Manley Cemetery, January 1999


             This late nineteen century family cemetery is located on Manley Road just west of its intersection with Feathers Lane. The most interesting feature is the surviving grave house over the grave of Alice Manley. Grave houses were once seen frequently in Henderson County but very few remain. The cemetery may have been vandalized at some point in the past and its markers knocked down. Whoever reset the markers did not match the markers and footstones. There is one infant-size grave marked with fieldstones. Otherwise there are no readily apparent signs of unmarked graves. The cemetery was recorded and photographed January 17, 1999.


Manley, Alice, 1866-1935, "Mrs." [grave house on this grave]

Manley, Sutton Jackson, Jan. 31, 1861-Jan. 7, 1937

Manly, Alonzo, Jan. 24, 1886-May 31, 1888, "Son of J. G. & M. D. Manley"

Manly, Emmerson E., Aug. 29, 1863-July 24, 1885, "Son of Sutton & M. M. Manly"

Manly, Johnie P., Nov. 26, 1870-Nov. 6, 1910, "Wife of S. J. Manly"

Manly, Joseph T., Apr. 13, 1883-July 24, 1885, "Son of J. G. & M. D. Manly"

Manly, M. M., Jan. 10, 1822-Apr. 14, 1888, "Wife of Sutton Manly" (broken)

Manly, Sutton, Apr. 7, 1821-Mar. 7, 1909, "Husband of Martha Manly"

Stallins, Nancy, d. June 1883, "Aged about 100 years" "Wife of Landric Stallins"


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