Little Hurrican Cemetery is located on the west side of Doyle Road a few hundred yards north of its intersection with Henderson Road (TN 201). The cemetery is maintained but is no longer in use. In addition to identified graves, two graves are marked with fieldstone pairs, three graves are marked with single fieldstones, 1 grave is marked with a concrete block, and 1 graves is marked with a temporary marker plate with no information. There are several additional unmarked graves.

            David Donahue recorded Little Hurricane Cemetery on April 12, 2004. Anita Webb, Betsy Patterson, and Blanch Buck recorded Little Hurricane Cemetery in 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, Tennessee, 1976), Vol. III, p. 631. This is referred to as Webb et al. in notes below.


Austin, Elizabeth, Jan. 1, 1834-Oct. 24, 1917, "Wife of J. C. Austin"

Austin, J. C., Jan. 1, 1833-June 16, 1910, "Husband of Elizabeth Austin"

Austin, Jennie Elizabeth, Mar. 6, 1859-Feb. 10, 1924

Brown, Ausy, Oct. 29, 1904-Sept. 14, 1904 [not a transcription error; these dates are on the marker]

Brown, G. B., d. Mar. 1, 1916, Aged 76 Yrs., "Husband of L. A. Brown" [Webb et al. listed him as Green B. Brown and noted "Civil War"]

Brown, L. A., Dec. 16, 1851-June 4, 1910, "Wife of G. B. Brown"

Brown, Opal, Feb. 10, 1913-Mar. 3, 1913

Daniel, Woodrow Wilson, IInfant of John & Lizzie Pierce Wilson [not found in 2004; listed by Webb et al as an "unmarked grave"]

Meadlen, Ala, Apr. 2, 1887-June 30, 1905, "Dau. of A. L. & M. J. Meadlen"

Medlin, Mollie, d. Sept. 14, 1968, Aged 81 Yrs., 8 Mos., 12 Das. [not found in 2004; reported by Webb et al., obviously read from a temporary marker

Ross, Addie, 1886-1920, "Mother" footstone [replacement]

Savage, Parthiena, May 22, 1863-Feb. 3, 1908, "Wife of J. P. Savage"

Stanfill, A. J., July 7, 1866-July 18, 1885, "Son of J. B. & L. S. Stanfill"

Stanfill, Boady L., July 3, 1880-Oct. 28, 1888, "Dau. of J. B. & L. S. Stanfill"

Stanfill, E., Dec. 24, 1900-Aug. 27, 1902, "Dau. of J. M. & M. E. Stanfill" (marker is loose on its base)

Stanfill, Guy, b. Jan. 28, 1913, "Son of Feek, Mary Stanfill" [probably an infant]

Stanfill, J. Feek, Aug. 12, 1887-Dec. 27, 1934 [replacement]

Stanfill, L. C., Oct. 5, 1843-Feb. 10, 1913, "Wife of J. B. Stanfill"
Stanfill, J. B., Jan. 11, 1842-Dec. 11, 1910, "Husband of L. C. Stanfill" [Masonic symbol], "Dear parents..."

Stanfill, Mary, Oct. 30, 1890-Jan. 31, 1913, "Wife of Feek Stanfill"

Wade, Guy Edward, Oct. 14, 1908-June 18, 1910, "Son of W. A. & E. L. Wade" (marker is loose on its base)

Wade, Infant, b. Oct. 6, 1898, "Infant Dau. of M. A. & E. L. Wade"

Winchester, Jessie L., May 13, 1901-Oct. 17, 1901, "Dau. of W. F. & O. M. Winchester"


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