Marker for Rhoda and Hosea Preslar, May 1993


            This is a very old family cemetery located on Preslar Road about a mile west of state highway 22. The cemetery is full. There are many fieldstones. What is most interesting at this cemetery is the small footstone size markers with names. It appears that someone has had name markers made for all the unmarked and fieldstone-marked graves for known individuals. The note "replacement" refers to this type of marker. In 1993 Preslar Cemetery seemed to be receiving occasional but not regularly mowing, and it was difficult to see the small markers in the tall grass. David Donahue recorded this cemetery on May 16, 1993.

            An earlier record is available for this cemetery. Mrs. E. W. Bailey and Mrs. C. F. Goff recorded this cemetery circa 1975. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), Vol. I, p. 221. This earlier work is referred to as "Bailey and Goff" in the notes below. Bailey and Goff report information not found on the markers.


Gower, Curantha, d. Nov. 12, 1891, "Aged 54 ys 2 ms 27 ds" "Wife of G. W. Gover" (eroded) [listed as Curantha Stewart Gower by Bailey and Goff'

Preslar, A. L., Apr. 11, 1861-Sept. 20, 1935, "Father" footstone

Preslar, A., L., Mrs., Sept. 12, 1866-Apr. 4, 1952, "Mother" footstone

Preslar, Annie, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Baby, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Baby, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Betty, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Elbert, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Elizabeth, no dates [replacement; overlooked in 1993; from Bailey and Goff]

Preslar, Julias, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Leona, d. Oct. 10, 1913, "Aged 8 ys 7 ms 5 ds" "Dau. of A. L. & C. R. Preslar"

Preslar, Marshall G., Dec. 31, 1875-Sept. 6, 1876, "Son of Joel & M. A. Preslar" [replacement]

Preslar, Melissa, d. Sept. 27, 1906, "Aged 11 ys 2 ms 23 ds" "Dau. of A. L. & C. R. Preslar"

Preslar, Miles, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Nancy, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Ranson, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Rhoda, May 8, 1816-Aug. 1, 1878, "Wife of H. Preslar"
Preslar, Hosea, Jan. 30, 1814-Apr. 5, 1887, "Erected by J. Preslar"

Preslar, Silas, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Steven, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, Ulysses, no dates [replacement]

Preslar, W. R., d. Nov. 9, 1906, "Aged 21 ys 9 ms 27 ds" "Son of A. L. & C. R. Preslar"

Preslar, William V., no dates [replacement; overlooked in 1993; from Bailey and Goff]

Smith, Baby, no dates [replacement]

Smith, Baby, no dates [replacement]

Smith, C. E., Oct. 1, 1864-May 5, 1899, "Wife of J. T. Smith" [listed as Catherine Elizabeth Steward Smith by Bailey and Goff]

Smith, Cora, Jan. 31, 1886-Nov. 10, 1901, "Dau. of J. T. & C. E. Smith"

Smith, Hester, Apr. 6, 1889-July 9, 1899, "Dau. of J. T. & C. E. Smith"

Smith, Monnie, Aug. 5, 1891-July 14, 1892, "Dau. of J. T. & C. E. Smith"

Stewart, Caroline, no dates [replacement]

Stewart, Catherine, about 1802-1890 [replacement; listed as Catherine Richardson Stewart by Bailey and Goff]]

Stewart, Linnie, no dates [replacement]

Stewart, Melvina, no dates [replacement]

Stewart, Peggy, no dates [replacement; listed as Peggy (Rose Ann Margaret) Stewart by Bailey and Goff]

Stewart, Vesta, no dates [replacement]

Waddle, Baby, no dates [replacement]

Waddle, Jess, no dates [replacement]

Wright, Annie, no dates [replacement; listed as Annie Stewart Wright by Bailey and Goff]


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