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Death notices from the Methodist newspapers in a miscellaneous collection of same in the Memphis Conference archives, Lambuth University Library in Jackson, Tennessee.


MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #17. January 12, 1893

Mrs. LENA E. HARALSON, nee Weaver b Haywood Co., Tenn., Dec. 7, 1859; d in same, Nov. 9, 1892; md Jesse H. Haralson, Dec. 20, 1877; three children.

Rev. W. A. YANCEY, local elder of MEC, b Crockett Co., Tenn., Feb. 26, 1831; d

Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Ju1y 20, 1892; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1856.

Miss MARY DAVIS WILSON d/o J. W. & K. A. Wilson, b Aberdeen, Miss., Jan. 17, 1851; d Nov. 7, 1892.


MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #64. April 12, 1894

G. W. WILLIS d Springdale, Tenn., Feb. 13, 1894; tribute of respect reported by Quarterly Conference of Springdale Circuits, Memphis District.

SIMPSON HALTOM d March 8, 1894, aged 9 years, 4 months, 8 days, killed accidentally, instantly (no details).

Mrs. FANNIE E. BOSWELL w/o James S. Boswell, Macon, Tenn., d March 15, 1894; d/o James Thompson of Oakland Circuit; born June 28, 1848; md Sept. 11, 1879; Baptist.


MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #66. Apri1 26, 1894

W. T. WARREN b July 2, 1828, Hardeman Co., Tenn.; md Nov. 19, 1850, Miss E. G. Crowder of same county; joined MEC, 1849; d Aug. 19, 1893; left wife and 6 children.

Mrs. SUSAN L. HASTINGS w/o Simpson D. Hastings, b Wayne Co., N.C., May 13, 1824; d Jan. 17, 1894; d/o Richard Fortner who moved to Tipton Co., Tenn. when she was about 6 years old; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church, age 13; after marriage joined MEC; md S. D. Hastings, Aug. 22, 1844.


MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #68. May 10, 1894

FANNIE M. McMILLAN, nee Weeks, b Henry Co., Tenn., Oct. 11, 1843; d Camden, April 17, 1894; md (1) Newton Morris of Benton Co. and after his death md (2) Wm. McMillan of Madison County who had also died.

S. L. SCARBOROUGH b Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 19, 1842; d Car1is1e Co., Ky., March 29, 1894; joined MEC at Springhi11, 1885; of his 12 chi1dren, 5 surviving.


MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #71. May 31, 1894

Mrs. M. L. HOOD b Jan. 29, 1840; d April 9, 1894; md at age 18 to N. A. Hood.

MAMIE P. RAY James S. RAY d/o James M. and Ellen H. Pierce, b Feb. 22, 1873; d. at her father's, April 5, 1894; md James S. Ray, Dec. 24, 189l; left infant son.


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MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #73. June 14, 1894

JOHN W. TURNER b Iredell CO., N.C., April 19, 1821; d Kenton, Tenn., April 11, 1894; moved with parents to Lafayette Co., Tenn., 1858; md S. R. Featherstone, Jan. 20, 1876 and had 6 children; joined MEC, 1870; age not given.

Miss LOUELLA ROSSON d Feb. l4, 1894, Kenton, Tenn.; b March 28, 1873.


MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #79. July 26, 1894

Sister S. P. SETTLE b Gilford Co., N.C., Feb. 1819; d July 8, 1894.


MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #84. September 6, 1894

NANCY H. FRY b Aug. 14, 1832; d July 29, 1894; d/o Wm. and Ann Wesson; md J. H. Fry, now deceased, Sept. 1, 1853 in Gibson Co., Tenn.

JAMES W. DUNN, b Tenn., May 6, 1830; d June 15, 1894, Calloway Co., Ky., whence he had moved in 1850.

SAMUEL THORNTON BUFFORD, b Stewart Co., Tenn. Nov. 26, 1815; d Dec. 11, 1893; md Sarah Collins, 1835 and in 1837 moved to west Tenn. and joined MEC same year; 8 children, 3 died young. "Bro. Bufford was a Methodist of the old type."

ALONZO W. BROCKWAY, youngest child of Wm. C. Brockway, b nr. Malone, Franklin Co., N. Y., Sept. 22, 1824; d July 20, 1894; his father fought in War of 1812; at age 19 AWB went west to Ft. Brady where an older bro., Rev. Wm. H. Brockway, was chaplain in U. S. army. In 1849 went to California, arriving in Sacramento Valley July of that year; returned to the "States" in 1851 and became cashier, Forest City Bank, Cleveland, Ohio; moved to Brownsville, Tenn. in 1869 and established the Brownsville Savings Bank which he served as cashier until his death; left a widow.


MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31. December 13, 1894

Mrs. LIZZIE TAGUE w/o Rev. Charles Tague, d/o D. A. Mitchell of Nashville; md and went to Japan as missionaries in 1893; died in Kobe, Nov. 4, 1894.

ELIZABETH JOHN SMITH w/o Judge Wm. M. Smith, d Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1894; born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Oct. 14, 1829, youngest child of Edmond and Elizabeth Taylor who moved to Haywood Co., Tenn. and then Fayette Co., Tenn., "one of five families of Taylors, brothers, the others settling for life also in Haywood Co.; all five, with their descendants. . . Methodists of the old style. "Educated a Memphis Conference Female Institute; md Sept. 28, 1853, husband being a young lawyer and just elected to state legislature; lived in Brownsville 11 years; moved to Memphis in 1864, in the Springdale suburb. Son, Paul, died a young lawyer. Son, Hunt. Son, Julian, died when cadet at West Point. One bro. surviving, Rev. R. V. Taylor.



Rev. H. B. TERRY had written that his father, Capt. JAMES TERRY, a Baptist, had d near Brook Neal, Va., March 31, 1895, aged 86 years; his (HBT) uncle, Judge Howson C. Bailey, d Sheron, TEX, April 5, 1895, aged 71 years.



GENTRY ESTELLE GRIFFIN, youngest child of J. H. and Mollie Griffin, b Jan. 22, 1890; d Aug. 10, 1895; member of Sunday School at Travis Chapel.



MARY w/o C. W. WILLIS d Sept. 11, 1895; partially paralyzed nearly a year.

Mrs. LAURA DEAN had died (no date) and W. F. Missionary Soc., Collierville, Tenn. had passed a tribute of respect for her (no date).


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Mrs. MINNIE PERNELL died recently; tribute of respect reported for her by unnamed Sunday School, no place or date given.

Two weeks ago, TURNER W. GLASS, son-in-law of Dr. W. T. Harris, d leaving a young family; then on October 23 Harris' son, Clinton, d after "many months of patient suffering."


MEMPHIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE. V. 31, #163. June 24, 1897

AUBRY MOORING d Carroll Station, March 11, 1897, aged 20 years; d in home of an aunt; buried at Pleasant Hill.

ROBERT A. HARRIS, b Aug. 10, 1820, Va.; d Dec. 28, 1896; taken to Ky. when aged 2 years; then to Tenn. where he lived until 1857; then moved to Ark., there 11 years, then moved back to Tenn., Shelby Co., for 1 year and then moved to Obion Co. where he died; md Jan. 13, 1847 (no name given for wife).

MORRIS BROOKS DAVIS s/o W. N. and M. B. Davis, b Oct. 26, 1892; d May 4, 1897; place of either not given.

ALICE ROANE, child, d May 21, 1897.

JESSY THELMA RICHARDSON infant/d of late Dr. J. J. Richardson and Emma, wife, b Aug. 27, 1896, d. May 18, 1897.


EPWORTH MESSENGER, Memphis, V. 3, #7. August 1893

Mrs. CLARA JEWELL d at home of son-in-law, A. F. Tucker, Thomas Ave., Memphis, Tenn., July 8, 1893; d/o Judge Seth Lewis of La.; converted at age 11 and joined MEC; "one of the oldest members of First Church."


EPWORTH MESSENGER, Memphis, V. 4, #37. September 6, 1896

The wife of Rev. F. H. PERRY, "one of our beloved teachers," had died.



H. W. GRANADE s/o John Adam and Mary Granade, b Wilson Co., Tenn., May 1, 1808; d Greene Co., Ark., March 10, 1870; md Nancy C. Swan, Dec. 15, 1830 who died Sept. 27, 1852, leaving 9 children; moved from Shelby Co., Tenn. to Greene Co., Ark., 1855; md Dec. 26, 1859 Mrs. Susan G. Barnett who with "two lovely little children" survived him.

Mrs. BETTIE R. LITTLE, b Va., 1844; d Tabernacle, Tenn., April 9, 1870; md Rev. John Little, Oct. 9, 1868; left widower and his children from a former marriage.

Miss MARGARET N. HILL d/o J. C. Hill, b Jan. 15, 1845, Henry Co., Tenn.; d January 15, 1870; professed religion at Manly's Chapel in Oct. 1868.

Mrs. MARY E. BRIDGES, nee Ford, b nr. Germantown, Tenn., Aug. 12, 1838; d Bolivar Co., Miss., April 12, 1870; md fall 1866 to Rowan Bridges; joined MEC 1856.

Miss MARY NANNIE HUGHES d/o P. H. and M. E. Hughes and granddau. of Rev. Thomas Smith, b Weakley Co., Tenn. March 25, 1853; d Feb. 25, 1870.

Col. G. H. KYLE b Giles Co., Tenn., Oct. 17, 1805; d March 19, 1870, Arkadelphia, Ark.; md Mary L. Boykin, May 19, 1831 and after her death, Helen M. Perry, July 24, 1843; moved to Dallas Co., Ark. in 1858.

Miss MARY E. WILSON d/o John and Ann R. Wilson d Wittsburg, Ark., March 20, 1870; aged 19 years. Miss NORA J. WILSON, her sister, d March 25, 1870, aged abt. 18 years.

Mrs. SUSAN FRANCES McCAULEY w/o E. G. McCauley, d/o N. S. and Mary Callahan, b Nov. 18, 1827; d Feb. l_, 1870; md July 26, 1849.


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Mrs. RACHEL B. MILAM b S.C., Oct. 18, 1800; d at home of son, Feliciana, Graves Co., Ky., Feb. 23, 1870; professed religion in 17th year; md Thomas Milam, 1818 and moved to Tenn. 1832.

K. S. PURYEAR d nr. Lexington, Miss. March 20, 1870 in 50th year; native of Va.; moved to Tenn. at age 16; moved to Miss. in 1867. Farmer.

Miss TENNIE HARRIS b Madison Co., Tenn. Apri1 18, 1850; d Johnson Co., Ark., March 16, 1870.

Miss FANNIE A. ADAMS w/o Rev. S. B. Adams, d Feb. 21, 1870, Madison Co., Tenn. aged about 30 years.

HOWELL KENNON d March 15, 1870; tribute of respect for him by Sabbath School. Rutherford Station, Tenn., April 3, 1870.

Miss MARY McMAHON, eldest d/o Rev. Wm. and Frances C. McMahon, b March 9, 1823, Madison Co., Ala; d Holmes Co., Miss., April 2, 1870 at resident of Fletcher Harrington. William McMahon's youngest dau., RACHEL JONES, d Nov. 16, 1869.

MARTHA ALICE GLASGOW d/o Rev. Jesse and Emily C. Glasgow d March 22, 1870 in 12th year, pneumonia.

Dr. JOHN T. HARRIS b Powhatan Co., Va., April 16, 1816; d Memphis, Tenn., March 25, 1870; wife died 16 months previously; both buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

JAMES HUNT b Elbert Co., Ga., July 27, 1800; d Yell Co., Ark., March 19, 1870.

LAFAYETTE W. MANN d nr. Duvall's Bluff, Ark. March 28, 1870, pneumonia; left a widow and one child.

CHARLES M. WELLONS b Feb. 1, 1840; d March 31, 1870.

WILLIAM D. GARDNER d Jan. 23, 1870 in 22nd year; s/o Benj. A. and Mary A. Gardner; lived with parents in St. Louis, Mo.

Dr. M. E. LEWIS d Feb. 12, 1870; tribute of respect for him by a Masonic lodge.

Rev. J. P. McCALL had died; tribute of respect for him by Fulton Lodge #120, Masons, Apri1 9, 1870.


WESTERN METHODIST, Memphis, V, 18, #7, May 20, 1871

ROBERT HARRISON d Jackson Co., Ark., April 17, 1871.

CYNTHIA JOHNSON DEHART d/o Mary J, Dehart, b Chicot Co., Ark. Oct. 25, 1858; d May 1, 1871.

WILLIS E. WILKERSON d Mountain Home, Ark., April 19, 1871, aged 28 years; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1867.

SYLVESTER MEREDITH BOND s/o L. and Mary L. Bond, b Nov. 19, 1870; d May 7, 1871.

Mrs. HENRIETTA HAMILTON w/o Hon. T. A. Hamilton and d/o Hilary and Mary Hughes b N.C., 1826; in 1830 moved to Haywood Co., Tenn. and in fall of 1840 converted at Pond Creek Campground and joined MEC at Palmyra; md July 30, 1843.

Mrs. CORNELIA B. McDANIEL b Aug. 6, 1837; d Verona, Miss. March 8, 1871; md J. L. McDanie1, April 17, 1855.

Co1. B. L. OWEN d Feb. 25, 1871 in 43rd year; lawyer, Verona, Miss.


WESTERN METHODIST, Memphis, July 18, 1874

Dr. WILLIAM G. MILLER b Marshall Co., Ky., Aug. 25, 1843; d April 14, 1874; md Virginia C. Slaughter, Dec. 21, 1865; joined MEC, 1865; left widow and 3 children.


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MARY ANN VEAZEY w/o Rev. W. B. Veazey, d/o Hardy and Elizabeth Crowder, b Henry Co., Tenn., May 18, 1829; d nr Antioch, Gibson Co., Tenn., June 6, 1874.

Mrs. FRANCES L. CLOYES b Macon, Ga., Dec. 10, 1832; d June 25, 1874; md N. H. Cloyes, June 17, 1847, Minden, La., where lived until 1850, when moved to Pine Bluff, Ark. and in 1867 to Hot Springs where she died; all her 6 children died before she did.

HENRY A. McCUNE d Columbia, Mo., May 26, 1874 in 29th year.

Miss ADITH ANNA BELL d/o B. R. and Emily Bell, b Tippah Co., Miss., Jan. l0, 1855; d nr. Red Banks, Miss., May 6, 1874; converted at Wesley Chapel, August 1872.

Mrs. SARAH JANE CATHEY d/o W. B. and P. J. Watson and w/o Alexander H. Cathey, b Madison Co., Tenn., Aug. 27, 1832; d June 7, 1874; md Feb. 9, 1853; left widower and 2 children, her mother and siblings.

General E. W. GANTT died June 9, 1874.

NATHAN W. GRIMES b March 4, 1823; d April 25, 1874; joined MEC, 1836.

ELIZABETH F. SCOTT b Tallahatchie Co., Miss. Dec. 5, 1849; d Graball, Miss. June 9, 1874.

E. W. A. SUMMERS b Gibson Co., Tenn., Sept. 12, 1834; d Green Co., Ark., May 18, 1874; md Martha J. Darr, November 13, 1856.

Mrs. ELIZA J. HAYNIE w/of L. P. Haynie, d/o Rev. J. G. and R. M. Henning, b Gibson Co.

Tenn., July 21, 1844; d May 1, 1874; raised and md in Lauderdale Co., Tenn.; moved a few years ago to St. Francis Co., Ark. where she died.

SAMUEL GRANT b Washington Co., Va., April 12, 1807; d Graves Co., Ky. May 5, 1874; md Sarah M. Meek, 1827; moved to Graves Co. in 1839.

JACOB HENRY JITTON b Dade Co., Ga., Jan. 10, 1852; killed by lightning, June 15, 1874, Alcorn Co., Miss.

WILLIAM P. MANN s/o James and Mary E. Mann b Crittenden Co., Ark., Jan. 22, 1874, d June 16, 1874.


WESTERN METHODIST, Memphis, V. 18, #28. October 7, 1871

Rev. JOSIAH ROBERTS, d Independence Co., Ark., Sept. 14, 1871, aged abt. 71 years; local Methodist preacher about 50 years; moved from Tenn. to Ga., then 17 years ago to north Arkansas.


WESTERN METHODIST, Memphis, June 19, 1875

SUSAN LOWRANCE died March 12, 1875, aged 14 years.

Rev. ANDREW CONLEY died recently; tribute of respect for him by Quarterly Conference, Frenchmen's Bayou, White River Conference, Ark. No date.

Mrs. SUSAN JONES w/o R. D. Jones, b Maury Co., Tenn., Jan. 20, 1809; d May 30, 1875;

moved to Marshall Co., Miss., 1836; joined MEC, 1845.

Sister INMAN C. DAVIS d/o Bennet and Eliza HOSHALL b Marshall Co., Miss. Oct. 30, 1841; d Tate Co., Miss., May 3, 1875; md A. C. Davis, Dec. 19, 1867; joined MEC, 1860.

MARGARET JOSEPHINE PICKENS d/o Susan Pickens d Monticello, Ark., May 23, 1875.

Mrs. SALLIE WATSON b Albermarle Co., Va., March 18, 1789; d Feb. 11, 1875; md J. B. Watson, 18O7; moved to Talladega Co., Ala. and then to Philips Co., Ark., 1844; "though very old, her mind remained clear." Her husband died in 1848.

LINA H. CUFFEY w/o R. W. Cuffey b Dec. 28, 1823; d April 19, 1875, McNairy Co., Tenn.

Mrs. RUTH B. CROOK w/o Willie D. Brook d Monticello, Ark. April 2, 1875; born Chester Dist., S.C., Feb. 4, 1807.


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WESTERN METHODIST, Memphis, V. 24, #44. November 3, 1877

CHARLES A. VANDERVER infant s/o John E. and Madora Vanderver, b June 10, 1875; d Oct. 6, 1877.

JOHN NEWELL (Johnnie) LIVELY s/o John M. and Mary M. Lively b Jan. 10, 1872; d July 30, 1877.

ROBERT LOVE s/o O. N. and Mary C. love, b Pontotoc Co., Miss., June 4, 1858; d Aug. 30, 1877.

EDDIE E. FUTRELL s/o Alexander and Isabella Futrell b Cross Co., Ark. Jan. 20, 1869; d Aug. 27, 1877.

Brief notice of the death of the Reverend JOHN MOSS; no biographical details. In the MINUTES OF THE MEMPHIS CONFERENCE OF THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, SOUTH, Nov. 21-26, 1877, Memphis, 1878, pages 33-38, is a sketch about John Moss. He was a s/o John and Susanna Moss, born in Wilson Co., Tenn., March 25, 1825; grandson of Rev. William Murray "a very devoted local preacher,"; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1845 and served in the Memphis Conference for many years, as a circuit and stationed preacher and eighteen years as a presiding elder; md Louisa Brooks of Madison Co., Tenn., Nov. 17, 1852 and she died April 14, 1856 and he md her sister, Sarah J. Brooks, Oct. 14, 1857; had two daughters with first wife and a daughter and four sons with second wife; died October 21, 1877; buried in the cemetery in Byhalia, Miss.

MOLLIE J. HERRON d/o Wm. and E. A. Martin, w/o George W. Herron, all of Gibson Co., Tenn., b Jan. 8, 1852; d July 27, 1877; md Jan. l0, 1872; left widower and 3 children.

CHARLES M. WYATTE b Decatur Co., Tenn., Sept. 16, 1856; d Sept. 21, 1877; buried in Harmony, Miss; had moved to Panola Co., Miss. in Nov. 1876.

SALLIE FRANCES DUNN d/o S. G. and Elizabeth Yarbrough b Jan. 21, 1855; d Harrisburg, Ark., Aug. 25, 1877; professed religion in Aug. 1868.

LOUISA M. MENDENHALL, nee Pitts, b Nov. 6, 1845; d Sept. 28, 1877; md William S. Mendenhall, May 12, 1864.

TINIE M. HEREFORD d/o Rev. W. N. and Mary Hereford, d Lonoke, Ark., Oct. 3, 1877, aged 23 years.

GEORGE RANDLE s/o Rev. John Randle, killed by John Powell nr. Tucker, Tenn., Oct. 17.

Professor CHARLES ALLEN d Humboldt, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1877.

Rev. BEN W. JOHNSON d nr. Bartlett, Tenn., Oct. 28, 1877.

General NATHAN B. FORREST "a great cavalry chieftain of the South" d Memphis, Tenn., October 29, 1877.

Rev. MORRIS HENDERSON pastor of Beale Street Baptist Church, Memphis, "a remarkable colored man" died Oct. 26, 1877 aged 73 years; though illiterate he enjoyed a fine reputation among colored and white citizenry.

/Rev. NATHAN L. NORVELL was born in/ 1801; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn.; converted to Methodist Church, June 25, 1820; licensed to preach and in 1821 served as a probationer preacher in the Tenn. Conference; continued the ministry until 1827 when he located but in 1833 was re-admitted for traveling ministry and so continued until 1838 when he again located, being thereafter a local preacher; d in Haywood Co., Tenn., Sept. 27 in the 56th year of his minis- try, most of which was spent in middle and west Tenn.; left an aged widow.

/The first of this obituary is torn away, including Norvell's name. His tombstone, inscribed with his name, age and the Masonic emblem, Tabernacle Cem., near Brownsville, states that he died Sept. 27, 1877, aged 76 years, 4 months and 1 day, hence born May 26, 1801. John A. Taylor wrote in his diary, Friday, Sept. 28, 1877, "Attending the burial of Rev. Father Norvell. "(THE TAYLORS OF TABERNACLE, by Tabernacle Historical Committee, 1985 ed., vol. I, page 366) The various U. S. census records indicate that he was born in North Carolina./


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WESTERN METHODIST, Little Rock, Ark., V. 27, #18. May 8, 1880

MARY E. MURRAY w/o James W. Murray b April 4, 1852; d April 8, 1880. Collegeville, Ark.

Miss MATTIE FREEMAN d/o Rev. Alfred Freeman and sister of Rev. Thomas G. Freeman and Rev. Richard N. Freeman, b Tippah Co., Miss., Feb. 13, 1852; d 6 miles east of Holly Springs, Miss., March 15, 1880.

Mrs. PERMELIA KING widow of Rev. William King, d Mansfield, TEX, March 19, 1880, aged about 66 years; her husband died in Hardeman Co., Tenn., 1865; left 6 children.

NANNIE MINERVA CATHERINE MEDFORD d/o I. J. and Susan Medford, b Dec. 10, 1842; d Jan. 23, 1880; md R. Y. Bennett, Dec. 12, 1865. Ruckersville, Miss.

Mrs. LUCY C. MOSS w/o John W. Moss, b Tenn., Feb. 19, 1847; d Crawford Co., Ark., Apri1 3, 1880.

DOLPHUS E. ATTEBERRY s/o Jeston H. and Lucy Ann Jitton, b Fulton Co. Ky., Feb. 12, 1852; d Dec. 25, 1879; md Sarah Josephine Bynum, March 17, 1871.

CHARLES LEWIS b Jan. 9, 1797, Granville Co., N.C.; d Pulaski Co., Ark., April 21, 1880.

NANNIE LOU DUNN d/o Leonidas M. and Lucy A. Dunn, b Dec. 19, 1875; d Pope Co., Ark., March 15, 1880.

BESSIE E. SIMMONS infant d/o Rev. T. J. and Josephine Simmons, b Henning, Tenn., Feb. 15, 1880; d Rip1ey, Tenn., March 10, 1880.


WESTERN METHODIST, Little Rock, Ark., V. 27, #20. May 22, 1880

MARY ROBINSON (Aunt Rob) w/o Rev. M. D. Robinson, d/o Walter and Martha Prather, b Clark Co., Ind., Aug. 1, 1813; d March 23, 1880; md July 17, 1832; moved to Gibson Co., Tenn.; in 1850 her husband joined the Memphis Conference.

SARAH P. CUNNINGHAM w/o John Cunningham, d/o W. B. and Sarah F. Cook, b Graves Co. Ky., April 6, 1864; d March 13, 1880; md Sept. 5, 1878. North Fork, Tenn.

AMANDA F. BISHOP d/o Martin and Frances Manion, w/o John H. Bishop, b. Dec. 26, 1835; died April 11, 1880. Pleasant Hill.

CHRISTINA SMITH d near "this city" (Little Rock), April 20, 1880 in 60th year; raised on a cotton plantation; baptized by Rev. Andrew Hunter a few days before she died.

ALMA KENNEDY d/o O. L. and Mattie V. Kennedy d nr. Guntown, Miss., no date, 11 1/2 years old.

SAMUEL CAMPBELL b Hickman Co., Tenn.; moved to Lawrence Co., Ark. and finally settled in Boone Co., Ark. where he died Feb. 11, 1880; left widow and one daughter and three sons.


WESTERN METHODIST, Little Rock, Ark., V. 27, #30. July 31, 1880

Miss ALICE M. HALL b Newton Co., Ga. Feb. 17, 1861; d Hope, Ark., July 15, 1880; alumna, Ark. Female College.

Col. NELSON C. RIGGS b Orange Co., N.C., Dec. 17, 1810; d Purdy, McNairy Co., Tenn., May 22, 1880; moved to Tenn. at age of 10; constable, sheriff, clerk and master of chancery court.

Mrs. SUSAN W. WILLIAMS d/o Rev. Thomas and Elizabeth Joyner, b Smith Co., Tenn., Aug. 4, 1827; d 8 miles north of Brownsville, Tenn., March 30, 1880; lived several years in Henry Co., Tenn., then to Haywood Co., Tenn. where she died; md David P. Williams, Nov. 20, 1844.

SPENCER T. CALVERT s/o Wm. T. and Elizabeth Calvert, b Posey Co., Ind., Sept. 22, 1867; d nr. Jackson, Ark., July 5, 1880.


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WESTERN METHODIST, Little Rock, Ark., V. 27, #20. May 22, 1880

WINFIELD STINNETT s/o Judge J. M. and Eliza Stinnett, b Nov. 19, 1868; d May 6, 1880, whooping cough; funeral preached in Ouachita Co., Ark., July 18, 1880.

J. L. JACKSON b Jan. 14, 1803; d Tate Co., Miss., April 19, 1880; moved to Miss. in 1841 (from ?), settling near Mt. Vernon Church.

MARY ADA THOMAS w/o J. H. Thomas, d/o Riley and Sarah Diggs, d recently, Boydsville Circuit, Arkansas.

MARY BLANCH HOOD d/o John W. and Malinda W. Hood, b St. Francis Co., Ark. Ju1y 25, 1879; d June 29, 1880.

WILLIAM ALEXANDER CRAWFORD youngest s/o M. A. and Sarah C. Crawford, b Carroll Co., Tenn., July 31, 1876; d Lonoke Co., Ark., July 9, 1880.

LULA CROSS BOND d/o J. N. and Maggie T. Bond, b Jan. 11, 188O; d May 19, 1880.


WESTERN METHODIST, Little Rock, Ark., V. 28, #15. April 16, 1881

Mrs. MARY M. PYEATT d/o Abel and Juda Johnston, b June 8, 1824; d March 20, 1881; left widower and 8 children; md Wm. S. Pyeatt, April 15, 1847.

ANTHONY PISTOLE b Maury Co., Tenn.; d Ashley Co., Ark. March 8, 1881; twice married; left son and two daughters of first marriage and his widow and their five children.

Sister HARWELL (only names given) b S.C., March 6, 1812; d DeSoto Co., Miss., March 19, 1881.

Rev. HENRY H. HAWKINS s/o Samuel and Mary L. Hawkins, b Henry Co., Tenn. March 20, 1825; d Clay Co., Ark., March 30, 1881.

DAVID S. GREER d Feb. 17, 1881, tribute of respect for him, no organization given.

JAMES W. DUTHERAGE d Wetherspoon, Ark., March 29, 1881 in Texas.

JACOB GOODLETT d Feb. 21, 1881 aged 62 years. "He was a wicked man until four years before his death, when he was profoundly converted to God. " (W. H. Evans)

TOMMY KENNODLE infant/s/o W. W. and M. L. Kennodle, b Aug. 7, 1880; d March 8, 1881.


WESTERN METHODIST, Little Rock, Ark., V. 28, #8. May 7~1881

JOHN HAYNES din Woodville, Ark. Circuit, Feb. 8, 1881.

WILLIAM W. WILLIS d Feb. 2O, 1881 at Concord, Ark.

THOMAS F. LEE d March 7, 1881, Concord, Ark.

W. E. LOTT died March 8, 1881, Woodville, Ark. Circuit.

EDWARD D. WILLIAMS d. April 9, 1881 Woodville, Ark. Circuit.

B. W. ALLISON died April 16, 1881 Woodville, Ark. Circuit.

MARGARET CATHERINE HARVEY w/o Thomas B. Harvey, d/o John and Susan C. Lyon, b Oktibbeha Co., Miss. Jan. 14, 1857; d Starkville, Miss., April 7, 1881.


WESTERN METHODIST, Memphis, Tenn., V. 24, #44. NOV. 3, 1877

GEORGE PLEDGER s/o Thos. H. Pledger of Logan Co., Ark. began to preach at age l7; d Oct. 27, 1876 in an ambush in Pope Co., Ark., taken for a U. S. marshal for illicit distillers.


In the EPWORTH METHODIST, Memphis, Tenn., V. 3, #1, January 1893, are three interesting personal sketches, about Mrs. Kesterson, Reverend Thomas P. Davidson and Ben Abernathy.


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            For more than forty years consecutively the sexton of First Methodist Church, and the first contributor to the Building Fund. Perhaps there is not a match to this record in the entire bounds of Southern Methodism. Well may our good sexton feel religiously proud of it. During his term our Church has had about fifteen different pastors and many Presiding Elders, besides scores of under officers. Hundreds and hundreds have come and gone since he commenced his labor with us. If we could have kept a little running history of men and events what an interesting volume it would prove now. He remembers the "old Meeting House" and of course served most of his term in "Old Wesley," and there is not a member of our Church but is glad that he has lived to care for the new building, and when he goes to occupy that "house not made by hands," there will be many a mourner to follow to his last meeting place.

            One rainy Monday night about ten years ago, at an officers' meeting held in the pastor's study of "Old Wesley," when only a few were present, perhaps about the following: Our pastor, W. F. Taylor, R. J. Black, T. H. Arnold, J. W. Waynesburg, J. R. Pepper and Benjamin Abernathy, sexton, and maybe others whose names cannot now be remembered, after the business was finished, and the meeting formally dismissed, the ever faithful subject of those days a new Church was brought up. One of the number proposed that we proceed at once and build a new Church that very night, and suggested taking a collection on the spot, which was done, and Uncle Ben begged to be allowed to put in the first contribution of twenty-five cents, and the list of articles deposited by Bishop Hendrix in the corner stone shows that the same first contribution to the building fund. Every one present that nightcast in an offering, until we had the sum of $3.69 with which to build a magnificent granite structure. That was the beginning of a series of collections which have been so successful and popular with us since that time. What will we do when we get through with them?


            Sister Kesterson is eighty-eight years of age, the oldest member of our Church, and one of a very small number left who worshiped in the "Old Meeting House." She also holds the honorable place of being the first Superintendent of our Sunday-School, which was organized in 1833, just sixty years ago. Though infirm physically for many years she has attended Church regularly whenever possible to get there. She is largely equipped in the scriptures, much of which doubtless is the result of her earnest work in the Sunday-School in those early days.

            We append the substance of an interview with her, a few days ago, which will give some idea of the work as prosecuted in the beginning times of our Church and Sunday-School effort.


            I landed in Memphis on the "Steamer Brandywine" on May 8, 1832. There was a hotel on the corner of Main and Winchester streets, where I stopped. The second day after I came they commenced raising a Methodist Church, of which Rev. Francis A. Owen was pastor.

            The people being poor we had much difficulty sometimes in meeting our obligations. We got up a sewing society of which I was principal. I made fancy things and raised vegetables to sell to the steamboats plying the Mississippi, I would watch for a boat and send the servants down to the landing and sell the vegetables and we raised a great deal of money for the Church in that way.

            The advantages for obtaining knowledge of any character are very different from what they were sixty years ago. As I look back I see how good the Lord has been to me and I can but feel that I have not done enough for Him. I see now that many, many times I might have done a great deal more. I was born Sept. 10th 1805 and am now in my 88th year of age.

Ann Kesterson died July 4, 1897; buried the next day in Turley section, Lot 612, Div. 5, #111, Elmwood Cemetery; lies in an unmarked grave.



            We shall never know until the great records of eternity are revealed how much we owe to those plain, honest, earnest old Circuit Riders of early Methodism.

            There is not a more merited mention made in this paper than that of Rev. Thos. P. davidson (Uncle Tommy), as he was called by the younger generation. He was one of the very forst preachers who ever proclaimed the glad tidings of the gospel on these Chickasaw Bluffs, and he organized the first Methodist Society (and the first Church of any kind as the record shows) in Memphis, in 1826, consisting of only three members and First Church in embryo.


of the Memphis Conference
M. E. Church, South
in Iredell Co., N.C.
July 15, 1802
near Memphis, Tenn.
Nov. 24, 1877

A zealous, useful traveling preacher beginning his iteneracy, A.D. 1824. He was a pioneer of Methodism in West Tennessee. He organized many churches and among them was the first one of all in Memphis, A.D. 1826. His ministry was crowned with signal success to the satisfaction of society.

A Christian he was true in every relation of his life, as friend, neighbor and citizen and above all as husband and father.

Like his master he went about doing good. Acts X, 38.


In the MINUTES OF THE MEMPHIS CONFERENCE OF THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, SOUTH, NOV. 21-26, 1877, Memphis, 1878, pp 18-20 is a memoir about THOMAS PINKNEY DAVIDSON, s/o Thomas and Nancy Davidson, born in Iredell Co., N.C., July 15, 1802; moved to Stewart Co., Tenn. and lived for a while in Hopkinsville, Ky. where he entered trial period as Methodist preacher in June 1822; licensed to preach Sept. 18, 1824 at Manly's Chapel in Henry Co., Tenn., as was his brother, SAMUEL R. DAVIDSON; organized numerous congregations, including Memphis in January 1826; first stationed preacher of Methodist church in Jackson, Tenn.; in 1836 joined Miss. Conference; "a plain man, of low stature, but stoutly built, though somewhat lame in one of his lower limbs on account of an injury sustained in boyhood"; md Elizabeth Jane Terry, 1830; the mother of his children, three daughters of whom survived him; his wife died in 1854 and the next year he md Mrs. Sally L. Chambers; he died near Memphis, November 25, 1877; buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis.

/His tombstone states that he died November 24./


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Colonel ALSA H. BRADFORD, b East Feliciana Parish, La., Oct. 26, 1822; moved to Brownsville, Tenn. when young; md May Ellen Wilson, 1846 and had 3 sons and 1 daughter (Laura); colonel of 31st Tenn. Inf., CSA; joined MEC 1843; died August 6, 1906.

Mrs. SARAH KEITH, nee Fore, md 1840 Alexander Keith s/o Judge John Keith; d April 3, 1913. Oldest son, Augustin Keith, died in Columbus, Miss. Children living: A. M. Keith, Charles Keith, Mrs. S. J. A. Frazier, Mrs. D. W. Carter, Mrs. J. B. Frazier, MrS.C. C. Vaughan.

JOHN THOMAS JOYNER b Smith Co., Tenn., July 16, 1832; d Collierville, Tenn., Nov. 5, 1908; md Feb. 19, 1873, Elizabeth Rebecca Bolling (died 1875); May 12, 1886, Henrietta B. Douglas who died in 1899. Son of Rev. Thomas Joyner who moved to west Tenn. in 1839; graduated Cumberland University, Lebanon, 1858; served in Confederate army; buried in Collierville, Tenn.


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