Mt. Pleasant Cemetery was established in 1985 and is located behind Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church on Rue Hamner Road just east of Pearson Road. There are no known unmarked unidentified graves. David Donahue recorded this cemetery on October 14, 2003.


Abbage, Darnell I., Nov. 23, 1934-____, unplaced "Dad" footstone
Abbage, Della M., Sept. 23, 1934-Sept. 2, 1994, "Wife" footstone; also temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, Della Mae Abbage

Douglas-Hart, Nicholas B., Sept. 28, 1968-June 17, 1991, "Son" footstone; also temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, Nicholas Douglas
Douglas-Hart, Alberta, June 9, 1945-____, "Mother" footstone

Hilliard, J. C., 1918-1994, military marker, "Pvt. US Army World War II"

Kirby, Ezra, 1900-1985, "Husband" footstone
Kirby, Verdine, 1914-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone

Kirby, Lardine S., 1939-2003, temporary marker, Trinity Funeral Home, Paris, Tennessee, 5 feet north of double marker for Darnell I. and Della M. Abbage

Larmont, Joshua Q., Apr. 24, 1976-Dec. 26, 1997, "My children: Kristopher and Joshua"

McClough, Thomas R., June 2, 1914-____, "Father" footstone
McClough, Ella M., Oct. 27, 1916-____, "Mother" footstone, "Married Dec. 26, 1935"

McGill, L. Z., July 6, 1922-May 3, 1994, "Brother"

Moffitt, Lee Eller, Jan. 10, 1914-Mar. 10, 1999, "Mother" footstone

White, Lee Van, Sept. 29, 1955-Aug. 12, 2002, temporary marker, Stephenson-Shaw, 5 yards east of marker for Lee Eller Moffitt

Williams, Cora, 1881-1986, "Mother"

Williams, Shelton (Mohawk), Nov. 29, 1969-June 20, 1994

Williams, Theodore, Nov. 9, 1917-Jan. 27, 1995, "Husband" footstone

Williams, Willie Odell, 1910-1988


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