Edge Cemetery is a small family cemetery located on Center Point Road southwest of Reagan. It is on land originally owned by the Edge family. Lester Rushing and his family took care of the elderly Edges and were left the property. The cemetery now serves the family of Lester Rushing. David Donahue recorded this cemetery January 19, 1992 and checked and updated in October 20, 2003.


Edge, Eddie, "Miss," 1872-1954

Edge, Smith M., Nov. 25, 1849-Jan. 11, 1931
Edge, Mollie E., June 18, 1851-Jan. 30, 1937 [HTML editor's note: she was a Milam]

Edge, W. T. (Bill), 1876-1951

Hiestand, Jeffrey R., Apr. 30, 1947-Dec. 7, 2002

Rushing, Cloyd A., 1926-1945 [replacement]

Rushing, Howell P., July 28, 1938-Jan. 19, 1993

Rushing, James L., 1933-1950

Rushing, Lester, 1899-1969; also temporary marker, Casey Funeral Home, d. May 16, 1969, "Aged 69 Yrs. 4 Mos. 23 Days"

Rushing, Mary Ruth, 1846-1972; also temporary marker, Casey Funeral Home, d. Oct. 5, 1972, "Aged 26 Yrs. 0 Mos. 27 days"

Rushing, Mildred P., May 31, 1902-Dec. 6, 1991, "Mother" footstone [she was Lucille M. Rushing on temporary marker read in 1992]


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