Adams Cemetery is a small family cemetery at the end of Enochs Lane in Henderson County. Dive north on Highway 22 toward Parkers Crossroads. Turn right on Enochs Lane. Where Enochs Lane seems to split, go left and drive to the cell phone tower at the end of the road.

            David Donahue recorded Adams Cemetery March 3, 2004. Anita Webb and Mrs. Evelyn Robinson recorded Adams Cemetery in 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, Tennessee, 1976), p. 1.


Adams, Annie, d. July 28, 1848, Aged 1 Mo. 29 Da's, "Dau. of D. F. & F. C. T. Adams"

Adams, Freedona W., 1827-1917
Adams, Dock F., 1825-1908

Adams, Herman, 1780-1869, "War of 1812 N.C. Pvt 1st Brigade 4th Regt. 9th Co." [replacement]

Adams, Jasper, d. Feb. 8, 1879, Aged 56 Yrs. 4 Mo 16 dys

Adams, Kezia L. L., d. Feb. 23, 1863, Aged 29 Y'rs 3 Mo's 18 D's, "Wife of Jasper Adams"

Adams, Nannie L., d. July 20, 1867, Aged 3 Mo's. 21 Da's, "Dau. of D. F. & F. C. T. Adams"

Adams, Susan J. E., May 21, 1828-Jan. 31, 1853, "Wife of Jasper Adams" (broken; marker in several fragments which are out of place, about 3-4 yards north of the S.J.E.A. footstone which is still in place; unable to fund fragment with death year; death year listed was reported by Webb and Robinson]

Brewer, Elias N., Dec. 18, 1871-Sept, 21, 1872, "Son of J. H. & Nancy Brewer"


Webb and Robinson noted "8 Sandstone Markers." These probably represented four burials with fieldstones at head and foot positions. These are not in place in 2004 but probably would have been along the eastern fence and one pair would have been for Herman Adams.


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