MT. GILEAD CEMETERY (Shady Hill-Reagan)

Mt. Gilead Cemetery, November 1998


            This cemetery is located at Mt. Gilead Cumberland Presbyterian Church on Mt. Gilead Road off Shady Hill-Reagan Road. It is a well-maintained cemetery. As the cemetery dates at least to the 1840s so there should be many fieldstones but instead there are few. Most likely most were removed to make mowing grass easier. The number of unmarked graves is difficult to determine but the number could be substantial. David Donahue recorded this cemetery was November 29, 1998 and checked and updated it November 11, 2003.

            Edward L. and Mable Moore Buck recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976). This earlier work is referred to as "Bucks" in the notes below. Their record of the cemetery is annotated to a large degree, and the information from their annotations is included below.


Black Burial

Buck, Betty, d. Apr. 27, 1920, "Col." [age, if any, is buried [on southern edge of cemetery]


White Burials

Bailey, A. L., Feb. 7, 1884-May 7, 1898, "Son of A. T. & A. A. Bailey"

Bailey, Amos Taylor, 1845-1924 [replacement]

Bailey, Armenda Presley, 1850-1927 [replacement]

Bailey, Myrtle Alice, Mar. 29, 1885-Jan. 28, 1959

Black, Blanche, Oct. 9, 1889-May 25, 1891, "Dau. of Rev. R. W. & A. J. Black" (marker off its base)

Black, Exie Iona, no dates, "Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Black"

Buck, Ada H., 1892-1978, "Mother" footstone
[Bucks: Ada Hodgin Buck]
Buck, Walter J., 1881-1966, "Father" footstone
[Bucks: Son of James Milton Jr.]

Buck, Alma Marie [see note on Hegland, Alma Marie]

Buck, Anny, Apr. 8, 1829-Feb. 20, 1846, "ne Thomas"
[Bucks: 1st Wife of James Milton Buck, Sr., Mother of Tennessee Elizabeth Virginia Pocahuntas Buck]

Buck, Betty, Sept. 27, 1920 [not found in 1988 or 2003; reported by Bucks]

Buck, Betty Lou, June 27, 1928-____
Buck, Earl Dewain, Feb. 15, 1926-Dec. 3, 2002, "Married July 22, 1944" "Children-Larry-Marilyn-Judy"

Buck, Brenda Joan, 1949, "Dau. of R. C. & Z. M. Buck"

Buck, C. M., Dec. 29, 1857-Aug. 12, 1883, "Son of Charles & Lydia Buck"
[Bucks: Son of Charles H. & Lydia Lipe]

Buck, Charles, Feb. 3, 1818-Apr. 23, 1882
[Bucks: Charles Henry Buck, Son of George Henry & Martha Susan Neisler]

Buck, Cora, dates unreadable (homemade, eroded) [found/readable in 1998 but not 2003]

Buck, D. W., May 9, 1829-Aug. 29, 1905
[Bucks: David Wilson Buck, Son of George Henry & Martha Susanna]

Buck, Daisy [see Dickson, Daisy Buck]

Buck, Dovie L., Jan. 19, 1863-Jan. 28, 1940, "Mother" footstone
[Bucks: Dovie L. Christopher Buck, Wife of James Milton, Jr.]
Buck, James M., Feb. 7, 1853-Aug. 26, 1938, "Married Aug. 26, 1880"
[Bucks: James Milton Buck, Jr., Son of James Sr., Civil War]

Buck, Edna M., 1891-1969 [Bucks: Edna Malissa Buck, Dau. of Isaac M. & Margaret]
Buck, Addie M., 1892-1973, "Sisters" [Bucks: Addie Mae Buck, Dau. of Isaac M. & Margaret]

Buck, Elwain, July 6, 1920-Oct. 3, 1920, Son of Jordan & Ester Buck" [replacement; Bucks: Son of Jordan A. & Ester Holmes]

Buck, Ester H., 1901-1991, "Mother" footstone
Buck, Jordan A., 1893-1991, "Father" footstone, "Married Nov. 15, 1917"; military marker as footstone "US Army"; dates on military marker Jan. 28, 1893-Mar. 30, 1991

Buck, Evelyn Deere, 1914-2001
[Bucks: Wife of Joe Fred, Mar. 10, 1914-]
Buck, Joe Fred, 1912-1975, "Married Nov. 27, 1940"
[Bucks: Son of Joseph Milton & Laura E. Horton, Oct. 3, 1912-July 1975]

Buck, Exie Iona, no dates, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Buck"

Buck, Francis K., Sept. 12, 1915-____
Buck, Adrian Odell, Mar. 10, 1914-July 11, 1995, "Wed May 3, 1952"; military marker as footstone "US Navy World War II"

Buck, G. H., July 21, 1789-Mar. 25, 1875 (broken and repaired)

Buck, G. H., July 21, 1789-Mar. 25, 1875
[Bucks: George Henry Buck]

Buck, Hattie, July 7, 1899-Sept. 13, 1979, "Mama" footstone
[Bucks: Hattie Hayes Buck]
Buck, John H., Oct. 4, 1889-Apr. 3, 1976, "Daddy" footstone, "Married Nov. 26, 1916"
[Bucks: Son of James Jr.]

Buck, Homer, Apr. 17, 1895-Sept. 29, 1918, "Pvt" "Co. C 105 Signal Bat. K.I.A. at Bellice, France"

Homer Buck


Buck, Infant, no dates, "Infant Dau. of J. M. & D. C." [not found in 1998 or 2003; reported by Bucks]

Buck, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of John & Hattie" [not found in 1998 or 2003; reported by Bucks]

Buck, Infant, Feb. 18, 1883-Feb. 18, 1883, "Infant son of G. H. & L. C. Buck"

Buck, Infant, Apr. 25, 1901-Nov. 23, 1901, "Infant dau. of T. F. & D. T. Buck"

Buck, Infant, Nov. 25, 1901-Nov. 25, 1901, "Infant dau. of T. F. & D. T. Buck"

Buck, Infant, Dec. 16, 1924-Dec. 18, 1924
Buck, Infant, Apr. 24, 1923, "Infants of Lester L. & H. E. Buck" [replacement]

Buck, Iona [see Finch, Iona Buck]

Buck, Jas. Milton, Sr., Oct. 3, 1824-June 28, 1900
[Bucks: Husband of Mildred Harper Read; Son of George Henry & Martha Susan Neisler; Civil War]

Buck, Jessee Samuel, Mar. 2, 1880-Aug. 27, 1882, "Son of G. H. & L. C. Buck"
[Bucks: Son of George Henry & Louisa Catherine]

Buck, John H., Oct. 4, 1889-Apr. 3, 1976, "Daddy" footstone

Buck, Jordan L., Mar. 12, 1868-July 13, 1878, "Son of M. A. & M. E. Buck"
[Bucks: Jordon Buck, Son of Martin Alexander & Mary E. Craven]

Buck, Jorgie, July 23, 1910, "Son of W. J. & Myrtle Buck"

Buck, Laura E. Horton, Oct. 25, 1877-Dec. 31, 1935
[Bucks: Dau. of Louis Dupree & Margaret Stubblefield Horton]
Buck, Joseph Milton, Aug. 28, 1871-May 17, 1948, "Married on Easter Sunday Apr. 5, 1896"
[Bucks: Son of George Henry & Louisa Catherine]

Buck, Lester Lee, Nov. 12, 1897-Apr. 11, 1979

Buck, Lester Lee, Nov. 12, 1897-Apr. 11, 1979

Buck, Lois, Mar. 27, 1906-Sept. 23, 1908, "Dau. of W. J. & Myrtle Buck"

Buck, Louisa C., Apr. 17, 1853-July 21, 1937
[Bucks: Louisa Catherine Buck, Dau. of Joseph D. & Lucinda Wood Smith, Wife of George Henry]
Buck, George H., June 17, 1851-Feb. 1, 1940
[Bucks: George Henry Buck, Son of James Milton Sr. & Mildred Harper Reed, Husband of Louisa Catherine]

Buck, Louisa I., Oct. 21, 1887-Oct. 27, 1887, "Dau. of G. H. & L. C. Buck"

Buck, Lydia, Mrs., Nov. 15, 1822-Dec. 31, 1910

Buck, Lydia, Nov. 15, 1822-Dec. 1, 1910, "Mrs."
[Bucks: Lydia Lipe Buck, Wife of Charles Henry]

Buck, M. A., July 17, 1837-Aug. 10, 1906, "Husband of Mary E. Buck"

Buck, M. A., July 17, 1837-June 10, 1906 [Bucks: Martin Alexander Buck, Son of 1st George Henry; Husband of Mary E. Craven; July 17, 1837-Aug. 10, 1906]

Buck, M. H., Sept. 15, 1824-____, "Wife of J. M. Buck"
[Bucks: Mildred Harper Buck; Dau. of John H. & Wife]

Buck, Mabel Moore, Sept. 5, 1921-____, "Dau. of Jasper L. & Mae Daniel Moore"
Buck, Edward Lee, July 8, 1910-Oct. 8, 1978, "Son of Joseph M. & Laura Horton Buck" "Married 10-19-1940" "Our children Nancy Carolyn and Charlotte Ann"

Buck, Maggie, 1893-1971 [shares double marker with Ernie M. McCollum]
[Bucks: Dau. of Isaac M. & Margaret]

Buck, Margaret C., Oct. 31, 1859-Apr. 18, 1945
[Bucks: Dau. of James & Malissa Pirtle, Wife of Isaac Marion Read]
Buck, Isaac M., June 30, 1859-June 11, 1938
[Bucks: Isaac Marion Read Buck, Son of James Milton Sr. & Mildred Harper Read]

Buck, Mary E., Jan. 15, 1840-July 21, 1927, "Wife of M. A. Buck"
[Bucks: Dau. of Balaane & Elizabeth Craven; Wife of Martin Alexander]

Buck, Mary E., Apr. 18, 1844-Dec. 28, 1933, "Wife"
[Bucks: Mary E. Tuck Buck]
Buck, J. L., Apr. 24, 1833-July 17, 1895
[Bucks: Jurden L. Buck, Son of George Henry & Martha Susanna]

Masonic Record
Initiated in Center Point Lodge No. 250
Passed June 11, 1852
Raised Sept. 10, 1857
Chapter No. 37 Dg's taken in Lexington
M & P Dg's taken Sept. 14, 1868
M. E. & R. A. Dg's taken Oct. 12, 1888
Received the degree of HIGH PRIESTHOOD
at Nashville Jan. 30, 1889.
Affiliated as a member of Ebenezer Ld'g No. 441
December 11, 1872

Buck, Mary E., Apr. 15, 1874-Oct. 16, 1885, "Dau. of M. A. & M. E. Buck" (fallen)
[Bucks: Dau. of Martin Alexander & Mary E. Craven]

Buck, Mary F., 1865-1951
[Bucks: Dau. of William Azberry McClanahan; Wife of Webster]
Buck, D. Webster, 1861-1947
[Bucks: Son of Martin Alexander; Husband of Mary E.]

Buck, Michael, Nov. 1, 1951-Dec. 13, 1951, "Infant son of J. B. & Virginia"
[Bucks: Bernard Michael Buck]

Buck, Minnie Hester, Mar. 31, 1886-Aug. 27, 1967
[Bucks: Dau. of William Wilson]

Buck, Myrtle, 1890-Jan. 14, 1919, Aged 29 Ys 11 Ms & 3 Ds, "Wife of W. J. Buck"

Buck, Pauline [see Tucker, Pauline Buck]

Buck, Reeder W., Oct. 3, 1907-May 4, 1979, "Father of Gene & Helen"

Buck, Rosie Lee, 1884-1958 [Bucks: Dau. of Martin Alexander]

Buck, Samuel Luther, May 14, 1887-June 3, 1969, military marker "Pvt U S Army World War I" [Bucks: Son of Isaac M. & Margaret C.]

Buck, Sarah M. [see note on Neisler, Sarah M.]

Buck, Susan, Apr. 20, 1793-July 16, 1875, "Wife of G. H. Buck"
[Bucks: Martha Susanna Neisler Buck, Wife of George Henry Buck]

Buck, Vergie Frances, 1889-1965
[Bucks: Dau. of Webster & Mary E.)

Buck, Virginia, Dec. 16, 1925-____
Buck, Bernard (J. B.), Jan. 28, 1926-June 6, 1980, footstone with "Two daughters and one son"

Buck, W. C., Aug. 11, 1920-Feb. 2, 1922, "Son of W. J. and Ada Buck"

Buck, Wayne, Aug. 27, 1964-June 6, 2003, "Dau. Shelby Lynn"

Buck, William R., Apr. 3, 1876-Apr. 9, 1876, "Son of M. A. & M. E. Buck"
[Bucks: Son of Martin Alexander & Mary E. Craven]

Buck, William Wilson, Apr. 23, 1857-July 20, 1928
[Bucks: Son of James Milton Sr.]
Buck, Samantha E., June 6, 1865-Sept. 29, 1922 [Eastern Star symbol]
[Bucks: Samantha Ellen Read Buck, Wife of William Wilson]

William Wilson Buck

Samantha E. Buck


Buck, Willie H., Feb. 19, 1870-Oct. 20, 1887, "Son of M. E. & J. L. Buck"

Buck, Zelma Mae, 1915-2001
[Bucks: Wife of Ramon Coy, Dau. of Lenard Powers]
Buck, Ramon Coy, 1911-1953
[Bucks: Son of Walter J. & Myrtle]

Byrd, C. M., Mar. 11, 1824-Jan. 25, 1886, "Wife of J. T. Byrd"
[Bucks: Carline Mary Connally Byrd]

Byrd, J. T., June 9, 1825-Oct. 7, 1883
[Bucks: James T. Byrd]

Christopher, Dovie L. [see note on Buck, Dovie L.]

Connaly, Carline Mary [see Byrd, C. M.

Daughtery, C. E., July 5, 1875-Sept. 7, 1986, "Dau. of J. N. & C. C. Daughtery"

Daughtery, Infant, no dates, "Infant dau. of J. N. & C. C. Daughtery"

Daughtry, Mandy, June 23, 1808-May 9, 1871 (broken, fallen, eroded)

Deer, Lenar L., Feb. 6, 1873-Nov. 5, 1873, "Son of E. B. & S. E. Deer" (fallen)

Deere, Evelyn [see Buck, Evelyn Deere]

Dickson, Daisy Buck, 1883-1957
[Bucks: Dau. of George Henry & Louisa Catherine Buck, Wife of Samuel A.]
Dickson, Samuel A., 1881-1962

Dickson, Lavonia Helms, June 24, 1918-____
Dickson, Huley A., Dec. 22, 1914-Apr. 21, 1978, "Married May 2, 1936" "Our son Michael L." "Grandparents of Michelle and Myre"; "Abe and Tobe" footstone

Fanning, Martha, Nov. 4, 1866-Oct. 30, 1929
[Bucks: Dau. of John Wesley & Sarah Buck Neisler]
Fanning, J. W., Sept. 10, 1864-June 7, 1947
[Bucks: J. Wesley Fanning]

Ferguson, D. G., Mar. 12, 1792-Oct. 28, 1856

Ferguson, Nancy, Sept. 5, 1798-Dec. 15, 1852

Ferguson, William D., Mar. 20, 1828-Sept. 12, 1845, "Son of D. G. & Nancy Ferguson"
[Bucks: William Dougold Ferguson, Son of Dougold G. & Nancy]

Finch, Iona Buck, 1917-1988, "Mother" "Love Oneda"

Gurley, Infant, Apr. 6, 1911-Apr. 11, 1911, "Inf. Dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Gurley" [replacement]

Gurley, Infant, 1941, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Gurley" [replacement]

Gurley, Malissa, 1879-1935, "Mother" footstone
[Bucks: Dau. of Henry & Matilda Zimmerle]
Gurley, Vince C., 1882-1961, "Father" footstone
[Bucks: Son of John & Nancy]

Gurley, T. W., Mar. 2, 1811-Aug. 11, 1981 [Masonic symbol]

Gurley, W. H., Nov. 4, 1869-Apr. 9, 1948

Hart, Herman H., d. Jan. 30, 1900, Aged 6 Ms 12 Ds, "Son of F. M. & M. E. Hart" (marker loose on its base)

Hart, Mattie E., d. Aug. 7, 1900, Aged 34 Y's 8 M's 29 D's, "Wife of F. M. Hart"
[Bucks: Wife of Feek M., Dau. of J. C. & Emmaline Martin]

Hayes, Hattie [see note on Buck, Hattie H.]

Hayes, Millie, 1880-1954
[Bucks: Dau. of John Wesley & Sarah Buck Neisler]
Hayes, Florence L., 1879-1957, "Father" footstone

Hays, Vera Belle, 1915-1935
[Bucks: Dau. of Florence L. & Millie]

Hegland, Alma Marie, Mar. 8, 1923-Dec. 15, 1966, "Wife of Willie Hegland" "Married June 16, 1953" [only name on double marker]
[Bucks: Dau. of Walter J. & Ada Buck]

Helms, Edner Elender, Jan. 12, 1903-July 29, 1903, "Dau. of G. T. & E. L. Helms"

Helms, J. C., Mar. 20, 1872-Aug. 24, 1913 (marker off its base)

Helms, Infant, Oct. 21, 1897-Oct. 21, 1897, "Infant Son of C. T. & E. L. Helms

Helms, Infant, Sept. 4, 1899-Sept. 5, 1899, "Infant Son of J. D. & N. F. Helms" (broken)

Helms, Infant, born & died May 16, 1901 (fallen)

Horton, Laura E. [see Buck, Laura E. Horton]

Helma, Lavonia [see Dickson, Lavonia Helms]

Horton, Louis D., July 11, 1838-Feb. 14, 1907, "Husband of M. E. Horton"
[Bucks: Louis Dupree Horton, Son of Wiley & Penny Peoples, Civil War]

Horton, Margaret E., Feb. 6, 1848-Jan. 27, 1917, "Wife of L. D. Horton"
[Bucks: Margaret E. Stubblefield Horton, Dau. of T. M. & Sarah Lipscomb Stubblefield]

Jones, M. W., Jan. 16, 1839-July 23, 1905, "Wife of C. V. Jones"
[Bucks: Melvina Jones, Wife of Vincent, Mother of Mollie Ann McClanahan]

Jones, Martha [see Middleton, Martha Jones]

Martin, J. B., Nov. 1, 1825-Apr. 29, 1889, "Erected by his son E. C. Martin"

Martin, J. C., Aug. 7, 1846-____ [Masonic symbol]
[Bucks: John C. Martin]
Martin, Emmaline, Apr. 16, 1844-July 12, 1922

Martin, Mattie [see note on Hart, Mattie]

Martin, Maud, d. Jan. 31, 1900, Aged 9 Ys 4 Ms 5 Ds, "Adopted Dau. of J. C. & E. E. Martin"

Martin, Willie C., d. Sept. 17, 1896, Aged 2 ys 1 mo 13 ds
Martin, Brady, d. Jan. 8, 1901, Aged 2 ys, "Daughters of Frank & Julia Martin" (fallen)

Martin, Winnie, Jan. 6, 1826-Dec. 19, 1906, "Wife of J. B. Martin" "Mother"

May, Dora L. [see Middleton, Dora L. May]

McClanahan, Amanda [see note on Snider, Amanda]

McClanahan, C. C., June 6, 1863-Sept. 3, 1926
[Bucks: Christopher Columbus McClannahan]

McClanahan, Claudie A., b. June 25, 1897, Age 3 yrs 23 ds, "Dau. of W. F. & M. A. McClanahan"
[Bucks: Dau. of William Frank & Mollie Ann, Sister of Otie Smith, June 25, 1897-July 18, 1900]

McClanahan, Elsie A, d. Aug. 14, 1893, Aged 64 Ys. 8 Mo. 27 ds., "Wife of W. A. McClanahan"
[Bucks: Wife of William Azberry]

McClanahan, Infant, no dates, "Stillborn" "Infant Son of C. C. & M. A. McClannahan
[Bucks: Infant son of Christopher Columbus and Mousura Ann]

McClanahan, Mary (Molly) Ann, Jan. 7, 1874-Oct. 28, 1902, "Children Clyde-Otie" [replacement recorded in 2003]
McClanahan, M. A., Jan. 7, 1874-Oct. 28, 1902, "Wife of W. F. McClanahan" [as recorded in 1988]
[Bucks: Mollie Ann McClanahan, Wife of William Frank]

McClanahan, Mousura Ann, Jan. 5, 1874-Feb. 11, 1899, "Wife of C. C. McClannahan"

McClanahan, W. A., Nov.. 24, 1822-Feb. 15, 1884 (broken)
[Bucks: William Azberry McClanahan"

McClanahan, W. F., June 22, 1857-May 28, 1928 (disintegrating concrete marker)
[Bucks: William Frank McClanahan, Son of William Azberry]

McClanahan, Willie, d. Jan. 31, 1899, Age 3 Mo. 5 Ds., "Son of C. C. & M. A. McClanahan"

McCollum, Ernie B., 1911-1916 [shares double marker with Maggie Buck]

McPeake, R. J. (Jack), 1878-1948, "Father" footstone
[Bucks: Husband of Mintie R. Zimmerle]
Mcpeake, Mintie R., 1872-1922, "Mother" footstone, "Married 1897"
[Bucks: Dau. of Henry & Matilda Zimmerle]

Meaders, L. E., Oct. 24, 1837-Aug. 30, 1878, "Wife of Moses Meaders"

Meaders, Moses, d. Aug. 1878, Aged About 45 yr's [Masonic symbol]

Middleton, Charles, Dec. 27, 1948-Dec. 27, 1948
[Bucks: Charles Glyn Middleton]

Middleton, Dora L. May, Feb. 16, 1901-June 25, 1906

Middleton, Ernest Ray, Aug. 27, 1917-Oct. 31, 1993, "Father" footstone; also temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, "Ernest Speedy Middleton"

Middleton, Francis, 1910-1928 [replacement]

Middleton, George H., Aug. 12, 1908-Jan. 17, 1973

Middleton, Gussie, Oct. 17, 1914-June 11, 1947, "Mother" footstone [adjacent to marker for Ernest Ray Middleton]

Middleton, Infant, stillborn 1884, "Infant Dau. of W. F. & M. L. Middleton"

Middleton, Infant, born & died May 4, 1887, Infant son of H. H. & D. A. Middleton

Middleton, Kimberly Ann [see Parrish, Kimberly Ann]

Middleton, Lon, 1890-1962
Middleton, Bertha, 1890-1972

Middleton, Luena, Dec. 10, 1917-Mar. 22, 1912, "Dau. of J. H. & S. F. Middleton"

Middleton, Martha Jones, Oct. 28, 1865-June 9, 1964 [adjacent to marker for William Franklin Middleton]

Middleton, Tony, Apr. 11, 1955-Mar. 16, 1966

Middleton, Troy Ethram, Nov. 6, 1915-May 5, 1985
Middleton, Josie Mae, no dates

Middleton, William Franklin, Apr. 17, 1865-June 19, 1938 [replacement]

Middleton, William P., Dec. 27, 1895-Jan. 22, 1898, "Son of W. F. & M. L. Middleton"

Moore, Mabel [see Buck, Mabel Moore]

Morgan, Elizabeth M., Mar. 3, 1833-Jan. 29, 1853, "Dau. of Thomas & Virginia Morgan"

Neisler, G. Wilse, Sept. 6, 1877-June 1, 1933
[Bucks: Wisle G. Neisler, Son of John Wesley & Sarah Buck]

Neisler, Infant, born & died Oct. 25, 1915, "Infant son of J. F. & E. M. Neisler"
[Bucks: Infant Son of J. Frank & Euie M. Blankenship]

Neisler, John W., Feb. 10, 1841-Feb. 3, 1920
[Bucks: John Wesley Neisler]
Neisler, Sarah M., Dec. 13, 1847-Feb. 6, 1920, "His Wife"
[Bucks: Sarah Mildred Neisler, Dau. of James Milton Sr. & Mildred Harper Read Buck]

Neisler, Martha [see note on Fanning, Martha]

Neisler, Millie [see note on Hayes, Millie]

Osburn, George, May 23, 1766-Oct. 18, 1859

Parrish, Kimberly Ann, May 8, 1970-Oct. 31, 1998, "Daughter of William and Addie Middleton" "Her children Dustin and Starlyn"

Perry, Rachel, Oct. 30, 1933, "Baby" footstone [replacement]

Potts, Bettie, 1889-1936 [replacement]

Powers, Zelma Mae [see note on Buck, Zelma Mae]

Presley, Armenda [see Bailey, Armenda Presley]

Pruitt, Elrey, Jan. 5, 1897-May 29, 1897, "Son of L. P. & M. Pruitt
[Bucks: Elbert Pruitt]

Read, Samantha E. [see note for Buck, Samantha E.]

Read, ______ [not found in 1998, probably unmarked; Bucks: Grand Ma Read, Wife of John H., Mother of Mildred H. Buck]

Reed, George W., Oct. 22, 1855-Dec. 5, 1855, Son of J. M. & L. E. Reed"
[Bucks: Son of I. M. & L. E.]

Reed, Isaac M., 1829-____, "Son of John H." "Husband of Lucinda Ferguson"
[not found in 1988 or 2003; reported by Bucks]

Reed, Lucinda E., July 28, 1832-Oct. 25, 1858, "Consort of Isaac N. Reed" "Daughter of D. G. & N. Ferguson" (broken through birth date; birth date from Bucks]

Shepherd, Mary E., June 21, 1858-June 30, 1858, "Dau. of W. T. & E. Sheppard"

Shepherd, Isaac T., July 4, 1859-Sept. 9, 1861, "Son of Wm. T. & E. Sheppard"

Singleton, Cora May, May 25, 1896-Oct. 2, 1921 [her grave is one of three within a concrete border]

Smith, B. L., June 20, 1850-Mar. 28, 1887, "Dau. of W. R. & N. A. Smith"
[Bucks: Dau. of William R. & Nelly A.]

Smith, C. E., Aug. 2, 1846-May 14, 1872, "Dau. of W. R. & N. A. Smith
[Bucks: Dau. of William R. & Nelly A.]

Smith, M. F. Z., Sept. 7, 1856-Dec. 14, 1857, "Dau. of W. R. & N. A. Smith"

Smith, M. K., Mar. 26, 1841-Feb. 13, 1869, "Dau. of W. R. & N. A. Smith"

Smith, N. A., June 13, 1821-May 13, 1893, Wife of W. R. Smith"
[Bucks: Nelly A. Smith, Wife of William R.]

Smith, N. D., Apr. 30, 1845-Feb. 22, 1889, Dau. of W. R. & N. A. Smith" (broken)
[Bucks: Nancy D. Smith, Dau. of William R. & Nelly A.]

Smith, N. R., Oct. 21, 1854-May 19, 1862, Son of W. R. & N. A. Smith"

Smith, Nelly A., born & died July 19, 1853, "Dau. of William R. & Nelly A. Smith"

Smith, T. L., Mar. 12, 1843-Sept. 4, 1886, "Son of W. R. & N. A. Smith" (broken)
[Bucks: T. Levi Smith, Son of William R. & Nelly A.]

Smith, W. R., Feb. 9, 1813-Jan. 25, 1862
[Bucks: William R. Smith]

Smith, W. T., Apr. 12, 1860-Aug. 28, 1860, "Son of W. R. & N. A. Smith"

Snider, Amanda, Dec. 12, 1860-Apr. 23, 1887, "Wife of L. F. Snider"
[Bucks: Dau. of W. A. McClanahan, Wife of L. Frank]

Stubblefield, Margaret E. [see note on Horton, Margaret E.]

Stubblefield, Martha, June 5, 1817-Nov. 17, 1896, "Wife of _. R. Stubblefield" (broken)
[Bucks: Wife of B. R.]

Stubblefield, T. M., Jan. 22, 1813-Sept. 10, 1898
[Bucks: T. Major Stubblefield]

Stubblefield, Sarah, July 12, 1812-Feb. 10, 1899, "Wife of T. M. Stubblefield"
[Bucks: Sarah Lipscomb Stubblefield, Wife of T. Major]

Thomas, Anny [see Buck, Anny]

Thomas, Louisa Ann, Sept. 2, 1857-Mar. 20, 1859, "Dau. of J. & L. J. Thomas"

Thomas, Orlena, Jan. 23, 1866-Mar. 4, 1866, "Dau. of J. & L. J. Thomas"

Thomas, Sallie Lealar, Aug. 8, 1867-Sept. 12, 1868, "Dau. of J. &. L. J. Thomas" (eroded)

Tucker, Alton, Apr. 15, 1927-July 1, 1928
[Bucks: Lenard Alton Tucker, Son of Elmer A. & Jewel Pauline Buck]

Tucker, Elmer A., Aug. 27, 1907-Dec. 22, 1974, military marker "Pvt US Army"
[Bucks: Son of Jess & Ollie]

Tucker, Pauline Buck, Jan. 28, 1908-Feb. 1, 1976 [adjacent to military marker for Elmer A. Tucker]
[Bucks: Jewel Pauline Buck, Dau. of Joseph Milton & Laura Etta Horton Buck, Wife of Elmer A.]7

Vaughn, Jimmima, d. 1873, Aged about 90 years (eroded)

Wallace, Infant, 1931, "Infant of J. R. & Ressie Wallace"

Wallace, Infant, 1932, "Infant of J. R. & Ressie Wallace"

Wallace, Infant, 1940, "Infant of J. R. & Ressie Wallace"

Wallace, Ressie, Mar. 14, 1906-June 4, 1982
Wallace, Jake R., Nov. 30, 1900-Aug. 3, 1984 "Children Roy Helen Three Infants"

Wright, Bettie, 1869-1940

Zimmerle, Henry, Jan. 22, 1832-Mar. 28, 1910, "Husband of M. C. Zimmerle" [Masonic symbol]

Zimmerle, M. C., Oct. 21, 1836-June 4, 1920, "Wife of Henry Zimmerle
[Bucks: Matilda Caroline Zimmerle]

Zimmerle, Minite R. [see note on McPeake, Mintie R.]

Zimmerle, ______,1863-____, 1865 (too eroded to read) [3 yards east of double marker for Mary E. and J. L. Buck]


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