(of Those Persons Born Up To and Including the Year 1822)

By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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July 7, 1883

ZACHARIAH TATE born Union District, South Carolina, June 2, 1808; died April 9, 1883; moved from South Carolina to Union Co., Miss. in 1854 where he died.

M. A. McANULLY born Cabarrus Co., North Carolina, January 30, 1816; died Kossuth, Mississippi, April 2, 1883; moved to Hardeman Co., Tennessee in 1834; married Isabella Davis, December 24, 1839; she died September 24, 1879.

MARTHA BENNETT born October 8, 1814; married Charles N. Bennett, December 24, 1835; died March 23, 1883.


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POLLY McLEMORE, nee G1ory, born in Georgia, 1820; married (1) Moses McDaniel, 1841; (2) Hon. Robert McLemore, 1871; no death date given.

NOBLE D. ELLIS born April 20, 1820 in Pennsy1vania; moved to Nashville, Tennessee and lived there until 1867 when he moved to Triune, Tennessee where he died February 15, 1883; married E1iza J. Lockhart, 1844 and had a son and a daughter.

Mrs. A. C. BLAND born May 5, 1816; died Simpson Co., Kentucky, February 1, 1883; surviving were her children.


Ju1y 14, 1883

THOMAS JOYNER 1802-1882:
THOMAS JOYNER, a venerable supernumerary member of the Memphis Conference, has passed away from the labors and sufferings of earth to the "rest that remains for the people of God." He was the son of Thomas and Mildred Joyner. He was born in Sumner county, Tenn., June 18, 1802, and died Oct. 7, 1882, in the 81st year of his age. He was married first to Elizabeth McGee, daughter of the Rev. John McGee, Sept. 12, 1826; a second time to Agnes Daniel, Dec. 7, 1876. He was licensed to preach Sept. 1, 1821, at Burksville, Cumberland District, by Charles Holliday, presiding elder, and ordained deacon by Bishop McKendree, at Maysville, Ky., Sept. 28, 1823, and sent to Bowling Green Circuit. He was ordained elder at Louisville by Bishop Soule Oct. 15, 1826. In the year 1828 his name is found in the list of appointments of the Tennessee Conference on the Smith's Fork Circuit. In 1830 he was appointed to the Cumberland District; in 1832 he labored on the Goose Creek Circuit; in 1836 he was sent to Paris District, in West Tennessee, which extended from Jackson, Tenn., to Paducah, Ky. He was continued on this work till 1839, when he removed to Haywood county, Tenn., and opened a farm twelve miles northwest of Brownsville. Here he lived and labored for a number of years, and reared a large family, and in the meantime gave a large amount of his time to the service of the Church. He finally removed to the State of Mississippi, and settled near the Marshall Female Institute, where he ended his long and useful life. We have not the facts and dates to give in detail all the charges he served in the Master's vineyard, and if we had it would swell this obituary notice to undue length to introduce them all. Let it suffice to say that he was true and faithful as long as he was able to render effective service, and when he could no longer do this, he accepted the supernumerary relation, in which he finished his course. Brother Joyner was an able minister of the gospel of Christ, in the promulgation of which he spent the strength of his manhood. He was sound in doctrine, eloquent in the pulpit, gifted in prayer, and one of the sweet singers of Israel. Especially did he excel in singing "The Good Old Way." He was eminently social in his temperament, loved his friends, prayed for his enemies, kind to the poor, affectionate and prayerful in all the relations of life, and liberal in the support of the institutions of the Church. Having thus given his life and labors to the service of God and the Church, we believe he died in the Lord; that he now rests from his labors, and that his works follow him.

(The delay in publishing this memoir of a most worthy minister of Christ is owing to no fault of the Editor.-Ed.)

MARTHA MANNING KINGINS born North Carolina, March 28, 1797; married John Kingins, May 28, 1815; died March 30, 1883.

L. W. SHELTON born Rutherford Co., Tennessee, April 25, 1822; married Ann C. Bennett, January 20, 1856; died April 17, 1883.


July 21, 1883

Reverend A. M. BARRINGTON born Rutherford Co., Tennessee, April 1, 1820; licensed to preach in Methodist Church September 7, 1844 and joined the Arkansas Conference; ordained deacon November 1846; ordained elder in 1848; married Mrs. R. M. Lyons, December 17, 1846; moved to Mississippi in 1857 and preached there; in January 1883 moved to Florida where he died March 20, 1883 at Bay Port.

"Aunt" POLLY CRUMP born about 1802; died March 19, 1883

REBECCA CARTER, nee Sylvester, born Sullivan Co., Tennessee, January 30, 1792; died at residence of her son, Dr. F. M. Carter, Philomath, Oregon April 28, 1883; moved to Ill. about 1830, then to Mo. about 1849 and to Oregon in 1852 "crossing the plains with an ox team"; mother of eleven children.


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ROBERT M. STRAIN born Chester District, South Carolina, October 23, 1822; married Mary A. Foster, July 14, 1842; died March 7, 1883. Gibson Co., Tennessee.

RACHEL LINAM born South Carolina, September 12, 1813; moved to Maury Co., Tennessee; married George W. Linam, August 1842 and moved to Lawrence Co., Tennessee where she died January 21, 1883; two daughters.

JANE GRIFFIN daughter of Baalem and Lydia Ezell, born Brunswick Co., Virginia, Ju1y 25, 1796; moved to Mecklenburg Co., Virginia, then to Halifax Co., Virginia where she married Hampton Griffin and lived there until 1859. "On Jan. 6, 1860 she landed in Gibson county, Tenn." where she died August 27, 1882. Her father was a Primitive Baptist preacher.

JANE VEATCH CORNWALL born August 19, 1809; died Smith Co., Tennessee May 15, 1883.

FRANCES MAY, nee Thomason, born North Carolina, June 28, 1813; married James May, Apri1 1831; died March 27, 1883; mother of ten sons and one daughter.

MARTHA PRICE born Augusta, Georgia, November 3, 1808; died Iuka, Mississippi, March 21, 1883; married (1) James R. Wilkerson, November 24, 1825; (2) Thomas Price, February 23, 1841 and moved with the latter to Somerville, Alabama.

Miss NANCY TERRELL born August 14, 1818; died May 4, 1883.

WILLIAM S. ALDERSON born July 19, 1819; died April 19, 1883.


July 28, 1883

Mrs. R. M. COLLIER, mother of W. C. Collier, died Nashville, Tenn., May 29, 1883 in her 74th year of age.

SUSAN MAY born Orange Co., North Carolina, April 7, 1806; married William May, October 26, 1826; died Daviess Co., Kentucky, November 14, 1882; five sons and five daughters.

SARAH F. MANNING, Nee Millwater, born Baltimore, Maryland, July 28, 1819; married Dr. George F. Manning, Aberdeen, Mississippi, September 28, 1836; died February 22, 1883 at residence of her daughter, Mrs. V. L. Garth; mother of nine children.

Mrs. S. M. BETTS born 1826; died Charleston, Mississippi, December 31, 1882; daughter of Charles C. and Judith Marshall; moved to Miss. from Lewis Co., Ky.; married A. B. Betts, July 20, 1847.

GEORGE W. WILLSON born Washington Co., Kentucky, November 12, 1823; died recently.

DOCIE BIVINS born Guilford Co., North Carolina, September 12, 1802; moved with parents to Kentucky in 1808 where she died June 8, 1883; married James Bivins, 1820.

Reverend CASWELL CARTER born in Virginia, July 7, 1798; died Simpson Co., Kentucky, May 28, 1883; married Lavinia Jones in 1821.

JAMES T. GLADNEY born Pasefield /sic/, South Carolina, March 10, 1807; moved to Madison Co., Tennessee in the spring of 1828; married Mary Reaves, December 17, 1833; joined Methodist Church in 1835; died near Medon, Tenn., May 13, 1883.

HERVEY RALSTON born in 1819; died Giles Co., Tennessee, February 1883.


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LUCINDA KIRBY, nee Draper, born Spartanburgh Co. /Dist./, South Carolina, May 1, 1808; died Calhoun Co., Alabama, May 20, 1883; married James Kirby, 1830.

Rev. LEROY PENNINGTON born June 30, 1818; died Clark Co., Arkansas, May 12, 1883; licensed to preach in Methodist Church September 7, 1846; ordained deacon October 27, 1850; ordained elder October 19, 1859; Little Rock Conference in last years.

WESLEY WHITE born Lincoln Co., Tennessee, January 5, 1818; died Johnson Co., Illinois, May 19, 1883; married James Pittman, December 15, 1835.


August 4, 1883

NELLIE MOORE daughter of Nathan and Sarah Miles, born Bullitt Co., Ky., February 3, 1811; married James Wardell Moore, November 24, 1825; died May 4, 1883.

WILLIAM J. HUGHS son of J. and T. C. Hughs, born Chatham Co., North Carolina, May 1, 1826; died Dyer Co., Tenn., June 1, 1883; married (1) Margaret A. Cowan, October 15, 1848; (2) Mrs. Parmelia J. Cogbell, September 21, 1872.

ELIZABETH ORR "Grandmother Orr" born Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, March 26, 1782; died Pike Co., Ill., February 25, 1883; married John Orr who died in 1846; both were buried in Methodist cemetery in Deersville, Ohio.

B. F. TRANSOU born Stokes Co., North Carolina, February 18, 1820; married Sarah A. Wilson, Madison Co., Tennessee, October 11, 1847; died near Humboldt, Tennessee, May 27, 1883; four children. He was "brought up among the Moravians."

THOMAS L. BENNETT born in Virginia, March 12, 1796; married Nancy McDonald, March 20, 1823; moved to Todd Co., Kentucky where he died April 20, 1883.

Rev. JAMES H. WITHERSPOON born Wilkesboro, North Carolina, May 30, 1808; moved to Waterloo, Alabama when young and where he died May 21, 1883; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church; ordained deacon October 16, 1853; ordained elder October 17, 1868; his second wife and two children survived him.

RICHARD MARSTON born Bocklon, Shropshire, England, April 12, 1820; son of Richard and Elizabeth Marston; married Mildred, daughter of John and Elizabeth Bright of Halford in 1850; came to the United States in 1871 and settled in Knox Co., Tennessee; died Grassy Cove, Tenn., March 22, 1883.


August 11, 1883

WILLIAM GARDNER died near Concord, Alabama, June 25, 1883 aged 72 years.

GRAY JONES born Randolph Co., North Carolina, April 8, 1803; moved with parents to Bedford Co., Tenn. in 1815, then to Weakley Co., Tennessee; married Mary T. Guthrie, November 25, 1835 and moved to Henry Co., Tennessee in 1844 where he died May 30, 1883; eight children.

THOMAS HARDMAN born Randolph Co., West Virginia, May 14, 1798; died Labette Co., Kansas, June 16, 1883.

CATHARINE HARRIS died June 5, 1883 aged nearly 77 years old.

THANKFUL JENKINS daughter of General William and Mary Hall, born Sumner Co., Tennessee, May 27, 1814; died in same county, September 6, 1882; married Dr. W. L. Jenkins ; mother and grandmother.


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LEVINA BRANNON daughter of Green and Mary Hill, born Haywood Co., North Carolina, October 3, 1817; married William L. Brannon, 1836; died June 19, 1883.

THURN E. MOSS; born January 8, 1814; married N. S. Ellis, August 22, 1838; died May 16, 1883.


August 18, 1883

CHARLES BARKER McDANIEL son of Fielden and Mary McDaniel, born Lincoln Co., Tennessee, May 15, 1819; joined Methodist Church in 1836; married Nancy L. Wakefield, January 4, 1844; she died June 6, 1867 leaving six children; he died of malarial fever, Lincoln Co., Tennessee, October 27, 1882. Notice submitted by C. A. McDaniel.

M. WOODSON OGLESBY born Surry Co., North Carolina, December 22, 1819; died Shelby Co., Kentucky, June 18, 1883; moved to Ky. in 1828; married R. A. Wright, December 16, 1856; six children.

SARAH WHITE born North Carolina, November 17, 1791; married (1) Joseph Shannon, December 11, 1821; (2) Dr. James White (died December 25, 1847), May 23, 1825; seven children. Fairview, Kentucky.

JOHN B. KITCHENS born in Kentucky, May 11, 1809; married (1) Nancy S. Kennedy; (2) Mrs. Sarah A. Curry, April 13, 1862; died Lawrence Co., Tennessee, June 2, 1883.

SARAH W. PEACHER born Orange Co., Virginia, January 24, 1811; died June 21, 1883; married Peter Peacher and moved to Lexington, Kentucky, then to Trenton, Kentucky, then to Clarksville, Tennessee where they lived until 1852 when they bought Peacher's Mill.

ANN B. MORGAN widow of Thomas Morgan, born in Virginia, March 12, 1802; died in Nashville, Tennessee, July 8, 1883 where she had been a resident for more than fifty years.

Mrs. ANN V. ROGERS born Paris, Virginia, August 25, 1819; died there May 28, 1883; married Rev. Henry Slicer, November 28, 1838; mother of eleven children.

BENJAMIN PYBAS for Madison Co., Alabama, May 28, 1808; married Frances Kibbe, February 18, 1830; died June 26, 1883.

MARY J. STEWART born Granville Co., North Carolina, 1818; died Florence, Ala., July 6, 1883; married J. W. Stewart in 1834.


August 25, 1883

DANIEL E. EVANS born July 24, 1801; died October 21, 1882; married Allie Patrick, November 11, 1824; three children surviving. Bath Co., Kentucky; one daughter being Mrs. Sue Peters.

MARTHA ALEXANDER PARTEE born Sumner Co., Tennessee, March 18, 1806; died Panola Co., Mississippi, June 24, 1883; daughter of Reuben and Betsy Doug1ass; married Boon Partee, November 7, 1837; he died February 3, 1864.

MARTHA Y. BROWN daughter of Jonathan and Mary Biles, born December 26, 1819; married John G. Brown, March 3, 1842; died July 6, 1883.

WILLIAM G. BUTLER born Lincoln Co., Tennessee, December 17, 1810; married Sarah J. Woodward, October 28, 1828; moved to Kentucky in 1845; licensed to preach in Methodist Church; died Christian Co., Ky., February 5, 1883.


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JOHN REYNOLDS born South Carolina, July 1, 1802; died April 13, 1883; married Diana Wood, February 26, 1832; moved to Jefferson Co., Ill. in 1839; to Mo. in 1847; back to Christian Co., Ky. in 1850; raised a large family.

FRANCES B. EDGAR daughter of Edward and Nancy C. Eubanks, born Jones Co., Georgia, June 9, 1827; married John M. Edgar, May 25, 1854; died March 22, 1883, of pneumonia.

Reverend W. H. BASS born in Virginia, August 28, 1817; brother of Rev. Row1and G. Bass of the Virginia Conference; graduate, Rando1ph-Macon co11ege; married Mary V. Pierce, Ha1ifax Co., North Caro1ina; died February 22, 1883.

JANE BROOKS, nee Wa1ker, born May 10, 1815; married John W. Brooks, December 3, 1835; died Webster Co., Kentucky, November 12, 1882.

TABITHA WILSON born in 1806; married J. W. Wilson, 1825; died June 30, 1883.

JAMES HUGHES born Orange Co., Virginia, November 16, 1811; moved to Kentucky about 1835; died Simpsonville, Kentucky, Apri1 4, 1883.

MARY Z. A. HADDOX, nee Helm, widow of Daniel Haddox, born in Campbell County, Virginia, 1820; died June 20, 1883; married (1) William T. North (died 1847), September 22, 1839; four children; (2) Daniel Haddox, 1851; two daughters.


September 1, 1883

BERTHA L. WHITE born Granville Co., North Carolina, August 7, 1793; at age 7 years moved to McMinnville, Tennessee; married Andrew Buchanan, February 19, 1835 (he died November 20, 1868 aged 85 years); she died May 20, 1883; four of her ten children survived her.

FRANCIS BARNES SMITH born Shelby Co., Kentucky, January 1, 1813; died Jefferson Co., Kentucky, June 5, 1883; married Martha Hansbrough, September 6, 1846.

CHARLES B. McDANIEL born Lincoln Co., Tennessee, May 15, 1819; married Nancy L. Wakefield, January 4, 1844; died of malarial fever, October 25, 1882.

"Uncle" JIMMIE BROADDY died in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, August 7, 1883 aged 80 years, 4 months and 9 days; his widow, Eliza.

MILBRA MASON born Nash Co., North Carolina, June 9, 1797; married William G. Haile, October 10, 1820; died July 12, 1883.

NANCY A. SMITH born Rockingham Co., North Carolina, 1800; married James N. Smith in 1823; she died recently.

ISAAC C. PHILLIPS born near Nashville, Tennessee, March 19, 1800; married Elizabeth Tinker, 1823; moved to Arkansas in 1846 where he died August 16, 1883. "We might say much of this good old man but his record is on high."

Dr. J. H. FRANKLIN born Sumner Co., Tennessee, June 17, 1821; died June 1, 1883; youngest of thirteen children.


September 8, 1883

SAMUEL LINSEY JONES born May 8, 1815; died July 1, 1883; married (1) Barbara Talley, December 15, 1844; six daughters, five sons; (2) Mrs. Jane F. Green, August 15, 1876.

MARY A. MAGUIRE born January 19, 1817; married Henry Maguire, October 19, 1838; died Benton Co., Missouri, August 10, 1883.


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September 15, 1883

ELIZABETH E. BLALOCK oldest daughter of Joseph Ballow, died Marion, North Carolina, June 14, 1883 in her 80th year of age a residence of granddaughter, Mrs. Ella Lacy.

RICHARD WILLIS born Spartanburg, South Carolina, January 16, 1814; married December 29, 1836; moved to Morgan Co., Alabama in 1857; died June 13, 1883.

CASSANDRA PEAK born Georgetown, Maryland, April 8, 1792; married Rev. Joel Peak, November 30, 1820; died Auburn, Kentucky, August 12, 1883; mother and grandmother.

WASHINGTON IVIE, Esquire, born in Virginia, September 5, 1806; died Fayette Co., Tennessee, July 27, 1883.

JAMES M. WORLEY born October 12, 1821, Maury Co., Tenn.; died August 4, 1883; surviving were several relatives.

SARAH YOUNG born Christian Co., Kentucky in 1800; married James Mitchell, 1814; died Trigg Co., Kentucky, August 1, 1883; mother of fifteen children.

THOMAS OAKES born Washington Co., Kentucky, May 14, 1818; married (1) Priscilla Kirtley, April 25, 1840; (2) Mrs. Annie E. Haddon, November 16, 1881; moved to Logan Co., Ky. in 1851; died August 25, 1883.

MARY J. BAINBRIDGE, nee Bugg, born February 29, 1819; married May 23, 1837; died May 25, 1883. Her daughter, Mrs. Fannie White, died August 20, 1883.

LEVICY A. WALKUP born February 20, 1800; married Rev. J. A. Walkup; died March 30, 1883.


September 22, 1883

Rev. P. C. HOWELL born January 9, 1815; died Hopkins Co., Kentucky, June 7, 1883; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church; ordained deacon July 15, 1871.

MARTHA SMITH, nee Walker, married (1) Mr. Martin; (2) Richard Smith; born Sept. 6, 1798; died August 9, 1883.

DORCAS HOLLINGSWORTH born June 6, 1806; died August 7, 1883; daughter of Rev. Frederick Weaver; married William Hollingsworth; mother of Rev. L. D. Hollingsworth.

ELIZA J. BISHOP daughter of Jacob P. Bogard born Posey Co., Indiana, August 31, 1819; died Bullitt Co., Kentucky, September 3, 1883; married Samuel Bishop, October 24, 1841; mother of ten children.

Rev. CYRUS DOGGETT born Lancaster Co., Virginia; died Fincastle Co., Virginia, August 3, 1883 in his 83rd year of age. Elder brother of the late Bishop David S. Doggett. Active in Methodist ministry in Virginia, where most of his ministry was spent.

ISHAM COTTINGHAM son of Charles and Eda Cunningham, born Henderson Co., Kentucky, September 26, 1807; died Henderson Co., Kentucky, June 26, 1883; married (1) Ann Eliza Rideout; (2) Mrs. Mary Sigler; husband and father.

FELIX OWEN born in Maryland, April 1, 1788; brought by father, William Owen, to Kentucky in 1789; died August 20, 1883; married Polly S. Hall, December 17, 1812; wife died August 17, 1880, the mother of thirteen children.

JEREMIAH MURRAY born March 3, 1807; died recently. Saundersville, Tennessee.


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September 29, 1883

Reverend R. P. BAILEY died February 1883 in his 82nd year of age; joined the Virginia Conference as Methodist preacher in 1826.

Colonel JAMES E. CHAMBERS born Abbeville District, South Carolina, December 26, 1803; died Chambers Co., Alabama, September 3, 1883; moved to Elbert Co., Georgia in 1816, then in 1837 moved to Alabama; married Emily E. Avery, December 12, 1841; burial at Hopewell.

MARTHA MOSLEY died September 7, 1882 in her 78th year of age. Winchester, Tennessee.

PHILIP RAPPEL born Alsace, France, January 16, 1816; came to United States about 1834; served in the Seminole War; moved to Alabama; married Mary Gibson, April 2, 1844; died Trenton, Tennessee, September 8, 1883 in the residence of his son, Dr. T. J. Happel.

SARAH COLEMAN, nee Dunavant, widow of Robert S. Coleman, died August 24, 1883 in her 84th year of age; born Davidson Co., Tennessee; two of her sons, Augustus and James graduated with honors from Andrews College.

WILLIAM F. DAVIS born Christian Co., Kentucky, December 24, 1820; died Louisville, Kentucky, June 23, 1883; eldest son of Rev. A. Davis of the Louisville Conference.


October 6, 1883

Colonel JAMES CRAVENS born St. Francis, Missouri, December 20, 1822; died Dallas Co., Texas, August 14, 1883; married Sue Dawson, 1849.

MARY ANDREWS born near Norfolk, Virginia, February 2, 1803; died Houston Co., Tennessee, August 14, 1883. "Her daily walk and conversation proved the genuineness of her religion."

Reverend THOMAS GRANDERSON CARDWELL son of Thomas and Nancy Cardwell, born Sumner Co., Tennessee, March 3, 1812; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in his 20th year of age; married Martha Washington Aclin, Rutherford Co., Tennessee, 1835; ordained deacon; ordained elder November 14, 1858; he died August 22, 1883.

HARRIET CROMWELL born Logan Co., Kentucky, October 11, 1824; married A. L. Love, April 12, 1848; died May 17, 1883, White Co., Illinois; a daughter, Emma C. Cromwell, mentioned; buria1 beside her husband in cemetery at Hurricane, Crittenden Co., Kentucky.


October 13, 1883

MARY ANN J. GRANGER, nee Stephenson, born Horry Co., South Carolina, June 29, 1809; married James Granger, September 30, 1824; died Walton Co., Georgia, September 16, 1883; joined Methodist Church in 1824.

JAY VESTAL born in Chatham Co., North Carolina, February 27, 1794; died Maury Co., Tenn., September 13, 1883; married thrice; raised ten children.

ANN DUNLAP born January 9, 1803; married Thomas Dunlap, February 16, 1822; died Springfield, Tennessee, September 22, 1883.


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October 20, 1883

I. W. STURDIVANT born Brunswick Co., Virginia, August 27, 1815; joined the Methodist Church in 1839; married (1) Julietta Coleman, October 28, 1840; eleven children, those surviving him were William C. and Mrs. M. E. Halton; moved to Missouri 1843; moved to Tate Co., Miss. in 1852; his wife died February 15, 1859 and her married (2) Mary P., widow of John R. Carter who lived about twenty months; burial in old family graveyard in Brunswick Co., Virginia.

Reverend JESSE GRIFFIN, Arkansas Conference, born in Tennessee, December 24, 1801; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1838 and admitted on trial into Arkansas Conference in the fall of 1853; served in several circuits; died June 28, 1883; surviving were widow and children.

Mrs. MARY A. McELWAIN born North Carolina, August 13, 1800; died September 23, 1883.

DEVICY A. WALKUP widow of Rev. James P. Walkup, Tennessee Conference, born February 20, 1800; died March 30, 1883.


October 27, 1883

Reverend CHARLES WILLIS BOWDEN born Oglethorpe Co., Georgia, December 5, 1815; died Lawrence Co., Tennessee, August 14, 1883; married Elvira Ladd, September 22, 1838; licensed to preach in Methodist Church April 21, 1851; ordained deacon October 16, 1859; ordained elder May 25, 1867.

T. W. ENGLAND died Lamar Co., Texas recently in his 66th year of age; born North Carolina, July 4, 1818; moved to Georgia; about five years ago moved to Texas; farmer.

Resolutions of Respect for WILLIAM S. ALDERSON born July 19, 1819, died April 10, 1883; by Quarterly Conference Committee undated.

NANCY N. DODSON, nee Ely, died Taylor's Chapel, Tennessee, September 26, 1883 in her 80th year of age; married Thomas Dodson in 1835.


November 3, 1883

HENRIETTA STEINER SHELMAN born Frederick City, Maryland, May 3, 1809; married Rev. T. P. C. Shelman (died December 5, 1882), December 27, 1834; died Wayne Co., Ohio, August 19, 1883 at residence of son-in-law, Capt. William P. Vandorn.

MARY W. RIVES, "relic of an old Virginia family" died October 9, 1883 in her 82nd year of age; one child surviving, Mrs. M. A. Murff wife of Rev. J. D. Murff.

JOHN W. SMITH born Franklin Co., Georgia, October 16, 1827; died July 26, 1883; at age 16 years moved from Virginia to Carroll Co. Georgia, then to Jackson Co., Alabama in 1865; joined Methodist Church in 1877; surviving were widow and children. /It is stated that Smith was born in Georgia not in Virginia./

GEORGE W. MILLER born in North Carolina, February 22, 1827; died Jackson Co., Alabama, June 19, 1883; surviving were widow and two daughters.

WILLIAM HENDERSON DE ARMON born Rhea (now Meigs) Co., Tennessee, July 1, 1824; married Susan Rice, July 1, 1847; five sons, three daughters; died Scott Co., Arkansas, September 28, 1883.


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November 10, 1883

A native of Mecklenburg county, Va., born May 18, 1825, Samuel A. Taylor, son of Edmund and Elizabeth P. Taylor, of precious memory, and brother of the Rev. Robert V. Taylor, of the Memphis Conference, died at his residence in Fayette county, Tenn., Oct. 8, 1883.

In his childhood the family removed from Virginia to Tennessee, and established the dear homestead, from which he has now followed his parents to the better land. In 1861 he married Miss Kate S. Bullock, a loving, true wife, who survives, with two sons and three daughters to mourn his absence, and to train their children, by God's grace, for the family reunion in heaven. For several years he had suffered from disease, which, however, did not give much uneasiness, because he was full of life and hope and energy, and ever ready for any labor, any privation, any sacrifices, at the call of duty. But disease continued its ravages, slowly yet surely approaching the citadel of life, and at last attacking the brain. Stricken down, all unconscious, and lingering thus a few days, the dear object of wifely and filial love and care, and of the kindness of friends, and of the skill of physicians and of many prayers and tears, he passed away from earth and time without a struggle or a groan. So, one of the best of men, his life having long witnessed for Jesus, entered upon the great reward.

A large company of friends and neighbors, and many relatives, attended the funeral-service, conducted by Brothers Leatherwood and Bransford; and now in the old family burying ground the remains of the sainted dead are left to mingle with kindred dust until Christ comes again.

Something more, for the sake of the living, must I say of this dear friend and brother in Christ - something more, especially in honor of his Lord and Master. When twelve years old he embraced Christ as his Saviour, and was received into the Church of his fathers, himself being of the fourth generation of Methodists. The religious life, thus early begun was both spiritual and practical. It was fed and feasted upon the word of God, read and heard, and upon prayer, private and public, and upon all the means of grace. And so, never starved, the soul grew and strengthened and matured, losses and troubles aiding in the work, even as the apostle assures of strengthening, stablishing, settling, and so making perfect, "after that ye have suffered awhile." Though reared to manhood in a new country, this faithful servant of God enjoyed not only Church but school and society advantages, such as are not usual, except in long-established communities. Many portions of West Tennessee, including Taylor's Chapel neighborhood, and others near it, were in these respects highly favored from the beginning. And so, this son, trained by Methodist parents, and under the benign influences which brought to the old Wesley Circuit the praise of all the Churches, developed in youth, and exhibited in all his life, the peerless virtues of our holy religion. Modest and retiring, he took no active part in the world's work, and mingled with the general public only in response to the demands of duty. But the Church he loved dearly; and while avoiding prominence, he was a very devout worshiper, and most constant in attendance. To the last he was a good and faithful steward, not only stirring up others to the performance of duty, but remarkably liberal himself in the support of the ministry and all the institutions of the Church, and in extending a helping hand to "God's poor," white and black, many of whom will long miss and mourn him. Of a social and hospitable disposition, he delighted particularly in the company of his brethren; and above all, the preachers far and near, knew that evrmore at his home a cordial welcome awaited them. Indeed, with him the Christian virtues shone in brightest luster amid the endearments of home, and in the society of wife, children, and friends. O, what a light death put out in that home, leaving in darkness the dear ones of his heart, and many more who loved him! And now to them it would be all dark if it were not for the thought and the hope of the world of light, beauty, and glory, where we shall meet again. The open secret of this good man's life, I have long known it - its mainspring and power, restraining, directing, upholding, and elevating - was prayer - regular, frequent, humble, earnest prayer - with the reading of God's word and the best religious literature of the Church, including the CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, from its earliest issues down to his illness. Through these means chiefly the Holy Spirit enlightened and purified his soul, and so made his life a glory to God.

And now, since this happy soul, "Uncle Sam," as he was called by the younger generation, and even by the writer, though of the same age - in right of his wife - since he is with Christ his Lord, and with his parents and theirs and theirs; and with Howell and Mary, elect brother and sister; and with loved little ones, and many more kindred spirits, including that precious one, Ella, sweet, bright niece, lately ascended from the home of the preacher brother; what shall be paid to all who weep their great loss? Let the widow and the fatherless, the brother and the sisters, and the kindred all, young and old, have one great aim; so to live that each shall be a member of Christ's "family in heaven and earth." Even as was, and is, Samuel A. Taylor, by the grace of God.

W. C. Johnson

GEORGE SNADON born Rockingham Co., Virginia, March 1796; moved to Hopkinsville, Kentucky in his youth, then to Elkton, Kentucky where he was a merchant; married Sarah Cross, 1823 and settled on plantation near Hadensville, Kentucky; she died in 1840; he died September 20, 1883.


November 17, 1883

Reverend J. G. GURLEY born Anderson District, South Carolina, January 5, 1826; married Mary A. Stokes, December 23, 1844; licensed to preach in Methodist Church September l3, 185l; ordained deacon December 9, 1855; ordained elder December l5, 186l; lengthy details as to his numerous appointments.


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ELIZABETH BOYETT born Wayne Co., North Carolina, 1793; died near Lewisburg, Tennessee, September 1883.

ANDREW J. LINDSAY son of Cyrus and Polly Lindsay born Dearborn Co., Ind., November 27, 1828; died Hancock Co., Kentucky, October 19, 1833; married Leah J. Hook, July 5, 1853.

MORRIS HENSLEY born in/near Salem, Indiana, December 2, 1804; died Hardinsburg, Kentucky, September 6, 1883; married (1) Lydia LaRue, 1828; eleven children; moved Hardinsburg in 1830; married (2) Mrs. Sarah Bailey.

PATRICK T. NEAL born South Carolina, February 24, 1811; died Pickens Co., Ala., July 14, 1883.

THOMAS DANCEY born January 15, 1819; died Saltillo, Tennessee, January 5, 1883.

WILLIAM C. COTHRIN born Wilson Co., Tennessee, September 15, 1815; died in Weakley Co., Tennessee, September 24, 1883.

MARY WOOLARD wife of Rev. James B. Woolard, Illinois Conference, daughter of Abraham and Nancy McCarly, born Allen Co., Kentucky, March 24, 1805; died Bond Co., Ill., August 20, 1883; moved with parents to Maury Co., Tenn., then to Illinois in 1829.

AMANDA REBECCA SEAT, nee Roberson, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 1833; moved with mother and step-father to Madison Co., Tennessee in 1850; married W. B. Seat the next year; he died in 1853; she went to live with her parents in Gibson Co., Tenn.; died October 7, 1883.

Colonel MONROE SHORT born North Carolina, March 2, 1810 but raised in Williamson Co., Tennessee; married (1) Lucinda Harrison, October 4, 1838; moved to Mississippi in 1848; died there, in Sardis, October 22, 1883; married (2) Mrs. Annie West, December 3, 1879.

ELIZABETH THOMPSON daughter of Thomas and Nancy McKissack, born Carroll Co., North Carolina, October 21, 1800; married (1) Elisha Parker, two children; (2) James Thompson, three children; died July 23, 1883.

JOHN BIRD born Orange Co., North Carolina, May 8, 1814; moved to Maury Co., Tenn. in 1845; married (1) M. E. J. Kennedy, December 22, 1848; (2) Sarah M. Blalock, January 1, 1862; died September 25, 1883.

SARAH M. PARKER, nee Bonner, born January 30, 1813; died Warren Co., Tenn., June 29, 1883.


November 24, 1883

GEORGE T. BROWN born A1bemar1e co., Virginia, December 29, 1807; died Sevier Co., Tenn., June 7, 1882; married Amanda Brown, 1830; she died just over a year before he died.

DANIEL C. EBLIN born Loundon Co., Virginia, August 13, 18O7; died B1oomfield, Kentucky, August 25, 1883 at resident of his son, J. W. Eb1in.

SARAH J. G. BISHOP, nee Woodson, born March 15, 1820; married Or1ean Bishop, November 26, 184O; died in Kentucky, August 25, 1883.

J. M. SMITH died Milledgeville, Tennessee, September 24, 1883 in his 69th year of age; a freemason.

MARTHA F. DIGGS born December 4, 1818; married Rev. William Diggs, Apri1 15, 1834; died September 30, 1883.


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December 1, 1883

E. A. ARMSTEAD born July 17, 1811; died Corinth, Miss., September 25, 1883.

MARTHA A. KENNER born Sumner Co., Tennessee, 1812; married Andrew Kenner, April 1837; moved to Christian Co., Kentucky in 1858; died Nov. 1, 1883.

"Sister" DUNLAP, oldest member of Springfield Methodist Church died September 22, 1883 in her 80th year of age.

LUVICA N. WALKUP born February 20, 1800; died March 30, 1883; member of Pisgah Methodist Church, Rutherford Co., Tennessee.


December 8, 1883

A. J. WELLS born in east Tennessee December 5, 1818; died Calloway Co., Kentucky, November 7, 1883; married Mary Caldwell, August 9, 1848; eleven children.

WOODSON DICKERSON, SR., Nicholasville, Kentucky, born Jessamine Co., Ky., Dec. 17, 1820; died October 10, 1883.

Colonel WILLIAM WILKINS HARPER born Sussex Co., Virginia, September 16, 1802; moved to Williamson Co., Tennessee when young, then moved to northern Alabama, near Courtland where he engaged in business with an uncle, Rev. Turner Sanders who was his father's half-brother; married Minerva T. Birdsong of Virginia and moved to Lawrence Co., Alabama but in 1838 moved to Caddo Parish, Louisiana; his wife died in 1866, leaving a daughter,

the wife of Colonel W. P. Winans who was killed at Missionary Ridge. Mrs. Winans then married G. W. Riggins and all moved to Boone Co., Miss. in 1874 where Colonel Harper died August 16, 1883.

JANE STEEL SIPES born January 29, 1809; married Jacob Sipes, March 15, 1828; died Adamsville, Tennessee, October 1, 1883.

CONRAD FUDGE born Washington Co., Virginia, February 10, 1808; died Hawkins Co., Tennessee, November 11, 1883.

HENRIETTA AUSTIN, nee Landrum, born March 26, 1804; married W. A. Austin, March 30, 1826; died October 20, 1883.


December 15, 1883

MARY ANN ANDERSON died November 13, 1883 aged 64 years; married William D. Anderson, June 11, 1883.

JENNIE C. BROWN wife of Samuel Brown, Christian Co., Kentucky, born Logan Co., Ky., Feb. 9, 1840; died September 26, 1883; married April 25, 1860. "She was buried at home on a grassy, shaded knoll, the place she selected many years ago."

Reverend CHARLES WESLEY PRICE born Buckingham Co., Virginia, July 22, 1817; married Mary F. Moore, October 4, 1836; died October 21, 1883.


December 22, 1883

General DANIEL C. TURRENTINE born Baldwin Co., Georgia, October 18, 1807; married Caroline E. Lucy, Coweta Co., Georgia, December 3, 1837; died Gadsden, Alabama, September 11, 1883; nine surviving children.

THOMAS HOPKINS GILBERT born Fayette Co., Kentucky, April 24, 1804; moved with parents to Logan Co., Kentucky in 1806 and settled at Pleasant Run where he died November 17, 1883; married Elizabeth W. McCutchen, 1830; 5 children.

MARGARET JANE HANSBROUGH born Franklin Co., Tennessee, March 16, 1817; died Los Angeles, California, November 1, 1883.


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Reverend W. P. LINDSEY born Wilson Co., Tennessee, April 18, 1812; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church September 4, 1844; ordained deacon November 16, 1851; joined Friendship Lodge, Freemasons, 1850; died Hardin Co., Tennessee, Ju1y 17, 1883.


December 29, 1883

JOHN WESLEY SHAVER son of John and Rebecca Shaver, born Sumner Co., Tennessee, June 3, 1809; married Miranda A. Stone, October 7, 1830; died Sharp Co., Arkansas, October 7, 1883; by flatboat down Cumberland, Ohio and Miss. rivers moved into Arkansas and settled at St. Francis Co. early in 1832; moved to what is now Sharp County in 1844; three sons. "Tall and commanding in person."

Reverend STITH M. HARWELL born January 13, 1807; married Martha Brown, November 5, 1829; three of their sons were local preachers; he died recently.

Reverend W. B. MAXEY born Mercer Co., Kentucky, October 28, 1810; died Morris Co., Kansas, November 17, 1883; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1835; admitted into Ky. Conference; transferred to Western Conference; married Martha Wilson, September 10, 1837; eight children.

WILLIAM T. COPELAND born April 26, 1819; died June 4, 1883.

GEORGE WASHINGTON GRAY, Esquire, born January 17, 1818; died November 27, 1883; married Sarah E. Hornbeak, December 23, 1842; member of Gray's Bend Church.

JANE BICKLY died Tullahoma, Tennessee, August 24, 1883 in her 65th year of age.

THOMAS DAVEY born January 15, 1807; died January 5, 1883; five children.

GEORGE A. SWIFT born Caswell Co., North Carolina, November 25, 1801; moved to Tennessee in 1825; married Frances P. Harris, January 3, 1826; six children; youngest daughter, Mary Elizabeth Meadows; died October 1, 1883.

CORBINE YARBROUGH born April 2, 1820; died in Alabama, October 25, 1883.

W. A. MILAM died near Mt. Hope, Alabama, November 8, 1883 in the 81st year of his age.

SALLY GILES CRICHLOW born Dinwiddie Co., Virginia, August 3, 1799; daughter of George and Charity Stell; married (1) David Roper (died 1840), 1817; (2) Henry Crichlow, 1837; died November 6, 1883.

RINDLE HOOKS born North Carolina, May 17, 1811; died Henderson Co., Tennessee, November 6, 1883; survived by widow and six children.


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