Center Hill Holiness Church Cemetery, November 1998


          Centery Hill Holiness Church and cemetery are located on Stegall Road. The cemetery was established with its first burial in 1971. David Donahue recorded this cemetery on November 29, 1998 and updated it October 20, 2003. In Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976) it is listed as Center Hill Pentecostal Church.


Atkins, Kelley Lagene Mount, Jan. 26, 1978-Feb. 1, 2002, "Mother of Amber Faith"

Garner, Vera Mae, Apr. 2, 1919-July 1, 1999
Garner, J. C., Oct. 24, 1914-May 22, 1989, "Married Oct. 4, 1936" "Our children: William, Donald, Mary, and Aaron"

Hayes, Beulah F., July 26, 1918-June 10, 2000, "Mother" footstone
Hayes, Robert F., Oct. 27, 1918-May 7, 1971, "Father" footstone

Hopkins, David L., Aug. 13, 1961-Oct. 19, 1980

Mount, Colene Kelley, May 11, 1946-____
Mount, Larry Gene, June 10, 1948-Jan. 25, 1990, "Married Aug. 1, 1975 "Our daughter Kelley Lagene"

Mount, Kelley Lagene [see Atkins, Kelley Lagene Mount]


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