Palestine Pentecostal Church Cemetery, May 1999


            Like many nearby Pentecostal churches, Palestine Pentecostal Church established a cemetery during the 1960s. The cemetery is located on a narrow strip of land between the church and its outbuildings on one side and an athletic field on the other side. When visited in 1999, the cemetery suffered from a grave decoration fad. Most graves were surrounded by a raised border and covered with white sand or white gravel. This would make moving and trimming difficult. In 1999 the difficulty in mowing has been dealt with by using an herbicide to kill all grass around the graves, so every grave was surrounded by a ring of dead grass, as seen in the photograph above. David Donahue recorded this cemetery May 1, 1999 and checked and updated it in April 2004..


Grisham, Nicholas Brian, Feb. 14, 1979-July 9, 1980

Hooper, Brenda K., Apr. 24, 1948-Nov. 25, 1995, "Mother" footstone
Hooper, D. Stanley, Aug. 31, 1949-Feb. 16, 2003, "Father" footstone, "Wed 1973" "Our children Greg Gary Tod Gina Stephanie Melissa"

Hooper, Dorsey L., Dec. 20, 1941-Sept. 5, 2001, "Mom" footstone
Hooper, Billy J., Mar. 24, 1943-Nov. 28, 1994, "Dad" footstone, "Wed 1959" "Our children: Neal, Donnie, Judy, Sandra, Ronnie, Billy"

McCormack, Buna A., Nov. 18, 1900-Dec. 19, 1992
McCormack, Johnnie W., Aug. 22, 1888-Aug. 23, 1971, "Married Jan. 6, 1930"

McCormick, Cora Opal, 1920-____
McCormick, Burt Clellon, 1916-1984

Milholen, Brenda L. 1971-1974

Milholen, Geraldine, 1948-1974

Milholen, Jenifer, 1972-1974

Milholen, Otis, 1913-1983, "Papa" footstone

Milholen, ______, "The Lynn and Geraldine Milholen Family" [marker on bordered plot containing graves of Brenda L. Milholen, Geraldine Milholen, Jenifer Milholen, and Susie M. Seachrist]

Miller, Elaine T., Mar. 6, 1928-Oct. 13, 1990

Moody, Kimberly N., Jan. 4, 1964-____
Moody, Trent A., May 10, 1962-Aug. 16, 2001, "Married June 26, 1982" "Our children Stephanie and Anthony"

Prater, D. Alan, 1953-1990

Rosson, Alice Lee, Feb. 1, 1945-Jan. 29, 1964, "Loving daughter and sister"

Rosson, Velis A., Nov. 6, 1906-July 11, 1986, "Pa-Paw" footstone [only name on double marker]

Seachrist, Susie M., 1961-1974

Sloan, Verl Jane Waddle, May 12, 1928-Feb. 1, 1999

Smith, Earl Robert, 1946-1976, military marker PFC US Army Vietnam"

Smith, Jack E., 1944-1975

Smith, Jacob Jackson, 1973-1976

Smith, Laura Lee [see Waddle, Laura Lee Smith]

Smith, Lylith M., 1919-1976, "Mother" footstone

Smith, Sarah Lylith, 1970-1976

Thornhill, Daniel, Feb. 3, 1935-Apr. 5, 1992, "Beloved Husband, Dad, & Grandpa"

Waddle, Annie Mc., 1914-1985, "Mother" footstone
Waddle, Alfred E., 1908-1990, "Dad" footstone

Waddle, Georgia M., Mar. 3, 1901-Feb. 15, 1988

Waddle, L. T., July 23, 1937-Sept. 26, 1999, "Dad" footstone
Waddle, Laura Lee Smith, Jan. 30, 1940-____, "Mom" footstone, "Our children Joy and Tony"

Waddle, Verl Jane [see Sloan, Verl Jane Waddle]


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