Sue Carrington Stewart

Carrington Cemetery


Marker information read from photographs:

Bolen, Durina Carrington, Nov. 15, 1820-Mar. 2, 1859, "Married 1838" [replacement]

Bolen, Wm. Reeves, Dec. 1, 1818-Apr. 5, 1864 [replacement]

Carrington, Francis, Sept. 26, 1812-Sept. 9, 1867 [replacement]

Carrington, Jemima, d. June 28, 1862, "Aged 68 Years" "Wife of S. Carrington"

Carrington, L. F., Jan. 28, 1846-Jan. 14, 1916, "Wife of Wiley Carrington" [Eastern Star symbol]

Carrington, S. A., Mar. 28, 1828-Oct. 29, 1899

Carrington, S. M., Apr. 27, 1831-Feb. 18, 1865, "Husband of M. A. Carrington"

Carrington, Sion, d. Nov. 26, 1844, "Aged 56 Years"

Carrington, Willie, June 25, 1820-Aug. 10, 1895 [Masonic symbol]

Holmes, J. S., Apr. 9, 1874-Nov. 16, 1875, "Son of T. L. & A. J. Holmes"


Mr. Donahue:

            My name is Sue Carrington Stewart. These pictures are of the Carrington Cemetery on Exchange Road, Wildersville, Tennessee.

            Take the Wildersville Road off Hwy. 40 exit 108 go about 1-Jan./2 miles and Exchange Road is on the left go on it about Jan./2 mile and there is a sign Carrington Cemetery on the left.

            When I found it about 5 years ago there was no access to it grown up with saw briars and honeysuckle. My husband and I cleaned it off and made a road up to the Cemetery and it is graveled now.

            There is 10 graves in this Cemetery. Durina and Reeves did not have stones. We had some made. Also Francis stone was broke in 3 pieces we had another one made.

Sion Carrington
B. 1788 D. 9 Aug 1844

Jemima (Cozart) Carrington Wife of Sion
B. 1794 D. 28 June 1862

Frances Carrington Dau, of Sion
B. 26 Sept 1812 D. 9 Sept 1867

Sarah Ann Carrington Dau of Sion
B. 1828 D. 29 Oct 1899

Sion Monroe Carrington Son Of Sion
B. 27 Apr 1831 D. 18 Feb 1865

Wiley Carrington Son of Sion
B. 23 Mar 1821 D. 10 Aug 1895

Fanny L. (Horn) Carrington Wife of Wiley
B. 28 Jan 1840 D. 14 Jan 1916

J. S. Holmes Grandson of Sion
B. 9 Apr 1874 D. 16 Nov 1878

Durina (Carrington) Bolen Daughter of Sion
B. 15 Nov. 1820 D. 21 Mar 1859

Wm Reeves Bolen Husband of Durina
B. 1 Dec. 1818 D. 5 Apri1 1864



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