Chumney Cemetery is somewhere in Henderson County north of Scotts Hill. It is one of those cemeteries you can find only if someone who has been there before takes you. I have been unsuccessful in finding this cemetery on my own. I was told circa 1992 told that the markers are knocked down and broken.

            Two previous records of this cemetery exist. R. E. White recorded the cemetery circa 1975. His record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), Vol. III, p. 635. He describes the location of this cemetery as "East of Scotts Hill-Chesterfield Road, south of Eva Austin's home. Off Scotts Hill-Chesterfield Road, first gravel road to the east then south." This is referred to as White in the notes below.

            Margarett Alexander recorded the cemetery on April 7, 1977. Although the Chumney Cemetery lies in Henderson County, her record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 112-115. This is referred to as UDC transcription in the notes below.

            What follows is a composite of information from the two sources. In general, I find the UDC transcription to be more accurate than the Henderson County cemetery book. For this cemetery it reports far more markers. The information in the composite below comes from the UDC transcription if there are no major discrepancies between the two sources. If there are differences in dates, I list the information from both sources.


Brigance, P. H. Eliza Ann, Feb. 16, 1857-Feb. 16, 1857, "Infant Dau. of J. R. & L. W. Brigance"

Brigance, J. R., 1829-June 6, 1868

Chumney, Ada Cordeley, Sept. 29, 1880-Nov. 16, 1881, "Dau. of F. & Martha A. E. Chumney"

Chumney, Alice, Apr. 4, 1873-Sept. 5, 1873, "Dau. of B. R. & S. G. Chumney"

Chumney, Bettie, Sept. 12, 1888-Oct. 17, 1890
Chumney, James B., Sept. 5, 1890-Sept. 11, 1890, "Infant son of M. N. & B. Chumney" [White: ______, Sept. 5, 1890-Sept. 10, 1890, "Son of M. N. & R."]

Chumney, Beverly, Sept. 10, 1834-Mar. 30, 1915, "Husband of S. C. Chumney"

Chumney, Donie, Jan. 5, 1885-Jan. 5, 1885, "Dau. of L. E. & E. E. Chumney" [White: Chumney, Donie, Jan. 3, 1895-Jan. 5, 1895, "Dau. of L. E. & E. E."]

Chumney, Gonie, d. Jan. 5, 1895, Age 2 days" "Dau. of L. E. & E. E. Chumney"

Chumney, Ianthy Ellen, Oct. 28, 1865-June 21, 1867, "Dau. of J. H. & T. E. Chumney"

Chumney, James B., d. Sept. 11, 1890, "Aged 6 days" [seem to be two markers for this infant or else broken fragments have been mixed up]

Chumney, Joseph E., Nov. 4, 1869-Sept. 21, 1876, "Son of J. H. & T. E. Chumney"

Chumney, Ludy Caldonie, Mar. 16, 1873-Oct. 2, 1876, "Dau. of John F. & Martha"

Chumney, M. N., d. Aug. 17, 1890, "Age 21 yrs 11 mos 5 days" "Son of B. E. & S. C. Chumney"

Chumney, S. C., no dates reported, "Aged about 68 yrs" "Wife of Beverly R. Chumney"

Chumney, Selma Dora, Oct. 20, 1865-Apr. 19, 1867, "Dau. of R. R. & S. G."

Lipscomb, Ada C., d. Sept. 20, 1898, "Age 22 yrs 2 mos 4 days" "Wife of W. A. Lipscomb"

Lipscomb, Infant, Sept. 17, 1898-Sept. 17, 1898, "Infant dau. of W. A. & A. C. Lipscomb" [White: Infant, Sept. 16, 1898, "Infant dau. of W. A. & A. C."]

Lipscomb, W. F., Oct. 26, 1897-Aug. 10, 1898, "Son of W. C. & A. C."

Mitchell, Infant, Mar. 20, 1887-Apr. 19, 1887, "Infant son of J. O. Mitchell" [White: Infant, Mar. 20, 1887-Apr. 18, 1887, Infant son of J. O. & B. J."

Mitchell, Isaac Walter, May 2, 1880-Oct. 30, 1881, "Son of J. O. & Bettie J."

Mitchell, Royce Anda, July 5, 1888-July 11, 1889, "Son of Jack O. & Betty J." [White: Roye Anda, June 25, 1885-July 11, 1889]

Mitchell, Virgil Lee, Apr. 6, 1878-July 25, 1879, "Son of J. O. & Bettie J." [White: Virgil Lee, Apr. 6, 1878-Sept. 25, 1879, "Son of J. O. & Bettie J."]

Volner, R. S. A., Nov. 25, 1881-Nov. 9, 1882, "Son of J. C. & E. J. Volner" [White: R. S., Feb. 25, 1881-Nov. 9, 1882, "Son of J. C. & E. J."]


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