Coffman Cemetery is a small, well-maintained cemetery located off Juge McCullough Road in northern Henderson County near the Carroll County line. David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 5, 2001 and updated it October 14, 2003.

            Brenda Fiddler, Bobbie Pierce, and Mack Taylor recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. I, pp. 21-22. This is referred to as Fiddler et al. in the notes below. There has been no marker loss during the 25-year period.


Adams, Archibald G., d. Jan. 2, 1864, "Aged 28 Y'rs 9 Mo's 10 Da's" "of Co. A 7th Reg. Tenn. Vol. Cav."

Adams, Mary L., Aug. 8, 1820-Aug. 30, 1887, "Wife of T. C Adams"

Adams, T. C., 1815-Oct. 5, 1873

Baggett, John C., Oct. 24, 1960-____
Baggett, Belinda K., Jan. 7, 1956-Aug. 11, 1988, "Devoted wife, loving mother"; "Married Apr. 6, 1990"

Coffman, Edward, 1921-1923 [replacement]

Coffman, Polly A., 1823-1852
Coffman, Sarah R., 1845-1856

Coffman, Rose Edith, Jan. 4, 1904-Mar. 13, 2001, "Our beloved mother"; as read in 2001 from temporary marker, Dilday Funeral Home, Rosie Coffman, 1903-2001

Coffman, Ruth, 1927-1929 [replacement]

Coffman, Samuel Clarence, Jan. 23, 1898-July 18, 1932, "Father" [shared double marker with his daughter Dorothy Eulene Coffman Sade]

Coffman, Sarah T., 1851-1942
Coffman, Samuel M., 1845-1913

Coffman, Willie, 1878-1912
Coffman, Joe, 1871-1954

Gaston, Sarah Eliza Lewis, June 20, 1849-Sept. 18, 1857

Huckabee, Infant, Mar. 14, 1895-Mar. 17, 1895, "Infant dau. of W. C. & M. E. Huckabee"

Huckabee, M, J., May 3, 1896-Aug. 12, 1896, "Dau. of W. C. & M. E. Huckabee"

Lewis, Sarah Eliza [see Gaston, Sarah Eliza Lewis]

Meals, Daniel, Nov. 25, 1791-Jan. 6, 1870, "Elder"
Meals, Mary A., Mar. 2, 1789-July 1, 1868, "Wife of Eld. Daniel Meals" (eroded)

Meals, Effie [see Stanford, Effie]

Meals, Elizabeth H., Feb. 16, 1823-Dec. 6, 1888

Meals, Ellie D., Dec. 3, 1851-Jan. 3, 1860, "Dau. of L. M. & M. A. Meals"

Meals, Leona R., Apr. 9, 1872-Mar. 29, 1877, "Dau. of L. M. & M. A. Meals"

Meals, Mary [see Smith, Mary Meals]

Meals, Mary J., 1854-1937
Meals, Louis H., 1849-1935

Meals, Nancy Susan [see Taylor, Nancy Susan]

Meals, S. H., June 22, 1813-Dec. 10, 1895, "Elder"

Meals, W. A., Dec. 11, 1857-Dec. 4, 1880

Olive, Dissie Ann, 1866-1918
Olive, Fenton, 1895-1902
Olive, Joe Bascel, 1900-1905

Sade, Dorothy Eulene Coffman, Apr. 18, 1923-Mar. 19, 1999, "Daughter" [shares double marker with her father Samuel Clarence Coffman]

Smith, J. M., 1843 -1924 [Masonic symbol]

Smith, M. A. T., July 1, 1848-Mar. 28, 1884, "Wife of J. M. Smith"

Smith, Mary Meals, 1855-1941 [adjacent to marker for J. M. Smith]

Stanford, Effie, 1893-1932, "Dau. of L. H. Meals & Wife" "Wife of W. M. Stanford"
Stanford, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of Wm. & Effie Stanford"

Taylor, Beulah J., 1895-1914

Taylor, Henderson, May 12, 1809-Aug. 5, 1886, "Married Julian L. Adams Dec. 22, 1836"

Taylor, Mary E., 1864-1940 [Fiddler et al. include the note "Died of Typhoid Fever"]

Taylor, Nancy Susan, Apr. 26, 1843-Sept. 5, 1868, "Wife of W. H. H. Taylor" "And daughter of S. H. & E. H. Meals"
Taylor, Infant, no dates, "and infant son"

Taylor, Samuel H., 1863-1957

Williams, Benj. T., Jan. 16, 1811-June 16, 1870 [Masonis symbol]

Williams, Jemima E., July 14, 1846-Feb. 3, 1862, "Dau. of B. T. & Margaret Williams"

Williams, Mary M., Mar. 5, 1876-Apr. 23, 1877, "Dau. of R. H, & N. D. Williams"

Wilson, Mark L., Sept. 6, 1842-Mar. 9, 1926

Wilson, S. F., June 28, 1844-July 31, 1890, "Wife of M. L. Wilson"


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