This is a community cemetery serving the Scotts Hill area. The entrance drive is between Scotts Hill Church of Christ and a funeral home. It is marked with a sign on state highway 201 which reads:

Grandsire Holmes Cemetery
Dead or Alive

At some point in the past, someone (probably Gordon Turner), placed concrete cylinders at all the unmarked/unidentified graves. There are several dozen of these concrete cylinders. David Donahue recorded this cemetery May 1994 and checked and updated it December 2001.

            Three other records of this cemetery are available. The most interesting is a mimeographed booklet by Gordon H. Turner titled "The Grandsire Holmes Graveyard." Gordon H. Turner lived on the property adjacent to the cemetery, had several ancestors and many relatives buried there, and had an extensive interest in the people and history of Scotts Hill. His booklet contains a map of the cemetery showing the markers by row and number. A graves directory provides basic name and date information by row and marker number of the people buried in the cemetery. It is followed by a section of biographic and genealogical sketches of many of the people. If one of the people other people known to be buried here is your ancestor, the booklet may provide the grave's location. Turner's booklet served as a basis for the record of this cemetery which appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. III, pp. 641-645.

            Doris Scott recorded this cemetery in April 1976. Although Grandsire Holmes cemetery lies in Henderson County, her record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 229-233.

            There are major differences between these works. Doris Scott recorded the markers accurately. Turner did not record the markers per se. His knowledge of this cemetery was much more extensive. His list includes more name and date information than the markers themselves provide, such as maiden names for many of the women. In the lists below, an attempt is made to list both the information provided on the marker and the additional name and date information provided by Turner.


Anglin, Martha A., June 3, 1859-May 6, 1919, "Wife A. H. Anglin" [Turner: Martha Ann Holmes (Mrs. Henry) Anglin]

Austin, Charles W. 1858-1914 [Turner: Charles William Austin, May 8, 1858-Sept. 6, 1914]
Austin, Eliza A., 1860-1936 [Turner: Eliza Ann Duck (Mrs. Chas. William) Austin, Sept. 23, 1860-Mar. 1, 1936]
Austin, Alice Pearl, 1892-1895 [Turner: Nov. 3, 1892-Jan. 10, 1895]

Austin, Cynthia Ann [see Holmes, Cyntha]

Austin, Edgar Leon, June 30, 1926-Sept. 7, 1977, "Son of Jesse Benjamin Austin & Pearl Duck Austin"; also central marker with "Their children Michael Lee Austin-Jo Patrice Hardy" [adjacent to marker for Martha Boswell Austin]

Austin, Elias W., 1866-1953 [Turner: Elias Washington (Elias) Austin, Apr. 10, 1866-May 27, 1953]
Austin, Fronia E., 1873-1962 [Turner: Sophronia ("Aunt Frone") Scott (Mrs. Elias W.) Austin, Mar. 26, 1873-May 13, 1962]

Austin, Eugene, Mar. 5, 1893-Mar. 11, 1895, "Son of E. W. & Sophronia Austin"

Austin, Grace Jones, Jan. 5, 1915-Aug. 28, 1983, "Mom" footstone
Austin, Ira Harding, May 25, 1911-Jan. 7, 1994, "Dad" footstone

Austin, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. I. Austin"

Austin, J. Ialy, 1898-1966 [Turner: Feb. 24, 1898-Nov. 29, 1966]
Austin, Lucille Brasher, 1901-1953 [Turner: June 18, 1901-Aug. 26, 1953]

Austin, James M., Jan. 19, 1931-Apr. 15, 1967, military marker "Tennessee Pvt US Army Korea" [Turner notes him as Dr. and M.D.]

Austin, Jesse B., 1898-1974 [Turner: Jesse Benjamin Austin, May 23, 1898-Apr. 29, 1974]
Austin, Pearl D., 1897-1977

Austin, Josephine [see McPeake, Josephine Austin]

Austin, Julia, Mar. 15, 1863-Oct. 31, 1955 [Turner: Julia Holladay (Mrs. Wm. Alfred Austin]
Austin, W. A., Oct. 18, 1863-Mar. 13, 1934 [Turner: William Alfred ("Alf") Austin]

Austin, Lottie [see Crews, Lottie Austin]

Austin, Lucinda, Jan. 2, 1840-Sept. 19, 1990 [Turner: Lucinda Scott (Mrs. Benj. F.) Austin]
Austin, B. F., Aug. 13, 1838-Dec. 14, 1914 [Turner: Benjamin Franklin "Uncle Ben" Austin]

Austin, Lucy H., 1889-1970 [Turner: Lucy Clara (Mrs. John Clinton) Austin, Jan. 14, 1889-Mar. 31, 1970]
Austin, J. Clinton, 1882-1960 [Turner: John Clinton ("Clint") Austin, Nov. 6, 1882-July 26, 1960]

Austin, Maida [see Stuart, Maida Austin]

Austin, Margaret [see Maness, Margaret]

Austin, Martha Boswell, Jan. 1, 1925-____, "Daughter of Joe Boswell & Lorene Bolen Boswell"; also central marker with "Their children Michael Lee Austin-Jo Patrice Hardy" [adjacent to marker for Edgar Leon Austin]

Austin, Mary Frances [see Turner, Mary Frances]

Austin, Patrice [see Hardy, Patrice Austin]

Austin, Ruby L., 1936-____
Austin, Donald P., 1934-2000

Bagby, James L., May 6, 1839-June 7, 1922, military marker "Sgt. Co E 6 Tenn. Cav."
Bagby, Martha Rushing, May 10, 1842-June 15, 1917, "His wife" [information on Martha added to military marker for James Bagby]

Barnette, Marjorie [see Brasher, Marjorie Barnette]

Bortha, Charles Sr., May 24, 1920-Apr. 23, 1988, "Also H. Kneller-E. Snyder" [this marker may be for three graves]

Boswell, Martha [see Austin, Martha Boswell]

Brasher, Bonnie, Sept. 7, 1897-Feb. 17, 1916, "Son of J. M. & Cora Brasher"

Brasher, Infant, May 7, 1945, Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Brasher, Jr." [replacement]

Brasher, James M., 1872-1949, "Father" [Turner: Aug. 23, 1872-July 19, 1949]
Brasher, Cora Gammon, 1873-1941, "Mother" [Turner: Nov. 23, 1873-Mar. 10, 1941]

Brasher, James M., Jr., 1913-____
Brasher, Marjorie Barnette, 1911-1990

Brasher, Lucille [see Austin, Lucille Brasher]

Brasher, Mildred [see Patterson, Mildred Brasher]

Brigance, Mintie, Apr. 18, 1881-Sept. 25, 1900, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Turner" "Wife of L. L. Brigance" [Turner: Aramintie Turner (Mrs. L. L. Brigance]

Caudle, Catherine [see Scott, Catherine Caudle]

Crews, Frances Leon [see Miller, Frances Leon (Crews)]

Crews, Lottie Austin, July 27, 1901-Dec. 4, 1993, "Mother"
Crews, Lester H., Feb. 14, 1898-Apr. 10, 1986, "Daddy"

Dancy, Mabel Duck, Nov. 14, 1908-Feb. 4, 1999, "Teacher," also temporary marker, George A. Smith & Sons Funeral Home, "Mabel Ann Dancy"

Davenport, Amanda E. [see White, Amanda E.]

Davenport, Eliza A., July 22, 1839-June 27, 1893 [seems to be carved on a military marker from which the original name was removed; Turner: Eliza Ann Holmes (Mrs. Isaac N.) Davenport]

Davenport, Isaac N., no dates, military marker "Co. C. 7 Tenn. Cav."; newer military marker as footstone "Isaac Noah Davenport", Nov. 21, 1840-Sept. 16, 1922, "Pvt Co C Tenn Cav Civil War"

Davenport, Margaret [see Maness, Margaret]

Davenport, Mary Wilma, Mar. 4, 1914-Aug. 1, 1915, "Baby of H. P. & G. M. Davenport" [Turner: Henry P. and Glenna Blackburn Davenport]

Deen, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Deen" [Turner: Infant, 1890s, William G. and Cynthia Austin Deen]

Duck, Eliza Ann [see Austin, Eliza A.]

Duck, Ida H., Feb. 18, 1877-Mar. 6, 1953 [Turner: Ida Holmes (Mrs. John Henry) Duck"
Duck, John H., May 9, 1870-Dec. 14, 1954 [Turner: John Henry Duck]

Duck, Mabel [see Dancy, Mabel Duck]

Duck, W. Byron, Dec. 26, 1906-Sept. 24, 1978, military marker, "Pvt US Army World War II"

Duck, Zilpha [see Holmes, Zilpha]

Dyer, J. H., Oct. 8, 1856-Mar. 24, 1929, "Husband of M. J. Dyer" "PBA" [Turner: Joe Henry Dyer]

Dyer, Mary J., Aug. 28, 1865-Mar. 13, 1926, "Wife of J. H. Dyer" "Burial Association" [Turner: Mary Jane Holmes (Mrs. Joe Henry) Dyer]

Gammon, Cora [see Brasher, Cora Gammon]

Graham, John C., 1882-1961 [Turner: John Calvin Graham, June 13, 1882-Nov. 2, 1961]
Graham, Myra L., 1884-1954 [Turner: Myra Lee (Mrs. John C.) Graham, Aug. 26, 1884-__ 29, 1954]

Graham, Myra Fay, Nov. 9, 1912-____ [had flowers in December 2001]

Hardin, Sue Maness, 1912-1983

Hardy, Stephen Russell, May 30, 1954-Nov. 11, 1997
Hardy, Patrice Austin, July 25, 1955-____, "Loving parents of Chad Austin & Tracy Ann"

Helms, Alf, 1911-1913 [replacement]

Helms, Eliza A., 1857-1936 [Turner: Eliza Ann Josephine Austin (Mrs. Luther) Helms, Jan. 20, 1857-Apr. 14, 1936] [replacement]

Helms, Gene R., 1911-2001, unplaced "Daddy" footstone [Turner: Eugene Helms, Nov. 13, 1911-living Oct. 1974]
Helms, Ruth C., 1916-1971 [Turner: Apr. 1, 1916-Mar. 15, 1971]

Helms, John J., July 17, 1884-June 23, 1950

Helms, Johnnie [see Lunn, Johnnie Helms]

Helms, Luther, 1851-1890 [Turner: ca. 1851-Feb. 10, 1890] [replacement]

Helms, R. Taylor, 1886-1899 [Turner: Robert Taylor Helms, Aug. 10, 1886-Mar. 27, 1899 [replacement]

Helms, Riley M., 1875-1911 [Turner: Riley Meeks Helms, June 28, 1875-Mar. 29, 1911] [replacement]

Helms, Rose, 1877-1905 [replacement]

Holladay, Julia [see Austin, Julia]

Holland, Martha J. E. [see Scott, Martha J. E.]

Holmes, Cyntha, May 8, 1840-May 29, 1917, "Wife of Jessee Holmes" [Turner: Cynthia Ann Austin (Mrs. Jesse H.) Holmes]
Holmes, Jessee, Aug. 10, 1838-Nov. 25, 1928, "Husband of Cyntha Holmes" [Turner: Jesse H. Holmes]

Holmes, Edd, no dates, "Father" [Turner: Edward ("Edd") Holmes, 1877-ca. 1930]
Holmes, Jes A., Apr. 16, 1916, "Son" [replacement]

Holmes, Eliza Ann [see Davenport, Eliza A.]

Holmes, Elizabeth, Jan. 9, 1865-Aug. 3, 1867, "Dau. of Jesse & Cyntha Holmes" [Turner: Jan. 31, 1865-Apr. 3, 1867]

Holmes, Ida [see Duck, Ida H.]

Holmes, Infant, Feb. 7, 1879-Feb. 21, 1879, "Infant son of Jesse & Cynthia E. Holmes"

Holmes, Isanabelle, Mar. 27, 1828-Mar. 14, 1901, "Wife of J. H. Holmes" [Turner: Isanabelle Woodward (Mrs. J. Henry) Holmes]
Holmes, J. H., Mar. 4, 1831-July 9, 1906, "Husband of Isanabelle Holmes" [Turner: J. Henry Holmes]

Holmes, Martha Ann [see Austin, Martha A.]

Holmes, Mary Jane [see Dyer, Mary J.]

Holmes, Millie [see Scott, Millie Holmes]

Holmes, P. W., d. Dec. 17, 1915, "Age 48 Ys 7 Ms 25 Ds." "Son of Jesse and Cyntha Holmes" [Turner: Pleasant Woodward ("Wood") Holmes, May 22, 1867-Dec. 17, 1915]

Holmes, Ralph (Rafe), 1804-1887, "Large land holdings. Operated stagecoach inn 50 yds. south. Gave site for Grandsire Holmes Cemetery." [Turner: Oct. 7, 1804-Aug. 2, 1887]
Holmes, Sarah Ann Scott, 1804-1875 [Turner: Sarah Ann ("Sallie Ann") Scott (Mrs. Ralph) Holmes, Nov. 20, 1804-Oct. 10, 1875] [replacement]

Holmes, Warner, no dates, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, at "MDH" place holder marker 2 yards south of double marker for Isanabelle and J. H. Holmes [Turner: Warner Holmes, ca. 1920, Edward and Florence Dyer Holmes]

Holmes, William, Mar. 3, 1828-July 12, 1906, "Father" [Turner: William H. Holmes]
Holmes, Zilpha, Aug. 30, 1830-May 8, 1904, "Mother" [Turner: Zilpha Duck (Mrs. William H.) Holmes]

Jones, Annie B., Apr. 4, 1889-June 13, 1890, "Dau. of R. B. & Rebecca Jones"

Jones, Grace [see Austin, Grace Jones]

Jones, Infant, no dates, "Infant of Henry C. Jones" [replacement]

Jones, Lucendy B., 1849-1879, "Wife of Henry Jones" [replacement]

Jones, Martha Jane [see Scott, Martha J.]

Jones, R. B., Oct. 14, 1855-Jan. 14, 1891

Kelley, Minnie [see Maness, Minnie M.]

Kennedy, Ethelyn S., Apr. 5, 1918-Jan. 2, 1990 [Turner: Ethelyn Stewart (Mrs. Elco) Kennedy]
Kennedy, Charles Elco, Apr. 21, 1915-Oct. 20, 1972, "Father" footstone

Kennedy, Hattie, Dec. 10, 1899-Feb. 27, 1990, "Aunt" footstone

Kennedy, Ronald Keith, Sept. 1945-Oct. 1946, "Son of Elco & Ethelyn Kennedy" [replacement]

Kneller, H. no dates [see Bortha, Charles Sr.]

Kneller, John Henry, Sept. 18, 1909-July 14, 1987, loose temporary marker found in 1994

Lockhart, John P., Dec. 27, 1851-Feb. 12, 1912, "Husband of N. L. & S. C. Lockhart" (broken) [Turner: John Porterfield Lockhart]

Lunn, Johnnie Helms, Mar. 3, 1915-Jan. 27, 1997

Maness, Addie, July 8, 1874-Aug. 10, 1913 [Turner: Adeline ("Addie") Austin (Mrs. Perry) Maness]

Maness, Clara M., Feb. 22, 1917-____
Maness, John H., Apr. 4, 1897-May 5, 1984, military marker "Pvt US Army World War I"

Maness, Gretchen R., 1902-1988
Maness, A. Frank, 1903-____

Maness, J. F., Dec. 4, 1854-Sept. 26, 1891

Maness, Margaret, May 10, 1857-Jan. 23, 1928, "Wife of J. F. Maness" [Turner: Margaret Austin (Mrs. J. Frank) Maness (Mrs. I. N. Davenport)]

Maness, Minnie M., 1881-1972 [Turner: Minnie Robbins Kelley (Mrs. Ellis W.) Maness, Nov. 11, 1881-Mar. 20, 1972]
Maness, Ellis W., 1881-1952 [Turner: Ellis Woodward Maness, Oct. 14, 1881-Mar. 4, 1952]

Maness, Rosa, Sept. 29, 1879-Mar. 16, 1884, "Dau. of J. F. & M. A. Maness"

Maness, Sue [see Hardin, Sue Maness]

Martin, Albert E., 1908-1992, "Father" footstone
Martin, Myrtle T., 1909-1998, "Mother" footstone, "Married 1933"

McPeake, Josephine Austin, Nov. 4, 1913-____, "Mother"
McPeake, Robert Marse, Oct. 25, 1909-Mar. 31, 1989, "Father," military marker as footstone "AM3 US Navy World War II"
McPeake, Joe Austin, July 13, 1950-Sept. 5, 1975, "Son"

Miller, Eugene Wilson, Aug. 6, 1923-Oct. 4, 1993, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army World War II"
Miller, Frances Leon (Crews), Dec. 28, 1926-____, "Married Oct. 5, 1946" "Children Alan, Rande, Dwight, & Anna"

Miller, Wilson, 1923-1993, temporary marker, Boyd Funeral Home, 4 yards south of double marker for J. G. & Louise Scott"

Minton, Dee H., Apr. 18, 1929-June 4, 1974, military marker as footstone "TSgt US Air Force" [Turner: Dee Hickman Minton]

Minton, James Robert, 1925-1983, military marker as footstone, "PHM3 US Navy World War II"
Minton, Margaret R., 1926-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Minton, Loura H., 1905-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Minton, Joe D., 1895-1992, "Father" footstone, "Our children Robert, Betty, Dee, Margaret"

Mitchell, Mary Beth, Sept. 23, 1910-____
Mitchell, Troy, Aug. 16, 1908-Mar. 16, 1982

Patterson, Mildred Brasher, Sept. 11, 1909-Feb. 6, 2001

Rice, Ethelenda [see Tucker, Frances Ethelenda]

Robins, John Daniel, II, Feb. 18, 1968-May 27, 1970, "Son of Dale & Mary Robins"

Robins, Minnie [see Maness, Minnie M.]

Rushing, Martha [see Bagby, Martha Rushing]

Scott, C. H., Aug. 23, 1893-Sept. 29, 1947 [Turner: Currie H. Scott, unmarried child of Elias J. and Martha Ann Jones Scott]

Scott, Cora, May 25, 1878-Sept. 30, 1957, "Sister" footstone [Turner: unmarried child of Elias J. and Martha Ann Jones Scott]

Scott, E. J., Sept. 4, 1847-Nov. 9, 1931, "Father" footstone [Turner: Elias J. Scott]

Scott, Guy A., Jan. 16, 1913-July 18, 1988, military marker "PFC US Army World War II"

Scott, Ida, Jan. 25, 1886-____ [Turner: Jan. 25, 1886-Feb. 24, 1968, unmarried child of Elias J. and Martha Ann Jones Scott]

Scott, Infant, 1925, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. G. L. Scott" [Turner: child of Garley L. & Pearl Austin Scott]

Scott, J. B., Oct. 25, 1889-Feb. 11, 1947, "Brother" footstone [Turner: J. Benn Scott, unmarried child of Elias J. and Martha Ann Jones Scott]

Scott, J. G., Nov. 12, 1864-Mar. 30, 1931 [Turner: J. Gabriel ("Gabe") Scott]
Scott, Louise, "Age about 59, years" "His Wife" [Turner: Lou Weathers (Mrs. J. Gabe) Scott, ca. 1857-ca. 1916]

Scott, Lucinda [see Austin, Lucinda]

Scott, Martha J. E., Jan. 20, 1863-Dec. 30, 1918, "Wife of W. E. Scott" [Turner: Martha J. E. "Mattie" Holland (Mrs. Wylie Ephraim) Scott]

Scott, Martha J., Dec. 16, 1852-Aug. 13, 1931 [Turner: Martha Jane Jones (Mrs. Elias J.) Scott]

Scott, Micajah (Cager), 1787-1854, "First man buried here. Area's first merchant in town named for him." [Turner: Micajah ("McCager" or "Cager") Scott, 1787-ca. 1854] [replacement]

Scott, Sarah Ann [see Holmes, Sarah Ann Scott]

Scott, Sophronia [see Austin, Fronie E.]

Scott, Vera Alice [see Volner, Vera A. J.]

Scott, Wyley E., Feb. 18, 1850-Jan. 8, 1922 [Turner: Wyley Ephraim ("Uncle Coot") Scott]

Scott, Wylie, 1815-1896, "Long prominent citizen. He had 20 children. A 1935 survey revealed over 50% of town's citizens related to him." [Turner: Wiley Scott]
Scott, Millie Holmes, 1820-1856, "Wives"
Scott, Catherine Caudle, 1839-1906 [Turner: 1839-Mar. 1906] [replacement]

Snyder, Ernal, 1909-1987, temporary marker, Shackelford Funeral Dirs., 4 yards west-southwest of marker for Charles Bortha, Sr.

Stanfill, William C., Jan. 22, 1895-Jan. 18, 1980, "Father" footstone
Snyder, Mina A., July 13, 1896-Aug. 22, 1993, "Mother" footstone

Stewart, Ethelyn [see Kennedy, Ethelyn S.]

Stuart, Maida Austin, 1893-1936, "Wife of J. T." [Turner: Maida Austin (Mrs. Thomas) Stuart, July 3, 1893-June 21, 1936]

Tucker, Frances Ethelenda, May 13, 1848-June 22, 1908, "Wife of J. F. Tucker" [Turner: Frances Ethlenda (Mrs. John Frank) Tucker and Ethlenda Rice Tucker]

Turner, Gordon H., Sr., Nov. 22, 1898-Apr. 23, 1990
Turner, Allean W., June 23, 1901-June 22, 1980

Turner, Henry, 1879-1881, "Son of J. S. & M. A. Turner" [Turner: Henry Meeks Turner, Mar. 10, 1879-July 29, 1881]

Turner, J. S. "Samp," Dec. 3, 1857-Feb. 25, 1947 [Turner: Jonathan Sampson ("Samp" Turner]
Turner, Mary Frances, Aug. 13, 1859-July 13, 1942 [Turner: Mary Frances Austin (Mrs. J. S.) Turner]

Turner, Jon Wright, July 22, 1946, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Gordon H. Turner" [Turner: Child of Gordon H. Sr. & Allean Wright]

Turner, Maza [see Wylie, Maza T.]

Turner, Mintie [see Brigance, Mintie]

Turner, Willie, 1889-1892, "Son of J. S. & M. A. Turner" [Turner: Benjamin William Turner, Nov. 5, 1889-Aug. 15, 1893]

Volner, Vera A. J., 1896-1942, "Wife of W. H. Volner, Sr." [Turner: Vera Alice Scott, Mar. 21, 1896-Apr. 23, 1942, Wife of Henry Volner]

Weathers, Louise [see Scott, Louise]

Weaver, Cynthia Ann, May 18, 1957-May 3, 2001, "Cindy" "Mother John Mary Alice Melissa Rob"

White, Amanda E., d. Feb. 15, 1916, "Aged 54 Ys, 6 Ms & 5 Ds" "Wife of W. A. White" [Turner: Amanda Ellen Davenport (Mrs. William A.) White, Aug. 10, 1861-Feb. 15, 1916]

White, Audrey, Mar. 31, 1891-Mar. 12, 1901, "Dau. of W. A. & E. A. White"

White, George Lee, Dec. 8, 1898-Sept. 13, 1899, "Son of W. A. & A. E. White" [death date unreadable in 1994 and comes from Turner]

White, Lillie, Oct. 19, 1883-Oct. 29, 1883, "Dau. of W. A. & A. E. White"

White, W. A., 1856-1945 (broken) [Turner: William A. ("Uncle Billy") White, Sept. 1, 1856-Sept. 15, 1945]

Winston, Gertrude, May 3, 1878-Apr. 18, 1890 (fallen)

Woodward, Isanabelle [see Holmes, Isanabelle]

Wylie, Melba, Feb. 9, 1914-Feb. 28, 1914, "Infant dau. of Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Wylie"

Wylie, Robert L., Sept. 21, 1877-Aug. 29, 1958, "M.D." [Turner: Dr. Robert Lawson ("Bob") Wylie]
Wylie. Maza T., Nov. 20, 1886-Aug. 29, 1958 [Turner: Maza Turner (Mrs. Dr. R. L.) Wylie]


Additional People Buried Here According to Turner

Infant Anglin, 1880s, Henry and Martha Ann Holmes Anglin
Infant Anglin, 1920s, Wylie and Emma Latham Anglin
Phoebe Ellen (Mrs. William) Anglin
William ("Uncle Billy") Anglin
Wylie H. Anglin, Dec. 6, 1887-May 29, 1930
Infant Clenney, early 1900s, the Alvie Clenneys
Ada Mary Davenport, Jan. 17, 1881-Aug. 21, 1887, daughter of Isaac N. and Eliza Ann Holmes
Hepsy Ann Selena Davenport, Mar. 24, 1868-Sept. 2, 1876, daughter of Isaac N. and Eliza Ann Holmes
Rosa Biggs Davenport, Oct. 18, 1878-Jan. 12, 1879, daughter of Isaac N. and Eliza Ann Holmes
Charles Henry Clay ("Clay") Dixon, ca. 1842-ca. 1895
Infant Dixon, 1870s or 1880s, child of Clay and Winnie Holmes Dixon
Infant Dixon, 1870s or 1880s, child of Clay and Winnie Holmes Dixon
Francis ("France") Dixon, 1880s-1904
Winnie ("Aunt Winn") Holmes (Mrs. Clay) Dixon, 1842-Oct. 1926
Infant Duck, late 1890s, of John Harvey and Ida Holmes Duck
Albert Luther Helms, Feb. 3, 1911-Nov. 20, 1914, Riley and Martha McKenzie Helms
Child Holmes, 1900, child of Edward and Florence Dyer Holmes
Child Holmes, 1910, child of Edward and Florence Dyer Holmes
Infant Jones, 1870s, Henry and Lucindy Jones
Infant Jones, 1880s, R. B. and Rebecca Jones
Rosetta ("Rose") Helms (Mrs. Monroe) Lassiter, Aug. 10, 1877-Oct. 31, 1905
James Benjamin Lockhart ?
Sarah Caroline Edwards (Mrs. John Porterfield) Lockhart, ca. 1850s-?
Child Marion, the Lou Marions
Child Marion, the Lou Marions
Child Marion, the Lou Marions
Mrs. William ("Billy") Morgan, 1850s-late 1890s
James ("Jim") Presley, ca. 1830s-ca. 1869
Bertie ("Little Birtie") Scott, 1875-1888, son of Elias J. and Martha Jane Scott
Infant Scott, ca. 1925, Ola Scott's child
Infant Scott, Mar. 19, 1941, Collier Witt Sr. and Vada Kennedy Scott
Collier Witt Scott, Jr., Sept. 2, 1930-June 9, 1931
Eliza Jane Scott, ca. 1849 [sic.]-1890s, daughter of Elias J. and Martha Jane Scott
Wright Scott, 1860s-1896
Infant Stuart, ca. 1925, Thomas (Tom) and Maida Austin Stuart
Infant Tucker, 1870s, John Frank and Ethlenda Rice Tucker
Dona White, July 10, 1888-Mar. 30, 1892, child of the William A. Whites
John White, Mar. 20, 1893-Mar. 20, 1893, child of the William A. Whites


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