(Black Section, Cathey Cemetery)

Caffee Cemetery, Black Section (October 1999)


            Caffey Cemetery is a dual black and white cemetery. The access drive is on the east side of the Sand Ridge-Bargertown Road about two miles north of U.S. 412. The black section seems to have begun at the rear, southeastern corner of the white cemetery, then grew to the south and east. In black funeral programs and obituaries the cemetery is also called the Cathey Cemetery. David Donahue recorded this cemetery October 16, 1999 and checked and updated it October 18, 2003.

            Frances and Leathie Snider recorded the cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), Vol. I, pp. 9-13. This is referred to as Sniders in notes below. Jonathan K. T. Smith recorded the black section circa 1992. His record was published in Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Henderson County, Tennessee (J. K. T. Smith, 1995). This is referred to as Smith in the notes below.


Anderson, Asolee Cooper, 1882-1962

Anderson, Caroline, 1835-1916 (fallen)

Anderson, Charles, 1816-Apr. 13, 1896 (fallen)

Anderson, Charley, Dec. 12, 1871-Nov. 30, 1891

Anderson, Elnora, Dec. 17, 1915-May 22, 1986
Anderson, Alvin, Apr. 17, 1916-____, "Married Oct. 8, 1935" "Parents of Ella Mae, Joe, Alton" [ground disturbance indicates Alvin is buried here, probably in 1999]

Anderson, Hobert, Sr., Apr. 20, 1914-May 23, 1992

Anderson, Hubbard, Dec. 24, 1866-Dec. 7, 1891

Anderson, Joe Nathan, May 29, 1950-Dec. 25, 1950

Anderson, Mary L., Jan. 20, 1858-Aug. 1, 1886 (broken) [broken through death date; death date from Snider]

Baugh, Ardie, Oct. 7, 1908-Dec. 28, 1971

Boone, Babe, Nov. 11, 1905-Jan. 8, 1986, "Husband"
Boone, Velar, Nov. 11, 1921-____, "Wife"

Babe and Velar Boone


Boone, Flossie, 1909-1978

Brown, Eb Harmon, June 23, 1914-Dec. 5, 1937

Buckley, Criler, d. Mar. 1960, "Aged 62 yrs. [not found in 1999; reported by Sniders, probably read from a temporary marker]

Carter C. H. Haywood, July 8, 1919-July 28, 1960, military marker "Tennessee SD1 US Navy World War II"

Carter, Essie, Nov. 9, 1896-Mar. 24, 1937
Carter, Dewey, Feb. 22, 1898-Aug. 14, 1957

Carter, William (R. D)., Sept. 3, 1921-Feb. 16, 1971, military marker as footstone "R. D. Carter" "Tennessee Cpl 3283 Qm Service Co World War II"

Daniels, Eulene, 1914-1980, "Mrs.," temporary marker, Parham Funeral Home, 2 yards north of double marker for Lula Mae and Max E. Hillyard"

Dickerson, Alvin, Dec. 25, 1911-Jan. 8, 1986

Dickerson, James, July 3, 1931-Feb. 3, 1998 [no marker; reported by Smith as buried next to his sister Clara A. Parham in the space marked for Nathaniel Parham]

Dickerson, Ruby Williamson, Sept. 1, 1914-Feb. 4, 1957

Edwards, Ollie B., d. May 18, 1961, "Aged 52 years 9 mo. 28 days" "Mrs." Parham Mort. Marker [reported by Sniders and Smith but not found or no longer readable in 1999]

Fall, Carla Ann, d. Feb. 3, 1963, "Aged 1 mo., 2 das." [not found in 1999; reported by Sniders, probably read from a temporary marker

Hall, Kevin Lynn, d. Dec. 20, 1991 [not found in 1999; reported by Smith as read from a wooden cross]

Harmon, Henry C., June 15, 1894-Apr. 21, 1989
Harmon, Ruby T., Sept. 6, 1895-____, "mother" footstone [ground disturbance indicates she is buried here

Harmon, Lovie [see Pearson, Lovie Harmon]

Harmon, Sarah, 1866-1945

Harmon, Warren, d. Nov. 7, 1931, "Wife Sarah" [replacement]

Harvey, ______ [not found in 1999; reported by Sniders]

Hillyard, Jimmie, 1888-1957
Hillyard, Maggie, 1888-19__, temporary marker read in 1999, Parham Funeral Home, d. Sept. 16, 1957, "Aged 68 Yrs. 4 Mos. 29 Days"

Hillyard, Lula Mae, Jan. 9, 1914-Aug. 12, 1987, "Wife"
Hillyard, Max F., Dec. 3, 1910-____, "Husband"

Houghton, Dorothy, d. July 11, 1972, "Aged 40 yrs., 2 mos., 13 das." [not found in 1992; reported by Sniders, probably read from a temporary marker]

Houghton, Jimmy Lee, 1930-1984, temporary marker, Peoples Funeral Home, 5 feet north of double marker for Henry C. and Ruby T. Harmon

McClarkin, Haskel, Aug. 10, 1900-Sept. 22, 1986

McCollough, James B., d. July 29, 1981, "0 1 19," temporary marker [numbers probably represent age]

McCollough, James H., d. June 8, 1981, "Aged 0 Years 0 Months 0 Days," temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 1 yard south of marker for William (R. D.) Carter

Parham, Clara A., 1934-1972
Parham, Nathaniel, 1917-____ [from his funeral program it is known that Nathaniel Parham, Nov. 29, 1917-Jan. 22, 1981, is buried in Shiloh National Military Cemetery]

Pearson, Luther, Mar. 7, 1887-Dec. 30, 1943, "Father"
Pearson, Lovie Harmon, Dec. 8, 1895-May 24, 1991, "Mother"

Pearson, Vera [see Sandlin, Vera Pearson]

Phillips, E. J., Feb. 5, 1862-Feb. 26, 1916, "Wife of G. H. Phillips" (broken, fallen)

Phillips, W. A., Apr. 11, 1901-Oct. 18, 1919, "Son of G. H. & F. J. Phillips" (broken)

Priddy, M. E., Mar. 1, 1858-Dec. 22, 1886 [not found in 1999 or 2003; would be in black section based on position in record of the Sniders]

Sandlin, Vera Pearson, Oct. 1, 1897-Dec. 16, 1945

Timberlake, Verdie May, 1915-1985, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, no good reference point, southern most of five or six grave approximately 7 yards east of marker for Elberta White

White, Berry, 1901-1965, temporary marker, 5 feet south of marker for Hazie White

White, Elberta, June 7, 1902-Mar. 10, 1973; also temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, "Mrs. Elberta White"

White, Hazie, July 19, 1906-June 19, 1948, "Husband" footstone

White, ___ce, d. Feb. 8,1936, temporary marker, 3 yards east of double marker for Jimmie and Maggie Hillyard [recorded as H. White by Smith]

Williams, Eligah, Apr. 22, 1890-Mar. 31, 1955
Williams, Bessie, Aug. 31, 1893-____ [ground disturbance indicates she is buried here]

Williams, Eula M., Died Mar. 16, 1973, Aged 60 Yrs., 7 Mos., 21 Das.

Williams, Ruby [see Dickerson, Ruby Williams]

Wilson, S. M., Sept. 9, 1832-Apr. 16, 1914 (broken)

Young, Kate, no dates [not found in 1999; from Sniders; in reporting burials here known from death certificates, Smith notes Catherine Young, d. Oct. 26, 1914, aged about 65 years]


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