Duke Memorial Cemetery is a very well maintained family cemetery off Midway Circle about four miles north of Darden.

            David Donahue recorded Duke Memorial Cemetery May 3, 1992 and checked and updated it December 2003. Mayrene Kennedy recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Her record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, Tennessee, 1976), Vol. III, pp. 541-542 under the name Duke Family Cemetery.


Akins, Willie B., d. Aug. 27, 1898, Aged 1 Yr., 8 Ms., 24 Ds., "Dau. of W. J. & M. E. Akins"

Carey, Sarah, 1888-1938
Carey, Green, 1882-1931 [replacement]

Duke, Beadie A., Feb. 12, 1901-____, "Mother" footstone
Duke, Luther A., Oct. 7, 1897-Mar. 22, 1985, "Daddy" footstone [Masonic symbol]
[This double marker was recorded here in 1992 but later was moved to Mt. Ararat Cemetery. It most likely was south of the marker for John B. Duke. Beadie Duke died Feb. 28, 1998.]

Duke, Bite, 1870-1902
Duke, Bell, 1872-1962

Duke, C. Lester, Apr. 28, 1902-Mar. 24, 1913, "Son of J. T. & M. E. Duke" [Note: initial could be G. rather than C.]

Duke, Clois E., Aug. 8, 1934-Aug. 22, 1934 [replacement]

Duke, Eliza, 1864-Jan. 12, 1936, "Wife of J. B. Duke"

Duke, Elizabeth, Mar. 19, 1865-Feb. 1, 1900, "Wife of M. J. Duke"

Duke, Ernest F., July 28, 1893-Feb. 12, 1896, "Son of M. J. & E. F. Duke"

Duke, Infant, no dates

Duke, Infant, no dates

Duke, Infant, Feb. 18, 1885-Feb. 20, 1885, "Infant of J. N. & P. L. Duke"

Duke, Infant, Oct. 18, 1896-Oct. 26, 1896, "Infant dau. of M. J. & E. F. Duke"

Duke, Infant, born & died Oct. 8, 1897, "Infant son of M. J. & E. F. Duke"

Duke, Infant, Jan. 25, 1932-Feb. 4, 1932, "Infant of L. A. & Beadie Duke" [replacement]
[This marker was recorded here in 1992 but later was moved to Mt. Ararat Cemetery.]

Duke, J. N., Feb. 8, 1862-Jan. 7, 1940, "Husband of Lizzie M. Duke" "Father" footstone [Masonic symbol]
Duke, Lizzie M., May 5, 1869-Nov. 27, 1940, "Wife of J. N. Duke" "Mother" footstone

Duke, James C., Feb. 10, 1895-May 26, 1896, "Son of M. J. & E. F. Duke"

Duke, James Ohlen, Feb. 28, 1920-Mar. 1, 2001

Duke, John Alton, d. Sept. 28, 1915, Aged 8 Ys 6 Ms 20 Ds, "Son of J. N. & L. M. Duke"

Duke, John B., Apr. 7, 1832-Dec. 24, 1924 [Masonic emblem]

Duke, John T., Sr., 1875-1956
Duke, Mary E., 1877-1960

Duke, Juley, d. Sept. 1, 1899, Aged 66 Ys 8 Ms 21 Ds, "Wife of J. B. Duke"

Duke, Lester, Oct. 19, 1911-Aug. 6, 1927, "Son of J. T. & M. E. Duke"

Duke, M. J., June 26, 1855-Dec. 2, 1922, "Husband of Elizabeth Duke"

Duke, Parlee L., June 30, 1865-May 22, 1889, "Wife of J. N. Duke"

Duke, Roy B., May 16, 1922-Sept. 21, 1923 [replacement; adjacent to double marker for Maude W. and James Carless Duke]

Duke, Maude W., 1894-1992
Duke, James Carless, 1892-1969

Dunley, Abbey Grace, Oct. 8, 1999-Aug. 18, 2001, "Daddy Ron" "mommy Kimberly" "Sisters forever Michella Leanne Lindsey Rena"

Frazier, Jimmy, 1869-1905 [replacement; center grave of group of three, two marked with small "F" stones]

Moore, Daisy B., May 8, 1883-Sept. 14, 1963, "Mother" footstone

Murren, Infant, Oct. 24, 1905, "Infant son of Lee and Mary Murren"

Murren, James S., 1911-1912, "Son of Lee and Mary Muren"

Murren, Lonnie, 1907-1915, "Son of Lee and Mary Murren"

Woods, Infant, born & died Jan. 24, 1919, "Infant of Eff & Velva Woods"

Woods, Velva, Dec. 10, 1901-Jan. 30, 1919

Wooley, Audrey, Aug. 30, 1928-Sept. 23, 1932, "Son of John & Birtie Wooley"


Several footstone-like markers note burial locations for children including 3 Akins, 3 Carey, and 5 Duke.


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