Harman Cemetery lies on the west side of Natchez Trace Drive about 4 miles north of Lexington. In the mid 1970s the cemetery was cleaned up, markers were repaired and remounted, and a wooden sign with a history of the cemetery was erected at the entrance. However, no provisions were made to maintain the cemetery. In 2002 the sign had fallen and was blocking the cemetery gate and the undergrowth in the cemetery made access very difficult. There are a couple of dozen unmarked and fieldstone-marked graves. One unmarked grave in 2002 seemed to be a post-1976 burial.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery January 16, 2002 based on the earlier 1976 record. W. L. Barry recorded the cemetery circa 1976. His record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, Tennessee, 1976), Vol. II, pp. 213-214.


Andrews, Albert Adolphus, June 8, 1868-Aug. 19, 1871, "Son of Dr. C. G. & Sally Andrews"

Andrews, Albert B., Mar. 9, 1841-Oct. 17, 1862, Aged 21 Y'rs 9 Mo's 8 Da's, "Son of G. B. & S. Andrews" (broken and repaired) [birth month and day are best guess]

Andrews, Belzoni F., May 22, 1830-Mar. 28, 1887, :Son of G. B. & S. Andrews"

Andrews, Blunt M., Apr. 16, 1852-Aug. 8, 1870, "Son of G. B. & S. Andrews"

Andrews, C. G., Mar. 9, 1829-1878, "Dr." "Son of G. B. & Sallie Andrews" (broken and repaired) [death year is best guess]

Andrews, Doremus, Mar. 19, 1835-July 9, 1836, "Son of G. B. & S. Andrews"

Andrews, Gray Blount, Apr. 1, 1797-July 5, 1879 (broken and repaired)

Andrews, Lafayette, 1843-1843, "Son of G. B. & Sally Andrews" [not found in 2002; reported by W. L. Barry]

Andrews, Martha F. [see Taylor, Martha F.]

Andrews, Mary B. [see Taylor, Mary B.]

Andrews, Mary J., Apr. 28, 1850-Aug. 11, 1870, "Wife of G. P. Andrews"

Andrews, Sallie H., Jan 20, 1869-Aug. 6, 1870, "Dau. of G. P. & M. J. Andrerws"
Andrews, Richard B., May 12, 1870-Aug. 5, 1870, "Son of G. P. & M. J. Andrews" (broken and repaired)

Andrews, Sally, Nov. 11, 1810-Oct. 21, 1865, "Wife of G. B. Andrews"

Andrews, William W., Sept. 19, 1846-Aug. 19, 1869, "Son of G. B. & Sallie Andrews"

Baker, Anna, Mrs., Dec. 22, 1754-Nov. 27, 1834

Clark, Apphia A., Aug. 19, 1859-Oct. 10, 1859, "Daughter of W. H. & M. J. Clark"

Clark, Mary T., Feb. 19, 1819-Jan. 12, 1867, "Wife of W. H. Clark" (broken)

Clark, W. H., June 24, 1819-Oct. 24, 1874 (broken) [only bottom of marker with death date and W.H.C. footstone in place in 2002; name and birth date as reported by W. L. Barry]

Harman, A. W., Jan. 12, 1816-Oct. 18, 1880

Harman, Adeline A. [see Warren, A. A.]

Harman, Arabella M., Apr. 21, 1822-Feb. 22, 1885

Harman, Elizabeth, d. July 10, 1855, Aged 79 Y'rs 7 M's 9 D's, "Wife of John Harman"

Harman, John C., Aug. 22, 1855-Aug. 7, 1904

Harman, John, d. Oct. 3, 1851, Aged 71 Y. 2 M. 18 D. (homemade replacement in concrete of broken, eroded marble vault cover) [W. L. Barry noted "made original survey of Lexington"]

Pool, Catherine A., Aug. 18, 1812-July 2, 1874, "Wife of G. W. Pool"

Pool, George W., Oct. 4, 1802-Nov. 7, 1871 "My husband, Catherine A. Pool" [monument maker: D. C. Coleman, Nashville]

Taylor, Adam A., Mar. 4, 1861-Apr. 6, 1862, "Son of T. L. & M. B. Taylor"

Taylor, Albert A., Jan. 5, 1864-Nov. 3, 1865, "Son of T. L. & M. B. Taylor"

Taylor, Blunt A., Feb. 4, 1858-Nov. 21, 1865, "Son of T. L. & M. B. Taylor" (broken and repaired)

Taylor, George E., Aug. 24, 1865-Dec. 10, 1865, "Son of T. L. & M. B. Taylor"

Taylor, Infant, b. Sept. 27, 1868, Aged 1 Day, "Infant Dau. of Thos. L. & M. F. Taylor"

Taylor, Martha F., Dec. 17, 1848-Feb. 3, 1874, "Wife of T. L. Taylor and Dau. of G. B. & Sallie Andrews"

Taylor, Mary B., Jan. 28, 1839-Dec. 17, 1865, "Wife of T. L. Taylor and daughter of G. B. & Sallie Andrews"

Warren, A. A., June 10, 1820-May 24, 1889. "Wife of Dr. W. H. Warren"
[W. L. Barry gave her name as Adeline A. and noted that she was daughter of John Harman and the first white child born in Henderson Co.]

Warren, W. H., May 24, 1812-July 4, 1888, "Dr." "Husband of A. A. Warren"

West, E. H., Feb. 1, 1814-Nov. 5, 1874, "Wife of John West"

West, John, May 5, 1810-May 18, 1883 [Masonic symbol]

Woods, G. F., Apr. 28, 1837-July 25, 1907 (broken) [dates unreadable in 2002 and are those reported by W. L. Barry]

Woods, Grover, July 10, 1884-Sept. 10, 1884, "Son of G. F. & M. E. Woods"

Woods, M. E., Jan. 13, 1849-Aug. 24, 1898, "Wife of G. F. Woods"

Woods, Willie Gum, Sept. 1, 1870-Aug. 25, 1873, "Son of G. F. & M. E. Woods" (broken, mostly missing) [death date was in place in 2002; other information as reported by W. L. Barry]



________, d. Sept. 3, 1893 [4 feet south of marker for Grover Woods and 3 feet north of marker for M. E. Woods]


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