This cemetery is located on Doe Creek Road several miles south of Scotts Hill. It originated as a Kennedy family cemetery created just after the Civil War but later became a community church cemetery. The adjacent log church, later used as a school, is in ruins. The cemetery is very interesting. The core of the cemetery retains a nineteenth century appearance even though the cemetery is still in use. There are rows of graves marked with fieldstone headstone and footstones. In most nineteenth century cemeteries which are still in use these fieldstones have been removed to make mowing easier. There may be over 100 unmarked and fieldstone marked graves.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery was December 27 and 28, 1995 and updated it December 27, 2001. Alicia Adcox, Anita Webb, Betsy Patterson, and Blanch Buck recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. III, pp. 685-688. This is referred to as Adcox et al. in the notes below. Margarett Alexander and Blanche Tuten recorded this cemetery on March 31, 1976. Although Doe Creek Cemetery lies in Henderson County, their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 204-210. This is referred to as UDC transcription in the notes below.


Allen, Charlie B., 1898-1971, "Husband of Jessie Woody Allen"

Allen, Emily, Apr. 8, 1892-Mar. 5, 1938, "Wife of C. B. Allen"

Austin, Callie M., 1877-1858, "Mother" footstone
Austin, Jerry E., 1873-1943, "Father" footstone

Austin, G. W., Sept. 7, 1843-Dec. 26, 1926, "Husband" "Father"

Austin, H. A., 1862-May 11, 1939
Marthie, May 11, 1864-____ (homemade) [etched onto a piece of green tile or slate, 2 yards and two graves north of double marker for Callie M. and Jerry E. Austin]

Austin, Ollie F. [see Medlin, Ollie F.]

Averett, Blanche D., 1915-1996
Averett, Grady F., 1906-1990

Broadway, Ricky Dale, July 30, 1952-June 10, 1970. "Son of Sue Dyer"

Brown, Fannie, May 13, 1867-Oct. 16, 1905, "Wife of J. S. Brown" "Mother"

Brown, Frances Eason, 1859-1931 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Thomas Brown]

Brown, Guv. L., Dec. 17, 1901-July 28, 1908. "Son of J. S. & F. E. Brown"

Brown, Hattie J., Aug. 15, 1898-Sept. 25, 1905, "Daughter of J. S. & Fannie Brown"

Brown, John, Sept. 1, 1900-Aug. 15, 1901, "Son of John & Ira Brown" [not found in 1995; from UDC transcription; compare John Bryant]

Brown, John, Sept. 1, 1900-Aug. 15, 1901, "Son of John & Ira"

Brown, Lucinda, Sept. 1871-Nov. 1876, "Daughter of G. B. & M. F. Brown"

Brown, Mahalia Francis, 1887-1944, "Fannie" "Mother"

Brown, Mary E., Oct. 1872-Oct. 1872, "Dau. of G. B. & M. F. Brown" (broken) [dates from UDC transcription]

Brown, Matilda Frances, May 15, 1847-Nov. 1881, "Wife of G. B. Brown (broken, fallen)

Brown, Neill, born & died Apr. 1881, "Son of G. B. & M. F. Brown"

Brown, Samuel T., June 15, 1862-Nov. 15, 1904, "Son of G. B. Brown" (broken, fallen) [broken at death date; death date from UDC transcription]

Brown, Thomas, 1858-1921 [replacement]

Brown, Troy V., Nov. 4, 1904-May 28, 1907, "Son of J. S. & F. E. Brown"

Bryant, Ira, Nov. 18, 1887-Oct. 29, 1901, "Wife of John Bryant"

Clenney, Margaret, 1870-1951
Clenney, Joe H., 1860-1963

Clenney, R, M., May 30, 1865-Mar. 10, 1948, "Father"
Clenney, M. F., Feb. 16, 1872-Dec. 1, 1916

Clenney, Virgil E., May 7, 1899-Nov. 24, 1973

Duck, Barney F., June 6, 1907-Jan. 19, 1971

Duck, Doris A., 1922-____
Duck, Alton L., Sr., 1914-1989, military marker as footstone "Alton Lee Duck, Sr." "MSgt US Army World War II Korea"; dates on military merker Jan. 6, 1914-Nov. 30, 1989

Duck, Graper Elmer, Mar. 16, 1912-Feb. 12, 1979

Duck, Paris [see Medberry, Paris Duck Montgomery]

Duck, Suddie, Jan. 2, 1889-Feb. 12, 1971, "Mother" footstone
Duck, Elmer, Oct. 28, 1878-Apr. 10, 1951, "Father" footstone [Woodmen of the World memorial; Masonic emblem]

Duck, Vaughn Charles, Mar. 16, 1912-Feb. 12, 1979, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"

Duck, Vaughn Charles, July 17, 1910-June 7, 1963

Dyer, Cloyd R., Oct. 19, 1931-June 14, 1971, "Son of Roy & Velda Dyer"

Dyer, Frank, Feb. 11, 1892-July 8, 1921

Dyer, Mary Nell, 1937, "Infant of Floyd-Ruby Dyer" [replacement]

Dyer, Roy W., Apr. 20, 1906-Dec. 27, 1973
Dyer, Velda, Aug. 31, 1910-Dec. 27, 1973, "Their children: Howard-Cloyd-Sue-Earl"

Dyer, Willie C., 1909-1997
Dyer, Loyd W., 1914-1975

Eason, Bertha I., 1878-1931
Eason, Robert S., 1875-1930

Eason, Charles A., May 2, 1862-Jan. 17, 1914 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Eason, Charlie (Edd), June 27, 1904-Apr. 28, 1984, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II"

Eason, Daisy S., 1887-1957
Eason, Charles I., 1882-1957

Eason, Dovie, 1906-1983 [probably daughter of Lester Eason and Lizzie Eason]

Eason, Eula Ruth, 1915-1977
Eason, Bob R., 1914-1981

Eason, Frances [see Brown, Frances Eason]

Eason, Fred Ivy, 1907-1968

Eason, Freddie J., July 5, 1941-Nov. 8, 1998 [this burial is only one north of school building]

Eason, G. A., Mar. 1864-May 1932

Eason, Gordon, May 4, 1910-Mar. 24, 1917, "Son of J. W. & Dora Eason"

Eason, Hubert, Oct. 11, 1901-Nov. 13, 1902, "Son of R. S. & B. I. Eason"

Eason, Izora, June 2, 1861-Mar. 29, 1904, "Wife of Charles A. Eason"

Eason, J. W., May 22, 1877-Aug. 22, 1943, "Father" footstone
Eason, Dora, Dec. 26, 1884-June 16, 1953, "Mother footstone

Eason, Lester, 1884-1958

Eason, Lillie Mae, Sept. 7, 1896-June 18, 1915

Eason, Lizzie, 1884-1960

Eason, Mary E., June 18, 1843-Mar. 23, 1946, Wife of S. Eason" "Mother"

Eason, Mexie, 1904-1970, footstone with dates June 27, 1904-Dec. 19, 1970
Eason, Lafayette, 1888-1970, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War I"; dates on military marker Oct. 1, 1888-Aug. 28, 1970

Eason, Minnie N., Feb. 15, 1899-Feb. 23, 1972, "Daughter of Noah and Mary Sue"

Eason, Noah Sims, June 2, 1874-Sept. 2, 1942
Eason, Mary Sue, Feb. 24, 1876-Feb. 11, 1949

Eason, Opal E., 1907-1934

Eason, Robert C., 1891-1919, "Pvt." "Army WWI" [replacement; dates in Adcox et al. Jan. 25, 1891-Aug. 2, 1919]

Eason, Shade, Apr. 20, 1839-Aug. 22, 1924

Eason, W. W., no dates (homemade) [loose, out-of-place in 1995; not found in 2001]

England, Mary L., 1875-1909 (homemade)

Fussell, Dora K., Jan. 27, 1895-Aug. 27, 1965, "Mother" footstone
Fussell, Lester H., Aug. 3, 1893-June 12, 1987, "Father" footstone

Gant, Maggie J. Kennedy, May 13, 1896-Nov. 10, 1944, "Wife of Dan L. Gant"

Gurley, Bedford Forrest, June 1, 1909-Aug. 9, 1917, "Son of S. V. & N. C."

Gurley, Ida Ether, July 21, 1884-July 5, 1885, "Dau. of I. C. & N. C. Gurley"

Gurley, Isham C., 1844-Dec. 23, 1910, "Pvt. Co. H 2nd Miss. Calvary" [sic.]
Gurley, Nan A. Kennedy, 1847-Feb. 11, 1921 [replacement]

Gurley, James L., Feb. 27, 1877-June 26, 1877, "Son of I. C. & N. C. Gurley" (eroded) [first name was unreadable in 2001]

Gurley, Jessie B., June 12, 1932-Apr. 27, 1991

Gurley, Jettie Ida, Feb. 27, 1894-Apr. 31, 1899, "Dau. of S. V. & N. C. Gurley"

Gurley, Lucy F., 1890-1957
Gurley, Jesse E., 1889-1968

Gurley, Synthia, Feb. 11, 1875-Nov. ??, 1876, "Dau. of I. C. & N. C. Gurley" (eroded) [identifiable but not readable in 2001; first name and dates from UDC transcription; birth date reported as Feb. 14, 1874 by Adcox et al.]

Gurley, Voist H., Nov. 4, 1912-May 7, 1996

Johnson, Babrah A., d. July 22, 1909, "Aged 75 y 8 m 20 d" "Wife of Louis Johnson" (eroded)

Johnson, Lewis, Feb. 10, 1818-Feb. 13, 1880 [UDC transcription lists him as Lewis L. Johnson and notes "Pvt. E Co. 55th Inf. C.S.A."]

Kennedy, Alford, 1892-1901 [replacement; probably child of S. W. Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy]

Kennedy, Asline, 1884-1887 [replacement; probably child of J. S. and Mary Elizabeth Kennedy]

Kennedy, Caroline, 1851-1911 [replacement; adjacent to marker for S. W. Kennedy]

Kennedy, Chas. E., Jan. 4, 1896-May 18, 1930, "Pvt. Co. A 322 Inf. 81st Div. A.E.F."

Kennedy, Clemon, Aug. 10, 1916-Sept. 19, 1917, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Kennedy"

Kennedy, Coney C., Mar. 12, 1900-May 5, 1900, "Son of J. G. & F. E. Kennedy"

Kennedy, Cynthia P., 1863-1895 (homemade)

Kennedy, Dorothy Lee, Sept. 16, 1923-Sept. 23, 1923, "Dau. of J. C. & Flossie" [replacement]

Kennedy, Ellie, 1895-1902 [replacement; probably child of J. S. and Mary Elizabeth Kennedy]

Kennedy, Fannie Jane, 1873-1942
Kennedy, Elias L., 1869-1956

Kennedy, Fannie, Dec. 9, 1868-Feb. 23, 1930

Kennedy, Floyd V., Sept. 16, 1896-Oct. 16, 1918
Kennedy, Lester L., Sept. 16, 1896-Oct. 5, 1918, "They left their home in perfect health. They looked so young and brave. We little thought how soon they'd be laid In a Soldier's grave."

Kennedy, Georg A., Oct. 13, 1872-May 31, 1884, "Son of S. H. & M. A. Kennedy"

Kennedy, H. J., Apr. 11, 1866-____, "Father"
Kennedy, Tinnie, Jan. 11, 1872-Jan. 2, 1939, "Mother"

Kennedy, Hershal E., Dec. 11, 1920-Apr. 10, 1953, military marker "Arkansas S2 USNR World War II"

Kennedy, Infant, 1906, "Infant son of O. M. & J. D. Kennedy" [replacement]

Kennedy, J. S., 1855-1924
Kennedy, Mary Elizabeth, 1864-1937 [replacement]

Kennedy, James D., Mar. 6, 1878-July 24, 1974, "Father" footstone
Kennedy, Ollie M., June 8, 1885-Oct. 25, 1966, "Mother" footstone

Kennedy, Jesse B., July 22, 1893-July 30, 1895, "Son of J. M. & E. Kennedy"

Kennedy, Jesse M., 1862-1940, "Father" footstone
Kennedy, Ella A., 1858-1943, "Mother" footstone

Kennedy, John C., July 21, 1875-Jan. 3, 1901

Kennedy, Maggie J. [see Gant, Maggie J. Kennedy]

Kennedy, Margaret [see Smith, Margaret]

Kennedy, Marthey, May 16, 1870-Dec. 30, 1897, "Dau. of S. H. & M. A. Kennedy"

Kennedy, Mary R., May 15, 1901-June 14, 1901, "Dau. of J. C. & F. E. Kennedy"

Kennedy, Millie L., Oct. 18, 1858-Sept. 16, 1943
Kennedy, A. Robert, Apr. 1, 1858-Jan. 9, 1942

Kennedy, Nan A. [see Gurley, Nan A. Kennedy]

Kennedy, Nettie Lou, 1897-1944
Kennedy, Charles E., 1889-1963

Kennedy, Perry, 1897-1916 [replacement; probably child of S. W. Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy]

Kennedy, Rillie I., Mar. 11, 1878-Aug. 24, 1885, "Son of D. H. & M. A. Kennedy"

Kennedy, Robert F., 1896-1906

Kennedy, Robert W., Aug. 24, 1882-Dec. 15, 1949, "Father" footstone
Kennedy, Minnie E., Jan. 27, 1884-Nov. 7, 1938, "Mother" footstone

Kennedy, Robert, 1902-1902 [replacement; probably child of J. S. and Mary Elizabeth Kennedy]

Kennedy, S. W., 1856-1916

Kennedy, Samuel I., d. May 7, 1882, "Son of S. H. & M. A. Kennedy" (broken) [broken at birth date; birth date unavailable from either UDC transcription or Adcox et al.]

Kennedy, Sarah E., 1869-1941 [replacement]

Kennedy, Shade H., Dec. 6, 1832-Feb. 19, 1922 [UDC transcription notes "H Co 21 Wilson Cav CSA Soldier"]
Kennedy, Martha A., Nov. 3, 1837-____

Kennedy, Shadrach M., Nov. 14, 1865-Dec. 4, 1887, "Son of S. H. & M. A. Kennedy"

Kennedy, Sinthy E., Feb. 22, 1886-July 30, 1888, "Dau. of A. R. & Millie M. Kennedy"

Kennedy, Suzanne A., 1846-1928 [replacement]

Kennedy, Troy A., Apr. 18, 1889-Apr. 18, 1899, "Son of J. G. & F. E. Kennedy" (broken) [broken at birth date; birth date from UDC transcription]

Kennedy, W. G., no dates, military marker "Pvt." "Co. H. 31 Tenn. Inf. C.S.A."

Kennedy, William G., Mar. 1, 1892-Feb. 8, 1981, "Pvt US Army World War I"

Koontz, Hadley, d. Jan. 28, 1976, "63 yrs., 6 mos., 1 day" [temporary marker, 1 yard north of double marker for R. M. & M. F. Clenney; death date only readable in 1995; name from UDC transcription; not listed by Adcox et al.]

Medberry, Paris Duck Montgomery, May 22, 1929-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone

Medlin, Ollie F. Austin, Dec. 27, 1895-June 11, 1955

Mitchell, Martha V., Oct. 29, 1868-Dec. 8, 1869, "Daughter of T. H. & C. J. Mitchell"

Montgomery, Paris [see Medberry, Paris Duck Montgomery]

Morris, Albert W., June 27, 1879-Sept. 1, 1965

Morris, B., Feb. 14, 1809-Dec. 7, 1882, "Husband of Harritt J. Morris"

Morris, C. J., Oct. 17, 1856-July 4, 1942, "Father"
Morris, Mary A., Jan. 30, 1855-July 29, 1922, "Wife of C. J. Morris" "Mother"

O'Neil, Nancy D., 1827-1913 [replacement]

Outlaw, Lena E., June 3, 1918-June 10, 1985 [probable daughter of J. W. and Dora Eason, whose double marker is adjacent]

Rupe, Charles Morris, July 21, 1948-July 24, 1948, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Rupe"

Rupe, Jewell, 1911-1953

Rupe, Lee, Aug. 24, 1900-Sept. 18, 1983

Smith, John McDaniel, 1821-1864, military marker "Co H 21 Tenn Cav CSA" [Masonic symbol added on front; added on Back: Husband of Margaret Kennedy Smith killed at Brice's Crossroads Mississippi"]

Smith, Margaret, May 6, 1827-Mar. 1, 1870, "Wife of John M. Smith" [identified as Margaret Kennedy Smith on marker for John McDaniel Smith]

Stanfill, Dora, May 29, 1877-____

Stavely, Infant, Aug. 5, 1962-Aug. 5, 1962, "Infant dau. of Lonnie & Nina Duck Stavely"

West, George W., Sept. 5, 1866-Jan. 12, 1933
West, Minerva L., Nov. 4, 1872-____; also temporary marker, d. June 28, 1949

West, Walter J., Jan. 28, 1895-Dec. 4, 1895, "Son of George & Minerva L. West" [replacement]

Wheeler, Willie, 1907-1947

White, Robert F., 1896-1906 [replacement]

White, Wm. (Ellie), 1877-1954
White, Sarah E., 1880-1961

Winchester, Sissie Melvina, 1856-1938
Winchester, Samuel Calvin, 1853-1908 [replacement]



______ E. Clenne__, 19??-???6, temporary marker, Boyd Funeral Home, 2 yards south of double marker for Floyd V. and Lester L. Kennedy

Kimberly, no dates, no last name, 4 feet east of marker for Perry Kennedy]


Other People Known To Be Buried Here

James David Kennedy (d. ca. 1866), son of Robert Kennedy and Cynthia Eason

Bill Nails (d. ca. 1866), son-in-law of Robert Kennedy and Cynthia Eason


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