Ervin G.
February 11, 1870-June 12, 1955
[Parents: John M. & Mary Elizabeth Arnold Summers]
[Sons: A. C., Fred & Guy McAdams]
[Daughter: Pauline McAdams]
[Brother: I. L. Summers]

McAdams, Della Mae West
Wife of James Thomas
October 30, 1886-April 21, 1969
[Parents: Riley Benton & Catherine Belle West]
[Sisters: Effie White & Nola Johnson]
[Brother: Thelmer Lee West]
[Sons: Elton & Lloyd McAdams]
[Daughters: Olene McAdams & Mrs. Ruth Sullivan]

McAdams, Elbert Ray
February 28, 1918-Sepember 27, 1974

McAdams, Elbert
June 1904-August 1904

McAdams, Ervin G.
November 3, 1862-April 3, 1926
[Parents: Samuel D. & Mary Florence Wilson McAdams]

McAdams, Fred Burke
April 1, 1892-October 23, 1976
[Brother: Guy Talmadge McAdams]
[Sister: Pauline McAdams]
[Parents: Ervin & Cornelia Summers McAdams]

McAdams, Guy Talmadge
1897-March 22, 1969
[Parents: Ervin G. & Cornelia Elizabeth Summers McAdams]
[Brother: Fred McAdams]
[Sister: Pauline McAdams]

McAdams, Harve Lafayette
1885-January 3, 1950
[Parents: William & Sallie Patteson McAdams]
[Brothers: Mark & Sam McAdams]
[Sister: Ms. Leslie Teuton]

McAdams, Hugh W.
July 16, 1916-August 29, 1959
[Parents: Walter L. & Margie C. Bailey McAdams]

McAdams, Infant
Daughter of Guy & Myrtice
October 26, 1931

McAdams, James "Jim" Harold
August 9, 1931-September 6, 1970
[Daughter: Barbara E. McAdams]

McAdams, James Thomas
1879-February 18, 1947
[Parents: William R. & Sarah "Sallie" Patterson McAdams]
[Brothers: Sam, Harve & Marck McAdams]
[Sister: Mrs. Lessie Tuton]

McAdams, Margie C. Bailey
Wife of Walter L.
August 4, 1894-May 23, 1973
[Parents: William Merrell & Mary Ella Byrd Bailey]
[Sons: Clyde, Gale, Jack, Toby & Ray McAdams]
[Daughters: Ruth Franklin, Betty Dunivan & Loy Jones]

McAdams, Mary Florence Wilson
Wife of Samuel D.
October 10, 1871-January 10, 1964
[Father: Whit Wilson]
[[Sons: Ervin & John McAdams]
[Daughter: Aileen McAdams]

McAdams, Pauline
December 24, 1910-1995
[Brothers: Guy Talmadge & Fred Burke McAdams]
[Parents: Ervin & Cornelia Summers McAdams]

McAdams, Rheba Bain
Wife or Clyde
December 25, 1917-August 16, 1993
[Daughter: Christine McAdams]
[Son: Walter McAdams]

McAdams, Sallie Myrtice Rhodes
1899-November 14, 1952
[Parents: William M. & Susan Laster Rhodes]
[Sons: J. Berlin, Hayes & Julian McAdams]
[Daughter: Mrs. Harold Cash]

McAdams, Samuel "Sam" David
July 7, 1866-April 12, 1934
[Parents: William R. & Sarah "Sallie" Patterson McAdams]

McAdams, Walter L.
July 28, 1890-October 14, 1937
[Parents: Ervin G. & Cornelia Elizabeth Summers McAdams]

McAdams, William Gale
February 28, 1923-February 28, 1992
[Parents: Walter & Margie Bailey McAdams]

McAdams, William Rixey (Unmarked Grave) 1902-July 4, 1954
(Newspaper Obit Date: July 9, 1954, Chester County Independent)
[Parents: Samuel "Sam" & Mary Florence Wilson McAdams]
[Spouse: Mary Hinson]
[Son: Sammy McAdams]
[Daughters: Mrs. Seroba Tedington & Sarah Jane McAdams]
[Brothers: Erwin W. & John Whit McAdams]

McAdams, Willie McCall
Wife of Harve L., Married 1906
1889-July 13, 1985
[Parents: Zachary Taylor & Mary Jane Barham McCall]
[Sister: Mrs. Leon Brewer]
[Sons: Carl & Gerald McAdams]
[Daughter: Mable McAdams]

McC, J. M.
No dates

McCall, Alice Worley Ward
2nd Spouse of Z.T. "Tog"
January 6, 1913-January 28, 1987

McCall, Catherine O. Essary
Wife of H. W. McCall
June 22, 1847-August 6, 1894
[Daughters: Jennie McCall, Josie McCall & Nelia Kee]
[Sons: Walton, Henry O., Samuel F., & John N. McCall]

McCall, Charles
March 21, 1924-September 19, 1990
[Parents: Henry Oscar & Dexter Smith McCall]
[Spouse: Jean Edwards]
[Son: Charlie McCall]
[Daughters: Carolyn Walsh & Cheryl Nelson]

McCall, Eliza Elmore Dennison
[Wife of John McCall]
[Parents: Stephen & Elizabeth Ingram Dennison]
[Daughters: Adelaide Bray, Mary Ann Brewer & Elizabeth McCall]
[Son: Zachariah Taylor McCall, Sr.]

McCall, Emma Jackson Stanfill Pounds
1872-May 21, 1955
[1st Spouse: Richard Pounds]
[Parents: Lev Taylor & Betty Hardeman Stanfill]
[Daughter: Mrs. John Meadows & Mrs. Elizabeth Brewer]
[Brothers: Floyd, Lon & Ben Stanfill]
[Sister: Mrs. Fannie Hurton]

McCall, Estellee Beecham McCall Holmes
Wife of John E. McCall, Married 1920
Wife of Joe W. Holmes, Married 1960
[Father: William Ebb Beecham]
[Brother: Floyd Beacham]
[Sisters: Louise Hunley & Pearl Melton]
[Step-Sons: Ernest & Herschel Holmes]
[Step-Daughter: Bernice Adams]

McCall, Grace Dexter Smith
Wife of Henry Oscar
January 22, 1898-November 24, 1970
[Parents: William Levi & Martha Benson Smith]
[Sons: William H. & Charles McCall]

McCall, Grace Idella Bell
Wife of Samuel F., Married 1909
September 11, 1890-December 5, 1984
[Parents: William P. & Ella Bingham Bell]
[Sons: Marvin, Raymond & Walton McCall]
[Daughter: Mrs. Mabel Jones]
[Brother: Dennis Bell]

McCall, Henry Oscar
1885-April 1, 1956
[Parents: Henry & Catherine Essary McCall]
[Brothers: John E. & Fenner McCall]
[Sister: Miss Josie J. McCall]

McCall, Henry William
February 23, 1838-March 5, 1920
[Parents: John & Elizabeth Dyer McCall]

McCall, Jennie F.
September 11, 1866-July __, 1939
[Parents: Henry & Catherine Essary McCall]

McCall, Joe Henry
February 9, 1903-March 17, 1983
[Parents: Zachariah Taylor & Emma Stanfill McCall]
[Sister: Elizabeth Brewer]
[1/2 Sister: Mrs. Wilie McAdams]
[Son: Bill McCall]

McCall, John E. "Joe"
1899-August 16, 1960
[Parents: Zack & Emma Stanfill Pounds McCall]
[Brothers: Zack Taylor, Joe & Claude Pounds McCall]
[Sisters: Mrs. Leon Brewer, Mrs. John Meadows, Mrs. Willie McAdams, Mrs. Callie Parrish & Mrs. P. B. Bland]

McCall, John N.
1874-September 20, 1956
[Parents: Henry W. & Catherine Essary McCall]
Anderson, Doris "Kay" Kathleen Grissom
________-October 2, 1977
[Parents: James & Gladys Dickson Grissom]
[Spouse: Dr. James A. Anderson]
[Daughter: Anna Kay Anderson]

McCall, John
May 1, 1813-February 12, 1888

McCall, Josie
Daughter of Z. T. & M. J.
March 24, 1870-January 26, 1891

McCall, Junelle Weeks
Wife of Z. T. "Tog", Married 1925
1904-July 26, 1953
[Father: Fulton R. Weeks]
[Brother: John L. Weeks]
[Sister: Pauline Brown]
[Daughter: Mrs. Mary Nell Brower]

McCall, Leslie Trice
Wife of Joe Henry, Married 1918
1900-March 20, 1984
[Parents: Luke & Elma Priddy Trice]
[Brother: William Trice]

McCall, Marvin Virgal
Husband of Murdell
November 8, 1918-July 26, 1943
[Parents: Samuel Fenner & Grace Idella Bell McCall]
[Daughters: Jewell & Cornelle McCall]
[Sister: Mrs. Miles Jones]

McCall, Mary Jane Barham
Wife of Z. T. McCall
March 13, 1846-September 17, 1896

McCall, Miss Josie J.
1869-September 7, 1955
[Parents: Henry & Catherine Essary McCall]
[Brothers: John, Fenner & Henry Oscar McCall]
[Sister: Miss Jennie McCall]

McCall, Murdell Brewer
Wife of Marvin Virgal
February 19, 1919-________
[Son: Joel McCall]
[Daughter: Lucy Camille Bishop]

McCall, Raymond
1910-February 27, 1920
[Parents: Samuel Fenner & Grace Idella Bell McCall]

McCall, Samuel Fenner
April 27, 1882-February 20, 1965
[Parents: William Henry & Catherine Essary McCall]

McCall, W. Paul
Unmarked Grave

McCall, Walton G.
October 28, 1876-December 12, 1894
[Parents: Henry William & Catherine Essary McCall[

McCall, Zachariah Taylor "Tog" Jr.
November 11,1905-January 28, 1983
[Parents: Zack & Emma Stanfill McCall]
[1st Spouse: Junelle Weeks]
[2nd Spouse: Worley Ward]

McCall, Zachariah Taylor Sr.
February 18, 1848-January 26, 1941
[Spouse: Emma Jackson Stanfill]
[Sons: John E., Joe & Z. T. McCall]
[Daughters: Mrs. Callie Parrish, Mrs. Georgia Bond, Mrs. B. F. Robertson, Mrs. P. B. Bland, Mrs. Jap Stanfill, Mrs. Howard McAdams & Mrs. Leon Brewer]

McCallum Clara T. Bond
Wife of John Murray, Married 1895
November 15, 1865-November 7, 1949
[Father: Billy Bond]
[Sons: Murray & Lewis McCallum]

McCallum, Arleane
August 31, 1885-April 19, 1908

McCallum, Infant
Daughter of O. L. & A.
April 12, 1908

McCallum, John Murray
January 5, 1850-April 24, 1900

McCollum, Dr. Isaac R.
August 23, 1856-September 26, 1883

McCollum, Frances
Wife of Isaac L.
September 29, 1817-August 6, 1834

McCollum, Isaac L.
February 22, 1820-May 15, 1892

McCollum, J. R.
Son of I. L. & F.
May 19, 1848-October 3, 1874

McCorkle, Burl McClain
May 23, 1917-September 30, 1967
[Parents: William & Grace Kee McCorkle]
[Sister: Neltha Fowler]
[Daughter: Terry McCorkle]

McCorkle, Grace Ann Kee
Wife William McClain
1890-October 7, 1971
[James "Jimmie" Holloway & Sallie Reed Kee]
[Son: Burl McCorkle]
[Daughter: Neltha Fowler]

McCorkle, Grace Nell
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William McClain
January 15, 1916-August 14, 1916

McCorkle, Jennie "Jenny" Lind Woodruff
December 11, 1850-July 4, 1938
[Wife of J. T. McCorkle]
[Sons: Will, Gordon, Herbert & Arch McCorkle]
[Stepson: Bob McCorkle]
[Parents: Jessie H. & Sarah Elizabeth Barton Woodruff]

McCorkle, William McClain
1885-May 11, 1955
[Parents: Thomas James, Jenny Lind Woodruff McCorkle]
[Daughter: Mrs. Hammond Fowler]
[1/2 Brother: Bob McCorkle]
[Granddaughter: Teresa Ann McCorkle]

McCormack, Anita Glyle
January 26, 1949-________
[Brother: Melvin Delco McCormack]

McCormack, Brodie Delco
March 3, 1924-April 19, 2002
[Parents: Johnnie & Luvina Kelly McCormack]

McCormack, Lattice LaLa Rhodes
Wife of Brodie
March 11, 1924-January 12, 1994
[Parents Melvin Andrew & Lala Young Rhodes]
[Daughters: Anita McCormack & Alva Nelle DuVall]
[Son: Melvin McCormack]

McCormack, Melvin Delco
January 10, 1953-________
[Sister: Anita McCormack]

McDowell, Jerry Wayne
June 14, 1946-Feb. 10, 2002
[Parents: Thomas F. "Tom" Wilson & Ruby Pearl Wilson Chaffin]
[Brothers: Gary Wilson, Jim Lovett, Thomas Wilson Lutton, Bobby Kizzar & Charles Beavers]
[Sisters: Betty Harter, Charlotte Swan, Gay Powell & Roberta Maddox]

McEarl, Crystal Serilda Etta Armour
August 23, 1932-_________
Wife of Wilton McEarl, Married 1950
[Parents: German Culwell & Ressie Lee Redmon Armour]
[Sons: Wilton Gary & Geoffrey Lee McEarl]
[Daughter: Crystal Melinda Thomas]

McEarl, Wilton Bryan
January 28, 1929-July 11, 1998
[Parents: Arlie B. & Ida Mae Brantley McEarl]
[Brothers: Truman, Frank & Harlan McEarl]
[Sisters: Noretta McCalin, Shirley Campbell, Linda Massengill & Brenda McAdams]

McGill, M. Belle Holmes
Wife of Nute
1891-October 30, 1962
[Parents: Jason S. & Mary Elizabeth Young Holmes]
[Sons: Carl & Allen J. McGill]
[Daughters: Nell McGill, Mrs. Ray Fielder & Mrs. Craig Cramer]
[Brothers: Hunter, Dewey & Sid Holmes]
[Sisters: Mrs. Kate Pierce, Mrs. Cedric Conder & mrs. Alice Jakubowski]

McGill, Mary Belle
Daughter of N. E. & Belle
January 11, 1910-August 20, 1910

McGill, Nute E.
1888-February 28, 1957
[Parents: Allen & Elizabeth Trice McGill]
[Sister: Mrs. W. P. Ivy]

McGill, Willie Nell
January 20, 1911-September 6, 1996
[Parents: Nute E. & M. Belle Homes McGill

Meadows, Bertha Bland
Wife of William Erwin, Married 1905
1886-November 13, 1972
[Parents: James "Jim" & Julia Perry Bland]
[Sons: Paul & Doyle Meadows]
[Daughter: Kathleen Smith]

Meadows, Claude V.
April 3, 1914-October 6, 1953
[Parents: John William & Lonnie Bell Pounds Meadows]

Meadows, Houston L.
September 2, 1915-December 28, 1990
[Parents: John L. & Callie Butler Meadows]
[1st Spouse: Oneita Coatney, Married 1939]
[2nd Spouse: Velrie Morris]
[Brother: Howard L. Meadows]

Meadows, Infant
Son of W. E. & B. M.
No Dates

Meadows, John Harold
February 8, 1917-December 31, 1979
[Parents: John William & Lonnie Bell Pounds Meadows]

Meadows, John William
September 15, 1883-January 19, 1963
[Parents: John & Sallie Perry Meadows]
[Sisters: Mrs. Effie Clifford & Mrs. Carrol Reid]

Meadows, John

Meadows, Lonnie Bell Pounds
Wife of John William, Married 1911
April 11, 1886-February 5, 1973
[Parents: Bud & Emma Stanfill Pounds]
[Sons: William Howard, John Harold & Claude V. Meadows]
[Daughters: Mrs. Lee "Edna" Patterson, Mrs. Earl "Nannie Bell" Griffin & Mrs. Charlie "Ruth" Burns]
[1/2 Sister: Mrs. Leon Brewer]
[1/2 Brothers: Joe & Z. T. McCall]

Meadows, Oneita Coatney
August 30, 1916-November 2, 1979
[Parents: Robert Harrison & Fannie Grissom Coatney]

Meadows, Rhody Lonnie Bell Kee
February 1, 1858-March 6, 1931
[Spouse: Terry Meadows]
[Sons: William Erwin Meadows & J. H. Meadows]
[Daughters: Mrs. Mary Jane Rhodes & Mrs. Lula Laster]

Meadows, Sallie Catherine Peddy
Wife of John
1847-January 28, 1914

Meadows, William Erwin
1878-April 19, 1957
[Parents: Terry & Rhody Lonnie Bell Kee Meadows]

Meadows, William Howard
March 6, 1912-December 12, 1988
[Parents: John William & Lonnie Bell Pounds Meadows]

Meadows, William
Son of W. E. & B. M.
Died October 12, 1913
Aged 2 yrs. 8 mo. 17 days

Moore, Callie Rosella Stewart
June 6, 1886-March 30, 1958
[Parents: George & Mary Smith Stewart]
[Daughter: Edna Palice Hinson]

Moore, Charlie Ditter
November 4, 1879-September 18, 1940
[Parents: Tobe & Mary _____ Moore

Moore, Ethel A. "Irene"
Daughter of G. W. & L. V.
September 7, 1894-March 22, 1896

Moore, Kathy Ann Crowe
August 17, 1960-May 30, 1997
[Parents: Robert Leon & Wilma Carroll Crowe]

Moore, Luisa Virginia Knowles
Wife of George W.
April 26, 1871-February 25, 1900

Moore, Mary E.
Wife of Tobe
December 30, 1844-May 19, 1925

Moore, Sarah Frances Arnold
Wife of William P.
August 17, 1826-January 7, 1900
[Daughter of James & Jane Melton Arnold]

Moore, Tobe
August __, 1851-May 9, 1927

Morgan, Mable McAdams
December 20, 1918-_________
[Parents: Harve Lafayette & Willie McCall McAdams]

Morris, Carl C.
November 13, 1900-February 4, 1985
[Parents: Charlie & Mary Frances Brantley Morris]
[Brother: Fred Morris]
[Sister: Exie Bruce]

Morris, Charles Richard
December 11, 1860-January 16, 1944
[Parents: William Jeff & Rachel Lucinda Ryals Morris]
[Brother: Joseph Bedford Morris]
[Sisters: Mrs. Lucy Goodwin & Mrs. Jennie Bishop]

Morris, Claude O.
February 15, 1890-October 4, 1964
[Parents: Jim & Sarah Malone Morris]

Morris, Jane Bailey
May 2, 1937-_______
Wife of Normagene, Married January 28, 1956
[Parents: Edward Crissie Alice Wilson Bailey]
[Sons: Randy & Bruce Morris]
[Daughter: Pamela Perkins]

Morris, Jeannette Burross
Wife of Marvin E., Married May 15, 1948
June 10, 1927-________
[Daughter: Wanda Donnett Williams]
[Son-in-law: Glynn Nelson Williams]
[Grandchildren: Justin Morris & Jason Blake Williams]

Morris, John A.
November 22, 1911-July 7, 1962
[Parents: Claude O. & Cora Lee Newsom Morris]
[Sister: Ludelle Rhodes]
[Brother: Eddie Morris]

Morris, Joseph Bedford
February 7, 1874-April 25, 1938
[Parents: William Jeff & Rachel Lucinda Ryals Morris]
Bell, Walter T. Sr.

Morris, Junell Lott
Wife of Carl C.
December 27, 1912-November 28, 1979
[Parents: John & Bertie Burross Lott]
[Son: Charles Robert Morris]
[Brothers: William & James Lott]
[Sisters: Helen Powers, Johnnie Wells & Logan Morris]

Morris, Marvin Edward
June 17, 1923-November 23, 1997

Morris, Mary Frances "Fannie" Brantley
Wife of Charles Richard, Married December 22, 1893
February 7, 1875-May 8, 1943
[Parents: Marshal Elison & Martha Ann Griffin Brantley]
[Sons: Fred, William & Carl C. Morris]
[Daughers: Mrs. Exie Lott & Miss Lola Morris]
[Brothers: Jacob Raymond, Rufus Alexander, Thomas & James Brantley]
[1/2 Brother: Joe Brantley]
[Sister: Mrs. Ella Ross, Mrs. Belle Ryals & Mrs. Lydie Hasseltine Morris]
[Nephews: Ellis & Hoyle Brantley, Paul, Edd & Raymond Morris]

Morris, Miss Lala Estes
May 23, 1903-September 11, 1978
[Parents: Charles Richard & Mary Frances "Fannie" Brantley Morris]
[Brothers: W.M., Carl & Fred Morris]
[Sister: Mrs. Exie Bruce]

Morris, Normagene
December 4, 1933-April 27, 2000
[Parents: John "Jodie" William & Flora Lee Jordan Morris]
[Brothers: Edward, Earl, Roy, Jerry & Joe Lee Morris]
[Sister: Dora Lott]

Morris, Ruth Nobles
Wife of John A.
August 10, 1925-________
[Parents: William Roy & Minnie Rhodes Morris]
[Daughters: Judy, Julia & Vicky Morris & Linda Dodds]
[Son: Johnny Morris]

Mullins, Love "Lovie" Ann
May 13, 1867-March 10, 1928
[Dau. of Wesley W. & Mrs. Evaline A. Mullins]
[Sisters: Mrs. Mary (James) Young & Mrs. Harriet Britt]
[Brother: Jas. Franklin Mullins

Nash, Curtis Michael "Mike"
April 17, 1949-________
[Parents: Maurice C. & Jamie White Nash]
[Brothers: M.C. Jr. & Jimmy Nash]
[Sister: Betty Jane Armstrong]

Nash, Jeanette Johnson
Wife of Michael, Married 1969
June 12, 1951-August 20, 1984
[Parents: Bonnie Roy & Allene H. Johnson]
[Sons: Curtis Mark & Michael Brandon Nash]

Newman, Ora Dickson
Wife of R. C.
November 8, 1896-July __, 1986
[Parents: Lewis & Rachel McBride Dickson]
[Sons: H. H. & John Newman]
[Sister: Gladys Dickson]
[Brother: Lloyd Dickson]

Newman, R. C. "William"
1892-June 1952
[Brothers: T. T & J. C. Newman]

Newsom, Nancy M. Thomas
Wife of William Robert
1871-February 2, 1934

Newsom, William Robert
1870-July 26, 1959
[Parents: Isaac Jordan & Mary Jane Carroll Newsom]
[Sisters: Mrs. Etta Lindsey & Mrs. Electra Rhodes]
[Daughter: Mrs. Vera N. Jones]

Nobles, Beulah Mae Holmes
Wife of Henry Luke, Married May 18, 1924
December 5, 1905-October 25, 1993
[Parents: Thomas Allen & Vicie Richardson Holmes]
[Sons: Raford S. & Clarence Glenn Nobles]
[Daughters: Mrs. Ruby Wright & Mrs. Lila Sue Ross]

Nobles, Bobbie Faye Fletcher
Wife of Raford S., Married July 24, 1948
April 16, 1931-December 5, 1973
[Parents: Henry & Roseanna Ethel Maness Fletcher]
[Brother: Dennis Neal Fletcher]
[Son: Larry Ray Nobles]
[Daughter: Mrs. Patsy Jean Jones]

Nobles, Clarence Glenn
August 10, 1928-March 16, 1988
[Parents: Henry Luke & Beulah Mae Holmes Nobles]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ruby Wright & Mrs. Lila Sue Ross]
[Brother: Raford S. Nobles]

Nobles, Dorothy Lorraine Rush
Wife of Clarence Glenn, Married August 16, 1946
August 26, 1928-April 25, 1989
[Parents: Oscar Edward & Addie Pearl Cooper Rush]
[Brother: Edward L. "Buddy" Rush]
[Daughters: Mrs. Glenda Ann Parchman & Mrs. Carolyn Ross]
[Grandchildren: David Paul Parchman, Paula Michelle Parchman Knight & Randy Gene Ross]

Nobles, Effie E. Rhodes
Wife of John Oscar
June 10, 1895-February 9, 1972
[Parents: William & Susie Laster Rhodes]
[Daughter: Mrs. Jimmy "Raymell" Elder]

Nobles, Henry Luke
October 14, 1900-February 16, 1976
Actually Born December 1899
[Parents: James Curt & Mary Alice Melton Nobles]

Nobles, John Oscar
July 28, 1892-August 5, 1972
[Parents: James Curt & Mary Elizabeth McAdams Nobles]

Nobles, Minnie Mae Rhodes
Wife of Roy
May 20, 1895-December 22, 1975
[Parents: Miles & Beatrice Seaton Rhodes]
[Daughters: Ruth Morris, Faye Lindsey & Shirley Grantham]
[Brother: Edd Rhodes]
[Sisters: Mrs. Vesta West, Mrs. Arlie Ryals & Edith Phillips]

Nobles, Raford Sewell
January 8, 1926-________
[Parents: Henry Luke & Beulah Holmes Nobles]

Nobles, William Roy
August 4, 1895-April 15, 1958
[Parents: James Curt & Mary McAdams Nobles]
[Brother: John Oscar Nobles]
[1/2 Brothers: Henry Luke, Tommy & Elbert Nobles]
[Sister: Mary Elizabeth Crowe]

Nolen, Theresa Beaird
July 8, 1954-July 13, 1998
[Parents: Willie & Minnie Jean Riley Beaird, Jr.]
[Spouse: Rev. Harry Nolan]
[Son: Brian Nolan]
[Daughter: Leah Beth Nolan]
[Brother: Lanny Beaird]
[Sister: Renee Perry]

Nuckolls, Elta Frances Arnold
Wife of C. B. Nuckolls
September 1, 1886-November 1, 1916
[Parents: James & Lucy McCallum Arnold]

Orr, Jimmie May
May 1, 1907-August 12, 1996
[Mother: Jimmy Dee McAdams]

Parker, Danny William
[Son of William & Martha Bishop Parker]
[Brother: Terry]

Parker, Martha Almeda Bishop
December 11, 1927-March 23, 1989
[Wife of William Parker]
[Parents: James Wilson & Lula Henry Clifford Bishop]
[Sister: Junell Lott]
[Brother: James Bishop]

Parker, Terry Bishop
[Son of William & Martha Bishop Parker]
[Brother: Danny]

Parrish Jr., John A.
November 16, 1885-March 2, 1909

Parrish, Burl Odell
January 20, 1916-March 19, 1967
[Parents: Plez L. & Daisy Clifford Parrish]
[Brother: Plezzie Parrish]
[Sons: Gayle Lynn & Tony Parrish]
[Stepsons: Paul & Joe Woods]

Parrish, Callie McCall
Wife of Issac A., Married December 24, 1889
April 25, 1868-May 25, 1962
[Parents: Z. T. & Mollie Barham McCall]
[1/2 Brothers: Joe & Z. Tog McCall]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ellie Bland & Mrs. Willie McAdams]
[1/2 Sister: Mrs. Leon Brewer]

Parrish, Daisy I. Clifford (Parrish) Woods
Wife of Plez L.
April 19, 1894-January 20, 1967
[Parents: A. B. "Dutch" & Lula Butler Clifford]
[1st Spouse: Plez L. Parrish]
[2nd Spouse: ______ Woods]
[Sons: Burl Odell, Plezzie & Infant Parrish]
[Sisters: Mrs. Kate Fields & Mrs. Nancy Wooley]
[Brothers: Willard & Ethridge Clifford]
[Stepsons: Paul & Joe Woods]
[Stepmother: Mrs. Della Clifford Cone]

Parrish, Freddie Odessa Maness
Wife of Joseph Earl, Married 1923
[Sons: Clyde & Fred Parrish]
[Daughter: Mrs. Betty Haggard]

Parrish, Henry Lawson
1871-February 13, 1955
[Parents: Issac & Adeline Parrish]

Parrish, Infant
Child of P. L. & D. I.
February 5, 1924-February 5, 1924

Parrish, Issac A.
Husband of Callie
May 16, 1863-December 25, 1937
[Parents: Issac & Adeline Parrish]
[Brother: Henry Lawson Parrish]
[Sister: Mrs. Josie McKelvey]

Parrish, Jessie Farrow
December 13, 1886-March 16, 1948
[Parents: William "Billy" Lucean & Sarah Elizabeth Bond Farrow]
[Sons: Willie Thomas & James D. Parrish
[Brothers: Everett, George, Herman & Lester Farrow
[Sisters: Mrs. Ocie Terry, Mrs. Ruth Williams, Mrs. Lorena Griffin & Mrs. Ollie Smith]

Parrish, John A.
January 24, 1832-January 23, 1909

Parrish, Joseph Earl
September 30, 1895-Februry 24, 1971
[Parents: Thomas Noah & Nancy Barham Parrish]

Parrish, Lucy Butler
Wife of Henry Lawson
1877-January 7, 1943
[Daughters: Virgie Parrish & Mrs. W.H. Beecham]

Parrish, Manley Thomas
August 18, 1888-April 9, 1953
[Parents: Thomas N. & Nancy Barham Parrish]
[Brother: Joe Parrish]

Parrish, Nancy Elizabeth "Nannie" Barham
Wife of Thomas
June 7, 1856-April 6, 1943
[Parents: Newsom M. & Ellie Edwards Barham]
[Grandchildren: Clyde Parrish, Fred Parrish & Betty Haggard]
[Son: Joseph Earl Parrish]

Parrish, Neldred Vernon
Wife of Burl Odell, Married 1944
September 7, 1920-________

Parrish, Plez L.
November 1, 1882-September 5, 1927
[Parents: Thomas Noah &Nancy Elizabeth "Nannie" Barham]
[Manley Thomas & Joseph Earl Parrish]

Parrish, Robbie Lee Clifford
Wife of Willie T., Married 1935
March 4, 1919-January 26, 1999
[Parents: Thomas & Melvina Meadows Clifford]
[Daughters: Bobbie Sue Russell & Imogene Crawford]
[Grandchildren: Garland Crawford & Robyn Hall]
[Great Grandchildren: Brittney Crawford, Jenny Hall, Hunter Crawford, Justin Hall & Stacy Hall]
[Great-Great Grandchild: Kenall Hall]

Parrish, Thomas Noah
September 21, 1855-October 23, 1900

Parrish, Virgie Estelle
June 22, 1905-October 21, 1976
[Parents: Henry Lawson & Lucy Butler Parrish]
[Sister: Bessie Beecham]

Parrish, Willie Thomas
March 15, 1917-November 26, 1976
[Parents: Manley & Jessie Farrow Parrish]
[Brother: James Parrish]

Partelon, Regina "Gina" Bingham
September 7, 1965-November 13, 2000
Wife of Chad Partelow
[Parents: Larry Ray & Linda Autry Bingham]
[Daughters: Shana Nerren & Kentra Nerren]

Patterson, Arlie M. Ryals
Wife of C. Ervin, Married October 6, 1907
September 3, 1886-August 8, 1975
[Parents: Joe & Maggie Smith Ryals]
[Sons: A. E. & C. E. Patterson]
[Daughters: Mrs. Lois Wilkinson & Ilene Patterson]

Patterson, Audrey Rhodes
Feb. 13, 1919-May 15, 1999
Wife of Herman, Married Dec. 20, 1947
[Parents: John Elbert & Lennie Estella Griffin Rhodes]
[Son: Gene H. Milam]
[Daughters: Joan Powers & Peggy Brower]
[Sister: Evelyn Rhodes]

Patterson, C. Ervin
1883-November 14, 1932
[Parents: Thomas G. Charlotte Dodds Patterson

Patterson, C. J. (Charlotte J. Dodds)
Wife of Thomas G.
February 25, 1857-January 28, 1929

Patterson, Dessie Ardell Rhodes
Wife of Sidney, Married December 8, 1879
March 8, 1896-September 28, 1983
[Parents: Jake & Mollie McAdams Rhodes]
[Sons: Herman, Clyde, Marvin & Lyman Patterson]

Patterson, Herman "Pete" Leon
December 25, 1918-______
[Parents: Sidney & Dessie Rhodes Patterson]

Patterson, Ida May Wilson
June 17, 1885-June 21, 1987
[Wife of James Robert Patterson]

Patterson, Ilene
June 12, 1921-October 12, 1921
[Parents: C. Evrin & Arlie M. Ryals Patterson]

Patterson, James Robert
October 23, 1881-September 8, 1929
[Parents: Thomas G. Charlotte Dodds Patterson

Patterson, Lymon S. "Pat"
March 13, 1917-August 22, 1967
[Parents: Sidney & Dessie Rhodes Patterson]

Patterson, Margie C.
Wife of Lymon
September 26, 1926-________

Patterson, Marie Jones
Wife of William Guy
[Son: Billy Patterson]

Patterson, Mary Jerniece Pendergrass
May 8, 1925-December 13, 1964
[Daughters: Judy Melton, Janice Jones & Joy Thomason]
[Sons: Tommy, Jeffery, Jimmy & Joel Patterson]

Patterson, Clyde E.
1920-September 10, 2002
[Patterson: Sidney T. & Dessie Ardell Rhodes Patterson]
[Brother: Herman "Pete" Patterson, Marvin Patterson & Lymon Patterson]

Patterson, Pvt. James Travis
June 4, 1926-March 14, 1945
[Parents: James & Ida Patterson]

Patterson, Roy
Son of T. G. & C. J.
October 13, 1898-April 13, 1906

Patterson, Sidney T.
March 9, 1896-October 23, 1968
[Parents: Thomas & Charlotte Dodds Patterson]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ora Mae Ryles, Wilmer Patterson, Lucy Rhodes, Lula PattersonMrs. Laura Deere & Mrs. Floy Hart]
[Brothers: James, Ervin & Roy Patterson]

Patterson, Thomas G.
Husband of C. J.
July 15, 1860-November 5, 1926

Patterson, William Guy
1910-July 12, 1971
[Parents: Ervin & Arlie Ryals Patterson]
[Brothers: A. E. & C. E. "Pick" Patterson]
[Sister: Mrs. Lois Wilkerson]

Patterson, Wilmer
Daughter of T. G. & C. J.
October 10, 1889-October 7, 1892

Phelps, Emna Young
Wife of T. J.
March 29, 1856-April 1, 1932

Phillips, Edith Rhodes
Wife of L. T., Married 1931
August 30, 1913-September 29, 1997
[Parents: Miles & Beatrice Seaton Rhodes]
[Daughter: Cornelia Richardson

Phillips, Hubert E.
Son of T. L. & R. C.
December 31, 1906-December 23, 1911

Phillips, James E. "Spud"
September 21, 1917-September 17, 2001
[Parents: Logan & Seraphine "Ralph" Ryals Phillips]
[Brothers: L. T. & Pete Phillips]
[Sister: Annie Mae Benson]
Phillips, Frances Clifford
June 16, 1924-_________
Wife of James E. Phillips, Married 1943
[Son: Jerry Phillips]

Phillips, L. T.
September 10, 1910-February 7, 1954
[Parents: Logan & Seraphana Ryals Phillips]
[Sister: Mrs. Anna Mae Benson]
[Brothers: Hubert E. "Pete" & James E. Phillips]

Phillips, Mary Lou Brown
1889-April 24, 1965
Wife of William Noah
[Parents: Cornelius & Lydia Naylor Brown]
[Children: Mrs. Enloe Burross, Mrs. Globie Jones]
[Grandchildren: Cleo, Phil & Larry Jones]

Phillips, N. L. E.
Wife of William R.
December 12, 1855-November 16, 1921

Phillips, Nep J. Goff
Wife of R. Walter
September 29, 1885-October 19, 1941
[Sons: Eliza & Noah Phillips]
[Daughters: Mrs. Price Woodridge, Mrs. Zula Bell Brown, Verdell Phillips & Annie Margaret Phillips]
[Brothers: Bob, J. W. & Tom Goff]
[Sisters: Mrs. Martha Liles & Mrs. Bertha Neisler]

Phillips, R. Walter
November 9, 1875-June 28, 1949
[Brother: William Noah Phillips]

Phillips, Raffie C. "Seraphana" Ryals
Wife of Thomas Logan
March 26, 1877-April 29, 1942
Parents: Joseph "Joe" H. Ryals & Margaret "Maggie" E. Smith]
[Children: Annie Mae Benson, L.T. Phillips, James E. Phillips & Pete Phillips]
[Sister: Mrs. Arlie Patterson]
[Grandchildren: Virginia & Billy Wayne Benson]

Phillips, Thomas Logan
February 13, 1877-March 29, 1942
[Parents: William Riley Phillips & N. L. Emmaranda Phillips]
[Brothers: Noah Franklin & Walter Phillips]

Phillips, William Noah
1879-November 28, 1947
[Brother: Walter Phillips]

Phillips, William R.
Husband of N. L. E.
March 5, 1848-December 24, 1920

Pierce, Fred Holmes
Son of W. H. & Kate E.
October 28, 1917-June 20, 1931

Pierce, Kate Elmer Holmes
Wife of William Henry
June 28, 1885-March 5, 1965
[Parents: Jason S. Molly Young Holmes]
[Sons: Fred Holmes & William Howard Pierce]
[Daughter: Mrs. Ruby Robertson]

Pierce, Ruth Melton
January 20, 1914-________
[Parents: James "Jim" John & Minnie Jane Newsom Melton]
[Wife of William H. Pierce]
[Daughter: Peggy Jane Siler]
[Son: William Ken Pierce]

Pierce, William Henry
November 14, 1873-September 10, 1944
[Sisters: Mrs. Mary Martin, Mrs. Janie Stinson & Mrs. Jim Benson]

Pierce, William Howard
June 4, 1913-February 22, 1965
[Parents: William Henry & Kate Holmes Pierce]

Pierce, William Ken
January 11, 1937-________
[Parents: William Howard & Ruth Melton Pierce]

Prince, Mary Lee Rhinehart
Wife of Bill, Married May 11, 1935
1918-March 3, 1984
[Sons: William A., Tommy A., Charles D. & Richard Prince]
[Daughters: Kathy Gatley, Jane Browand & Shirley Evans]
[Brothers: Raymond, Otis, Bray & Eunice Rhinehart]
[Sisters: Mrs. Verlin Brooks, Mrs. Pearl Johnsey, Mrs. Ruth Clark, Mrs. Ester Doyle & Mrs. Fannie Allen]

Prince, William R. "Bill"
1916-November 6, 1994
[Parents: William Thomas & Emma Vandiver Prince]
[Sister: Fronia Woodruff]

Reed, R. M.
Daughter of L. T. & M.
June 22, 1901-December 5, 1901

Reid J. T.
Son of E. G. & C. L.
August 31, 1870-July 25, 1871

Reid, Alma Rhodes
July 5, 1923-_____

Reid, Annie Lee
Wife of Luther Eli
April 28, 1867-Ocotber 3, 1900

Reid, Eli A.
April 20, 1824-November 15, 1900

Reid, Emma L.
Daughter E. A. & M. J.
November 28, 1860-June 19, 1882

Reid, Eunie May Meadows
Wife of James Carroll, Married June 18, 1905
May 29, 1886-April 25, 1977

Reid, Gordon Browning
November 21, 1922-November 29, 1977
[Parents: James Riley & Maud Tignor Reid]

Reid, Infant
Son of J. C. & E. M.
May 10, 1909-May 11, 1909

Reid, James Carroll
July 17, 1881-December 24, 1973

Reid, James Riley
March 15, 1875-April 21, 1963
[Sister: Mrs. Frank Horne]

Reid, John Carroll
June 15, 1917-December 14, 1978

Reid, Lessie D.
Wife of William Arthur
September 12, 1890-October 3, 1974

Reid, Lessie J.
Daughter of R. H. & M. E.
November 2, 1878-July 14, 1908

Reid, Maggie B.
Daughter of L. E. & M. J.
August 28, 1887-September 1, 1887

Reid, Maggie Beaver
Wife of Richard H.
January 1, 1852-December 3, 1935

Reid, Mary Jane
Wife of Eli A.
April 19, 1824-July 12, 1914

Reid, Maud "Maudie" Tignor
Wife of James Riley
July 23, 1881-September 2, 1970
[Parents: John Edward & Adeline Meadows Tignor]
[Sons: John S. & Gordon Browning Reid]
[Daughter: Mrs. Floyd "Zula" Rhodes]
[Nephews: Edward Tignor, John Harvey Tignor, Homer Neal Tignor, Carl Tignor, Joe Ray Tignor & Earl Tignor]

Reid, P. J.
Wife of W. W.
August 27, 1902
Aged 39 yrs. 6 mo. 10 days

Reid, Richard H.
February 7, 1841-June 29, 1923

Reid, Verlon W.
June 25, 1923-November 22, 2001
[Children: Judy Cody, Jane Smith & Jean Lessenberry]
[Step-mother: Opal Wadley]
[Sister: Ann Woods]

Reid, W. W.
May 26, 1893
Aged 36 yrs. 2 mo. 13 days

Reid, William "Bill" Arthur
May 19, 1892-July 27, 1957
[Sister: Mrs. Lee Jones]
[Daughters: Louise Reid & Mrs. Jean Stewart]

Rhodes, Alfred Arlington
April 16, 1897-July 3, 1982
[Parents: William & Susan Laster Rhodes]

Rhodes, Andros
March 19, 1903-April 8, 1992

Rhodes, Benny Gordon
Son of Pauline & Eugene Santos
September 26, 1937-August 1, 1938

Rhodes, Bessie Irene Lipscomb
November 7, 1910-October 25, 1988
[Son: Gleeman Rhodes]
[Daughters: Mrs. Dorothy Nell WArd, Mrs. Barbara Ann Weaver, & Mrs. Irene Rhodes]
[Brothers: Marvin & Aubrey Lipscomb]

Rhodes, Bobbie Estes Crook
September 20, 1894-July 7, 1978
[Parents: William Barry & Vennie Barham Crook]
[Sons: Gordon & Paul Rhodes]
[Daughters: Mrs. Carnel Tignor & Mrs. Leola Rockwell]

Rhodes, Carl Edwin
January 31, 1893-January 17, 1969
[Parents: Robert Purdy & Jane Clemmenta Brown Rhodes]
[Brothers: Conard & Willie Rhodes]

Rhodes, Carmon
[Parents: Hubert Lee & Lucy Edna Patterson Rhodes]

Rhodes, Carole Noble
Wife of James Norman
September 22, 1934-________

Rhodes, Charles Willie
October 13, 1869-July 8, 1908
[Parents: Benjamin J. & Octavia Priddy Rhodes]
[Brothers: Lafayette "Fate" Rhodes, John J. Rhodes, Elvis Christopher Rhodes]
[Sisters: Nancy J. Allen, Saluda "Ludie" Murchison, Susan D. Lain, Sarah Sophronia Williams, Martha Ann Rebecca Williams]

Rhodes, Clifton E.
July 12, 1918-September 9, 2000
[Parents: Ed & Earl Young Rhodes]
[Brother: Hulon Rhodes]

Rhodes, Conrad Neal
January 13, 1889-September 10, 1975
[Parents: Robert Purdy & Jane C. Brown Rhodes]

Rhodes, D. E. (Unmarked Grave) Husband of Eliza Jane-1848-February 18, 1935-86 yrs.
(Newspaper Obit Date: February 21, 1935, Chester County Independent)
[Niece: Mrs. Lena Roberts]

Rhodes, Earl Young
Wife of Ed
April 9, 1899-June 1, 1993
[Parents: James H. & Mary Mullins Young]
[Sister: Belle Guyon]
Brother: Raborn Young]

Rhodes, Edith
Wife of Carmon
July 29, 1922-December 23, 1991

Rhodes, Edna Estelle Wadley
Wife of Sid
January 6, 1895-June 4, 1981
[Parents: John Richard "Dyke" & Jesse Smith Wadley]
[Son: William Harvell Rhodes]
[Granddaughters: Mrs. Harvette Greene & Mrs. Nancy Koonce]

Rhodes, Elector Newsom
March 21, 1880-March 13, 1976
[Parents: Isaac Jordan & Mary Jane Caroll Newsom]
[Sister: Mrs. Etta Lindsey]
[Brother: William Robert Newsom]

Rhodes, Eliza Jane Carroll
Daughter of Wm. & Nellie Carroll
Wife of D. E. Rhodes
April 3, 1866-November 18, 1931

Rhodes, Eliza Jane
June 17, 1863-October 16, 1934
[Parents: Lecel & Martha Ann Brown Rhodes]

Rhodes, Ernest Edwin
1903-March 21, 1952
[Parents: William Mally & Susan A. Laster Rhodes]
[Brothers: Miles Alonzo, William Sidney, Melvin Andrew, Alfred Arlington, James Homer & Thomas Eldridge Rhodes]
[Sisters: Eugene Mae Rhodes, Effie Mae Nobles, Sallie Mertice McAdams & Martha Mildred Clifford]

Rhodes, Ernest Wright
Infant son of E. E. & Opal Hill Rhodes
August 16, 1945

Rhodes, Eugene Santos
March 8, 1904-July 6, 1971
[Parents: Miles & Nancy Beatrice Seaton Rhodes]
[Brother: Ed Rhodes]
[Sisters: Mrs. Minnie Nobles, Mrs. Vestie West, Mrs. Arlie Ryals & Mrs. Edith Phillips]
[Sons: Paul Eugene, Donald Franklin, Benny Gordon, Reggie Lindon & Nathan Santos Rhodes]
[Daughters: Nancy Lou Richie & Levie Faye Rhodes]

Rhodes, Everett E.
July 11, 1896-September 6, 1967

Rhodes, F. E.
Wife of H. G.
August 14, 1864-August 28, 1905
40 yrs. 11 mo. 13 days

Rhodes, Finish Bryan
Husband of Martha Hazel Ryals
May 14, 1906-October 21, 1942
[Parents: Miles Edwin & Nancy Beatrice Seaton Rhodes]

Rhodes, Floyd Alfronzo
February 13, 1903-January 1, 1983
[Parents: Thomas Nem "Neal" & Mary Beatrice Laster Rhodes]

Rhodes, Frederick Alonzo
November 4, 1912-June 15, 1980
[Parents: Alonzo & Georgia Harrington Rhodes]
[Sister: Mrs. Harry Green]

Rhodes, Georgia Harrington
Wife of Miles A.
December 15, 1892-April 24, 1972
[Parents: Dossie A & Fronnie Smith Harrington]
[Son: Fredrick Rhodes]
[Daughters: Mary Sue Green & Lee Nell Williams]
[1/2 Brother: Henry D. Harrington]
[1/2 Sister: Mrs. Wilburn Hodges]

Rhodes, Grover Burton
1893-July 17, 1954
[Parents: John A. & Martha Frances West Rhodes]
[Sons: Dr. Virgil L., Sgt. John Larry & James Glenn Rhodes]
[Daughters: Mrs. George Hodges & Mrs. Jimmie Simonton]
[Brother: Allison, Elbert, Vernon, Abb, Ellis & G.L. Rhodes]
[Sister: Mrs. M.A. Wright]

Rhodes, H. G.
July 30, 1889-March 6, 1910

Rhodes, Harriette Susan
May 18, 1954-________

Rhodes, Henry H.
1866-April 1, 1935

Rhodes, Henry Isaac
May 9, 1888-December 12, 1965

Rhodes, Herbert Denver
March 14, 1925-April 14, 1999
[Sisters: Audrey Patteson & Evelyn Rhodes]

Rhodes, Hermina K.
April 19, 1918-________

Rhodes, Hettie Ethel Brown
November 29, 1885-May 14, 1942
Wife of Henry Isaac Rhodes, Married Dec. 18, 1910
[Parents: John & Nancy Brown]
[Brother: Luther Brown]

Rhodes, Howard L.
[Parents: Hubert & Lucy Patterson Rhodes]

Rhodes, Hubert Lee
[Thomas Neal & Mary Beatrice Laster Rhodes]

Rhodes, Infant
Daughter of Alton & Bessie
January 4, 1946

Rhodes, Infant
Son of Denver & Irene
February 19, 1952

Rhodes, James Homer
Februry 1, 1901-September 26, 1983
[Parents: William M. Susan Laster Rhodes]

Rhodes, James Norman
December 11, 1930-________

Rhodes, Jane Clamentny Brown
Wife of Robert P.-February 5, 1885
March 13, 1859-March 30, 1939
[Parents: John & Jane Clamentny]
[Daughter: Mattie Rhodes]
[Sons: Luther, Conrad, Carl & Willie]
[Sister: Mrs. Laura J. Reid]

Rhodes, Jean Noland
March 23, 1939-______
Wife of Wm. Gerald Rhodes, Married November 14, 1964
[Her Children: Paulette Wallace & Penny Helton]

Rhodes, Jerry T.
September 26, 1863-April 1, 1953

Rhodes, Jewell Maxine Williams
Wife of William Clyde
May 3, 1926-December 22, 1996
[Parents: George & Minnie Odella Qualls Williams]
[Son: Willaim Harold Rhodes]
[Brothers: Alton, Joe & Delton Williams]

Rhodes, Jewell
Wife of Elliott

Rhodes, John Alton
June 30, 1908-March 17, 1985
[Parents: Jake & Mollie McAdams Rhodes]

Rhodes, Joseph Edwin "Ed"
January 14, 1897-November 23, 1990
[Parents: Miles Edwin & Nancy Seaton Rhodes]

Rhodes, Lala E. Young
1896-March 15, 1974
[Parents: James H. & Mary Mullins Young]
[Sons: Adrian & Norman Rhodes]
[Daughters: Lottie McCormick & Mary Laudrey Rhodes]
[Sisters: Mrs. Earl Rhodes, Mrs. Ella Smith & Mrs. Ozy Lee Thomas]

Rhodes, Lloyd Lee
June 2, 1908-March 25, 1979
[Parents: Hubert & Edna Patterson Rhodes]
[Daughters: Betty Wallace, Emily Taylor, Martha Hartley, Linda Keeton, Charlotte Earp & Sharon Rhodes]
[Son: Lloyd Gene Rhodes]
[Brothers: Howard, Gilbert, Carmen & Burl Rhodes]

Rhodes, Lucy Edna Patterson
Wife of Hubert Lee
1887-September 15, 1951
[Sons: Lloyd, Howard, Carmon, Gilbert & Burl Rhodes]
[Brother: S. T. Patterson]
[Sisters: Mrs. T. P. Ryals, Mrs. E. D. Deere & Mrs. H. L. Hurt]

Rhodes, Luther Leon
May 15, 1887-May 1, 1946
[Parents: Robert Purdy & Jane C. Brown Rhodes]

Rhodes, Martha Ann Brown
Wife of Lecel Rhodes
September 29, 1836-June 4, 1912

Rhodes, Martha Hazel Ryals Rhodes Hayre
July 12, 1909-November 11, 1990
[Parents: Hugh Albert & Samantha Isbell Brantley Ryals]
[1st Husband: Finish Bryan]
[2nd Husband: William Hartle Hayre]
[Daughters: Thelma Peddy, Kay Weaver & Nelma Davis]

Rhodes, Mary Helen
May 13, 1861-April 11, 1920
[Parents: Lecel & Martha Ann Brown Rhodes]

Rhodes, Mary Jane "Jennie" Meadows
Wife of Henry H., Married 1894
1873-August 31, 1960
[Parents: Terry Meadows & Rhody Kee Meadows]
[Son: Everett E. Rhodes]
[Sister: Mrs. Lula Laster]

Rhodes, Mary Laudrey
Daughter of Melvin A. & Lala E.Young Rhodes
February 28, 1919-November 22, 1920

Rhodes, Melvin Andrew
1891-February 3, 1948
[Parents: William Mally & Susan Annabelle Laster Rhodes]
[Sons: Adrian & Norman Rhodes]
[Daughters: Lottie McCormick & Mary Laudrey Rhodes]
[Brothers: Ernest, Sidney, Aldred, Homer, Eldridge & Alonzo Rhodes]
[Sisters: Myrtice McAdams, Effie Nobles & Mildred Clifford]

Rhodes, Mildred W.
Wife of Andros, Married July 2, 1949
October 21, 1911-February 27, 2000

Rhodes, Miles Alonzo
January 1, 1888-July 7, 1967
[Parents: William "Bill" Mally Wilson & Susan Laster Rhodes]
[Brothers: William Sidney, Melvin Andrew, Alfred Arlington, James
Homer, Ernest Edwin & Thomas Eldridge Rhodes]
[Sisters: Eugena Mae Rhodes, Effie Lenora Nobles, Sallie Mertice
McAdams & Martha Mildred Clifford]

Rhodes, Miles Edwin
November 20, 1864-May 11, 1933

Rhodes, Myrtle Bingham
Wife of James Homer, Married 1928
July 5, 1906-April 1, 1983
[Parents: Eugene & Martha Thomas Bingham]
[Daughter: Mrs. Billie Faye Fletcher]
[Brothers: Ray, Leonard & Eugene Bingham]
[Sister: Mrs. Nell Tignor]

Rhodes, Nancy Beatrice Seaton
May 24, 1871-April 20, 1940
[Wife of Miles Edwin Rhodes]
[Parents: John Wesley & Frances A. Newsom Seaton]
[Sons: Elliott, Edd, Eugene Santos & Finas Rhodes]
[Daughters: Mrs. Arlie Ryals, Mrs. Minnie Nobles, Mrs. Mary T. Lee West & Mrs. Edith Phillips]
[Brothers: Oscar, John, Charlie & Riley Seaton]
[Sisters: Mrs. Vestie Jones & Nommie Seaton]

Rhodes, Opal Inez Hill
Wife of Ernest Edwin

Rhodes, Opal Maness
Wife of Howard

Rhodes, Paul Edwin
May 9, 1925-December 3, 1992
[Parents: Carl Edwin & Bobbie Estes Crook Rhodes]

Rhodes, Paul Eugene
July 1, 1930-December 9, 1972
[Parents: Eugene Santos & Susie Pauline Griffin Rhodes]

Rhodes, Quinnie C.
May 29, 1912-________

Rhodes, Ralph Edward
Son of J.C. & Edith
September 1, 1947

Rhodes, Rebecca Blankenship
December 25, 1931-________
[Son: Timothy Gordon Rhodes]
[Daughter: Regina Ann Rhodes]

Rhodes, Robbie Anderson
Wife of Frederick
July 21, 1916-________
[Parents: Newton B. & Maudie May Black Anderson]
[Son: Gary Rhodes]
[Daughter: Gwen Raphael]

Rhodes, Robert Purdy
September 1, 1853-June 20, 1920
[Parents: Edwin & Sarah Latham Rhodes]

Rhodes, Roger
February 26, 1947-________
[Parents: Hulon & Georgia Farrow Rhodes]

Rhodes, Ruth Jones
August 27, 1922-_________
Wife of Clifton E. Rhodes
[Sons: Miles, Dwight, Wayne & Dennis Rhodes]

Rhodes, Sallie Mae Peddy
Wife of Alfred, Married December 13, 1925
August 8, 1900-January 26, 1971
[Parents: John Allen & Louphelia Elizabeth Ward Peddy]
[Son: Alfred Keith Rhodes]
[Daughter: Elizabeth Sue Essary]
[Brothers: Oscar Allen, James Thomas & Ernest Eli Peddy]
[Sister: Minnie Ruth Wells]

Rhodes, Santos Nathan
Son of Pauline & Eugene Santos
December 5, 1943-January 27, 1945

Rhodes, Shelby Jean Fesmire
Wife of Roger, Married 1964
September 18, 1947-December 11, 1971
[Parents: Del & Allie Moore Fesmire]
[Daughter: Jamie Rochelle Rhodes]
[Brother: Larry Odell Fesmire]

Rhodes, Susie Pauline Griffin
Wife of Eugene Santos, Married January 8, 1928
November 16, 1909-________
[Parents: Van Labe & Luella Griggs Griffin]

Rhodes, Troy Andrew
Son of R. P. & J. C.
April 11, 1895-December 21, 1914

Rhodes, Virgie Plunk Rhodes Maughmer
1900-February 24, 1983
[Parents: Robert & Laura Hendrix Plunk]
[1st Spouse: Elliott Rhodes, Married 1925]
[2nd Spouse: Russell E. Maughmer]
[Son: William Gerald Rhodes]
[Sister: Mrs. Bertha Stewart]

Rhodes, Virgie Sparkman
Wife of Grover Burton
[Sons: Virgil & Larry Rhodes]
[Parents: Thomas J. "Tommie" & Eva Annie Pierce Sparkman]

Rhodes, W. E.
Son of Henry & Mary
November 16, 1903-February 3, 1919

Rhodes, Warren Scott
May 1, 1847-March 13, 1915
1st Spouse: Ella E. Bond
2nd Spouse: Etta Berry

Rhodes, William Clyde
February 13, 1898-April 26, 1973

Rhodes, William Elliott
[Parents: Miles & Beatrice Seaton Rhodes]

Rhodes, William Gordon
June 11, 1922-January 9, 1982
[Parents: Carl Edwin & Bobbie Estes Crook Rhodes]

Rhodes, William Harvell
October 17, 1917-December 30, 1977
[Parents: William Sidney & Edna Estelle Wadley Rhodes]
[Spouse: Ludelle Morris]
[Daughters: Mrs. Herman Green Jr. & Mrs. James L. Koonce]

Rhodes, William Sidney "Sid"
July 17, 1889-April 29, 1973
[Parents: William A. & Susan Laster Rhodes]

Rhodes, Willie Irene Lipscomb
June 25, 1929-_________
Wife of Herbert Denver, Married June 19, 1948
[Son: Bruce Rhodes]
[Daughter: Anita Ross]

Rhodes, Wm. Gerald "Pappy"
August 25, 1926-April 22, 1999
[His Children: Margaret Rhodes & Ginny Howell]
[Step-sisters: Betty Farrell & Ruby Miller]

Rhodes, Zula Reid
Wife of Floyd A.
November 24, 1907-November 15, 1975
[Parents: James Riley & Maud Tignor Reid]
[Daughters: Mrs. Robert Sheppard & Mrs. August Scalia]
[Brothers: John S. & Gordon Browning Reid]

Roberson, W. R.
January 3, 1847-December 25, 1871

Robertson, Clevie E. Smith
Wife of Wynn Robertson
December 8, 1884-September 2, 1931
[Sons: J. Win & Carol Robertson]
[Brother: H. E. Smith]
[Sisters: Mrs. J. C. Young & Mrs. Walter Bell]

Robertson, Homer C.
1902-March 18, 1920

Robertson, Mary Lee Scott
Wife of Willie B. Robertson, Married 1891
September 12, 1874-December 17, 1962
[Sons: Jess, Johnnie & Henry Robertson]
[Daughters: Mrs. Ovid Ellis, Mrs. O.M. "Bunch" Crowe & Rhoda Brown]

Robertson, Roxie A.
Wife of Homer C.
1900-February 29, 1920

Robertson, Shirley Ann
May 21, 1936-December 14, 1938
[Father: Henry Robertson]
[Brother: Stanley Lee Robertson]
[Sister: Betty Jane Robertson]
Maternal Grandfather: W.H. Pierce]

Robertson, W. B. "Willie"
March 6, 1870-November 30, 1911

Robertson, Wynn
[Husband of Clevie E. Smith, Married-1931]
August 2, 1884-July 13, 1978
[Parents: Winslow & Emma Jones Robertson]
[Sons: J. Wynn & E. C. Robertson]
[Daughter: Wynnie Robertson]

Robesson, I. R.
January 20, 1843-________

Robesson, Rhoda Ann Weeks
Wife of I. R.
July 1, 1841-June 25, 1903

Robison, H. T.
Wife of I. H.
March 14, 1906
57 yrs. 3 mo. 10 days

Roby, Eugenia
Wife of A. J. & Roby M. D.
December 6, 1856-July 11, 1902

Rogers, Bonnie Electa Ryals Rogers Smith
Wife of Loren D.
[Parents: Hugh Albert & Belle Samantha Brantley Ryals]

Rogers, Eva Lee McCarter
Wife of Lonnie H., Married August 2, 1914
December 20, 1894-March 7, 1974
[Parents: Pinkney & Sarah Frances Ogle McCarter]
[Sons: Lloyd H. & Gilbert L. Rogers]
[Daughters: Mayrene Walker, Nadine Garner, Lavelle Page & Sue Nelle Blankenship]

Rogers, Gilbert L.
Son of Lonnie & Eva
December 17, 1919-July 14, 1944
[Parents: Lonnie H. & Eva Lee McCarter Rogers]

Rogers, Ida Ethel
Wife of James Otis
[Sons: Danny & Jerry Rogers]
[Daughter: Linda Rogers]

Rogers, James Otis
1915-November 30, 1962
[Father: Lonnie H. & Eva Lee McCarter Rogers]
[Brothers: Lloyd, Willard & Gilbert Rogers]
[Sisters: Mrs. Mayrene Walker, Mrs. Nadine Garner, Mrs. Lavelle Page & Mrs. Sue Blankenship]

Rogers, Lonnie H.
January 18, 1895-October 11, 1985
[Parents: Richard & Matilda Todd Rogers]
[Sister: Mrs. Levi Brewer]
[1/2 Sister: Bonnie Mae Stoots]

Rogers, Loren D.
September 13, 1900-April 12, 1962
[Parents: Rev. Richard L. & Mitelda Jane Todd Hodge Rogers]
[Brothers: Lonnie & Rev. Floyd Rogers]
[Sister: Mrs. Leva Brewer]
[1/2 Sister: Mrs. Bonnie Mae Stoots]

Ross, Claudie Bell Rhodes
Wife of W.L. Ross
October 25, 1885-February 12, 1941
[Parents: John Alexander Wilkerson & Martha Frances West Rhodes]

Ross, Coy
March 10, 1930-December 20, 1994
[Parents: Floyd & Beulah Chummy Ross]
[Brothers: Leo, Larry, Gene & W.C. Ross]

Ross, Gloria Faye Harvey
February 8, 1935-________
[Parents: John & Annie Belle Adcock Harvey]
[Sons: Michael & Anthony Ross]

Ross, John Roy
September 15, 1894-March 21, 1952
[Sons: James R., John Allen, Jerry Ben & Billy W. Ross]
[Daughter: Ruby Lee Ross]
[Brother: Will Ross]
[Sisters: Mrs. Lill Stout & Lell Ross]

Ross, L. G.
1845-July 7, 1903
58 years

Ross, Lila Sue Nobles
Wife of Terry Ray, Married July 2, 1955
August 29, 1939-October 10, 1978
[Parents: Henry Luke & Beulah Mae Holmes Nobles]
[Sons: Danny Ray & Perry Damon Ross]

Ross, Mary Katherine Hefley
Wife of John A. "Junior" Ross, Married 1946
June 28, 1928-June 1, 1991
[Parents: Henry Ernest & Iola Gray Hefley]
[Sons: John A. Jr., Jerry W., Joseph H. & Jeffrey L. Ross]
[Sisters: Pauline Hefley, Velma Gray Guess & Joyce Ann Cox]
[Daughters: Patricia K. & Paula Jean Ross]

Ross, Mary White
Wife of R. P.
October 2, 1820-November 27, 1881

Ross, Patricia "Pat" Kayre (Unmarked Grave)
Died May 24, 1952, aged 5 years
Daughter of John Allen Ross Sr.
Sister: Paula Jean Ross
Brothers: John "Johnny" Allen Jr. & Joe Hefley Ross
Grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. Verdie Ross & Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hefley
Pat is buried at the side of her sister Paula.

Ross, Paula Jean (Unmarked Grave)
Died February 26, 1952, aged 9 Jan./2 months
Daughter of John Allen Ross Sr.
Sister: Patricia "Pat" Kayre "Kay" Ross
Brothers: John Allen Jr. & Joe Hefley Ross
Grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. Verdie Ross & Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hefley
At Paula's feet lies her grandfather, Mr. John Roy Ross.

Ross, Reuben P.
December 16, 1859-March 30, 1885

Ross, Reuben P.
May 8, 1975
56 yrs. 9 mo. 16 days

Ross, Terry Ray
February 1, 1935-________
[Parents: Ray & Freeder Johnson Ross]
[Sisters: Patsy Jaggers & Vicki Dickson]
[Brother: Frankie Ross]
[2nd Spouse: Doris Bright]

Rush, Addie Pearl Cooper "Nannie"
July 7, 1911-July 21, 1988
Wife of Oscar, Married June 12, 1927
[Parents: Ether Raine & Lela Gray Todd Cooper
[Children: Dorothy Loraine Nobles & Edward Lavon Rush]
]Brother: Johnny Cooper]
[Sister: Robbie Lois Azbill]

Rush, Edward Lavon "Buddy"
January 26, 1930-October 22, 1992
[Parents: Oscar Edward & Addie Pearl Cooper Rush]
[Sister: Dorothy Loraine Rush Nobles]

Rush, Mary Juanita Jamerson
Wife of Buddy
October 27, 1933-________
[Parents: Truman Thomas & Martha Mary Murchison Jamerson]
[Children: Thomas Edward Rush, Tony Lavon Rush & Mary Ann Conway]

Rush, Oscar Edward "Papa"
March 9, 1909-October 13, 1981
[Parents: Albert Edward & Caldonia Mae Azbill Rush]

Ryals, Arlie Beatrice Rhodes
Wife of Hugh Elbert, Married 1926
October 7, 1910-July 5, 1988
[Parents: Miles & Bea Seaton Rhodes]
[Sons: Lavern Ryals & Elbert Lavern Ryals]
[Sister: Mrs. Edith Phillips]
[Brother: Ed Rhodes]

Ryals, Belle Samantha Brantley
Wife of Hugh Albert
[Parents: Marshall Ellison & Martha Ann Griffin Brantley]
[Sons: Ernest & Hugh Elbert Ryals]
[Daughters: Mrs. Hazel Rhodes, Mrs. Loren Rogers & Mrs. Ezra King]

Ryals, Elbert Lavern
September 11, 1928-September 18, 1996
[Parents: Hugh Elbert & Arlie Beatrice Rhodes Ryals]

Ryals, Ernest "Bud"
August 14, 1914-July 28, 1972
[Parents: Hugh Albert & Samantha Isbelle "Belle" Brantley Ryals]
[Son: James Sherrill Ryals]
[Sisters: Mrs. Electa Rogers & Mrs. Hazel Hayre]

Ryals, Ethel Sparks
Wife of Eldred

Ryals, Hettie Eva Young
1875-Decmeber 13, 1903
[Wife of Willie E. Ryals]
[Daughter: Fatie Eula Holmes]

Ryals, Hugh Albert
1877-May 31, 1953
[Spouse: Samantha Isabell Brantley]
[Parents: Joseph & Margaret Smith Ryals]
[Brother: T.P. Ryals]
[Sisters: Mrs. Raffie Phillips & Mrs. Arlie Patterson]

Ryals, Hugh Elbert
Husband of Arlie Beatrice Rhodes
April 23, 1906-May 3, 1959
[Parents: Hugh & Isabell Brantley Ryals]
[Sons: Lavern & Joe Neal Ryals]
[Brother: Ernest Ryals]
[Sisters: Mrs. Era King, Mrs. Electa Rodgers & Mrs. Hazel Hayre]

Ryals, Infant Son "Joe"
Son of Salden Ryals (Ryles)
Died June 14, 1938

Ryals, Joe Carrol
November 7, 1933-September 25, 1987
[Parents: Thomas Albert & Wilma Zettie Holmes Ryals]
[Spouse: Jane Ingraham]
[Son: Brooks Thomas Ryals]
[Brother: Murray Ryals]
[Sisters: Annease Lindsey & Katherine Grisson]

Ryals, Joe Neal
March 29, 1930-May 17, 1972
[Parents: Hugh Elbert & Arlie Beatrice Rhodes Ryals]

Ryals, John Troy
November 22, 1909-October 10, 1988
[Parents: Thomas Parr & Ora Mae Patterson Ryals]

Ryals, Joseph H. "Uncle Joe"
1848-November 11, 1930
[Parents: James & Margaret ____ Ryals]

Ryals, Maggie E. Smith
Wife of J. H. Ryals
February 25, 1848-February 2, 1892
43 yrs. 11 mo. 7 days

Ryals, Miss Nancy
Unmarked Grave
1870-February 18, 1934
Aged 64 years
(Newspaper Obit Date: February 23, 1934, Lexington Progress)

Ryals, Mittie Lucille Mullins
Wife of John Troy
January 27, 1918-March 17, 1999
[Daughters: Katie McBride & Martha Williams]
[Son: Gene Williams]
[Brother: Opie Mullins]

Ryals, Ora Mae Patterson
Wife of Thomas Parr
[Parents: Thomas & Charlotte Dodds Patterson]
[Sons: Thomas Albert & John Troy Ryals]

Ryals, Thelma Elizabeth Sparks
Wife of Ernest, Married 1934
March 30, 1914-________

Ryals, Thomas Albert
June 28, 1907-June 28, 1974
[Parents: Thomas Parr & Ora Mae Patterson]

Ryals, Thomas Eldred
Husband of Ethel Sparks
November 10, 1904-January 7, 1936
[Parents: Hugh Albert & Samantha Isbell Brantley Ryals]
[Daughter: Bettie June Ryals]

Ryals, Thomas Parr
1880-November 21, 1965
[Parents: Joseph H. & Maggie E. Smith Ryals]
[Sisters: Mrs. Arlie Patterson & Mrs. Raffie Phillips]

Ryals, William Roy
Son of Tom Parr & Ora Mae Patterson Ryals
November 22, 1909-September 28, 1915

Ryals, Willie E.
July 21, 1873-March 18, 1935
[Parents: Joe H. & Maggie Smith Ryals]

Ryals, Wilma Zettie Holmes
Wife of Thomas Albert
July 3, 1904-August 5, 1981
[Parents: James Alvin & Mary Rosa Richardson Holmes]

Scott, Blanche Wadley
Wife of Euther, Married 1919
November 8, 1901-August 3, 1989
[Son: Herman D. Scott]
[Parents: James Albert & Alpha Savannah Hughes Wadley]
[Brother: Frazier, Ellis & Earle Wadley]
[Sister: Lorine Wadley]

Scott, Euther Evans
March 26, 1895-January 5, 1961
[Parents: Dee & Dovie Evans Scott]
[Brothers: Virgil, Thompsie & Luther Scott]

Scott, Herman D.
April 16, 1921-March 10, 1945
[Parents: Euther E. & Blanche Wadley]
[Spouse: Mary Frances _____]

Scott, J. T.
August 20, 1925-November 20, 1949

Seaton, Angie M. Thompson
Wife of C. M.
September 17, 1869-July 6, 1935

Seaton, C.M. "Charlie"
January 10, 1868-February 26, 1931
[Parents: John Wesley & Frances A. Newsom Seaton]
[Sisters: Mrs. Beatrice Rhodes, Mrs. Vestie Jones & Nommie Seaton]
[Brothers: Oscar, John & Riley Seaton]

Seaton, Carmack
Son of C. M. & A. M.
April 13, 1902-June 8, 1908

Seaton, Corbett Neal
November 1, 1929-December 23, 1973
[Parents: John Corbett Seaton & Ethel May Griffin]

Seaton, Ernest W.
July 19, 1937
Pvt. 110 Inf 28 Div.

Seaton, Ethel May Griffin
Wife of John Corbett, Married 1917
October 7, 1892-September 6, 1969
[Parents: John S. & Martha Little Griffin]
[Sons: Albert & Neal Seaton]
[Brothers: Sam & W. L. Griffin]
[Sister: Mrs. Fannie Jones]

Seaton, Infant
Daughter of C. M. & A. M.
March 16, 1909-March 16, 1909

Seaton, John Corbett
1896-September 16, 1952
[Parents: Charlie M. & Angie Thompson Seaton]
[Sons: Neal & Albert Seaton]
[Brothers: Manley & Carmack Seaton]
[Sisters: Mrs. W.D. Collins & Mrs. George Cochran]

Seaton, Mary Jo
Wife of W. Oscar
October 3, 1933-________

Seaton, Vestie Brantley
Wife of W. Oscar
August 11, 1895-January 25, 1967
[Daughters: Irene & Mary Jo Seaton]
[Sons: Eldridge & Orlin Seaton]

Seaton, W. Oscar
Husband of Vestie Brantley
April 30, 1879-February 25, 1957
[Parents: John Wesley & Frances A. Newsom Seaton]

Shirley, Margie A.
Daughter of Travis & Lector Webb
February 6, 1937

Siegler, Joseph Jesse
October 2, 1936-August 20, 2001
Wife Sarah
[Daughter: Christy Evetts]
[Step-Daughter: Kim Quick]
[Stepsons: Jeff Burkeen & Trevin Burkeen]
[Sons: Bryan & Randy Siegler]
[Sisters: Betty Jean Dangler, Sarah Ann Holt, Mae Keen & Judy Pinkston]
[Brothers: David Ray & Gerald Siegler}

Sims, Charles Glenn
December 14, 1911-________

Sims, Monnie Smith
Wife of Glenn Sims
November 10, 1902-February 8, 1963
[Parents: William Levi & Martha Benson Smith]
[Brother: Will Smith]
[Sisters: Mrs. E.W. Bailey, Mrs. Dexter McCall & Miss Martha Eliza Smith]

Skinner, H. B.
Son of J. M. & N. M.
September 16, 1861-May 27, 1884
Was Killed

Smith, Abbott Kenvy
October 20, 1921-October 22, 1985
[Parents: Robert Cleveland & Clara Mae Moore Smith]
[Sisters: Mrs. Zell Ellenwood & Mrs. Wanda Spencer]

Smith, Addie Sayle
July 23, 1865-October 2, 1880

Smith, Albert Sidney "Bob"
November 28, 1869-June 19, 1952

Smith, Annie M. Wilson
Wife of Bob
January 29, 1882-January 27, 1979
[Stepson: Lloyd Smith]
[Sister: Ida Patterson]

Smith, Charles Frank
January 9, 1923-April 12, 1999

Smith, Cinda Malissa
Daughter of W. L. & Martha L.
1896-Died June 10, 1930
[Brother: Will Smith]
[Sisters: Mrs. E.W. Bailey, Mrs. Dexter McCall, Miss Eliza Smith & Mrs. Monnie Sims]

Smith, Clara Mae Moore
Wife of Robert Cleveland
1890-November 29, 1921
[Son: Abbott Kenny Smith]
[Daughters: Mrs. Wanda Spencer, Mrs. Zell Ellenwood & Mrs. Marvin Cupples]

Smith, Donald Ray "Don"
1945-March 11, 1984
[Father: Jerry Paul Smith]
[Brothers: Charles & Freddie Smith]
[Sisters: Mrs. Paulette Whitman, Mary Emma Howell & Betty Stout]

Smith, Dr. Robert Lee
April 9, 1853-March 25, 1938
[Parents: John & Emerline Fuller Smith]
[Sisters: Mrs. Hattie Miller, Mrs. Jennie Watson, Mrs. Addie Webb & Mrs. Dixie Musgrove]

Smith, Elbert S.

Smith, Elizabeth T.
Wife of G. W.
March 27, 1847-November 29, 1900

Smith, Ella Mae Young
Wife of J. Houston
May 7, 1902-August 9, 1981
[Parents: James & Mary Mullins Young]
[Son: Hoyt N. Smith]
[Sisters: Mary Earl Rhodes & Ozylee Thomas]

Smith, George W.
Husband of Elizabeth T.
January 29, 1844-November 30, 1918

Smith, Helen R.
Wife of Charles
September 17, 1932-________
[Daughters: Susan Ham, Meri Paoletti & Teresa Ricker]
[Son: Chuck Smith]

Smith, Hoyt N.
December 9, 1922-October 13, 1992
[Parents: John Houston & Ella Mae Young Smith]
[Spouse 2: Mary Lou Carpenter, Married 1976]
[Son: Mickey Smith]
[Daughters: Mrs. Pam Baker & Mrs. Pat Brewer]
[Stepsons: Jeffrey Paul & Kenneth Wayne Hudson]

Smith, Inetha Conder
February 29, 1924-June 5, 2000
Wife of Jerry Paul, Married 1942
[Parents: Lawson & May Smith Conder]
[Daughters: Paulette Whitman, Mary Howell & Betty Stout]
[Sons: Charles W. Smith, Freddie Smith, Frankie Smith & Don Smith]
[Sisters: Geneva Stewart & Newanda Cross]

Smith, Infant
Son of J. T. & E. M.
July 15, 1910

Smith, J. Houston
August 5, 1899-July 8, 1967

Smith, Jerry Clyde
August 27, 1899-November 5, 1988
[Parents: Robert Griff & Minnie Terry Smith]

Smith, Jerry Paul
April 17, 1923-______

Smith, Lessie Mullins
Wife of Jerry Clyde, Married April 9, 1922
May 22, 1903-November 4, 1994
[Parents: R. Frank & Martha Mullins]
[Sons: Jerry Paul & George Larry Smith]
Daughters: Loraine Butler, Wilda Smith, Bobbie Weaver, Thelma Cherry , Stella Vinson & Jane McDonald]

Smith, Malinda
Wife of A. J. Smith
November 6, 1817-March 1, 1900

Smith, Martha Elizabeth Benson
Wife of William Levi Sr., Married November 8, 1888
October 19, 1868-November 17, 1940
[Parents: Wylie & Mary Melissa Shepherd Benson]
[Son: William Lee Smith, Jr.]
[Daughters: Minnie Bailey, Dexter McCall, Monnie Sims & Miss Martha Louiza "Eliza" Smith]
[Brothers: Edward, John, William T., Jacob C. Newton, Wiley Jr. & Thomas Benson]
[Sisters: Nancy Jane, Chaney Ellen, Sara Frances, Margaret Ann, Mary Lissy & Tennessee Benson]

Smith, Martha Louiza "Eliza"
October 9, 1900-June 13, 1990
[Parents: William Levi & Martha Benson Smith]

Smith, Mary L. Ward
Wife of Will

Smith, Mary Lou Carpenter
June 26, 1942-______

Smith, Minnie Mae Terry
Wife of Robert Griff
1871-August 16, 1936
[Brothers: John, Mildred, Carroll & Charlie Terry]
[Sons: Luther, Algie, Terry, Barney & Jerry Smith]
[Sisters: Mrs. Fulton Weeks, Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Jessie Malone]

Smith, Nancy "Nannie' Estes Crook
July 12, 1867-March 25, 1928
[Wife of Dr. Robert Smith, Married August 22, 1895]
[Parents: Thomas Greer & Sarah Eveline "Evelyn" Crook Crook]
[Daughters: Mrs. Mary (J. R.) Joyner, Mrs. Ross Long]
[Sons: Bob, Tom & John Smith]

Smith, Paul Franklin "Frankie"
September 6, 1965-January 15, 1981
[Father: Jerry Paul Smith]
[Brothers: Don, Charles & Freddie Smith]
[Sisters: Mrs. Larry Whitman, Mrs. Randy Duck & Mrs. Betty Stout]

Smith, Rebecca
Wife of William, Married November 11, 1938
January 31, 1920-March 7, 1994
[Children: Dennis & Terry]
[Grandchildren: Teresa, Jessica & Amanda]

Smith, Rev. William "Bill" A.
July 7, 1920-________

Smith, Robert Cleveland
1890-October 27, 1944
[Son: Kenny Smith]
[Daughters: Mrs. C.A. Ellenwood, Mrs. Marvin Cupples & Mrs. Elmer Spencer]

Smith, Robert Griff
October 29, 1862-March 1, 1935

Smith, Samuel J.
Son of G. W. & E. T.
September 26, 1875-April 22, 1891

Smith, Tom M.
Son of Dr. Robert & Nannie

Smith, Will Lee "Willie"
June 16, 1897-October 12, 1947

Smith, William "Will" Lee
September 16, 1893-April 24, 1971
[Parents: William Levi & Martha Benson Smith]

Smith, William L. "Willie"
October 5, 1860-May 16, 1936
[Parents: Joseph Deaton & Lucinda Woods Smith]
[Sister: Mrs. Louisa Catherine (George Henry) Buck]

Sparkman, Callie Cornelia
April 3, 1935-March 9, 1937
[Parents: Milton O. & Katherine M. Sparkman]
[Aunt: Mrs. Will Smith]

Sparkman, Dr. John W.
February 3, 1835-May 23, 1909

Sparkman, Eva Annie Pierce
Wife of Thomas J.
1879-March 19, 1932
[Daughter: Mary & Virgie Sparkman]
[Sons: Johnny, Willie Stanford & Odell Sparkman]

Sparkman, John "Johnnie" T.
[Parents: Thomas J. & Eva Annie Pierce Sparkman]

Sparkman, Katherine Meadows
Wife of Milton O., Married June 4, 1932
November 30, 1910-April 24, 1975
[Parents: John & Callie Butler Meadows]
[Son: Tommy Sparkman]

Sparkman, Mary Catherine Crook
November 30, 1844-November 29, 1910
[Parents: Thomas Greer & Sarah Evelyn Crook Crook]
[Sisters: Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Bell, Mrs. Nancy Estes Smith, Martha Ruth Crook & Mrs. Ida May Gantt]
[Brothers: Lacy Greer & Hugh Elliott Crook]
[Sons: Thomas & John Sparkman]

Sparkman, Mary Opal Wallace
Wife of John T.
June 10, 1917-June 10, 1998
[Sons: Jimmy & Jerry Sparkman]
[Brothers: Audean, Edward & Charles Sparkman]
[Daughter: Betty Ann Sparkman]

Sparkman, Milton O.
March 6, 1908-February 25, 1963
[Brothers: Johnny Sparkman]
[Sisters: Mary Love & Virgie Rhodes]

Sparkman, Thomas J. "Tommie"
1872-March 7, 1931

Sparkman, Willie Stanford
Son of Thomas J. & Eva Pierce Sparkman
April 20, 1914-November 12, 1915

Spencer, Elmer W. "Bud"
October 24, 1914-July 29, 2001
[Parents: Gillis & Samantha Ross Spencer]
[Sister: Allene Plunk]
[Brother: Troy Edward Spencer]

Spencer, James Gilbert
1948-July 26, 1982
[Parents; Elmer & Wanda Smith Spencer]
[Sisters: Carolyn Wright, Joyce Morris, Barbara Crowe & Patricia Montgomery]

Spencer, Wanda Mae Smith
Wife of Elmer W., Married 1939
April 25, 1919-December 1, 1998
[Parents: Robert Cleveland & Clara Mae Moore Smith]
[Daughters: Clara Joyce Morris, Carolyn Wright, Barbara Crowe & Patricia Montogmery]
[Son: James Gilbert Spencer]

Stanfill, Ben Franklin
April 21, 1914-April 25, 1914

Stanfill, Bennie E.
April 21, 1915-May 2, 1915

Stanfill, Betty Hardman
1st Wife of Lafayette
June 19, 1850-November 24, 1921
[Son: Jasper N. Stanfill]

Stanfill, Gladys Lee Jones
August 10, 1913-September 5, 2001
[Parents: Lee & Chloe Reid Jones]
[Daughter: Mildred Buckley]
[Sisters: Bertie Elta Jones, Mary Woods, Margaret Ruth Jones & Ruth Rhodes]
[Brother: William Harrison & Clyde Jones]

Stanfill, Infant
Daughter of J.N. & Mattie
September 8, 1910-September 8, 1910

Stanfill, Isaac John
1868-January 27, 1965
[Parents: John Thomas "Tom" & Edie Ann Taylor Stanfill]
[Brother: J.T. Stanfill]
[1st Wife: Ellena]
[2nd Wife: Lizzie Hendrix]
[Children: L. T. Stanfill, Mrs. Ernest Franks,, Mrs. Betty Lott & Mrs. Henderson Lott]
[Stepsons: John W., Clarence, Jesse Lee & Roy Hendricks]
[Stepdaughters: Mrs. Jim Saine, Mrs. Eugene Worf & Mrs. Woodrow Stanley]

Stanfill, Janice Summers
May 9, 1907-________
[Sons: Gerald & Joe Stanfill]
[Daughters: Estelle Hammontree & Peggy Stanfill]

Stanfill, Jasper "John" Manley "Sam"
October 22, 1907-December 29, 1992
[Parents: Jasper Newton & Mattie McCall Stanfill]

Stanfill, Jasper Newton "Jap"
May 18, 1875-July 22, 1952
[Father: Lafayette Taylor Stanfill]
[Brothers: Lloyd & Lon Stanfill]
[Sisters: Mrs. Emma McCall & Mrs. Fannie Horton]

Stanfill, Lafayette "Lev" Taylor Sr.
February 24, 1849-October 31, 1936
[1st Wife: Bettie Elizabeth Hardman]
[2nd Wife: Emma Mitchell]
[3rd Wife: Sallie Allen]
[Sons: Jap, Floyd, Lon & Ben Stanfill]
[Daughters: Mrs. Z. Tobe "Junelle" McCall & Mrs. J. L. Horton]

Stanfill, Lena Eleanor "Ellena"
September 26, 1873-July 10, 1936
[Wife of Isaac John Stanfill, Married November 9, 1890]
[Parents: Lafayette & Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Hardeman Stanfill]
[Daughters: Mrs. Ida Frank, Mrs. Betty Lott, Clara Stanfill & Weida Lott]
[Sons: L. T. & Lloyd Stanfill]
[Nephews: John E. McCall, Joe H. McCall, Z. T. McCall, Homer Stanfill, Edward Tignor & Robert Tignor]

Stanfill, Lucille Beacham
Wife of Luke, Married 1934
August 29, 1915-March 14, 1970
[Parents: Ef & Rosa Beacham]
[Brothers: Mather & Floyd Beacham]
[Sisters: Mrs. Joe Holmes, Mrs. Pearl Melton & Mrs. Louise Jones]

Stanfill, Mattie Adelade McCall "Mat"
Wife of Jasper, Married 1901
April 18, 1880-February 3, 1960
[Sons: Roy, Luther & Sam Stanfill]
[Daughter: Ruby Nell Stanfill]

Stanfill, Peggy Sue
February 12, 1933-______

Stanfill, Roy Taylor
September 2, 1902-June 27, 1981
[Parents: Jasper Newton "Jap" & Mattie "Mat" Adelade McCall Stanfill]
[Brothers: Sam & Luke Stanfill]

Stanfill, Ruby Nell
September 1, 1917-November 22, 1973
[Parents: Jasper Newton & Mattie McCall Stanfill]

Stanfill, Sarah Jane "Sally" Allen
December 17, 1874-March 30, 1950
[1st Husband: Thomas L. Bell]
[2nd Husband: D. P. Allen]
[3rd Husband: L. T. Stanfill]
[Son: C.T. Bell]
[Daughters: Mrs. John Heath & Mrs. Claude Bray]
[Grandchildren: Herman & Edward Bell]

Stanfill, William Luther "Luke"
1916-May 6, 1985
[Parents: Jap & Mattie McCall Stanfill]
[Brother: Sam Stanfill]

Stewart, Bobby Joe
December 19, 1951-September 5, 1993
[Parents: William Harlie & Geneva Conder Stewart]
[Spouse: Tami Melton, Married 1975]
[Son: Heath Stewart]
[Daughter: Heather Stewart]
[Brother: Fay Stewart]
[Sisters: Jane Flatt & Ann Ballard]

Stewart, Geneva Cosette Conder
Wife of William H.
[Joseph Lawson & Emma May Smith Conder]
[Sons: Bobby Joe & Faye Stewart]
[Daughters: Jane Flatt & Ann Ballard]

Stewart, William Harlie
October 2, 1924-March 21, 1953
[Parents: James Mose & Sallie Elizabeth Woods Stewart]
[Brother: Robwert Lee Stewart]
[Sister: Mrs. Ruby Beard

Stone, Clarence
Son of H. M. & Ora Bell
December 17, 1906-October 5, 1920
Lott, Charles Brown
April 18, 1926-________

Stone, Henry M.
July 14, 1873-February 18, 1933

Stone, Ora Bell Brewer
Wife of Henry M., Married 1904
December 23, 1883-February 16, 1968
[Son: Clarence Stone]
[Daughter: Mrs. Elton (Chester) Seaton]
[Brothers: Albert Manley & Thompsy W. Brewer]
[Sisters: Mrs. R.P. Bain, Mrs. George Farrow & Mrs. Will Lott]

Stout, Sarah Frances Dodds
Wife of John H.
1841-February 18, 1880

Summers, Infant
Daughter of I. L. & F. E.
December 18, 1902

Summers, Infant
Daughter of I. L. & F. E.
March 3, 1896

Summers, John M.
November 3, 1819-August 26, 1886

Summers, Mary Elizabeth Arnold
Wife of John M.
October 13, 1829-December 6, 1910
[Daughter: Cornelia Elizabeth McAdams]
[Son: I. L. Summers]

Swaim, James Howard
September 3, 1909-September 24, 1971

Swaim, Martha Bland
Wife of James H.
July 26, 1905-February 21, 1996
[Daughters: Jane Keough & Sue Hughes]
[Son: James H. Swaim Jr.]
[Parents: E. Plummer & Ellie McCall Bland]

Talbott, Jane
Wife of John

Talbott, John T.
April 9, 1851-October 2, 1937
[Theodore Perry & Elizabeth Ann Walker Talbott]

Tate, Melinda Kay (Unmarked Grave)-Died November 1971-Infant
(Newspaper Obit Date-December 1, 1971, Chester County Independent0
[Parents: James Ronnie & Judy Ann Hearn Tate]
[Maternal Grandfather: William Hearn]
[Paternal Grandfather: James Tate Jr.]

Taylor, Emily R.
Wife of Harold D.
August 9, 1935-________

Taylor, Harold D.
April 27, 1931-November 18, 1983

Tedford, Maurene
September 21, 1908-June 10, 1910

Tedford, Nannie Brewer
Wife of Lindsey D. Tedford
October 23, 1890-January 15, 1921
Aged 30 yrs. 2 mo. 22 days
[Parents: Charles Henry "Charlie" & Lucy Adeline Moss Brewer]
[Sons: Joe Neal & Charlie Howard Tedford]
[Daughter: Ruth Hearn]

Terry, Infant
Son of T. F. & S. M.
June 15, 1893

Terry, Kate Alma
Daughter of T. F. & S. M.
October 6, 1878-August 18, 1905

Terry, Mary A.
April 9, 1820-August 13, 1905

Terry, Millard Hunter
September 11, 1877-May 26, 1950
[Parents: Jim & Almeda Young Terry]
[Son: Tommy Terry]
[Daughter: Mrs. Rachel Lapp]
[Brothers: Carroll, Charlie & Johnnie Terry]
[Mrs. L.G. Smith]

Terry, Ocie Farrow
Wife of Millard Hunter
June 20, 1888-April 20, 1979
[Parents: William "Billy" Lucean & Sarah Elizabeth Bond Farrow]

Thomas, John W.
July 26, 1878-July 1, 1959

Thomas, Ozy Lee Young
Wife of Paul
August 22, 1905-January 15, 1987
[Parents: Jim & Mary Mullins Young]
[Daughter: Mrs. Sue Black]
[Son: Jack M. Thomas]
[Sister: Mrs. Earl Rhodes]

Thomas, Paul Pryce
January 9, 1903-February 28, 1989
[Parents: Riston & Alice Maness Thomas]

Thomas, Riston Tyson
1871-August 21, 1943
[Son: Paul P. Thomas]
[Daughter: Mrs. Bonnie Hodges]

Thomas, Sarah Alice Maness
Wife of Riston Tyson

Tignor, Carl Anderson
September 4, 1926-________
[Parents: Jim & Lyde Watlington Tignor]

Tignor, Carnell Rhodes
Wife of Carl Anderson
October 18, 1928-________
[Parents: Carl & Bobbie Estes Crook Rhodes]
[Daughters: Mrs. Brenda Reddin, Mrs. Kathy Belew, Mrs. Shelia Frank]
[Son: Donny Carl Tignor]

Tignor, Donny Carl
December 19, 1958-April 7, 1977
[Parents: Carl & Carnell Rhodes Tignor]

Tignor, Gerald Lee
Son of Robert L. & Mary Nell Bingham Tignor
April 14, 1931-October 13, 1933

Tignor, Homer Neal
1928-February 26, 1976
[Parents: Jim & Lyde Watlington Tignor]

Tignor, Jean Williams
Wife of Joe Ray
November 7, 1934-________
[Sons: Mike & Tommy Tignor]

Tignor, Joe Ray (picture)
October 5, 1932-November 18, 1987
[Parents: Jim & Lyde Watlington Tignor]
[Brothers: Romnie, Earl, Carl & John Tignor]
[Sisters: Pauline Horner, Beulah Holmes, Eliza Harris & Jimmie Butler]

Tignor, Lou Grissom
Wife of Homer Neal
[Parents: James Elbert & Gladys Dickson Grissom]
[Sons: Harry Neal & Barry Tignor]
[Daughter: Sheryl Pickett]

Tignor, Mary Nell Bingham
October 12, 1910-May 31, 1997
[Parents: Eugene G. & Alice Thomas Bingham]
[Son & Daughter-in-Law: Glenn & Cornelia Tingor]
[Daughter & Son-in-Law: Frances & Aaron Lee Boren]
[Grandsons: Ricky & Danny Boren]
[Great-Grandchildren: Abigail, Ellie & A.J. Boren, Kyle & Kevin Tignor]

Tignor, Robert L. "Bob"
Husband of Mary Nell B., Married 1927
November 29, 1910-September 14, 1982
[Parents: James Manley & Bertie Blanch Stanfill Tignor]
[Sons: Glenn Tignor & Gerald Lee Tignor]
[Daughter: Mrs. Frances Boren]
[Brothers: Edward, Rommie, John Harvey, Earl, Carl, Joe Ray & Homer Neil Tignor]
[Sisters: Mrs. Pauliine Horner, Mrs. Beulah Homes, Mrs. Jimmy Butler & Mrs. Eliza Harris]

Trice, Willie H.
April 17, 1867-August 18, 1898

Tudor, Ophelia James
1889-March 17, 1978
[Parents: Perry & Elizabeth Langford James]
[Spouse: Price Tudor]
[Brother: John James]

Turner, Mary Elizabeth Bailey
November 10, 1923-September 18, 1994
[Parents: Ernest & Minnie Smith Bailey]

Unknown, Bobbie May
Daughter of ______d
No readable dates

Utley, James Harold
September 29, 1918-September 13, 1967

Utley, Sarah Virginia
November 9, 1925-April 9, 1999
[Parents: Paul Luke & Edna Louise Odle Butler]
[Spouse: James Harold Utley] Married 1961
[Son: Gregory Utley]
[Brothers: Jack, Joe & Bobby Butler]
[Sister: Marjorie Cherry]

Vestal, Sarah "Sally" Louise Davidson
Wife of Thomas, Married 1925
March 8, 1907-May 19, 1986
[Parents: William Jackson & Cora Jane Lott Davidson]
[Son: Thomas Vestal, Jr.]
[Sister: Mrs. Geneva Crowe, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Crowe & Willie Davidson]

Vestal, Thomas "Tom" Farrow
May 9, 1897-December 4, 1980
[Parents: Robert & Rebecca Rinks Vestal]
[Brothers: Robert & Bill Vestal]
[Sisters: Mrs. Alice Brown & Mrs. Callie Priddy]

Wadley, Dorothy Jo Rhodes
Wife of Cratis, Married August 30, 1947
October 3, 1927-________
[Parents: Henry Allison & Mary Elnora Phillips Rhodes]
[Sons: Joe Richard, Robert Allan "Bob" Wadley]

Wadley, J. R. "Tom"
1935-November 19, 1996
[Parents: John Lee & Opal Daniel Wadley]

Wadley, Jeffery Clay
1963-July 28, 1982
[Parents: William R. & Peggy J. Garner Wadley]

Wadley, Jessie Smith
Wife of John Richard, Married February 11, 1891
March 15, 1873-June 8, 1940
[Parents: Frank & Elizabeth Garret Smith]
[Sons: Frank & John Lee Wadley]
[Daughters: Mrs. Edna Rhodes & Mrs. Lena Grissom]
[Brother: A. S. Smith]
[1/2 Sister: Mrs. Dora McAdams]

Wadley, John Lee
July 7, 1898-October 18, 1952
[Parents: Dyke & Jessie Smith Wadley]

Wadley, Martha Sue
February 7, 1933-February 8, 1999
[Son: Jimmie Lee Cogdell]
[Sisters: Ann Woods & Verlon Reid]

Wadley, Mary Parthenia Bailey
Wife of Frank, Married August 8, 1915
August 19, 1897-January 3, 1963
[Parents: William Merrell & Mary Ella Byrd Bailey]
[Sons: Curtis & Herbert Wadley]
[Daughter: Robbie Wallace]
[Brothers: Ernest & Bert Bailey]
[Sister: Margie McAdams]

Wadley, Opal Daniel
Wife of John Lee
January 7, 1910-________
[Children: Tom Wadley, Verlon Reid, Ann Woods & Sue Wadley]

Wadley, Peggy J. Garner
Wife of William R.
[Sons: Jeffery Clay & Scott Wadley]

Wadley, Richard Cratis "Boss"
February 21, 1927-June 15, 1991
[Parents: William Franklin & Mary Parthenia Bailey Wadley]

Wadley, William Franklin "Frank"
January 27, 1894-July 6, 1971
[Parents: John Richard & Jessie Smith Wadley]

Wadley, William R. "Jaz"

Walker, Alfred Neil
February 21, 1911-November 10, 1969
[Spouse: Mayrene Rogers]
[Brothers: Chris & J. T. Walker]
[Sister: Mrs. Tennie Mai Doss]

Walker, Mayrene Rogers
Wife of Neil
[Parents: Lonnie H. & Eva Lee McCarter Rogers]
[Daughter: Mrs. John Breaugh]

Wallace Jr., Alfred
[Parents: Alfred R. "Jessie" & Glady Adams Wallace, Sr.]

Wallace, Alfred R. Sr.
October 21, 1891-January 22, 1967
[1st Spouse: Glady Adams]
[2nd Spouse: Lena Rhodes]
[Sons: Alfred R. Wallace, Jr. & William A. Wallace]
[Daughter: Mrs. W. A. Bradfield]
[Brothers: Charles & Kermit Wallace]
[Sisters: Mrs. Rebecca (Al) Melton, Mrs. L .D. Mullins & Mrs. Kate (M. C.) Nichols]

Wallace, Audrey Melton
Wife of Dewain, Married 1928
January 1, 1908-June 27, 2002
[Parents: James "Jim" John & Minnie Jane Newsom Melton]
[Sons: Harold, Charles & James Wallace]
[Daughters: Mrs. W. F. Lumpkins, Mrs. Guy N. Coady & Mrs. Lance "Ann" Bailey]

Wallace, Banester F.
January 15, 1880-March 8, 1962

Wallace, Florence D.
Wife of Willie C.

Wallace, Fred Jr.
June 19, 1921-May 10, 1939
Wallace, Clove Maness
Wife of Banester
November 26, 1887-April 21, 1974

Wallace, Lena Rhodes
2nd Spouse of Alfred R.
October 2, 1904-January __, 1971
[Parents: Jake & Mollie McAdams Rhodes]

Wallace, Neioma
February 1, 1907-February 8, 1916
Daughter of Cary E. & Mary Margaret "Mollie" Woods Wallace Coady]

Wallace, Robbie Wadley
Wife of Alfred Jr., Married 1936
[William Franklin "Frank" & Mary Parthenia Bailey Wadley]

Wallace, Thomas Dewain
March 14, 1906-March 17, 1966
[Parents: Thomas B. & Martha Stewart Wallace]
[Brothers: H. K., Charles & Alfred R. Wallace]
[Sisters: Mrs. L. D. Mullins, Mrs. Kate Nichols & Mrs. A. L. Melton]

Wallace, Willie C.

Watlington, Claude Brown
July 8, 1913-May 28, 1978
[Son of Claude & Lessie Holmes Watlington]
[Sister: Lorraine Lott]

Watlington, Claude
January 8, 1877-November 18, 1944

Watlington, Jerre Holmes
Son of Claude & Lessie
No dates

Watlington, Lessie Holmes
Wife of Claude
January 16, 1884-July 19, 1931
[Father: J. S. Holmes]
[Sisters: Mrs. Kate Price, Mrs. Bill McGill & Mrs. Cedric Conder & Alice Holmes]
[Brothers: Hunter, Dewey & Sid Holmes]

Webb, Charles Wilson
May 1, 1930-Juen 20, 1995
[Parents: Travis & Lector Ross Webb]
[Sons: Ray, Steve, Travis & Charles Webb, Jr.]
[Brothers: John, Joe, James, Don, Lynn, & Curtis Webb]
[Sisters: Sue Weatherly, Margie Shirley & Jean Rogers]
Morris, Cora Lee Newsom
Wife of Claude O., Married 1910
February 3, 1889-October 1, 1981
[Parents: John & Tabitha Hendrix Newsom]
[Son John A. Morris]
[Daughters: Ludelle Rhodes & Mrs. Ed Carpenter, Sr.]
[Sister: Mrs. Lula Smith]

Webb, Hayes Houston
May 8, 1906-June 3, 1984
[Parents: Ab & Maude Cannon Webb]
[1st Spouse: Cora Middleton]
[2nd Spouse: Estelle Butler]
[Sons: James & Charlie Webb]
[1/2 Sister: Martha Scott]

Webb, Lector L. Ross
Wife of Travis, Married 1929
March 15, 1918-________
[Sons: Joe, James, Donald, Lynn Curtis Charles & John Webb]
[Daughters: Mrs. Sue Harris, Mrs. Marjorie Shirley & Miss Jean Webb]

Webb, Travis Lloyd Jr.
June 19, 1953-June 14, 1954
[Parents: Travis Lloyd Sr. & Lector L. Ross Webb]

Webb, Travis Lloyd Sr.
May 1, 1909-May 2, 1961
[Parents: Ab & Maud Cannon Webb]
[Brother: Hayes Webb]
[Sisters: Mrs. Verdie Young & Mrs. Martha Scott]

Weeks, Infant
Daughter of F. R. & M. S.
December 30, 1903
1 Month 2 days

Weeks, Loyd G.
Son of F. R. & M. S
December 10, 1918-January 26, 1919

Weeks, Martha Ann McCallum
Wife of William J.
September 2, 1852-August 7, 1911

Weeks, Robert G.
Son of William J. & Mary Ann McCollum Weeks
May 7, 1887-April 30, 1894

Weeks, William J.
April 4, 1851-January 31, 1919

Wells, Clarence Neil
July 27, 1963-July 28, 1963
[Parents: Clarence & Juanita Summers Wells]
[Sister: Teresa Wells]

West, Mary Vesta Rhodes
Wife of Thelmer Lee, Married 1924
October 17, 1902-January 4, 1988
[Parents: Miles E. & Beatrice Seaton Rhodes]
[Daughter: Mrs. Marilyn Berg]
[Son: Dr. Max L. West]

West, Thelmer Lee
December 6, 1901-July 19, 1974
[Parents: Riley Benton & Cathernine Bells West]
[Sisters: Mrs. Effie White, Mrs. Noda Johnson & Della Mae McAdams]

Wheatley, Allie Woods
1st Wife of Luther L.
1904-June 23, 1952
[Parents: John & Lucy Wallace Woods]
[Daughter: Mrs. Lucille Haynes]
[Brothers: Haskel & Audley Woods]
[Sister: Mrs. Beulah Woodard]
[Son: Harold Wheatley]

Wheatley, Bethia Diademia Jones
Daughter of Elkanah F. & Rebecca Rhodes Jones
Wife of J. T. Wheatley
April 30, 1835-February 28, 1914
[Brothers: Christopher Perry, James B., William R., Samuel T., John, Elihue, Henry B., Harrison & Miles A. Jones]
[Sisters: Sarah Ann, Nancy, Margaret & Malinda Jones]

Wheatley, Ellen
21 days old

Wheatley, Ernest L.
December 4, 1892-February 1, 1950

Wheatley, G. Pierce
July 28, 1843-August 24, 1915

Wheatley, Henrietta Moore
Wife of G. Pierce
January 12, 1862-August 11, 1936

Wheatley, Homer Hayes
June 3, 1914-September 15, 1982
[Parents: Hayes D. & Ada Irene Bingham Wheatley]

Wheatley, Infant
of Luther & Allie

Wheatley, Lonnie L.
November 5, 1900-June 16, 1975
Brother of Ruby E.
Moore, William Pinkney
July 27, 1821-March 6, 1870

Wheatley, Luther L.
November 12, 1896-July 25, 1968
[Mother: Ada Irene Bingham]
[1st Wife: Allie Woods]
[2nd Wife: Mrs. Ora Bishop, Married 1956]
[Son: Harold Wheatley]
[Daughter: Mrs. Lucille Haynes]
[Brothers: Pyrtle & Homer Wheatley]
[Stepsons: Buford, Leo & Cratis Bishop]

Wheatley, Mae Goff

Wheatley, Noma Jean
September 22, 1931-________

Wheatley, Ruby E.
October 26, 1897-September __, 1979
Sister of Lonnie L.

Wheatley, Sadie Elizabeth Miller
Wife of Homer
March 7, 1912-December 13, 1993
[Children: Peggy Wadley, Dewayne & James Wheatley]
[Sisters: Georgie Patterson, Dolly Lifsey & Dalsey Gladjo]

Wheatley, William Homer
Som of G. P. & H.
October 30, 1887-December 28, 1920

White, G. W.
May 1, 1848-April 11, 1925
White, Elizabeth
February 15, 1846-September 12, 1929

Wilkinson, Charles R.
April 30, 1939-May 3, 1996
[Parents: Ernie Ray & Lois E. Patterson Wilkinson]
[Stepchildren: Jeff Burkeen, Trevin Burkeen & Kim Quick]
[Daughters: Cindy Roach & Beth Tulley]

Wilkinson, Ernie Ray
October 19, 1911-October 26, 1991
[Parents: John Henry & Ada Holmes Wilkinson]
[Brother: Johnny Wilkinson]
[Sister: Maybelle Cawthon]

Wilkinson, Lois E. Patterson
[Parents: C. Ervin & Arlie M. Ryals Patterson]
[Sons: Charles Ray & Rickey Wilkerson]
[Daughter: Betty Threadgill]
[Brothers: A. E. & C. E. Patterson]

Wilkinson, Sarah F. Plunkett
November 12, 1947-________

Williams, Billy Joe
Nov. 16, 1931-Sept. 19, 2000
[Sisters: Lorrain Burrow, Priscilla Gilbert, Geraldine Crowell, Doris Latham & Virginia Bivens]
[Brothers: Charles, Cecil & Sanders Williams]

Williams, Carroll
June 26, 1900-March __, 1977

Williams, Charlie Chaplin
1892-February 9, 1953
[Sisters: Mrs. Gordon Reed & Mrs. Berta Middleton]
[Brothers: Clell & Earl Williams]

Williams, Clell Rhodes
March 6, 1898-September 16, 1959
[Parents: Arch & Fronie Rhodes Williams]
[Brother: Earl Williams]
[Sisters: Mrs. Berta Middleton & Mrs. Gordon Reid]

Williams, Eva C.
Wife of Carroll
No dates

Williams, Infant
Daughter of Clell & Ruth

Williams, Infant
Son of T. J. & L. T.
December 7, 1913

Williams, Lee Nell Rhodes
Wife of David R. Williams, Married 1934
1915-December 7, 1937
[Parents: Miles A. & Georgia Harrington Rhodes]
[Brother: Frederick Rhodes]
[Sister: Mary Sue Rhodes]

Williams, Olivie Ward
Wife of Thomas Roger, Married 1912
April 24, 1896-March 26, 1984
[Sons: Roger & Clifford Williams]
[Daughter: Margaret O'Daniel]

Williams, Ruth Farrow
Wife of Clell R., Married 1920
December 10, 1898-July 22, 1962
[Parents: Willie L. & Betty Bond Farrow]
[Brothers: George, Everett, Harmon & Lester Farrow]
[Sisters: Mrs. Ossie Terry, Mrs. Ollie Smith & Mrs. Lorena Griffin]

Williams, Susie L. Hodges
1893-February 1972
Wife of Charlie, Married 1917
[Parents: Aaron & Susie Beaver Hodges]
[Sons: Billy Joe, Cecil, Sanders & Charles Williams]
[Daughters: Mrs. Elton Bishop, Mrs. J.C. Crowell, Mrs. Roy Burrow, Mrs. Doris Burke & Mrs. Kenneth Daughtery]

Williams, Thomas Roger
February 6, 1892-February 27, 1972
[Parents: Tom & Maggie Woodall Williams]

Wilson, Hugh Whitson
September 1, 1863-1863-July 24, 1942
[Parents: Whit & Martha Johnson Wilson]
[Brother: William Ernest Wilson]
[Sister: Mrs. Florence Wilson McAdams]

Wilson, Virginia "Jennie " Harris Winslow
Wife of Hugh Whitson, Married January 20, 1891
1871-February 17, 1954
[Parents: Thomas H. & Mollie Harris Winslow]
[Daughter: Alice Bailey]
[Brothers: Rue & Vance Winslow]
[Sisters: Mrs. Bill Taylor & Mrs. Orzo Wilson]

Woodruff, Miss "Eliza" Elizabeth K.
1841-December 22, 1928
[Parents: Jessie H. & Sarah Elizabeth "Betsy" Barton]
[Sisters: Mary Tabitha, Sarah, Harriet & Jennie Lind Woodruff]
[Brother: William "Bill" Henry Harrison Woodruff]

Woodruff, Nancy Louise Smith Record
December 28, 1904
60 yrs. 9 mo. 15 days
1st Husband William F. Record Sr.
2nd Husband William Henry Woodruff
[Children: William F. Record Jr., Jessie Right Woodruff, Margaret Webb, Malissa Smith, Charlie Spalling Woodruff, Eliza Catherine Bain, Susie Matilda Stewart, Hubert Jackson Woodruff, Lee Etta Laster, Callie Peddy, Lessie Ethel Dunn & Hattie Izora Taylor]

Woodruff, William Henry Harrison
Husband of Nancy
March 22, 1843-May 2, 1919

Woods, Arch
September 7, 1897-December 21, 1930
[Parents: Joe & Margaret Benson Woods]

Woods, Eunie
November 17, 1916-December 7, 1916
[Daughter of John & Lucy Wallace Woods]

Woods, Hester McCorkle
Wife of Arch
August 16, 1900-April 26, 1983
[Daughter: Mary Archie Gray]
[Sisters: Katheleen Dixon & Bobbie Mitchell]

Woods, Infant
February 9, 1917-February 9, 1917
Daughter of L.E. & Martha

Woods, John
October 8, 1880-January 23, 1949
[Parents: Joe and Margaret Benson Woods]
[Sister: Jessie Brower]
[Brother: Lonnie E. Woods]

Woods, Lonnie E.
Husband of Martha
January 28, 1892-July 17, 1970
[Parents: Joe & Margaret Benson Woods]
[2nd Wife: Daisy Parrish-Died in 1967]
[Sons: Paul & Joe Woods]
[Stepson: Plezzie Parrish]
[Sister: Mrs. John Brower & Sallie E. Woods]

Woods, Lucy Melinda Wallace
October 15, 1881-December 10, 1925
[Wife of John Woods]

Woods, Margrett Ann Benson
October 10, 1859-January 12, 1929
[Daughters: Mollie Woods Coady, Sallie Stewart, Jessie Brower, Edna Neisler & Nora Beacham]
[Sons: John, Lonnie, Arch & Wylie Woods]
[Grandson: Guy Coady]

Woods, Martha Ketura Rhodes
Wife of Lonnie E., Married 1916
August 28, 1891-January 23, 1931
[Parents: John Folden & Josie Meadows Rhodes]
[Sons: Paul & Joe Woods]

Wright, C.T. "Taylor"
November 13, 1920-October 12, 1986
[Parents: E. Claude & Linnie Bain Wright]
[Spouse: Mildred Stokes]
[Sons: David & Stanley Wright]
[Daughter: Faye Thompson]
[Sister: Margaret Bingham]

Wright, Ernest Claude
April 16, 1881-October 7, 1962
[Parents: Taylor & Lou Stovall Wright]

Wright, Linnie Bain
Wife of Ernest, Married 1910
August 2, 1884-April 15, 1981
[Parents: Richard Pharo & Elizabeth Harrison Bain]
[Son: C. T. Wright]
[Daughter: Mrs Margaret Lou Bingham]

Wright, Ruby Eunice Nobles
Wife of Worth, Married April 22, 1949
August 24, 1927-________
[Parents: Henry Luke & Beulah Mae Holmes Nobles]
[Daughter: LaTasha Ann Phillips]
[Son: Dennis Nathan Wright]

Wright, Worth
August 28, 1920-February 9, 1983
[Parents: John Wylie & Flora Taylor Wright]
[Brothers: Travis, Curtis, Norman, Herman, & Earl Wright]
[Sisters: Mrs. Delta Sheppard, Mrs. Nell Keen, Mrs. Jewell Tyler & Mrs. Annie Lyons]

Young, Annie Mae
Wife of Clyde
No dates

Young, Billy Gene
April 4, 1930-April 29, 1950
[Spouse: Nell Marie Stanfill]
[Father: Robert Elmer Young]
[Son: Danny Ray Young]
[Brother: Paul Young]
[Parternal Grandfather: J.C. Young]

Young, Cedric Faucett
Wife of James R., Married 1925
1903-April 8, 1995
[Parents: Little W. & Cora Arendall Faucett]
[Son: Jimmy Neal Young]
[Daughter: Earlene Blankenship]

Young, Clyde
October 13, 1913-February 17, 1980
[Parents: Morton Ashby & Osa Lee Crowe Young]
[Spouse: Anne Mae Young]
[Daughter: Mrs. Faye Jones]
[Brothers: Bernie & Bill Young]
[Sisters: Mrs. Hazel Kranz & Mrs. Pauline Hopper]

Young, Cora Lee Nowell
Wife of Oliver T., Married 1905
October 29, 1887-January 10, 1941
[Sons: Elbert T., Willie & Wilburn Young]
[Daughters: Miss Georgia Young, Miss Peal Young, Miss Flaudie Young, Mrs. Sallie Belle (Lloyd) Mooney, Miss Ardelle Young, Miss Annie Mae Young & Miss Louella Young]
[Brother: Calvin Young]

Young, Dorothy Elizabeth Brower
Wife of Willie T.
December 3, 1916-________
]William Henry & Ada A. Moore Brower]

Young, Edith Cardell Russom
October 1, 1931-February 3, 1991
[Parents: Arlie Monroe & Frances Weaver Russom]
[Spouse: Jimmy Neal Young]
[Sons: Alan, Don & Chris Young]
[Daughter: Deborah Cotter]
[Brothers: Granville Russom & Guy Monroe Russom]
[Sisters: Loulean Goodwin & Carolyn Armour]

Young, Elbert Theodore
December 10, 1906-November __, 1964
[Parents: Oliver T. & Cora Lee Nowell Young]
[Brothers: Wilbur & Willie Young]
[Sisters: Mrs. Clyde Young, Mrs. Paul Rogers, Mrs. William Kirkman, Mrs. Kenneth Warner, Mrs. Pearl Proctor, Mrs. Andrew Reinertsen & Mrs. Paul Holder]

Young, Emma L.
Daughter of J. C. & L. J.
October 16, 1890-March 16, 1987

Young, Infant
[Infant of R.E. & Roxie Brewer Young]
[Unmarked Grave]

Young, James "Jim" Henry
1868-February 1, 1954
[Parents: Henry & Mary Weeks Young]
[Brothers: Hugh Young]
[Sisters: Mrs. Alice Newman, Mrs. Ellen Evans & Mrs. Orvie Mayo]

Young, James Raybon
January 25, 1898-September 1, 1966
[Parents: James & Mary Mullins Young]
[Sisters: Mrs. Melvin Rhodes, Mrs. Edd Rhodes, Mrs. Ella Mae Smith & Mrs. Annie Bell Guyon]

Young, Jimmy Neal
January 5, 1931-December 18, 1996
[Parents: Raybon & Cedric Fawcett Young]
[2nd Spouse: Madge Newman]
[Daughter: Debbie Hickman]
[Sons: Alan, Chris & Don Young]
[Sister: Earlene Blankenship]

Young, Lessie Dunn
Wife of Elbert Theodore, Married 1931
January 4, 1909-August 9, 1995
[Parents: Ben L. & Elvie J. Dunn]
[Son: Bobby Young]
[Daughters: Mrs. Mary Jo Smith & Mrs. Jean Stichweigh]

Young, Madge Quinette Newman
Wife of Jimmy Neal
May 17, 1949-________
[Daughters: Lori Thomas, Tiffany Thomas & Beth Thomas]
[1st Spouse: Larry Warren Thomas

Young, Mary Adeline Mullins
[Wife of James H., Married March 31, 1892]
1870-July 18, 1945
[Son: James Raybon Young]
[Daughters: Mrs. Anna Belle Guyon, Mrs. Lala Rhodes, Mrs. Edd Rhodes, Mrs. Ella Smith & Mrs. Paul Thomas]
[Grandsons: Hoyt Smith, Clifton Rhodes, Paul Clyde Thomas, Hulon Rhodes & Duford Guyon]

Young, Mary Jane Weeks
Wife of Henry Hunter Young
May 6, 1838-January 18, 1870

Young, Mondurant A.
March 3, 1888-October 13, 1918

Young, Oliver T.
March 3, 1873-April 8, 1936
[Spouse: Cora Lee Nowell]

Young, Pollie
Wife of W. T.
March 5, 1841-August 10, 1898

Young, Roxie Brewer
Wife of R. E. Young
August 21, 1895-November 17, 1932

Young, Tammy Gale (picture)
1961-September 2, 1979
[Parents: Bobby & Maxlene Maness Young Kirkman Young]
[Brothers: Bobby Young, Randall Young & Johnny Kirkman]
[Sisters: Mrs. Sherry Simmons, Mrs. Kathy Morrison & Mrs. Brenda Stanfill]

Young, William T.
Husband of Polly
November 11, 1833-April 25, 1916

Young, Willie T.
February 22, 1909-April 11, 1979
[Parents: Oliver T. & Cora Lee Nowell Young]
[Sisters: Mrs. Flaudia Holder, Mrs. Ardell Reinertson, Mrs. Annie Mae Young, Mrs. Louella Kirkman, Mrs. Georgia Rogers, Mrs. Ruby Warner & Mrs. Pearl Proctor]


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