This cemetery is located at New Bethel Methodist Church on state highway 200 in the Life community west of Lexington. David Donahue recorded this cemetery October 9, 1995 and checked and updated it November 19, 2003.

            Willie Lee Walker recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Her record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), Vol. II, p. 352. The information was abbreviated.


Bailey, Lula Gilliam, July 28, 1918-____
Bailey, A. T. "Red," Nov. 2, 1912-Feb. 12, 1987, "Married July 17, 1937" "Our children Carolyn, Danny, Janie"

Bailey, Mildred Britt, Feb. 27, 1919-____
Bailey, James Allen, May 24, 1918-Nov. 21, 2000, "Father" footstone "Our children: Brenda, Laura, James, Joan, Jean"

Bell, F. H., 1858-1946, "Erected by friends"

Bowman, Ruth M., July 26, 1925-____ [ground disturbance suggests she is buried here]
Bowman, Lloyd P., June 28, 1921-Sept. 28, 1987, "Wed June 7, 1942," military marker as footstone "Pvt U.S. Army World War II"

Bowman, Linda [see Jowers, Linda Bowman]

Britt, Infant, Aug. 28, 1945, "Infant son of John & Jane Britt"

Britt, Jane Gilliam, Jan. 11, 1921-July 26, 1982/John R., Dec. 6, 1919-June 5, 1989. "Rev."

Britt, Mildred [see Bailey, Mildred Britt]

Culp, Jean M., 1925-1986
Culp, Clyde J., 1931-1996, military marker as footstone "AiC US Air Force Korea Vietnam"

Davis, Jackie Lee, Sept. 28, 1966
Davis, James Lee, Sept. 28, 1966, "Triplets"

Dickerson, Jacqueline [see Little, Jacqueline Dickerson]

Duke, Kristie Michelle, d. Sept. 5, 1986, "Our angel Rickie and Pamela" [infant marker; mother probably is Pamela, daughter of Bonnie W. and Paul E. Powers]

Gilliam, Daisy W., 1883-1962
Gilliam, Leo O., 1879-1959

Gilliam, Eunice, Jan. 28, 1904-Jan. 21, 1987

Gilliam, Jane [see Britt, Jane Gilliam]

Gilliam, Lula [see Bailey, Lula Gilliam]

Gilliam, Willie Lee [see Walker, Willie Lee Gilliam]

Jowers, Linda Bowman, 1947-1984, "In memory of mom" [possible daughter of Ruth M. and Lloyd P. Bowman, whose double marker is in front in next row]

Little, Jacqueline Dickerson, Mar. 17, 1935-____
Little, Robert Vance, Nov. 17, 1930-July 10, 1999, "Our children: Janet, Sandra and Chris"

Little, Lee Buddy, 1935-2003, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, 4 feet west of double marker for Willie Lee Gilliam and James Lyman Walker

Mullins, Addie Mae, 1905-1996
Mullins, Edward, 1905-1979, "Married Mar. 3, 1923"

Mullins, Etta, 1881-1956
Mullins, Will, 1884-1954

Mullins, Harry A., 1913-1965
Mullins, Lucy S., 1918-____, "Married Jan. 8, 1944," "Daddy and Mom" footstone

Mullins, Lula, 1885-1970, "Wife" footstone
Mullins, Abe, 1876-1951, "Husband" footstone

Mullins, Ruby K., Mar. 2, 1914-____
Mullins, W. Rye, Nov. 6, 1914-May 5, 1997

Mullins, Sue B., 1913-1991
Mullins, Noble P., 1910-1967

Powers, Alice E., 1901-1982, "Mother" footstone
Powers, Washington R., 1900-1953, "Father" footstone

Powers, Bonnie W., 1929-____
Powers, Paul E., 1926-1994, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army Air Corps World Waer II"; carved rings and "Dec. 29, 1946"; "Our daughters: Beverly and Pamela" "Our grandchildren: Barbie, Karla, Kristie, Kristina and Rickie Paul"

Powers, Cathleen, Feb. 2, 1924-____
Powers, Charles Ruben, June 10, 1920-Aug. 29, 2002, military marker as footstone S2 US Navy World War II"; "Married Nov. 10, 1939"

Powers, Donald Howard, Feb. 3, 1952-Nov. 21, 1971, military marker as footstone "Tennessee SP4 501 Engineer Co Vietnam BSM-ARCOM"

Powers, Howard J., Dec. 4, 1928-Jan. 8, 1975, military marker as footstone "FN U.S. Navy"

Powers, Infant, Jan. 14, 1942, "Infant son of Charles and Kathleen Powers" [replacement]

Walker, Willie Lee Gilliam, Oct. 10, 1909-June 25, 2000
Walker, James Lyman, Mar. 8, 1910-____, carved weddings rings with "Feb. 11, 1942" "Our children Vance-Joe-Buddy"


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