(of Those Persons Born Up To and Including the Year 1822)

By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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January 6, 1884

Reverend G. W. NOLLEY, Virginia Conference, died December 8, 1883 in his 80th year of age.

DILLANY D. ANDREWS widow of Hezekiah Andrews, born Randolph Co., North Carolina, February 13, 1797; granddaughter of Capt. Britain Fuller, veteran of the Revolutionary War; died recently.

MARY BROWDER daughter of Elias and Margaret Smith, born Muhlenburg Co., Kentucky, December 13, 1806; married David Browder, September 2, 1827; moved to Fulton Co., Kentucky; died June 3, 1883.

SARAH A. BRYANT born North Carolina, June 14, 1813; died Smithville, Tenn., December 4, 1883.


January 12, 1884

LARKIN ANDERSON born Franklin Co., Tennessee, March 10, 1807; married Eleanor Emmerson, October 18, 1832; died November 29, 1883. "He was strictly a peaceable man in his family and in the neighborhood."

NANCY MEADOW, nee Rhoades, born Smith Co., Tennessee, September 1, 1812; married Joseph Meadow, November 15, 1827; she died recently.

Died, at his residence in Madison County, Tenn., July 25, 1883, P.P. TRANSOU. He was born in Stokes county, N. C., July 14, 1817; was the eldest son of Peter and Ann Transou; emigrated to Madison county, and married Mary Jeffreys in 1840. When quite young he began to serve the Lord, uniting himself with the Methodist Church, where he lived a faithful and consistent member until called to come up higher. He was faithful in his vows to the Church, acting as steward for quite a number of years; punctual in attendance, and liberal in supporting its institutions. He has gone to enjoy the companionship of his sainted wife, but leaves a devoted son, and brother and sister, together with a large circle of relatives and friends, to mourn their loss; but we mourn not as those who have no hope, for we have the sweet assurance that our loss is his gain. He spoke often of death during his protracted illness, and seemed to look forward to it as a sweet rest, but would often say he was willing to suffer the Lord's will, which he did with patient resignation and Christian fortitude. His religion was his support and joy in sickness, and his only comfort in death. A kind Christian neighbor, a true husband, and loving father is now standing on the other shore, "watching and waiting" for loved ones; and may we all continue to imitate his noble and worthy example, until we meet beyond the river.

E. T.

Reverend C. W. PRICE born Buckingham Co., Virginia, July 22, 1817; moved to Lawrence Co., Alabama when young; married Mary F. Moore, October 4, 1836; moved to Morgan Co., Ala. in 1838 where he died October 23, 1883; one son was killed in Civil War.


January 19, 1884

SALLIE PRICE HAMMERLY, nee Price born North Caro1ina, December 19, 1800; moved to middle Tennessee, then to Athens, Ala. in 1824; married John Hammerly, September 29, 1825; died Athens, Ala., Nov. 11, 1883.

MARGARET S. EDWARDS born Feb. 2, 1814; Apri1 8, 1883.

ELIZABETH SPENCE, nee Gray, born October 1804, Pasquotank Co., North Carolina; married Levi Spence April 28 1824; moved to west Tennessee in 1831, then to McCrackin Co., Kentucky in 1840; he died in 1843; she died recently.

JOHN H . DUNN born August 14 1820; died Madison Co., Ala., November 24, 1883.

WILLIAM H. PAGE born North Carolina, Sept. 29, 1814; died Yallobusha Co., Miss., Nov. 20, 1883; married Christiana Page, Feb. 17, 1831. She was born December 9, 1815; died November 24, 1883.

Tribute of Respect for DAVID K. TIMBERLAKE, born North Carolina, May 4, 1801; died December 18, 1883; by Quarterly Conference, Cokesbury Circuit, Tennessee Conference, dated December 22, 1883.

WILLIE RAINS daughter of Thomas and Mary Warmoth, born North Carolina, Feb. 8, 1810; married W. H. Rains, August 18, 1854; died December 8, 1883.

MARY E. DUNN born April 20, 1810; died November 22, 1883; lived in Memphis for years but two years ago moved to Little Rock, Arkansas where she died.

CATHERINE STREET, oldest member of McClure's Chapel, born Rutherford Co., North Carolina, January 15, 1790; died recently in her 97th year of age; moved to Union Co., Ky. in 1820 where she had lived except for 2-3 years in Illinois.

Major JOHN LUCIEN BROWN born Clark Co., Georgia, March 29, 1800; died near Nashville, Tenn., January 9, 1884; son of Colonel Bedford Brown of Virginia and, the branch of the family that lived in Caswell Co., North Carolina; his mother was Sarah, daughter of Colonel William Trigg; married (1) Jane Baird Weakley, daughter of Col. Robert Weakley, January 20, 1824; she died in 1845 leaving him with children Robert Weakley, Sallie J. and Narcissa; soldier in Mexican War; married (2) Mrs. Mary Hadley; he went to the Gold Rush in California.


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January 26, 1884

RICHARD ROBERTS born February 27, 1804; died DeKalb Co, Alabama, December 10, 1883; a resolution of respect in his memory by a Quarterly Conference, undated.

NANCY B. JENKINS born Granville Co., North Carolina, July 13, 1822; married Pressley Roberts, July 19, 1842; joined Methodist Church in June 1833; died September 14, 1883.

ELIZABETH DAVISON died October 24, 1883 aged 72 years in the residence of her son-in-law, Henry R. Dean. Three children, Edward of Ohio County; Samuel D., Breckinridge County; Mrs. Margaret Ann Dean.

MARTHA A. SYKES born Murfreesborough, North Carolina, December 10, 1810; died October 21, 1883; married Rev. J. R. Sykes; burial beside her husband in Madison Co., Tennessee.

CHARLES BLACKNALL born Granville Co., North Carolina, October 5, 1807; died Clark Co., Arkansas, November 8, 1883; married (1) Martha Robinson; eight children, two surviving him; (2) Eliza Edmonson (died 1878).

HENRIETTA FAUCETT DAVIS born North Carolina, December 22, 1797; moved to Davidson Co., Tennessee in 1813; married David Davis, June 24, 1824; died August 18, 1883.

BALISS HOUSE born Bertie Co., North Carolina, April 26, 1796; died Sumner Co., Tennessee, October 7, 1883; moved to Sumner County when he was five years old, with his parents and five brothers.


February 2, 1884

BUFORD ANDERSON ROZELL born November 17, 1810; died at residence of his brother, Rev. Ashley B. Rozell, Williamson Co., Tenn., December 9, 1883; son of Solomon Rozell who died near Memphis, Tenn.; two brothers, A. B. and Claiborne were Methodist preachers.

ALMIRA JANE JOHNSEY, nee Paris, born Washington Co., Kentucky, March 28, 1816; married Stephen Johnsey, September 11, 1832; died November 18, 1883.

FRANCES W. WOODSON second daughter of Shadrach and Elizabeth Hunt, born Wake Co., North Carolina, 1798 and moved when young to Robertson Co., Tenn. and married H. H. Woodson, 1825; moved to Madison Co., Tenn. in 1857 where she died October 27, 1881.

WILLIAM DIXON CARNELL born Pearson /Person/ Co., North Carolina, February 14, 1800; died near Waverly, Tennessee, September 20, 1883.


February 9, 1884

Rev. ISAAC WHICHER, Denver Conference, died recently aged 77 years.

JAMES PALMER born April 18, 1799; died February 2, 1884; lived and died in the same county, in Richmond Co., Georgia; married Mary Collins, August 4, 1824; eleven children.

A memoir written by his son, L. D. Palmer of Nashville.

JAMES T. ATKINS born October 29, 1818; died January 8, 1884; freemason.


February 16, 1884

BETHENY ADALINE WILLIAMS wife of Rev. Wilson Williams, No. Ala. Conference, born Jasper Co., Georgia, November 25, 1823; died Morgan Co., Ala., January 4, 1884; married April 16, 1840.


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JESTON H. ATTEBERY, born Hart Co., Kentucky, March 17, 1820; moved with parents, Michael and Ruth Attebery, to Graves Co., Ky. and about two years later to now-Fulton Co., Ky. where he died November 8, 1883; married Lucy Ann Haynes, October 14, 1846.

ALICE MARTIN born November 27, 1815; died December 27, 1883; married Elejius T. Martin, November 26, 1840.

SAMUEL E. BURGER born in east Tennessee, July 27, 1802; married Hannah B. Hicks, January 24, 1830; died Cannon Co., Tennessee, December 14, 1883.

STEWART D. WILLIAMS born June 9, 1806; died December 2, 1883; married Emily Ambrose; eleven children.

Captain JOHN F. GRIFFIN born Adams Co., Mississippi, March 7, 1801; died Lamar Co., Texas, December 30, 1883; married (1) Sarah Williams and in 1857 moved to Texas where she died; (2) Mrs. Nancy J. Richards, 1860; father of twelve children.

MOSES KLINGLESMITH born Nelson Co., Kentucky, December 29, 1809; died recently; married Elizabeth Willyard, November 20, 1835.

Mrs. D. J. ALLEN, nee Allison, born Marion, South Carolina, 1809; married Rev. D. J. Allen, 1832; died January 17, 1884.


February 23, 1884

No obituaries were published in this issue.


March 1, 1884

MARTHA A. MOURNING, nee Callison, born Adair Co., Ky., March 2, 1828; married Judge J. D. Mourning, March 4, 1847; six children; died December 6, 1883.

ELIZABETH RAGLAND wife of Hon. F. B. Ragland of Brownsville, Tennessee, born Chatham Co., North Carolina, March 25, 1815; died January 7, 1884 in the residence of her son-in-law, Dr. Samuel Chester, Jackson, Tenn.; married Oct. 30, 1833; moved to Madison Co., Tenn. in 1835 and in 1848 moved to Dancyville, Tenn. area; in 1871 moved to Brownsville, Tenn. One son, Thomas F Lieutenant in Capt. Erby's company, 9th Tenn. Regiment, CSA, was killed at Chickamauga; another son died in 1871. Burial in Dancyville, Tennessee.

J. HARVEY CECIL born Washington Co., Virginia, 1812; moved to Tenn. in 1843; died December 23, 1883; married Julia E. Ingram in 1847.


March 8, 1884

P. M. BURT, nee Williams, widow of Dr. W. S. Burt, born Northampton Co., North Carolina, February 12, 1803; married in 1823; moved to Tenn. in 1833; died Fayette Co., Tennessee, January 14, 1884.

M. E. REID, nearly 60 years old, died Nov. 22, 1883 near Trenton, Tennessee.

NANCY STOLLING born February 8, 1801; married January 15, 1822; died Jan. 31, 1884; six children.

Mrs. ELIZABETH WOODS, nee Cooper, born February 27, 1805; died August 18, 1883.

FRANCES ANN ATKINS, nee Lumsden, wife of John L. Atkins, born Louisa Co., Virginia, September 25, 1809; married in Todd Co., Ky. November 12, 1846; died near Elkton, Kentucky, January 8, 1884; three sons.


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MELISSA F. HAZLEWOOD born Halifax Co., North Carolina, January 6, 1818; died Fayette Co., Tenn., January 2, 1884 at residence of her brother, William Smith.

CHISLOM MAULDIN son of Hiram and Elizabeth Mauldin born Elbert Co., Ga., March 15, 1810; married (1) Narcissus Barbee, October 1, 1833; (2) Letitia H. Reaves; died November 30, 1883.

MARY D. DENNIS born McLean Co., Ky., January 20, 1825; married James M. Dennis November 2, 1847; died January 25, 1884.

APPHIA C. GOSLEE daughter of Elliot and Elizabeth Woolfolk, born March 12, 1799; died November 9, 1883; married Dr. James Goslee, May 8, 1823; two children, Dr. Goslee and Mrs. Charles Scott.

D. M. CAMPBELL born North Carolina, April 11, 1812; married C. E. Marion, June 18, 1840; died November 21, 1883.


March 15, 1884

FRANCES COLEMAN died July 21, 1883 aged 81 years and 6 months old.

MARGARET R. ASHER, nee Crawford, born Sumter Co., South Carolina, October 6, 1801; married (1) Cason Scott, January 15, 1818; he died in Louisiana, Oct. 13, 1831; (2) William Alexander, 1842; (3) Mr. Asher (died 1878); she died in Texas, October 3, 1883 in residence of daughter, Mrs. M. E. Moore.

FRANCES WILLIAMS, nee Slatton, born South Carolina, 1769; died in Kentucky, August 8, 1883; married John Williams (died at age 103 years) ; thirteen children.

ELIZABETH SPENCE born Ire1and, November 14, 1813; daughter of Richard Spence who came to the United States in 1820 and settled in Rutherford Co., Tenn.; married John C. Spence, 1834; died January 13, 1884.


March 22, 1884

SALLIE HEARN died February 3, 1884 in her 76th year of age.

THOMAS BELL fourth son of John and Sarah Bell, born Anson Co., North Carolina, October 15, 1796; died near Waterford, Miss., July 4, 1882; married (1) Elizabeth Russell, 1820; (2) S. A. Combs, October 25, 1868.


March 22, 1884

LAVINIA STOVALL CRITZ, nee Person, born Patrick Co., Virginia, July 11, 1812; died Birmingham, Ala., January 2, 1884; married Ashley Critz (died August 21, 1882), May 1831; eight sons, four daughters. She died in residence of her daughter, Mrs. Jesse A. Yates.

EDWIN FLETCHER KIRK born April 4, 1809; married (1) Mary Patton, 1835; (2) Susan I. Ewing, 1853; died Bedford Co., Tenn., November 22, 1883.

F. R. SALE widow of W. H. Sale, daughter of John R. and Frances Harris, Limestone Co., Alabama; died Madison Co., Ala., January 5, 1884 aged 71 years.

SUSAN INLIN KIRK born May 10, 1817; married (1) Leeper Ewing (died 1851), 1838; (2) Edwin F. Kirk, 1853; died recently.

WILLIAM HENRY NANCE son of James W. and Martha J. Nance, born at residence of his grandfather Hunt in Maury Co., Tenn., April 21, 1817; married Lou C. Rodgers, January 8, 1872; died February 8, 1884.


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Reverend JAMES MADISON MOORE, a retired minister of Louisville, Ky., died January 20, 1884 in his 75th year of age; married Catharine Shockey, December 1, 1829; twelve children.

FRANCES M. HINSON born Orange Co., North Carolina, November 22, 1811; died Fayette Co., Tenn. /date not given/.


March 29, 1884

A memoir written by SARAH BURUS:
Mr. Editor: In reading "Dr. McFerrin's Centenary Memories" my mind ran back to the first camp-meeting I attended. My heart glowed with joy, and, from some cause, I know not what, I felt a strong desire to write, though incompetent. My father died at the first settling of North Alabama in 1838. I was thirteen years old, and had very little advantages of schools. I learned to read and write. We were living in North Alabama. On the opposite side of Chatooga river there was a camp-ground called Grey's Camp-ground. I have lost the exact date, but forty years ago, or near it, two of my brothers put in some provision with other families and all tented together. These two brothers, my youngest sister, and myself went to the camp-meeting. Since then and now there have been many and varied changes. But amid all these changes some early incidents and experiences remain as vivid in my memory as if they had transpired yesterday. One is the principal preacher at the camp-meeting. He was rather small, with dark skin, and black hair, and I think his name was Evans. When he would preach the holy fire would burn in the hearts of the good old folks. The brothers would laugh, and the Amens would be heard.

My oldest brother, William, was a seeker of religion. He did not profess during the meeting. What was best and most lasting with me was my own experience. After the 11-o'clock service they had taken me to the tent where we were staying in an almost unconscious state. When the Lord spoke peace to my soul the light came. I was soon shouting aloud, and praising the Lord. Some were shouting in the tent. Many people had gathered round the tent-door. Some climbed up on the tent, as it was made with poles. The lady of the tent tried to get me to eat something; I could not-I was feasting on heavenly manna. My youngest sister, Elizabeth, professed Monday night. A young lady, Polly Ann Bell, if I mistake not, dressed in black silk in mourning for her mother, had professed. She, my youngest sister, and myself sat on the same seat side by side. We were exceedingly happy. So many shouts were heard at that meeting! It seemed in those days people went to meeting to preach and pray. Shouting and praising the Lord was no disgrace.

Some years after this those two brothers joined in tenting with an old local preacher by the name of Rayburn, at Mudd Creek Camp ground, where we had good times. One night during service this youngest sister received such a blessing that she lay as dead until next morning. There was rejoicing in the tent all night. At daylight she rose shouting. O, what happy times! When we get to heaven from this world of toil and suffering, and see Jesus as he is, will we be any happier? What a blessed hope is ours!

John McGhee, my father, if he were living, would be 88 years old. Solomon McGhee, his brother, and now living in Perry county, Ark., must be 80 or 90 years old. He is a living witness of the night above referred to, and he shared in the joy.

In the year 1860 my husband died, and left me a widow with five children to raise. My oldest was 13. I have much to thank God for. All my children have professed religion while young. Feb. 14, 1884, I was 50 nine years old, and have had only two spells of sickness to be waited on; can work, and can walk two miles visiting.

I am a full-blooded Methodist. Before my conviction I did join a little in worldly amusements. Ever after my conviction I refused all participation in these worldly pleasures. I have had no desire to do so, but felt it to be wrong. I think no member of the Church should. I have steadily looked heavenward for joy. To me the joy that cometh down from above is of more value and is more precious than all this world can give.

Prairie Grove, Ark., March 1, 1884


Apri1 5, 1884

JULIA G. CAGE, nee Franklin, born July 7, 1816; married William Cage, May 15, 1834; six children; twenty-seven grandchildren; no death date given.

ELIZABETH SPENCE, nee Gray, born Pasquotank Co., North Carolina, October 1804; died McCracken Co., Kentucky, November 28, 1883; married Levi Spence (died 1843), April 28, 1824; moved to west Tenn. in 1831 and to McCracken Co. in 1840; resided a long time with her daughter, Lizzie Wyatt.

WILLIAM R. BROWN born Williamson Co., Tennessee, November 20, 1808; died Franklin, Tennessee, November 4, 1881; married Mary F. Roberts, Dec. 1, 1828; twelve children.

BURREL G. CHOWNING born December 4, 1815; died Clay Co., Tenn., Feb. 8, 1883.


April 12, 1884

Mrs. AMANDA F. LONG born Hardin Co., Kentucky, January 9, 1819; died May 20, 1883.

THOMAS A. JOHNSTON born Union District, South Carolina, December 16, 1822; moved to Fayette Co., Tenn. in 1837; died January 19, 1884; married (1) Mary Humphreys, Jan. 20, 1850; (2) Nancy B. Applebury, July 20, 1854; (3) Mildred Applebury, September 22, 1862; five children.


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April 19, 1884

ALEXANDER MITCHELL born Gloucester Co., Virginia, April 13, 1807; married Julia Brown, 1834; joined Methodist Church in 1856; moved to Howard Co., Missouri in 1846; died Fayette, March 5, 1884.

LEWIS WARLIE REINHARDT born North Carolina, 1804; died Cherokee Co., Ga., February 10, 1884; his ancestors were from Germany; married Jane Harbin; moved to Cherokee Co., Ga. in 1833; his only living son was H. M. Reinhardt.

Mrs. HANNAH MOORE born Belper, Derbyshire, England, February 1828; died Larned, Kansas, January 18, 1884.

Colonel E. W. RAINES born Brunswick Co., Virginia, August l5, 1809; died Trenton, Tennessee, February 6, 1884; moved with father, Major John H. Raines, to Rutherford Co., Tenn. when he was four years old; moved to Gibson Co., Tenn. in April 1825; married Elizabeth Latta, November 4, 1828; joined the Methodist Church at Olive Branch, seven miles west of Trenton, Tennessee.

ELIZABETH BOSLEY, nee Durham, born April 1813; died February 28, 1884; sister of Judge Durham, an ex-Congressman; married (1) Mr. Wilson, five children; (2) John Bosley.

Dr. ROBERT NATHANIEL KIRK born Lancaster District, South Carolina, February 6, 1820; died November 9, 1883.


Apri1 26, 1884

S. M. SPOONER born Fauquier Co., Virginia, August 4, 1810; died Gonzales, Texas, January 15, 1884; only living daughter was Mrs. S. S. Balding, wife of William, in whose residence she died.

MALVINA HOLLAND born White Co., Tennessee, December 10, 1821; married Jesse L. Holland, 1840; moved to Madison Co., Ark. in 1854; died January 11, 1884.

ELIZABETH WHITAKER wife of Rev. Lewis Whitaker, born North Carolina, 1798; died Cumberland Co., Tennessee, February 1883.

BRYANT DURHAM born July 23, 1822; died Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Jan. 23, 1884.

ELIZABETH GEORGE born Chatham Co., North Carolina, October 12, 1804; moved to Monroe Co., Miss. in 1840; died at residence of her son, John George, February 18, 1884.


May 3, 1884

MARY JANE ELIZABETH GILLUM, nee Estes, born Albemarle Co., Virginia, May 31, 1808; married Charles W. Gillum (died March 24, 1878) and moved to Lincoln Co., Miss. in 1836; died July 27, 1883.

Dr. ALBERT H. JONES died Florence, Alabama, February 8, 1884 aged 62 years.

Dr. ALGERNON SYDNEY WALKER born Jessamine Co., Kentucky, January 4, 1811; died Allen Co., Kentucky, January 28, 1884; graduate, Transylvania University, 1832; married Malvina M. McReynolds, September 11, 1832.

Reverend S. H. D. DUNCAN born December 1, 1817; died Dec. 8, 1883; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church 1857; ordained deacon 1866; moved to Humphreys Co., Tenn. in 1870.

HENRY BICKERSTAFF born June 16, 1799; died March 11, 1884. CYNTHIA BICKERSTAFF born November 21, 1800; died March 13, 1884; they were married July 20, 1820. "They went home to God together."

MARY. L. ATWOOD, nee Cartwright, born June 9, 1822; died Hardin Co., Ky., March 17, 1884; married Charles Atwood, January 1, 1840.


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JOHN GRIFFIN born Moore Co., North Carolina, October 17, 1803; moved to Christian Co., Kentucky; married (1) Maria Blanton, September 16, 1826; six children; (2) Sallie T. Bell, September 3, 1843 and moved to McCracken Co., Ky.; one daughter.

NANCY BOBO born Spartanburg District, South Carolina, September 15, 1806; daughter of Humphrey and Sarah Yarbrough; married Louis Bobo, April 6, 1825; moved to Fayette Co., Alabama in 1844; she died February 7, 1884.

PETER F. WATERFIELD born Amherst Co., Virginia, August 14, 1807; died Dec. 26, 1883.

ANN McDOUGAL born Williamson Co., Tennessee, May 9, 1817; married John McDougal, June 14, 1837; six children; joined Methodist Church in 1833; died March 10, 1884.

WILLIAM L. CONANT born Laurens District, South Carolina, September 1, 1801; died February 23, 1884.

SARAH STRICKLER, nee Gott, born east Tennessee, August 7, 1800; married Jacob Strickler, 1836; moved to Ill. in 1857; died at residence of daughter, Mary Moore, February 21, 1884.


May 10, 1884

"Aunt Jinny" MURPHREE born Spartanburg District, South Carolina, May 22, 1805; moved to Pickens Co., S.C. at age of 5 years; married Ellis Murphree, January 2, 1825; moved to Alabama in 1834; three sons, seven daughters, sixty-nine grandchildren, twenty-seven great-grandchildren.

JAMES MAY born Nelson Co., Kentucky, January 17, 1807; married Frances Thomason, April 1831; died January 25, 1884.

WILLIAM HARRISON LOVELL son of John Monroe Lovell, who moved to Tenn. in 1800 and married Susan Pack; born May l4, 1810, Davidson Co., Tennessee; married Loruhama Hows, April 4, 1833; died February 4, 1884; six children.

SUSAN WEBB born Guilford Co., North Carolina, December 10, 1823; married Andrew S. Flack, January 28, 1842; moved to Carroll Co., Tenn. in 1850; died Memphis, Tenn., March 7, 1884.

JOSEPH B. MORRIS born Rutherford Co., North Carolina, March 26, 1800; died Calhoun Co., Miss. October 4, 1883; a licensed Methodist preacher.


May 17, 1884

JOYNER BAILEY born North Carolina, March 8, 1825; died March 1884, Crockett Co., Tennessee.

ALFRED G. WILLIAMS son of John and Sarah Williams, born Montgomery Co., North Carolina, January 14, 1805; married Mary Williams, 1829; died Lee Co., Miss., March 13, 1884.

LUCINDA BROWN, nee KILLGORE, born Marion Co., Tennessee, March 20, 1820; died March 21, 1884; married (1) Carter Scruggs (died Feb. 1, 1866); (2) Green Brown, September 1872; mother of eight children by Scruggs marriage.

SARAH A. WILSON born Sumner Co., Tennessee, December 8, 1813; moved to Yazoo Co., Miss. in 1832; to Shelby Co., Tenn. in 1834 where she married William H. Young, December 6, 1836 and moved to Miss. a few years later; died Feb. 28, 1884.

MAHALA A. SPENCE born Feb. 28, 1819; married (1) Mr. Go1men; (2) W. Spence; died March 2, 1884.


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Dr. M. F. ADAMSON, graduate Transylvania University; died Maysville, Kentucky, March 12, 1884 in his 70th year of age; left widow and eight children.

REBECCA YANCY MOORE born Granville Co., North Carolina, July 7, 1799; at age 14 moved to Gibson Co., Tenn.; died September 2, 1883.

LATHAM COOPER born New York, December 9, 1820; died January 29, 1884 at residence of son-in-law, Colonel W. L. Butler in Hamburg, Arkansas.


May 24, 1884

DAVID ROACH born November 4, 1813; died March 21, 1884.

JOSIAH FERRISS born Patrick Co., Virginia, November 9, 1800; died December 30, 1883.

HENRY CAMRON born February 3, 1796; died Smithville, Tenn., February 21, 1884.

Reverend D. H. TIMBERLAKE born North Carolina, May 4, 1801; died Snow Creek, Tennessee, December 18, 1883; moved to Tenn. in 1820; married Jane Hubbard, December 9, 1823; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1824. A son, the Rev. John W. Timberlake.

Rev. JAMES H. MEADOWS born April 18, 1813; died Athens, Ala., March 13, 1884.

JOHN W. RUTLAND born Bertie Co., North Carolina, November 9, 1808; moved to now-Colbert Co., Alabama in 1831; married (1) Margaret Barton, August 22, 1833; (2) Mrs. H. M. Carloss, May 7, 1861; died Colbert Co., Ala., Jan. 25, 1884.

R. S. ROADMAN son of W. C. and Sarah Roadman, born Newport, Tennessee, Apri1 22 1822; married (1) Susan Winiford (died July 17, 1862), November 9, 1843; (2) Anne Trigg, Ju1y 17, 1862; died Washington Co., Virginia, March 12, 1884.


May 31, 1884

JACOB HARMAN born January 1803; died March 6, 1884. Ca1houn Co., Miss.

REUBEN B. BASS born Rockingham Co., North Caro1ina, November 13, 1816; died Corinth, Miss., January 4, 1884; married (1) Mary Mathews (died 1843), 1837; (2) E1vira J. Mu1lins, 1845; four children with first wife, five with second.

ELIZA KIRK died Rutherford Co., Tennessee, February 9, 1884 in her 79th year of age.

JEANNETTE IRVIN born Iredell Co., North Carolina, May 11, 1799; died Nevada Co., Arkansas, March 10, 1884.

Mrs. G. T. HINSON born in Georgia, January 5, 1806; died Fayette Co., Tenn., February 26, 1884.

JOHN N. WILLS born October 5, 1807; died April 7, 1884.


June 7, 1884

Reverend JAMES G. CARLISLE born Union Co., South Carolina, September 10, 1801; died Attala Co., Miss., October 9, 1883; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1832; ordained deacon in 1836; admitted on trial to Alabama Conference in 1848; later transferred to Mississippi Conference.

J. COGER HARRIS of Union Co., South Carolina, died March 9, 1884 in his 68th year of age.

SARAH CAROLINE BUTLER daughter of David H. and Penelope McEwell, born in Gibson Co., Tenn., "perhaps" on February 10, 1819; married Dr. William H. Butler (died March 15, 1861), Dec. 13, 1836; died Sardis, Miss., March 19, 1884; seven children.


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THOMPSON JARRATT born Goochland Co., Virginia; died March 19, 1884 in his 88th year of age; married Almira Dodd in 1822; joined Methodist Church in 1812.

ANN WALLACE SNEED born Person Co., North Carolina, August 19, 1801; died April 5, 1884, Kosciusko, Mississippi; married Samuel Sneed, Person Co., N. C., 1828 and moved to Somerville, Tennessee in 1832; three sons, two living, Thomas H. Sneed, Memphis and W. P. Sneed of Kosciusko, Miss. "Her old age was bright and sunshiny."

ASA SMEATHERS died February 19, 1884 aged 80 years, 6 months old; married M. E. Duncan, March 20, 1825; ten children.

ALEXANDER STEWART born Cumberland Co., North Carolina, March 25, 1798; died November 1883; married (1) Ann McIntyre (died December 9, 1838), January 1, 1824; (2) Ann McDougal (died 1859), in 1840.

E. M. COBB born Hawkins Co., Tennessee January 1, 1807; married Dr. P. B. Cobb, January 1, 1823 and moved to Henderson Co., Tennessee where she joined the Presbyterian Church in 1843; died March 20, 1884 near Hernando, Miss.


June 14, 1884

JACOB H. PARCHMAN born Stewart Co., Tennessee, March 16, 1807; married Emily Tomlinson, 1839; died April 5, 1884.

MARTHA A. MARTIN widow of George W. Martin, born August 31, 1823; married July 28, 1840; died in Memphis, Tennessee, March 26, 1884.

Reverend WILLIAM R. BELLAMY born July 14, 1809; died Scott Co., Virginia, June 6, 1883; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church October 7, 1837; ordained deacon October 25, 1846; ordained elder November 18, 1855.

MALINDA WILLIAMS, nee Bond, born Monroe, Louisiana, December 4, 1812; died near Bartlett, Tennessee, January 29, 1884; burial in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis.

CAROLINE E. LAMBETH born June 2, 1817; died March 22, 1884; daughter of Charles and Mary Campbell; married A. M. Lambeth, April 16, 1835.


June 21, 1884

Reverend JAMES R. ALLEN born Davidson Co., Tennessee, May 11, 1806; married Polly White Patterson; four children: Rev. John N., Dr. George S., Mrs. Tennessee Davis and James who was killed at the battle of Shiloh; died April 14, 1884; burial was on homeplace.

SIDNEY E. ECHOLS son of Rev. William Echols, born Union Co., Ill.; died Feb. 21, 1884 in his 67th year of age; moved to Ark. at age 22 years; married the daughter of Jackson and Marie Echols and had ten children.

LOUISA CRAIG, nee Armstrong, born Carroll Co., Tennessee, April 6, 1821; married (1) Joseph M. Jolly, January 12, 1841 and moved to Ark. in 1857; he died during the late war; five children, one being Rev. Harvey C. Jolly; (2) James M. Craig, January 1867.

Reverend JOHN FORD born Burke Co., North Carolina, November 12, 1796; he was licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1821; married (1) Love Northcott; three children; (2) Violet Hall; eleven children; settled in Gibson Co., Tenn. in 1821 where he died April 12, 1884.

VIOLET FORD, nee Hall, born Franklin Co., Virginia, August 18, 1804; daughter of Jonathan and Joanna Hall and moved with them to Rutherford Co., Tenn. in 1806; married Rev. John Ford, Sept. 30, 1829; died 6 miles north of Milan, Tenn., March 18, 1884.


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Mrs. MAHARIET MILLER born Bedford Co., Tennessee, April 2, 1813; married Francis Miller, 1833; moved to Illinois, then to Arkansas where he died leaving her with several children; she died Henryville, Tenn., December 9, 1883.

THOMAS W. GUNN born Robertson Co., Tennessee, November 4, 1812; died near Cedar Hill, Tennessee, October 6, 1883.

RUCY R. MURRAY born Halifax Co, Virginia, April l3, 1809; moved to Wilson Co., Tennessee when young; sister of Rev. John Hessey, local preacher in the Tennessee Conference; married Jeremiah Murray (died May 22, 1883).

MARY C. MOONEY daughter of Robert and Cynthia Bevill, born Greensboro, North Caro1ina, July 27, 1820; married L. B. Mooney, 1837; died in Arkansas, February 18, 1884.

JOHN WEBSTER born in Alabama, May 28, 1819; died Davidson Co., Apri1 3, 1884.


June 28, 1884

HELEN COCHRAN wife of J. H. Cochran, born Bibb Co., Ala., August 15, 1826; died March 8, 1884.

BENJAMIN FEW son of William and Susannah Few (one of fourteen children), born June 17, 1805; died November 27, 1883; a son, Dr. Columbus Few.

BRITTAN ASBURY ROGERS born Monroe Co., Georgia, March 6, 1817; died Lee Co., Mississippi, April 18, 1884; educated at Randolph-Macon College in Va.; married Sarah Margaret Jamison (died December 17, 1868), December 19, 1843; five sons, two daughters.

WILLIAM P. LADD born February 26, 1820; died December 23, 1883.

JAMES B. ELLIS born Madison Co., Alabama, November 30, 1821; married Nancy Sullivan, January 12, 1847; died November 28, 1881.

MALINDA IVIE, nee Walker, born Caswell Co., North Carolina, December 20, 1818; second husband was Washington Ivie (died July 1883) in the fall of 1859; died January 24, 1884; her only daughter predeceased her.

Miss ANN WARE born Richmond Co., North Carolina, January 7, 1818; died near Humboldt, Tenn., March 19, 1884.

SARAH B. SPRINGS widow of Dr. Thomas B. Springs, born June 11, 1809; died Warren Co., Tenn., December 21, 1883.


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