This is probably the oldest cemetery in the area. It is reached by a signed access road from Grice Road. The cemetery was cleared from an overgrown state in the early 1960s in preparation for an Austin family reunion in August 1964. However, in 1995 the cemetery seemed unmaintained. Concrete blocks mark 36 graves around the periphery of the cemetery. If the area in the center was full, the cemetery would contain over 100 unmarked graves. A large monument dedicated to the Charles Austin family has been erected in the center of the cemetery. A smaller monument marks the approximate burial location of the Archibald Jones family. A wooden sign erected in 1964 and partially unreadable in 1995 marks the entrance to the cemetery. David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 28, 1995.

            Alicia Adcox, Anita Webb, Alicia Adcox, Blanch Buck, and Terry Grice recorded this cemetery circa 1975. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis: R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. III, pp. 646. This work is referred to as White in the notes below. The reunion and work on the cemetery is discussed and illustrated in Gordon Turner's History of Scotts Hill, Tennessee.


Entry Sign

The old cemetery was named for Phoebe Ellen Woodward Austin
wife of Charles C. austin and one of the first adults buried in
this pioneer community April 10, 1854.....
This couple, married in 1815 near Charoltte, N.Car. had
emmigrated from Anson Co., N.C. with their first 5 children in 1825.
They were the first settlers, with relatives and neighbors who
followed, in this area, had a big part in starting Cedar Grove
.....Fellowship .....Scotts Hill ....communities.
They built their log home near a fine spring 2 mi. north
of here. 7 other children were born and raised to maturity
here. They married of the first settlers also from N.Car.
By 1850 the Austins had several grandchildren and by
everyone Phoebe Ellen was known and loved as "GRANNY AUSTIN".
This graveyard site was chosen by her husband, and has been
known by name since her burial.

Note: As this sign was too worn to read easily in 1995, the wording has been copied from Gordon Turner's History of Scotts Hill, Tennessee.


Charles Austin Family Monument, Side 1

Buried in this cemetery
Charles Austin 1796-1876
and Wife
Phoebe Ellen Woodward 1798-1854
Rachel, their daughter 1818-1878
and her husband
Archibald Jones 1818-1884
Pioneers from Anson County, N.C.
who settled 2 miles northeast of here about
See back side for Charles
Austin children buried elsewhere
Erected by descendants and friends 1963


Charles Austin Family Monument, Side 2

Children and in-laws of the Charles Austins
buried elsewhere
Hulda 1816-1881 Jacob Maness 1813-1887
Buried Fellowship Cemetery 2 mi. N. E.
Ephrain H. 1820-1888 Lucy Ann Beauchamp 1824-1954
M. E. Church Cemetery Scotts Hill
Mehalia 1822-1871 John Scott 1816-1871
Family moved to Dunklin Co. Mo. 1870 Bu. McGrew Cemetery
Dr. Pleasant W. 1824-1896 Mary Murphy 1830-1889
Bethel Cemetery 2 Mi. E. of Scotts Hill
Alfred 1826-1898 Margaret Frazier 1830-1888
Family moved to Dunklin Co. Mo. 1860's Bu. McGrew Cemetery
Abigail 1828-1879 Ervin C. Medlin 1832-1869
Bethel Cemetery
George 1830-1901 Catherine Muse 1831-1894
Family moved to Dunklin Co. Mo. 1850's Bu. McGrew Cemetery
James M. 1832-1913 Charity Duck 1835-1914
Bethel Cemetery
Francis M. 1834-1913 Ava Duck 1838-1904
Family moved to Ark. 1885 then 1890's to Texas
Polk Cem., Nathan, Ark. Ambia Cem., Lamar Co., TX
Benjamin F. 1838-1914 Lucinda Scott 1840-1890
Holmes Cemetery Scotts Hill
Cynthia E. 1840-1917 Jesse Holmes 1838-1928
Holmes Cemetery Scotts Hill


Archibald Jones Monument

Archibald Jones, 1818-1878
Rachel Austin, 1818-1884
Melinda O'Neal, 1835-____
Rated as state's top fiddler
Entertained many Civil War soldiers and
Tenn. River excursionists


Austin, N. J., Aug. 8, 1861-____, "Aged 20 Y's 5 Mo's 12 da's" "Dau. of J. C. & Elizabeth Austin (broken at death date)

Austin, Salina, Jan. 24, 1868-Aug. 7, 1888, "Dau. of E. & J. C. Austin"

Jones, Martha A., Aug. 12, 1853-Aug. 24, 1855, "Dau of B. B. & Eliza Jones" (eroded) [name unreadable in 1995; identified from White using dates]

Morgan, J. B., Jan. 7, 1842-Mar. 25, 1863, "Son of George & Nelly Morgan" [White notes "Civil War"]


Other People Known to be Buried Here

Austin, Morgan B., Apr. 8, 1803-Aug. 16, 1835, brother of Charles Austin

Jackson, Elizabeth, 1805-1831, first wife of Morgan B. Austin

Jones, Louisa, daughter of Archibald Jones and Rachel Austin and first wife of Elias J. Scott


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