This is a well maintained cemetery located just off State Highway 114 between Scotts Hill and Bath Springs. This is the unnamed cemetery indicated on the U.S.G.S. Thurman quadrangle (1972) just west of the label for the Red Walnut community. A number of years ago, someone replaced fieldstone and marked unmarked burials with concrete blocks. An exception is two fieldstone-marked graves near the southeast corner of the cemetery.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 27, 1992; checked and updated February 3, 2001; and updated it December 28, 2003. Margarett Alexander and Blanche Tuten recorded Red Walnut Cemetery on November 2, 1976. Their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 494-497. Alexander and Tuten note 69 unmarked graves.


Possible Black Burials

Near the southeast corner of Red Walnut Cemetery are two fieldstone-marked graves off by themselves, are about 20 yards away from any other graves. All other fieldstones were replaced with concrete blocks years ago. It seems likely that these fieldstones represent black burials which were allowed on the periphery of the cemetery.


White Burials

Averett, Beatrice, 1905-1987
Averett, Birdie, 1903-1988, "Married Aug. 8, 1932" "Our children Herman Ruth Newman Marvin"

Averett, Phillip Newman, Feb. 4, 1934-____

Averett, Ruth G., Aug. 4, 1928-____
Averett, W. Herman, Nov. 2, 1924-Aug. 14, 1997, military marker as footstone "William Herman Averett" "S1 US Navy World War II"; "Married Sept. 10, 1943" "Our daughter Gale" "Grandsons Chris Casey Shane Casey" "Great grandchildren Crysten Micha-Caitlan Keith [position implies these to be children of Chris Casey] Chesney Gage Anayson" [position implies these to be children of Shane Casey]

Blackwell, Amie Clark, Dec. 26, 1914-Mar. 9, 1976, "Mother" footstone
Blackwell, Otha Earl, Aug. 8, 1915-June 25, 1996, "Father" footstone

Blackwell, Dianna Jean, Mar. 20, 1970-Mar. 21, 1970, "Dau. of Dennis & Barbara"

Brasher, Grapel Patterson, Nov. 8, 1913-____, "Children Imalee & Lynn" "Grandchildren Sheila Terry"

Brasher, Jessie H., Aug. 30, 1885-Sept. 13, 1900, "Son of J. R. & S. A. Brasher"

Britt, G. W., no dates, military marker "Co. K. 7th Tenn. Cav." (eroded)

Britt, Henry J., 1848-1930 [replacement]

Britt, Hulda M., 1853-1885 [replacement]

Britt, Martha Jane, 1887-1947 [replacement]

Britt, Melrose, Feb. 7, 1917-Nov. 12, 1917 [replacement]

Britt, Nancy M., 1850-1882 (broken) [replacement; adjacent to marker for Henry J. Britt]

Britt, Nancy M., 1850-1882 (broken) [replacement; adjacent to marker for Henry J. Britt]

Britt, Sarah E., 18601-1942
Britt, W. M., 1850-1932 [replacement]

Britt, William P., 1882-1952
Britt, Allie K., 1886-1920

Casey, Chesney Nicole, May 28, 1993-Jan. 19, 1995, "Daughter of Shane and Lacinda Casey"

Casey, Remington Gage, Nov. 5, 1996-Mar. 25, 1997, "Son of Shane and Lacinda Casey" "Brother of Chesney Nicole and Anayston Page"

Clark, Amie [see Blackwell, Amie Clark]

Clark, Anona [see Goodman, Anona Clark

Clark, Billy Lynn, Dec. 17, 1962-Dec. 18, 1962, "Son of Bobby & Lena Clark"

Clark, Carl L., Nov. 4, 1932-Dec. 16, 1976, military marker as footstone "Carl Lee Clark" "PFC US Army Vietnam"

Clark, James Madison, May 23, 1923-July 28, 1989, military marker as footstone "S1 US Navy World War II"
Clark, Violet Clenney, May 26, 1926-____,"Our children Carolyn/John/Jessie" "Our grandsons Wesley/Jim/Chris/Jason/John"

Clark, John Madison, Apr. 22, 1950-June 18, 1977, "Daddy" footstone

Clark, Lena Mae Duck, Aug. 30, 1925-____, Mother of Bobby-Shirley-Peggy/Christine-Kathy-Jerry/Ora-Debbie-Billy Lynn"

Clark, Ora O'Neal, June 24, 1888-May 18, 1956, "Mam" footstone/Clark, Thomas J., Sr., Jan. 21, 1887-Mar. 20, 1949, "Pap" footstone

Clark, Rhee M., July 12, 1914-____/ Clark, Neal, Jan. 15, 1913-Nov. 25, 1977, "Daughter Joan," military marker as footstone "US Army World War II"; on granite slab holding military marker "899th Tank Destroyer Bn"

Clark, T. J., Jr., Nov. 15, 1926-Sept. 2, 1996, "Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army," military marker as footstone "Lt Col US Army World War Ii Korea Vietnam"

Clenney, Jessie Curtis, June 19, 1934-July 13, 2002, "My children Jessie Jr.-Regina-Randy"; military marker as footstone "US Navy Korea"

Clenney, Leona [see Maness, Leona Clenney]

Clenney, Louise Doyle, Feb. 28, 1902-June 26, 1970, "Mother" footstone

Clenney, Ottie L., Nov. 26, 1926-Nov. 7, 1986, "Wife"
Clenney, Earlie K., July 21, 1920-Aug. 27, 1974, "Husband," military marker as footstone "Tec 5 US Army"

Clenney, Violet [see Clark, Violet Clenney]

Cordle, Callie, 1901-1971, "Mother" footstone
Clordle, Noah, 1889-1962

Cordle, Graple, Aug. 11, 1913-Aug. 6, 1919

Cordle, Hazel, Aug. 6, 1935-Mar. 29, 1971

Cresay, Infant, Apr. 20, 1942-Apr. 23, 1942, "Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ack Creasy" [replacement]

Doyle, Louise [see Clenney, Louise Doyle]

Duck, Lena Mae Duck [see Clark, Lena Mae Duck]

Dyer, Michael Gene, Nov. 30, 1962-Mar. 25, 1984, "Mike" footstone, carved basketball and net with "Mike Dyer Class of '81 SHHS"

Ennis, Vivian E., Sept. 20, 1928-____
Ennis, Harrison M., Mar. 3, 1927-Feb. 19, 1996, "Our children Elaine Della Rhonda" "Our grandcjildren Shanna Tyrone Amy Luke Tracy Christiana Martin"

Gathing, Infant, born & died Apr. 10, 1889, "Infant dau. of G. W. Gathing"

Goodman Anona Clark, June 28, 1921-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone/L. O., Jr., Apr. 1, 1922-Apr. 5, 1994, "Daddy" footstone, military marker as footstone "Tec 4 US Army World War II"

Hefner, Hollis, Mar. 7, 1925-Apr. 30, 1997, military marker as footstone "William Hollis Hefner" "S1 US Navy World War II"
Hefner, Imogene, June 16, 1931-____, "Our children Cynthia Charles Marie Don Letha Roger"

Hefner, Roger Dale, July 21, 1962-May 6, 1963

Hoffman, Ida B., 1889-____ [probably a Britt]

Hoosier, T. J., no dates, military marker "Sgt." "Co. K. 7th Tenn. Cav." (eroded) [near southwest corner of cemetery, this marker is identifiable but not readable in 2001]

Ivey, Elmer M., Jan. 13, 1905-June 14, 1906, "Son of G. M. & M. M. Ivey"

Ivey, Maggie, 1876-1968
Ivey, George M., 1879-1917

Ivey, Rosa, 1909-1932

Kelley, Burmer E., 1892-1958, "Mother" footstone
Kelley, Carl W., 1889-1939

Kelley, Ellen, 1885-1922
Kelley, Henry, 1858-1928 [replacement]

Kelley, Infant, d. May 30, 1887, "Age 5 Ds" "Infant son of W. H. & S. E. Kelley" (eroded)

Kelley, Infant, Feb. 14, 1916, "Infant daughter"/Kelley, Alvis V., 1912-1913 [replacement; probably children of Burmer E. and Carl W. Kelley]

Kelley, Jewel, Dec. 10, 1902-Aug. 17, 1978
Kelley, Edd, June 22, 1900-Nov. 30, 1977

Kelley, R. C., d. June 10, 1913, "Age 29 Ys. 10 Ds." "Hunband of M. M. Kelley"

Kelley, Ruble W., 1914-1932 [replacement; probably child of Burmer E. and Carl W. Kelley]

Kelley, Willie C., no dates

Lancaster, Carrie Lee, Jan. 15, 1926-June 29, 1989, "Mother" footstone

Maness, Kimberly Dianne, Jan. 6, 1961-Nov. 22, 1966, "Daughter of C. L. & Leona"

Maness, Leona Clenney, Sept. 19, 1924-Oct. 2, 1996, "Mom-Granny"
Maness, Clyde Lewis, Feb. 4, 1924-Feb. 26, 1978, "Daddy-Paw Paw"1925-1978, military marker as footstone "SFC US Army World War II Korea"; dates on military marker 1925-1978; "Our children-barbara-Sandra-Ronald-Kimberely" "Our grandchildren-Curtis-Bradley-James-Troy-Kristie"

Montgomery, Alice Faye, Jan. 3, 1942-Mar. 23, 1992
Montgomery, Tony J., Jan. 25, 1942-October 12, 2001 [caduceus symbol]; military marker as footstone "LCDR US Navy"; "Our children infant twins/Stephen Anthony/Julie Alicia"

Montgomery, Bon R., Sept. 12, 1905-June 26, 1971, "Son" footstone [probably son of Nora and Henry Montgomery]

Montgomery, Buel Johnson, May 23, 1862-Feb. 16, 1894, "Husband of M. A. Montgomery"

Montgomery, Clara A., Mar. 19, 1891-Jan. 28, 1971, "Mother" footstone
Montgomery, Buel A., Oct. 17, 1891-Feb. 2, 1983, "Father" footstone

Montgomery, Clara C., Nov. 8, 1882-July 28, 1912, "Dau. of J. H. & F. A. Montgomery" (broken, fallen)

Montgomery, Curry, 1891-1915 [replacement]

Montgomery, Evie R., July 6, 1916-Feb. 13, 1994, "Mother"
Montgomery, R. Clifford, Mar. 7, 1914-Oct. 17, 1992, "Father" "Our children two infants/Jessie Sue/Tony" "Our grandchildren Sheila [position implies her to be child of Jessie Sue] Infant twins/Stephen/Julie" [position implies these to be children of Tony]

Montgomery, F. M., Sept. 18, 1866-Mar. 9, 1920, "Son of R. J. Montgomery"

Montgomery, Fannie A., Aug. 31, 1853-Dec. 17, 1930 [replacement; adjacent to marker for J. H. Montgomery; noted as "Wife of J. H. Montgomery" by Alexander and Tuten]

Montgomery, Gertie M., May 21, 1915-June 13, 2003, "Mother" footstone
Montgomery, Gollie A., Feb. 11, 1910-Sept. 5, 1969, "Our family Danny Mary Michael Misty Billy Patsy Kara Kallie," military marker as footstone "Tennessee Sgt 1620 Service Unit World War II"

Montgomery, Granville Lester, June 22, 1885-June 28, 1899, "Son of J. H. & F. A. Montgomery" (broken)

Montgomery, H. F., Aug. 11, 1854-June 18, 1930 (eroded)

Montgomery, Ida Adaline, July 22, 1880-Oct. 13, 1880, "Dau. of J. H. & F. A. Montgomery"

Montgomery, Infant, 1934, "Infant son of Clifford & Evie Montgomery" [replacement]

Montgomery, Infant, 1935, "Infant son of Clifford & Evie Montgomery" [replacement]

Montgomery, Infants, Aug. 20, 1889-Aug. 22, 1889, "Infants of J. H. & F. A. Montgomery"

Montgomery, Infants, Sept. 7, 1964-Sept. 8, 1964, "Twin sons of Dr.-Mrs. Tony Montgomery"

Montgomery, J. H., Apr. 8, 1853-May 12, 1915 (fallen)

Montgomery, J. J., Mar. 20, 1844-Sept. 25, 1925, "Father" (homemade, eroded)

Montgomery, J., 1904 [replacement]

Montgomery, James, Nov. 15, 1919, "Son of Oscar & Euda"
Montgomery, Infant, Aug. 28, 1920, "Infant daughter of Oscar & Euda"

Montgomery, Johnnie Sue, Sept. 6, 1938-Apr. 21, 2001, "Son: Steve Miller" "Step-son: Dwight Montgomery"
Montgomery, Edward, Oct. 15, 1918-____, "Son: Dwight Montgomery" "Step-son: Steve Miller"

Montgomery, Lela, Apr. 26, 1916-June 26, 1975 [possibly daughter of Nora and Henry Montgomery]

Montgomery, Lesly O., Dec. 1, 1913-Mar. 13, 1914, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Curry Montgomery"

Montgomery, M. A., Aug. 20, 1859-Nov. 15, 1931, "Wife of R. J. Montgomery"

Montgomery, M. A., d. Sept. 26, 1914, "Age 50 ys, 8 mos, 3 ds" "Daughter of R. J. & M. A. Montgomery"

Montgomery, Margaret A., June 29, 1836-Apr. 7, 1884, "Wife of R. J. Montgomery"

Montgomery, Mary Ann, May 23, 1864-Feb. 17, 1892, "Wife of B. J. Montgomery"

Montgomery, Mary C., Aug./261957-____
Montgomery, Danny L., Dec. 8, 1950-May 28, 1997, "Wed Apr. 21, 1973" "Children Michael L. Misty C."

Montgomery, Mary Lee, 1876-1945, "Mother" footstone

Montgomery, Mary M., Oct. 24, 1821-May 19, 1900, "Wife of Hugh O. Montgomery" (eroded)

Montgomery, Maude M., May 11, 1891-Feb. 12, 1967, "Mother" foostone
Montgomery, Jess H., Jan. 23, 1889-July 14, 1970, "Father" foostone

Montgomery, Nora, May 6, 1879-Dec. 16, 1942, "Mom" foostone
Montgomery, Henry, Jan. 27, 1872-Mar. 8, 1942, "Daddy" footstone

Montgomery, Oda H., Sept. 27, 1910-Aug. 28, 1990, "Sister" footstone

Montgomery, Orville W., 1909-1988, "Son" footstone [son of Mary Lee Montgomery, whose grave is adjacent]

Montgomery, Otto L., July 30, 1909-Nov. 23, 1958, military marker as footstone "Tennessee PFC US Army World War II" [probably son of Nora and Henry Montgomery]

Montgomery, Oval M., Dec. 11, 1906-Jan. 17, 1909, "Dau. of R. N. & W. Z. Montgomery"

Montgomery, Pearlie, 1902-1981
Montgomery, Marion J., 1872-1965
Montgomery, Alice, 1882-1919

Montgomery, Reba A., Jan. 10, 1918-Nov. 16, 2000, "Mama" footstone
Montgomery, Jayhue, Dec. 22, 1910-Apr. 28, 2002, "Daddy" footstone

Montgomery, Reba, 1918-2000, temporary marker, Parsons Mortuary, 4 yards west southwest of marker for R. W. Patterson

Montgomery, Robert J., Aug. 22, 1840-Mar. 7, 1920

Montgomery, Robert J., Sept. 14, 1854-May 1, 1900 (eroded)

Montgomery, Rosa D., Aug. 12, 1876-Nov. 11, 1956

Montgomery, Ruth N., Feb. 17, 1923-Feb. 2, 1994, "Sister" footstone

Montgomery, S. M., Mar. 9, 1841-Aug. 5, 1911, "Mother" (homemade, eroded) [adjacent to marker for J. J. Montgomery; this marker including both dates could be read early on a sunny December afternoon but could not be read completely in 1991 or 2001; dates typed here are actually those reported by Alexander and Tuten]

Montgomery, Sara A., 1866-1959

Montgomery, Tennie, 1872-1900
Montgomery, L. L., 1869-1929 [replacement]

Montgomery, Violet, Mar. 18, 1919-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone, "My daughter Shirley"
Montgomery, Carmon, Nov. 24, 1915-Aug. 10, 1995, "My children Tommy, Debra, Ronnie," military marker as footstone "Carmon A. Montgomery" "Tec 5 US Army World War II Purple Hearc 1 OLC"

Montgomery, W. R., 1924-1987, military marker "S1 US Navy"

Montgomery, Willie Zelma, June 24, 1890-June 20, 1978, "Mama" footstone
Montgomery, Robert Nelson, Nov. 9, 1884-Nov. 23, 1967, "Daddy" footstone

Newman, Alafa, Sept. 18, 1925-Oct. 1, 1925, "Dau. of M. B. & M. F. Newman" [Alexander and Tuten identify her as one of "twins born to M. F. Newman and his second wife Martha Bartholomew Newman"]

Newman, Anna, 1878-1917, "Mother" footstone [called Tory Anna in by Alexander and Tuten]
Newman, Mat F., 1871-1957, "Father" footstone [Alexander and Tuten reported his death date as Oct. 4, 1957]

Newman, B. S., Sept. 7, 1833-Nov. 29, 1919, "Capt." "Cheatham's Div 51 Tenn Co E C.S.A." "Father"; military marker as footstone "Capt Co I 52 Regt Tenn Inf Confederate States Army"
Newman, Lucy A., Dec. 20, 1835-Dec. 3, 1921, "Mother"

Newman, Dewey, Apr. 22, 1901-Jan. 7, 1919, "Son of M. F. & T. A. Newman"

Newman, Infant, d. 1904, "Infant son of M. F. & Anna Newman"

Newman, Infant, d. Sept. 18, 1897, "Infant son of M. F. & Anna Newman"

Newman, Ruth M., Sept. 18, 1925-Oct. 6, 1925, "Dau. of M. B. & M. F. Newman" [Alexander and Tuten identify as one of "twins born to M. F. Newman and his second wife Martha Bartholomew Newman"]

Patterson, Ella, 1877-1903 [replacement; adjacent marker for to W. C. Patterson]

Patterson, Goldie, 1900-1901 [replacement; probably daughter of W. C. and Ella Patterson]

Patterson, Grapel [see Brasher, Grapel Patterson]

Patterson, Hazel, Oct. 27, 1914-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone
Patterson, Finis, Jan. 31, 1911-____, unplaced "Dad" footstone, "Married Oct. 30, 1932" "Our children Larry-Joyce-Patty-Bennie"

Patterson, I. M., d. Nov. 25, 1911, Aged 67 Ys, 2 Ms, 9 Ds" "Husband of Margaret J. Patterson"

Patterson, Infant, 1906, "Infant son of V. P. & M. N. Patterson" [replacement]

Patterson, Johnie L., July 23, 1875-Aug. 12, 1886, "Son of I. M. & M. J. Patterson"

Patterson, Johnny, 1897-1899 [replacement; probably son of W. C. & Ella Patterson]

Patterson, Larry Martin, July 21, 1936-July 29, 1993 "Jimmy, Timmy, Dwight, Amanda" "Grandchildren Joey Shawn Wendy Nathan Jessica Felecia"

Patterson, Lois, 1908-1990
Patterson, Ernest, 1907-1981

Patterson, Margaret J., Nov. 9, 1849-Aug. 18, 1929, "Wife of I. M. Patterson"

Patterson, Margaret, 1886-1945
Patterson, Vester, 1882-1972

Patterson, R. W., June 27, 1884-Apr. 17, 1928 (broken)

Patterson, W. C., 1872-1933 [replacement]

Pratt, Roxie, 1894-1962
Pratt, John, 1882-1958

Roach, E. L., July 16, 1907-Jan. 19, 1928, "Wife of J. A. Roach"

Roach, Elcie, Sept. 28, 1912-Nov. 24, 1913

Roach, Genevea, Feb. 28, 1928-Nov. 30, 1930, "Dau. of J. A.-Elvie" [replacement]

Roach, Jane, d. 1907 [replacement]

Roach, Nina, d. 1913
Roach, Adsbery, d, 1912 [replacement]

Roach, W. C., Sept. 28, 1875-Aug. 6, 1954
Roach, Dora, Apr. 25, 1879-Feb. 20, 1925

Tuten, James W., Jr., Jan. 16, 1888-Nov. 3, 1898, "Son of J. W. & M. J. Tuten"

White, Jessie Sue, Sept. 8, 1936-____
White, Bobby Joe, Mar. 22, 1935-Sept. 21, 1998, "Family Record: Bobby Joe son of W. Herman and Clara M. Jackson White. Jessie Sue daughter of R. Clifford and Evie R. Morgan Montgomery. United in marriage June 12, 1954. Our beloved daughter Sheila Sue."


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