Fellowship Cemetery is located on Austin Chapel Road just north of its intersection with Scotts Hill-Sardis Road. The cemetery is still is use but may be nearly full. This is a very old cemetery which may date to the settlement of the area in the 1820, though a modern replacement marker notes Jonathan Duck to have been the first burial in 1855. At some point in the past someone replaced fieldstones and marked unmarked/unidentified graves with concrete blocks. This may have been done by the late Gordon Turner (1898-1990) in the 1960s. Seventy-eight of these blocks remain. This would be a minimum number for unidentified graves.

            This cemetery was recorded December 27, 1995 and updated December 16, 2001. Betty Patterson, Anita Webb, Alicia Adcox, and Blanch Buck recorded this cemetery circa 1975. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. III, pp. 661-663. This work is referred to as Patterson et al. in the notes below.


Allen, Faustine, Dec. 29, 1903-Feb. 9, 1904, "Dau. of G. W. & Fannie Allen"

Austin, Hulda [see Maness, Hulda Austin]

Austin, Lourena, Jan. 25, 1871-Sept. 20, 1872

Brasher, Thelma Kennedy, Oct. 21, 1919-Nov. 8, 1984, "Daughter of E. C. Kennedy and Alice Mae Brasher"

Chalk, Cledis R., Aug. 19, 1924-Jan. 23, 1977, military marker as footstone "Cledis Robert Chalk" "Tec 5 US Army World War II"

Chalk, Elle Josephine, Aug. 14, 1897-Nov. 26, 1949

Clenney, Evelyn Duck, Apr. 17, 1925-Oct. 29, 1999, "Mother" "Patricia Larry Debbie"

Dodd, Jack G, Jan. 30, 1914-____
Dodd, Lorene W., Dec. 21, 1916-____

Duck, Andrew, 1867-1942

Duck, Charles R., Dec. 3, 1833-May 12, 1907

Duck, Charles Reeford, Dec. 29, 1907-Mar. 2, 1932 [replacement]

Duck, Clara C., Feb. 25, 1900-Dec. 2, 1972
Duck, Frank B., Jan. 26, 1896-Mar. 9, 1980, "World War I," military marker as footstone, "Pvt US Army World War I"

Duck, D. S., 1873-1951
Duck, Lovanna, 1873-1958

Duck, E. H., 1875-1958
Duck, Rebecca, 1875-1950

Duck, Edna, Mar. 23, 1922-____
Duck, Raymond, Mar. 9, 1921-July 4, 1998, military marker as footstone "Raymond L. Duck" "PFC US Army World War II"

Duck, Elco, June 2, 1924-Oct. 17, 1981, "Father" "Patricia Larry Debbie," military marker as footstone "Elco Murrell Duck" "Tec 5 US Army World War II"

Duck, Evelyn [see Clenney, Evelyn Duck]

Duck, Flora A., 1886-1976
Duck, John B., 1879-1955

Duck, Fred J., Mar. 4, 1915-Nov. 4, 1955

Duck, Grace Oma, Dec. 25, 1903-July 7, 1906 [replacement]

Duck, Hattie [see Lockhart, Hattie]

Duck, Herbert T., Jan. 16, 1929-June 26, 1982
Duck, Louise, Aug. 3, 1930-____

Duck, Hermon I., Jan. 13, 1931-Feb. 2, 1937 [replacement]

Duck, Holice H., Oct. 13, 1899-July 25, 1983

Duck, Homer I., 1895-1978, military marker as footstone "Homer Inman Duck" "Pvt US Army World War II"; dates on military marker June 7, 1895-Jan. 31, 1978
Duck, Vesta J., 1898-1990, "Married Sept. 4, 1919" [from previous temporary marker: Vesta Ann James Duck]

Duck, J. B., Jr., Mar. 16, 1925-____
Duck, Louise, Aug. 3, 1930-____

Duck, James Clyde, Dec. 14, 1928-Feb. 25, 1995, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army Korea"

Duck, James J., 1922-1944, "PFC" [replacement], military marker as footstone "Tennessee PFC 308 Inf 90 Inf Div World War II"; dates on military marker May 7, 1922-Nov. 24, 1944

Duck, Joe Jonathan, 1854-1989

Duck, John C., Dec. 4, 1881-Jan. 2, 1882, "Son of W. R. & Adaline Duck"

Duck, Jonathan L., Mar. 8, 1872-Dec. 22, 1946, "Father" footstone
Duck, Mattie W., Jan. 19, 1873-Apr. 7, 1918, "Mother" footstone

Duck, Jonathan, 1788-1855
Duck, Basheby Woordward, 1793-1872, "Pioneers from N. Car. Settled near here. First man buried here." [replacement]

Duck, Larry B., Mar. 8, 1946-Oct. 5, 1980, "Father" "David Tonya Larry"

Duck, Lucy, 1900-1966
Duck, Farris, 1897-1978, military marker as footstone "Farris W. Duck" "US Army World War I"; dates on military marker June 22, 1897-Aug. 21, 1978

Duck, Nicie, 1868-1933 [replacement]

Duck, Nora Mae, Apr. 18, 1894-Dec. 28, 1964
Duck, Charlie A., Aug. 3, 1891-Dec. 12, 1975

Duck, Piety [see Turner, Piety Duck]

Duck, Robert Cecil, Feb. 16, 1921-Mar. 15, 1998
Duck, Laura Belle, Nov. 12, 1927-Feb. 21, 1999, "Married April 4, 1950"

Duck, Telie Almarine, Jan. 2, 1893-Feb. 19, 1893 [replacement]

Duck, Violet [see McPeake, Violet Duck]

Duck, Yancye, 1901-1965, military marker as footstone "Yancye C. Duck" "Tennessee Pvt US Marine Corps World War I"; dates on military marker Mar. 11, 1901-Apr. 7, 1965
Duck, Bertha M., 1901-1990

Dyer, Benjamin, Mar. 2, 1852-Jan. 21, 1917, "Father"

Dyer, Ellen, Aug. 9, 1857-July 9, 1925, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Benjamin Dyer]

Dyer, Hughey Ulysses, 1893-1962
Dyer, Lawrence Leander, 1887-1907

Dyer, Johnnie Elizabeth, Feb. 22, 1896-Oct. 6, 1897 (disintegrating) [replacement; probably daughter of Benjamin Dyer and Ellen Dyer, whose markers are adjacent]

Dyer, Twins, born & died June 7, 1890 [replacement; marker actually does not say Dyer; matches marker for Johnnie Elizabeth Dyer]

Fussell, Clary [see Hopper, Clary Fussell]

Fussell, Ida [see Maness, Ida]

Fussell, Josephine, Jan. 9, 1863-Dec. 17, 1904, "Wife of S. H. Fussell"

Fussell, S. H., June 13, 1860-Oct. 11, 1936

Fussell, Sam J., Apr. 21, 1886-Jan. 26, 1956

Hart, Alice, Sept. 18, 1869-Sept. 14, 1908

Hart, Minty, Jan. 19, 1890-Jan. 30, 1891, "Dau. of L. A. & A. Hart"

Helms, James Henry, Feb. 19, 1892-June 16, 1980

Hopper, Clary Fussell, Aug. 1, 1903-June 16, 1943

Hutchinson, Stanley F., Aug. 5, 1931-June 7, 1997, "Father"
Hutchinson, Jo Ann, May 12, 1933-____, "Mother" "Married Aug. 15, 1977"

James, Vesta [see Duck, Vesta J.]

Johnson, Eli E., Aug. 19, 1883-Aug. 9, 1938

Johnson, Infant, no dates

Johnson, Infant, no dates

Johnson, Infant, no dates

Johnson, Lealon, 1906-1947

Johnson, Liza, Feb. 11, 1884-Dec. 21, 1957 [adjacent to marker for Eli E. Johnson]

Johnson, Sammy, Feb. 11, 1914-Mar. 5, 1914 [probably son of Eli E. Johnson and Liza Johnson, whose markers are adjacent]

Jones, Charlie L., 1893-1961
Jones, Betty, 1896-1981

Jones, E. J., Dec. 18, 1833-June 5, 1884, "Wife of R. B. Jones"

Jones, Emma Jane, 1874-1959
Jones, B. F., 1871-1922, "Rev."

Jones, F. E., 1833-1884 [not found or not readable in 1995; from Patterson et al.]

Jones, Infant, no dates

Jones, Infant, no dates

Jones, Infant, no dates [These three infant markers seem to represent children of Emma Jane and B. F. Jones, who double marker is nearby. If so, the markers are replacements.]

Jones, James E., 1894-1964, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I"; dates on military marker Mar. 25, 1894-Apr. 25, 1964
Jones, Maggie M., 1906-____; also a temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, which seems to show a January 1977 death date

Jones, Louise P., Jan. 10, 1927-____
Jones, Fred M., May 29, 1917-Sept. 13, 1976, military marker as footstone "Tec4 US Army World War II"

Jones, Lucy A., Nov. 29, 1876-Jan. 27, 1923

Jones, Mandy, 1857-July 7, 1927, Wife of E. E. Jones"

Jones, Odle, 1909-1981
Jones, Bernice, 1910-1991

Jones, Thomas, 1892-1940
Jones, Eunice, 1896-1986, "Father and mother" footstone____

Jones, W. S., May 24, 1866-May 29, 1937

Kennedy, Thelma [see Brasher, Thelma Kennedy]

Lockhart, Hattie, 1912-1994, temporary marker as footstone, Pafford Funeral Home, Hattie Duck Lockhart
Lockhart, Oren, 1906-1983

Lockhart, Joyce, Nov. 20, 1934-July 14, 1999

Maness Jacob Little, 1813-1887
Maness, Hulda Austin, 1816-1879, "Pioneers from N. Car. Settled this area 1820's never moved." [replacement; "Maness" is assumed for Hulda Austin]

Maness, Allan Pleasant, Sept. 2, 1842-Mar. 29, 1918, "father"
Maness, Sarah Adaline, July 4, 1845-Mar. 29, 1918, "Mother"

Maness, Ben, Aug. 1875-Dec. 1910, "Father"

Maness, Bruce Leo, Feb. 7, 1914-July 19, 1978

Maness, E. C., 1873-1924 [replacement]

Maness, Edgar Little, June 6, 1887-Jan. 24, 1936, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 318 Field Arty 81 Div"

Maness, Ellen, 1862-1946, "Mother" footstone
Maness, Charles, 1852-1930, "Father" footstone, "Married Nov. 6, 1910"

Maness, Emily, 1876-1938 [replacement; adjacent to marker for E. C. Maness]

Maness, Ida, 1889-1974, "Mother"; also temporary marker, Casey Funeral Home, Ida Fussell Maness, d. May 6, 1974, Aged 85 Yrs. 2 Mos. 4 Days
Maness, Jim, 1881-1963; also temporary marker, Casey Funeral Home, d. Jan. 3, 1963, "Aged 80 Yrs 1 Mos. 28 Days"

Maness, Leo, no dates, "Aged 1 Yr." "Son of Ben & Sophia"

Maness, Lora Schultz, Feb. 10, 1918-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone
Maness, Paris, Sept. 19, 1918-Sept. 17, 2001

Maness, Nancy Marie, Aug. 18, 1954-Feb. 24, 1962, "Dau. of Paris & Lora Maness"

Maness, P. H., Dec. 3, 1879-Apr. 15, 1909, "Hus. of Addie Maness"

Maness, Sophia, June 1880-Feb. 1919, "Mother"

Maness, Stanley, 1892-1960, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt Co B 1 Development BN World War I"; dates on military marker Feb. 2, 1892-Apr. 29, 1960

Maness, Walter Elco, Aug. 29, 1916-June 14, 1917 (disintegrating)

Maness, Woodard, 1877-1951

McGee, Cecil M., 1917-1994, temporary marker, 5 yards east of double marker for Jack G. and Lorine W. Dodd

McPeake, Jeremy Lynn, Aug. 4, 1976-Aug. 5, 1975, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Dale McPeake"

McPeake, Violet Duck, Nov. 24, 1912-Jan. 29, 1949

O'Neal, Loura, 1913-1993, temporary marker as footstone, Pafford Funeral Home, "Loura M. O'Neal"
O'Neal, Traux, 1911-1968, military marker as footstone "Traux L. O'Neal" "Pvt 306 Tng Gp AAF World War II"; dates on military marker Nov. 18, 1911-Sept. 12, 1968

Perkins, A. B., Jan. 28, 1834-Nov. 28, 1907, "Mother of C. N. Perkins" (eroded) [this marker almost too eroded to read; dates and inscription are best guess]

Perkins, Charlie M., Oct. 12, 1892-May 23, 1915 "son of G. M. Perkins"

Reddin, Ethel J., no dates [adjacent to marker for James Elihue Reddin]

Reddin, James Elihue, 1893-1975, military marker "Pvt US Army World War I"

Schultz, Lora [see Maness, Lora Schultz]

Scott, Gabriel, 1819-1886
Turner, Piety Duck, 1815-1880s, "From N. Car. pioneer stock. Settled - lived and died near here." [replacement]

Segall, Harold I., 1919-____
Segall, Leona D., 1920-____ [she probably is a Duck]

Stanfill, Tinnie M., 1873-1939, "Our mother"

Thompson, Arthur Riley, Aug. 14, 1946-Aug. 16, 1946, "Infant son of M. B. & Mary Thompson" [replacement]

Tomlin, Jewel, Sept. 5, 1924-Apr. 25, 1975; also temporary marker "Jewel Inez Tomlin"

Turnbow, Alice, 1866-1914, "Wife of W. N. Turnbow"

Turner, Arbie B., Oct. 31, 1884-Apr. 23, 1909, "Dau. of B. G. & E. A. Turner"

Turner, B. G., Dec. 22, 1859-Mar. 9, 1927 (fallen)

Turner, Bash, 1869-1881 (homemade)

Turner, Eliza Ann, Aug. 28, 1858-Apr. 19, 1942, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for B. G. Turner]

Turner, M. W., 1832-1882 (homemade)

Turner, Martin, 1832-1882
Turner, Lurene Elizabeth Woodward, 1882-1914

Turner, Maudie E., Feb. 2, 2897-Aug. 4, 1907, "Dau. of B. G. & E. A. Turner"

Turner, Piety Duck, 1815-1880s [replacement; shares double marker with Gabriel Scott; see Scott]

Turner, Rena, 1832-1914 (homemade)

White, Callie, no dates, "Infant dau. of Charlie J. & Almerine White" [replacement]

White, Charlie J., 1864-1950
White, Almerine, 1863-1929, "Mother" footstone

White, Helen Ruth, born & died Sept. 1940, "Infant daughter of Floyd A. & Martha E. White" [replacement]

White, Infant, Apr. 24, 1915-Apr. 28, 1915, "Infant son of W. J.-Elvie White" [replacement]

White, Infant, born & died Aug. 1933, "Infant son of Floyd A. & Martha E. White" [replacement]

White, Martha E., Oct. 23, 1909-Apr. 11, 1992, "Married July 4, 1925"
White, Floyd E., July 20, 1901-Mar. 8, 1974, military marker as footstone, "HA1 US Navy" [Masonic emblem]

White, O. D., 1913-1996, military marker as footstone "Ola D. White" "1st Lt US Navy World War II"; dates on military marker Aug. 15, 1913-Apr. 27, 1996

White, Troy, no dates, "Infant son of Charlie J. & Almerine White" [replacement]

White, W. G., no dates, military marker, "US Navy" (eroded) [unreadable in 2001; 10 feet south of marker for Charles M. Perkins]

White, William Jasper, Jr., May 18, 1924-____, "Bill White" footstone
White, Mary Louise, Apr. 2, 1925-Aug. 24, 1995, "Our father and mother"

White, Wm. J., 1892-1963, "Daddy" footstone
White, Elvie J., 1895-1982

Woodward, Basheby [see Duck, Basheby Woodward]

Woodward, Lurene Elizabeth [see Turner, Lurene Elizabeth Woodward]


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