This cemetery more properly should be named Douglass Cemetery as the two-S Douglass spelling is used on all except two markers replaced after 1976. Douglas Cemetery is located in the Union Cross community. Turn east on Palmer Road from State Highway 104. The cemetery is located at the end of Douglas Cemetery Road, less than 2 miles from 104. The first impression a visitor will have of the cemetery is of vandalism many markers are toppled. But the cemetery has not been vandalized, merely neglected. A large percentage of the marked burials here occurred between 1895 and the 1920, then most of the families using the cemetery seem to have abandoned it. Over time the graves sunk in and no one filled them. The markers settled down into the depressions and toppled. At present the cemetery probably gets cut once a year. Grass was about 2-3 feet tall when David Donahue recorded this cemetery in November 2001.

            Brenda Fiddler and Marie and Jim Pierce recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. I, p. 27. This earlier record is referred to as "Fiddler et al." in the notes below. They noted "at least 40 unmarked graves."


Birchett, Thelma, 1911-1912 [replacement]

Douglas, Harriette E., d. Dec. 29, 1922
Douglas, James A., d. Jan. 6, 1926 [replacement]

Douglas, Raymond Odell, July 12, 1915-Jan. 29, 1916 [replacement]

Douglass, C. A., Sept. 1, 1888-May 30, 1911 (fallen)

Douglass, Catherine Samirah, Nov. 30, 1843-Nov. 30, 1871, "Wife of James" (broken) [pile of fragments 5 feet south of double marker for Harriette E. and James A. Douglas; dates readable in 2001 but name and relationship are as reported by Fiddler et al.]

Douglass, Darrel, no dates, "Son of W. H. & S. A. Douglass"

Douglass, Emily, Mar. 1822-Apr. 8, 1901, "Wife of P. H. Douglass" "Our father and mother are gone" (fallen) [Fiddler et al. report birth date as Mar. 22, 1822]

Douglass, John B., June 1849-July 8, 1850

Douglass, Lydia E., Apr. 30, 1874-Sept. 20, 1880, "Dau. of W. H. Sarah A. Douglass"

Douglass, Mary M., June 22, 1871-May 22, 1892, "Dau. of W. H. Douglass" (fallen)

Douglass, P. H., June 30, 1822-Apr. 22, 1900, "Husband of Emily Douglass" "Our father and mother are gone" (fallen)

Douglass, Sarah A., July 7, 1853-May 25, 1903, "Wife of William H. Douglass" (fallen) [matches markers for W. H. Douglass and C. A. Douglass; lying face down; dates from Fiddler et al.]

Douglass, W. H., Dec. 18, 1847-Dec. 26, 1932 (fallen)

Hale, John Van, d. Feb. 1950 [not found in 2001; reported by Fiddler et al.]

Harris, Caroline, Oct. 3, 1834-Oct. 5, 1907 (broken, fallen)

Harris, G. H., Nov. 19, 1840-Aug. 8, 1913 (fallen)

Harris, Mellie, July 1, 1875-July 4, 1891 (fallen, out of place)

Harris, Sallie, July 30, 1861-Mar. 23, 1916

McCoy, Hester, 1904-1904, Aged 11 days [recent temporary marker, near south end of cemetery, no good reference point]

McCoy, Martha L., Dec. 5, 1878-Aug. 17, 1905, "Wife of B. F. McCoy"

McCoy, Mary Frances, Apr. 1, 1879-Feb. 15, 1999

McCoy, Milton Henry, June 28, 1874-May 11, 1876

Pierce, Mamey E. L., June 11, 1909-July 11, 1909

Richardson, John William, 1873-1935, "Father" footstone [replacement]

Richardson, Lester F., 1897-1900, "Son" footstone
Richardson, Joseph E., 1875-1901, "Father" footstone [replacement]

Richardson, Mary [see Smith, Mary Richardson"

Richardson, Vera, June 29, 1900-June 8, 1901

Smith, Mary Richardson, 1877-1956

Thompson, ______, d. 1909, "Dau. of W. G. & Ollie Thompson"

Thompson, Ester Marie, July 9, 1914-Apr. 6, 1917 [not found in 2001; reported by Fiddler et al.]

Thompson, Ollie Ester, Oct. 6, 1887-Apr. 6, 1918 [replacement]

Williams, James F., Feb. 26, 1895-Aug. 22, 1899

Williams, Rhoda J., Jan. 12, 1868-Sept. 7, 1952
Williams, Charlie H., Dec. 15, 1859-Feb. 22, 1927 [replacement; Fiddler et al. recorded Williams, Rhoda Jane (Wife of Charley Hampton)"]

Wilson, Jennie, Jan. 14, 1872-July 30, 1904

Wilson, Julia, Aug. 10, 1876-Mar. 15, 1903

Wilson, Mary, June 3, 1868-Nov. 8, 1895

Wilson, Sarah, 1840-1924 [replacement]

Wilson, T. H., Sept. 21, 1835-Feb. 25, 1910

Wilson, Walter, June 12, 1878-Mar. 17, 1910



Esther Mae, July 9, 1914-Apr. 6, 1917 [replacement; middle of three graves]

Essie M______, 1901 [probably a McCoy, 1 yard south of temporary marker for Hester McCoy]


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