Derryberry Cemetery, March 2004


            Derryberry Cemetery is an antebellum cemetery located about four miles north of Darden on the Darden-Christian Chapel Road.

            And what a difference a decade makes. In 1992 this was a shady cemetery reached by passing through two gates and walking across a cow pasture. In 2004, a new fence surrounds the cemetery and access drive so that you need not pass through gates. Markers had been repaired and cleaned. Most of the trees and shade are gone. Llamas rather than cows look on.

            The cemetery may be full. Extensive surface disturbance by the heavy equipment used for tree removal makes estimation of the number of unmarked graves impossible. In addition to identified graves, nine graves are marked concrete blocks, six graves are marked with fieldstones (three have head and foot pairs), and two graves have metal temporary marker plates with no information.

            David Donahue recorded Derryberry Cemetery May 2, 1992 and checked and updated it in March 2004. Charles and Brenda Fiddler recorded Derryberry Cemetery in 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H, Harris, Memphis, Tennessee, 1976), Vol. III, pp. 525-526.


Bivens, Mabel E., Apr. 20, 1919-____

Blankenship, Billy Adam, Aug. 15, 1935-Dec. 24, 1996

Blankenship, Clark, Apr. 16, 1835-Oct. 15, 1905 [Masonic symbol]

Blankenship, Jimmie O., d. July 11, 1894, "Aged 2 Ys, 2 Ms, 6 Ds""Son of J. M. & Mary Blankenship"

Blankenship, Joseph M., Feb. 15, 1864-Oct. 28, 1939, "Father" footstone
Blankenship, Mary T., Jan. 12, 1865-Mar. 12, 1933,

Blankenship, Mandy, Apr. 15, 1884-Apr. 25, 1884, "Dau. of J. M. & M. T. Blankenship"

Blankenship, Marlin Brodie, Feb. 2, 1934-Oct. 20, 1975

Blankenship, Mary, May 11, 1839-Sept. 11, 1908, "Wife of W. C. Blankenship" [Eastern Star symbol; adjacent to marker for Clark Blankenship]

Blankenship, Mary Sue, 1941-1942

Blankenship, Pauline E. [see Quinnelly, Pauline E. Blankenship]

Blankenship, Robert, 1903-1957
Blankenship, Anna, 1902-1950

Blankenship, William R., Nov. 14, 1914-Jan. 5, 1915, "Son of Ad & Rachel Blankenship"

Blankenship, ______, Apr. 15, 1884-Apr. 25, 1889, "Dau. of J. M. & M. T. Blankenship"

Brodie, Anna, Aug. 17, 1825-Aug. 15, 1902, "Wife of W. M. Brodie"

Brodie, Beulah, Apr. 21, 1905-Nov. 21, 1905, "Dau. of A. L. & A. J. Brodie"

Brodie, Bud, no dates (homemade) [recorded in 1992 but not found in 2004]

Brodie, Infant, born and died Apr. 8, 1897, "Infant son of A. L. & A. J. Brodie"

Brodie, Julia, no dates (homemade) [recorded in 1992 adjacent to marker for Bud Brodie; not found in 2004]

Brodie, Louisiana, Aug. 7, 1836-June 3, 1900, "Mother"

Brodie, James, Apr. 17, 1863-Apr. 28, 1885 [probably son of Anna and William Brodie, whose markers are adjacent]

Brodie, Thomas J., 1843-1865, military marker "1st Sgt Co G 7 Tenn Cav" [death date reported by the Fiddlers: in Harris as Mar. 29, 1865]

Brodie, William, Oct. 23, 1820-Jan. 27, 1883, "Husband of Anny Brody" [Masonic symbol]

Colwyck, Emrandy K., Sept. 10, 1867-Oct. 18, 1868

Derryberry, Louisa J., Nov. 1, 1839-Apr. 19, 1851, "Dau. of E. B. & Catherine Derryberry"


Gilbert, J. J., Sept. 17, 1844-Dec. 25, 1879, "Husband of N. J. Gilbert" "He was a corporal in Co. A 7 Regt. Tenn. Vol. U.S. Cavalry"
Gilbert, N. J., Oct. 25, 1849-Apr. 1, 1904, "Wife of J. J. Gilbert"

Gilbert, John, 1898-1935, "Father" footstone
Gilbert, Elsie, 1897-1990, "Mother" footstone

Gilbert, John Herman, Jan. 1, 1922-Oct. 8, 2000, military marker "AT1 US Navy World War II"

Jackson, Louis A., d. Dec. 6, 1898, Aged 18 Ys. 1 Mo. & 22 Ds.

Keen, Lucretia, d. Apr. 5, 1886, Aged 63 Ys.
Keen, Elisha, Sept. 27, 1828-Feb. 17, 1863, "Our father and mother are goine..."

Manes, Ollie L., Sept. 7, 1896-July 20, 1897, "Son of A. C. & N. H. Manes"

Maness, Asa C., Apr. 9, 1872-Jan. 27, 1957 [replacement]

Maness, Casey L., Feb. 29, 1916-May 28, 1919, "Son of A. C. & Lizzie Maness"

Moor, David L., d. 1849, Aged about 5 months, "Son of James M. & Faney C. Moor" (broken and repaired)

Quinnelly, Pauline E. Blankenshio, May 18, 1928-____

Reeves, Richard L., May 1836-Jan. 31, 1863, "Beloved husband of Elizabeth Reeves"

Reeves, Samuel, ____-Jan. 15, 1877, Aged 46 Years (broken at birth date)

Renfro, Lena E., d. Apr. 3, 1899, Aged 1 yr, 7 ms, 10 ds, "Dau. of W. C. & C. E. Renfroe"

Renfro, Mark M., d. Aug. 6, 1865, "Aged 53 Y'rs, 7 M's, 17 D's" "Lieut. of Co. C. 7th Tenn. U.S. Cavalry"

Renfro, P. G., d. 1956

Renfro, Sallie E., Oct. 8, 1880-Jan. 9, 1892

Renfroe, Emaline, 1856-1947
Renfroe, Thomas, 1854-1921

Renfroe, Garland, no dates, "Erected by sister Alice Bishop"

Renfroe, Hephzibah, Sept. 4, 1812-Oct. 7, 1894 (marker is loose on its base)


Other People Known To Be Buried Here

Derryberry, Abraham (Mar. 15, 1794-Sept. 19, 1868), son of Jacob and Christiana Derryberry

Derryberry, Mary (Polly) Starkey (Dec. 15, 1791-Oct. 30, 1867), wife of Abraham Derryberry


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