Jonathan K. T. Smith

This cemetery record was found in the vertical file at the Everett Horn Library in Lexington.


            At a point on Highway 22-North, l.8 miles south of I-40, at Parker's Cross Roads, Henderson Co., Tenn., turn west on Flake Cemetery Road and after 1 mile turn directly north onto a field road and .1 mile, on the verge of a wooded area, on a brow of land, is located the Berry Olive graveyard.

            Mr. Samuel Henderson (Bud) Taylor, born 1863, informed Jonathan Smith early in 1956 that his own father-in-law, Howell Olive (1814-1888) and his two wives, Ann and Martha Olive are buried here. The three graves of these people are still discernible and known to several of their descendants. Vinca covers a wider area and likely buried here are Howell Olive's parents, Isham and Dicy Olive and perhaps a child of James Berry Olive, a brother of Howell Olive. Mr. Bud Taylor said that this graveyard had always gone by the name of the Berry Olive Graveyard.


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