Caraway Cemetery is located on Caraway Cemetery Road off Pine Lake Road about 5 miles south of Lexington. It is a very pretty cemetery which for the last few years has been maintained by Delton and Florena Williams. David Donahue recorded this cemetery March 24, 2001.

            Betsy Patterson and Anita Webb recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. I, p. 206. This earlier record is referred to as "Patterson and Webb" in the notes below.


Bailey, John J., July 23, 1872-Aug. 23, 1872, "Son of R. T. & F. L. Bailey"

Bailey, Robert T., 1834-1928, "Father" footstone
Bailey, Parthenia, 1837-1919, "Mother" footstone

Bailey, Susan Amanda, 1870-1959 [shares double marker with Margaret Bailey Beecham]

Bailey, Teressa Inez, Aug. 22, 1900-July 6, 1902, "Dau. of Etta & T. M. Bailey"

Bailey, Thomas Lee1929-1932 [replacement; dates reported by Patterson and Webb: Feb. 11, 1929-Oct. 1932]

Beecham, Margaret Bailey, 1860-1951 [shares double marker with Susan Amanda Bailey]

Caraway, Wm. A. S., Nov. 2, 1842-May 13, 1872, "Son of W. T. & Nancy Caraway" [Masonic symbol]

Gower, Geo. W. 1834-1912, military marker Co. K. 7 Tenn. Cav." [dates were recent addition]

Gurley, Ailsie D., Dec. 31, 1911-July 14, 1935, "Dau. of M. T. & Flora Little"

Gurley, Eva P., Oct. 11, 1908-July 29, 1939, "Dau. of M. T. & Flora Little"

Little, Ailsie D. [see Gurley, Ailsie D.]

Little, Bertie M., Oct. 25, 1898-Dec. 31, 1981, "Mother" footstone
Little, Silas E., June 7, 1888-Mar. 7, 1956, military marker as footstone "Silas Edgar Little" "Tennessee PFC US Army World War I"

Little, Clayton W., Oct. 8, 1922-Mar. 1, 1961, military marker as footstone "Tennessee SSgt Air Forces World War II BSM"

Little, Earl S., Jan. 30, 1928-Oct. 27, 1989, "Father" footstone
Little, Gladys M., Aug. 26, 1945-June 2, 1995, "Mother" footstone

Little, Ella W., 1905-1932 [replacement]

Little, Elra L., Feb. 29, 1932-Apr. 16, 1981, military marker as footstone "US Army Vietnam"

Little, Eva P. [see Gurley, Eva P.]

Little, Homer W., 1892-1952, "Father" footstone, also military marker as footstone, "Tennessee PFC 114 Bn 30 Div World War I"; dates on military marker Oct. 4, 1892-Sept. 13, 1953
Little, Tinnie L., 1904-1988

Little, Hulon A., 1921-1983, military marker as footstone "Hulon Alton Little" "Pvt US Army World War II"
Little, Evie M., 1924-____

Little, James Earl, Nov. 14, 1963-July 22, 1998, "Son" footstone

Little, Katie [see Tate, Katie Little]

Little, Lela, 1907-____
Little, Halbert M., 1900-1966

Little, Merrill, Apr. 5, 1906-Oct. 21, 1911, "Son of F. A. & M. T. Little"

Little, Miles F., Mar. 10, 1925-Nov. 15, 1928, "Son of S. E. & Bertie Little"

Little, Miles T., 1863-1925
Little, Flora A., 1868-1952, "Mother" footstone

Little, Ray, 1927, "Son of Halbert & Lela Little" [replacement]

Little, Ray, 1927, "Son of Halbert & Lela"

Little, Robert A., Mar. 1, 1895-July 29, 1928, "Co. M. 117th Inf. 30 Div."

Little, Robert B., Dec. 18, 1928-Mar. 30, 1996, "Pa Rob," military marker as footstone "Robert Burton Little"
A1C US Air Force Korea"

Little, Ruthie E., Dec. 24, 1926-
Little, Clyde, Oct. 11, 1924-July 20, 1968, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Tec 5 US Army World War II"

Little, Velma E., Sept. 11, 1928-____, unplaced "Mother' footstone
Little, William E., Nov. 23, 1926-Apr. 17, 1975, military marker as footstone "S1 US Navy"

Little, William T., Aug. 21, 1946-Feb. 6, 1981, military marker as footstone "William Thomas Little" "Sgt US Air Force Vietnam"
Little, Patricia W., June 5, 1947-____, "Our son Hal"

Powers, Ray M., Nov. 23, 1921-May 27, 1999, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Powers, June L., June 25, 1921-____, "Father" footstone, "Married Dec. 21, 1940" "Our children: Landal Ray, Linda Kay and Tony Glen"

Redden, Carroll, 1889-1917 [replacement]

Redden, John, 1846-1923 [replacement]

Tate, Kathy Little, Dec. 13, 1050-Apr. 13, 1987, "Mama" footstone
Tate, Bobby, Jan. 5, 1945-____, unplaced "Daddy" footstone, "Our children Will Eric & Katie Ruth"

Williams, Claud, Mar. 20, 1894-June 2, 1944, "Father"

Williams, Joan Charlene, July 31, 1960-Dec. 20, 1988, "Daughter of Delton and Florena Williams"

Williams, Lemuel E., Feb. 23, 1925-Feb. 26, 1925, "Son of Ezra & Ella Williams"

Williams, Mary L., 1868-1939, "Mother"

Williams, Olivia Charlene, June 28, 1990, "Dau. of Ronald & Karen"


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