This is an old cemetery at the intersection of Lindsey Road and Cedar Hill Road. The cemetery is kept clear of undergrowth but maintenance is limited. David Donahue recorded this cemetery November 29, 1992. It was checked and updated December 2, 2001 and updated October 14, 2002. Two previous records of this cemetery exist. Mrs. Robert A. Lewis recorded the cemetery circa 1975. Her record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. III, p. 527. Margaret Alexander and Blanche Tuten recorded the cemetery on April 8, 1978. Although the cemetery is in Henderson County, their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 237-238. This is referred to as "UDC transcription" in the notes below. Alexander and Tuten estimated 20 unmarked graves.


Brewer, Ethel Lee, Aug. 20, 1897-Oct. 2, 1977, "Mother" footstone [adjacent to marker for Joe S. Brewer]

Brewer, James Josiah, 1873-1939 (homemade)

Brewer, Joe S., 1875-1939, "Father" footstone

Greenway, Rosie B., Apr. 5, 1884-June 15, 1926, "Wife of S. R. Greenway"

Gulledge, Baby, no dates (homemade)

Gulledge, Charley, no dates (homemade)

Gulledge, Eliza J., 1878-1961, "Mother" footstone

Gulledge, Evie, no dates (homemade)

Gulledge, Francis, no dates (homemade) [note: this marker and the homemade marker for Pauline Hays seem to be marking opposite ends of the same grave]

Gulledge, Louvena, no dates, "Mother" (homemade)

Gulledge, Lucy, d. 1929, "Mother" (homemade)

Gulledge, M. J., June 23, 1858-____, "Wife of W. H. Gulledge"
Gulledge, W. H., Mar. 31, 1854-Feb. 8, 1925, "Husband of M. J. Gulledge"

Gulledge, Martha Jane, 1857-1938 (homemade)

Hays, Hannah, d. Feb. 29, 1896-Nov. 2, 1901, "Dau. of W. W. & S. L. Hays"

Hays, Pauline, 1921-1938 (homemade) [center grave of five mounded graves]

Hays, Samuel, d. Apr. 15, 1901, "Aged 22 Ys. 2 Ms. & 6 Das." "Son of W. W. & M. Hays"

Hubbard, Virgie Lee, Mar. 15, 1891-May 15, 1961

Ivey, Jerry E., Dec. 19, 1948-Mar. 27, 2002, "in loving memory of out husband, father, and grandfather"; military marker as footstone "Jerry Earl Ivey" "Pvt US Army Vietnam"

Ivy, Arley, no dates

Ivy, Doc, no dates

Ivy, Joe Enus, Apr. 16, 1911-Aug. 8, 1937 [replacement]

Ivy, Joshaway, Oct. 22, 1905-May 14, 1959
Ivy, Billie Gene, Mar. 24, 1935-July 20, 1950
Ivy, Lula Mae, Jan. 22, 1912-Mar. 27, 1935 [replacement]

Ivy, Lucifer M., d. Dec. 1955 [not found in 1992 or 2001; from UDC transcription; noted to be a homemade marker]

Ivy, Robert Murphy, Mar. 19, 1838-Mar. 27, 1918 [replacement]

Ivy, Sallie, July 6, 1844-Mar. 5, 1908, "Wife of R. M. Ivy" (broken and repaired)

Ivy, Sara, no dates

Taylor, Leona, Sept. 18, 1878-____, "Mother"

Wood, Isaac M., May 10, 1872-Sept. 20, 1901
Wood, Sarah Catherine, Apr. 12, 1842-____, "Wife of M. Wood" "Mother"


Other People Known To Be Buried Here

William Washington Hays (Oct. 20, 1860-1922)
Ephraim F. (Eph) Hays (d. June 1929), son of William Washington Hays
Vertie (Box) Hays (b. ca. 1893), wife of Ephraim F. Hays


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