Marlin Cemetery is a small, well-maintained cemetery off Expressway Church Road. David Donahue recorded this cemetery March 4, 2004 based upon the 1976 record of the cemetery. This web page with 2004 information has been created by modifying Joy Beth Bartholomew Campbell's record of the cemetery. She recorded Marlin Cemetery July 19, 1994 and updated it April 17, 1998. This record is referred to as Campbell in notes below. Betsy Patterson, Derrick Lewis, Sammie Lewis recorded Marlin Cemetery in 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, Tennessee, 1976), Vol. I, p. 18.


Capps, William Leon (unidentified burial, d. Jan. 2004)

Catron, Justin Taylor, Sept. 7, 1991-Sept. 8, 1991

Catron, Thomas Joe, Sr., 1944-1997 [not found in 2004; reported by Campbell]

Cole, Lue Marlin, 1867-1937
Cole, J. Harve, 1857-1914

Fronabarger, Gertrude, Mar. 20, 1895-Sept. 30, 1898 [replacement]

Fronabarger, N. K. (Kize), 1865-1957, "Wife of J. C. Fronabarger"

Fryer, Ida Lee, Feb 4, 1868-Nov. 24, 1908 [Woodmen Circle symbol]

Marlin, Epsie M., 1818-1911 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Jack Marlin]

Marlin, Epsie, 1818-1911
Marlin, Jack, 1817-1910 [replacement; marker is concrete designed to simulate granite and is very difficult to read]

Marlin, Essie [see Rush, Essie Marlin]

Marlin, Frances, Apr. 25, 1929-____
Marlin, John P., Aug. 21, 1924-Jan. 31, 1994, military marker as footstone "John Priestly Marlin" "Pvt US Army World War II"; "Married Jan. 2, 1943" "Our children: Bill, Johnny, and Jane"

Marlin, Jack, 1817-1910 [replacement]

Marlin, John B., 1859-1938, "Father"

Marlin, Lue [see Cole, Lue Marlin]

Marlin, Maggie, 1893-1970
Marlin, George, 1894-1974, "Married Sept. 10, 1911" "Their children Willie and John P."

Marlin, Margaret A., 1868-1961, "Mother" footstone; also temporary marker, d. Aug. 3, 1961, Aged 92 Years 9 Months 27 Days"

Marlin, W. A. (Billie), 1863-1928, "Father' footstone

Milam, Fredona M., Mar. 6, 1826-May 22, 1848, "Dau. of J. & L. R. Milam"

Milam, James, Apr. 15, 1790-Nov. 10, 1847

Moss, Thos. N., May 8, 1836-Mar. 3, 1879 (broken)

Pearson, Effie L., 1882-1911 [replacement]

Pearson, Ela B., 1877-1958

Pearson, Eveline, 1850-1929
Pearson, Peter, 1842-1901 [replacement]

Pearson, Infant, June 24, 1886, "Infant daughter" [replacement]

Pearson, J. Frank, 1871-1927 [replacement]

Pearson, J. Shade, 1874-1876 [replacement]

Pearson, W. T., Aug. 24, 1867-Oct. 14, 1933

Rush, Essie Marlin, July 19, 1896-Dec. 2, 1982 [Campbell noted "Mother"]
Rush, Dorothy L., Jan. 30, 1916-July 31, 1991 [Campbell noted "Daughter"]

Rush, Maud, 1881-1966, "Wife" footstone
Rush, Newt, 1877-1941, "Husband" footstone

Taylor,, Mack, 1908-1990, military marker as footstone "Emmett Malcolm (Mack) Taylor" "Pvt US Army World War II"
Taylor, Willie, 1918-____ [buried, probably late 2003]

Watson, Infant, born & died Oct. 1859, "Infant son of J. C. & M. C. Watson"

Watson, Sissie, Jan. 3, 1863-Aug. 16, 1865, "Dau. of J. C. & M. C. Watson"



______, Oct. 20, 1834-Oct. 20, 1836 (eroded) [name unreadable, dates best guess]

______ d. Oct. 23, 1896 [reported by Campbell, probably her attempt to read marker above]


More Graves

            Beyond the south fence of Marlin Cemetery are six burials. All are infant-size or smaller, are oriented north-south, and have temporary marker plates. From west to east, these burials are:

Sidney Diane
Dreidra Noel
Whitney D.
Peabody A.
Alfred Henry

This seems to be a pet cemetery.


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