Bible Hill Missionary Baptist Church and cemetery are located at the intersection of Rue Hamner Road and Pearson Road in northwestern Henderson County. It is well maintained. About a dozen graves are marker in some way but not identified. A few graves are unmarked. David Donahue recorded this cemetery October 14, 2003.

            Jonathan K. T. Smith recorded this cemetery in 1995. It appears in his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Henderson County, Tennessee. This is referred to as Smith in the notes below. Brenda Fiddler, Bobby Pierce, Frances Tucker, and Bryant Stanford recorded this cemetery in 1976. Their records appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976). This is referred to as Fiddler et al. in notes below.


Barham, Essie, 1895-1989

Carter, Avie, Aug. 8, 1891-Feb. 7, 1989, military marker "Us Army World War I"

Carter, James W., July 4, 1929-Jan. 20, 2002, "Father" footstone
Carter, Alma Lorene, July 20, 1931-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Carter, Willie Leo, 1912-1968, "Mother"

Carter, Wm. Howard, Sr., May 3, 1932-____, unplaced "Daddy" footstone
Carter, Virginia E. Carter, Oct. 7, 1935-____, "unplaced "Wife" footstone, carved rings and "May 16, 1953"; "Children Connie, Cristella, Wm. Howard Jr. and Regina"

Colvin, Gertie, May 24, 1907-Sept. 1, 1982

Crayton, Bernice Hart, July 4, 1916-____ [flowers on grave in October 2003]

Frame, Ezra, 1899-1979

Hart, Alene [see Staton, Alene Hart]

Hart, Aslee, 1921-1995
Hart, Gollie, 1911-1983

Hart, Bernice [see Crayton, Bernice Hart]

Hart, Charlie, Jan. 23, 1920-July 24, 2003, temporary marker, Stephenson-Shaw, 6 feet south of double marker for Lum F. and Geveva P. Hart

Hart, Geneva, Miss, 1917-1980, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary [not found in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

Hart, Hurley, 1905-1983
Hart, Florence, 1915-1991, "Mama" footstone

Hart, Lawton J., July 8, 1918-March 31, 1974, military marker "Tennessee PFC US Army World War II"

Hart, Lonis Ray, Feb. 25, 1947-July 8, 1980, "Brother"

Hart, Lum F., May 20, 1894-Mar. 12, 1980
Hart, Geneva P., Dec. 27, 1893-May 20, 1970

Hart, Marvin Shawn, Dec. 10, 1972-Jan 22, 1976

Hart, Nancy Ann, d. Mar 3, 1972, "Aged 90 yrs., 1 mo. 9 das." [not found in 1995 or 2003; reported by Fiddler et al. who probably read a temporary marker]

Hart, Ollie, d. Died July 3, 1983 Aged 72 Years, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary [not found in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995

Hart, William S., Jan. 2, 1922-Dec. 8, 2000, "Daddy" footstone
Hart, Jessie O., Dec. 22, 1926-Aug. 11, 1998, Mother" footstone, carved rings and "Apr. 19, 1943"; "Our children Joe, Jr., Dessie, Larry, Oneta, Ann, Loyd"

Irving, Mya Rose, 1998-2001, temporary marker, Dilday Funeral Home, no good reference point

Laster, Beatrice, d. Jan. 26, 1974, Aged 73 yrs. 9 mos. 29 das. [not found in 1995 or 2003; reported by Fiddler et al. who probably read a temporary marker, possibly one for Beatrice McClerking]

Maxwell, Jorden E., Apr. 5, 1992-Apr. 5, 1992, temporary marker, Peoples Funeral Home [not found in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995]

McClerking, Algie, 1902-1975
McClerking, Beatrice, 1900-1974 [compare Beatrice Laster]

McClerking, Anthony C., 1960-1989

McClerking, Eddie lee, July 15, 1924-Feb. 24, 1997, temporary marker, Peoples Funeral Home, 2 yards north of double marker for Algie and Beatrice McClerking

McClerking, Mattheus, May 16, 1921-June 3, 2003, temporary marker, Stephenson-Shaw, 5 feet south of marker for Anthony C. McClerking

McCullough, Juge, Jan. 30, 1908-May 27, 1981, "Daddy" footstone
McCullough, Cassie R., Sept. 1, 1910-Feb. 18, 1998, "Mama" footstone
"Our children Helen, Janice, Curtis, Melba, Linda"

McGill, J. P., June 19, 1920-____, unplaced "Husband' footstone
McGill, Virginia C., Nov. 6, 1934-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone

Parker, Ollie Mae, Nov. 30, 1909-June 20, 1976, "Mama" footstone

Parker, Ollie, Mrs., d. June 20, 1976, Aged 66 Years 7 Mo 20 Days [not found in 2003; reported by Smith in 1995, possibly read from a temporary marker

Pearson, Jessie P., Nov. 15, 1902-Jan. 8, 1973, "Papa" footstone
Pearson, Verlie M., Oct. 26, 1902-Aug. 11, 1995, "Mama" footstone

Pearson, Laura Mae, Oct. 20, 1926-July 18, 1991, "Beloved sister"; "Daughter" footstone [probably daughter of Jessie P. and Verlie M. Pearson, whose double marker is adjacent]

Pearson, Laura, 1929-1996, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 3 feet north of double marker for John Lee and Alene Hart Staten

Pritchard, Gladys May, Sept. 5, 1932-____
Pritchard, Charlie W., Mar. 4, 1924-Sept. 14, 1991, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World war II"; "Our children Arthur, Sylvester, Levester and Lesia"

Robinson, Angela, Apr. 1974-June 1974, loose temporary marker, Williams & Rawls Funeral Home, 2 feet north of marker for Ezra Frame

Simmins, Elvin, 1930-1990, "Daddy" footstone
Simmons, Elizabeth, 1933-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Simmons, Vernon, 1916-1979, "Son of Hersey and Lula"

Staton, John Lee, Dec. 5, 1905-Mar. 10, 1973
Staton, Alene Hart, June 4, 1913-May 22, 1986

White, Lorene P., Nov. 17, 1928-Nov. 19, 1992, "Beloved mother" "Her children; Willie, ray, Bobby, Tammie"

White, Willie Bell, Feb. 29, 1920-Mar 17, 2000

Williams, Annie Mae, May 27, 1924-June 29, 2001, "Mother" footstone

Williams, John Ezell, 1906-1991, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 6 yards east of marker for Willie Leo Carter [only name readable in 2003; dates and funeral home as reported by Smith]

Williams, Leona, 1903-1984, "Mama" footstone
Williams, Clifford, 1898-1973, "Daddy" footstone

Williams, Peggy, 1959-2001, temporary marker, Dilday Funeral Home, no good reference point

Williams, Uther Mae, 1910-1989, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 6 yards east of the military marker for Avie Carter

Williams, Willie D., Apr. 10, 1913-June 12, 1993, "Daddy" footstone [a temporary marker from Parham Mortuary, still on the grave in 2003, lists dates 1912-1993]
Williams, Effie C., Sept. 17, 1914-May 17, 1970, "Mama" footstone


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